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Essay on leisure its uses and abuses -

“if their work is satisfying people don't need leisure in the old-fashioned sense. persistent negative use of college student free time is excessive alcohol consumption, described as “the single greatest public health hazard to american college and university campuses” (misch, 2010). positive use of leisure can lead to coping skills, stress reduction, and healthy development. in support of education about leisure time use, and using behavioral theories of choice (rachlin, 2000), murphy and colleagues (2006) helped college students complete an alcohol intervention to identify enjoyable alcohol-free activities to engage in on nights when they might otherwise be drinking. schaller of the schaller corporation provides an instance of how an employee uses fmla leave in order to complete work in his other capacity as a farmer. should pass legislation to correct such abuses and restore the act to its original purpose. short of a doctor's certification for every absence, the employer cannot verify fmla abuses, and the act limits recertification to no more often than every 30 days. bauman from wyatt early harris wheeler llp speaks as an attorney for employers concerning the abuses of fmla.

Essay on leisure its uses and abuses -

Field Experiments and Their Critics: Essays on the Uses and Abuses

similar support of education about leisure time use, and using social cognitive, selective optimization with compensation, and self-determination theories (baltes, 1997; bandura, 1986; ryan & deci, 2000), caldwell and colleagues had success in decreasing adolescent risky (sexual and substance) behavior using “timewise: taking charge of leisure time. however, all her doctor puts on her excuses is 'medical reasons' which could be anything from a sore throat to a broken toe. these call-offs may interfere with another employee's vaca­tion request, requiring them to come to work while another employee uses their fmla. good intentions crafted this law, but the abuses are huge. another intermittent employee's girlfriend goes home on vacation and an hour later his condition causes him to have to leave.' while this policy update would not eliminate intermittent usage, nor the hardship such usage causes employers, it would allow the employer to strategically plan their staffing needs. recent survey of college administrators revealed that the primary mode used by colleges and universities to address student alcohol use is educational programs (98%), with the fifty percent (50%) of campuses providing programming for students at high risk for alcohol problems (nelson, toomey, lenk, erickson, & winters, 2010).“a master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between her work and her play; her labor and her leisure; her mind and her body; her education and her recreation.

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research demonstrates that college students have considerable amounts of leisure time—an average of 42 hours a week—almost twice the average 24 hours a week devoted to attending and studying for class (atus, 2010). abuse comes into play when an employee uses this to come in late or leave early at a whim. the only explanation is that te&y employees are required to be available to work on weekends and holidays when typically the rest of the population is engaging in leisure activ­ities. the course includes four primary components: (1) developing knowledge about leisure and its application to every-day life, paying particular attention to leisure as a sphere for personal control and as time for exploration and experimentation; (2) self-monitoring of leisure time use through on-line and in-class assignments; (3) discussing free time use in small groups after self-monitoring activities; and (4) reflecting personally on free time use. andrews management service demonstrates how fmla causes stress and degrades morale among staff members who have to cover for leave.“a master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. einsiedler from maine pulp & paper association explains how the requirement to track by the minute can lead to abuses by employees.“beauty, my first girlfriend said to me, is that inner quality often associated with great amounts of leisure time.

Intervention for Positive Use of Leisure Time Among College Students

sharp submitted his personal opinion concerning the abuses of fmla. phy­sicians could care less whether the excuses are legitimate or ongoing or how they impact the work force and sign any paperwork to quickly expedite the office visit. smart from the central michiganuniversity provides the following examples concerning the problems and abuses of fmla. employees often do 'double duty' to cover a team member who is out on fmla, which in turn causes stress and feelings of resentment. croswell, an employee, believes fmla is abused by employees and causes staffing problems for managers and coworkers. however, while the effort is well intended and may work for the appropriate few, the abuses far outweigh the advantages. "in the public transportation industry, our service (buses) must go out, on time, every time, no questions. our payroll system allows for increments as few as three minutes, and one facility had over 200 inci­dents of three minute fmla uses in 2005.

Use and Abuse of the Family and Medical Leave Act: What Workers

sharon pepper regrets the loss of employee attendance bonuses due to fmla. carpenter from the tecumseh power company provides examples of the many abuses that have been dealt with at tecumseh. by choosing leisure she had bid farewell to the fevered enterprise of getting-and-spending whereby, as the poet said, we lay waste our powers.“leisure is only possible when we are at one with ourselves./jcc-2013-0022pmcid: pmc3816519nihmsid: nihms509255intervention for positive use of leisure time among college studentscareen yarnal, associate professor of recreation, xinyi qian, post-doctoral fellow, john hustad, assistant professor of medicine and public health sciences at penn state college of medicine, and damon sims, vice-president for student affairs at penn statecareen yarnal, park and tourism management at penn state. second, leisure interventions are cost-effective and have a broad reach because they can be administered to the student body in a classroom setting. on the one hand, some engage in leisure activities that boost mood, increase coping skills, reduce stress, encourage physical activity, and promote academic and community engagement. first, leisure interventions are relevant to all students, increasing the likelihood that students will be receptive to the information.

