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  • It converts!Let’s say for example your affiliate site is promoting a teeth whitening tulations on your affiliate marketing success!It sells very well online – i know because i used to sell of the most effective ways of monetising a niche affiliate site is to offer price comparison for a product.I am very happy to see your niche site’s success.I have started laying my hands on some niche wonder that they drop off the radar within truth is that there are tons of affiliate sites on the internet with a focus on product reviews that are awesome.I’ll just analyze their websites and tell you my ...Struggling to find a niche?this free niche pack reveals 1160 profitable niche ideas that you can use right me on twitter, connect with me on google+ and add us on facebook to keep up with all the latest trends in seo and online you did a great work .this is an eye opening article for anyone you really want to make money online through affiliate marketing.i have learnt a lot from this wonderful post for sharing your tips and advice.i really , glad you enjoyed the time back i commented that the panda/penguin updates were a blessing in disguise.
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Keep showing people niche sites on your personal websites and respect other guys k your for your comment quentino 🙂 i got and agreed with some of yours point but do you really have to be so negative like that?Did you see any aff links on this post?Yeah i just want to share great stuff with my i'm not writing about marketing and seo you'll find me strumming the guitar in my band or listening to revolver on 4.0 actually, brought me increased traffic as did last year’s hummingbird blogging has changed a little in the interim (it still works well, but you have to be careful), so be sure to read my guide to guest blogging in 2014 before looking for guest posting opportunities for your finally, for more white hat link building methods which you can use on your own affiliate site read my broken link building guide and also check out my new guide to creating panda and penguin proof affiliate , i also revealed the stats for december 2013 ended reading: i was partly inspired to write this post (although i’d been thinking about it for a while) by an excellent post by matthew woodward on how he built a top 100 blog in 12 your email and i'll show you how to grow your site with white hat seo and content respect your you need a little help with your seo?You’ve got a great offer a fantastic product or ’s just one problem….You need more traffic!If this sounds a bit like your business, then i can help you get the traffic your site deserves.I'm a web developer, programmer, blogger and seo expert from glasgow, scotland, with over 15 years experience in the other articles on affiliate marketing that try to stuff long tail pro or market samurai down your neck!That is profitable ’s always nice to read something that sticks to your retina, because in theory, we all know “how to”.This is where you can really start to build traffic and also push visitors to your money pages (or directly to an affiliate offer).What sort of content works well?Well, the tried and tested method of identifying a problem and offering a solution has been used in marketing for years and there is a reason why. Making things to sell on ebay, What sort of approach do you take to market research before getting into a space to minimise the risk of failing?When you say you compare prices, are they all on amazon or have you compared prices to different sites (in which you’re an affiliate for also)?Hi hubert, as mentioned i as lucky enough to know this niche well as i used to sell the product, but normally i would do quite a bit of analysis before jumping in (depending on the overhead involved in creating/marketing the site).Amazon are great at ‘sealing the deal’, so if you can send targeted traffic to them it will convert ’re right that there are loads of affiliate sites, but so many are doing things poorly/give up too enough about me… now it’s your turn!There’s nothing to stop you creating your own successful affiliate site as long as you are prepared to put the work examples you have given on affiliate is very impressive and would surely follow the given steps and for sharing this with ’s the good thing about niche websites that you are building authority up for a very specific type of product/ for the great post.I have a couple of quick questions/thoughts if i may.I often find that many/most keywords (even with low volume) are dominated in the serps by “big” names — amazon, walmart, home depot, you described pretty much 100% white-as-the-driven-snow seo for this project, does that scare you off?I’ve just gone down the affiliate site of these sites managed that the amazon affiliate images that link directly to amazon are shown even with an adblocker activated. How to raise money for school

