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Three Ways You're Sabotaging Yourself | Ladders

but if i got an email from someone who graduated college in 2009 with an aol account, that’s going to be a little weird. but i absolutely judge people with an aol email, because i am familiar with it (used it as a kid) and know that those who use aol for primary internet browsing are using a curated version of the internet in a bubble and thus are unlikely to have strong internet research skills and less likely to self-solve. i suggest you get an additional address that is nothing but job hunting. bonus points if you use an email address associated with your own custom domain because it shows you know something about using the web and technology. know what the person who is reading your resume is trying to find out? or how about if i write a thank you from a different email than is on my résumé? i have had personal websites & other email addresses with my own domains a few different times, too. so when i get an email in either account it shows, but if it’s in gmail i just have to swipe over and check that screen. my e-mail address is professional enough [and is gmail] but since using my first initial/last name was “already taken” i ended up using the last two digits of my birth year. in the it space, i would definitely not apply for a job with an aol email address. i do not feel like recreating another email in the middle of my job search. that makes me nuts – like how “no one uses email anymore”?, given that you’ve spent the time to create a resume and send it to them, they know you want a job. i have a gmail address and an aol address and a yahoo address— my aol address is the oldest- i’ve used it for more than 25 years. it’s based on demographics of users of certain email providers. them, at the very top of your resume, what job you want, and why you’re qualified for it. but i certainly could have chosen it for many sites/email domains if i had desired. ‘household’ or ‘joint’ email strategies such as ‘jimandnancy@’, ‘smithhousehold@’, or ‘bluthfamily@’ are not good email addresses to use for your professional job search. and i can guarantee you if you ask the top performers of most organizations for their personal email addresses there’s going to be absolutely no correlation with performance. might as well cut out the middle man and just email the hackers my details myself. but every single one of my friends knows that i will never willingly drop my aol account, so if they want to reach me, they can always send me a note to that email. i was the first gold to get a forwarding email with them.. as i said up top, i think that would be a great kitschy hipster email. work email is also through google apps, and i actually use the web interface instead of the outlook that’s installed on my work computer. there is absolutely a generational element to judging email providers. best reason to use gmail is because i saw a job posting that stated that they do not always get the emails sent from aol or yahoo (not sure why).

Is your AOL or Hotmail address hurting your job search? — Ask a

it’s on my linkedin, so if someone contacts me through there (which i’d think would indicate some degree of tech savviness), i don’t confuse them by switching to another email address that is identical, excluding the domain., the only emails i get from hotmail are spam, so if i get an email from a hotmail account i’m scared to open the attachments, and if the email is terribly written (“sirs – the resume requested is attached hearwith. on the other hand, i like using google to search and don’t like my email history influencing the searches. you are a systems admin and have an aol email address, i am going to pause (if i notice) as whether to contact you.. my college gives alumni a unique forwarding address upon graduation, so you can use it as a permanent address. shoot a quick clarifying email to the hiring manager or recruiter before applying: doing so may help you choose the right fit based on your experience and interests. you are looking for a job – have a professional email address. echoing many points above, you could also have your own domain name for an email address and it’s be equivalent to gmail. also had a prom-type picture in the header of her technicolor dreamcoat of a resume. the only reason i use a gmail address is because the google calendar application is so much nicer and works more smoothly with my blackberry playbook (which i giess makes me a real luddite? it’s taken forever to switch things over, but it’s given me a chance to clean everything up and only sign up for retail emails that i actually want. people i know are not using email to keep in touch (for personal business). your personal email address is about as significant as whether or not you have cable at home. of course, people with lengthy first and/or last names will end up with a cumbersome e-mail address [which is a pain when you need to tell someone your e-mail address over the phone or something. i was even getting email forwards from one if their families for awhile. i know a person worth at least 0 million who still uses a mindspring address. i think it might have something to do with the fact that when i was in college, i told someone my hotmail address and they said “hotmail?.The college i graduated from in the early ’70’s offered all their alumni permanent email addresses a few years ago so that we could keep in touch (and so they could reach out and touch us for $$$). i get her emails all the time, but that’s somewhat understandable, since we work in a multinational and i guess that for many foreign coworkers our names look identical. i will get a notification that the delivery failed, several hours after my email system indicated it was successfully sent. most of the resumes/cvs we get list people’s technical expertise. i don’t see how an internal email system even plays a role when we’re talking about job searching. of the other commenters summed it up best:I hire people and work through email almost exclusively. although i’ve used my personal email account and have landed jobs.’s actually surprising how many of the mothers of my girl scout troop use emails with what seems to be their maiden names in them. you’re worried, create a new email address with another number that can’t be taken as the birth year of an “old” person.

