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Donnie Darko: Alternative Explantions - A Guide To Some Of The

articles the surface of richard kelly’s donnie darko (2001) is so peculiar, clever, and entertaining (creepy giant bunnies, falling airplane engines, time travel, patrick swayze) that it’s almost possible to overlook what truly sets it apart, especially from its many fellow teen films – that all these trappings are in the service of a serious, uncompromising portrait of its deeply disturbed, mentally ill title character.

Film: Donnie Darko | Film | The Guardian

'll send them back to a place where no one else can see them,Because i am donnie darko.

Donnie Darko Analysis

there may be an overly clever quality to the way in which every element of donnie darko interweaves in these final minutes, but it’s balanced by the film’s beautifully maintained ambiguity, a sense of mystery and inexplicability that few filmmakers would have the nerve to carry through on.

Teen Schizophrenia: Donnie Darko • Senses of Cinema

the excitement of a movie like donnie darko is that it can be interpreted in so many ways – where many filmmakers would be anxious to provide a key in the end, kelly knows that by withholding a clear-cut final solution, he creates an infinitely richer film, one that equals the sum total of all these possible interpretations.

Donnie darko

if you include the deleted scenes,Donnie will say goodbye to each of these characters.

Donnie Darko (2001) - Quotes - IMDb

donnie darko is a busy film, full of supporting characters, suburban comedy, and ’80s music (there are even a couple quasi-dance numbers thrown in), but its basic shape is very simple: a countdown to this end-date, a march towards what is either a time-bending, sci-fi conclusion or the disintegration of donnie’s mind, or both.

"Mad World:" The Gendering of Mental Illness in "Donnie Darko

darko falls squarely into the teen-angst genre but it’s never derivative or inconsequential, thanks first and foremost to the extremity of donnie’s emotional state.

Donnie Darko (2001) - Plot Summary - IMDb

donnie darko is all the more wrenching for showing that donnie’s pain consumes him despite his parents’ love and his psychiatrist’s efforts.

Disturbing 'Donnie Darko' returns in new print | The Salt Lake Tribune

this choice transforms donnie darko from a self-justifying adolescent fantasy to a much wiser, more heartbreaking portrait.

donnie darko would be impoverished if it tipped its hand in either direction – irrelevant and bloodless if it were to become pure science fiction; prosaic and pointless if the whole movie were explained away psychologically.

aside from this central character, what sets donnie darko above many ostensibly similar movies are the generous portrayals of donnie’s family.

Donnie darko psychology paper

darko has a cumulative power because it doesn’t soft-pedal its subject, or neuter it by trying too hard to please the audience – it acknowledges that the confusion and unhappiness we all feel in adolescence don’t always get worked through, that they are something very real and potentially very damaging.

of donnie darko, entertaining as they may be, are familiar from many other films [rock & roll high school (1979), ferris bueller’s day off (1986), pump up the volume (1990), dazed and confused (1993), and many others] – the broad caricatures of several of the adults, including the grotesquely insensitive, new-age teacher, ms.

"mad world:" the gendering of mental illness in "donnie darko".

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