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10.10 - How to debug suspend? - Ask Ubuntu

with initcall_debug, no_console_suspend, ignore_loglevel, dynamic debug, and serial console. no, file a suspend/hibernate bug [platform] {sti, str, htd}: system reboot during suspend/resume, together with the serial console output after the problem is reproduced: /var/log/kern. suspend and resume use facilities within your bios called acpi, or advanced configuration and power interface. for resume from hibernate failures, please include the output from the following commands from the boot following the hibernate, this includes information on the search for the resume device, etc. system comes back to a working state soon after suspending, without the user doing anything. 3 introduces some typical issues that can break linux suspend/hibernate, based on our experience of linux pm maintenance. if the system is responsive after resume/suspend fails ( you can reach the system via vga/serial console, ssh, etc), try to reproduce the problem with the boot options initcall_debug and no_console_suspend.

DebuggingKernelHibernate - Ubuntu Wiki

if resume fails to complete, then press the power button until the computer turns off. suspend/resume can be a tricky process, and is covered in. yourself with pm_tracing a resume to find buggy drivers. (hibernate-to-disk) operates similarly to suspend-to-ram, but includes a final step that writes memory contents to disk. the test modes are as follows: core: test the freezing of processes, suspending of devices, platform global control methods(*), the disabling of nonboot cpus and suspending of platform/system devices. broken driver can cause:The system to fail to enter suspend (suspend command returns with an error code). are when suspend/hibernate used to work well, but fails after upgrading the kernel.

Best practice to debug Linux* suspend/hibernate issues |

the problem still exists after the above tests, file a suspend/hibernate bug [platform] {sti, str, htd}: state not available, together with the dmesg output, acpidump output, and kernel config file you're using. system to take an unreasonably long time to suspend/resume. check for mmc warnings in the dmesg and serial console output during suspending. the approach used here needs to make notes on progress during resume and be able to recover them after a manual reboot. the instructions in the section above that best describes the symptom when suspend/hibernate fails to verify and raise the problem. a minimum every hibernate/resume report should contain responses to each item in this section before being considered triaged. which part of the process does the issue occur with, the suspend to ram, or resuming from?

Ubuntu Manpage: pm-action - Suspend or Hibernate your computer

some hardware putting the video card in the suspend state and. when that has happened, initiate the resume process by pressing the power button. result: check if the problem still exists after disabling async suspend/resume. the test results and find which drivers and components are taking the most time during suspend/resume and report the issues to the driver/component owners, along with the test results of analyze_suspend. the problem still exists, file a suspend/hibernate bug for [platform] {sti, str, htd}: xxx cannot wake up the system. usually, the acpi platform is in s4 state after suspending to disk. from suspend, using the same code the system bios uses at.

Ubuntu Kernel Debug Tips

the initcall_debug boot option to the kernel cmdline will trace initcalls and the driver pm callbacks during boot, suspend, and resume. this can also be used to tune driver suspend/resume latency. video should be posted after hibernate, just like after suspend. it's quite irritating that i can program up a storm, hack the machine in numerous other ways, and yet, and yet when i try to make it suspend or debug suspend, i fail miserably. can stay in suspend mode for 1 to 3 days before exhausting. suspend brings my computer to a state where it has a blinking cursor, the fans are running, it seems that the hd has turned off (i think), and i can't do anything to bring it back from this state (short of a hard reboot).'ve been using ubuntu for about five years now, and i still can't make it suspend when i want to.

Debugging - How to debug a suspend problem? - Unix & Linux

?I'm just trying to use the very basic suspend button in the application menu. if your computer successfully performs a suspend, then it is quite likely any resume problems are due to another device driver and not the acpi subsystem. lists some common debugging methods that are useful for people who encounter a suspend/hibernate related issue. require 3 to 5 seconds to enter and leave suspend, and most. when you encounter suspend/hibernate related problems, usually the first thing is to verify if the problem is a driver specific issue. the system will wait after going into suspend before waking. in order to simulate your suspend/resume process, enter the following commands: sudo sh -c "sync && echo 1 > /sys/power/pm_trace && pm-suspend"at this point your computer should enter the suspend state within a few seconds.

SoundTroubleshooting - Community Help Wiki

usually the power led will slowly flash when in the suspended state.-suspend is the process where the system does everything it. ubuntu is a question and answer site for ubuntu users and developers. the failure, on reboot, examine the dmesg output for "device hash" entries to track down the device that hung the system during resume. these issues, file a bug report to the driver/component owner directly, because these problems show that the buggy drivers/components break linux suspend/hibernate., when users encounter a suspend/hibernate related issue, we recommend that users find the proper section in chapter 4 that describes the problem encountered and follow the step-by-step instructions of that section directly. the two types of reports are those generated via apport, and manually reported via ubuntu-bug linux.

