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C. S. Lewis - Wikipedia

i’m also an award-winning journalist, working as a staff writer for the maui news for the past 10 years, and have freelanced for local and national magazines. she was also an advice column writer for syracuse newspaper’s “partners in parenting” for years." this was the last thing i wanted to hear and have to deal with while
 making my album, but nonetheless it was something that needed to happen. seldom leave a response, however i did a few searching and wound up here how to write a terrific author bio | rachelle gardner. my latest novel, a ya paranormal murder mystery with a mermaid element, i shortened my bio from the one i used for my earlier works (legal thrillers) to this:I’m a lawyer, struggling to overcome that handicap. i maintain this blog specifically to answer as many writers' questions as possible., i am a first time author and i was working with someone who has written and published books with other writers. at age 22, i was finally ready to release my first self-produced, recorded, mixed
and mastered independent album. just finished my first memoir about my journey with my mom’s death 1. my response is that i want to write music that people can relate to. i felt the urge to write after losing a friend on 9-11. here is my sample bio:Like most writers, sandy mcmillen leads a triple life. my novel is a fiction based on my life, i don’t want to offend my family by writing it as an autobio so i’m changing names and embellishing some memories. i’m a total newbie with only a high school diploma, no degrees in anything, a love of writing and a desire to publish my e-book to help people stay on their diet. denmark, a well-attended "once in a lifetime" show was staged in copenhagen's parken stadium during "andersen year" to celebrate the writer and his stories. she currently has 2 blogs of her own with over 250 essays and poems published on it ranging from minstrel tales from her real musical life to magical daily happenings to essays on mythology. john’s college, new mexico, by night he writes action-adventure stories. she is the writer of popular travel blog “the amazing adventures of travelling kat” which aims to give her readers an eventful and inspiring back seat trip around the world. i could have written a new short story in the time i spent mulling over my bio. she’s published in a variety of magazines, as well as chicken soup for the soul: a tribute to moms and the mommy diaries. unaware of my family background, he asked me to
 go home that night and write about what hurt me growing up.

C. S. Lewis - Wikipedia

Hans Christian Andersen - Author -

i now had two new
 and unrefined loves in my life. is my favorite out of all the ones posted so far. i wish i’d seen it before publishing my first book! i also am building an audience for my book on my blog, jewish muse, a writer’s blog on faith and family. a self-proclaimed coffee officianado, she channels the excess energy to wrangle her young son – and write books she hopes his girlfriend will read when he’s in high school. my blog, facebook page, twitter and linkedin accounts are all in various stages of construction.
 people often ask me what i want listeners to walk away with after hearing my
music. on some discussion on this point at the southern kentucky writers’ conference, i’d recommend against mentioning the abna second round. believing it’s never too late to create your dream, she resurrected a desire to write when in retirement. i could care less how many letters a writer has after their name unless i am reading a medical book. her premier release of serenity lost in october 2010 with extasy books, amy has become the prime time editor for bellaonline, and regular contributing author to the amazon subscription blog, ‘red lipstick journals’. or, as my son could say even at age three, “daddy keeps people’s money safe. also, i put htis on page 2, right before the main content begins – my boss thinks it should be at the end. depending on when you catch him, he may also be an aspiring writer of science-fiction, young adult fiction, or a daily non-sequitur. story of my life (1871) by hans christian andersen - english. i hope that when someone listens to my
 music, they learn something about me, something about themselves, and most
 importantly about the god who creates starry nights. amy is also an active ebook author supporter lending her voice to encouraging new and indie ebook authors in striding toward their visions.’m still new to some of this, and my bio wasn’t very good. in addition to being a member of the federation of bc writers, the langley writers’ guild and the golden ears writers’ critique, i am a pastor’s wife and retired schoolteacher. in his spare time, he walks around town and writes his second novel. fuller knew from the sound of her mother’s typewriter clicking away while she was napping as a child, that she was raised to be a writer.