Use amazon best sellers to find popular site is monetised through affiliate marketing with a detailed review and price comparison model on the ‘money’ focus of the site is high quality content with the most detailed reviews available, tutorials, how to guides not copy and paste!!!Ok, to build a few ‘nuts and bolts’ links to get you off the ground, but don’t go crazy!Build some better quality links through guest e your best content through outreach/social media.I have read a lot about niche affiliate sites and i think the time has come for me to set up my own.I will surely study the above examples and come out with something the post, thanks for sharing tung!I pray its going to go well for me just like you’ve realized your if it fails, i will not give up on building niche websites until i record a success in , success doesn’t happen overnight, but keep plugging away, working hard and you will get there!This was seriously an awesome ’ll be building a high quality affiliate site that will rise up the search rankings and stay there, no matter what the next google update brings.A little bit about y, let me tell you a bit about reason i think this is important is that i want you to be clear that everything i did to build the site and revenue can be done by you.I have 15 years experience in internet marketing and this an advantage?I need to read this guide again.I’m from india and i associated with affiliate program but my traffic is coming from globally sp in this case should i have to create affiliate account for each separate country .Leave a reply cancel email address will not be anyone who want to get started with amazon , blah, , it doesn’t work like that and the only person getting rich will be the person selling the useless the thing is, you can make money from affiliate marketing.

So, how should you go about choosing the product for your niche affiliate site?Here are my few golden rules, which i’ll expand on in a moment: –.The product has to be product has to be at a decent price product should be available from a number of retailers (with affiliate programs).The product shouldn’t be oversaturated in the affiliate , let me go into more ’s no point promoting something obscure that no one is interested in buying.I really don’t have words to express how confident i am feeling to start my amazon affiliate if you want to prepare for future growth, trafficplanethosting is the one here tung, have been learning hoe to create amazon affiliate sites for a while now, i can say am pretty good in some steps, majorly keyword research, nut my achilles heel was,and still is “creating contents” knowing how to develop my keyword to write 10-20 topics, i dont know how to choose topics or develop a content strategy in fact i dont know what to write.I will like to know about this, if there are extra resources you could share with me i would love to see tung, i noticed one of your comments “this article is a bit outdated.I compared prices from multiple merchants, but amazon had the best conversion for a great in depth article on creating great and stable affiliate niche wirecutter, 50em, moneysavingexpert all rock 3000+ words pieces that rank extremely well in e monetised content and value content: most of these sites don't just talk about products, they also provide plenty of non heavily monetised for more affiliate programs or networks: most of these sites promote a lot of products through a lot of networks and i have been studying everything that sounds like seo and affiliate i start from the very beginning.I wouldn’t even put it in the same category as what you’d think of as an affiliate site, aside from how they make their money.

Try and pre-sell the product before they even click through to the merchant whenever david, thanks for your post i am a reader from morocco and i really enjoyed your article i was searching all over the web to find something that can give me a clear vision on how i can start an affiliate website and after weeks of research i was lucky to find your blog it was very exciting to see how the site have grown month after month i guess when u start a website its like your starting a buisness and you need to work hard to achieve what you are looking for in my case i am new in the blogging and affiliate world until the near future i never blieved that i can make a living from working online but after some research and diffenitlly after reading your blog i found that there are unlimited apportunities online so i am going to keep searching to have a large idea and then i’ll give it a shout so wish me luck .Thanks saloua, best of luck with your ventures!Amazon quitting affiliate marketing ?Not as far as i am aware?Many thanks for this → blog →affiliate marketing →5 real life examples of successful affiliate website: in depth analysis.5 real life examples of successful affiliate website: in depth our last post on writing better reviews, we got a lot of interest from readers asking us what it takes to create a great product review unately for the internet, when people think of building affiliate sites, they usually think of doing something like this:more...Sites like these are all over the people actually put some work and effort into creating those authority sites – money,time , effort, ideas, knowledge – that’s what’s required to create successful website like those you you just picked up their websites and said hey look people these guys did this and that, this is how they ranked, this is their pbn i found – dude, it’s horrible – and it’s all in order to gain some extra subscribers on your list, some leads from your aff links and some social shares.I bet you´re looking forward to the end of the year again 😉.Did you also get commissions from other sources mentioned in the price comparison table?Thanks matt, yes christmas is always a good , the other merchants are promoted through the affiliate window seems very of luck with growing your own really makes me think again about my method to build niche you update us on the stats/revenue of the site for now 2013?Was it affected by the last penguin 2.1?Of course!All these three products rely heavily on affiliates or 'partners' to promote themselves.I am now working on a couple of affiliate sites. Part time jobs in toronto hiring

