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recruiters are paid by employers, so any time they spend with candidates they can't place into new jobs in the short term is time away from their sole source of income.  we'll use 'channels'  in this lesson to describe any means of approach to hiring managers, ranging from recruiters who get paid by employers for finding talent to your own direct outreach to hiring managers.

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put contract agencies, like recruiters, in the job-search channel category it depends. can't afford to squander it spending hours in what you know before you even begin is a fruitless attempt to get hired through black hole recruiting portals that chew up resumes and send them through wormholes into parallel dimensions.

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represent an absolutely wonderful channel for your job search if you are a recruiter-friendly candidate. you're the kind of candidate recruiters can place into open slots, use this channel!

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is the only end-to-end human capital solutions company covering the entire candidate lifecycle and employee lifecycle for businesses., a leader in the assessment industry, provides various solutions through its multiple business channels including talent assessments (of job-seeking candidates as well as employee development programs), licensure testing services (for government regulatory agencies), certification credentialing services (for professional associations), license management services, biometric identification authentication services, and higher education.

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guys make bank keeping their resumes posted on recruiting sites that employers pay to troll for resumes, so who are we to judge? the channel manager is evaluated against geographic-specific goals and initiatives as well as companywide objectives related to channel operations in the areas of financial performance, quality, productivity and security.

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purpose of the channel manager role is to provide strategic and tactical leadership of all testing activity within his/her assigned geography. for a product or service firm, a channel partner could be someone who sells to a customer segment that your firm isn't already reaching.

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's a quick guide to channels including our categorization of the most common job-search channels into three categories: must-have, it depends and don't waste your time. after the name of each channel you'll see which category we assigned to the channel: must-have, it depends or don't waste your time.

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you're a quirkier candidate with a less-linear background, you may be hard for recruiters to place. just keep in mind that when your resume is posted everywhere, you lose the ability to brand yourself a highly-sought-after executive.

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as a senior representative for psi within his/her geography, the channel manager serves a point of contact for clients and prospects and an important asset to the sales and client services organizations regarding sales pursuits and testing program implementations. subscribesales and marketing people know all about distribution channels, but most job seekers don't have a clue.

contracting is a great way to build your resume and earn money, but it's a good idea to check with the agency on its policies before you start your first contract. you've already got a linkedin profile, or should have, so your resume floating around the interwebs doesn't help your brand.

we offer a comprehensive solutions approach from test development to delivery to results processing which includes pre-hire employment selection, managerial assessments, licensing and certification tests, license management services and professional services. and marketing people know all about distribution channels, but most job seekers don't have a clue.

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Our products help in advertising and sourcing, performing background checks, drug testing services, electronic I-9 and a full suite of talent management solutions. Job-search channels are critical to any Knowledge Worker job search; you've got to know what each channel is good for and which [.

the key to a knowledge worker job search in 2014 is that you've got to have more than one channel working for you all the time. job-search channels are critical to any knowledge worker job search; you've got to know what each channel is good for and which channels deserve your time and attention.

our channel partners sold boatloads of our modems to small-and-medium-sized business customers we couldn't easily have reached otherwise. retained search firms know they're going to get paid, whereas contingency recruiters are in a race against other recruiters and the clock to fill a job opening with the perfect candidate and earn their fee.
.calledoutcommentcount||''}}comment on this storyprintsend us feedbackreport correctionsreprints & permissionstrending on forbes {{channel_name}}false. you'll be a recruiter-friendly candidate if your resume suggests that you were raised in a petri dish just to do the advertised job.

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