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3 Ways to Excuse Yourself from Unfinished Homework - wikiHow

when making up an excuse for a teacher, keep your story short. a strict teacher might respond with something like, "then why didn't you go do your homework at a coffee shop? not only is it the moral way to go, it is usually the most effective as long as it is a good reason., i had the best homework excuse ever: my two year old (at the time) sister weed on it. - the nightmare beginshomework is something we've all had to deal with at times in our lives. going into excessive detail can seem suspicious and you'll also be more likely to accidentally change aspects of your story. overload (if you are genuinely overwhelmed by too much homework or just pretending to be overwhelmed, pick your nicest professor or teacher, and mention you may need an extension. if your teacher typically demands proof of sickness, you may want to avoid using this excuse. never started your homework because of that 12 hour nap you needed to take. dangerous move, you can forge a note from a parent explaining why you couldn't do your homework. If you did not finish your homework, you may want to find an excuse to avoid being penalized. you can also explain to your teacher that you would like to do a better job and turn it in later, if you want. you're an educator, you've undboubtedly heard your fair share of excuses from students who don't have their assigned homework with them, which can range from plausible to hilariously absurd.

14 Hilarious Homework Excuses | Edutopia

by the time your teacher notices the mistake, you will be able to complete the real homework, or just turn it in the next day and say you are sorry about the mix-up. - honestly, i am not sure if kids still use that excuse, but if not, they should. you should not make a habit out of lying to your teacher about homework assignments. your teacher may be more willing to overlook a late or missing assignment if you seem genuinely invested in learning. at the wall seemed like a much better idea than actually doing work. the briefer your excuse, the easier it will be to remember. also you could act annoyed with yourself so that the teacher develops more sympathy for you. your teacher will be unlikely to take pity on you and you'll probably receive a "0" as a grade. you did the work, but forgot to turn it in, try claiming you did the work to your parents and then turn it in the next day if your teacher allows it. all else fails, never forget your alternative - do you homework and turn it in on time! you might not get away with turning in unfinished homework, but you might be able to get some extra time to do it if you can be entertaining. talk to your teacher in a mature way, explaining that you have a problem with procrastination, or feel overworked, or struggled with the assignment, etc. things simple and direct, rather than annoying your teacher with long, rambling excuses.

Best Excuses For Not Doing Your Homework | Playbuzz

your teacher may take pity on you if he or she believes you're genuinely overwhelmed. it's not good for the brain,So i quickly tore my homework up. i'm sorry that i'm not prepared, and it won't happen again. best approach is to try to do your work on time rather than be tempted by an excuse. when you talk to your teacher, look sad, serious, agitated, etc. chances are, you will get more time to do your assignment, especially if you can show some of it is done. a strict teacher is still going to deduct that from your grade. inabottle 20 months ago from baltimore, mdyeah, it is a good thing kids are trying other excuses. believe it or not i was given grace a few times. a few deep breaths before going into the room to help yourself stay calm. articleshow to earn the respect of your peers at schoolhow to deal with being a gifted studenthow to have fun during a detentionhow to write an apology letter to a teacher. you get caught lying, it may lead to severe consequences with your teacher, parents, or friends. tell your parents you want to make homework a priority.

How to Make Up a Good Excuse for Your Homework Not Being

having something prepared can be better than having nothing, and sometimes teachers will give you partial credit for partial work. in some schools, even copying something like homework can merit a suspension. however, if the assignment is worth 15% of your grade, it may be worth it to ask for an extension. your teacher may take pity on you and admire that you came into school despite not feeling well. your teacher may take pity on you if you use an excuse like this." sickening your teacher or professor is a great way to get out of homework. in your work, even if you have to make an excuse and submit it late. if your only option seems to be making up a more elaborate excuse—or if you just want to be daring—do so carefully. you do not want to be in a situation where you have to make up an excuse again. try to make an effort to prioritize your homework to avoid this problem in the future. teachers are familiar with many excuses, and can often recognize outlandish ones as untrue. you are a good friend and there is more to life than just homework. you can tell your teacher you were sick the night before.

25 Creative Excuses For Not Turning In Your Homework

the way, i love all the funny things you guys came up with for your excuses=). teachers may also suggest you should have printed an assignment at a local library or fedex instead of coming in with nothing. for example, your teacher might ask, "how long did the recital run over? many cases, actually telling the truth will often get you out of doing homework. in the future, try to make sure your assignments are done on time. might be a bad idea to claim your printer stopped working. so will display maturity and your teacher might respect your honesty."i was sick last night and threw up on my homework. it may also work if you have homework you had to do online. your parents are divorced, for example, you can claim you were at your mom's last night, but left your textbook with your dad this weekend. if you take an effort to remember the details you gave, your story will stay consistent. if you're making a lot of excuses over and over again, your teacher is likely to catch on. your assignment so you teacher can't tell you didn't actually do the work.

