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graph shows average drought conditions in the contiguous 48 states, according to the epa, with yearly data going from 1895 to 2011. summarizes the science of climate change and impacts on the united states, for the public and policymakers. responsible, effective climate change policy requires consideration of a number of complex factors, including weighing the costs of implementing climate change policies against the benefits of more environmentally sustainable practices. of global warming, there has been concern in the united states and internationally, that the country should reduce total greenhouse gas which is relatively high per capita. just over half of this decrease has been attributed to the recession, and the rest to a variety of factors such as replacing coal-based power generation with natural gas and increasing energy efficiency of american vehicles (according to a council of economic advisors analysis). climate change impacts on the united states, a 2009 report from the united states global change research program summarizing the impacts of climate change based on data from across the united states government. over the next century, climate in idaho could experience additional changes.- the believed outcome of global climate change(gcc) by many people is not a good one. since industrial revolution, fossil fuels bring a very great quantity convenience and technological products.. for power shift 2007, the first national youth summit to address the climate crisis. stepping back and looking at climate change from an objective point of view, people see how it affects the food they eat, the air they breathe, and the environment around them in which they are raising their children. "exxon knew of climate change in 1981, email says – but it funded deniers for 27 more years". the implications of climate change are becoming less subtle and can be seen in the grim fate of countries such as kiribati and sundarban countries that are literally being washed away by rising tides, the result of global warming. but fossil fuels cause climate change at the same time. the earth’s climate change causes habitats such as snow, ice, or forest areas to alter, resulting in loss of habitat and food accessibility as well as causing extinction.- the mass media plays an enormous role in influencing the public. warming up to a not-so-radical idea: tort-based climate change litigation. the kyoto protocol came into effect in 2005 ,under the agreement countries decide to cut their yearly emission as measured in the six greenhouse gases. in addition, state actions can significantly affect emissions, because many individual states emit high levels of greenhouse gases.[48] the dod had issued a fiscal year 2012 climate change adaptation roadmap, in which it outlined its vulnerabilities, yet the government accountability office (gao) found, that installation officials rarely proposed projects with climate change adaptation, because the processes for approving and funding military construction do not include climate change adaptation in the ranking criteria for projects. when we drive our cars, heat our homes with oil or natural gas, or use electricity from coal fired power plants, we contribute to global warming. increasing floods, heat waves, and droughts have brought economical problems to farmers business and increased product prices. cars and trucks can effect climate by releasing carbon dioxide when fossil fuels are burned to power them.°f increase in global temperature since the 19th century; carbon dioxide concentration has increased by 40% since 1880, the highest in 800,000 years; sea ice in the arctic is shrinking; sea levels have increased by eight inches thus far; and the ocean’s acidity is increasing. climate change could affect crop production, reducing potato yields by about 12%, with hay and pasture yields increasing by about 7%.- "two thousand scientists, in a hundred countries, engaged in the most elaborate, well organized scientific collaboration in the history of humankind, have produced long-since a consensus that we will face a string of terrible catastrophes unless we act to prepare ourselves and deal with the underlying causes of global warming. for example, based on projections made by the intergovernmental panel on climate change and results from the united kingdom hadley centre’s climate model (hadcm2), a model that accounts for both greenhouse gases and aerosols, by 2100 temperatures in idaho could increase by 5 °f (2.[103] warmer temperatures could increase the incidence of lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases in wyoming, because populations of ticks, and their rodent hosts, could increase under warmer temperatures and increased vegetation. is a growing body of academic literature that explores the potential for greenhouse emissions related liability. some states have financed programs to boost employment in green energy industries, such as production of wind turbines. peterson national oceanic and atmospheric administration, asheville, north carolina, and susan joy hassol; climate communication, basalt, colorado.- global warming and climate change (missing works cited) global warming and the greenhouse effect are issues discussed by scientists all the time. rising temperatures will impact the landscape of australia by decreasing australia's forests.

Climate change in the United States - Wikipedia

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- introduction analyzing the possible effects of climate change still remains a major enigma for both ecologists and environmentalists alike.” (2) the climate change science program (ccsp) is aimed at solving some of the major aspects of climate change, such as expanding the knowled. included will be what climate change is and how it’s affecting the planet. climate change — especially droughts and desertification — is likely to increase the demands on those water supplies even as they fade away. these changes harm marine ecosystems, destroying coral reefs that shelter much of the ocean’s biodiversity, and harming many other species. these actions include increasing renewable energy generation, selling agricultural carbon sequestration credits, and encouraging efficient energy use. the country, regional organizations, states, and cities are achieving real emissions reductions and gaining valuable policy experience as they take action on climate change. united states environmental protection agency's (epa) website provides information on climate change: epa climate change.- once an uncommon term used only by scientists and climatologists, the notion of global warming today is commonly heard but very misunderstood. has taken legislative steps towards reducing the possible effects climate change by incentives and plans for clean cars, renewable energy and stringent caps on big polluting industries.^ obama's climate speech: 'it is time for congress to share his ambition' was it enough? its heterogeneity creates such a dire situation for peru in terms of climate change and the effects it has on each individual system as well as the effects on wildlife and human occupants that live in these regions.^ "how will climate change affect the region’s transportation system? the increasing awareness of the severity of climate change, the reduction of co2 emissions has become a predominant topic.- "even the best democracies agree that when a major war approaches, democracy must be put on hold for the time being. it is the unusually rapid increase in the earth's average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released as people burn fossil fuels. as climate change melts the ice, it is projected that two thirds of polar bears will disappear by 2050. it is extremely critical for the inhabitants of the world to learn to stop destroying the environment, to focus on decreasing these negative effects, and to maintain a strong and healthy world for us to live in.- going into this class i was only vaguely aware of the hazards of the changing climate and the dangerous effects of global warming that are becoming evident in our environment. the new earth system dynamics study indicates that up to 86% of the remaining natural land ecosystems worldwide could be at risk of major change in a business-as-usual scenario (see note). volcano eruptions can really affect climate, because when it erupts it spews out more than just lava and ash.. government under president bush, launched a “historic initiative [that] brings together the resources and expertise of thirteen federal agencies. researchers work to develop detailed predictions about the effects of climate change in local areas, and to make those predictions available to the general public.^ a b for review of local and state initiatives, see lausche, barbara, and luke maier. and other climate changes could expand the habitat and infectiousness of disease-carrying insects, thus increasing the potential for transmission of diseases such as malaria and dengue (“break bone”) fever. informationdonate/joinbecome a memberbe a sustainerfree grad student membershipmore ways to giveprivacy policy and disclaimerdisclosures required by state law. on december 1997, countries set up an international treaty , the united nation framework convention on climate change (unfccc) that set up a plan for how to reduce climate change. instead of fighting terrorism, the us military may have to intervene in a water or food war between nations. although this problem has natural causes, the true detriments come from humans and how we live day to day.- climate change is defined as the alteration in patterns in temperature and weather. 2015, according to the new york times and others, oil companies knew that burning oil and gas could cause global warming since the 1970s but, nonetheless, funded deniers for years. industrial activities that our modern civilization depends upon have raised atmospheric carbon dioxide from 280 parts per million to 379 parts per million in the last 150 years (the intergovernmental panel on climate change). already, hunters and anglers are seeing changes in migration patterns and animal behavior, and gardeners and farmers see plants sprouting, flowering, and losing their leaves at different times, forcing them to change what they can plant.