Three Ways You're Sabotaging Yourself | Ladders

What Does Your Email Address Say About You? | Steve Anderson

finding the time to create 100 different cover letters is nearly impossible, but you should have tailored cover letters and resumes for the types of positions you are applying for and invest the time and energy to ensure the company name, hiring manager and position are correctly spelled and positioned throughout your application materials. did see a lady apply for a position with our (government, legal) office with an email that said “cullengirlfriend” at one of the above-listed “oldies” extensions. or other online marketplaces, or sign up for freebies from cpg companies like kraft or p&g, or use multiple email addresses/accounts to score multiple groupons for great deals that i’ll use, or have to sign up at annoying sites for my market research stuff, and i use my aol address because i *know* that all of those things will result in receiving a lot of marketing emails that i don’t care about and/or flat out spam. millenials in general even understand the implications of an aol address? one should get rejected because of their email domain, but it’s part of forming a general impression of someone.” i don’t think this has been addressed yet in the comments: why the focus on gmail being the only acceptable domain? - veronykahthe flood of comments wasn't without dissenting opinion by any measure; many commenters weighed in pointing out that it was superficial and judgmental to make snap decisions based on an email address. still use my aol email and i also use it when i apply for jobs . i find myself censoring my emails to them just in case the husband or kids read the email. version of that: wife-at-the-time taught high school english, and she got email from a student who was “poonmaster3@whatever”, which raises the question: were poonmaster1 and 2 already taken? can’t address all potential personal issues, just have to do your best with what you can control.. i don’t think it matters where you get your email.) no, you do not *have* to pay for aol email or their web-news (including patch, the hyper-local news site), though you *can* still pay for a subscription to use them as an isp.’ve had every email provider under the sun at one point, but used yahoo as my primary provider for about 10 years. agree that it would be exceedingly stupid for an employer to reject you or take your email domain into account when making a decision, but it does impact someone’s first impression. days most colleges and universities allow their students to keep their email addresses for life — which makes those addresses far more stable than one with whoever is providing their internet service at home. your having a yahoo account may or may not correlate with what i see on your resume, but it wouldn’t necessarily knock you out of the running. last thing in the world i want to do is wade through my husband’s email in search of mine. my yahoo email has been a mess, but it may depend on what arm you’re entering from. we don’t utilize email at work –so there is no work email to check but that’ a separate issue in itself….), you could automatically send all email sent to abug+aam (at) gmail direct to the trash bin without ever hitting your inbox. ease vs their confusion: next time i’ll just use my name and hope i can figure out who sold my email address and how to turn off some of the spam. on what email service is being used by the recipient, it sometimes shows as being from firstname. presumable, most companies aren’t giving internal email accounts to applicants. — gmail ignores dots in the local portion of the address, so. when i’ve had to change that email addy for whatever reason it’s invariably resulted in me losing touch with people and opportunities.

is your AOL or Hotmail address hurting your job search? — Ask a

Know What Your Email Address Says About You

i’ve also got a couple of aol addresses, because i still use aim to talk to certain friends. you could say that about impressions based off of people’s interview outfits, or their grooming habits, or their pink resume paper. also, don’t use the email address for your spouse or family! yeah, if i see a yahoo address, i don’t judge. similar to using your dorm address as your mailing address when you don’t live there anymore.’ll add that i’m frankly surprised by aam’s position on this one when she said (iirc) that the type of paper used for a printed resume doesn’t matter as long as it’s not too address because otherwise their mit/harvard/yale degree is on, like, page 3 of their cv where you might not notice it, but having an elite degree is often a prerequisite in some organizations. it’s naive to think that little details don’t add up to form an impression of you, even if you weren’t aware that email domain is one of those things.) my daily emails to my personal accounts are groupons, notices from my kids school, appointment reminders, etc. still use email for personal things, but not as much as i did ten years ago. i check it sometimes too, but again, it’s mainly just for things i don’t necessarily want in my main email account. I ask because I was reading a thread on Reddit recently, and the peoI'm a photographer and also wonder when i see other photographers without a domain name email. judging a person based on their email provider isn’t any different than judging them based on their name or address. have people’s personal emails in a file – and it’s for one reason only and that’s in case we lose power completely and just for communication about the status of when we’ll be back up. most college webmail programs i worked with blocked hotmail emails by default. definitely think that as hiring managers skew younger and more gen-xers and millennials become hiring managers, we’ll see more outright dismissal of anyone with an aol email address and the like. changed my gmail address when i got married, but i found that i need to keep my old maiden-name gmail forwarding to my current married name address because some of my family / old coworkers still send things to it. i just got married and changed my last name, and i decided to wipe the slate clean with a new (also gmail) address, even though i had been using my old one since 2004 or 2005 (whenever gmail started). honestly, if someone can look at my resume and cover letter, which show tech-savvy skills and achievements, and dismiss me simply because i have a yahoo account, perhaps i’m better off not working for them; what other off-base assumptions would they make about me, and what opportunities might i miss due to their assumptions, if they have such a propensity for making snap judgments against the majority of the evidence at hand? knows spelling errors are unacceptable, but it’s amazing to me how many cover letters we get addressed to the wrong people or referencing another local company instead of hubspot.(i have a gmail account for generic professional stuff, a domain email for things related specifically to my freelance business (like my wepay account), an email through my service provider for personal stuff, and a yahoo! my email address is the only contact info that hasn’t changed over the last 9 years and it would take them shutting the site down for me to stop using it. was never missing :) just got sent to moderation because anything with a link (which sometimes seems to include email addresses) does.’d say i’m moderately tech savvy, but i don’t (didn’t) assume the number in a person’s email address meant their birthyear (unless written as 19xx). may also like:update: my government manager is thwarting public record laws by emailing things to my personal email accountnot a good idea: applying for jobs from your current work email addressmy company monitors us to make sure we don’t job search, school-issued email addresses, and more. applying to job in boston when your address says worcester might kill a candidate’s chances.

