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Daniel Schorr - Wikipedia

for npr, schorr contributed regularly to all things considered, weekend edition saturday, weekend edition sunday, and npr live coverage of breaking news."he had nothing more than the truth to go up against the president of the united states," the younger schorr said. 2000, this interview with dan was produced as part of npr's promotional materials. after leaving the cable station in 1985 over differences with turner, schorr found a home at national public radio as a senior news analyst. it aired on cbs's face the nation, schorr's first television interview. part of the story schorr was surprised to find himself on the so-called enemies list that had been drawn up by richard nixon's white house when he read it on the air. the committee had voted to keep its final report secret, but schorr leaked a copy to the village voice, which published it. but in 1985, his contract was not renewed, which schorr counted as his second "firing. helms, then the cia director, confronted schorr in the presence of other reporters at the white house, calling him names such as "son of a bitch" and "killer. the authoritative record of npr’s programming is the audio record. he contributed regularly to "all things considered," and other npr programs.

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[2][10] roger mudd stated in his autobiography that schorr personally spread rumours that stahl had leaked the paper,[11] while stahl in her autobiography stated that she was "flabbergasted" at the accusation from schorr and the resulting furor within cbs as the executives were "deciding what to do" with her over the serious journalistic breach she was accused of,[12] while nora ephron reports that stahl considered a slander suit against schorr. schorr worked primarily as a senior news analyst for npr after leaving cnn in 1985. is survived by his wife, lisbeth, his son, jonathan schorr, daughter, lisa kaplan, and one grandchild. may 14, 2006, on npr's weekend edition, schorr mentioned a meeting at the white house that took place with colleague a. in 1979, ted turner gave him the dish — the first residential one to be installed in the city — after hiring schorr, then 62, as the marquee correspondent for cnn.[18] schorr delivered the eulogy on npr after zappa's death on december 4, 1993; he professed not to understand zappa's lengthy discourses on music theory, but he found a kindred spirit—a serious man with a commitment to free speech. they were told that schorr was under consideration for a high-level position in the environmental area. executives were not amused when schorr reported—incorrectly—that barry goldwater was said to "travel to germany to join-up with the right-wing there", and visit "hitler's one-time stomping ground" in berchtesgaden, immediately after he became the republican nominee for president. journalism legend daniel schorr would be 100 years old this week. news' howard arenstein said that because schorr was not afraid to report information the white house wanted buried, president lyndon b." "schorr was always a person to challenge what the government was saying and being skeptical and contrary," said ritchie, the senate historian.

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CBS News, NPR Veteran Daniel Schorr Dies at 93 - CBS News

^ daniel schorr dies at 93; controversial cbs and cnn broadcaster became elder statesman at npr - latimes. journalism legend daniel schorr would be 100 years old this week. essay: daniel schorr (npr)"we're incredibly sad, but at the same time, my dad had 93 amazing years," he said. but during congressional testimony, schorr refused to identify his source, citing first amendment protections. called working with schorr "one of the great blessings of my life. other reporters in the bureau were already covering major institutions such as congress or the state department, so schorr assigned himself to cover the implementation of president johnson's great society programs. after agreeing not to foster "propaganda" for the united states, schorr was granted the rights to conduct the interviews in the city of rostock."schorr reported from moscow; havana; bonn, germany; and many other cities as a foreign correspondent. schorr won emmys in each of the watergate years of 1972, 1973 and 1974. schorr left the soviet union later that year, because of soviet censorship laws. 1977, schorr was hired by reese schonfeld as a white house correspondent for itna (independent television news association), a news agency serving independent television news stations in the u.

Journalism Legend Daniel Schorr Dies At 93 : NPR

Late Journalism Legend Daniel Schorr Would Be 100 Years Old

[13] schorr later donated his profits from the sale of the pike papers to the reporters' committee on the freedom of the press. as a journalist, schorr was able to bring to contemporary news commentary a deep sense of how governmental institutions and players operate, as well as the perspective gained from decades of watching history upfront. ten years later, schorr scored an exclusive broadcast interview with nikita khrushchev, the u. the nixon white house said it ordered the investigation because schorr was being considered for a federal job — one which schorr said he knew nothing about. later, during the watergate hearings, it was revealed that nixon aides had drawn up what became known as nixon's enemies list, and daniel schorr was on that list. in 1971, after a dispute with white house aides, schorr's friends, neighbors, and co-workers were questioned by the federal bureau of investigation (fbi) about his habits.[15] he then took the position as senior news analyst at npr, a position he held for decades up to the time of his death. the time, schorr called it "an inescapable decision of journalistic conscience" to see that the report ended up in print., an npr contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with npr.'s Scott Simon remembers the late Daniel Schorr on the 100th anniversary of the newsman's birth., he and nixon were "extremely cordial" by the end of nixon's life, jonathan schorr said, "and my dad loved that.