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colleges and universities have taken steps in recent years to offset or curb their greenhouse gas emissions in relation to campus activities.^ "climate change adaptation: dod can improve infrastructure planning and processes to better account for potential impacts" (gao-14-446). how serious is climate change and how will it affect the future of our globe. disagreement is also strongly rooted in our potential solutions to addressing climate change. actions to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases other than carbon dioxide, including regulation and voluntary efforts related to methane from landfills, agriculture, coal mines; and hydrofluorocarbons (hfcs) reduction through domestic regulation and amendment of the montreal protocol. forcing factors, including greenhouse gases, land cover change, volcanoes, air pollution and aerosols, and solar variability, have far ranging effects throughout the coupled ocean-atmosphere-land climate system.^ report urges nj to rejoin regional greenhouse-gas initiative - nj spotlight.- climate change, or global warming, has become a more prevalent issue in our society as the years pass by.- many people might think that anthropogenic influences are the only cause to climate change on earth. overall, the use of a multidisciplinary perspective (in comparison to a singular disciplinary perspective) will provide the fullest and most accurate analysis of complex events, however this can create a trade off. environmental change will influence our water, vitality, transportation, and open health frameworks, and state economies as environmental change affect an extensive variety of critical investment divisions from agribusiness to assembling to tourism. recent studies by scientists led by wei-jun cai have served to underscore this fact by showing that the arctic region and the globe are faced with a major climate challenge due to the continued melting of sea ice in the arctic ocean. responses to global warming: the law, economics, and science of climate change, vol.[73] on november 2-5th, 2007, thousands of young adults converged in washington d. federal government has the exclusive power to regulate emissions from motor vehicles, but has granted the state of california a waiver to adopt more stringent regulations.- global warming and climate change threaten the very existence of mankind; understanding the affects of each and implementing measures to save this planet are of dire urgency. the intensity of greenhouse gasses specifically is the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions and economic output, meaning that under this plan, emissions would still continue to grow, but at a slower pace. scientists are studying how different species responded to past climate changes, hoping to better understand the impacts of today’s climate change on wildlife. according to scientists who study the climate there are other environmental problems; “we now face a global crises in land use and agriculture that could undermine the health, security, and sustainability of our civilization”. the most significant contributor to greenhouse gasses would be carbon dioxide (co2). oftentimes it leads to driving to the mailbox right in front of the house. some of the factors that have an effect on climate, like volcanic eruptions and changes in the amount of solar energy, are natural. multiple complementary model-validated proxy reconstructions indicate that recent warmth in the northern hemisphere is anomalous over at least the last 1300 years; using tree ring data, this conclusion can be extended somewhat less certainly to at least 1700 years. therefore, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and ozone, and smaller greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons are released when they could’ve been prevented. the best way to rectify this change to the environment is to help others recognize the causes of this problem and the effects they have on our planet. climate shift refers to changes in patterns of weather which can be indicated through global warming, natural disasters and rises in sea level.- global warming has become a world wide issue and an issue that is causing great controversy. average conditions for the 48 contiguous states flashed into extreme drought in the mid-1930s 'dust bowl' era as well as during the turn of the 20th century.(lallanilla,2013) similarly, this topic is one of great controversy because of widely differing opinions on current global warming rates and the impact by humans. (1) this means that climate change has not just happened for a year, but throughout the earth`s climatic history. the merriam-webster online dictionary (2014), defined climate change as a change in global climate patterns apparent from the mid late 20th century. to the american government's climate change science program, "with continued global warming, heat waves and heavy downpours are very likely to further increase in frequency and intensity. climate has cooled and warmed throughout the earth history for various reasons. Reza afshari essay islamic cultural relativism 

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^ a b "heat waves, storms, flooding: climate change to profoundly affect u.- “climatism is the belief that man-made greenhouse gases are destroying earth’s climate” said steve goreham, the executive director of the climate science coalition of america and author of the book “the mad, mad, mad world of climatism: mankind and climate change mania”. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.[4] changes in climate in the regions of the united states appear significant.[110] for example, based on projections made by the intergovernmental panel on climate change and results from the united kingdom hadley centre’s climate model (hadcm2), a model that accounts for both greenhouse gases and aerosols, by 2100 temperatures in texas could increase by about 3 °f (~1. this revolution was called the industrial revolution; it changed agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation & technology forever. in this regards, earth has experienced at least three major periods of long- term frigid climate and ice ages interspersed with periods of warm climate.^ report: colorado not prepared for climate change; more than 15,000 u. the green jobs act will support the growth of a clean energy technology industry within the state, backed by million in funding over 5 years. this has been the cause of the long summers or long winters, depends on where you are living. areas heavily dependent on coal production have not taken such steps and are suffering economic recession due to both competition from now lower-priced natural gas and environmental rules that make generation of electricity from coal disadvantageous due to high emissions of co2 and other pollutants compared to other fuels. climate change and changing oceanic chemistry affect the tiny plankton in the ocean which produce much of the oxygen in our air, as researchers graeme hays, anthony richardson, and carol robinson explained (pdf) in a 2005 review in trends in ecology and evolution. "climate change not a top concern of americans, poll shows". the wyoming business council offers grants for homeowners who want to install photovoltaic (pv) systems. change in the world can be caused by various activities. by increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases, we are making earth's atmosphere a more efficient greenhouse. farmers are starting to see a decline in crops because of the extreme changes in temperature. collectively, these changes are negatively affecting agriculture, forest resources, dairy farming, the wa wine industry, electricity, water supply, and other areas of the state.