What Does Your Email Address Say About You? | Steve Anderson

The 10 Reasons I Ignored Your Resume

recently gave me a ymail address and i kept thinking she was confused and meant gmail. it might be free in terms of paying cash, but it’s not free of other things (google tracking your history when logged-in, needing to tell people you’ve changed your email address are two costs that come to mind off the top of my head. @ gmail an apology for getting mixups, and let her know that if she ever gets email from people with [very unique lastname a] or [another very unique lastname b] its my parents and family and i’m sorry. 4% of new users at ladders sign up with aol email addresses these days. of the flawed research it doesnt show how email correlates to intelligence. have had the same personal email address from mindspring / springmail since 2001.. you shouldn’t job search using your current job’s email address or phone number (or anything else). thoughts when you see one of the lesser used addresses?’ve had my hotmail address since the 90s and i was grandfathered in so i could still download it to outlook express for free when they started charging for that. the reason is that you’re trying to do the wrong thing with the top third of your resume. i’ve mentioned earlier, i know very accomplished people with “old” email addresses. seems as though they aren't serious about their career if they haven't taken the time to create a website and therefore have a domain name email. later in the process when i’m trying to send them documents and links via email as part of the hiring process, it becomes an issue :-/..In my experience, it’s never actually their address… this happens a lot in entry-level/light manual labor positions where they think they’ll never need to communicate via email and just type something into the field. webtv address would be so wrong it’s almost kitschily right.? who really thinks that is ok to put on a resume?(fwiw i did set up a gmail acct for my “professional” email for various reasons, not least of which is that it just sounded more professional than the somewhat goofily-named services available at the time. if you had to put a photo of your underwear on your resume (in some dystopic hell scape world where such a thing is required), you probably wouldn’t choose your day-to-day ’80s-styled pair! ;) and my sister, who is a doctor, is still using juno for her personal email, that has her maiden name in it. it could be that person has been online since the beginning of time and just never changed their email address, like some people like to keep the same phone # when they move or switch providers, because it’s just less hassle. i’m not the only millennial hiring manager who skips right over people if something in their resume conveys that he or she is not a “native speaker” of technology. if we’re emailing each other, the vulnerability of your email can affect my email. it really matter which email provider you use to apply for jobs? i’m not going to mislead you and say that it’s better, but it’s still sufficient if you write thoughtful, sensible blog posts, comments, emails and contributions on industry-related topics and threads. all until last year, yahoo stopped sending emails out if i attached anything to them.’s not going to take you out of the running, but there absolutely are stereotypes about those email addresses, and you should at least be aware that you might get branded with them. Thesis statement on raising children and Top 10 resume writing mistakes

