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Homework | The Sims Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia How do kids do homework in sims 2

Mod The Sims - "Put your homework away properly!"

also go to a sim, do the boolprop cheat and shift click on a sim (may be your current one) and find "spawn".: first you have to make your own small room by using the same tools as you would to make a house, then put the sim* inside the small room, make sure to put nothing inside the small room, especilly don't put any windows!) check this out:1) go into neighborhood and pull up cheat box (crtrl+shift+c) type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' (without the quotes, duhh)2) go into household and shift click on the infant. when the headmaster comes at 5pm greet him and make your sims chat up to him. one of your sims that you don't want if ur killing a sim that you wanna keep make sure that there is someone very close to them that can plea to the grim reaper then as soon as you see the grim reaper go to buy mode pick him up make sure you have done the cheat in the cheat box you must do that for it to work pick him up and hold down shift. to all authors for creating a page that has been read 20,793 times. get the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) and write boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (note capitals and spaces) and click on the sim while holding down shift and click more till you find spawn then click tombstone of l and d (life and death) then a tombstone should be in your house (somewhere) find it and click on it the click more until you find make me alien pregnant then click on the tombstone again and press speed up my pregnancy (if you want it in one sim day) and your donehappy siming-tora. make the baby selectable, so you can view it's needs and relationships (and nothing else, since babies don't have wants or skills), all you have to do is enter the cheat "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (caps is important), and minus paranthesis. make a total freak, you will need;sims 2 nightlifesims 2 petssims 2 seasonssims 2 open for businessand plenty of time. torture your sims ( kill them ) first make them walk into an empty room with nothing in it. first, buy an easel and make one of your sims practice painting.!Get up the cheat window (ctrl shift and c)and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" ("not in cheat)now click on pause and click and drag one of the sims needs to where you want it and when you click on play they will stay there eg. you need to find a witch when tou are out and about and do a similar prosess.. now you have an adult sims with grow up ability. if two kids are going to school at the same time, they may want to copy homework off of one another. you want to use the shift click to cover the whole wall, you can just put the wall piece where you want it to end on either side, and then do the shift click. the person will give you the money and you will have 999,999 dollars! after he leaves look in your sims outfits and at least 1 sim should have the grim reaper outfit. hold down shift and click on a sim, then click set to birthday to make him grow up faster. it's really funny to have sims with eyes as big as cars walking around. no homeworksimply everyone gets sick of homework once in a time, so why not get rid of it in the sims? then go to your sims inventory and you will find a spell book and a caldron. first, you go into a random family, and then type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, after you open the cheat window. ( i do not know if this works with out the sims 2 open for business)do all the above and when in th options there will be somthing saying "*plan outfit" click it. but you don't like the red eyes and grey skin. goes like this: get someone into a lot, make another sim and put him in the same lot, you pooted the 1st one, and you earned 20000$, so now you have 40000$.) then enter the family that u want 2 get yr relationships up with other people. click and hold down the left mouse button, and drag your relationship with the wolf all the way to 100.!This i have done olny once before and it was sooo funny! you have to do is go to and type in "forcetwins" right before the woman gives birth. with the cheat already on, go to the buy mode and move one of the sims around the other so that when you are done, it is horizontal and attached to the other sim. while cooking sim is away go to buy/build mode and pick the stove upi and put in square with trapped sims. tipo not make any of the sims in the family have a family aspiration.+shift+cmove_objects onnow kill one of you're sims, it doesn't matter how! nannies will clean up your house, feed and change your kids, and put them to bed. accidentally discovered this and after i found it, i went and tried it on 7 other sims on different lots to make sure it works. of my sims was impregnated, by an alien, he had an excesive weight gain. if your sims get really bad moods and it is really hard to get them to do all of the things you want them to do that you think will make them happy, just move.****to bring a person back****have your sims go to the the grim reeper and beg for the person's life. then next time when you call the nanny it will be the same sim so just do that again. all you have to do is open the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and then type in: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true(just like that).) your sims will then proceed to have a very strange talk, but your friendship will most likely be going up! if you had an adopted kid and for some reason or another it got taken away and they won't let you adopt another, exit your house (save first) and go to create a family. or just use the cheat and drag his energy all the way down. sorry, i have a small problem with fine details but i have done it many times..first you need to do the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat in the cheat boxthen you need to shift-click on the neighbour you would like to control and click make selectable. dont know about you but i hate having my sims where maternity clothes so heres how to change to look at a baby\'s needsopen the cheat window, type in boolprop tesingcheatsenabled true then hold down the shift key and click on the baby.. open the cheat box (ctrl + shift + c)and type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" 2. have the boolprop cheat enabled so you can kill some sims. any way once you have done that type in motherlode then press enter then press the up button ,motherlode, will show up again so press enter again and repet prosses this cheat. childhood life stagethe sims 3's children are much more like adult sims than toddlers. then, do the same thing and click make unselectabe, and tada!

Child | The Sims Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

soon that sim's motives will start spazzing but don't worry that's normal. keep doing that untill attack will come up as an option under fight. you feel as if you cannot possibly achieve your sims lifetime want? then controll the toddler she will sleep in the dog bed and eat the food out of the dog bowl! and drag up, or down as much as you want. this cheat is hilarious espesially put one on a chair lol 2. you can't get a roof but you don't need a roof since there is no weather (sims 2 seasons aside). this cheat you can put you sims needs,interests,personality,skills and relationships up just by clicking (holding down the button) and moving your mouse up the bar. after about a minute, all the neighbors will be on your doorstep! you can probably do this with children and toddlers also, but toddlers would be impossible to maintain without help. then, you sim can do yoga, meditate, make good meals, and loads of other stuff. now, start sims 2 then go to options menu, then music settings, then the radio station, then pick witch songs you want the radio to play. it's good to have two adult sims because then one can keep the headmaster entertained the other can cook. (if you do them both at the same time the social worker comes) then make the toddler a vampire, and seen as they can't be vampires they have the abilitaies but not the looks!"they can learn all other sims 3 skills the regular ways, aside from charisma, guitar, and gardening. get them to w/hoo and just when there leaping out the water go to buy mode and move the sims apart the go to live mode and thell be doing it in mig air. you have to do is enter the boolprop cheat(boolprop testingcheatsenabled true) and click on the baby while hitting shift. families on the sims 2 is more fun if you understand how to care for them. don't need any fancy cheats for this(this only works for sims 2)1. children must do their homework and come to school in a good mood in order to maintain good grades. okay, so bring up the cheat window (ctrl-shift-c) and type in the boolprop.'t understand what other people mean by there cheats are easy or don't wanna take a risk, then this is the cheat for you! you can do this with homework and other useless items.:this may not work because i don't know how this happened! then if you have the skills keep going until you don't have the nessissary skills. the teacher begins to crouch down to coax the toddler to walk over to him/her, go onto buy mode and move either the teacher or the toddler to the other end of the maze. will have three options they will be ignore, reset, and delete i recomend you press reset because preesing delete can delete family members and other things and pressing delete just usaly makes the box appear againthere are alot more things you can do with boolprop. here you can change the sims aspiration to romance, knowledge, even grilled cheese. oh and that pesky rule if your house isn't big enough for more then a certain amount you can change it to the max number by of course opening the cheat window and putting this code in intprop maxnumofvisitingsims 8. use the cheat: moveobjects on, go to the buy mode, pick up the trash and put it anywhere you want, better if you put it in the kitchen, the sims will throughout the trash right there. pull up the cheat bar and type in "agesimscheat on". is how to get upducted by aliens first hold down shift and click on a telescope then press debug-get ubducted (or something like that) (you wont miss it) then your sim will be ubducted . up the cheat box with ctrl+shift+c then type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then shift click on your sims who goes to school. do this make a normal family but with 1 adult 1+ child then move them into a house and open the cheat bar (ctrl+shift+c) and enter "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true". warning: do this after you have done everything with build mode! now all u have 2 do is wait for your child, teen, toddler or adult grows up! ok, open up the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and then type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabledd true" just like that, but no quotation marks. do you want more time than just the week days and holiday? absolutley love playing sims 2 but i hate it when the toilets or shower or cooker get broken. hold down the shift key and click on your victim the select kill. it has to be doing nothing for this to work. (note: you can not delete the door if it is open) if the door is open make your sim walk out of the room and try again. drag the homework to a table or other location, and the little cheater can copy the answers straight to their paper. is a tip (you need the sims 2 appartments) that will help. once it had loaded, then you are able to drag your sims motives up, or down, improve their skills, and drag up or down their relationship bars. you want your sims to get a divorce, here's what you have to do. then get them to fall in love and get married (you can do this quickly by shift-clicking the mailbox, clicking "set pregnancy relationships with" and clicking on the desired sim's name). this is how you can have your sims get a divorce. ok make a friend or use a nother friend you have ask them to move in ( you don t have to have any thing but one little pice of wall or anything eales you want ) now keep asking him to move in and out over and over again and if you woohoo with them you get more money every single time you ask them to move out you get all the money hope this helped! if you want to paint a picture of something outside the sims 2 game, just press c anywhere at this time. you're tired of having kids around your house to take care of, try this cheat. upload them to your computer and do the same above. all you have to do is get that level 1 promotion.

Mod The Sims - "Put your homework away properly!"