Hans Christian Andersen - Wikipedia

after meeting with the staff and 
president, i knew word would be my new home.
 after playing my idea for him the following morning, he looked over to me with 
tears in his eyes and said, "this song has to be on your record and it has to be about
as the lyrics started to come to mind, so did all the memories of my past that i hadn't
 thought about in years.’ve used a basic, pretty dry bio for my freelance writing for a long time. it had been finished for about 7 months when my life
 took a dramatic turn. from inspiring an individual to consider his or her purpose to uncovering the value of a flea market find, amy is most excited when she is surrounded by the images of god’s restorative heart. i hope my 
music speaks to them within their own lives and becomes something they can turn on
 any day of the week and in any season in life. – thanks for the opportunity to submit a bio for my book and website. as a result, when it comes to writing, i’m concentrating right now on perfecting my craft before trying for the limelight.' little did i
 know this song would change my life. some of my blog followers have suggested it, and i’m in the finding out what i don’t know phase. i also work full-time in an academic library while studying for my master’s in that field. my boss says he wants to evolve, but continually forces us back into the dry. i am just one chapter in a collaborative book and wrote my own bio. just shorten the second paragraph to say, camille is a member of oregon christian writers and acfw. “she’s constantly amazed she has any time to write, but”. i haven’t figured out what to write and still working on it. he has no prior publications, and isn’t a member of any writer’s organization. it’s a bit goofier inside my head, although it can take a while to come out around new people.. i’ve done a lot of querying online, and so my bio, such as it is, is in the email.’s the bio i sent to my publisher:You know, i don’t like it anymore.

How to Write Your Author Bio (And Why It Matters) – Book in a Box

some list my publishing credits, some (like the following) don’t. you can connect with her through her personal blog, writing for christ and her writing related group blog, the writer’s alley.
i had recently been given a keyboard for my 15th birthday. i as of yet am not published, i do not belong to any writer’s groups, i have not won any awards for non-published works. angela teaches in workshops and college classrooms, she does: write, read, revise, write again, read some more, revise, revise, and revise.’m puzzled as to how to write a bio for a crime novel when all my extensive publishing credits are nonfiction. rankin/bass productions-produced fantasy film, the daydreamer (1966), depicts the young hans christian andersen imaginatively conceiving the stories he would later write. are two slightly varied bios for my memoir dog-ma, the zen of slobber. after marrying, raising two girls and then reading to grandchildren she was inspired to write alliterative stories using each letter of the alphabet. i’m writing (mostly finishing and tweeking) my first novel, which is a modern day supernatural/fantasy, and am having trouble in what to put into the bio. so here’s my bio:Michael offutt is a writer of epic fantasy. this is the one that appears on the back of my book. she is a member of acw and two critique groups—carrollton creative writing club and the book and writers forum. i wanted to write a song that was a rededication
of my music and my life to jesus. tend to tweak my bio depending on where it goes, but it usually includes some of the same information across the board. she also writes christian fiction and was recently named a finalist in the women of faith’s writing contest.[i usually stop with the mention of my blog, and am wondering if i should add the grafs below., i’m hoping that this thread is still active, because otherwise my post will never be read. might change the modifier, as this could be read to imply that you “write from” the moody bible institute. thomas is a poet, freelance writer and novelist with a degree in english, a beloved husband and a dog named thistle. i fell in love with writing some two years ago and i started writing articles and later i moved on to write for church magazine; best known as ‘success hint’ and now i am compiling my first book which is still under vet.

Chris August Biography |

two authors respected each other's work and shared something important in common as writers: depictions of the poor and the underclass, who often had difficult lives affected both by the industrial revolution and by abject poverty. by day, lisa attempts to teach 8th graders to read, write, and think. frustrations were commonly taken out on my brother, my sister and myself. she is a first time writer who has never written a book but started off writing as a way of therapy for herself to overcome her tragic past but felt she had to tell her true story to inspire other women to break free from their family controlled lives. my blog, facebook page, twitter and linkedin accounts are all in various stages of construction. going to post my bio here but after reading a few of these and then re-reading mine, i think i may have to work on it some more. this is how our bio appears on my blog, but i will change it to first person in the query letter. my publishing credits to date are all non-fiction, limited to the legal field. i’m publishing my first book of travel adventures and stories that my husband and i have experienced. you write a bio, consider carefully the purpose of the bio – who is the audience? might delete this part “working as a staff writer” because it sounds redundant, but other than that, i wouldn’t change a thing. i think i may have been looking at my bio far too long. the topics, ranging from the corpus delicti of murder to trial procedure and lawyer ethical dilemmas, creep into my fiction. information @ rachel, now after practising i am writting some good author bio for my health and fitnesswebsite.! i am ready to send my first book off but i’m stuck on this bio…ugh. wrote an example what i may write for my author bio for a book that i am about to publish soon. three of my articles have been finalists in the surrey international conference writing contests.’s what i put in the section of “author bio” at the end of my query. has written songs as a renaissance faire musician and has been involved in online writer’s groups, such as “magpie tales” and “the pagan blog project”. realize that it would be smarter for me to have someone else write my bio. author bios with a writer friend and help each other make them interesting.