AOL email address: Why I still use my account. (And no, I'm

invest the time to craft a cover letter and resume tailored to the job you truly want rather than trying to boil the ocean by applying to dozens of jobs in the same category. used to get some interesting emails at my old firm for the other ‘dan’, since i was usually first in the autocomplete queue in outlook. someone has numbers in their email address, it’s probably because just their name was already taken. as mentioned upthread, it’s inexpensive and easy to do, and even if you don’t set up a website, you can easily have your email look professional.’s not weird at all to draw conclusions about someone’s skills based on their email address. one of our execs has a personal aol email and he’s tech savvy.’s a good way to find out who is selling your email or using it for spam or has bad security on their customer/user database, and it makes it easier to filter those out. all those that think email provider matters are you basing it on anything real or is this just one of those gut feelings? i think what’s happening is that spammers are just sending to a bunch of likely addresses and hoping some of it sticks. it doesn’t have to be fair, and you don’t have to like it; you just have to accept the reality that people may form a perception of you based on your email address. have my first initial, my middle initial, and my lastname at gmail, so if my name were anne b ears, the email address would be abears. just the other day, i had to gently advise a job seeker that, especially with the marijuana charges in her past criminal history, she may want to rethink having an email address with 420 in it. i like to stay signed in and i like to not be complaining about silly little things like all of my gmail friends do (where are my emails disappearing to? the other hand the myname@cableco is perfectly useful for my resume. yahoo/rogers got hacked just recently and it just went out to a couple people who’ve emailed that account. i’ve had several recruiter and hiring manager emails end up in my spam folder, especially after submitting online applications. that i am at all disagreeing with alison, but my primary personal email (gmail) has become very irrelevent in the last year. actually think that it’s more unfair to judge someone based on outdated interview attire than for their email addresses. i can’t imagine using it on my resume, though!, why do you accept the social convention “jeans are disrespectful” and not the social convention “aol email addresses are unprofessional”? this week we asked you what your email prejudices were. where 10 years ago i communicated with friends via email, now it’s mostly facebook or twitter. should see into the future, not live in the past, so unless you're applying for a job as a historian for 1999, i would suggest updating your email address, perhaps to a gmail address. as far as i can tell, it depends on the recipient’s email. got my gmail address much later, and use it primarily for online account logins and communications with companies or prospective employers. i’ve managed my own career well enough that i don’t have to send my resume to nameless hiring managers and recruiters who will cut me based on my email domain.

Know What Your Email Address Says About You

What Your Email Address Says About You As A Job Candidate - Levo

when i sign up for most sites, i use my aol address that i’ve had since 1993 (? would have to question any employer who is okay with people using personal email for work – which is the only way it would impact the network. but when you have other info, why let an email address alone color your opinion? my case, it’s my name, so if they can remember who i am, they should be able to remember the email. i figure they’re probably done with all the gmail issues they had and want to make sure an important email (from a possible job) doesn’t get lost. sometimes i send the same email to both of my sisters and i just make sure both of their names are in the to field. then, we could check our webtv email on our rotary phone. they can’t tell, by reading the top third of your resume, what you want to do next, then you’re never going to get to the next step. heck, change it up sometimes and weed resumes based on area code. who their email is with says nothing about them for example none of those above stereotypes are true with me. what about all of the resumes i already have out there? when you get spam after you use the email to sign up for any other site online, it’s not so odd. most announcements of what’s going on in their lives take place on facebook and texting seems to take care of the rest of stuff people used to use personal email for.’t let someone’s email domain trick you into thinking that they use the service for their isp (although they might, but that population is extremely small). yeah, it takes five minutes to switch over to gmail, but i specifically don’t want to have a gmail address. also had to use my itunes user name for the first time in, oh, 3 years the other day & it was nice to know i could just retrieve it through my trusty yahoo email. do question, though, people who change their email addresses every few years for the next “bright shiny” domain. and one semi-defunct campus server, i have all of my email sites linked through my desktop mail program (mail in mac). and you might think that it’s ridiculous that an email domain does that, but it does. fair or unfair, everything about you that is visible contributes to an overall impression, and email is easy to change (or augment; you’re allowed to have more than one. then the recruiter or hiring manager will see the @yahoo address anyway.” and we’ll continue on, but 99/100 times i’ve asked that question, people have told me they just made something up because they don’t have email, can’t remember their email, or didn’t think it’d be important. i see the general reaction is gmail good–aol bad…but what about any of the free email sites you rarely or never hear about? i’m saying is i don’t use personal email that much, not that i’m getting personal email at work (except from my mom, which is an anomaly i can’t seem to fix. if it does spell something weird, gmail doesn’t count periods as part of the email address – janelsmith @ gmail and jane. as a hiring manager, i’m contacting your personal email account.