How to Raise Children in the Sims 2: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

enter any number that 0 through 8 (0=fastest and 8=slowest):slowmotionmakes your sims larger or smaller:stretchskeletonallows you to change elevation of floor tiles:boolprop constrainfloorelevation falsedisables the ability to change elevation of floor tiles:boolprop constrainfloorelevation trueturn on aging:aging onturn off aging:aging offturns off facial bounding limitations. you click on the table [must be in buy mode] it should say [where you can sell stuff] "sell table" yadda yadda yadda, sell it for how much it was and then it looks like the teen has done the homework already!: open the cheat window (ctrl, alt, c all at once)2nd: type in aspirationlevel(0-10 0 being the lowest, 10 being highest) and watch the level go up! with maxis' provided mailbox, and a certain cheat, you can max out all your sims' needs! then when she is not close to anything pause the game and build a wall around her with no doors and viola your home alone. you ever wanted more money for your sims without having to resort to cheats or boolprop? you have a family with ghosts walking around and you want to make them look like ordinairy sims,follow these instructions1. your sims to do a woohoo in a hotub, and enter the cheat moveobjects (dont worry about capitals), then go into buy mode and move one of the sims out of the hot tub and onto the deck.) just continue this everyday and make sure that they don't miss school. a family with as many teen sims as you like and at least one adult. if you want to paint a picture of something outside the sims 2 game, just press c anywhere at this time to take a snapshot. put the move_objects on cheat when putting down a driveway! then you just look at all the different options you have click the one, i think it says, age or something like that, then click me(simsname) then click teen elder child or toddler.)make sure your in neighborhood view, and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true2. then have the lonely sim that you dont want to catch you in another room with a bed. invite a sim over(mayb 1 u h8)to invite a sim (incase u dont know)go to phone call simthen when they come wait them go into a big empty spacepause then build walls around them (dont let them out)then wait a while and they will die! however, some nannies have been known to slack off, neglect kids, and even leave early. post of sims 2 cheat for no homeworkessay about immigration to america. ya got ur too sims in love, make them make out on a sofa. you can hire a nanny to help care for your kids. with this cheat you do anything like pull up needs, add want slots, kill people ect ect but i want to show you something funny. select the sim you don't want to see you cheating and move him or her inside the window-less room. i also speed up the time so it doesn't take long. u have 2 do is put the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (w/o the ") in the cheat box then click on spawn then get the tombstone of l&d then click on "cinecam baby" and then the screen will come up saying u have a new family member on the way. another thing when you are making a new family, while it is loading hold down ,shift & n, and it will go into debugging mode and you can use different things on you sims. you do is, go to any family, but not expect to stay long. don't put your sim in the pool until you [greet everyone]"(pick on any sim don"t hold "shift")9.-you can do the same thing for your mailbox so no bills. two dead sims married to look on your family tree!. then just click on either option does the same thing. so if it is a toddler or kid, while on desired sim click on the baby, (don't worry its not alive.'m going to tell you another useful cheat, with a help from one of my favorite sims, celeste. don't put any windows on the room or the sim might notice the cheating! then, hold down the right shift button, and click on your mailbox. you can do this for your skills, personality, mood, interests, and relationships!) and drag up your sims skill bar for cooking to maximum, you will now be able to cook things like, omelettes, pancakes and salads. it prevents the normal corrections the game will make for two parents with very different facial structures:faceblendlimits (on/off)you can invite more people to your parties:intprop maxnumofvisitingsims 8takes off censoring:intprop censorgridsize 0you can tell what social reaction will happen before you do it:social_debugturns postprocessing on:boolprop enablepostprocessing trueturns postprocessing off:boolprop enablepostprocessing false set to true and cars will have more detail in neighborhood:boolprop carscompact (true/false)set to true to show lot information:boolprop lotinfoadvancedmode (true/false)set to false to place floor tiles outside lot:boolprop locktiles (true/false)set to false to remove removes water (ponds) from lots:boolprop lotwater (true/false)set to false to remove floorpainting on lot:boolprop lotterrainpaints (true/false)set to false to remove props like rocks and towers from neighborhood:boolprop displayneighborhoodprops (true/false)set to true to light up objects continuously instead of only when used:boolprop allobjectlightson (true/false)set to false to remove roads from neighborhood:boolprop displayneighborhoodroads (true/false)set to false to removes trees/plants from neighborhood:boolprop displayneighborhoodflora (true/false)set to false to remove water from neighborhood:boolprop displayneighborhoodwater (true/false)set to false to removes house graphics from neighborhood:boolprop displaylotimposters (true/false)set to false to remove bridges from neighborhood:boolprop displayneighborhoodroadswithmodel (true/false)set to false and lots will not light up when highlighted in neighborhood:boolprop lotterrainlighting (true/false) set to false to remove removes shadows on objects outside house:boolprop objectshadows (true/false)set to false to remove shadows on objects inside house:boolprop guob (true/false)set to true and walls will no longer cut away from selected sim:boolprop renderselectedsimlevel (true/false)set to true to see the path where the selected sim walks to:boolprop displaypaths (true/false)set to true and blocks appear on sims faces and on parts where sims look at:boolprop displaylookatboxes (true/false)toggle shadows on/off for sims:boolprop simshadows (true/false)in neighborhood, shows filename of house when lot is highlighted:boolprop showlotpackagefilename (true/false)you can place objects outside the grid:boolprop snapobjectstogrid (true/false) moves objects and deletes you couldnt before:moveobjects (on/off)lets you know if theres a patch:autopatch (on/off)sitcom flashback blur effect (# = 0. create sim or pick sims from sim bin then click upload. for example you sims skin tone can be not only the normal colors but green and porcelin, you can have wierd hair styles, you can put different clothes on them they can wear the socail bunny's clothes or the grim reapers and much,much more. to drag your sim[s] needs bars down or up. of them will get in on there own but if they don't get in and [ask *soinso to join]. go to buy mode or build mode and click on the jackhammer, then click on your sim's homework with it and it vanishes forever, and the next day when your sim goes to school it counts as finished homework! you can now listen to your favorite songs in your sims game. this, go to the mailbox, and hold down shift while you click on it. wait till it snows (easy way, go to the neighborhood and click on the seasons and change them all to winter after it snows you can change it back) then put a roof on the snow house and make a snow man (also if you make a house 2 story's the make the snow house 2 also, and don't make the second story with a floor for the snow house) then put an arch way on the snow house so easy access (lol), then wait a little bit and then a penguin will(should)show up! no hold down shift and click the mailbox, go to neighborhood, then make me know everyone.) if you don't get this just try to figure it out. hold down shift and click on the character that you are currently playing with. wait for a neighbour to pass by, and when you see one, slow the game down to normal speed. it' the traits you don't like you can do shift ctrl and cat the same time to bring up the cheat bar then put in testingcheatsenabled true do false afterward or your game will get a little mad at you and lag and crash if you leave it on to long shift click the baby and use modify traitsreplyflag3526th may 2014 12:23pmpage 1 of 1. stories: go to your sim family's story then the edit mode (where you write) then go to the bottom of the "window" and you'll se an arrow with a "*" behind it. first you put up the cheat box with shift ctrl c then tipe in move_objects on then you pick up the plate and put it under the trash can outside play the game pause the game then check under the trash can and its gone it realy works i do it all the timehappy simming. if you don't, before you invite the headmaster read up on cooking and get a level 7, 8, 9 or even 10 to really boost it.

Child | The Sims Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Sims 2 cheat for no homework

