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Debate that homework should be banned

Should Schools Be Done With Homework? - NEA Today

worse still, students who have been up late trying to finish off their homework, then come tired into school the next day, and so are less ready to learn. for families interested in clearing the kitchen table they can find support and advice from the growing healthy homework movement. but others say homework is an important part of you learning how to work on your own and gives you time to practice what you've learnt in the classroom.-answersaustintduncancoolboss251ananyamangla40(maximum 900 words)submitsay no to homework because children become easily distracted and become very disruptive and don't want to learn the next day as they feel tired and unhappy.: education e-mail:Popular debatesspace exploration is a waste of moneyshould the cell phones be allowed in schoolsdo you agree or disagree with euthanasia or mercy killing?, 10, shropshirei would change homework by giving less out because when students get a load of homework they sometimes can't get all of it done on time. what we do know is that finland assigns little homework and its students have some of the highest test scores in the world. experience of homework is very different depending on which side of the economic divide you sit. it should also about being physically active, exploring the environment through play, doing creative things like music and art, and playing a part in the community. it is also important for young people to build bonds with others, especially family and friends, but homework often squeezes the time available for all these things. but they should'nt give too much hw that they give you stuff which you didnt even learned about. with no consequences to these actions students will almost always take the easy way out when it comes to homework. this is because schools are telling the children they need to get more excercise. 2011, it set a policy that homework could not count for more than 10% of a student's grade., 16, aberfeldyi think that homework is good when it is something that the teachers have explained to you. the children are becoming unfit and depressed because of the stupid homework that the teachers give which have no relation to life at all, it stops the children from family time.

Should schools ban homework? |

homework takes away from the small amount of time kids get to spend with their parents and siblings. recent american surveys found that most students in the usa spent no more than an hour a night on homework. it helps to remember what you have learned in class. up-1vote down  replyjune 29, 2016 10:07 amtaha qazihomework or rather busy work is not as useful of a tool as it may seem. schools ratchet up the pressure for higher academic achievement, one of the first things to go is recess even as homework is piled on. it would be better for our education when we are older. This week Newsround is investigating homework and we asked your thoughts. i think homework should be banned, because it's just too painful to have school for seven hours plus extra-curricular clubs and then come home to get another two to three hours of homework. josephine, 11, derbyshirei think some homework we need and some we don't. the use of homework is effective when used by the rule less is more. who want to connect personally in meaningful ways with their children after a long day at their job would do well to remember that they have a right to family time uninterrupted by homework. they would do well to listen to what their kids have to say about the impact of homework on their lives. studies show that homework adds nothing to standardised test scores for primary/ elementary school i'm the captain of a debating team and we have to say homework should not be banned. my children are always tired after school and just want to have a good time so i as a parent say no to homework. for younger children this could be practising reading or multiplication tables.

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Homework Should Be Banned - DebateWise

, 12, edinburgh i think homework is important as it gets you ready for when you leave school. should be bannedplease cast your vote after you've read the arguments.(maximum 900 words)submithomework should not be banned honestly i dont think it shld be banned because is makes your skills stronger from what you learned from school. some schools and some countries don’t bother with homework at all, and their results do not seem to suffer from it. argued that children need between six to seven hours a day of fresh air and sunshine. over time, well planned homework can help students develop good habits, such as reading for pleasure or creative writing.-answersaustintduncanxbaconatorxyomama-56debateboss2014zachneglaskamushroom175(maximum 900 words)submithomework should not be banned i think that homework should not be bannned because if you miss a day of school and your classmates studied somehting new and you dont even know what it is then without homework how are you supposed to practice that lesson that your class learned. i think that homework should not be banned because it helps hone your skills and makes you remember them easier because you practice skills over and over, because practice makes perfect. this can mean working class children end up with worse grades and more punishments for undone or badly done homework. the bbc cbbc newsround cbbc iplayer cbbc on tv bitesize radio cbeebies stay safe cbbc help make it digital food music nature local. just doing homework and printing it uses a lot of paper and kills a lot of trees. Kralovec says the idea of banning homework is not as unreasonable and outrageous as it seemsThe homework debate: how would you change homework? was invented in italy to punish studentshomework makes students depressed and stressed beacause it increases a lot., 10, bath i think we should not have homework because sometimes when you're doing your homework you can get very stressed. however, even though i don't think homework should be banned i do think that it should be given in moderation. it can be set for exams thoshould schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?