- tropical cyclones (tcs) are of the most extreme and dangerous weather phenomena on earth. in rainfall and temperature will alter where various plants and animals can live, forcing some species to migrate, disrupting delicate ecosystems, and increasing the rate of extinctions globally. global warming is caused by many natural and manmade processes that continue to affect our environment.. still tries to recover from the world economic recession, with speaker of the house john boehner saying that the proposed rules "will put thousands and thousands of americans out of work". the intergovernmental panel on climate change, ipcc, (2007) predicts that by 2100 the increase in global average surface temperature may be between 1. a warmer climate could result in less winter snowfall, more winter rain, and faster, earlier spring snowmelt.., by affecting rates of tree growth and relative importance of different tree species) and indirectly (e. there are many different ways that plants, animals, and other life on our planet can affect climate.. military recognize (for instance in the 2007 national research council report national security implications of climate change for u. opponents to emissions regulations argue that such measures reduce economic activity in the fossil fuel industry (which is a substantial extractive industry in the united states), and impose unwanted costs on drivers, electricity users, and building owners. there are many things causing global climate change such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. the intergovernmental panel on climate change (ipcc) stated that the extent climate change effects on individual regions will vary over time and with ability of different societal and environmental systems mitigate or adapt to change (the intergovernmental panel on climate change). global warming is a natural process, but because of increase in certain activities this process is taking a faster and more dangerous route creating global problems. the ‘greenhouse effect’ means that ‘greenhouse gases’ such as water vapour (h2o), carbon dioxide (co2), methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorocarbons insulate the earth by absorbing heat from the earth’s surface and reflecting it back into the atmosphere, acting in a similar way to a thermal blanket (houghton, 2005). climate change is a problem that is affecting people and the environment.

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individuals are beginning to realize the importance of greenhouse gas emissions and keeping our environment clean. red dawn, blue thunder, purple rain: corporate risk of liability for global climate change and the sec disclosure dilemma.- this essay is going to describe what the greenhouse effect is and what it does. there are some climate changes that are unavoidable and nothing can be done about it. single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the u. insurance industry is already planning for the effects of climate change, which will often occur as natural hazards, such as floods, fires, heat waves, and droughts. experts give their verdict on the us president's long-awaited speech addressing climate change 25 the guardian june 2013. due to increasing concentrations of green house gases, our climate is expected to change even more in the coming decades (climate change cell). the fourth assessment report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change has stated that there is ninety percent certainty that human activity has been the primary cause of temperature rises seen since 1950; if the climate rises by more than two degrees celsius, scientists predict dire consequences to be faced by humans and the world (mcmichael and lindgren, 2011, p. the dilemma becomes whether we can limit the damage and adapt to a new status quo or not.^ a republican meteorologist tries to remove liberal label from climate concern, march 30, 2012. the term biodiversity has become a popular topic today because people are beginning to understand the importance of biodiversity.- climate change is one of the biggest concerns of all nations across the globe. the level headed discussion to date has principally concentrated on the apparent expenses of elective results, yet their can likewise be critical expenses of inaction.- climate change or colloquially known as global warming, now pose a new threat to civilization as the levels of greenhouse gases (ghg) are soaring to new levels. munich re, one of the largest reinsurers, keeps a database of natural disasters, and finds, “the high number of weather-related natural catastrophes and record temperatures both globally and in different regions of the world provide further indications of advancing climate change. the clean energy biofuels act, signed in late july, exempts cellulosic ethanol from the state's gasoline tax, but only if the ethanol achieves a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to gasoline. the global warming solutions act requires a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the state to 10%-25% below 1990 levels by 2020 and to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. in 1997, governments took the next step and agreed to the kyoto protocol which set as its goal the reduction of greenhouse gases emitted by industrialized countries.- what is the first marine mammal added to the endangered species list attributed primarily to climate change.- this paper will discuss the environmental crisis of climate change.- global climate change, most commonly referred to as global warming, is a worldwide problem facing our environment. climate change will have a negative effect on both the supply and demand of electricity in washington. with changes in climate, the extent and density of forested areas in east texas could change little or decline by 50-70%. although many people have heard of climate change, there is not a big effort to fix this problem or to understand it. actionaction alerts & ongoing campaignshow to and trainingask ncse for helpscience booster clubssign up for action alertsteachsign up for ncseteachscientist in the classroomdealing with denialclassroom resourceslearnlibraryevolutionclimate changesurveys & pollslegislation & court casesanti-science education legislationcourt casesclassroom resourcesaboutwhat we doncse newsletterboard of directorsadvisory councilsupporting organizationsstaffneed a speaker? climate change is inflicting serious consequences on human wellbeing and will continue to inflict damages in the future.- global warming and climate change in general is one of those subjects that i hold very close to my heart; not because i go around in my spare time hugging trees and gathering vegans in toyota priuses to form a peaceful protest against big oil, but because climate change is a subject that everyone and their mom likes to chime in on without really knowing that much about. the influence of climate change litigation on governments and private sectors. in september 2006, the california state legislature passed ab 32, the global warming solutions act of 2006[94] with the goal of reducing man-made california greenhouse gas emissions (1.[113] the available electricity supply could also be affected by climate change. these areas contain some of the last remaining stands of red spruce, which are seriously threatened by acid rain and could be further stressed by changing climate.[53] state actions are also important because states have primary jurisdiction over many areas—such as electric generation, agriculture, and land use—that are critical to addressing climate change.