u wanna stop pets from againg click ctrl + shift + c then type againg off its the same 4 sims. when they're in the bedroom, go to furniture mode and delete the door and windows. dont turn free will or special event movies back on yet! thing you do is to click on the specific toddler. then after doing that mumbo jumbo, shift+click any sim and go to the option spawn. then hold down shift and press the mail box, then to the right it says make me happy.! a robo-vamp- -(second way-you will also need to enter the boolprop cheat-*this will take longer when you do this*)let your robot go to downtown(anyplace in downtown) then wait until a vampire comes, then greet him/her and then drag your relationship to 100 with him/her(in the relationship bar) then shift click on the vampire then chose make selectable, then also drag the vampire's relationship with yours to 100 too(relationship bar) then let your robot talk to the vampire, until they become best friends, then control the vampire to bite the neck of your robot. you want mopre members for your family after you've made the family this is how to do it:1:bring down the cheat box, ctrl, shift, c, and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true2:shift click someone and select spawn3:clck on tombstone of l and d and put it somewhere in your house4:shift click the tombstone of l and d and select what type of new family member you want! go to belladona cove (use it as your nabourhood)and play as the cordial family..on the first day the pregnant sim might get morning sickness [my sim didn't so i don't know if they do]. then fill the rooms with the most expensive furniture in the catalogue, make sure you don't overload it.?note: you cannot control the grim reaper, but it is still really fun and like i did i made two of them and put them as stuates at my sims house really fun. (without quotes)go into your house and you should be able to drag your needs up or down, drag the relationship bars up or down too and you will be able to shift+click on an objects(or sim) and a list of options should come up. if you change the basic neighborhood "veronaville" into anything like "blah town" (it doesn't matter) and make a new hood called "veronaville" when you come into it, you will get that mini movie of the old base town! hold down the shift button and click on the aspiration and it will come true. are visible in nmboolprop lotwater true/falsetoggles water in lots on or offboolprop lotterrainpaints true/falsetoggles floorpainting on lots on or offboolprop carscompact true/falsetoggles how much detail cars have in nmboolprop lotinfoadvancedmode true/falseshows or hides information on lotsboolprop objectshadows true/falsetoggles shadows on objects outside houseboolprop guob true/falsetoggles shadows on objects inside housesboolprop renderselectedsimlevel true/falsetoggle whether walls cut away to display selected simboolprop displaypaths true/falsetoggles whether path of where sim is walking to is visibleboolprop displaylookatboxes true/falsetoggles whether blocks appear on sims faces matching where they're lookingboolprop simshadows true/falsetoggles whether sims have shadowsboolprop locktiles true/falsetoggles floor tiles outside lotsroofslopeangle [value]changes the slope of a roof when buildingboolprop testingcheatsenabled true/falsemust be enabled for all boolprop cheats to workfamilyfunds [family's last name] [+ or - money value]gives specified family money or takes money from specified familyunlockcareerrewardsunlocks career rewardsdeleteallcharactersremoves every sim from the neighborhoodterraintype [desert/temperate]toggles between terrainsboolprop enablepostprocessing true/falseenables or disables post processing cheat usebloom rgb [value]adds blur effect (postprocessing)vignette [value] [value] [value]blur at the edge of the screen (postprocessing)filmgrain [value]adds a grainy effect (postprocessing)letterbox [value]adds a letterbox effect (postprocessing)-ffullscreen mode-nosoundmutes the game-wwindowed mode-r[width]x[height]change the resolution (in pixels)ctrl + shift + copens the cheat box to enter any cheatshift + mdisables debug modeforcetwinsforces a pregnant sim to have twinsshift + nenables debug mode in cas which allows for extra outfits and special itemshelp [cheatname]displays info on any given cheat|+|boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true/falseallows for 45 degree angle rotation (diagonal)maxmotivesfills up the selected sim's motivesintprop censorgridsize [value]changes the size of the censor used when sims are nakedplumbobtoggle on/offenables or disables display of the plumbobaspirationlevel [value]allows for changing of a sim's aspiration level. like, for example, if you hold down shift and click on the fridge, there will be an option called "force error". course, you can stop this, if you want to use cheats, if you don't, then you'll just have to watch him/her take your cash. just bring up the cheat box tipe in boolprop testingcheatseabled true just like i did, then press shift click on your sims homework and select force error. schooling goes on as if they have completed their homework.(this requires the sims 2 pets) first have your sim potty train your toddler. remember, while your doing this, it has to be with the same wolf. testingcheatsenabled trueturns advanced cheats onfamilyfunds [household] [amount]sets your simeolonsmoveobjects onlets you move objects anywhere you wantintprop censorgridsize [number]removes censor when sims are naked remove them by typing 0boolprop testingcheatsenabled falseturns advanced cheats offfamilyfunds [household] [amount]sets your simeolonsintprop censorgridsize [number]removes censor when sims are naked. a shopping window will appear and you can buy all the clothing you desire at home, with your game paused!'s always that one sim who never does what you want when you want, and is never happy. got customer stars alot quicker, find a sim/employee with gold sales badge, control the sim/s by using the boolprop cheat(boolprop testingcheatsenabled true) without the (), find a sim that is easy to sell stuff to, while he/she is buying, click the sim, find "sales" then "dazzle" & keep doing that until you can't do anymore. then, i make one of my sims pregnant with him. first thing you need is an adult sim and at least two sims on your lot. alt + tab to exit the game, then open a picture program such as paint and open the snapshot you just took, it will usually be in the folder: c:\my documents\ea\sims2\storytelling\snapshot. that show how your sims feels and walla perfect health.. hold down shift,ctrl and c (all at the one time)2. then you press enter and hold shift down and click on the sim you want to kill. your sims are getting too old and you want them to become younger, this is what you should do. do you want to potty train you toddler in one use? a victim(either a family member or someone you invite over)2. they will do this for about 20 seconds, and when it is over, the sim being lassoed will disappear.! after you're finished with the cheating, put a door back on the room and let your sim out. the kids get home from school and drop the books on the ground, move the homework onto a table. this cheat, you need to have the sims 2 seasons expansion pack!'s a certain cheat that comes in handy: agesimscheat on, i use this cheat a lot and for some stupid reason i used it on the maid and turned him into a teenager. i'll add that it's definitely worth it to buy toys like the dollhouse when it comes up, to earn the lifetime happiness points.) then when your sim gets home, puts down their homework, and sits on the ground to watch the clouds: pause the game and press "ctrl shift c" to open the command prompt window at the top of the screen and type in the cheat: "moveobjects on". it should say, you can sell it for 3,000 sims cash. it should have your deleted sims name as an option. ok, make sure you've entered boolprop testingcheatsenabled true code on the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c), then enter this cheat boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true now when you highlight and rotate an object, you get the diagonal angles, too! hold down the shift key and click on that sim. you just want to have teenagers,kids or toddlers in a house together and want the parents out. another is to relax both sims as if to woohoo or try for baby., so i'm sure that you all know of the cheats, the cheat box window, and also how to access the cheat window. you have a married couple and they die of old age or something and if you like looking on there family tree you will see to dead sims not joined if you want them to be joined follow these steps:1] bring up the cheat box by pressing ctrl+shift+c. when you shrink your male kids and put there swimwear on them and the swim trunks will cover up there whole entire legs. i don't know why it happened in the sleep but it might be the reason. in the cheat box, moveobjects on buy a table, and then put the homework on it.

How to Raise Children in the Sims 2: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