Should homework be banned? |

Should homework be banned from schools? |

, just because some teachers are bad at setting homework that is not a reason to scrap it altogether. should children be in school nine hours only to come home to two hours of homework? negative results can also occur when someone is not able to finish his homework. overwhelming kids with loads of homework can cause them stress and possible physical injury from a backpack overflowing with homework. there are only 3 outcomes possible when doing homework:A) you do the homework, proving you were able to do it in the first place and the work was therefore unnecessary., when schools decide to ban homework, it is big news, but we know little about what happens afterward. in school everyone is equal, but at home some people have advantages because of their family background. homework should be banned from school because we want to spend time on friends and family, but we can't because of all the homework. even so i think that homework is necessary because what children learn at school also needs to be reinforced at home. another reason if the teachers give them a lot of homework they wont get enough sleep for the next day at school and wont want to learn so it makes it harder for the teacher.(maximum 900 words)submithomework is useful homework is a very important part of the education period. is a partnership between the child, the school and the home. we ban academic streaming in schools should students watch tv after school? they have friends and family that they wish to spend time with. elementary school in quebec banned homework for kids in grade one through six. excessive amounts of time spent on homework can take away from kids social lives, family time, and sports or other activities.

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Homework could have an effect on kids' health. Should schools ban it?

if you have no practice then you can get bad grades from that. how are they supposed to get more excercise when they are doing homework? sometimes because a teacher has not explained something new well in class, the homework task is impossible. scholars debate the value of homework -- and pundits, politicians and educators call for increased educational choices, greater standardization and accountability for schools -- many parents and students feel overwhelmed. while some students may have the benefit of available resources and time to effectively complete their homework, this simply isn't the case for all students. accept that marking student work is an important part of their job. everyone needs to develop skills in personal organisation, working to deadlines, being able to research, etc. for older ones it might be writing up an experiment, revising for a test, reading in preparation for the next topic, etc., 6, haylei think that it prepares you for the homework you get at secondary school, but i still think that it is a waste of time, and it should be banned. too much homework can cause kids to give up on their education. homework ends up being done in a hurry, by students fighting fatigue, and poor quality work is produced. this makes it an unfair system to those who may not have the support , resources, or time for homework. that suggests there does not seem to be a terrible problem with the amount being set.(maximum 900 words)submitlexus lynch you need homework you need to have homework because homework help you get done with your classwork so you can get done with your classwork n so that is you need homework because you need homework so said no!-answersaustintduncanananyamanglapolymizan123_bm52(maximum 900 words)submityes, i think homework should be banned in schools. college de saint-ambroise, an elementary school in quebec, has banned homework for kids in grade one through six for a year.

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Ban homework in schools? (Opinion) -

they say research suggests that homework in primary school isn't helpful for students. "homework is super helpful in learning and processing the material learned in class. for example, in the 1920s, some physicians were concerned about the impact of homework on children's health. yes it can be a good thing but it is making our youth weird and wacky, just saying., 15, londoni think that homework should be given out but i think it should only be 2 sheets or something and only take 5 minutes a week to do it . middle-class families with books and computers will be able to help their children much more than poorer ones can. and homework is one of the most common causes of family arguments. the decision caused such an outrage that a 15-member panel was formed and subsequently changed the policy so that homework accounted for 20% of a student's grade. in school everyone is equal, but at home some people have advantages bec..abdullahimelai_troll_noobscarleybp567643(maximum 900 words)submitno, homework should not be banned fro schools.-answersmaximillianlee101nazigermanyaustintduncancoolboss251ananyamanglayomama-5672(maximum 900 words)submithomework should be banned homework makes kids stressed out about school. the issue of inequality was a main reason that the french president proposed banning homework. international comparisons of older students have found no positive relationship between the amount of homework set and average test scores. homework also allows students to really fix in their heads work they have done in school.(maximum 900 words)submithomework should be eliminate homework is boring and annoying because it wastes family time and free time as well what's the point of doing class work at home that's what homework is. in 2012, president francoise hollande of france proposed banning homework for all primary and middle school students, which was roundly ridiculed by the wall street journal.

The Homework Debate: How would you change homework? - CBBC

on this story what to expect when you start high school 2 september 2015 comments: what job would you make robots do? setting homework extends study beyond school hours, allowing a wider and deeper lets you revise and studyit teaches you to use time wiselyit teaches you to be responsible for your actionsit lets your parents/guardian know what you are learning in classit is not a waste of timebetter education means better job opportunities. the unequal distribution of educational resources means that some students go home to nannies, well-stocked home libraries, tutors, well-educated parents and high-speed internet. she is the author of "the end of homework," "schools that do too much" and "identity in metamorphosis. rubin says it's a farce that iranian supreme leader ali khamenei posted tweets criticizing u. are best done at home, away from the distractions of other students. homework can help students get better grades by practicing their skills. we should only get homework during the week not at the weekend. is a waste of time homework is a waste of time and paper. in the same year, a school in germany decided to actually do away with homework for students in grades five to nine. studies have shown that many children find doing homework very stressful, boring and tiring. acclaimed author tami ansary says, that since 1981, the amount of homework given to sixth graders has increased by more than fifty percent. is clear is that parents and kids don't live in the world of academic research; they live in the real world where there are piles of homework on the kitchen table.(maximum 900 words)submithomework should be banned from school homework should be banned from school. it is hard to check whether the homework students produce is really their own.

