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example, if you are using the popular hotmail to send out your resume, you will not know whether it was received, unless the recipient contacts you. it’s easy to sign up and get a free email address. i mean, taking a closer look at the actual e-mail address you are using – it might be sabotaging your job search. has an email address-- or if they don't then they are seriously lacking the skills necessary to find a job. Most people only have one email addressHome job search your job search: 5 tips for a professional e-mail address. the other option is to simply create a filter to send emails to a selected email address to alert you to the fact that an email was sent to you regarding a job position you are seeking. i’ve seen similar e-mail addresses like these on resumes more often than you would guess. if you're known professionally by a nickname, fine, use it in an email address: dr. here are some key e-mail address-naming tips to help you in maintaining your professionalism on your resume:1. very long, typo-prone cases - realize that in some cases you'll have to hand write the email address or that it may end up being hand-typed by a reader - a few numbers are not a big deal - john.

Is Your Email Address Preventing You From Getting a Job

applies to any email address used as a general point of contact, professional or otherwise. rasmussen is president of portland, oregon-based pathfinder writing and career services, which provides resume, cover letter, and job searching assistance.- “directory of professional resume writers: how to find and work with a pro to accelerate your search”, jist publishing, 2008. you do not want to be that idiot who keeps sending out messages to your entire contact list with your new address. you know that busy recruiters and hiring professionals won’t take the time to acknowledge receipt of every resume emailed to them.-1using nickname as e-mail address7choosing professional name for mail address when the domain is “namesurname. on your resume, using your professional name — with that middle initial — has been […]. the most important thing is to create an email address that will get you through to the hiring manager. by erin kennedy, mcd, cmrw, cprw - visit the website to hire executive resume writer erin kennedy, cerw, cprwerin is an internationally renowned certified resume writer specializing in professional and executive level resumes and career services., it's hard to get hold of a neat email address at a major provider these days.

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it’s not just an email address that can get you in trouble but a cutesy voice mail message or a signature on your email. an address that you can stick with - your current copy of your resume may last a lot longer than you think. will employers look down on me if i have numbers at the end of my email address?”3addressing or greeting people in a rapidly growing email thread1is it a big “no” to have numbers in your professional / work email address? so your resume address is solely about the hiring process. if your name is so depressingly common that you really can't get a decent @provider address, maybe register a domain and throw up a few pages related to your profession. it now: 5 surefire resume tips to dazzle the employer & get you to the interview. the email address is an ideal way to contact someone about a job, so make sure you'll be regularly findable at that location. it also can help when you set up your professional email address. thing hr managers hate is when they get a resume from a work related email address.

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thing you definitely need to do is create a new professional email address. it's also hard to write a good resume, so you can always try a few variants on your name while you're mulling that over. domains typically cost around per year, plus another or so per year to add an email address associated with it. good spam filtering - resumes are public things, they get spread far and wide. erin is internationally recognized by her peers as one of the best of the best, she is a perennial award-nominated certified resume writer. firstly you'll send an updated resume to recruiters you care about more frequently than that, and secondly who head-hunts with no idea what you've been doing for the last two years? but i guess regardless of the email time stamp it probably looks bad for you to be sending emails from a work address. kennedy, mcd, cmrw, cprw owns professional resume services, where she and her talented staff of writers specialize in professional & executive resumes. one will look twice at an email address that is used on a job application, unless it is something explicitly unsavory (politics, sex, racism and such for example). wouldn’t use an impersonal, same-old resume template in your job search, right?

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    with the job market as competitive as it currently is, why stack the odds against you with an unprofessional email address? surefire resume tips to dazzle the employer & get you to the interview. for a year you can set up a domain with google apps which you can then use for your resume and the various email addresses. things to avoid here: a friend's server, domains you think you'll leave within 3 years, work addresses that will go away when you leave your current position. even if it isn’t goofy, an e-mail address could potentially torpedo your job search before you even get it off the ground because the one you are using doesn’t project a professional image. a closer look at the actual e-mail address you are using - It might be sabotaging your job search. the first is the ability to forward your emails from this newly created email address to an existing email address so that you gain access to emails more quickly. to a cnbc article, gmail rolled out a new feature in early january allowing some users to receive emails from people with whom they’ve not shared their email addresses, through gmail account integration with its social network google+. have received a number of e-mails from some very interesting address names lately. the point is that when people see the email address they should associate it with you.

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     it’s now up to you to conduct a quick review and see if your e-mail address needs triage help, stat. responses to “is your email address preventing you from getting a job? make sure that you receive the email, that you receive any error messages generated by email you send, and that you remember to send using the "correct" email address. the address on your resume for at least as long as you care to receive inquiries about that version of your resume. address which does not raise eyebrows is fine, however, try to pick up an address which includes your real name (or recognizable parts thereof). part of this website may be reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of professional resume services, inc. that respect, whether it is a gmail, yahoo or any other address doesn't matter, at all. you come up with a better email address later, you can put it on the next version of your resume and forward the email from the old one just in case.- "resumes for the rest of us: secrets from the pros for job seekers with unconventional career paths”, career press publishing, 2008.- "the quick resume & cover letter book, fourth edition", jist publishing, 2007.
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      imagine the problems that could come when they get in touch with your hr manager about you sending out resumes on company time.'ve been starting a resume recently, and i'm struggling with picking an email.-1what is the best way to represent department email addresses in companies where there exists turnover? on your resume, using your professional name — with that middle initial — has been proven to […]. you’ve purchased the domain name, set up your email account with an address such as:Understand that, even when you have a private email account, as described above, your emails are still subject to spam and other nefarious intruders, but you can put safeguards in place for that.-giveaways unwittingly revealed in your e-mail address name can lift the curtain about the personal you during a job search… and absolutely need to be tightened up, or even replaced in favor of more sanitized versions. the issue that may arise is that you may forget to log into the email account with the name you provided causing you to send an email from a less professional or desired email address. and even that might be overkill - i guess it depends what industry you work in, but think about your odds of ever getting a decent job lead from a resume more than a year or two old. you could create your email address based on your name, but if you have a creative profession, you could do a play off of that. those under 30 never had it ;-) as a courtesy to others, do not make your email address hard to type.
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      - professional association of resume writers and career coaches (parw/cc).-2which of these is more of a professional email address? you have an e-mail address that looks like some kind of code and doesn’t make any kind of logical sense, create an easy one to type into a message. if your email address based on your name is taken, then try a last name, first name combination. / blog, career & workplace, executive resumes, interviewing, job search, networking / is your email address preventing you from getting a job? should set-up an email address that’s professional and will not get you blacklisted by the hr department. is no expectation that you will spend money on a personalized email address / domain name. you're going to register a domain make sure it's got proper hosting - many spam filters consider bad return addresses, missing or non-responsive originating servers to be spam signatures which can get your application or replies binned unseen. guiseppi, c-suite executive job search strategist — personal branding, executive resume, biography, linkedin, online presence. by kennedy, mcd, cmrw, cprw on thursday, march 31, 2011 at 9:18 pm filed under blog, career & workplace, executive resumes, interviewing, job search, networking · tagged with erin kennedy, interviewing, job search, job seeker, networking, professional email, professional resume services, resume writing, success, workplace.
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