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the scale is from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best and 1 is the worst. not a fan of hers, but she's beautiful and talented and has a lot of going for her. gypsyy 4 years ago from nyc babythank you for the votes thought force! and if you get into an argument with another person in public, someone may report that in a reliable source, and it will be fair game for wikipedia. how do you begin to explain to someone that you just don’t start a fictional story by telling your readers that your character is ‘renowned’? let the pheme ƒ be the gene of celebrity, the base unit of fame; its only function is to replicate itself by planting the awareness of a given famous person, x, into the host minds of the masses, m. scandal mongering or gossip keeps your article from becoming a yellow journalism hit piece. though there is no way of knowing exactly how often a random article is searched, whenever the number of times this occurs exceeds the number of wikipedia articles, there is a good chance (about 63. on the other hand, the famous person should remember that it takes courage to approach a stranger, especially one you’ve only seen on tv or at the movies. it’s like the well-known procedure of telling someone not to think of something specific and odd, a yellow panda, for example. if you murder people on a sufficiently impressive scale, either as an individual or a political leader, your name will get around that way too. thought of being famous now doesn't appeal at all, and for many of the reasons you have given here. had i actually gotten some of those modeling opportunies i was told about by the manager that i found out were non existent i wouldn't have kept quitting. when i directed james mcavoy and david tennant in bright young things they were complete newcomers. for a pheme is transmitted by speech, or more properly, by utterance, written or spoken. anyway thanks for the post it really helped and made me realize money can't never buy happiness!” you would go away thinking you were a poor judge of musicianship and that he thought you an idiot. you don’t know who to trust, or who’s going to be the next one to reach out to the gossip magazines and spill your beans. when your rich, friends, family and love must go, your to elegant and glamorous to care. people who have never met me know that they loathe me, or that they like me. blessay, while entirely different in other respects, is also unaccountably and inexcusably prolix. i have more bills now then i did before so that make money go quicker. dover 2 weeks ago this helped with me an essay i thought it would be amazing but after hearing this i dont want to be famous no more. i can get a table at the ivy restaurant and tickets for premieres and parties. i left university in 1981 and over the next three or four years did a bit of this and a bit of that – a tv series called alfresco for granada that was not exactly a major hit, a stage production of an alan bennett play and the second series of blackadder followed without setting the world on fire. i am proud, if that doesn’t sound possessive, of the splendid way they have dealt with their very fast leap up the ladder of fame. friends if i were to ask one thing of people in their interaction with the famous it is this: consider the companions.! but you know what, society is to blame for this because society is obsessed with the rich and famous for some reason. it’s bad enough with professional photographers in studios (and believe me, it really is bad enough, i loathe the experience), but to have to freeze the face into something akin to a smile time after time after time while the bewildered operator footles uselessly about with the tiny little tits hat pass for buttons and switches. if you are tolerant or strong or wise, you are tolerant and strong and wise wherever you are on the planet that day. i prefer my privacy also and i feel bad for the child stars like lindsay lohan and macauly caulkin who can't transition to adulthood. if you are a brilliant cricketer, one of the best in the world, then as many as two billion people might know who you are. you would probably not expect that a reader looking for information about a specific person would read up on a different person in an unrelated field simply because that different person shares the specific person's name (e.. 10 months ago here's two more reasons not to be famous--even with tax shelters, you still have to pay taxes. it is not like courage, mercy, kindness, strength, beauty or patience; or laziness, dishonesty, greed or cruelty for that matter.