This House would ban homework |

well planned homework should not take so long to mark that the rest of their job suffers, and it can inform their understanding of their students, helping them design new activities to engage and stretch them. homework needs to be well designed and should not take up all of students’ spare time.(maximum 900 words)submithomework should not be banned i thought that no homework would be great. i think kids should be given homework, because half the kids who are in school never do any work at all in school. soldiers should be prosecutedinternet brings more harm than goodare boys better than girls? friedman says your smartphone may be making you behave stupidly; resolve to resist distractions in 2015., 10, england i think homework should be banned because i want to enjoy my free time. without homework americans will not be successful, we will never be able to accomplish our educational goals. 13 january 2015 should there be a limit on how much tv you can watch? but then they want to build a rich family life with their kids, and homework can interfere with that. madeine, 10, corfe mulleni think homework is really good for your learning because it will help you get a good job in the future. it also makes the best use of teachers, who can spend lesson time teaching rather than just supervising individual work that could be done at home. the heavy workload also puts young graduates off becoming teachers, and so reduces the talent pool from which schools can recruit. my opposition might say that lots of homework prepares them for the "real world" and lots of homework helps them learn the material better. some students need a job to survive, they simply will not get adequate sleep if they have homework added to their already long day. c) you do not do the homework because you were unable, and therefore did not learn anything.

Should Schools Be Done With Homework? - NEA Today

Research Trends: Why Homework Should Be Balanced | Edutopia

intelligence does not need to be malevolent to be catastrophically dangerous to humanity, writes greg scoblete. could the intense pressure on children to achieve academically have negative health impacts down the road, in addition to the increased childhood obesity we are seeing? this time could be better spent going out to dinner, or doing other activities that most families are not able to do because the kids have too much homework. it would be better to have a mixture of activities in the classroom which help students to develop a whole range of skills, including independent learning. i think that teachers don’t have enough time to teach us everything. the pressure of longer school days and more homework don't help matters. is given out in more than 90% of primary schools in the uk, but for a hundred years experts have been trying to decide whether or not it's a good thing for you do it. homework is one of the main ways in which the student’s family can be involved with their learning. much homework may not be a good thing, especially for younger children. rather than spending time bonding and building strong family relationships, parents and children argue over homework.(maximum 900 words)submiti hate homework in my opinion homework should be banned, your stressed out enough on your exams at school and the homework just puts more pressure onto the children. too much homework is not helpful, and can be unhealthy. as a result few students are at their best when they sit down in the evening to yet more work. the best homework tasks engage and stretch students, encouraging them to think for themselves and follow through ideas which interest them. children often have several after school activities that they are involved in and this coupled with homework leaves them little time to just enjoy being kids. though it may be a burden on teachers to teach everything required in a short span of time, the only effective way to reach all the students is to have all work completed in class.

indicate a negative relationship between children's amount of homework and their physical health. if homework was banned, we would be okay and stay alive. says some experts are concerned that homework can negatively affect kids' health. amelie, 8, somerset i want more homework on the weekends because it gets you ready for secondary school.)you do the homework even though you were unable to do so, thus learning to solve the problem the wrong way. in school everyone is equal, but at home some people have advantages bec. homework puts students off learning, then it has been badly planned by the teacher. it can also cause kids to become unfit and less energized and less social. i think homework should be banned in schools because students can be tasked with various chores when they get home and will get in trouble if they don't get them done. doing tasks linked to recent lessons helps students strengthen their understanding and become more confident in using new knowledge and skills. by events, i mean tests and exams, and i think there should even be a punishment if you do not do your homework. your opinion about the issue of homework assignments and their efficacy in the learning process of schoolchildren.: homework could take time away from other activities like family engagement. after years of bad homework experiences, it is no wonder that many children come to dislike education and switch off, or drop out too early. kind of intense debate about homework has a long history. ability to manipulate media and technology has increasingly become a critical strategic resource, says jeff yang.

personally i know that homework takes up a lot of social time in my life. for example, if parents want their children to be actively engaged with grandparents or church activities in the evening, those things would compete with homework time. i dont really go to a proper school so they give me stuff which i dont know about but i do learn something new from that. homework takes away from time that kids could be spending with their families.! to homework because homework help me get done with my classwork. studies have shown that many children find doing homework very. homework reinforces the knowledge that you learn during the day at school. does a kid really want to live that boring of a life, i mean really? usually they will resort to copying homework, having others do their assignments, or cheating on tests. normally homework takes anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour (and that's per subject). kralovec: attempts to ban homework aren't new; the issue has been debated for decades. also, it helps you get better grades on fsas and tests, and that will reflect on your school. homework has been given to students because teachers believe it helps them remember what they learn at school, and helps them learn the material better. studies have shown that many children find doing homework very. homework is very useful to everyone to get a bit of extra practice or just to catch up on schoolwork. on the other hand pushy parents may even end up doing their kids’ homework for them – cheating.

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