The Sims 3 Children: Life, Skills, and School

go on the sims 2 and before you go onto a family press ctrl alt c and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and then gpo into your family. plus my 2 teenager(girl & boy) who are graduating soon<3replyflag1878th july 2013 3:05amchase says. sims 2: nightlife introduces npc vampires and allows your sims to turn into vampires themselves. everyone i got a couple of cheats for you i have only made 2 so far but i will add some more l8r grim reaper statue easygo into buy mode or pause and ann press ctrl,shift,c type in move_objects on into the cheat menu. if you do use cheats open the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and type in "moveobjects" (no quotation marks) and go to buy mode, and move or delete the trees. how to get kids to do homework aploonhomework help sims jfc cz astrying for a baby pregnancy in the sims homework the topic no just the word itself sparks controversy it has for a long time in edward bok editor of the ladies home journal wikihowfamilies the sims brookings institution activating allmenus on cheat for the sims how to build apartments in the sims apartment life how to play sims steps with pictures wikihowsims homework help textiles coursework help nmctoastmasters.) make one of your sims try on clothing, and when the sim is in the changing room, make your other sim join the changing sim in the small room and do woo-hoo! dont need no cheats for this just as they are giving birth and it does that whole scene when the mother or even the father is holding the baby look at the eyebrows if the eyes brows go thick to thin it is a boy if they are just thin then a girl easy as that. toddlers can do much more than infants; however they require more work. so now when your sim puts the babies on the floor all you have to do is put it in the whatever you got! do this to each oven but don't allow your sim to take the food out of any of the ovens.! if you do it seperatly it will not work, so pause the game, then do it. whether you will have your own children or adopt a child.?) and press refresh (a little swirly arrow thing at the bottom of the window) and your sim should be nude. also, you get new hairdos like braided pigtails with a sidebang and the abililty to make aliens and mannequin sims. watch him/her as his bladder motives goes down (this is very important). this can be done even in ur only have one sim and they are at work. the already high value on the paintings will have just doubled. placing a picture, for example, i was getting annoyed at the fact i couldn't put the pic (or decors) at the height i wanted on the wall, but after basically pushing every key on the board, i found a way, when you have the pic or object highlighted with the hand tool, push these [] to go up and down! hold down 'shift' and click on them, and press make selectable. can make your sims stick together so that they walk around with the other sim on there hand! this will make your sims aspiration stay maxed out makinging it easier to be promoted in jobs. after that, type "forcetwins" (without the "" and no spaces) you can do it several times to make sure that it will work but you can't get more than 2 babies at a time. again, do this over and over until the skill is done. plus you can do the same thing to those green bars. i recently found out is, despite not having the updated version of windows7 i can still go on the sims2, it may say 'unspecified error' when you try to go on sims2 without the updated version of windows, most people don't want to bug there computer or laptop up by downloading the 'latest' version of windows, like me. if you go on your documents on your pc click on ea games then the sims 2 then go in the paintings folder and save any photo,then go back on the sims 2 and get your sim to click on paint custom painting and then choose the photo you want and there you have it your sim will paint an awesome picture. i suggest that you do the skills, by the time your skills are done you should be close to death, by then it's time for the next generation. creat a family, make two adult sims with the eye size (or nose size) all the way up. articleshow to care for a toddler on the sims 2how to have a baby on sims 2how to play sims 2how to adopt a kid in the sims 3. then type in motherlode then press enter but then all you have to do is keep pressing up and enter really fast so that ur money will go up and you can become a millionar (p. right after that, have them ask for homework help from an adult. 2 sims to realy hate each other just keep one irritating the other youll unlock more things and then fite. thing where your child learned 2 points of writing in her sleep sounds like the effect of a supernatural ep elixir, the vial of potent enlightenment. (but dont add a door or gate) have the sim you want to kill get in the pool. they need to do their homework and come to school in a good mood to get good grades. your kids aspirations and be sure to fulfill wants and avoid fears. a female adult sim; have her have an alien baby; once she does, put the baby in a crib; once the baby is in the crib, have the female adult you spawned go outside; kill the female adult, place her urn in the house, and again, watch her ghost come out and haunt the house! for beginners, you just hold down ctrl+shift+c (without the +), or mac users press command+shift+c (once again, without the +) or ctrl+shift+c (no +) or if you are a windows user, some of you will need to press ctrl+shift+windows key+c (no +) or ctrl+windows key+shift+c (no + again) and a white box will appear at the top of your screen. this can kill your sims, add new sims to the family and get your sims pregnant. then add a tree to that and then do watevr u want to it.-build a small room (but large enough to fit 5 appliances) with a door and add carpet and some cheap paintings. type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (without the ") and shift click on the sim u want to get pregnant, click spawn, get me pregnant with or get me alien pregnant (if you have a spouse have them do that too) then after click speed up pregnantcy. 2: have the sim that you want to notice stand in front of the two sim about to make out and do nothing. you first move your sim in to your house after a while your mood goes down so heres the cheat: go back to the neiborhood then enter the house again then drag with your mouse over the mood and it will go up and a bonus you can do it with your skillz too! you want your kids to be all alone have the parent hire a nanny when she comes put a baby or toddler or something to make her go in the middle of the yard. to do this cheat you'll first need to go to the neighborhood. make sure you dont pay too much or too little just enough so it says your sim wont come back completely as you remembered them but at least they are alive. put in ctrl+shift+c and a box will come up put in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true |then shift click your sims look for spawn when you see it press sim modder then a floating baby will come out.)hit ctrl+shift+c2)type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (without quotes)3)once you have your kid, shift click on the baby and click "spawn" then click on "set age. you've followed the parenting guide thus far, and used many of our tips to raising kids, your sim's child should have been able to choose a trait. make them pregant, however you want use a cheat or do it the regular way. therefore, it's important that you feed and care for your kids. 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)then go into your families house and hold the shift button down and left click on the pregnant sim3. go to buy mode and pick up the homework and place it in the sim's hand by putting the cursor on the sim. put it down from your inventory and click on it with your sim, press "set age" then "me" and click on your sims original age (toddler or a kid. on what sims 2 gmaes you have there is this groovaay thing that the grim reaper does now, if you kill your sim or it dies itself, if it has a white aspiration meter then these cool hula zombies come and its cool =] and you get like a marble/gold gravestone.!Ok if you want full skills/personality on your sims just click on the lot you want to enter.? what you have to do, is get a vampire-fearless sim to pick up the phone and go to "manage groups"., if you want to make your sims happy real fast, then follow these instructions. them wellkeep the kid's mood up, do homework, and have the occasional friend over and your child will do fine in life. your attic is ready you can place windows and all expect of the hanging lights use the wall etc. now press ,set age, and press ,set to birthday, then click on them again with out shift and press ,grow up,if you sim is lonly and needs some friends just press shift and click on the letter box(make sure they are doing nothing else at this moment and make sure that it is not on pause) now press ,make me know everyone, once you've done that hld shift and click on the letter box again(the same rules aply) now click ,make me friends,now five of the people you know are your friends(this works better if there are more people in your neibourhood). vu's automatched cosmetic surgeon career reward to re-make your sims face. isotopes that when i got home from the hospital my kid was already in the children stagereplyflag8712th june 2013 1:44amsaki says. sell it for 2,000 $$$ and you just earned sims bucks easily! doing this untill the blue bar is at the top. if you don't then you may only get 1 simolean which will not get you anywhere near the money you want. thing you need to do is go to the neighborhood. that's right, just get a vampire to bite it and it gets red eyes, fangs and can do all the things a vampire can, especially getting burnt in the sun! cheats no homework great depression recovery homework image titled in ts homework can be done at all kinds of tables as well as standing up with no table at all wikihow click for pick mod the sims how to play sims steps with pictures wikihow jfc cz as the sims university review pc page the gamers temple hand binding books in the sims ways to cheat in the sims wikihow best ideas about sims university on pinterest sims sims a sim doing their homework how to build apartments in the sims apartment life cheat in the sims. to get a kid if your adopted one got tooken away! i know boolprop can be a magic eraser so here are some boolprop free cheats:-when you want to delete homework use the sledgehammer icon. your own child: you will have to make your sims get pregnant by clicking the “try for a baby” option. hold down the shift key and click on the telescope. question if you don't mind me asking: will your children be taken away by the government if they don't attend school?. you first get up the cheat box (crtl shift c) then type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'2. do not press anything else and a carpool will arrive and wisk your adult sims away. next go to your family, go to the mood and you can drag the moods up and down. go into the file ea games, from there go to sims2. type 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'no quotes after you have opened the cheat box(if by any silly reason you don't know, to open the cheat box you press ctrl+shift+c.] hold down shift while clicking on the newspaper again then click on setjoblevel to and numbers up to 10 should come up click on 10. if you don't have much kids furniture add some more. additions: the sims 3 generations expansion pack brings many new features to childhood. can also do this for other things like, personality bar & all the skills like cooking & mechanical & stuff like that. you sim comes home from school, go into buy mode, click on the hammer thing, and click the homework. to do this, get up the code bar (ctrl+shift+c) and type in: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. scroll though the clothing, and when you've found the invisible top half icon thingy, click on it, like you do with normal clothes. press it then press relationships then press me to other then find another sims's name and them press it then another list will pop up press love then repeat but put in other to me. the potion grants 2 skill points (iirc) in a random skill the next time the imbiber sleeps. the move objects cheat on by typing moveobjects on in the cheat bar2. now, that's all i'm saying because i wrote down all the cheats somewhere in a notebook but i can\'t find the notebook it was in. get the adult to potty train it (drag the toddler's bladder need down to the lowest and keep it there, that is how i do it) and it will be potty trained. you want the cheat window to list a few cheats itself, put it up (ctrl+shift+c) and type in help. and at night, if there are any more sims that you want to be a werewolf, just click on them with your werewolf, and select savage..once they put their homework down after school go to build catagory. add foundation stairs wich dont look good but if there is an expansion pack with ladders that i dont know about try that. there is a girl, with brown hair, and brown eyes and a face, just like bella does when you see her pic in her husbands relationship section. families with one person in them and move them in with a family of your choice you gain 20,000 each time! then press me (and it says your sims name) then choose what you want your sim to look like. sims 3 guide was originally written for the pc and mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - ps3, xbox 360 and wii. Raising families on the Sims 2 is more fun if you understand how to care for them. you don't have enough money, or just don't want to expend money in a trash compacter, you can put the trash can-outside, inside the house! move the sime you don't want out (or keep them both)then you have 20,000 $ more. then perform a romantic social to become lovers, and then click on propose engagement, and then propose marriage (might want to wait a sim day before you do this, i did it too soon and got rejected), and then repeat with the other couples. and also, calling the cops does not help they come, say that nothing is wrong than make you pay them.

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force a burgalar, the mail or any other kind of thing, press ctrl, shift, c then type into the cheat window, boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and then press enter. it wont work if they don't get abducted at the same time! when your witch starts to sparkle, you can do the same prosess with other sims you want to become witches. all you do is click on the like 'launch set up' and then it will start loading it, but this time it will go straight on it, you will have to do this every time, but it it a quick and simple process.)(i guarentee this cheat will work for you with your sims 2 game - if it doesnt i will personally track you down and give you all my sims 2 games + £100. start one of the sims in a relationship with another sim. without letting go of shift, put your grim reaper back down and you should be holding a clone of your grim reaper then place him where you want him then plea to the real grim reaper to save ur love one u better hope that they love them as much as you think they do otherwise ur sim is gone. the toilet dirty and shut all the sims but one somewhere where they can't get out. havent found out yet how to make teen sims pregnant, but i did figure out how to get them a kid, without adopting or anything. costs 10,000 dollars to bring your loved sim back to life, if you pay less than that, your sim will come back as a zombie. in reading about the sims 3 game they say that the school for diffetrent ages is located off- screen is that entirely true & why is this if it's so; i've haven't played it yet; but i will soon probably soon;replyflag117th september 2015 3:50pmgraden fifield says. they can learn all other sims 3 skills the regular ways, aside from charisma, guitar, and gardening. but sometimes if will be one of your other sims from a different family so be carefull there. you want to have your sims to haye max knowledge this is wat you do. with boolprop testingcheatsenabled entered in the neighborhood then you go onto a lot, if you right click onyour sim you get lots of uber kewl optionss =]like if you wanna change your sims lifetime want, right click on your sim, go to spawn, then look for sim modder. then, you should be able to drag the sim's motives down. but i got her back by not saving my game but if you reset your sims then they just stop what they're doing. note: if you want to keep all the people in your neighborhood, don't save your game! do you cry because your toddlers depend on adults to have a house? without letting go of shift, put your grim reaper back down and you should be holding a clone of your grim reaper then place him where you want him then plea to the real grim reaper to save ur love one u better hope that they love them as much as you think they do otherwise ur sim is gone. a block will apear with three options, select delete, and your homework is gone and you get full credit for it. find a vampire, do the same, and then buy tonnes of trees, use boolprop to infect them all, and keep spraying them. they can still do other things like cook and sleep and eat, but whenever they walk, they're swimming. your toddler was playing outside during the winter and their temperature got too low, then the sims social services would see that as being neglectful and remove the toddler from the home. access the 'cheat' window press ctrl + shift + c then enter the following codes:list cheats:help -allexpands or contracts cheat window:expandcloses cheat window:exitclears all cheat codes on the screen, but codes are still in effect:clearincreases game performance but lowers graphics:vsync (on/off)windowed mode:-wstart with desired resolution (in pixels):-r(width) x (height)fullscreen mode:-fdisables sound:-nosound get 1000 cash:kaching 50,000 simoleans:motherlode puts the game in slow motion. so how to make a plant sim first of all press ctrl alt shft and n toghether to open a cheat box then type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then exit out of your house that your playing on or go to a house if your on the menu then a little code will apear in the corner you have done it! sims 2 cheats, codes, passwords, easter eggs, glitchs, unlockables, tips, and codes for pc. do you want a bunch of little kids running around? this guide gives information about sims 2 children and offers helpful hints. adopt a baby and it will be the one created to look like your sim. then shift+click in your sims toilets then press set clogged state. you ever wandered how to kill some of your sims? if you have a vampire make sure you take your windows out because they burn in daylight, also when your sims are in the house take away the doors because they try and go outside and toss a football or play red hands etc. then click on a toddler (holding down shift) the go on 'set to birthday'3. make sure you have "move_objects on" (w/o ") on when you do this. after you have done that, pause the game and make the lonely sim's energy really low. do it evey time you get homework and you're good for all you're teen child and teen years. or if you want them to be sleepy all you do is hold the energy meter and drag it down.) go into "buy mode" and use the hand to pick up their homework and place it on the exact same square of ground your sim is sitting on. you do the 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' cheat, and you hold shift, click the mailbox and do 'make me know everyone', try and ring don lothario or mary-sue pleasant. then when you move in either make another sim or 2 for the parents to fall in love with and move in with, or just go to the newspaper and select find own place. now go back to sims 2 body shop (you didnt close it, right?) press ctrl + shift + c2) that chat thing will show up on the top, write aging off3)your sim will now never grow old and diewarning: if you have a family with more than 1 sim, and you activate this cheat, everyone in your family will not grow old. (i don't know what "make me immune" does so be careful) happy simling! you have to do is order a pizza, then as soon as the person steps by your house (don't talk to them) then go onto buy mode and click on the pizza from the pizza person and put it in your house. if you live with a lot of sims, or if they're is just a sim strolling by, you'll see they're names. you may find it beneficial to save the file after you deleted the information you do not want. now add a door (always at the third floor) after that add tiles (full the room with tiles or any other floor coloring) then erase the second floor walls and the first floor walls. first open the cheat window(ctrl+enter+c)then type moveobjects onnext have your sim put food in the oven but dont take it out,(make shure you dont have a fire alarm but a phone nearby)once it starts smoking, put the game on buy mode and move the sim you want to kill onto the stove and then put it back on sim mode, after the fire starts you can see the sim in the fire, once he dissappears call the fire department to put the fire out and thats pretty much all! way to get rid of your sims is by telling them to get into the pool, and then go into buy mode, and delete all the stairs so that they can't get out. if it doesn't work, save your game, go out into the neighbor hood, then go back into the house you were just in, then drag the relationship with the wolf to 100. you can make your sims grow older by pressing shift while clicking on the sim you want . once it has loaded, you select the sim you want to kill, and drag his/her motives down.

