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series of papers in this publication were commissioned from renowned international economists from all regions. it finds that by the turn of the century china emerged as major actor in terms of international patenting. the paper also assesses the role of patents in these important innovations.

12 th Global Brand Conference 26th-28th 2017 |

research world magazine, esomar industry reports, conference papers and on-demand video content are free as part of esomar membership. paper provides an analysis of global patenting trends using the most comprehensive data currently available. second, the paper provides a descriptive overview of inventor migration patterns, based on the information contained in the newly constructed database.

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Economic Research Working Papers

publications service offers the opportunity to view and purchase the complete range of esomar reports, books and individual papers. for brands, as defined in this paper, play an important but underappreciated economic role in today’s global economy. paper explores the phenomenon of “trademark squatting” – a situation in which someone other than the original brand owner obtains a trademark on a brand.

How Global Brands Compete

Glocalization - A measure of global brands - ESOMAR Research

this paper provides a historical characterization of the innovation and record of technical progress in us commercial aircraft during the 1900-1975 period. this paper defines and provides a taxonomy for different brand markets then analyzes the economic rationale of such markets. research world magazine, esomar industry reports, conference papers and on-demand video content are free as part of esomar membership.

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Research paper insights: Managing co-branding strategies: Global

goal of this paper is to assess the influence of spatial mobility of knowledge workers on the formation of ties of scientific and industrial collaboration across european regions. paper discusses the state of innovation in the egyptian information technology sector (it) and seeks to identify the current and potential role of intellectual property (ip) for this sector as well as the links between ip and innovation and foreign direct investment. the paper proposes ip-related policies which could contribute to promoting domestic innovation.

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How global brands travel with consumers: An examination of the

in this paper, the authors apply this alp concordance for tms to characterize patterns in tm applications across countries, industries, income levels and more. they control for fifteen productivity determinants predicted by different theoretical models. publications service offers the opportunity to view and purchase the complete range of esomar reports, books and individual papers.

New Media, Branding and Global Sports Sponsorship

paper discusses the existing literature on migration and innovation, with special emphasis on empirical studies based on patent and inventor data. they also use the concordance to investigate some of the key determinants of international technology transfer by comparing bilateral tm applications and bilateral patent applications. paper analyzes the gender of inventors in international patent applications.

A bibliometric analysis of the global branding literature and a

paper analyzes chinese patenting abroad by using wipo’s foreign-oriented patent family dataset and a respective enterprise questionnaire. analysis of new, fda-approved molecular entities reveals dynamism in terms of new innovation. this paper estimates a fixed effects logit model to ascertain precisely whether there exists a ‘previous co-location premium’ in the formation of networks across european regions.


Foundations for building share of heart in global brands

paper describes the emergence of a population of firms specialized in developing and commercializing educational tools and instructional technologies, and discusses whether this trend can be seen as part of the solution to the innovation deficit and cost disease problems in this sector. this paper reviews the development of the early antibiotics, and the roles of intellectual property rights (in particular, patents) in their development and diffusion. papers included in this series typically report on research in progress and are circulated in a timely manner for discussion and comment.

wipo economic research working paper series includes economic and statistical studies that are the outcome of professional research. this paper analyzes how this breakthrough technology came about, how it diffused, and what role intellectual property played historically. paper looks at brands from an economic point of view.

paper explores the motivations of firms that disclose research outcomes in a scientific format. paper examines the role of intellectual property and other innovation incentives in the development of one field of breakthrough innovation: nanotechnology. paper summarizes key findings from the literature on how distance, relationships and ethnic ties influence knowledge flows, and describes a model that relates emigration and the diaspora to knowledge flows.

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