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Do i staple resume

My Resume is 2 pages long, should I staple it? (interview, jobs

"folks who can sit down with me already knowing something about the company and the types of jobs they're interested in are very impressive to me. resume - this style of resume emphasizes specific work experience and skills. here, you are providing the employer with a "thesis statement" indicating what you can bring to the company/organization in a general sense. Stapling a 2 page resume may seem like a good idea, however its not a wise decision. commenting, you agree to monster's privacy policy, terms of use and use of cookies."we also recommend that after you meet with someone and learn more about specific positions, alter the resume and send an updated, customized version to the person you spoke with right away," macgill says. sell yourself with confidencewith the primary focus being: experience, specialized training, and transferable skills. (contact person):Identify the person with the power to hire (department heads, etc. » resume writing » our top resume writing faqs » staple a 2-page resume? continuing, you agree to monster's privacy policy, terms of use and use of cookies.


"once candidates have done their research on participating companies, they can create a few different resumes targeting these," macgill advises.  we encourage you to also refer to our job finder’s handbook*. documents that could help support your qualifications will depend on your industry and career goals, but they may include a cover letter, professional portfolio, transcripts (usually for new graduates), reference list, letters of recommendation and job applications.. i will follow-up in two weeks to confirm your receipt of my resume and to determine if you have further interest in my candidacy. resume should be a concise statement of your background and qualifications. however the contents of this script will not affect your browsing experience. if a second page is required, make sure to include your name at the top and do not staple (use a paperclip)! you're a recent graduate seeking your first position or an experienced professional in search of a new opportunity, attending job fairs is one way to network and find job leads. resume can be chronological, functional, or some variation of the two. key is to highlight your background concisely, focusing on the items you feel would be appealing to a prospective employer.

  • Should you Staple a 2-page Resume?

    the same time, supporting documents aren't as important as your resume, and some hiring managers won't be interested in dealing with the extra paperwork. ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing to look at with careful use of "white space" and, above all, has no spelling or grammatical errors. without a staple, the two pages can be placed side-by-side to view the whole resume at once. the professional resume allows you to present your experience in a format that is easy to read and commands attention from the reader. items that are indications of you excelling and distinguishing yourself. they also might create one resume targeted to working for banks and another one tailored to working for the finance division of a large firm like ge. status: imported - relinked - cleanurl relinking index: ysu_m1053. resume writing tips - our free tips for what to (and what not to) include. that said, if you have a 2nd page, put your name on top of page 2 (header). a resume can get you past the first line of defense and into a face-to-face meeting with someone who has the power to hire you.
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    's usually possible to obtain a list of employers participating in a job fair ahead of time. phrases in the experience section with "responsible for" or "my responsibilities included". your resume  into a pdf so that the document appears as you intended.’t list personal information such as marital status, age, etc. the functional resume may be more appropriate when one wishes to highlight particular functions, skills, strengths, or areas of expertise. academic honors should be included, such as deans list, honor roll, etc. dennis says cover letters aren't necessary at a job fair. "that way, candidates can be prepared for any situation at a job fair by keeping their options open and having multiple resume versions ready to go," macgill says. email or mail a thank-you note within 24 hours of the job fair. your contact information at the top of the reference page.
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    furthermore, i was asked to continue planning the conference annually. (this evidence can come from your previous work or academic experiences. the one compelling question you should ask yourself regarding whether or not an item should be included on your resume is "will this enhance my chances of getting an interview?"when meeting candidates at job fairs, i like to see that they've done their research," says louis dennis, a human resources representative for state farm insurance companies in greeley, colorado, who regularly recruits employees by attending job fairs. you also want to avoid confusion if your resume and cover letter were to become separated. resume writing tips - our free tips for what to (and what not to) include. builder - an online tool to build your resume – quick and easy to use. resume - this style of resume focuses on the work history beginning with the most recent position and listing additional work history in reverse, chronological order. your browser either doesn't support javascript or you have it turned off. one page is generally sufficient, however, a particularly capable and experienced candidate might need two pages.
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When providing copies of a 2-page resume, is it better to staple the

Resume & Cover Letters

a reader should be able to put your experience into context.  it does not focus on dates of employment, location of employment or job title.’m wondering if it’s appropriate to staple a 2-page resume? next, in general, state the 2-3 job responsibilities or qualities you chose from the job description that distinguish your candidacy and meet the needs of the prospective employer. "for example, someone interested in finance can research typical job titles and types of responsibilities and then create several different versions accordingly. a concise resume to hand out at job fairs is crucial. employers view hundreds of resumes a week and often make an interview/no-interview decision in less than 30 seconds.  this is your chance to show the employer why they should offer you an interview with their organization. be sure you use the language (jargon) of your field.’m wondering if it’s appropriate to staple a 2-page resume?

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» resume writing » our top resume writing faqs » staple a 2-page resume? in this paragraph, you should also provide your contact information again so that this information is accessible. should also prepare a general resume without a specific objective. that you feel you could bring to an employer in addition to what has already been mentioned. i believe that my organization, communication, and presentation skills make me an ideal candidate for the ______ position. meaningless words or phrases such as "seeking a challenging position". your resume and the job description you are applying for so your reference can be  prepared. to tailor your resume to accentuate your individual strengths and significant features of your background that distinguish you from the competition. remember, this is not a job description but rather your personal marketing document."when i've met someone promising, i'm looking for them to follow up," says dennis.