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- there is concern that climate change will have very negative affect on human life and the environment. that melting ice contributes to rising sea levels, affecting the entire planet.. cabinet departments and federal agencies, all working together to investigate climate change. oceans and glaciers have also experienced some changes: oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, glaciers are melting, and sea levels are rising. the release of carbon dioxide and methane gases are the two main contributors to climate change. the energy from the sun warms up the earth when the rays from the sun are absorbed by greenhouse gasses.- peru is a nation composed of heterogeneous ecosystems including the coastline of the pacific ocean, deserts, the andes mountains including the glacial regions, and the second largest portion of the amazon forest basin (us aid, 2011).- climate change has been a topic of concern for humanity over the past two decades. the human spirit is an amazing thing that can withstand many obstacles this paper will discuss the affect climate change is having on the human spirit and how religion can help combat climate change through the awareness of ethical values.- there is widespread agreement in the scientific community that the climate is changing and it has likely received contributions from humans in the form of increased carbon emissions. if everybody as one take stand and try to end most of the climate changes that are occurring, this world would be a safer place to live on. so we can use cars, planes and all modern products. change is already affecting the planet and society and will continue to do so for generations to come. the heat from global warming will also cause pests to multiply fast which will also lead to less crops. in august 2007, the exchange announced a mechanism to create emission offsets for projects within the united states that cleanly destroy ozone-depleting substances. global warming[clarification needed] has caused many changes in the u."personal emissions calculator - climate change - what you can do". 2013 was the warmest year ever in the contiguous united states and about one-third of all americans experienced 10 days or more of 100-degree heat. change 2007: impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability, a major report from the intergovernmental panel on climate change, an international organization that periodically brings together scientists to evaluate the state of climate science, reviewing the evidence of how climate change in affecting society and the natural world. beyond growth rates, climate change could affect washington forests by changing the range and life cycle of pests. climate change causes plants and animals to relocate, disease will also move, exposing human populations — and crop plants, livestock, and wildlife — to new diseases. warmer temperatures could increase the incidence of lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases in west virginia, because populations of ticks, and their rodent hosts, could increase under warmer temperatures and increased vegetation. historically, earth climate has become a major problem after the industrial revolution during the 18th and 19th century and it significantly becomes a big concern in the present days.- in this paper, we focus on using fossil fuels causing climate change.. corporations were able to trade co2 emission allowances on the chicago climate exchange under a voluntary scheme. researchers work to understand how these changes to the weather affect coastal populations, not to mention shipping, fishing, and other industries in those waters. they state that addition research must look into regional and temporal variability in the future. had registered in august 2011 nine distinct extreme weather disasters, each totalling  billion or more in economic losses. changing ocean chemistry thus has complex and unpredictable effects on global climate and even the air we breathe.[37] in february 2002, bush announced his alternative to the kyoto protocol, by bringing forth a plan to reduce the intensity of greenhouse gasses by 18 percent over 10 years. in this paper i will be telling you about the atmosphere, the science of climate change, and how we can respond to it. a warmer climate can bring changes that can affect our water supplies, agriculture, power and transportation systems, the natural environment, and even our own health and safety. coastal facilities and barrier islands in many parts of the world are gradually submerging, and some low-lying islands have already had to be evacuated, as australia’s the age (july 29, 2009) describes happening in the carteret islands of papua new guinea.

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activities influence climate and related systems through, among other mechanisms, land usage, water management, and earlier and more significant melting of snow cover due to greenhouse-effect warming.- since the industrial revolution, scientists have documented a trend of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide (co2), the main greenhouse gas. the prospect of large groups of climate refugees migrating across borders is a concern for governments as well as for organizations devoted to reducing risk and helping those who are living in poverty and in vulnerable regions. was an historic year for billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in u. and potential effects of climate change in the united states[edit]. the case for climate compensation justice for climate change victims in a complex world.^ obama to unveil historic climate change plan to cut us carbon pollution. however, while greenhouse gases buildup, the climate changes and result in dangerous effects to human health and ecosystems.[43] reaffirming the november 2014 announcement it made with china,[44] the united states declared it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025. when the climate changes, people automatically think about the change in weather and how they will respond to it. the five most prevalent of these lines of evidence are: radiative forcings, climate models, correlations, observed changes in climate systems above the norm, and unnatural changes in the earths natural variation such as rising ocean temperatures and levels. 2014 report described the projected climate change as a “catalyst for conflict”. current and potential effects of climate change in the united states. for example, data from 2012 put that share as 32% of the total compared to the 28% of emissions related to transportation, 20% from industry, and 20% from other sources.- the roles of science, the media, and politics greatly influence public opinion and understanding of the world around us.- every human activity is having a particular effect on our climate. a new wave of climate change, bringing warmer temperatures and more extreme storms, began to catch the attention of scientists sometime in the late 20th century. hotter, drier weather could increase wildfires and the susceptibility of pine forests to pine bark beetles and other pests, which would reduce forests and expand grasslands and arid shrublands.[70] in may 2007, the trustees of middlebury college voted in support of a student-written proposal[71] to reduce campus emissions as much as possible, and then offset the rest such that the campus is carbon neutral by 2016. us military is an unequivocal validator of climate science, and its current efforts to value true costs and benefits of energy conservation and increased use of renewables can serve as drivers of change, according to a 2014 study from the university of pennsylvania legal studies department. january 20, 2017, within moments of donald trump's inauguration, all references to climate change were removed from the white house website. climate change is something that will affect the entire world and it's not an issue to take lightly. bush stated that this plan would prevent the release of 500 million metric tons of greenhouse gases, which is about the equivalent of 70 million cars from the road.. climate action report to the un framework convention on climate change. he is going to conduct an experiment that will tell him if the greenhouse effect could start a cycle that would cause the effects to be worse than already predicted. though over the past decade the climate change debate has matured significantly and has transformed into a scientifically quantifiable argument with international significance, leaving the conservative un-believers no longer with the option of outright dismissal. the negative scenario described in the study used modeling with a 3. climate change is something that’s occurring right now and the effects will take the planet thousands of years to recover so its critical that action is taken now to ensure a sustainable planet for future generations. climate change could reduce cotton and sorghum yields by 2-15% and wheat yields by 43-68%, leading to changes in acres farmed and production.[41] christiana figueres, executive director of the un's climate secretariat, praised the plan as providing a vital benchmark that people concerned with climate change can use as a paragon both at home and abroad. rapid warming like we see today is unusual in the history of our planet. for example, the most common phenomenon is global warming which is a factor to the progression of climate change over time. this is important because the change is affecting humans, animals, plants and just about anything else that is living.