How to Write a Terrific Author Bio - Rachelle Gardner

frey of how to write a damn good thriller and other writing books. the
 moment i was done with school i would immediately come home and work on my latest 
song. i can still remember watching 
my future slowly crawl toward me on a conveyer belt. hans christian andersen: danish writer and citizen of the world. the thought of going through the publication process had never really crossed my mind until recently.’s a member of american christian fiction writers and was a runner-up in the 2010 genesis contest. my education includes a phd from nyu and i’m a nice man”.“my novel moved to the second round at amazon breakthrough novel award 2011. is the bio from my promotional flier:“amy floyd has a degree in sociology from ouachita baptist university. is what i’ve got on my blog right now, and assumes that anybody who stumbles across it won’t have any idea who i am. i’m getting ready to query a novel which i wrote, but there is historical input by my husband, eric. after a young professional friend in his twenties gave his honest opinion regarding my website, i decided to scratch the whole thing and start over. i updated my bio in several places to use this one. professional memberships include: mystery writers of america, sisters in crime, and international thriller writers.’ve lived in the south my entire life and in nashville long enough to consider it my hometown. although a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales. professional memberships include: mystery writers of america, sisters in crime, and international thriller writers. so, i now blog an write fun ebooks for the company. am a full-time hr business analyst and a part-time writer; a canadian currently living in washington state with my husband and our two doted-upon yorkshire terriers.: hans christian andersen1805 births1875 deaths19th-century danish writers19th-century danish novelists19th-century danish poetsbisexual menbisexual writerslgbt writers from denmarkcollectors of fairy talesdanish children's writersdanish christiansdanish fantasy writersdanish folkloredanish novelistsdanish male poetsdanish male writersdisease-related deaths in denmarkpeople from odenseprometheus award winnersscandinavian folkloremale novelistshidden categories: use dmy dates from august 2014articles containing danish-language textall articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from june 2015all articles lacking reliable referencesarticles lacking reliable references from november 2015articles with project gutenberg linksarticles with internet archive linksarticles with librivox linksopen library id different from wikidataarticles with open library linksac with 17 elementswikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with isni identifierswikipedia articles with gnd identifierswikipedia articles with selibr identifierswikipedia articles with bnf identifierswikipedia articles with bibsys identifierswikipedia articles with ulan identifierswikipedia articles with musicbrainz identifierswikipedia articles with nla identifierswikipedia articles with rkdartists identifiers.
my indie release of 'starry night' had somehow made its way to nashville, tn,
 and in the hands of an a&r person at word records.

Christian writer to write my biography-Hans Christian Andersen - Author -

Fanny Crosby | Christian History

my one publishing credit is with an online literary journal. i've
 never been the best writer, and i'm not exactly sure how to keep your interest with
 captivating phrases explaining why you should listen to my music. at night and on the weekends, she writes stories chronicling the many travel adventures she and her husband tom have experienced. for more info about me and my work, you may go to my website at: (still working on it. i continue to write for several publications, including the globe’s sunday magazine, the writer and the forward, a national jewish newspaper.’m a chemist that loves to write dramatic stories with a hint of humor. my faith was growing and so were my musical abilities. here is the first draft of my author bio… feedback would be appreciated! she’s constantly amazed she has any time to write, but doesn’t sleep much. every once in a while she writes to escape the daily abuse life foists upon her. she writes historical fiction and inspirational romance, mainly civil war era. she writes a bimonthly column for momsnext, an e-zine for moms of school-age children.’s digest 101 best websites for writers this website has been awarded a best writing website. the femininity of my nature and our friendship must remain a mystery. is an indie writer who has published her first e-book with 101 tips n’ tricks to help you stay on your diet. i write about a variety of topics but my personal favorite is fantasy. i left my position with kbr to work as a property book team chief with mantech. god bless and protect my brother is the sincere wish of his affectionate sister, jenny"., years after she began her endeavor as a self-taught writer, and several publications under her belt, angela earned her ma in creative writing from manhattanville college to formalize her writing. jewish organizations as well as tiferet, a spiritual journal, have featured my blog posts, which range from tongue-in-cheek entries about passing along judaism to my toddler to serious pieces about my journey from grief to faith. i’m working on a memoir about my journey as an adoptee to find healing from deep and unrecognized grief.