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Come to Think of It: Notes on the Turn of the Millennium: Daniel

journalism legend daniel schorr would be 100 years old this week. schorr interviews the mayor of west berlin, willy brandt, in 1962. "daniel schorr had a secret; then he passed it on-and all hell broke loose"." a meeting with the state department over the matter recorded in a cable stated, "schorr appeared chastened by fact that a plan which was to be his greatest achievement had failed. schorr's career of more than six decades spanned the spectrum of journalism - beginning in print, then moving to television where he spent 23 years with cbs news and ending with national public radio, where he worked until he died."schorr's stories pointing out weaknesses of the administration's programs so angered nixon that he ordered an fbi investigation of the reporter - saying he was being considered for a top federal job. schorr was born the year before the russian revolution and he lived to report world war ii, the berlin wall going up, vietnam and the war on poverty, watergate and irangate, then the berlin wall coming down, two wars in iraq and the rise of the internet. reporters also found schorr's silence troubling when another cbs correspondent, lesley stahl, was wrongly accused of leaking the report. reporter and commentator daniel schorr, whose hard-hitting reporting for cbs news got him on president richard nixon's notorious "enemies list" in the 1970s, has died." "killer schorr: that's what they ought to call you," helms said. (left) and npr's scott simon prepare for a saturday broadcast.

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NPR's Scott Simon Remembers Daniel Schorr : NPR

it was the essential journalist who manages to absent himself from the situation and simply report it without feeling it," schorr said. 1979, schorr was among the first hired by ted turner and reese schoenfeld to deliver commentary and news analysis on the fledgling cable news network (cnn). interview with schorr on staying tuned: a life in journalism, july 1, 2001, c-span. this did not mollify cbs executives, and schorr ultimately resigned from his position at cbs in september 1976. the six years that he's been gone, i've often wondered what dan might think of something in the news, especially so in this raucous, unpredictable year."he was last heard on the air waves july 10, on npr's "weekend edition" with scott simon in a discussion of the u." an enduring career in 1979, schorr was hired to provide commentary for the fledgling cnn. by airing everyday life, schorr painted a picture of the necessity for a communist state to seal itself off from the west in order to survive."what passes for commentary today is almost all opinion," ritchie said, "but schorr was part of that breed of commentators who dug up information before they pontificated about it.^ (schorr+stahl+pike) the place to be: washington, cbs, and the glory days of television news - roger mudd - google books. kennedy's secretary of state dean rusk criticized schorr's actions in an august 10, 1962 diplomatic cable for a checkbook journalism[6] story in which, "schorr involved himself in a matter which was far beyond his private or journalistic responsibilities and proceeded amateurishly in a matter filled with greatest danger for all concerned.

Daniel Schorr dies at 93; controversial CBS and CNN broadcaster

" upon leaving cnn, schorr joined npr, where he had been doing occasional commentaries for several years. louis schorr (august 31, 1916 – july 23, 2010)[1][2] was an american journalist who covered world news for more than 60 years. died friday at washington's georgetown university hospital after a brief illness, said his son, jonathan schorr.: 1916 births2010 deathspeople from the bronxamerican people of russian-jewish descentwriters from new york cityjournalists from new york cityamerican radio journalistsamerican television reporters and correspondentscbs news peoplecity college of new york alumninpr personalitiespeabody award winnersnixon's enemies listchristian science monitor peopledeath in washington, d. daniel schorr talks about his book 'staying tuned: a life in journalism' may 6, 2001 on 'meet the press' during a taping at the nbc studios in washington, dc. schorr is survived by his wife, lisbeth; a son, jonathan schorr; a daughter, lisa kaplan; a son-in-law, alex kaplan; and a granddaughter, nora rose. during world war ii, schorr served in army intelligence at fort polk, louisiana, and at fort sam houston, texas. schorr joined cbs news in 1953 as one of "murrow's boys," the celebrated news team put together by edward r. in the game, schorr appeared as himself as an agent of an organization that interferes with the main character's life. a career of more than six decades, daniel schorr earned many awards for journalistic excellence, including three emmys. was daniel schorr's spot for many years on this program.