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journalists with nothing better to do write descriptions of my personality or offer glancing mentions of me. i couldn't give a rats ass about those stories either! of course fame is nice at the start but as it goes for a longer time it can damage your whole well-being. see how stable, blissful and over joyed angelina jolie, lindsay lohan, bjork and chris brown are. i completely understand that fame is something that many, if not all, hunt after in their lives. being a celebrity is all i could ever want above happiness, love and health which mean nothing to me. i wouldn’t want to bring a child into this world for everyone to see. do you remember your parents used to shop at a delicatessen in norwich called lambert’s? many famous people may well be guilty of being ambitious for fame, for ‘hunting after it all their lives’ as in the quotation above, but while i could be guilty of wanting everyone in britain to send me ten pounds such an ambition is useless unless others are foolish enough to realise it for me. passers-by will read all kinds of things into a sour expression: ‘what a misery! i mean, we are working harder than they do but they're getting 100x more pay. they should have known about the coi warning above, but they chose to ignore it. 3 years ago i want to be famous no matter what but thank you for this article because now i know what i'm going to have to deal with. vandalism consists of a variety of additions, removals, and other changes, often including hate speech (possibly against your ethnicity or the cause you stand for), profanity, inappropriate images, external links, or just random characters. it will not take sides and will report both the good and the bad about you from verifiable and reliable sources. in or sign up and post using a hubpages network account. when i wrote my first couple of books back in the late eighties, i found one of the most enjoyable aspects of being an author was the event.. stalkersmost of us know about whitney houston’s stalkers— one of them was harassing her, calling her offices, sending her flowers, claiming to be her brother—who ended up getting arrested for possession of weapons. and over those same years it became more likely that they would know my name as well as my face. so much so that the harassed director, brigid larmour, was forced to get the entire company of attendant lords to intone the opening speech tutti, as a kind of chant or oath, to draw attention away from the corpsing. because of qi i’m very often asked a trivia question along the lines of ‘what’s the name of the plastic thingy at the end of a shoe-lace? it's good to be normal, or at least almost normal! have been pondering this business of fame since i was young enough to know valerie singleton from the queen (for americans and other non-britons i should explain: one is a remote, god-like, autocratic woman endowed with powerful charismatic charm and the other is a constitutional monarch recently played on screen by helen mirren). more than one user has created an article only to find themself presented in a poor light long-term by other editors. it is interesting isn’t it how very, very important money becomes (even to the most apparently spiritual) when criticising a famous person. i know there is gonna be someone who didagrees with what i am saying but i really don't care i would not do it for the money the fame i would do it because it's what i want to do. years ago, my husband was injured at work, and when we started the proceedings for the workers compensation benefits, it was amazing how many "friends" we suddenly had. are some miscellaneous things you should know in order to be prepared for there to be an article about you..and yes everything does comes back to jackie chan with me. and guidelines that serve this purpose are:Neutral point of view ensures coverage of all angles, not just the negative ones, unless that is the subject of a "legitimate" content fork. you write books, sing songs, act in films, read the news etc etc, fame will come as a consequence of popular success in those fields as surely as a cough will come to a coalminer. an article that is written about you should be editorially neutral. i didn’t ask the ad if she’d put out a request for them not to look at me, but if i were in the same position again i might. i know that fame usually suggests the accompaniment of money, admiration, opportunity, an easy acquaintanceship with interesting and extraordinary people, tickets to hot events, freebies and all the rest of it. i grew up in leeds al where charles barkely is from he would come give speeches at our school it's a nice thing to do, people didn't flock to school trying to get in.

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    twenty to fifty a week you can just about keep on top of, reply to personally, strike up friendships, establish cordial relationships and so forth. the neutral point of view (npov) policy will ensure that both the good and the bad about you will be told, that whitewashing is not allowed, and that the conflict of interest (coi) guideline limits your ability to edit out any negative material from an article about yourself. i wasn’t going to look it up but had planned to rely on it either springing into my head or not and, annoyingly, it just has (or “it just did”, as americans would say). some people are handed things, but to get where i am right now, and run fan club pages and many things, it is a lot of work, and you never stop. you might be the fortieth person that day to approach your sleb. i can’t blame jade goody for the fact that i know her name. is a serious encyclopedia, not a free webhosting service where personal articles can be written and displayed on the world's biggest "billboard". even when a producer was short on actors for a commercial he was producing, he absolutely needed her to do double duty - dress the actors and be in the