The 10 Reasons I Ignored Your Resume

What Your Email Domain Says About You

it’s easier for me to keep all my email addresses than to shift to gmail-only to be “cool.. just because i get mail occasionally addressed to rana husband’slastname doesn’t mean that’s actually my name. i can agree i might as well use my gmail address instead and represent that i *am* current, i think it’s weird to jump to conclusions about someone’s skills from their email address. almost never use my work email address for personal things for three reasons:1..when i try to send an email, it will “bounce back”. there are definitely stats that indicate (in general, of course) that people using aol/hotmail/yahoo may not be as technically savvy as people using gmail based on web purchasing activity/email interactions. your clothing, your hair style, and your manner of speaking, your email address is part of your personal image. is a woman out there whose name is, in this analogy, anne bears, and i know when she got married (wedding registry e-mails), that she is expecting (babies-r-us registry e-mails), and all the details of her mother’s vacation photos and health because these people will not stop sending e-mail to my address (she is actually a teacher and her actual e-mail is “abears” one of those . lead a boring life so i only have one personal email address, so my iphone is set up where my work email is the main account, but my gmail is set up also., let’s say you’re hiring for some general office admin position, and my 60-year old aunt applies with a resume lacking in any computer or office experience, and an aol address, yeah, i can agree you need to fill in the blanks about her experience from the info you have and that shows that she is dated in her computer use.. the only number on your resume is your phone number. i’m not currently job searching, but would it be wise to eventually get a new e-mail address/account? but on average, many people have noticed that emails from those domains tend to be more likely to be either shady or sent by someone who is very uncomfortable with technology and not with-it in general., i think the spam arrives so quickly just because gmail is so popular–spammers send email to any handle they can think of @gmail, on the off chance the address exists..bug (at) gmail is handled/delivered to the exact same person/address as abug (at) gmail.? what’s the point of using a fake e-mail address in a job application? i’m a diehard outlook enthusiast – i feel like outlook is an extension of how my brain would organize things naturally, and i can do literally anything i would ever want to do with email. point is, as an early adopter, i generally have my pick (or multiple picks) for user names and/or email addresses. an individual’s email domain contributes to my overall impression of them, what i really judge are businesses who use a free domain (gmail, shaw [provider-based domain], etc) instead of getting their own domain. said that, i haven’t signed into each of those separate email accounts in years, in some cases., i was 8 at the time and wasn’t exactly getting many emails, so it didn’t matter for that one. this also has the benefit of being clean and not associated with anything you might have done with your main email address. i, on the other hand, only use myrealname@gmail for all my email exchanges. we noted in the original post, email addresses have become ubiquitous and because we hand them out so liberally in professional and social situations it is worth taking the time to assess what your email address says about you..The problem is that when i send out an email from the primary account, it lists both the “official” address & the primary address on the sent from line. as a result, if your resume doesn’t include a single quantifiable metric to show your accomplishments, you’re likely not going to be a good fit on a marketing team today.

AOL email address: Why I still use my account. (And no, I'm

What is Your Email Provider Saying About You? – Resume Talk

if i were interviewing an email marketer who had an aol email address, i would definitely ask about it in the interview. i said in the original post: “no reasonable employer is going to reject you because of your email address’s domain, but it does contribute to an overall impression of you. unless you’re in a field where that is expected (in which case there had better be an actual site at that address!, yahoo address has my complete name and the gmail has a number added to it, so i prefer to use my yahoo address for professional reasons. you can forward it to the e-mail address you actually check so you’re only checking one mailbox. as an employer who presumably has an internal email system, why do you care so much about the security of the email provider i use at home?’s not that i “doubt your honesty”, but i will ask if it’s an accurate address, because if you (general you) just typed in a fake address, it significantly impacts the hiring process because the system communicates with that email and requires log-on authentication, etc. lot of colleges keep those email accounts open (or move them to a @ alumni. a recruiter i don’t like to see graduates with post-grad work experience still using their college or university email address on their resume. all of my stuff gets forward to the my school address, which is my main account.’m certainly not the it person in the family, but i do notice a lot “phishing” in general from gmail than from either yahoo or hotmail (my two alternate emails. 4 of the moms have (obviously personal) emails with what is most likely their maiden names, and the girls live with both parents.’m surprised at the posts arguing that your email domain “shouldn’t” count against you, because you’re smart and hardworking and up-to-date, and an aol address doesn’t change that. recruiters there said they downgrade candidates who use anything other than gmail or an address with a personal domain. i have a *number* of gmail accounts, as well as my own domain account (serviced by google), and i have experienced myself and seen with others so many horrible issues (even for the paid accounts): losing emails never to be found again, not being able to access the accounts for weeks at a time, having server issues for months on end, etc. was hoping to avoid emails like you’re describing, but i still get them. actually brings up something i’ve noticed — so many of my married women friends have email addresses like thehasslerhouse or smithfamily or even just their husband’s name. i see a site like this, i think to myself, “wow, if this company has such an anonymous website, i would probably feel like an anonymous employee” and makes me want to submit an application using a compuserve or prodigy email address. screen resumes before sending to the hiring manager and grade this sort of thing on a scale.. so hiring managers only have ten seconds to glance at your resume, but they have the extra time to ponder your email domain and come up with some idiotic impression of you? it’s not my primary address, but if i were networking through the group i’d certainly use it.’ll be honest; i use my alumnus email address when job-searching for the exact reason you mention. but when i’m hiring, the email address is absolutely something i look at and take into consideration, along with the meat of the resume. i guess i will update my resume and start using my gmail address for all things job related.’ll admit to having gotten my email addresses mixed up, because my gmail account is meg. an applicant has some remarkably tacky or unprofessional sounding email name, i do not care what domain they use.