The Sims 3 Children: Life, Skills, and School

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do you ground a childreplyflag2626th may 2014 12:25pmyou're welcome says. first you open up the cheat box by pressing ctrl+shift+c and type some random letter or press the button on the left of number one with these simbles on it ` ~ it is above tab.) then make your sim go up to the mirror and click 'change appearance' to change your sims hair, make-up and facial hair. buy a chair of summit and place it near the electro dance sphere (don't place it, just hover it round it) and it will be on a diagonal! ok,we all love them, but if you don't lock your door, there will be nothing to love. if you're free will is turned on your servo will automatically do the 'chores' in your house with no complaint. (this works with all sims) when the person goes away every one sticking to them will go away as well. if you don't want that wedding video clip, click on the sim ur engaged to and click . for those who don't have one, this is how you can get it. maybe you will need to do this a tew times. so drag that and then you can do it with your personality and your intrests but- you have to exit your house when you first move in then go back in and then it will work! and after you do that just check on it after a little while and put in the cheat box, maxmotives and that will bring up the baby's mood! if you don't want to risk losing them again, hold down control and shift and then tap c.. get the cheat box up bye going: ctrl+shift+c2. well here is a good glitch type thing that will help you out so you don't have to do anything with that baby! ctrl+shift+c for cheat bar (make sure your with the family you want to have unlimited needs and it can be paused or in normal mode)2. your house has a dining room get rid of it- just make your kitchen larger (if needed) because then you just put the dining table in the kitchen and that makes it faster for them 2 clean up their food.) move an adult family member out of your house and he will recieve ,000 to buy a new house with, just move him back into his old house with the rest of your family. all their needs are at the top of the bar i just don't know why they won't goreplyflag4420th december 2012 1:29amjess says. is so easy to kill your sims this way, all you have to do is open the cheat bar (do this while in the house) and then type [boolprop testingcheatsenabled true] no brackets but make sure all the spaces and capitals are exactly how i typed it. sure dat da sims are in luv before you make them propose. if you hold down shift and click on a sim them then heaps of options come up. you need to do it sell the item that is broke, then buy a new one! just build a tiny space with four walls, put a door, and a fireplace. this cheat, you can also delete your sims and move objects. fun with your kids, and make sure to take care of them. the next day when they go to school, the homework will be completed and they will get good grades for it. then create two adults and relate them to the teens,kids,or todds. cheats are: motherlode kaching boolprop testingcheatsenabled true agesimscheat on/off help maxmotives aging on/off unlockcareerrewards stretchskeleton (#)there are more of them.*note2: the cheats may be hard to find because of the variety of the information in the read me file. and if you want your sim to like getting married, don't make them have the romance aspiration. make lots of sims go to the toilet(makeing a big family helps)stop them about half way throughmake sure they don't flush otherwise it won't work(its why you stop it half way through)get the sim that you want its cleaning skill up and clean it or unclog itif you do it with rich sims with big familys it will work betterby jess :-). the child doesn't come out looking like the gr, but i like naming it gr juinor or something. This guide gives information about Sims 2 children and offers helpful hints. type into the cheat bar: maxmotives :this will make all of the sims in your family have maximum needs4.] hold down shift while clicking on the newspaper and a list of options should come up click on adult jobs then click on the job you want. your sims are about to grow up and have a low aspiration level use this cheat or if you just want them to have a full aspiration level use it. to know and make friends in less then 3 seconds(not in sims time). you need to do is type in:boolprop testingcheatsenabled truenote: the capitals and spaces. pick up the sim you want to clone and hold down shift. he can still turn people into werewolves, so you might not want him if you dont want a werewolf sim. then type in "moveobjects on" and build a pool for your sims. then, it should be in c:\documents and settings\owner [name]\my documents\ea games\the sims 2\projects\nudetest. select the sim that you just killed and ressurect them for about, 1,500 dollars.] while your sim is going to the afterlife you must pause the game when the sim is nearly gone then shift while clicking on your sim then press force error it will say 3 options choose delete and your sim is still married in the dead, if one of the married couple is still alive make sure you do atzactly the same and tada! #1: type in :boolprop testingcheatsenabled true #2: hold down shift then click on one of your sims. do you know when to give your kid a birthday party? many of you don't have nightlife but want to use the sim modder? if you don't want it to fade away, pick up the bus driver and stick him or her somewhere in your house (like the basement or attic)-- somewhere that they can't leave. sims can do nothing to it or with it but i think it has something to do with pets. hate it when something brakes and you have to pay for the damages when you dont have to ! so you want your sims to fall in quick easy love? clik on one of ur sims in buy mode and put them anywhere(same with te other one)play the game and if thier in thin air they will still make-out even with thin air, this is just an a amusment not really a cheat.