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a per-person basis, wyoming emits more carbon dioxide than any other state or any other country: 276,000 pounds (125,000 kg) of it per capita a year, because of burning coal, which provides nearly all of the state's electrical power. background climate change is one of the most important international issues and the united nations framework convention on climate change (unfccc) sets an overall framework for intergovernmental efforts to tackle the challenges posed by climate change (guidance on how to measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions, 2009). it is also going to say what causes the greenhouse effect and the consequences of it. this area is significant because it has provided a stabilized surface for building pipelines, as well as provides access to northern communities (fergal & prowse, 2007). scientists have confidence that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come, largely due to greenhouse gases produced by human activities. 2015, according to the new york times and others, oil companies knew that burning oil and gas could cause global warming since the 1970s but, nonetheless, funded deniers for years.- food security is defined by the food and agriculture organization of the united nations (fao) as “a condition in which all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. although our planet has seen the significance of climate change in its history, today’s problem is even more alarming due to the rate of change of human activities. this target would achieve this goal by providing tax credits to businesses that use renewable energy sources.- homes, towns, cities, states, nations, and countries around the world are all addressing the issue of global climate change.[7] some republican and democratic lawmakers expressed concern at the idea of imposing new fines and regulations on the coal industry while the u. climate change causes the ocean to rise, increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is also changing ocean chemistry. moreover, rapid climate change is putting species at risk of extinction because these species cannot adapt to such rapid changes in a short amount of time. the one on the latter date caused consternation because of decreased frequency of such experiences. recently, ipcc (the intergovernmental panel on climate change) in fourth assessment report (ar4) concluded that south asia and the middle east would experience sever, prolonged droughts as a result of global climate changes, explicitly the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (ipcc, 2007). shown in the adjacent image, wet and rainy conditions versus moments of drought in the u. 2013 there were 11 weather and climate disaster events with losses over billion each in the united states. to data from the us energy information administration the top emitters by fossil fuels co2 in 2009 were: china: 7,710 million tonnes (mt) (25. climate change also poses a threat to the high alpine systems, and this zone could disappear in many areas.. senate voted unanimously under the byrd–hagel resolution that it was not the sense of the senate that the united states should be a signatory to the kyoto protocol, and in march 2001, the bush administration announced that it would not implement the treaty, saying it would create economic setbacks in the u. question of whether events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and other unusual storms have been altered by climate change in the u. the physical and chemical changes of human activities are being felt in natural ecosystems on land and at sea, on farms and ranches, and in cities and suburbs, but the changes are not happening uniformly. today, the atmosphere contains more greenhouse gas molecules, so more of the infrared energy emitted by the surface ends up being absorbed by the atmosphere. as these changes frequently occur in future decades, they will likely present challenges to our society and environment. because hurricanes draw their strength from the heat of water on the ocean’s surface, a warmer climate means hurricanes have been getting stronger. one social justice issue that is becoming very real to people worldwide is climate change.- climate change is one of the major issues surfacing earth over the past century. historic droughts are forcing farmers to plant different crops, and some farmland is becoming unusable. the next century, climate in texas could experience additional changes.- "we call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words” (anna sewell). this paper recognises that the australian climate has increased significantly since 1910. according to the forth assessment report of the ipcc project even with immediate implementation of mitigation strategies global climate change will continue for decades. climate change adaptation simply means reducing the vulnerability of people’s lives and livelihoods to risk posed by climate change.

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differences in how regions are affected by varying degrees of warming, precipitation, and changes of animal and plant species are likely to get even more extreme as climate change continues. this paper will be addressing the effects climate change has on forest fires and health as well as the relationship(s) between extreme weather events and the effects of climate change.[115] because the effects of sea level rise vary significantly from region to region, many planning initiatives take place at the local level. climate, if it changes at all, evolves so slowly that the difference cannot be seen in a human lifetime (wearth, 2014). the actual solutions and inventions, which has resulted with new growth theory are presented in conclusion paragraph.[85] earlier it was reported that exceptionally warm months between january and may 2012 had made the 12 month previous to june 2012 the warmest 12-month block since record keeping began,[86] but this record was exceeded by the july 2011 to june 2012 period. even though we can’t reach them, we’re contributing to the greenhouse effect (which effectively melts the caps and raises the sea level).. naval forces), the effects of climate change will affect the security of nations as conflicts brew over competition for water, food, and land.- there is little doubt left that climate change represents a tangible and time critical environmental threat to australia. this is “approaching the halfway mark between preindustrial amounts and a doubling of those levels” (washington post j). in the climate change convention, the international community agreed to prevent and combat the effects of climate change such as those in agricultural areas, melting icecaps and the increase in sea level.- climate change has been a big issue since the 1800s and still continues to grow today. this observation has been an issue of major environmental concern in the view of the potentially devastating effects of climate change on ecosystems and human survival. us climate change science programme june 2008 summary archived october 17, 2011, at the wayback machine. there is a group of people, climate change skeptics, who argue that climate change is not the result of human activity, meaning that it is naturally occurring. global warming will also make water difficult to give to livestock which will cause dehydration and mass death in livestock population. world: hurricanes, politics, and the battle over global warming, journalist chris mooney’s look inside the scientific community’s investigation of the effects of climate change on hurricanes. according to a 2003 study in climate research, the total tornado hazards resulting in injury, death, or economic loss "shows a steady decline since the 1980s". hurricane katrina (2005) alone caused billion of damages and took more than 1,800 lives away." - james lovelock (hickman, 2010) climate change is a long-term change in the earth’s climate, mostly due to the increase in the average atmospheric temperature (global warming). 2 fuel oil sold for heating to include at least 2% "substitute fuel" by july 2010, where substitute fuel is defined as a fuel derived from renewable non-food biomass that achieves at least a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. other major effects scientists are predicting of the climate change are rising sea levels from the polar sea melting, plants and animals that can’t cope with the climate change may die and weather patterns will be more unpredictable hence difficulty in farming (r. rising sea levels and the damage caused by this phenomenon has irreversible impacts on coastlines worldwide. the ten northeastern states implementing the regional greenhouse gas initiative, carbon dioxide emissions per capita decreased by about 25% from 2000 and 2010, as the state economies continued to grow while enacting various energy efficiency programs.- it is becoming increasingly certain that climate change will have severe adverse effects on the environment in years to come. climate change is an important issue of concern in the twenty first century.[99] the report cited three key factors: relatively large household size; relatively low household income growth; and us population shift to the southwest (which increased the average per-capita energy use for the other 49 states)., state, and local governments have all debated climate change policies, but the resulting laws vary considerably. climate can change if there is a change in the amount of solar energy that gets to the earth. this essay will illustrate the possible root of climate change which is caused by mankind as well as nature.^ a b barack obama pledges to bypass congress to tackle climate change 25 june 2013. in the modern era, this has been a controversial issue at which people only think that human activity is a primary cause of climate change, but there is a consensus view of this problem.[72] as of november 2007, 434 campuses have institutionalized their commitment to climate neutrality by signing the american college and university presidents climate commitment.