My Resume is 2 pages long, should I staple it? (interview, jobs

Purdue OWL: Résumés 3: When to Use Two Pages or More

the purpose of the body of your cover letter is to briefly connect your experiences to the key responsibilities and qualifications of the job for which you are applying. use of numbers to substantiate what you have done (e. "employers get so many resumes at career fairs, and you've got to make sure your resume is easy on the eye, with the main information easy to pick up and quickly scan. To get their attention, your resume must be a quick read. if you don't have this information, write a cover letter to go along with each resume version. any demographic information (age, race, gender) or photographs on your resume. example: i am a senior at temple university majoring in communications. the goal of your cover letter is to generate interest in the resume itself. by doing this, if the 2 pages are separated they can be easily put back together. items of "universal appeal" to consider when describing your experiences/skills include:Customer service/customer relations experience.


11 Things You Should Know About Your Headshot and Résumé

the references in order you would like them to be contacted. resume writing services - top choices for resume writing services. "when i'm at a job fair, where the line can get eight-to-10 deep of people waiting to talk to you, i cringe when i see a resume that's more than a page and a half long," dennis says. a font size that is easy to read 11 or 12 pt. you've done your homework, tailor your resume based on your job objective, and consider bringing multiple versions to the career fair, says christina macgill, associate director of career programming for career services at pennsylvania state university. tip : if you are applying to an employer online, we encourage you. to the documents you have enclosed, such as your resume and other requested materials and ask for a meeting (interview) at the employers convenience. the best-prepared candidates will have already spent time researching corporate cultures and searching job listings on monster and other sites.'t tell your life story, highlight your strengths that relate to the position you are applying for. in other words, you will be explaining how your experiences and training relate to the responsibilities or qualities that you have chosen to highlight from the job description.

Should you Staple a 2-page Resume?

thank you letter helps you to stand out from the other candidates.  our career coordinators are able to meet with you and review your resume. of particular interest to employers are group activities and leadership roles. a cv includes awards, scholarships, research experience, publications, and professional associations in addition to work experience and activities. job fairs allow you to meet hiring managers from various companies and industries -- all housed under one roof for the day. your resume shine with help from monster's resume writing experts!-read your resume, any  misspellings or typos could eliminate  you from the candidate pool. the information uncovered during your research to guide your cover letter development. consistency with verb tense with phrases in the experience section. a business card from each hiring manager, and jot down a few notes immediately after each conversation -- this will help refresh your memory when you follow up.

to see the contents of the script, please use a javascript enabled browser. give the prospective employer reasons to separate yours from the crowd by giving indications of how your background and skills are transferable to his/her work environment. do not send it out unless you are completely satisfied with the message it conveys. the letter should provide an overview of your qualifications that meet the goal the resume specifies. writing overview:The resume is designed with one purpose in mindto generate enough interest to get you an interview. Stapling a 2 page resume may seem like a good idea, however its not a wise decision. evidence that supports the 2-3 job responsibilities or qualities you found in the job description and mentioned in the "thesis statement" of your first paragraph. what is most important is that the employer projects your skills, experience, and training as transferable to his/her work setting.  your letter should highlight your qualifications that are specific to the position you are applying for. without a staple, the two pages can be placed side-by-side to view the whole resume at once.

Resume and Cover Letter | Youngstown State University

the chronological approach (by dates) is generally used when there is a logical sequence of events to list and an historical perspective is most appropriate. your cover letter should connect the dots for the reader and show how your previous experiences apply to the job for which you are applying. you may have found names of hr managers, position openings and job requirements that will help you customize your letters. sure you receive permission ahead of time to use someone as a reference. and cover letters are usually the first impression an employer will have regarding a candidate. i am interested in ________ position and became aware of this position through _______ corporations positing on the owlnetwork. from the job description, select 2-3 key responsibilities or qualifications that you possess. additional skills, equipment worked with, familiarity of specific procedures, etc. links skip to primary navigation skip to content skip to primary sidebar. that said, if you have a 2nd page, put your name on top of page 2 (header).

Resume Tips for Job Fairs |

"if someone can say to me, ‘i'm interested in underwriting or claims' and can back up why they're a good fit, i'm immediately going to be impressed," dennis says. the event was successful and registration numbers increased for the following year. also, emphasize any activities that required voluntary involvement, whether school related, community related, or informal.) also, you may want to indicate your availability, if it is not immediate. resume writing services - top choices for resume writing services. items that you feel would be transferable to the prospective position youre targeting, even if you feel it is not necessarily a requirement of the position, but could be helpful (e. for each of the 2-3 responsibilities or qualities that you have picked, develop a specific example that represents how you have previously performed similar tasks or displayed similar qualities/skills. i was responsible for everything from the accommodations and the registration process to the programming and workshop schedule."if the resume is cluttered and not easy to read, this is a problem," says macgill, who coordinates career fairs at penn state. links skip to primary navigation skip to content skip to primary sidebar.

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difference between your resume and cover letter is that your resume should provide the reader with a better understanding of who you are. a resume should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. by doing this, if the 2 pages are separated they can be easily put back together. it needs to be a reflection of you and what you are capable of doing in the workplace. is no standardized format to follow, but what is critical is that it is graphically easy to follow, concise, and consistently formatted from one section to the next with appropriate headings and subheadings., i demonstrated my organization skills by planning an event for 100 people. curriculum vitae (cv) may be used when applying for academic, scientific or research positions. the position for which you are applying or the general field to which your background applies. i am available for an interview immediately and can be reached by phone at (215) xxx-xxxx or via e-mail at xxx@temple. if the position was not advertised, you may want to assert yourself by indicating that you will call the employer within one to two weeks to determine if he/she has any further interest.

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