Good Excuses for Unfinished Homework | LetterPile

if you look sick, your teacher will be more likely to believe you. he does not mind chewing on my shoe, but paperwork, well, oh no! for instance, if you tell your teacher that you forgot your homework in your locker, he or she can just ask you to go and get it, and you will be caught. Let's discuss some of the best excuses for unfinished homework. in the event you do not complete an assignment, be honest. not to lie, a bad conscious can easily come from repetitive lying. this can help you decide if lying to your teacher is really worth the risk. in the event a real emergency comes up, your teacher may not believe you if you've lied in the past. fifth graders--i just want to say how much i'm enjoying reading your excuses."aliens abducted me and i did not have time to do all my homework. also, other classmates will start to find your behavior quite annoying if they are keeping up and you are not. one glance of the register is all it takes for your teacher to see right through this excuse. one of the easiest and most believable excuses is simply blaming technology.

7 Best Excuses for Missing Your Homework - YouTube

dumba good strategy whenever you don't have your homework is to pretend you did not even realize homework existed. homework fell in water (this only works if you have a stream, river, pond, or some other body of water near your school. know that in many cases, you’ll need a written excuse from a doctor or clinic to prove to your teacher that you had to seek medical care, and weren’t able to complete your homework. you have a period that has free time such as study hall, intervention or just some time when your teacher has nothing for you to do, finish your work then." do not say, "it was supposed to run until 8:30 but it was 9:23 when we got out. their homework's not been done,But listed here are some of them. good, funny excuses you might want to consider using are:"the dog ate my homework. for example, say you claim you couldn't turn in your online math homework because your internet cut out. some excuses that always seemed to work for them include:Death in the family (it is best not to make it a close family member since that is easy for a teacher to check on. remember to evaluate the situation and make a good decision as to whether or not you will copy homework off of a peer. of legitimate reasons why you could not do the work. articlewikihow to make up a good excuse for your homework not being finished. the teacher will assume her cat died or her boyfriend dumped her) and you could not finish all your work.

100 funny excuses for not doing homework

if you are caught, you face punishment from both your parents and teacher. if you're usually late for classes and do not engage in many extracurricular activities, your teacher may catch onto the fact you're lying. there are several methods for developing an excuse to give your teacher for why you don’t have your homework ready, ranging from honest to deceptive. are kids still using, 'the dog ate my homework' excuse? claim you couldn't get any work done, but did not want to risk missing school on top of missing homework.[11] try to avoid appearing physically nervous when telling your story. maybe you were diligently working on your homework when your friend called crying. your homework in the morning when you arrive before school starts. dirt and water on your assignment and claim it fell in a puddle. your teacher is particularly strict, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. what would happen if you simply told your teacher you forgot to do the assignment? you could say you did the whole assignment, but then your internet cut out and you couldn't save anything. it’s best to simply tell the truth, and let your teacher know why you weren’t able to complete your homework.

20 Most Funny Excuses for Not Doing Homework

if you act panicked enough, your teacher is likely to believe you're telling the truth. some teachers even ask for a death certificate or hospital paperwork to prove some of these excuses. your teacher’s personality, and how flexible and forgiving he or she is. there are a variety of excuses, from blaming technology to your busy schedule, that sound like a plausible reason for failing to complete an assignment. unless you have a really nice teacher, eventually he or she will get tired of it and try to convince you that you are not able to participate in after school activities due to poor time management skills. this can have an impact on how you should deliver your excuse. this might take a lot of time, however, and if your teacher looks closely you might get caught. explain to your friends you're trying to be a better student. might say something like "i am really sorry, but i got behind on things and wasn't able to finish my homework. what about getting at home at 11 at night and not being able to complete it? you decide to forge one, be warned that your teacher might know it’s a fake. i just cannot forget this line "dog ate my homework" and really going to teach so many kids of this excuse. to be real with you, i was a total nerd that turned in homework on time.

make sure to practice your "perplexed stares" in the mirror in the bathroom. i did not want to gross you out, so i can't turn it in yet. so for everyone out there, ages 2 to 102, i have some helpful excuses you can give if you have not finished your homework. the missed homework is for a class late in the day, you might be able to do the work before school, during another class, or during lunch or a break. what's the best excuse a student has ever given you for not doing their homework? you did not finish your homework, you may want to find an excuse to avoid being penalized. he or she will admire your willingness to learn if you claim you simply did not understand..Funny excusesif you've pretty much determined your teacher, professor, or boss is not going to fall for any excuse you give, you may as well make your excuses as hilarious as humanly possible. you are asked to email or otherwise electronically send a homework file, you can “accidentally” send a different assignment, or the “wrong” draft (which could have just your name and the first part of the assignment, for instance). Ideally, you will always be ready for class and have your homework completed. it is difficult to outsmart a teacher who has years of experience working with students and their excuses. the older you are, the more likely it is your own kid keeping you from getting stuff done. do not do anything else, like playing video games or playing outside, before finishing your work.