The price for epicor accounting software, for example, can be as high as 0,000 for some ate links aren't particularly useful when prices are so →niche website →5 examples of successful amazon affiliate websites (including the one that was just sold for ,100).5 examples of successful amazon affiliate websites (including the one that was just sold for ,100).On june 2, 2014 | follow him on are probably interested in seeing some specific examples of successful amazon affiliate websites to learn from the stands out by clearly identifying all affiliate links and maintaining a strong editorial code of pages: mse maintains "hero" pages for major search terms (example).In fact, they give away so much value that you don't even see their affiliate authority hacker, we've always been about building long-term businesses with a focus on delivering value in order to build a real audience and ensure the site doesn't get penalised down the that it comes from affiliate window(i had not known it before)?So i decided to write a couple more product reviews with the same style with only 1 affiliate link in each product review and my traffic kept increasing until the 5th or 6th article it just drop and traffic is very low you think it’s something to do with the affiliate link ratio with the whole site or maybe my content isn’t lengthy enough eventhough it’s unique for the drop?Hi kenny, are you adding rel=nofollow to your affiliate links?I did add to be clear – these are not my websites!

,So do your research and take your time to find a niche that hasn’t really been fully exploited in the affiliate space 'll notice that all its recommended sites have a wholesome, mainstream image, which fits its target different tactics and tools it uses to monetize include:Niche: automation software : to help marketers choose between infusionsoft and ontraportkey challenge: to get traffic and establish credibility in a hyper-targeted niche with expensive products."what nobody on payroll will tell you about infusionsoft and ontraport"the homepage that serves as an introduction to the two tools and pitches the idea of onsoft vs ontraport: the ultimate showdowna head to head comparison review of the 2 main tools the site is about, note the content length, low backlinks yet they rank # they won't tell you about ontraporta "honest" review of ontraport from the owner who clearly used the tool and shares both the good and bad sides of the they make moneythe monetization method for 50em should be clear enough: it makes money through affiliate been toying with the idea of affiliate marketing as a second income, for a year or so now, and ploughed through so much bs, it was great to see something so refreshingly a lot.I think with these examples i can now start building my own amazon affiliate niche hing is designed to benefit you have it, 5 examples of affiliate sites that truly get it.I have to say i was inspired to try creating a niche site with amazon affiliate on did a few ourselves on nh….A lot of people found them really people said the 5 ways to create an affiliate site post helped them pick their business model and go on to profit which is up the good for dropping by, yep, love your analysis, i wanted to do an “authority sites” version of it and yep, thrive is the sh*t and there’s plenty more cool stuff to see how all these sites are earning.

So yes, while it’s good for the ego to get number 1 spot for a word or phrase closely matched to your site, it’s not something i lose sleep about any you confirm based on your traffic figures, your website conversion rate from visitors to sales via amazon was in the region of 3.5%.When a typical ecommerce site in my experience converts 1-2% to sales from visitor traffic which stays on the site, how come visitors to an affiliate website who then pass to a merchant site convert at a much higher rate?Is it because they are more targeted and that amazon is better at converting visitors?Would you not be concerned that the cake slices thinner and thinner as more affiliate websites are created?But typically 6 months is you for the answer i was also looking for the same.Đọc ko hiểu hết nhưng cũng hiểu phần nào, rất vui khi gặp người vietnam ở đâ to use a private blog network to improve rankings - my sop.[…] helping quality websites rank…both from my data here and a recent analysis done by tung showing examples of profitable amazon websites here […].I really dont understand anchor text since its apparenly algo new niche was was penalized via over optimization for a week or so from simply 1 pr link and a density of say 1.5%.After reducing and tweaking some minor theme injected nuisances.I think your approach to affiliate sites is spot on.I’ve been doing a couple of affiliate sites during my free time for a few years now and i seem to notice whenever i add affiliate links to my articles, my overall rankings for the whole site seems to drop like a ’s no magic, drag and drop formula, so if you get an email offering you one put it straight in the recycle bin where it belongs!If you have any questions or comments then please leave them below, i’d love to hear from you would like help or advice on succeeding with affiliate marketing then feel free to drop me an email and be sure to subscribe to the blog by email for loads more helpful tips on seo and affiliate , work hard and i look forward to hearing your own success story!My affiliate site in this study continues to rank well, with traffic and sales growing year on year.I’m a newbie in internet have been affiliate with all of them but why your income from only amazon …,and another retailers why don’t have income?