What Your Email Address Says About You As A Job Candidate - Levo

(there were two different names so i guess there’s at least 2 women who think my email is theirs. i know there are probably good practical reasons — they’re the only one who checks the email address or it’s part of their package, but it rubs me the wrong way. with the email address mike123@whatever probably won’t remember the specific number off the top of their head, since their browser autofills that field. enough, i’m not a hiring manager yet i raise my eyebrow at friends and colleagues–when exchanging email addresses and they give me a hotmail, yahoo and aol email address. it’s also unfair to judge people for having email accounts that are not firstname. i has hiring, those two things, as a *gross* generalization, make the person either less desirable or more desirable, but since it’s not clear at all i’d ignore the email domain., nothing any more common than any other email address i’ve used and it’s happened with more than one gmail account i’ve opened and not with any of the others (i tend to keep several accounts for different things). i have one friend who still uses hotmail and it makes sense to me because she doesn’t use technology all that much; she doesn’t own a computer or a smartphone, and only checks email once every couple of months. actually is data backing up this stuff, re: the relative technological savviness of various email domain users — kristin alluded to it above too. in my few years of hiring, not once have i ever checked the website that they receive their email. that would allow you to keep your other email address for person use. it might not be true of you at all… but then why not create an email address that sends the image you want hiring managers to have? i’ve found that adding numbers to the email address just makes it clunky in general. seriously, bouncing credit card payment receipts and information emails from my bank while still letting through phishing email supposedly from the same bank, 2 bit small town isp. thing is, though, that just like clothes, email addresses brand you to a certain extent. everyone knows my email address which is why i keep it and i do not want to keep making new emails addresses to keep up with what ever is coolest thing to have right now… my email address has a professional name to it too (which is funny since i made it in elementary school) so i plan on keeping it. website and primary emails are both through a service that was originally only dial-up based.’d probably use my gmail address in a job search setting, though; part of the value of the forwarding address is that it’s currently spam free, due to my being very careful about whom i share it with. i have never used a work address for any personal email at all. fair or not, a really old-school email address might give off a different impression. as i get older, i start to wonder if maybe this isn’t such a good idea to basically tell how i am in my e-mail address. so if you typically wanted to use abug (at) gmail, but wanted to put a different email on the aam blog for the sake of avoiding spam, you could do abug+aam (at) gmail, and it would be delivered to you.) just because the overly simple email addresses tend to get spammed more than the more specific one that i use. all my applications send via email never were sent, and i had no idea!’s fault; it was because someone hacked into the records at gawker, and used people’s usernames and passwords to get into their email accounts. the spam even starts in a gmail account when you never use the email address to sign up for anything.