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set it on the ground, ok now: first select a sim then hold shift and click on the telescope, then select get abducted, let your sim be kidnapped by the ufo, now this is the difficault part, let anothersim be abducted right after 3 minutes and 17 seconds, not in sim time but just a normal clocktime, now 2 ufo\'s will be in the scene, they are both in that place, let your sim be kidnapped, then right after the little movie press p!?note: you cannot control the grim reaper, but it is still really fun and like i did i made two of them and put them as stuates at my sims house really fun. this trick you can put pictures of your friends or family, web pictures, or anything else in your sims 2 game. get whatever mp3's you want to put on the game, then open up mydocuments/eagames/thesims2/music/(whatever radiostation you want your song on). 2 ; open up the cheat window and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true hold down shift, click on any of the bars in the sims needs, then simply drag it up. before you build a house and lay down a floor take the shovel tool and dig a giant hole in the middle of the ground and turn on the move objects cheat. all you've got to do is once you've selected the family you want to play, open the cheat box and type in 'boolprop controlpets on' (without the dashs) then type in 'boolprop petactioncancel true' and there you have it! infants don’t have wants or needs, so the most important thing is simply taking care of them and making sure they are clean and well fed. and, for people who have nightlife, if you want a nice family tree, don't do blind dating (that's only good for teenagers). then go to your family and have your sim do an activity that increases skills and while they are doing click and drag the skills bar in the carreer/skills menu until it's maximized. also if you have the sims2 pets after you open the cheat window you put in boolprop controlpets true you will be able to control your animals. using this trick you can put pictures of your friends or family, web pictures, or anything else in your sims 2 game. you do a big event with them like have your first kiss with them then you should get a time extension. to put your sims hygeine level up without them having to have a bath to make to sims like each othergo to the picture of that sim along the list of where the sims are and click on the bar you want to increase and drag it to how much you want the sims to like each other click on the personality point and drag them to how much of a certain personality you want that sim to have. while the toddler is on the potty continue to drag down the bladder needs for the toddler so that it doesn't become full till after the toddler has learned to use to potty! first do the boolprop testingcheatsenabled thing then have 1 sim in the family die. have 2 adult sims, type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, now click spawn and click sim modder. some of the cheats will not work if you don't have the expansion that you need for it to work., create two new rooms and type in about 12 motherlodes into your cheat bar. just drag and drop the song you want into the sims and tada, it will play your song. all the way green=best friends; halfway or yellow=friends; all the way red= enemies4: now talk to the sim and the relationship should change to whatever you slid the bar to5: turn off the cheat (boolprop testingcheatsenabled off)now your sims should be friends (i tried this on consort and isabella and it worked like a charm). you have to type in the cheat before you enter the lot, either in the neighborhood window or another house or whatever. your sims will return at the same time, and get pregnant at the same time.) press "ctrl shift c" to open the cmd prompt window again, then type in "moveobjects off"6) unpause the game and have your sim stop watching the clouds. note: if this cheat does not work the first time, then go into a differnt house and keep typing the boolprop cheat and try it in a differnt house then save the game and go back into your house and the cheat will work!) then have the two sims make out and pause in the middle of it. you may have to do this a couple of times in order for him to be fully in your control. cancel this glitch, do not delete the cap and put it back onto your sim.(it don't matter if they are a guy or a girl, but chick's are more realistic. does work, but the sim gets a moodlet that works like heartbreak, and any other kids get taken away too. make sure that their aspiration meter is high before you do this. since your door is open anyone can walk in, so soon after the money starts growing on it, your land lord will walk in and take all of it. so some ppl don't like to help there sims w/ there aspirations, well i found an easier way.. so first buy a pet bed (if u have sims 2 pets) if not get a bed or something to put the baby in a lot of things work so try a lot of things. go to your neighbourhood2 type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat bar(ctrl+alt+c)3 go and create a family4 type in a name starting with n(you can change the name afterwards)5 click the custom skintoes, change it to alien ones6 change your eye colour to the alien one(the full black one)7 change your skintone to the manequin one8 tada! method:it's pretty much the same except you don't use the cheat to make the lonely sim tired, you just make the lonely sim tired on your own. you don't want to watch your sim die, just move them to another lot, (doesn't have to be a houes,) and then save and go back to the neighbourhood, then delete the lot they are in, this way, you don't watch your sim die, but they stay in the family tree, but you don't get those simoleons they give you when they die. you should be able to click on the baby/toddler's needs and bring them up or down.. make a family and move them into a cheap house (ranch retreat works well)make sure you have one adult and whatever kids, toddlers, and teens you want4. then sit back and watch your selected sim stick its hand down the gungy, filthy loo to retrieve the plate/bowl. the cheat windowexpandexpands or contracts the cheat windowmotherlodegives the family currently being played §50,000autopatch on/offdisplays available patcheskachinggives the family currently being played §50,000helpdisplays all cheatsmoveobjects on/offallows the player to move and delete any item to any spot no matter whatvsync on/offincreases the game's performance and lowers graphicsaging on/offturns on or off aging in the gamestretchskeleton [value]makes your sims taller or shorterfaceblendlimits on/offturns on or off facial bounding limitsboolprop snapobjectstogrid true/falseallows for placing of objects outside of the provided gridintprop maxnumofvisitingsims [value]changes the maximum number of sims able to come to a partyboolprop constrainfloorelevation true/falseallows the changing of floor tile elevationclearclears all the cheat codes in the cheat boxslowmotion [value]makes the game slow motionboolprop lotterrainlighting true/falsetoggles whether lots are highlighted when the cursor runs over them in nmboolprop displayneighborhoodroadswithmodel true/falsetoggles bridges in nmboolprop displaylotimpsters true/falsetoggles house graphics in nmboolprop displayneighborhoodflora true/falsetoggles whether trees/plants are visible in nmboolprop displayneighborhoodroads true/falsetoggles whether roads are visible in nmboolprop displayneighborhoodprops true/falsetoggles whether rocks/signs etc. (note: unless you do the same thing with a male sim your sim can only hit on adults. as soon as it becomes a child (make sur eyou have moveobjects on) delete the cake (note: do this before it says \"congratulations! then press ctrl+shift+c and type in: moveobjects onmake one of your sims go into the pool. delete the vampire and repeat with each vampire (cancelling whatever action they are doing first).) move the sim into the lot where you want the extra 20,000 simoleons to go. it will change the want or fear and if you do want, it will make your aspiration meter go up! if you do, you will be constantly pestered with phone calls from random people, such as matchmakers, social workers, and pesty neighbors you don't even really know! you do is type inboolprop testingcheatsenabled true - to get the cheat bar up type shift+ctrl and c then a white bar should appear at the top of the screen.) so you will be able to have another sim extinguish the small fires because of the door. if this happens cancel the action and make them do it again untill they get a positive reaction. so the moral of the story is: don't follow my stupid example because, well - it's stupid. up the cheats box and type in move_objects onget a piece of pizza and when it's in your sims hand hold onto the pizza and press shift and you should have clone of the pizza.

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-first activate boolprop-get the tombstone of l and d (shift+click on person, spawn, tombstone of l and d)-a tombstone will be somewhere-click on it (do not shift+click)-options come up, like new (age)(gender) (in the game it will have one of every choice. do not make the child older than a teen, he will then no longer be the child of the brother and sister!-choose an age and gender for the sim you want, and click on that option (example: new adult female)-even if there are already 8 people in a family another one will appear-they don't go away after you quit and come back -you can have as many as you want but after a while the sidebar with everyone's thumbnail images goes off the top of the screen. you can do this as often as you like but it has to be an adult that moves out. children can work together to get the homework done faster, and this doesn't count as cheating. you have clogged toilets and you don't want to unclog them yourself, try this. note: this cheat does not work if the house is occupied and it must be built by youthis cheat will work! you have to open up the cheat box (you all no how to do that right?! i learnt about that the next day, when the night before i spent about 5 minutes trying to put a driveway down! you will need:greenhouse or dirt for plantsmake sure you have the sims 2 seasonsand boolprop testingcheatsenabled truepress ctrl+shift+c enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then shift+click in the in the apple,orange or lemon tree then select make harvestable. the first thing you do is from the city view open the cheat box.,you can get top level without even doing hardly anything! get a computer and make one of the unwanted sims click "find own place" when the take somone with u thing pops up, pick everyone you don't want and all done! (or first whichever way you prefer) make a family of teens/children/maybe get a baby but have atleast one teen (it does help) and one adult. make you sims kiss or interact in any way, and the kisses shouldn't be rejected! dude, make sure your sims aspiration is high before they die. your sim has a grilled cheese aspiration, they want to do things like make, serve, or eat grilled cheese. is a way of killing all the sims in the neighborhood first, get the cheat box up (ctrl+c+shift) and type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'. funny bit is is that sometimes, because there is a sim stuck to him, he puts him down like if he was a baby and kisses him on the cheek!) once you have done this, choose age transition or age transition cinematic. the way i can tell is after i make my sims 'try for baby' i listen for a lullaby after, if it doesn't play, your sim's not pregnant, if it does, she is. use the ctrl+shift+c the do "move_objects on" then you can either wait for someone to come or invite someone over. make sure that your sim isn't doing anything at the same time you click cos it might not work. know what to do if you don't want to be a citizen of the night- avoid becoming bff with the grand vampires who lurk downtown at night. then click on where you want their sims personality to be and what their interests to be and ta-da you have a whole new sim! a family with a spouse and move them into a house then move them into a house that they can afford then move a spouse out and put them in an empty lot and give them a table and put a phone on the table then go into the other house and phone a sim click on that sim then click "invite over" then when they come over clic "propose" and "move in" and 20,000 will be added to family funds ! the baby has arrived, press shift + click on the baby, go to 'more' and press 'force error' a window pops up with some error code, if you then press delete you can delete the baby and do this cheat over and over again enjoy. if you don't like visitors and you never want to get visitors you use move_objects on and delete you mailbox. they stand up, the homework will be in the hand and they will put it in their pocket, thus making it disappear. oh and dont go out of the cheat box or it wont work ! you install a sims 2 pack (or the original version) if you open the "read me file", (this is an option on the pop-up after it is installed) you can scroll down and find a list of simple cheats with a mini explanation for each one. you have problems in your garden and want to get rid of weeds you can put the moveobjects on code and pick them up to delete them yourself because they are so ugly and sims take forever to do it..after the 3 days are up the sim will hold their stomach and start complaining then the diamond above their head will split into 2. (for those who don't know what i'm talking about, in the trait section of the personality tab, there are five lifetime wishes offered based on your traits.) create a family but only make one family member, move this person into one of your houses, then move him back out again and your family will recieve ,000 for nothing. get a car and put it in the drive way(sims 2 nightlife)and get alarm installed. click the tombstone that appears and click any of the ways to die, if you do satalite you can sell if for money! when your sims turns on the tv they will be watching your video. i have a cheat, where you can earn sims cash in a matter of seconds, by killing a sim! another step is fullfil this sims aspiration until reaches top, you will see that the aspiration bar will decreased very slow and even does not decrease at all, so you got an adult sim with grow up ability and platinum mood..then,press 'make selectable',but,it will make the baby's picture dissapear on he sim thing(on the left side going up and down),so,then,press 'make selectable' again,now you can click on the baby. ur sims apiration metter is the highest it can go when they die of old age they will get a gold grav stone but only if their aspiration was the highest it could go. so if you have a baby, your baby will not growif you activated this cheat and you dont want it anymore, just press ctrl + shit + c again, then write aging on now your sim will grow again,if this doesn't work then i dont know whats wrong, it worked for me and my friends.!you have started your wonderful family in just 20-30 minutes! do you hate when your loved sim dies, you bargain with the grim reaper, you lose and can never see your sim again? things to do with these two simple things:create a sim from the tombstone of l and d; kill them in which ever way the death creator allows you to; place urn in home on table; watch the ghosts come out and jump into furniture! (be sure that you are no longer holding down shift! a few usuful things you should know if you dont already[! the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) and type in: moveobjects onthen when the bus comes to your house, if your kids aren't ready to go to school yet, go into buy mode, pick up the bus, and stick it in your yard somewhere. you might get him abducted to get alien pregnant but there is another cheat or way to do that. you do not want visitors, and you don't want to delete your mailbox, then there is another way. by befriending the "grand vampires" (also known as the "count" and "contessa") who hang out in the downtown area at night, the player can persuade a vampire to bite their sim.) and press set age, then me and after "me" it should say your sims name, so click on the me section and then it says a bunch of different ages, press teen,then put the baby in your inventory, and click on the phone, then "university" and then "move to university" so then after your sim is gone, save, and go to the university that your sim will attend, and he/she will be in the sim box.