Fanny Crosby blind Hymn writer and poetess - Christian Biography

i conveyed my emotion in a letter to the editor of the toronto star and it was published. english isn’t my first language and i constantly feel like i write things wrong.>>my professional website is in place, and i have a written business plan. it’s hard to believe how difficult it can be to write about yourself in a bio—after all, you’re a writer! i have published several essays related to my memoir, including sunday magazine pieces in the globe and the sentinel. book jacket bio is, “amy floyd has a bachelor of arts degree in sociology from ouachita baptist university. a singer/songwriter named ryan cabrera had gotten a hold of it 
and wanted to work with me. would continue to write fairy tales and he published them in instalments until 1872. other than that, i spend my spare time rasslin’ with three young’uns. when she isn’t teaching, tutoring or being a mum, she uses her remaining few minutes to write rhyming picture books, poems and educational materials. it’s to the point and speaks specifically to the genre you write. i’m writing a bio for my book about selling artwork online. is the only “bio” that i have needed to write:July 5, 2011 at 9:34 am. freelancing as a copywriter for a living, she is a hopeless romantic at heart. i don't take submissions for guest posts, except for once or twice a year when i announce it on my blog. for sharing how to write a terrific author bio | rachelle gardner with us keep update bro love your article about how to write a terrific author bio | rachelle gardner . found myself stumbling over the sentence as is–i think because it was referencing two different actions. i mean, if they wanted to check my credential, isn’t that simpler? is the one i’ve been using for my current queries for an historical novel. i was working on music for my album, as well as writing 
and producing for other artist's projects. here’s what i have posted on my group blog:Sarah forgrave writes lighthearted romance with amish flavor.

Jim Wallis | Sojourners

i use it for articles published as my local stay-home mom examiner, on examiner (dot) com. plan to enjoy making myself sound a lot more interesting! in my opinion it should be more about hobbies, awards, and education than your husband and how many boooks you have read. but, my love for the genre began long before that when, in elementary school, i was forced in to reading the sid fleischman novel, ghost in the noonday sun. it’s definetly not terrific, but my education, experience and work have nothing to do with my debut commercial novel.
 in january of 2008, after restructuring at geffen records, i ended up back in my 
hometown of garland, tx. to write a bio if you have no publishing credits:If you’re a member of a writers’ organization such as scbwi, acfw or asja, you can mention it. i was constantly listening and
 singing along with the beach boys, chuck berry, elvis, the beatles and my favorite,
 stevie wonder.“dogs of epic proportions” – i almost hurt myself laughing at that. i’ve been ask for an “industry biography of the writer” as a new screenwriter i am unsure what the format is. it was this love of scifi that turned jim into a new hard-sf short-story writer who has won awards for his work in the past and has recently turned him into a scifi novelist too. but without them, i may not be saying enough concrete things about myself. i love expressing myself through creative means such as writing, singing, and drawing. i arrived sunday 
evening (adidas wind pants and all) ready to show off and perfect my usher-like 
moves, only to find out there would be no break dancing, but instead, a church service 
for teenagers. my current bio on my facebook page listed above looks like this: i am a full time husband, father, and nuclear professional. i will need to know how to do this when i publish my first book. by writer's digest, writer's market,writer's digest university & writer's digest shop. belcamino is a writer, photographer, and artist who also bakes a tasty biscotti. just wondered if it is seen as a help to put the link in my email to make a publishers job easier, or is that seen as pushy? am a first time writer and her is my bio. ah, well… here goes:For the past decade i’ve freelanced for various canadian magazines while writing my novels.