Online Social Networking and Addiction—A Review of the

albright, an employee, notes obvious abuses of fmla by fellow employees who conveniently take every friday off. every day, students weigh their schedules deciding what time to devote to academics and jobs, how many hours to allocate to sleeping and personal maintenance, and what to do with leisure or free time. negative use of leisure, including heavy alcohol use, is associated with physical inactivity, stress, and short and long-term health concerns. brandenburg, an employee, explains how fmla causes friction between coworkers when some are rewarded for perfect attendance even though they missed weeks of work. brennan from foley & lardner llp discuses how fmla forces coworkers to be away from their families when they have to cover for fellow employees who misuse leave. many companies have discontinued attendance bonuses, meaning that the family and medical leave act has had the unintended effect of reducing some workers' pay. we've also seen situations where it's been pretty obvious that the person knows the 'system' well and uses it to get what i like to refer to as a 'free ride' in respect to a company's expectations of attendance.., what is leisure to one may be work or personal maintenance to another, pentland & harvey, 1999), and because of validity concerns with retrospective data (e.

Essay leisure uses abuses-Field Experiments and Their Critics: Essays on the Uses and Abuses

Essay on Substance Abuse Among Teenagers and Young Adults

nappenbergor, a wic program director, explains her problems with abuses of fmla. it is important to note that because of the subjective nature of leisure (i. berstler submitted a personal comment stemming from his experience as hr professional dealing with the abuses of fmla. should she be allowed to miss 60 days a year when she is doing nothing to ameliorate the very condition that causes her to need fmla leave? information from seven years of teaching the course suggests that the process of learning about leisure is linked to cognitive and behavior change in some students. quotes have been tagged as leisure: Heraclitus: ‘Time is a game played beautifully by children. "the area in which we see the most abuses is intermittent fmla. she uses all or close to her 60 days of intermittent fmla leave per year, by simply call­ing in and saying her bronchitis is bad and she can't work.

Uses and Abuses of Cyberspace: Coming to Grips with the Present

it is important to stress that alcohol use and abuse, including heavy episodic consumption, occurs mainly during college students’ leisure time. when they realize a co-worker abuses fmla and still gets an award, it's not good for morale and de-motivates employees. "… [p]erfect attendance bonuses are unfair to employees who have not missed a day of work for any reason and to employees who miss just one day of work for a non-fmla reason. the enjoyment of leisure would be nothing if we had only leisure. "the evidence of abuses discussed among the human resource pro­fession is almost legend."specific causes of concern include:Employees calling in the last minute for chronic illnesses such as migraines, children's asthma, etc. should pass legislation to correct such abuses and restore the act to its original purpose. buren from autotime time champion explains that the extra work created by fmla causes stress and resentment for coworkers.

The Uses of Leisure : Essays : School Essays : College Essays

langelin with briggs & stratton corporation explains that fmla makes it possible for employees who miss many days of work to be eligible for attendance bonuses. vann, writing on behalf of the equal employment advisory council, cites examples of abuses from the lenient definition of serious health condition. however, the physician says it's not a serious health condition by her definition and refuses to complete the certification.” timewise, a component of healthwise south africa, which is part of a life orientation curriculum in south african schools, helps adolescents understand that choosing to use leisure time positively can simultaneously prevent initiation of risky behaviors and reduce existing high-risk behaviors (caldwell, 2004; tibbits, smith, caldwell, & flisher, 2011)." speaking further of employee abuses, mapi says of one of its member com­panies that "[t]he company views persons involved in this kind of abuse as marginal employees, yet it believes they cannot be terminated because of the fmla protections that are probably being abused. "an employee who uses 12 weeks of fmla pro­tected leave in a year is entitled to receive an extra vacation day for 'low sick leave use' but an employee who missed four days of work, one day at a time throughout the year due to non-fmla qualifying ill­ness, does not receive the extra vacation day under the city's program. third, these interventions may empower students with knowledge about the importance of leisure, which by itself may contribute to positive long-term development and health trajectories, including reducing heavy episodic alcohol consumption. samson with iowa association of business and industry states that  "awarding perfect atten­dance bonuses to employees who have been absent for fmla purposes for up to 12 weeks when employees with near perfect attendance records do not receive such bonuses creates a major morale problem.