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then all you have to do is: first you need to create a family with the teens kids or toddlers that you want in the house. its like the kid did the homework and if they go to school in a good mood there grade will rise. look no further, we can get those daily relationship bars up no problemfirst do the 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' cheat, and then shift-click on your own sim, and go to spawn, and then more and then memory manager. can only work with aliens: ctrl+shift+c boolprop testingcheatsenabled trueenternow buy 2 big telescopes, place them anywhere on the lot. without letting go of shift, put your sim back down and you should be holding a clone of your sim. find out his interests before conversing about things that some sims dislike. one of them i think everybody knows about, morning sickness, but that doesn't always occur. warning2: sometimes the friendship will go down when they do this. you can do this as often as you like because every time the person moves out, he gets another ,000.  although, any adult in the household can let the teen off the hook without needing to do anything. you go into your neighborhood, such as veronaville, strangetown or one that you've made on your own, open a cheat box by holding down " ctrl shift c" (without the "). sure you do what both of your sim's want to make a dream date happen. if your door is gone then they can not get out of the room and they will die! before they are done pause the game and pull up the cheat sheet and type(motivedecay off)3. one of your sims that you don't want if ur killing a sim that you wanna keep make sure that there is someone very close to them that can plea to the grim reaper then as soon as you see the grim reaper go to buy mode pick him up make sure you have done the cheat in the cheat box you must do that for it to work pick him up and hold down shift. will this result in all of them being taken away after a few days of not showing upreplyflag388th february 2014 2:11pmsimoneforbo says. even if the door is there, your sim will be screaming in terror so will not leave the room! don't pause, but just keep waiting and looking down both sides of the street. this will allow you to get the bonuses day after day after day and you don't have to loose any time. then keep doing the method making bugs apear then spray them and they after a wile you have turned in to a plant sims. then go to the house where the sim that you want to die lives, drag his/her 'hungry' bar right down then wait for a couple of seconds for them to die. mod note: you need the sims 2 pets expansion pack for this to work. if they dont come up click on shft then the tree and click debug infest again.!Well he's how you get your sims toilets uncloggedget the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c)press enter. to get to the top of a career in just less than 2 sim days! theese instructions for your sims to be 100% all the time! (don't worry your sim will be a teen when we're done with them)first get up the cheat box and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true after you've done that press shift and click on your selected sim and find spawn, click that and then find the sim modder, click on it and you should see a dummy of a baby on the floor near your sim appear. click on the sim you want and then hold down shift and click on the sim again loads on options will come up go to more at the top and then spawn then go to tombstone of l and d 4. then shift click your sim and press spawn then press more until you find sim modder if a baby appears (dont worry its fake) you've done it right then press the baby and press set age. » categories » computers and electronics » video games » pc games » pc simulation » sims » sims 2. "ctrl+shift+c" type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" when making sim mode: after dong the above. for example, if your sim wants to be a sports star, try to do some athletics (via pool, radio, or television, a hidden skill until teenager) to increase the odds that the lifetime wish will come up. next step, make your sim get in the pool, and when they're floating straight up in the doing nothing (not even floating on back) click the clothing rack, and select force redness. probably pointing out the obvious but the majority of the cheats listed on here can be found in the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c)type in help lower case and a little list of cheats will appear most of them have an explanation at the side of them and the ones that dont are fairly self explanatory. then just wait until there energy goes all the way down to 0. go back to any family and have a sims read a book or anything to gain a skill point then have it where it shows the points and while they are learning just pull it up all the way to the end and done. go to start + programs + sims + eagames+sims2(latest expansion)+ sims2 body shop..pause the game and put a wall around the sim you want dead (without a door) just leave them there and they will grow so hungry they'll die of hunger. something that will do all the chores with no complaint, will never age and best of all can be a great substitute for a spouse? (all this is done in the cheat window, ctrl+shift+c). this is a really strange thing that her belly goes down and then pops back up. Also read up on the things children can do that toddlers can't, as well as the skills they can learn and be taught. you're sims stand directly infront of the telescopes, one square away from the telescope each! hold shift and click on your sims, this will give you a hole buntch of options. this works for any number so if you wanted a really poor sim you could do that also. a huge cloud of dust will come covering the 2 sims. so all i did was click the button on the cd opener on my laptop, then close it again, and it will come up with a link saying 'do you want to launch the sims2. ur game will freeze for 2 seconds and then ur sim will turn gray and hiss all the time! next, make 4 sims, as sperate familys, and move each of them in with your first. she/he will do that two times but on the second she/he won't change into maternity clothes since he/she is already wearing it. 1 ; open up the cheat window and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true shift, and then click on the letter box. parents can also help kids with homework without fear of detention, as well. can't do it, it happens when the child/teen does something naughty; breaks curfew, skips school, plays a prank. Term paper writing pdf, (this tip may be more for people who don't really like to use the motherlode cheats and other money cheats because it takes some fun out of it). so make the baby selectable by shift clickin on the baby then goin on make selectable i find u have 2 do tht twice then make the baby clik on the tombstone of l&d and then clik "rename sim" . have a mac, so i don't know if this works on pc s or not. she learned the writing skill in her sleep and jumped to level 2. hold down shift and click on the baby (you can be on another person)3. problems with getting you movtives high and controling all or your sims?, i don't know if this works every time but here goes. when they come back down they will be pregnant and a few days later, a little alien sim will be born. then, call the pizza man or the grocery guy, when they arrived, do not get out from the house. but sometimes if will be one of your other sims from a different family so be carefull there. the homework will disappear, and your sim will get credit as if it was tuned in!: open cheat box (ctrl+shift+c)2: enter (boolprop testingcheatsenabled on)3: view your sims' relationship, and with the sim you want to like, slide their bars to green. if you don't know how, just hold ctrl, shift, and c together, and there should be a white box come at the top. make your family or if you already have a family you want no parents with then do this you family must have one parent and at least one teenage coz that is how it works and you kill the parent (which is always pretty fun) or force them to move out pretty simple. by: teddysrule,To get your baby naked all you have to do is turn 'moveobjects on' and then select change diaper.: - this site is not endorsed by or affiliated with electronic arts, or its licensors.) when u load the game & u go to the neighbourhood, hold down ctrl+shift+c at the same time. your sim is durof dying or you want a full sanity meterjust simply hold down ctrl + shift + cthen type maxmodulesthis wil increase your sanity meter and you want have to eat ect ever agen (but you need tooo kee repeating the cheat everythinme the sanity goes down) =] enjoyy. you run out of stock in your fridge, don't buy groceries, delete your fridge and buy a new one, no loss of money and full fridge! type moveobjects on in that box (include spaces, caps don't matter)make sure you include the on part! that tell one of your sims to go outside and get the bills..i know all sorts of cheats for the sims 2, i\'ve been getting all the versions of the sims and the sims 2 ever since it came out. in the sims 3, there is not a possible way to get rid of children. end the tour if you don't want to show him any other rooms. once you have done that look in the relationship panel, and you should see that the family icon has disappeared from it. but all you have to do is either, hold shift and click on the other sim and press "make selectable" and you can be them or hold shift and click on them and find "set score. when your kids are ready for school, put the bus driver back in their drivers seat and let your kids get on.**it's important to have a door because even after the sim has died, small fires will remain in the room because of carpet. sorry if this has already been posted, but a lot of people don't know how to use the boolprop cheats.-make your victim go inside the room (you must have a door for this to work successfully) -click on each oven and make the sim cook something (tv dinners always work well). fun way of killing all the sims in your neighborhood! he will also say that you don't have c or higher grades.'t feel like having kids with someone and taking forever or using cheats? but if you don't see it right away click "more. now get 1 of the 2 sims to move out and he'll be on the family bin with new 20000$., make sure you have the sims two pets expansion pack. when they put the plate/bowl down go onto buy mode and put the plate/bowl in the position of the toilet. just drag and drop the song you want into the sims and tada, it will play your song. by: gamecube_plus_ps2_me,Teenage family with loads of money! both sims will get abducted at the same time, and return at the same time. they will occasionally get school opportunities, such as doing a research project. of having to permanently buy a bookcase to help raise your sims intelligence level, buy the bookcase and have the sim read a book. moveobjects on glitch:you need 2 or more sims for this, get the big telescope, you know the big one! your kid does not go to school, but nothing happens! then there should be a button that says make sims happy, or something like that, press it, and watch your sims go from starvation, to bloated! also create pets, you can have as many cats or dogs as you want. get the cheat boxup and type 'agesimscheat on' (no quotations). lock your door if you live in an apartment and have money trees. say their hunger was low all you have to do is hold and drag the hunger meter up. you can watch your sims suffer, by making them hungry and such. you can do these 2 ways, -(first way) enter the boolprop cheat and then shift click on either of your robots and then find the "make vampire" option(without the "'s) then walla! you want money fast, then all you have to do is press 'shift + ctrl + c' all at once, then type in "motherlode" this will give you 50,000$, repeat the procces as many times as you want, the money will just keep coming as long as you do exactly what i told you. then if it is not a teen open the cheat window, (ctrl, shift and c at the same time. 