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Monster power resume search review

Resume Search For Employers |

– the information that a resume conveys is massively more complex than almost anybody realizes except those doing the actual work- jennifer for example.. baird, which mentions monster’s new search functionality (which baird likes, and says offers a competitive advantage over monster’s competitors and an instrument to blunt linkedin’s threat). ability to use the cloud-based seemore search and analytics platform across the customer’s own databases, increasing the value of previously-sourced candidates. of the features of the combined integration include:The ability to search for resumes from the world’s largest resume database using 6sense® search technology, allowing recruiters to find the most qualified candidates quickly. are about to experience the industry's most powerful resume search engine. if you’re in monster’s resume database, you’re not passive, right? integrated offering will provide recruiters with an additional layer of cloud-based advanced candidate search solutions to better and more quickly find, compare, rank, and manage potential candidates.

Monster's New Resume Search Is a Winner | ERE

second approach is to search for two or more specific titles – e. a word, monster’s new power resume search is stunning. this type of search automatically includes sales titles at all levels and specializations in the results. candidate comparison and work history breakdowns are definitely nice touches for someone who will likely forward over stacks of resumes and printouts to a hiring manager then disappear from the process. “a recruiter will be able to take full advantage of the data and features in bullhorn while seamlessly integrating with monster’s search and analytics platform. you can do this in two different ways – the first is to search on a job function e. baird says the new search “allows recruiters to efficiently find high-performing candidates in monster’s vast resume database, including passive candidates.

Monster power resume search review +Power Resume Search |

Is 's new Power Resume Search product worth paying

“monster is a long-time innovator in the recruiting space and this extension of their search technology provides a winning combination to our customers,” said art papas, founder and ceo of bullhorn. research analyst zach thomas suggested that, “by making this acquisition, monster is putting a real emphasis on search and they believe it will help them leap-frog the competition. there are a lot of tools like that on the market but you still need good recruiters conducting the searches and determining the best candidates. of the capabilities of the search engine is to search for multiple titles simultaneously. in a customized and highly integrated fashion, bullhorn customers will be able to take advantage of monster’s industry leading power resume search and monster’s seemore cloud solution, revolutionizing how recruiters search and pinpoint candidates from within their own database of resumes. search is very important to find and track new candidates, and the searches are very specific. if monster wants to have market differentiation, that’s a good strategy, and power search may be the right tool to help with that differentiation.

Power Resume Search Test Drive

points out that this search has benefits for the employer: the ad visibility improves, as does the likelihood that the applicants will be of higher quality since an ad won’t just turn up in a search because it happens to contain the seeker’s keywords. they probably could, but the technical management is a challenge, since the resumes of cfos and bookkeepers may well be part of the search results in a standard keyword search. and connect with qualified candidates from our resume database, who have been automatically matched, ranked and scored based on your requirements. but unless you exclude candidates with that term in their resume in a standard keyword search, you’re going to get cfo candidates with bookkeeping in their backgrounds along with accountants and … you get the idea. ability to move candidates quickly from first look on monster, to review and submittal via bullhorn.-which features are really helpful, non-ambiguous, and likely to be effective in most search situations ? monster showed this off during the demo using “business development manager” for the search with the result that all nine listings were specific to the title.

Monster and Bullhorn Integrate Candidate Search

but the trovix powered search is smart enough to know that when you’re looking for a cfo, you don’t want a bookkeeper who reports to a cfo. in volume corporate hiring, on the other hand, search is often done to make a specific hire at a specific time; missing all kinds of results but also producing a decent volume of appropriate results is perfectly acceptable and even desirable.@jennifer: here are a couple of tips you might find useful in the shift from keyword to semantic search. google might take issue with the boast, but he is certainly on the mark when he says one of the virtues of power resume search is that it is a search engine “that really helps you stop searching. put in your criteria the search engine rapidly seeks the most relevant candidate matches from our vast resume database, then delivers them; ranked and scored within moments match the resume compare up to five candidates side-by-side, save and forward resumes, and message candidates quickly within the platform. that to me is a passive candidate as contrasted from an active candidate who is posted on every job board, contacting every recruiter, and mass mailing their resume to hundreds of companies i’ve heard people label passive as the candidate who really likes their job and who isn’t looking at all. instead of getting a list of hundreds of resumes with bookkeeper in the text, you get a few dozen candidates who are bookkeepers and are most likely to be looking for that kind of work.

Resume Search For Employers |

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, the company demoed the new search for a group of recruitment consultants and bloggers. boolean black belt, a blogger very interested in search, is not necessarily even looking for skills or keywords in the conventional sense- he uses them as a proxy for what he is actually looking for- what he calls “trajectory”. surfing is a metacognitive strategy that depends on the end-user changing a single variable (the search string) and comparing the differing results when run against the same data set. it is indeed a true semantic engine and is vastly more accurate than conceptual search engines by virtue of its ability to eliminate false matches wherein a person has a certain skill, but that skill lies outside their core competency. the current basic search functions are sufficient for me to tease out any qualified candidates.’s “the world’s best search engine,” said monster’s javid muhammedali at the beginning of the demo. why choose us match, score, rank candidates are matched to your requirements, scored and ranked advanced search filters narrow your search by education, salary range, average tenure, willingness to travel or relocate, citizenship status, veteran status and more candidate comparisons one click lets you compare candidates side-by-side, forward a resume, or add notes.