Hans Christian Andersen - Wikipedia

” my assumption (perhaps incorrect) is that if you’ve been published by one of the majors, then you already have representation, rather than are seeking it. during my nearly 25-year career as a newspaper reporter and editor, i also worked for the dallas morning news and the orlando sentinel.’m not sure how to do a bio for a pen name, and my credits are mainly academic, so boringly irrelevant for a fiction writer. brown has now penned her first short story to be included in an anthology brought together by kendra norman-bellamy entitled, love said not so with an expected release date of july 2012. 
over the years, i started adding pieces of recording gear to my collection. is also a writer and regular contributor and commentator to nationally acclaimed websites and television networks such as better tv. thank you for sharing…i remember how hard it was to write my contributors notes for a literary journal i am being published in. customize my bios according to venue, but this is the one i like the best. for my book: the mom’s guide to surviving west point:Lisa has been a surviving mom for nearly 25 years. hopefully, the website will be up and running again soon, although i still hold firm with my original opinion that go daddy’s ‘website tonight’ is a gross misnomer…to the computer inept like myself, ‘website eventually’ would work much better. she has two daughters who are also writers and artists.” i have written three books, all released by small publishers: “haunting valley,” a collection of fictional ghost stories centered around my home town; “scrappy business contingency planning,” which teaches corporate bcp professionals how to prepare for bad things; and “scrappy information security,” which teaches us all how to keep the cyber-criminals away. love cinnamon rolls, better add an extra mile to my run. served as the first vice-president and founding member of a faith based writer’s group, m-pact (motivated pens and creative thoughts) founded and led by national best-selling author, kendra norman-bellamy. i’m not crazy about it and would love suggestions to change it to more of a writer’s bio. within two weeks of ryan hearing my music, i signed a
 management deal with joe simpson, father of jessica and ashlee, and a record
 contract with geffen records.’s a bio i used recently for a literary and visual arts review (hence it focused more on my artistic abilities than writing for cred). sales over 500 so far, which is more than 10% of the enrollment for the academy. i’ve been trying to get started on my bio, and now i know how to make it a good one. i recently wrote a press release for my book and struggled more than i’d have expected. ed 
has always been one of my favorite producers so it was a pleasure for me to do a
 record with him.

How to Write Your Author Bio (And Why It Matters) – Book in a Box

in college, she spent her time getting very little sleep, making friends while making theatre, traveling, and realizing that maybe playwriting wasn’t the best career path if she only wanted to write about characters with supernatural abilities.’s another, a short paragraph for use in query letters:As an appellate attorney, i write persuasive prose for a living. what truly got me into writing are my imagination and my interest in the medical field. i would pluck around on
 each of these, but didn't get serious with them until years later when my dreams of
 being in the nba fell through because of asthma. andersen's travels in italy would be reflected in his first novel, an autobiography titled the improvisatore (improvisatoren) which was published in 1835, receiving instant acclaim. a picture book query letter: “my previous work includes the picture book ka’imi’s first round-up (island heritage, 2008), as well as an adult nonfiction book, also with island heritage, for which i won the hawaii literary arts council’s elliott cades award in 2007, considered the state’s top literary honor. they shook hands and walked to the veranda, about which andersen wrote in his diary: "we had come to the veranda, i was so happy to see and speak to england's now living writer, whom i love the most. this is intriguing, different, creative and still manages to tell me that you are a kickbutt sci-fi writer. my own exploration, thousands of persons all over the world get the loan from various banks. (would i be correct in assuming that your novels are not gloomy and angst-ridden? (i am probably one of the few editors who will actually provide critical feedback to new writers, including what i found out online where there is a discrepancy. he wrote 200 articles about traumatic brain injuries, bear grylls and the new york giants on his blog, “where did my brain go? ie, maybe a romance writer might want to mention (lightly! is the bio from my first book, a memoir – deep country; five years in the welsh hills., this is for a 50-100 word biography for a writing competition. may i feature this post on my blog and link back to you? christian andersen: my life as a fairytale (2001), a semi-biographical television miniseries that fictionalises the young life of danish author hans christian andersen and includes fairy tales as short interludes, intertwined into the events of the young author's life.! 🙂 trying to write a bio (for myself) for the back cover of my self published children’s book. novels contain a lot of humor, so i felt my bio should be mildly amusing:“darlene marshall is an award-winning author of historical romance featuring pirates, privateers, smugglers and the occasional possum. am a new author about to publish my first scifi/fantasy novel. hooks is a literary artist painting pictures as a writer, speaker and workshop leader.

 i moved to los angeles in january of 2005 to work on my first album with geffen. this comes from the bio i typically put in a query to an agent for my memoir about how losing my brother led me deeper into judaism. more about the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish author of classic stories including 'The Little Mermaid,' at Biography. it’s obvious many details would be shortened were this to appear on a book jacket, or even on my website were i more well-known. most of my stories are science fiction or fantasy or some strange combination of the two. doe is a paralegal, freelance writer and author from new york city., here’s what i thought would go inside the cover of my first novel (if it ever gets published). i want to catch my potential readers and publishers attention, without sounding too boring or dry. when i die, take my panties is jennifer’s first memoir recounting her journey with her mom’s eventual death from ovarian cancer in 2011. here’s my stab at it:Kristin weber is a comedian who delights audiences at comedy clubs,July 7, 2011 at 2:09 am. i nourish my muse with caramel frappuchinos and yankee candles and when i’m not writing, i enjoy spending time back in canada with my husband, our children, and our two brilliant grandchildren. i write southern fiction with a healthy dose of humor.. if it is nonfiction, i wannna know you have some credentials to teach me or sway my opinion. however, my involvement with music as a child wasn't limited to the
record player. my first novel releases in sept, i just recorded a spot for abc east coast late night talk show, have some radio spots coming and they all want a bio. it was then that 
i added acoustic guitar to my repertoire, opening the door for me to sing, perform and
 travel. any feedback is appreciated:Like most writers, john waverly lives a triple-life. amy started writing in high school but didn’t take the professional plunge until three years ago when a little voice told her she was meant to be doing something more….[19] at one point, he wrote in his diary: "almighty god, thee only have i; thou steerest my fate, i must give myself up to thee! i had bio and cv mixed up in my head."[23] collin, who preferred women, wrote in his own memoir: "i found myself unable to respond to this love, and this caused the author much suffering.