commercial. i suppose there must be some elements to the experience that i have in common with other famous people, but in the end being famous as stephen fry is not the same as being famous as carl sagan or david furnish or vernon kaye. gypsyy 4 years ago from nyc babythis is true, but there are far more famous people that are providing bad examples for the younger generations and those are the people in the spot light. because i prefer my privacy for i am a very private person. it makes me more rich and more loved, so go ahead. or you get someone else to do your shopping, tube travelling and general street-using for you, sitting in the back of a lexus most days and never interacting with the rest of the human race except when surrounded by burly security men who place their palms in the faces of anyone who dares to come near. it or not, wikipedia will usually treat you more kindly than the rest of the world. work monday through thursday, ten hours a day, so i can work on my dreams. plenty of people talk about “the celebrity culture” but very few discuss fame itself as an experience. a fair chunk of the population does not care to be reminded that they themselves are not well-known and their default position when it comes to the famous is one of scepticism, contempt, out-of-my-way-i-really-have-no-idea-who-you-are resentment; expect from them narrow frowning as they stare at you in a way that they really want you to notice: it says, ‘i think i may have seen you somewhere before, but my life is too busy and my standards too high to know exactly who you might be. brigid larmour is now artistic director of the watford theatre, paul schlesinger is the head of bbc radio entertainment and hugh laurie has disappeared into oblivion. also celebrity takes you away from religion and pulls you away from god and jesus, turning you into an agnostic--or worse. course those for whom money is important will tell me that dan doodah is ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ and that his sales are all the approbation he needs. or as someone once said, (dorothy parker if you believe the online quotation pages, which i don’t – i mean do they ever show sources or give chapter and verse? yes the media institutions, the newspapers, television and indeed internet have a part to play as pipelines, but the energy that drives the fame along those pipelines derives more from the receiver than the transmitter, it is more suck than blow.-mart is renowned for selling plenty of goods at low prices, but the company is also opposed for a variety of reasons. opening line as far as i’m concerned, i really don’t expect people to be original, and if they were all to say ‘i expect you get really annoyed…’ (which they just about do) i honestly wouldn’t mind. in the end i it works best when both sides recognise that it’s a social dance and want to get it over with as quickly as possible. one fundamental rule for inclusion of any article here is notability as established in third party sources. started doing a radio show, writing and many things, while holding a full time job, and i support myself and.!Authorfotinoula gypsyy 3 years ago from nyc babysweety, follow your dreams whatever they are, as long as they are for the right reasons. a daffy smile is therefore at all times de rigueur. so if source a says only nice things about you, and source b includes some things that are less-than-nice, someone who has relied on source a (who thought nice things about you) and then decides also to read wikipedia may suddenly learn about what is in source b. it’s common for the unique opening line to be something surreal about biscuits if it’s a teenage boy or a comment about the shoes/tie one’s wearing if it’s a girl. addition, if your article is found not to be worthy of inclusion in the first place, it will be deleted, as per our deletion policies. some professions fame is a by-product, an incidental, a “way of keeping score”. because of that they many times expect me to do events for them for free or expect that i can travel anywhere i want at a drop of a hat to just come and visit them just so they can say they met me in person but i don't have the money for that. the managers just baited girls in with modeling opportunities to get you in that horrible uniform, had it been true i would have loved it; i will say in their defense i did keep quitting when i didn't get my way.
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    i couldn't imagine not being able to go out shopping or to eat like a normal person. is it unreasonable to say to the assistant director, ‘would you mind asking all the background artists if they wouldn’t stare at me? so beware — your boss, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or anyone else you are trying to impress may think one thing of you on one day, and you may lose all that respect by the next. according to our policies, once the article has "gone public", it is too late for the author to do much of anything to keep it only positive, especially because it is thanks to npov that unsavory details get added, as they should. you can almost forget everything i wrote above about people’s conversational gambits, because a conversation is a rarity these days. like an article about you or someone close to you, articles about companies and organizations can face the same issues.