To kill a mockingbird essay jem, [40] executive order 13514 set various requirements for energy efficiency in federal buildings and operations, including goals for 2015. farmed acres could rise by 9% or fall by 9%, depending on how climate changes. washington state currently has the 9th lowest cost for electricity in the us.- the scientific community is now virtually certain that humans have contributed significantly to climate change, and that our global activity is leading to further drastic changes in the climate system.^ alex kirby, us blow to kyoto hopes, 2001-03-28, bbc news (online).- climate change has the potential to devastate millions in australia. this is one reason it’s so important to learn all we can about climate change: to make informed choices about the climate, and prepare for the results of those choices. while this idea has almost universal consensus, the precise mechanisms and extent of our influence are not as certain.[66] a recent review of this work calculated that climate change related liability could reach trillions of dollars based on lost revenue from nations that would forced to evacuate because of sea level rise. this brief discusses some of the anthropogenic processes and products that are having significant impact on climate, as well as the varying levels of certainty surrounding each.- climate change has been an extremely controversial topic in recent history and continues to create much debate today. the climate change endangers the species, so much so that the animals have become one of the icons that conservationists use to illustrate the threat posed by climate change (the huffington post, 2014). some research has warned against possible problems due to american climate changes such as the spread of invasive species and possibilities of floods as well as droughts.^ persistent warming drives big arctic changes; the latest arctic report card details the changes due to long-term climate change december 17, 2014 scientific american.- since the onset of the industrial revolution during the 19th century, humanity has rapidly stripped the earth of its natural resources and dumped countless byproducts into our environment. predicting the long-term consequences is complicated in part because choices we make as individuals and as a society will change those outcomes. people have adapted to the stable climate we have enjoyed since the last ice age which ended several thousand years ago. many lines of evidence have been presented to the public to prove that climate change is and has been in progress for years now. 2012 report in nature climate change stated that there is reason to be concerned that american climate changes could increase food insecurity by reducing grain yields, with the authors noting as well that substantial other facts exist influencing food prices as such as government mandates turning food into fuel and fluctuating transport costs. these three spheres of information and action are invariably linked when discussing complex global issues like climate change. i have a feeling that climate change may be an issue as severe as a war. global climate change contributes a great amount of devastation to the world every day.- drought is a multi-causal and complex environmental issue, and can have serious socioeconomic consequences. not participating in previous climate international treaties, the united states signed the paris agreement on april 22, 2016. the past century, human activities have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. in 2005, the royal society issued (pdf) a detailed report for policymakers in the united kingdom examining the ways climate change and ocean acidification would affect the oceans. bangladesh, a country located in south asia is the most affected country by climate change in the world (aneki). and modeling of climate systems have both improved dramatically in the last three decades, with measurements providing the hard data to calibrate the simulations, which in turn lead to improved understanding of the various systems and feedbacks and indicate areas where more and more detailed observations are needed. greenhouse gases are like a blanket around the earth, trapping energy in the atmosphere and causing it to warm. the human not the main cause of global climate change or reason for long term gcc. this paper recognizes that climate change, which can be defined as the gradual increase in temperature caused by the increased production of carbon dioxide, presents a fundamental national security challenge. the union of concerned scientists says that co2 is considered a greenhouse gas. many questions concerning climate change’s origins and its potential affect on the globe are not fully understood and remain unanswered. Why i like science essay - ^ weather and climate extremes in a changing climate archived september 15, 2011, at the wayback machine. gets its name because this is very much like a greenhouse. "california greenhouse gas emissions trends and selected policy options" (slide presentation).- according to the united states environmental protection agency, “climate change refers to any significant change in measures of climate [like] temperature, precipitation or wind, lasting for an extended period [of time].” human activities, natural factors and processes like burning of fossil fuels, alterations in the intensity of the sun and ocean circulation are a few ways in which climate change can occur (u. the authors found that "the average frequency of major hurricanes decreased gradually from the 1760s until the early 1990s, reaching anomalously low values during the 1970s and 1980s. tort law in the era of climate change, katrina, and 9/11: exploring liability for extraordinary risks. while 97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is real as well as man made (proceedings of the national academy of sciences) there is still debate as to the validity of this in the public debate. given a sufficient change in climate, these spruce forests could be substantially reduced, or could disappear. it is an increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution (dictionary). information: climate change in southeast alaska and climate change in the arctic. at this point in time, preventing further climate changes is the most important precaution, in my opinion. there is undeniable evidence that animals are being affected by climate change. conclusion, we need to take part and try to stop global warming and other effects on climate change.[69] later in the same month, the small campus of college of the atlantic in maine became the first to vow to offset all of its greenhouse gas emissions by cutting ghg emissions and investing in emissions-cutting projects elsewhere. scientists have hypothesized that stratospheric polar vortexs jet stream will gradually weaken as a result of global warming and thus influence u. states are participating in regional climate change initiatives, such as the regional greenhouse gas initiative in the northeastern united states, the western governors' association (wga) clean and diversified energy initiative, and the southwest climate change initiative. a multidisciplinary perspective is the drawing together of methodologies from different social science disciplines (such as economics, international relations, history and political science) to analyse an event and consequently reach a single conclusion.- earth has experienced many episodes of dramatic climate changes with different periods in earth history.. congress has not adopted a comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions reduction scheme, but long-standing environmental laws such as the clean air act have been used by the executive branch and litigants in lawsuits to implement regulations and voluntary agreements. the energy that a user will receive depends on the day.. climate change science program is a joint program of over twenty u. "open access a review of greenhouse gas emission liabilities as the value of renewable energy for mitigating lawsuits for climate change related damages". in early 2008 august, governor patrick signed two additional bills: the green jobs act and the global warming solutions act.^ sir nicholas stern: stern review : the economics of climate change, executive summary,10/2006 archived september 20, 2008, at the wayback machine. many people do believe that the current trend of our planet's climate will inevitably end in the destruction of the earth as we know it and out of those people most believe it is entirely humans’ fault.- introduction policymakers the nation over are currently looking for answers for check nursery gas emanations and to help us adjust to the looming effects activate by past outflows.- "if we want to address global warming, along with the other environmental problems associated with our continued rush to burn our precious fossil fuels as quickly as possible, we must learn to use our resources more wisely, kick our addiction, and quickly start turning to sources of energy that have fewer negative impacts. farmed acres could remain constant or could decrease by as much as 30% in response to changes in prices, for example, possible decreases in hay prices. it is blamed perhaps on the increased burning of fossil fuels, contributing to the greenhouse gases that harm the environment (“climate change,” cq). a warmer climate would increase evaporation and shorten the snow season in the mountains, resulting in earlier spring runoff and reduced summer streamflow.- scientists, economists, and policy makers all agree the world is facing threat from climate warming. general effect of climate changes has been found in the journal nature climate change to have caused increased likelihood of heat waves and extensive downpours..