What Your Email Domain Says About You

… you’re saying there are people out there who don’t know their own email address off the top of their head? if your name is dawn stone and your school or employer has an email naming convention, stonedxxx@whatever. it may be silly, but my thought is, it takes less than 5 minutes to get an email address – why not get an email address that will make a better impression? and yes, i have seen some very tacky email addresses like this come through and most of the time, i don’t even bother.. many of us even had aol email addresses when were kids.’s a pita to dump an email address you’ve had for 10+ years. they’ve had an email address for a long time, other people know that at their address, so they see no need to change. but a few weeks ago, on my birthday, i sent an email out to our local office… and 2 people walked to her desk and wanted to congratulate her! i don’t know how much of an effect your scenario would have, but if you just use a linked account with a new address you can know for sure that it didn’t have one. but then i would have missed the email from a friend i hadn’t heard from for 10 years who only had my aol account. i signed up already and was able to get my first choice of email handles. similarly to a candidate using a supposedly-outdated email provider, these sites make me wonder how with-it the company is, and whether they are intentionally non-branding themselves or just sadly clueless as to the impression they give off… either way, not appealing! if they can’t even take the time to make a second email address that has a little professionalism and class to it, they probably are not going to put forth the effort to appear as such at their job. i’d be more inclined to assume it’s really their address and they just got it first, since there would be no point in using a fake email address on a resume…? mary smith’s mom, jane smith’s email is janejones at whatever.’m currently hiring for a job that requires a jd, and a very large proportion of the applicants are using their school emails; i think that career service offices in universities might be recommending that students use it, so just a caution about judging on it! i’ve seen plenty of those too, as it was part of my job to clear out the saved resume files every six months. i have to sift through 60+ resumes for a prospect researcher position, it is a shortcut for me to just cut everyone with an aol address, because in my experience, that field has correlated 100% with people who may be fine writers but have lower ability towards research tools, self-solving, and picking up new technology. that way, if/when those sites send unwanted emails/semi-spam/spam, i don’t have to deal with them in my ‘real’ inbox. We dug through the comments, and now we're back to highlight how you feel about certain email addresses and what they say about the people who use them. thing i’m noting here: how many of you go to the individual sites to check your email? maybe that’s not fair, but there is that perception, based on getting a lot of emails from those domains in those categories. most companies keep records of email even if they never look at them. i had an intuit account once that was associated with another email (personal domain), and i screwed up and shut-down that email before changing the contact email on intuit. other reason i keep using my ancient email is because i can always remember my email address to retrieve access to a particular website.“and as an employer who presumably has an internal email system, why do you care so much about the security of the email provider i use at home? Your interest in my resume, see your point, but most of the big email service providers under discussion (gmail, hotmail, aol, etc) are free., my primary email address is (for example) margesimpson@gmail, but i also snatched up marjoriesimpson, margebouviersimpson, simpsonmarge, msimpson, and every other variation i could think of and had them all forwarded to the main address. they provide really great service – drop them a ticket with a problem and they call you back within half an hour to fix it – and are fairly cheap, so i continue to use them as email and webpage host, even though i pay comcast for general internet access. it’s certainly not any weirder than drawing conclusions based on anything else in their resume, how they format their resume, or anything else they are using as a marketing tool to market themselves. think that judging candidates by their email service provider is about as useful and professional as judging someone by their zip code or area code. job hunters it seems totally reasonable to me to have a professional sounding gmail address, but i am continuously surprised at how many businesses use free email accounts (aol, even) for their primary business email. think that actually the low opportunity cost of getting a new e-mail address is kind of the point here. interview attire and the actual email username show an understanding of social norms and standards of professionalism, so i guess that in the right context you could make the same argument for email domain. to me, being judged on what you do on the job site is a whole lot different than being judged by the reputation of the email host you have on your personal, never to be used at work anyway, email address. know very accomplished, sharp people with “old-fashioned” email addresses too. i have had my email since i was in elementary school and it was my first email too. i don’t think there are many people who would sign up for an aol email without having used their isp services at some point. also many schools contract with google to run their addresses through the gmail platform, so a student may not feel the need to get a separate gmail address. a recruiter, i don’t give a hoot about what domain someone’s email account is set up on.) i assume most personal accounts are kind of afterthoughts, used for junk and getting emails from your grandma, dentist, and the occassional headhunter. any personal email address i have is kind of secondary & just not a big part of my daily communications.; similarly, we’ve talked about the problem of using an address from out of state (where “out of state” is beyond commuter territory). i may not care how the vulnerability of your 1998 aol email account affects you, but i certainly care how it could potentially affect me and my email account. i’ve had a yahoo email address since the mid-90’s, since i was in school. using an aol address does make you look way behind the times when it comes to technology. i have a gmail account, but i never use it, because i don’t want to bother checking two personal email accounts. haven’t read the almost 300 comments yet, so this may have already been addressed, but given how many problems gmail has and given that when it comes to using gmail vs yahoo, it’s really unconscious corporate branding being swallowed hook, line, and sinker, i think judging people on email domains is absolutely ridiculous and actually tells me a lot more about the recruiters lack of web savvy who do this than the candidate’s. i am in the it field and while i likely will switch to using gmail for a professional email when i graduate, i would say i do see yahoo, aol and hotmail as outdated email types. just seems weird to me though to use a school email when you’re not in school. the other hand, i’m not about to change my email address or create a new one when i’ve had the same address for two decades. i think about using my own domain address from my website, but then i wonder if having anything other than gmail/hotmail/etc would be slower to remember? 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if a hiring manager is going to ding me because i choose to keep the same email address for years, just like i’ve had the same cell phone number since 1986, then i probably don’t want to work for that person. have to mention that while an aol address might make someone appear older, i have know some very very accomplished people (yes, older – 40 to 5os) with aol addresses. when your business interactions rely on email, it’s not on to have those kinds of ongoing problems. i don’t use the email address to be my entire criteria for weeding out resumes, but combined with the rest of the resume, it tends to correlate with what’s on the resume. i just check through the aol box, oh, once a week or so and delete all but the 3 or 4 emails that are actually halfway worth looking at. it’s because i have so much to keep track of and the email (and work) never stops coming. someone right out of college i might worry about because of the small concern that they’re not checking it anymore and accidentally left it on their resume. that’s why i have kept the same email address. how do you conclude that people with non gmail accounts don’t use email often? that’s taken, then for the purposes of your job search, add next year’s number to your address:You’re probably going to be using this email address into the new year anyway and starting now makes you seem ahead of the times. requesting that they email your spouse & kids when contacting you is awkward. he doesn’t change it because he’s had the address for many years. didn’t think my email address was common (it’s an alternate spelling of jenny), but i am getting a lour of email for more than one jennifer. i can see having a family email for, well, family stuff, but when you’re communicating with people outside of the family, give each member their own address! then i think/hope they simply have another email address for professional type things. so when i found out my isp was bouncing a lot of my legitimate business mail as spam i switched to the hotmail account as my main address.’s weird to me is at most places you’re going to get a corporate email address. it’s not great that you didn’t respond to the email i sent you…. if we’re emailing each other, the vulnerability of your email can affect my email. if i were hiring for a secretary, i wouldn’t care what your email address was. only reason i wouldn’t use my aol address for a job app is because it’s not a “myname@” kind of thing.” i work in tech, and keeping one’s tech skills up-to-date is important, so yeah, an aol address would have a slight unsavory whiff of “i don’t learn new computer stuff if i can possibly help it” where i work. – a lot of people use their old email addresses as a throwaway for junk email. it’s alarming that an hr person would automatically doubt my honesty before even checking to see if i could answer from that email address. have a hotmail address, which i got in college and is like my “landline” phone number – it’s my primary personal email account.’m also interested in early opinions about the new outlook email domain. Alzheimer39s disease essay paper