't mess up your excuse when you say it because that is a big sign you are lying. you do not want to lie habitually, as this reflects poorly on you as a student., you will always be ready for class and have your homework completed. could also act very busy, perhaps like you are filling out a homework planner and you forgot to put the work in the bin when you were supposed to. should also look at your school's handbook, if you have a copy. might also be able to ask for an extension so that you can turn the homework in later. come into class looking panicked, and tell your teacher you cannot find an assignment in your binder or folder. articleshow to cheat on homeworkhow to write an apology letter to a teacherhow to annoy your teacher without getting in troublehow to get a teacher to raise your grade. you can say your computer crashed, your printer broke, your internet was down, or any number of problems. try to say in advance that you were not able to do your homework. lie you were absent on the day the homework was set. your teacher may request you call your mom or dad to have it delivered to the school.: if you happen to have a professor, teacher, or boss that is really strict, it is not likely any of these excuses will work for you.

Great excuses for not doing your homework

a less inventive excuses that might still work, like: your homework fell out of your bag, you grabbed the wrong folder at home, you had a funeral to go to. many common excuses, like “my dog ate my homework,” are familiar to teachers and they will not believe them. necessary, practice your excuse on a friend or to yourself. my favorite joke that i made up is my guinea pig got out of his play pen and ate half of my homework. save them for when you need it, so your teacher is more considerate. for example, you know your chemistry teacher is the oldest of 7 children. circumstances beyond your control, like an illness or death in the family, have prevented you from doing your work, say so. your teacher may request you e-mail him/her the assignment instead, which you won't be able to do if you never did it.'ve compiled some of the best homework excuses that educators in our facebook community have heard during their time in the wacky world of teaching." your teacher's job is to help you understand a given subject." not only is this a funny excuse, it would be awesome if it could be true. colbo 3 years ago from pacific northwesti have given excuses - coffee spilled on it (because it did), i was sick (i was), my car broke down and i didn't get home until midnight etc. - i am sure your children will be happy to learn that excuse and use it when needed.

this way, when you actually need to use one, your teacher is more likely to accept it. There are a variety of excuses, from blaming technology to your busy schedule,. so my poll answer does not include too far in the past because i truly don't remember. we had the hardest time even getting the dog to pretend he ate the homework., keep in mind some teachers may require a note from your parents in the event of illness., you can explain to your teacher that a very upset friend called you while you were in the middle of doing your homework. a stricter teacher is likely to grill you, poking holes in your excuse. late work may not be accepted, but if the assignment is only worth 10 points, is this really a big deal? while you may have been lying about it running over, if your teacher checks the facts he'll see at least the basics are true. you could claim you had to babysit your little sister and she got sick, resulting in your being distracted from your homework. excusesi am a pretty honest person, so i am not going to encourage you to lie. so i would just ask for an extension but understood it that was not doable. after giving your excuse, jot down some of the details.

some examples of when honesty goes wrong includes:You did not finish your homework because you were watching a duck dynasty marathon." your teacher won't expect you to die for your homework, right? he may be more sympathetic to a story about how watching your younger siblings kept you from getting your work done." do not say, "chester mifflin spent 25 minutes on his routine, when we were only given 10, and then lisa gregory was little late getting up on stage. once your teacher takes a walk down memory lane with this one, you both might get a good laugh. your teacher presses you for specifics, you can improvise as needed, but avoid excessive detail. however, some teachers may be required to report these kinds of behaviors to the principal and your parents. there are only so many times your grandmother can die in one year before all your teachers start talking about you and get suspicious. you are able to do any of your homework, even a small amount or poor quality work, consider turning it in anyway. inabottle 3 years ago from baltimore, mdlambservant - spilling coffee on your homework is a good one. if you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us. for example, say you're planning on claiming your piano recital got out late, and this is why you didn't finish your math homework. turn in the illegible or destroyed assignment, so that you can show your “proof” of your excuse.
can hand in the wrong assignment—such as one from another class—or an old one from the same class. you habitually struggle to get your homework done, and have an overall inability to concentrate, this can be a symptom of attention deficit disorder. lie that you did your work because then she will know that you didn't want to do your homework. most people, your teacher included, have experienced setbacks due to technological problems. you will need something more than “i forgot” to convince your teacher. flash drive (if you are using your computer for your homework, a missing flash drive is always a suitable excuse if you save all your assignments on it. excuse is i stayed at my aunts house left my homework in her car. we all have to deal with homework at some point. some teachers may allow you to turn in work late if it's your first time. the truth a littleso maybe nothing catastrophic happened when you should have been doing the homework, but perhaps something really did come up.'t rely on excuses for your homework all the time. admit that you did not complete the work, and accept blame rather than putting it off on someone or something else. aware that your teachers can be tech-savvy and know all of these tricks, so you might have to get creative.

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