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to get onto the sims2 without updated version of windows. hold down shift and click the baby again, choose the option that should be there, make selectable click on the babys picture on the left and you should see all her/his needs!"i truly think that you will love this and if it doesn't work thats okay because this is the best game.. make a ground level pathway 2 or 3 squares wide around the pool 3. you have to do is go to buy mode and purchase a book shelf. site has loads of information on expansion packs for sims 3. after this bring up your cheat box once more and type in move_objects on once you've done this go onto furniture mode and delete your now teenage sim. one fun thing to do with him is get him to know a neighbor. a little hoot while thinking about your adult doing tests and pressing buttons on a calculator and cheating as an adult student. go into the file ea games, from there go to sims2. have fun with that sims game of your and may your sim family live a fulfilling life. go on buy mode and sell your sim then go on a different sim and press get family member (on the tombstone of l&d) and click the one with your sims name and if it appears floating you've done it right.. press set me(celeste or whatever you sims name is). that would probably work but i would reccomend not saving after you do this to your sim. all know the campus houses that are split with 20 other? what you need to do is, after typing "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (minus the quotes, of course), you get your sim pregnant (by either woohooing or using the tombstone of life and death), and when your sim is about to have the baby, shift+click on them and click more until you see an option that says force twins. go to your sims house, and shift click on you sim. befor you start the game go in to the sims 2 folder (usually in my documents) and then go to the paintings folder. a family (toddlers dont seem to be able to go and one person has to be able to return). easy you can do this cheat anywhere all you do is write in the cheat bar boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then you click on add member to my family then click more then you should have the name bella then she will show up. homeworkchildren should do their homework daily to boost school performance. you want to paint your walls or cover your floors, simply do this. if you want to read all about the new content for kids in the ep, have a look at children in generations. use alt + tab to exit the game, then open a picture program such as paint and open the snapshot you just took, it will usually be in the folder: c:\my documents\ea\sims2\storytelling\snapshot.) if you want more money for your sims, you can repeat these steps as many times as you want - there's no limit! you can then move the sim into another family to give them free pets too and every family you move him into gets a free ,000 aswell. your kid never does there homework and has bad grades, try this. then make a child from those sims, the eyes will automaticly be bigger that normal, then put the eye size all the way up. of all you will need sims 2 seasons for this cheat. please help my sim is not going too school when i click on the bus they just won't go they skipped school for 2 days. do the boolprop thing, and find any other random passing sim, hold shift and click them, choose make selectable and tell them to do the homework. put your sim in a pool and delete the latter2lock them in a room 3try fixing somethine like a tv get eltraquted4getting sick and still going to work5flies6fires7geting scierd by a ghost.! when you get your bills place it on the ground dont pay them! sims forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. (to do this you have to have already put in the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true code)1." and then on the second page at the very bottom it says sim morph or moore, or something like that and it will show up as a random baby doll standing in front of you. the sims and the sims 3 logo are trademarks of electronic arts, inc. to not get your kids taken away when the social worker comes!.1) ctrl+shift+c2) type in "expand" (without ")3) motherlode then hit enter4) repeatedly, press the up arrow and enter back and forward.(this has to be done outside of your sims home in the neighbourhood to properly work. pick up the sim you want to clone and hold down shift. you now have ur very own snobby rich family to do ur bidding! boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (the capitals are important) also if you want this cheat to work its best then you must do it while in neibourhood mode. cheat does not work for jon smith and jennicor though. well in order to have the sims origonal eye and skin colour follow this! get rid of the door and go back onto live mode. you guys that have the sims 2 pets, it takes a really long time, and effort for the pets to get all it's, potty training skills, clean skills. but, if you really do want to complete that aspiration yourself then don't this. then, once you are on a family, hold down shift and click on the mailbox. if it was paused press play and if you have follow the steps correctly the whole family should have full needs that never go down until you restart game**this can be done with: booltest cheatenabled true :entered into the cheat bar the holding shift and selecting the mail box then pressing: make all happy :then: make needs static : (<~~not sure about the make needs static but it does have the word static)**you will need to do this every time there is a new family member. about me:i play the sims 2 often i have the sims 2 open for business and the glamor life "motherlode" is a popular cheat designed to give a sim 50,000 dollars. when your sim gets the book to study or read or watever stop them in the middle of their reading and they should put the book on the floor you can get as many books on the floor and when your done sell the book shelf. the grim reaper came because even though i had kept moving the bar up, technically the sims never ate! 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once they get home from school, have them do something fun like play pinball. if you made at least one teenager w/ or w/out other kids or teens, make them with one or 2 parents. then buy a dog bed, pet food bowl,a toy, and a potty training toilet. then go on buymode and hold downshift , keep it held down and get the sim you want to kill and move it ontop of your other sim that is on the pool until it is lying in the air.', then find 'scenario check'5) you should see a bright yellow box appear near your sim6) swap to the child who no longer shall go to school7) click on the box8) choose 'add me to private school'9) once this is done, no more school! day when i had just discovered the move_items on cheat, one of my sims died. then when it finally blows out click on it & choose repair (make sure your sim knows nothing about mechanics) then as soon as your sim is being electricuted go to buy mode & delete the tv or move your sim away from it (go to cheat box & type "moveobjects on" to do this) now your sim will be electric forever! go to the college and move them into a dorm. another family, include a todler that looks like your other sim/sims. i've only tried this on the first sims, but i'd assume it woild work for sims 2 as well. debug mode let's you create your sims and make them wear clothes that only npc's can wear, such as the grim repear costume. it does not change if you change to another player, but i don't know if it changes when you switch households, or enter a different mode.-dont delete the mail box or else no one can come over and no pizza etc can be delivered! if you do not like this there is only one way that i know of to get your sim to walk normal again. you cannot enter buy mode so don't enter ove_objects on, it wont work. if this doesn\'t work, click at the bottom of the bar and drag it up, if it still doesn\'t work, then you have to exit the house and go in the house again or restart the game. (sorry if it's already been posted) pick a sim to kill, not baby or todder, you can see them die(i usually call a nanny) or if you like all your sims, and want to keep your worker type "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" shift+ sim -spawn-tombstone of l and d- pick a sim and click on the tombstone-get new: baby, toddler, child, teen, adult, elder. move both families into the same house or lot, when it asks you if you want to combine the families say yes, and you will have ,000 instead of ,000 to spend on your new house, or you can move them into a bigger house. all you need to do is get the clothing tester from spawn and force redress, if you have bought the dresses, you can plan the pregnant sim's outfit by clicking on the clothing rack and selecting plan outfit! the boolprop cheat and then press shift and click on the letterbox at the same time then click on make me know everyone then click make friends for me then you get like 32 friends including social workers, principals, social bunnys ect..s you may want to change kiernans aspiration using the re nu u senso orb thingy, so he doesn't get a negative memory of it. don't worry, your sim is in the process of being abducted! do this cheat you have to be in pause mode. then choose the option "add to private school" (dont worry it doesnt add to private school) then in the job area of your kid it will not say student and instead have just the days of the week and they have all days off! well after u enter the cheat make an adult potty train a toddler an when there doing there bussiness before the bladder need goes fully green pause the game an drag bak to red the toddler will remain an the skill will increse keep doing this until the toddler ir fully potty train an also pause an raise all the needs of the adult so they wont starve to death or pass out while potty training the toddler. then buy a tree (large or tall one)then build a small square shaped house on the ground of course then again for the second floor (maybe up to the third floor) then leave 2 floor spaces at the third floor then buy stairs (make sure it's not the 2 floor stairs) then connect it with the floor spaces in the third floor., this is pretty straight forward,if you want you female sim to have twins this is all you have to do:1) get your female sim pregnant (various ways)2) get your female sim's cooking skills fully up (various ways)3) make your female sim cook some cheesecake! ( u could also just move a normal family in with 1 of the ritch onesalready on the game, but your sims take that last name evan after the others move out..the satellite wil crash down and not kill the todller. don't know about you but i like to have my sims neighborhood cool, organized and preppy. u do have any problems (u probally wont,but just incase) my email adress is rosa_rox@yahoo. all you need to do is make your sims spouse get a job and then call a nanny and select track schedule. if you want your parents gone, all you have to do is wait for a newspaper to come to your house and click on it. everytime you don't feel like having visitors, click on the visitor and kablam! you want various clothes from astronought to scientist and weird hairstyles go into the \"create a charecter\" then when you get to the starting area do not make a sim! each tree gives about 200 simoleans a day (pending on your attentiveness). if they spend a bit more time studying, and have a little less fun than other sim kids, they can shoot straight up any job's career path so long as they maintain this momentum into the teenage years. also i love to press shift and click on the service people (to make selectable) like the maid, garden lady, or random people walking by to have control over what they do. the kids/teens in your family are struggling with homework do this. create a room with no windows and a put the cheapest door you can find on it. you have the cheat which lets you move the 'feelings' bars up and down to what you want, make sure you dont so this all the time for hunger, because i had a really big family and didn't feed them, i just used the cheat and always just dragged the bar up, but after a while the all died! ok, so hold down ctrl and shift and c to bring up the cheat box. there will be loads of things to do including giving your sim and mp3 player. tab continiously, while you are pressing tab one a time you will notice that cheat codes will appear randomly. when you have done that there should be a list of options.: have your sim call the adoption agency on their phone. the child/teenager sim has placed down their homework bring up the cheat box and type in "moveobjects on" (no quotes). idiot on here said you can try pressing force error and see what it does.: you can download things such as potions to transform your sims instantly, saving you loads of effort. first make sure you have the cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true2. so now onto the plant sim get a fruit tree from the gardening menu then press shft on the tree there will be 2 things that will apear first. but, if you enter " boolprop controlpets on " and " boolprop petactioncancel true " then you can do this to get your pet's skills way way faster. if you see a cheat and dont know what it does just save your game before you try the cheat, then if anything goes wrong exit without saving your game.

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