granted, i do have a couple gmail accounts for different things, but i have been using my springmail address for job hunting. so i don’t think there are many people out there who have the option of changing their email address from larry. that said, i still use the gmail addresses and don’t apply from my yahoo account. a lot of people, certain email domains are associated with spam, scammers, and fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd: hoaxes from great-aunts. i joined gmail and haven’t looked back since (although i did set up a forward service so that i didn’t have to chance my email for websites that i’ve set it up with years ago. and sure, i could build filters for each of those scenarios, but it’s easier to just ‘filter’ by sending the crap to an email i don’t care about in the first place. reader writes: Does it really matter which email provider you use to apply for jobs? have a hotmail address and i’m the network admin at my company. it’s a little detail that contributes to an overall impression of you, just like way you laid out your resume or whether your used pink resume paper or the weird tie you wore to an interview. that would make sense if email programs forced you to email people one at a time and retype each one. makes it easier for account owners but harder to come up with an e-mail address if you’re the 900th john smith to try to get one. it’s pretty nice; i use it for things where i expect to be in long-term contact (like financial services) and set it to pass along messages to whatever mail address i’m using currently.. i have four different addresses currently active right now (though i’m thinking i may have to bite the bullet and change my oldest, because at this point over two-thirds of the messages in it are spam). stuff like info about kids’ kindergarten, a request for help with immigration, info for a wedding… and weirdest of all, they sign up for websites with my email and their card details! (i also know that one of the moms that still has the maiden name in her email has a son in afghanistan, so they’ve been married for a while. reasonable employer is going to reject you because of your email address’s domain, but it does contribute to an overall impression of you. the email address on her resume just reinforces what her resume says about her. account) for the very purpose of being used as a “professional” job searching email address., i wasn’t able to join my university’s linkedin alumni networking group without supplying a university alumni email address (i guess it’s the fastest way for them to verify that someone is a legitimate alumnus). use a (professional-sounding) yahoo e-mail address for job hunting, partly because it’s one i’ve had for a while, and also because i’m concerned about privacy issues with gmail. people need to be in constant communication via email then the employer should buy them a smartphone and pay for them to receive their work email on a regulated device or allow remote access via web based application. it also helps in that i can keep my professional & networking contacts separate from my personal contacts that use my older email account.. my school e-mail address is mine for life and is run through gmail (with a platform i actually like loads better than regular gmail). remember using aim, i still have an aol address from there. i was commenting on contact info in one form listing jane smith as the mother, living with the father, with her contact email being janejones. (plus the hotmail account i use when some site demands an email address, and i know i don’t want to hear from them.

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