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after the dinner ended, schorr walked up to nixon and said, "mr. cbs, schorr taught journalism at the university of california at berkeley, and then in 1979 he joined ted turner's newly created cnn as its senior correspondent in washington. during college, schorr also worked part-time for several metropolitan dailies. schorr was called "reliably liberal",[16] and was "widely regarded as a liberal" according to another source, though he regarded the label as inaccurate. schorr, along with some other members of the list, counted his inclusion on it as his greatest achievement. schorr analysis of iraq war buildup, npr, july 13, 2005 – (real audio).^ (schorr+stahl+pike) crazy salad and scribble scribble: some things about women and notes on media - nora ephron - google books. schorr was threatened with a 0,000 fine and jail time for contempt of congress. beyond the dogged reporting, though, jonathan schorr, 42, said his father was a warm, caring and someone who taught by example. not a fan of rock music, schorr became friends with composer frank zappa after the latter contacted him, asking for help with a voter registration drive. 20 years after nixon's resignation, schorr attended a dinner where nixon spoke about the soviet union.

Daniel Schorr - Wikipedia

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" 'killer schorr' in 1975, schorr reported on assassinations that had been carried out by the cia. in life, schorr cherished his coverage of nixon, his son said. famously, schorr read the list aloud on live tv, surprised to be reading his own name in that context."daniel schorr had a long and storied career covering many of the biggest and most important events of our time," said sean mcmanus, president cbs news and sports. he was most recently a senior news analyst for national public radio (npr). his autobiography staying tuned: a life in journalism, schorr writes that in high school, he was president of the hebrew society, managing editor of the senior yearbook, and a member of the history honor society and the school paper. schorr refused to tell the panel the name of the source who leaked a copy of a secret house intelligence committee report. into his 90s, he was still giving commentaries on npr. "daniel schorr, veteran broadcast reporter and news analyst, dead at 93". although scolded at first for his television report by former cia director richard helms,[9] schorr was vindicated by the text of the pike committee, which he obtained from an undisclosed source and sent to the village voice." schorr was born in the bronx in 1916, the son of belorussian immigrants.

"it was the first time i'd ever seen a dead person in my life," he told npr's robert siegel in a 2006 interview on all things considered marking schorr's 90th birthday. "it really is true that i would sometimes stand up for principle at the risk of my job," he told his son jonathan for an interview on npr's weekend edition last year. director george bush (left) exchanges words with schorr on feb. polk award for radio commentary, for his work on npr, 1993. journalism legend daniel schorr would be 100 years old this week. schorr made an appearance with zappa on february 10, 1988, where he sang "it ain't necessarily so" and "summertime"."born in new york city to russian-jewish immigrant parents, schorr began his career in journalism while he was still in high school. in 1976, schorr reported on the findings of the pike committee, which had investigated illegal cia and fbi activities.^ (schorr+stahl+pike) reporting live - lesley stahl - google books. schorr, a longtime senior news analyst for npr and a veteran washington journalist who broke major stories at home and abroad during the cold war and watergate, has died.'s scott simon remembers the late daniel schorr on the 100th anniversary of the newsman's birth.

to his surprise, reaction from his own colleagues in the media was negative, because schorr had handed the report over in exchange for a donation to a group that aids journalists in first amendment issues."schorr became part of the story once again in 1976, when he arranged for the publication of an advance copy of a suppressed house intelligence committee report on illegal cia and fbi findings."schorr spoke in a thick new york accent he never lost, a voice that contrasted sharply with the drama-school quality of many newscasters of the 1950s and '60s. arenstein said that schorr earned his peabody (for "uncompromising reporting of the highest integrity") because the veteran did not mince words or pull punches." schorr was inducted into the hall of fame of the society of professional journalists.. in 1979, schonfeld and ted turner brought schorr to cable news network (cnn), where he was the first on-camera employee hired."during the nixon years, schorr not only covered the news as cbs' chief watergate correspondent, but he also became part of the story. in this time when news can be so partisan and strident, dan schorr was devoutly impartial. "the anger of the administration can be gauged from richard helms' denunciation of schorr," historian garry wills recounts in his 2010 book, bomb power. he had been a senior news analyst for npr ever since. child of belarussian immigrants, schorr was born in the bronx in 1916.

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