Power Resume Search |

ultimately, it will slice through the resume db in a more elegant fashion, but its no grand slam. the job seekers give their resume for free to monster so that monster can make millions off of it = mistake #1 – there are millions and millions of free resumes and profiles on the open web = mistake #2 can’t someone come up with a product that accesses these millions of resumes in a simple and logical way with a micro-payment business model? right now, it’s a bargain at 0 for three days of searching in an area. and louis gagnon, svp global products, said the new search opens the door to differential pricing for resume sourcing. have seen a demo of power resume search and i am impressed. rep who conducted my demonstration told me that the power search would “do my thinking for me. what makes the search outstanding is the simplicity and the elegance of the user interface.

Power Resume Search

, but monster can spend their dollars on marketing to appeal to and encourage higher “value”/a candidates to post resumes. the examples the monster folks used in the demo were searches for bankers and lawyers. and Bullhorn are collaborating to provide recruiters with unprecedented efficiency in candidate search. makes power resume search different — and better — than the typical keyword resume search is that it has the intelligence to cut through the duff. always, if you like it, go ahead and buy it, but beware that artificial intelligence in resume search has itself an excellent resume of hype, failure, and malinvestment., i must admit i am not a recruiter but isn’t the whole concept of the resume outdated? organization has been intimately involved with resume search since the first hour of business.

Power Resume Search

, the trovix/monster engine is not a conceptual search engine as you describe. " michael pio • recruiting director • anistar technologies “ power resume search acts as a one stop solution for the majority of the challenges involved in qualifying a candidate. if you use artificial intelligence to parse resumes and load them to database, the parser’s decisions are final, but if you apply a parsing filter in real-time against a neutral data set, it’s a different story.  monster (nyse:mww), the global leader in successfully connecting people and job opportunities, and bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software, today announced the integration of monster’s power resume search® and seemore® cloud solution into the bullhorn applicant tracking system and customer relationship management solution (ats and crm).) philosophical questions (just how do we process the information on a resume and now beyond the resume in social media or online content) and process questions (for a given business condition, how is roi calculated from differing search strategy) but i think i’ve made my fundamental point here. power search is interesting and i believe monster is on to something, but the value is not there for the premium charged. access to our resume database is flexible so you can get–and pay for–exactly what you need.

seems that rather than being more competitive to other search options and job boards, monster is looking for revenue to cover their large investment. with the resume tsunami around the corner recruiters will not have the time to sift thru the mass volume of resumes available on free and paid sites. a few weeks ago, confident that its 0 million investment was the homerun it expected, monster turned power search live, premiering it during an analyst meeting that was also webcast over a marathon five hours or so. resume search has a counterpart for job seekers in power job search. i think you unintentionally nailed it in your hypothetical bookkeeper search. tagging is a hugely powerful a meta-cognitive technique to alter and improve future search results; which brings up the 100 million-dollar question:– what are you doing with the results in the first place ? are a variety of other angles here; interesting legal questions (ofccp requires you to track search terms, but how can you do that when you don’t know what they are?

they only care that people post so that they can claim a large number of resumes to get companies to buy the product. i was referring to web-based software that could handle millions of users – with millisecond response search/match times – something resumix and restrac/webhire had difficulty with back then. why does monster think we should pay more for a “better” search license? incidental, yet valuable feature is how a search can unearth skills not listed in the job req, which could or should be. it’s a complex subject involving multiple audiences and multiple uses for search results. there are multiple material unanswered questions involved:– is there anything specific to resume search that speaks to different methodologies than those used in other mission-critical text search solutions ? monster just needs resumes and subscribers and doesn’t care about the rest.

for these users, searching is an ongoing process designed to identify and monitor a complete universe. when it comes to a resume database, i only care about the candidates… which is why i’m a former monster client and current cb client. the salesperson emphasized that this will eliminate the need for running boolean searches. when they search engine applies its mojo, the end-user has no way to determine how the changed search terms change the result set: it’s a black box. easy communication email candidates directly from our platform, with pre-written templates or personalized messaging email alerts learn immediately about new resume matches reporting run reports on account activity including number of searches, resumes viewed, eeoaa data, and more “ monster power resume search helps ensure that the only resumes i am reviewing are from qualified candidates, helping save time and allowing us to be much more efficient in our recruiting. there is greater value in a linkedin pro membership than in monster’s power search. and bullhorn to integrate industry-leading people search for improved recruiter productivity and efficiency.

Is 's new Power Resume Search product worth paying

monster’s advanced technology understands search context, concepts and terminology, and finds all variations of your requirements. as the global market leader in staffing and recruiting software, our innovations power the operations of fast-growing start-ups up through the world’s largest staffing brands. " subramanian esakki • director & head of talent acquisition (us) • virtusa corporation “ not only is the search resulting in better results and more qualified candidates, but it’s also easy to use. answer has been coming ever since monster began beta testing power resume search several months ago. it works power resume search gives you the results you need to make more informed, objective hiring decisions. connect with candidates build your candidate pipeline; receive email alerts when new resumes matching your requirements are added to our resume database, so you can take fast action. while resumes do not exist on linkedin; i am amazed at how well our scoring works with linkedin profiles.

monster’s search integration with bullhorn will drive unprecedented matching efficiency, with faster access to more qualified candidates. while it’s true that bookkeepers don’t generally need to be experts on sox, are you suggesting that it’s a good idea for a search engine to suppress a would-be bookkeeper with sox experience relative to one without that key word in their materials ? in our internal tests, true semantic profile-matching engines eliminate 97-99% of the noise matches generated by conceptual search engines on non-trivial queries. also, since there’s still life outside of the (perhaps huge) monster resume db, recruiters do not have an option of dropping boolean. new job terminology has to be added by monster, though you can search for a specific keyword in a resume. thing that is missing from the power search though is boolean! i have used their power resume search on many occasions and continuously find myself reverting back to the classic search.

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