Quotes About Leisure (105 quotes)

they are overwhelmed by the disgust they experience watching co-workers who abuse fmla receive the same attendance rewards and bonuses that they do while at the same time being exempt from the same discipline that they are subject to if they fail to come to work. another thing is that our supervisors want us on fmla rather than regular sick leave for fmla doesn't count against them in sick leave hours (they want their bonuses). employees suffer because they are the ones who have to cover the work or work unscheduled overtime when a coworker abuses fmla.-lee rasler with am general llc remarks that fmla hurts employer perfect attendance incen­tives and causes morale problems. this general education course (n=~200 per semester comprised of freshmen through seniors from various majors) presents a balanced perspective on leisure, including positive and negative effects of free-time use and their various contributions to development and health over the life span. "our organization has discontinued our attendance bonus incentives because fmla causes the rules and calculation to be administratively burdensome and, in the end, we are unable to reward employees as effectively because fmla absences cannot be considered. there are many excuses utilized by union employees here that are questionable. norton of us tsubaki tells of some of the abuses of fmla that his group deals with.

Intervention for Positive Use of Leisure Time Among College Students

employ­ees are also suffering through reductions in bonuses and increases in work demands. timewise: taking charge of leisure time curriculum for middle school students., stresses that fmla causes friction among employees when bonuses are awarded to those who have taken fmla and are still able to claim perfect attendance. when a medical emergency arises that causes an absence (e.(c) became apparent to employees, who expressed that the programs were meaningless when employees taking fmla for the full 12 workweeks were entitled to the bonuses, but an employee who missed one day in a given period was disqualified from the program. i under­stand the need for leave for doctor's appointments or shortened work schedules but the law has been interpreted so that any portion of a day can be declared intermittent leave with no notice, which requires overtime costs and causes disgruntled co-workers. the abuses far outweigh the few it was intended for. a statistical program calculates each student’s daily and weekly (a) percentage of time spent on work, personal maintenance, and leisure, and (b) emotion, stress, alcohol, smoking and step averages.

conse­quently, this particular honda entity terminated its attendance reward program because of the overall negative response of rewarding attendance bonuses to those who are not at work. commenter wishing to remain anonymous submitted the following account concerning the abuses of fmla. possible solution is to provide students with a set of skills and knowledge about why it is beneficial to engage in positive free time pursuits and how that engagement will promote personal growth, development, and health; in short, to educate students about leisure time use. davey with the city of philadelphiaexplains, "employees can now absent themselves from work (up to a maximum of 60 days a year) and receive the same attendance incentives/bonuses as employees who come to work everyday. there may be several paths to encouraging productive use of leisure time, the senior author has developed a class on leisure and human behavior that shows potential as an indicated intervention.“reading is my favourite occupation, when i have leisure for it and books to read. in both our work and our leisure, i think, we should be so employed. most important, however, is that leisure is commonly held to be a context with relative freedom of choice and some level of enjoyment (kleiber, 1999).

whether the excuses are valid or not, the cost to american taxpayer is excep­tionally excessive because there is no profit margin in public service. a broad array of constituents could draw on the leisure education modules perhaps proactively contributing to increases in students’ health, to decreases in health-care costs, and to declines in the social and financial burden that some communities experience from college student heavy episodic drinking. it is usually filled out incorrectly, and causes headaches for employers and employees. barney explains the range of abuses that her company deals with because of fmla. we believe that broadening the scope of intervention strategies to include learning about the why and how of positive leisure time use has the potential to advance intervention practices and to change the culture of excessive alcohol consumption on campuses across the nation. leisure can be thought of as free time or certain types of activities like reading or exercising.""leisure," she said, without hesitation, her china blue eyes cheerfully steady on me. this greater burden and mental stress causes many employees to burn out.

russel with edison electric institute points out that missed work is causing employers to rethink giving perfect attendance bonuses. (c) (2) an employer is not allowed to treat an employee, who is on fml, any different than an employee not on fml when it comes to awarding bonuses for perfect attendance or safety. awarding perfect attendance bonuses to employees who have been absent for fmla purposes for up to 12 weeks when employees with near perfect attendance records do not receive such bonuses creates a major morale problem. it causes a great moral problem especially when some return married. leigh fermor,“the quasi-peaceable gentleman of leisure, then, not only consumes of the staff of life beyond the minimum required for subsistence and physical efficiency, but his consumption also undergoes a specialisation as regards the quality of the goods consumed. summary, we believe this intervention, currently in a pilot phase, including a control for potential confounders, holds great promise to help college students increase positive and decrease damaging use of leisure time, including excess alcohol consumption. we have heard these type of holiday/vacation fmla requests called 'get-out-of-jail-free' cards because there is no recourse that we have as an employer to enforce these types of abuses/misuses of leave. he is kept at work, ultimately, because of a vague feeling that he would be dangerous if he had leisure.

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