within the past 50 years, arctic regions in canada have experienced warming of 2 to 3 degrees celsius (fergal & prowse, 2007). in june 2008, a report issued by the program stated that weather would become more extreme, due to climate change. some can produce greenhouse gases that trap heat and aid global warming through the greenhouse effect. this problem could at least be partially solved by using technology that already exists, rather than relying heavily on ones that have yet to come to fruition. insurance regulators have demanded that insurers in the united states report their risks from climate change, with one regulator saying, “climate change will have huge impacts on the insurance industry and we need better information on how insurers are responding to the challenge. when temperature rises, many different changes can occur on earth.- climate change is the change in earth’s climatic pattern. january 2013 'national climate assessment' study on the great lakes region, led by university of michigan scholars, stated that climate change would have mixed but net-negative effects in the region by 2050. what is meant by the term the greenhouse effect is that the heat from the sun comes into the earth's atmosphere and cannot get out so becomes trapped. state currently relies on hydro power for 72% of its power and sales of hydro power to both households and businesses topped 4. the government of sri lanka realising the importance of climate change adaptation has taken number of initiatives at policy level to address the concerns of climate change and among the initiatives; the most important is the recently formulated national climate chang. higher-than-normal winter temperatures could boost temperatures inside cave bat roosting sites, which has been shown to cause higher mortality due to increased winter body weight loss in endangered indiana bats (e. governor deval patrick has recently signed into law three global warming and energy-related bills that will promote advanced biofuels, support the growth of the clean energy technology industry, and cut the emissions of greenhouse gases within the state. liability for climate change: the benefits, the costs, and the transaction costs.[25] a report released in march 2012 by the intergovernmental panel on climate change (ipcc) confirmed that a strong body of evidence links global warming to an increase in heat waves, a rise in episodes of heavy rainfall and other precipitation, and more frequent coastal flooding. this also has permanent impacts of the ecology not just of those immediate areas but also the ocean as a whole.^ as the arctic opens for oil, the coast guard scrambles by carol wolf and kasia klimasinska on july 26, 2012 businessweek. america’s energy woes – specifically its reliance on fossil fuels – can be solved by reviving nuclear energy with the use of politics to tackle perceived dangers, technological advancements to make them more feasible, and public outreach to promote acceptance. this was noted by the world in 1992 in rio de janeiro when it was open for signature by the united nations framework on climate change. this is called the greenhouse effect and it is natural and necessary to support life on earth. at the lack of certainty as to the causes of the 1995 to present increase in atlantic extreme storm activity, a 2007 article in nature used proxy records of vertical wind shear and sea surface temperature to create a long-term model. a natural process that keeps earths temperature at a livable rate is called the greenhouse effect. undergraduate essay on climate change describes the causes and effects of climate change and their effects on the environment.[16] concerns exist that, as stated by a national institutes of health (nih) study in 2003, increasing "heat and humidity, at least partially related to anthropogenic climate change, suggest that a long-term increase in heat-related mortality could occur. the greatest challenge now is identifying hat is affecting the climate most strongly, and in what ways, as well as how these effects will become more important in the future. drier conditions would reduce the range and health of ponderosa and lodgepole forests, and increase their susceptibility to fire. in peru, the climate changes that have been taking place have led to several disastrous outcomes that include not only draught, but have also led to depletion of the amazon rain forest, an increase in disease, extreme temperature changes, glacial abl. addressing this issue poses a serious challenge for policy makers. global climate change is simply a rise or fall in earth’s temperature over a period of time.- climate change is an inevitable phenomenon that is being experienced globally in various forms such as temperature rise.- adaptation to climate change is defined as the range of actions taken in response to changes in local and regional climatic conditions (smit et al. mostly all scientists predicted that it would take thousands of years for the planet to warm up due to emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels called greenhouse gases.- this study explores the disclosure of carbon emissions and climate change-related information by businesses in china.