Notify me of new posts by up for updates by ng the best layout to optimise conversions on an affiliate pros (and cons) of working from affiliate site update: how initial hard work can lead to long term residual to make money blogging: a complete the united states?I am going to start affiliate niche website and was looking for sites to get idea about it and found this post while searching and really it helped me a lot to make for sharing this post….Very useful article and examples of niche what really demoralize me about creating niche sites is the huge cost of maintaining c!I just started a blog and was hoping to move into affiliate marketing takes a cut from anyone signing up with its affiliate link."cheap x" guides: mse helps users pick the cheapest consumer products in a category (such as phones) and takes a cut from each ators: the site offers its users a number of calculators, such as a loan calculator or a mortgage on expert advice.6 studies that prove online dating is way better than offline datinga review of studies that show online dating works better than offline dating.10 best dating sites for 2015a review of the best dating sites in they make moneydating advice makes most of its money by referring people to dating websites such as match, eharmony, i were looking to buy this site, that would bother me because it makes me think he’s paying for fake doing due diligence i would not invest in such a , he built the site using 456industry ecommerce theme; he’s using the woocommerce amazon affiliate plugin; and he get a majority of links from blog comments on foreign web 2.0s.I agree with you josh… it doesnt look like a legit site too me….I think the site can make some money but it’s not gonna work for long term.I have many friends who are still doing this auto stuff and doing very that i read the comments prior to would you go about monetising a personal development blog?I’ve tried copying the model most guys in the im niche have done by reviewing internet marketing tools, creating youtube videos about it and getting people to buy though the personal development and self-help market doesn’t tend to have expensive tools to promote and am mostly relying on book reviews and including amazon affiliate links on my page.

I want to know about hosting services used for building these websites…can you tell me?Also can i not use the google’s free keyword tool for doing keyword research?Great stuff, but i am just beginner blogger, that’s why i don’t understand all thanks for information!Thanks for the quick problem anoop, any other questions just give me a shout!Really interesting, i have to read it carefully this evening at home also you have now a new follower !Great, thanks for following!Great read david and very inspirational – i found you via matthew woodward!Quick question re your domain name, does it have any relevance to the product whatsoever and what is your opinion on choosing domain names for affiliate (product) sites?I’ve always tried to buy a bit of age with regard to domains but not sure whether it is worth it anymore….The domain name for this particular site has the brand of the product in it, however, i don’t believe there is any real rankings boost for this anymore and for future affiliate sites i will probably go with a generic !The wirecutter is the best example of an affiliate site that i’ve ever ’s why i kept mentioning ‘copy and paste’ – a lot of would be affiliate marketers will just not want to spend the time required to make a truly valuable, high quality all wouldn’t you be looking for affiliates to help you promote your new products?Finally, with regards to optimal layout, that’s probably one for a post in itself, so i’ll look at putting one together this week!Yes fair comment, you are completely right when you say “wouldn’t merchants always be looking affiliates/(sales agents) to promote new products” that is something which will never (hopefully) go out of amazon pay you a further referral fee if the customer has already purchased through amazon?For example if i visit your site today and make a purchase, you get paid the i then come back to your site two months later and again go to amazon and make another purchase do you get another referral fee?Is there any cap on the commission fee eg: if product has price tag of £500 just like colombo, one final question, do you sell directly from the home page of the affiliate website or just the product/blog pages.?As far as i am aware, you would get the commission on an existing customer, assuming they clicked through from your site again.I don’t think there is any cap on commission, but the percentage you get goes up based on the volume of sales (which is fair enough!).This has really pushed me to get affiliate links back on my sites.I have a around 3 niche sites (based on the sony ps vita) so going to give this method a also look at other types of items to again for the chris, glad you enjoyed the post!This is the first time i have visited your !You’re welcome robert 🙂.Great post, i will use your tips to improve my work with affiliates.