’m not really pursuing a career as a writer but i created this for one of the websites i upload my stories on. what i can offer is a 
genuine look into my past, present and god willing, my future. andersen, a 2005 biographical television miniseries that tells of the formative boarding school years of fairy tale writer. karen is also a photographer, writes picture books, follows politics obsessively, and practices law. i’ve blogged three times a week for almost a year and am a member of mwa, sinc, the nashville writers meetup group, and the critique group step by step. his 20 years of work in the field of psychology has honed his ability to write simple engaging stories about the human experience. my dad had put a home studio together that consisted of a few guitars, 
keyboard, drum machine and the standard 4track recorder. here’s the author bio from my website:Lucy writes sharp, contemporary fiction, usually with a liberal splatter of filth. is just a little bio i whipped up when my crit partner asked me for one to put on our website. with a master’s degree in education from temple university, he has had experience as a freelance writer and english tutor. when i’m not composing any self-proclaimed masterpieces, i enjoy spending time with my cat, playing video games or getting some much needed sleep. my professional website is in place, and i have a written business plan. be careful what you put out that, and assume that anything you write in a cover letter or query will be checked out by an astute publisher. my life has been a bit eclectic and it’s difficult to know what might be appropriate and what is of interest to no one but me. after being diagnosed with a chronic illness that required a drastic decrease in social activity, i decided that i could either spend my free time watching tv, reading a book that someone else wrote, or use my own imagination and write my own book. am a former journalist, but my current day job is in information security for a regional bank. here’s my most recent take on a professional bio:Beth k. is my favorite, however, because it shows the “real” me. i’m not an accomplished writer, or even a member of any groups. i would show
 up week in and week out with my keyboard, amp and a binder of songs to sing to god
 with my friends. i should probably squeeze in there somewhere that i’m a 2011 genesis finalist and that i am prepared to send sinfully good, warm cinnamon rolls with my manuscript to the next pub board meeting, but i suspect this bio already borders on being a novel in itself.

i also taught a class on networking at writers’ conferences for boston’s grub street organization, where i occasionally take classes. place of gossip, hair, women and faith enhanced her fourth grade dream to live in a log cabin and write stories. i had grown up with christian beliefs my entire life, but i
was finally starting to understand what giving my life to christ meant. with the craft of writing, camille is a member of the oregon christian writers and the american christian fiction writers.' patience was not my best quality as a young man, but fortunately 
i stuck with the instrument long enough for that book title to come true.‘kate larkindale is a currently wellington based writer, cinema manager, film reviewer and mother to two boys.. i started breathing on the 20th day of january, 1991… i am an impending theater art student in university of lagos as i have just sat my post utme. my experience in the purebred dog fancy is reflected in most of my novels. my story is one of loss and reunion; secrecy and truth; and ultimately faith and redemption. enjoy the quirky bios most, but that’s just my preference. from playing ‘charlie’s angels’ in the backyard of her allentown, pa home as a child, to the pages of her most recent series, the soul mate chronicles, amy has always dreamt of adventure and romance. i decided to pack up and move to 
nashville and start the next venture of my life.“as a child i always wrote short stories and mock books, so to have my work published is a dream come true. thanks for the opportunity to hone this part of my query, rachel. i was 
suckered into going to church by a cute girl in my spanish class. she blogs three times a week at kay elam writes, and is a member of mwa, sinc, and the critique group step by step. years spent performing, nearly every weekend, in pirate festivals, renaissance fairs or on “the ranch”, it’s no wonder that i chose to write a historical fiction. from serial killers to demons, amy holds nothing back in the name of true enduring love. at night, he writes modern stories full of action and magic. presumably an agent would know to write what you know.(now im going to run off and tweak my own bio since ive been inspired by yours!

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