 °f) will lead to serious risks and increasing pressures for coastal protection in new york state. philanthropic individuals and organizations play an important role in influencing public opinion as well as directly conserving at risk land and species in addition to fighting projects that could have disastrous environmental impact.” other leading insurance and finance companies have commissioned reports to evaluate the risks and opportunities created by climate change." -- al gore many misinformed people believe that extreme climate change is a natural process; something that human activities have nothing to do with. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page.- as the world becomes continually warmer, the effect of climate change in the arctic regions becomes more intense. ecosystem changes could include boreal forests being transformed into temperate savannas, trees growing in the freezing arctic tundra or even a dieback of some of the world’s rainforests." as well, they also found that "hurricane activity since 1995 is not unusual compared to other periods of high hurricane activity in the record and thus appears to represent a recovery to normal hurricane activity, rather than a direct response to increasing sea surface temperature. a warmer and drier climate would lead to greater evaporation, as much as a 35% decrease in streamflow, and less water for recharging groundwater aquifers. the region's inherently variable and unpredictable hydrological and climatic systems could become even more variable with changes in climate, putting stress on wetland ecosystems. climate change: it's not just a policy issue for corporate counsel - it's a legal problem. god is in control of the universe, and he alone controls the climate and any changes that can come from it; however there are things people do in their daily lives that affect the climate and any effects in their personal life that come from it. climate change impacts in the united states edited by tom karl national oceanic and atmospheric administration, asheville, north carolina, jerry melillo marine biological laboratory, woods hole, thomas c.[34][35][36] this trend could possibly cause changes in the future such as increasing frost in certain areas. one of my interviewees, virginia burkett is the chief scientist for climate and land use change for the us geological survey and has been studying climate change for 23 years.” according to mustafa koc’s presentation, food security should be viewed as both a societal objective as well as a discourse where the need to for looking at the bigger picture is an evident theme. individual states retain the power to regulate emissions from electrical generation and industrial sources, and some have done so. the nation was also the second highest emitter in terms of all greenhouse gas emissions, including construction and deforestation-related changes, in 2005. barack obama committed in the december 2009 copenhagen climate change summit to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the range of 17% below 2005 levels by 2020, 42% below 2005 levels by 2030, and 83% below 2005 levels by 2050. greenhouse gas, nitrous oxides and a great deal of harmful gas which are from fossil fuels are causing serious environmental problems. "2016: a historic year for billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in u.^ east coast faces faster sea level rise; cities from north carolina to massachusetts see waters rising more rapidly july 28th, 2012; vol.- the change in climate not only affects people around the world, but affects their lifestyles, traditions and customs too. climate change also affects human health and mortality, with the environmental protection agency and the centers for disease control warning about direct effects from rising temperatures, degraded air quality, and greater risks from lyme disease, hantavirus, and other diseases carried by insects and animals. graph shows the decrease in snow cover in the northern hemisphere associated with climate changes from 1966 to 2008. in a climate of change, a collection of resources and reports on how climate change is affecting the insurance industry, and what the industry can do to prevent and prepare for climate change, from researchers at the u." the researches stated that future evaluations of climate change effects should focus on the magnitude of vertical wind shear for answers. the weather is a very odd in the mid-west because of the global climate change. views over global warming began to seriously diverge among democrats and republicans when ratifying the kyoto protocol was being debated in 1998. throughout the last decade the earth has seen many climate shifts and changes.. is a subject of much uncertainty, as found in the aforementioned nature climate change study.. corn price volatility would moderately increase with american warming with relatively modest rises in food prices assuming that market competition and integration partly mitigated climate affects. the rising of temperature will have great effects on the earth's climate patterns and on all living things.  Write a shell scrap object handler- based on projections made by the intergovernmental panel on climate change and results from the hadley centre for climate prediction and research climate model (hadcm2), a model that accounts for both greenhouse gases and aerosols, by 2100, temperatures in nevada could increase by 3-4 °f (1. climate warming is caused by excess greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide which are heat trapping gasses.^ what major climate change impacts are projected for the coming decades?- executive summary illustrating the actual and potential impacts of climate change this paper seeks to dramatize the impacts climate change could have on australia’s national security if action to cut carbon emissions is not taken." thus, as stated in the study, "there is no simple association between increased heat wave duration or intensity and higher mortality rates" with current death rates being largely preventable, the nih deeply urging american public health officials and physicians to inform patients about mitigating heat-related weather and climate effects on their bodies. human use of fossil fuels is a significant source of these gasses. snowpack is likely to melt earlier in the future due to increased temperatures, thus shifting the peak stream flow to late winter and early spring, with decreased summer stream flow.- co2 and greenhouse gas emissions are at an all-time high. hay yields could increase by about 30% as a result of climate change, leading to changes in acres farmed and production.[112] beyond affecting wildfires, climate change could affect the economic contribution of washington’s forests both directly (e. australia is going to have to spend billions of dollars to make sure their safety from climate change. when snow and ice melts earth's climate warms, less energy is reflected and this causes even more warming." -- james hansen climate change, specifically in reference to c02 emissions released by human use of fossil fuels and their consequential effects on the environment, is perhaps one of the most pressing issues we, not just as americans, but as human beings face in our lifetimes.- there are growing concerns about climate change and the effect of ‘greenhouse gases’ (ghg) on the gradual increase in world temperatures over time, now commonly known as global warming. may be facing a shrinking ski season and an impaired agriculture industry. as a result of global climate change, regions, ecosystems, and agriculture will be greatly affected. carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane and nitrous oxide are the most common greenhouse gasses.- global climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns. the people in australia will need to be strong and flexible to make it through this tough time they're going through, and australia will have to find a way to fix this problem before it's too late.^ "what are the projected costs of climate change in the region’s coastal communities and coastal environments?: climate change in the united stateshidden categories: webarchive template wayback linkspages using web citations with no urlpages using citations with accessdate and no urlall articles with dead external linksarticles with dead external links from may 2011pages with citations lacking titlespages with citations having bare urlsarticles with dead external links from november 2016articles with permanently dead external linksarticles containing potentially dated statements from 2012all articles containing potentially dated statementswikipedia articles needing clarification from july 2014wikipedia articles needing clarification from march 2017all articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from july 2016articles with unsourced statements from november 2007articles to be expanded from april 2012all articles to be expandedarticles using small message boxesarticles with unsourced statements from may 2014articles needing additional references from february 2014all articles needing additional referencespages using isbn magic links. snow and ice also have a great effect on climate.. have increased, and some of said trend takes place due to climatological changes though other factors such as better detection technologies also play large roles. in cooperation with the wyoming business council, the converse area new development organization drafted an initiative to advance geothermal energy development in wyoming. the magazine scientific american noted in december 2014 that ice cover on the great lakes had recently "reached its second-greatest extent on record", showing climate variability. the many ways that climate change, specifically the debate on the existence of climate change, is portrayed within these spheres can greatly affect public emotion, knowledge, and policy of such an issue. obama committed in the december 2009 copenhagen climate change summit to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the range of 17% below 2005 levels by 2020, 42% below 2005 levels by 2030, and 83% below 2005 levels by 2050. the climate change debate has gone from one of speculative conjecture and dismissal on one extreme of the political continuum, to scare mongering and doomsday prophesying on the other. fossil fuels are fuels formed natural resources such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, which are the most widely used fuel and industrial chemicals in the world. changes to the growth of these tiny organisms have surprisingly large effects on global climate, as do climate change-induced changes to the movements of marine life, as reported by wired magazine (july 2009). such profound transformations of land ecosystems have the potential to affect food and water security, and hence impact human well-being just like sea level rise and direct damage from extreme weather events. these changes will result in both economic and ecological repercussions, most notably found in hydrological power output, municipal water supply and migration of fish. additionally the concentrations of co2, ch4, and n2o in the atmosphere have increased by 40%, 150%, and 20% respectively since the pre-industrial era.

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