Suspend - Debian Wiki

if the machine wakes back up from hibernate but then takes you to the login prompt or crashes after that then it is a resume failure. not, file a suspend/hibernate bug [platform] {sti, str, htd}: system wakes up immediately after suspend, together with acpidump output, dmesg after the immediate resume, the content of /proc/interrupts both before and after suspend and test result of acpi wakeup. for example: executing at a terminal pm-suspend shutting the lid of your laptop, which is set to suspend on close. provide the output of the following terminal command: cat /sys/kernel/debug/suspend_stats if you have a graphics related issue after resume (corruption, display blank, etc. if you are not sure, file a suspend/hibernate bug. revs up after suspend4powering down usb drive while pc suspended10suspend fails (reboot on resume) and no hibernate option4suspend fails and i know the module causing it. your description, it sounds as if your acpi is not working properly, or the kernel drivers are preventing a full suspend.

Debugging - How can I debug a Suspend-to-RAM issue on Linux

have not seen audio drivers break suspend/hibernate, but the audio drivers themselves may take a long time to resume, as seen in the following example:[ 61..This page is part of the debugging series — pages with debugging details for a variety of ubuntu packages. this means that a single error in any single component might break system suspend/hibernate. and dmesg shows the system has done a complete suspend/resume cycle. talking about linux* suspend/hibernate, we are referring to the following three supported linux system sleep states:Sti (suspend-to-idle) is a generic, pure software, lightweight system sleep state. and you can easily use it to perform suspend/hibernate stress tests. would otherwise break suspend or hibernate into a safe state,It belongs in this range.

following sections talks about some typical driver-specific issues that might break suspend/hibernate. please advise on how the computer hibernated, and resumed specifically. on resume, this is read and memory is restored to its presuspend state. this includes significant information about the search for the resume device. not, file a suspend/hibernate bug [platform] {sti, str, htd}: failed to suspend, with both the dmesg output after the suspend failure as well as the error code returned. no, file a suspend/hibernate bug for [platform] htd: hibernate fails when disk driver is built as module. this is helpful when debugging suspend/hibernate problems that are probably caused by acpi.

the problem still exists, file a suspend/hibernate bug [platform] {sti, str, htd}: xxx broken after resume together with the dmesg output after resume. but there is no non-volatile storage available at the time resume is bringing up your computer. overall/specific driver suspend/resume time is longer than expected/required./wake cycle at the expense of making suspend/resume take. you have already identified a specific driver that takes too much time to suspend/resume, file a bug to the driver owner. manual page documents briefly the pm-action, pm-hibernate,Pm-suspend and pm-suspend-hybrid commands. the system hangs during suspend/hibernate or the monitor does not display anymore after resuming, try the following steps:Disable the kernel graphics driver you're using.

Debug suspend resume ubuntu

power on your computer making sure that it loads the same kernel that exhibited the resume problem. 30 seconds later the system resumes automatically and generates 3 files in the . apparently there's no method to debugging suspend, which is a bit shocking. suspend/resume failure on hp g611suspending ubuntu session when laptop lid is closed…1asus k53e wont hibernate/suspend0how to debug pm-suspend freeze? is a tool that can be used to enter a system sleep state (suspend/hibernate) until a specified wakeup time. in c sort order before suspend and hibernate with as., usb issues will not hang the system, but some usb devices may stop working after system resume.

if you do not run out of power, and you can resume even. (suspend-to-ram) offers significant power savings as everything in the system except memory is put into a low-power state. analyze_syspend tool provides the capability for system developers to visualize the activity between suspend and resume, allowing them to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. debug trace/error log to generate in dmesg after suspend/resume. page is to help you debug and triage hibernate/resume bugs. if you are not sure, file a suspend/hibernate bug. the problem still exists, file a suspend/hibernate bug [platform] {sti, str, htd}: system hangs during suspend/resume, together with the serial console output/screenshot after the problem was reproduced, the contents of /var/log/kern.

the implementation of suspend/resume debug trace is in drivers/base/power/trace. sometimes it may take tens or even hundreds of suspend/hibernate cycles to reproduce. devices: test the freezing of processes and suspending of devices..The log file shows what was done on the last suspend/hibernate and. for example: hash matches device i2c-9191the only way to prove this is to remove the module prior to initiating suspend. the no_console_suspend boot option to the kernel cmdline disables suspending of consoles during suspend/hibernate. you find some device callback returns an error code instead of 0, that means that the device cannot be suspended, which causes the system suspend/hibernate to yield.
get a blank screen on resume that can be turned back on by./resume a system, and will be specific to the exact. suspend most devices are shutdown, and system state is saved. issuing echo freeze/mem/disk > /sys/power/state, the screen goes black like a successful suspend/hibernate, but then system becomes unresponsive, and cannot be woken up to a working state. if possible you should reboot the system with the no_console_suspend boot parameter. linux provides an acpi subsystem that manages the suspend and resume process. system can suspend to and resume from a sti/str/htd state, but some components or driver may not be functional or might have have errors or warnings in dmesg after resume.

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