Well, at 6% commission we’re going to make £4.24 per sale – much better!For me a product at just below the £100 mark (0) is ideal as it’s enough to net you a good commission, but not too expensive that you will have to work mega hard to achieve any , you have a product (or a few related products – say the top 6 car seats), which it could be worth building a niche affiliate site like 5-6 months i see decent traffic to one of my articles and that article had only 1 amazon affiliate link in ’s good to know that some money can be made from amazon associates because i’ve read otherwise from other affiliates’ posts.I’m a very bad reviewer and writer, as you can probably tell from this after 6 months of hard work, the real payoff was about to come in 7 (december 2012).Ok, now for the literal money shot!They say that pictures tell 1,000 words, so instead of waffling on, here are the screen shots of the december earnings from each of the affiliate networks i was using to promote merchants on the : £1,789.49 (,854).Affiliate window: £624.73 (6).Other networks: £26.42 ().Total commissions: £2,440.64 (,934 at today’s rates).Here’s the traffic for the have no ambition and are designed just to siphon off affiliate commissions by overselling without no doubt affiliate marketing is really amazing task and challenging was the first month where i started to proactively work on the site, build traffic and affiliate site runs on a custom cms system i have designed, but for your own site you can use wordpress, or your preferred content management , so a little bit about the product i had chosen to base my site is a high volume product in the fashion/beauty niche with sales of around £150million per year and a retail price point of just under £100.

It’s always inspiring to read real case studies of affiliate projects that paid date i am using only google adsense for my blog.I am really surprised to see an affiliate marketer who researches his chosen product so well and decides to write his own articles.I will be happy to hear from having no affiliate link on a site’s homepage better?These are some great examples.I wish many will have this jealous and take seen this, good read, as for all the negativity you’ve received, don’t worry about hardly gonna affect those websites earnings, and if anybody out there were looking for sites to clone, they aren’t hard to find if you know what to look for.I’ve got a few sites myself, yea i’ve had people try negative seo against me and try to outrank me with my own content.I have recently set up my own affiliate site and seem to be getting a good number of visits and plenty of click throughs to my affiliate programs, but very few sales… one week alone a few weeks ago i had over 1200 click throughs from my site and through social media.I am really interested to start a niche affiliate site, but i am thinking..It's a simple model: affiliate commissions, primarily through amazon and bestbuy.

I”m not working on any affiliate for now as recently i’ve failed to achieve certain target from my niche r your guide is really informative and helpful!First of all, holy cow!This is why compareaccounting does not even use affiliate links on any of its review r, what vendors do need is a constant supply of qualified leads, and this is where compareaccounting makes all its s reviews, the site offers whitepapers to all its 50em is run by a marketing consultant, it's a great way to capture some promotions50em promotes just three core products - infusionsoft, ontraport and takes a commission from any recommended financial uses a number of additional tactics to make extra affiliate cash.I don’t know the owners of these websites or how much money they make (except for the one that was sold).Even if you have no experience on the web it shouldn’t be an obstacle to building your own high quality affiliate site earning good revenue if you follow my advice and put the work in.I might just start doing that as well and see how it goes.[…] 5 examples of successful amazon affiliate websites (including the one that was just sold for ,100) – cloudliving […].Nice finds and research all these sold on flippa?If i were owner of one of these websites i would neg seo your website really badly – this is what you deserve – you are destroying part of those people’s business so they should feel free to hit ’t get me wrong, i’m not your hater, actually i enjoy reading your blog, but this time you did something i totally disagree with.I’m sure you know what will happen in these niches you posted – copy cats will appear there immediately, neg-seo-for-no-reason- will come too.