-class 8 months ago a persons life-rank 1-rich +inheriting lots of assets + business/work + little popular within own circlerank 2-rich + celebrity status + very popular + no privacy + girlsrank 3-little rich + good paying job + good/bad familyrank 4-poor-upper middle class + nothing + good/bad familyso ideal thing would be to be rich and engaging some business or inherited assets,but what i ask is i have never seen anyone who doesn't want to become a celebrity because of privacy issue. the success of leonard’s code is all about and only about the mass of people who bought it and thought it had a vestige of quality or authenticity and so caused the spread of its pheme. which is sad and can engender the reputation of being standoffish, grand and all the rest of it, but if the alternative is not being able to move around very easily, who can blame those afflicted with that level of fame?!Authorfotinoula gypsyy 3 years ago from nyc babythank you for reading vibe sites! let's gang up on these gods and how em that we "small" people are just as entitled to the riches or at least a share! has this in its favour: you can’t fake it and it’s absolutely no good arguing over its existence, it’s as provable as anything can be. even if one day the article looks great, it may tell something very different the next. i long ago gave up answering with a silly sarcastic ‘playing badminton, taking a shower, duh, shopping! i think it's all about doing it for the right reasons with confidence and you'll have nothing to worry about! i have always thought the worst thing about being famous is no longer knowing who your real friends are, and not being sure of anyone new coming into your life. the huge, vast, enormous, colossal, gigantic majority are kind, sweet-natured, friendly, unobtrusive, understanding and delightful. when your a celebrity you own the world and blow kisses to all those who dream of you. otherwise you’ll get yourself in a pickle by putting on a mockney accent believing that ‘the people’ will be impressed by how ‘real’ you are, whereas we all know nothing grates more.’ll start with a story that illustrates exactly one aspect of that point. i don’t believe that i can answer any question formulated that way. or i would spend the whole time in my trailer until the very, very last minute, which is bad for the director, the crew and the performance, not to mention the reputation of the actor who is forever set down in people’s minds as a trailer queen. nunchucks ninja 4 years ago from worldwideto be able to make things happen. because of all of the poo that is thrown in the upper society, i am proud to be working class. yeats is better known these days than dornford yates, and that’s likely to remain true till the crack of doom: two generations ago for every person who had heard of w. she told the sales associates she felt suddenly uncomfortable in what she was wearing because there was a guy outside trying to snap pictures of her, so they gave her a sweater to put on. should really only be written by third parties who discover a person's notability because they are truly notable, not because a friend or family member thinks they are more notable than they really are. but then society thought the same of the roscoe ‘fatty’ arbuckle scandal which is now, if not an obscure footnote, certainly far from being the cause celebre of the century despite its seismic notoriety at the time., even a single sourced scandal involving a company that is in its infancy, or even in a company around for a long time, can end up on wikipedia. some want our famous people to shop only in a fantasy famous people village, to zoom about in limos and use special extra private double-secret vip lounges – others hate them for doing just that. wikipedia's mission is not to damage a company's or organization's reputation. it's sad, but when your caught up in the world of fame, you can't escape this from happening to you! article about a company or organization is not here to promote it; it is here to tell about it from a neutral point-of-view, using the information published about it in reliable sources. for example, the peanut corporation of america wound up with a wikipedia article as a result of a food safety scandal. i say pfft to rumors, if i want to rock my caboose, i'll do it because i can afford to.
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    to have a bigger voice, in reality, people seem to give more money, listening to people in the limelight. this happens on stage; i remember having a similar problem with john gordon sinclair – the only way we could get through some scenes of the common pursuit was by looking away from each other. when i had a crush on donny osmond i was convinced that if he could only get to know me he would discover that i was so different from everyone else around him that he would understand how we were meant for each other.. celebrity can make you or break yousome famous people do very well with the attention, and even use it for good by helping out the disadvantaged or drawing attention to causes and charities or adopting a child from a 3rd world country. i don't know if i feel bad for them because it's a given that their lives will dramatically change. i hope you’ll understand that nothing i’ve written so far is a moan: just a few observations i thought it worth sharing. 4 years ago omg, i have been wanting to be a singer like justin bieber but i didn't realize this place would be a real pain in the neck, still i will go to be famous to do what i love, and i would just use most money on charity work, but thanks for telling me kinda what to be expecting like poperazzis, yikes, it seems to be bad at both ends of the stick aparently. for example, while kipling’s fame has been great since his death, his reputation has wavered, one minute down in the cellar, the next back up to almost the height it attained in his lifetime. he is, or rather the phenomenon of his dreadful book is, certainly famous. their phemes rage and they are the people who usually find fame hardest to handle. started work on a comedy series for cbs television in the us this week and i will certainly keep the @stephenfry feed up to date with information and pictures about this exciting new project.” sort of expression that covers all eventualities in an english self-effacing, i’m-embarrassed-by-my-own-existence sort of way. would i sacrifice my privacy to have the resources to help my family, charities, and people suffering all over the world? reith, founder of the bbc, legendarily fired off an angry memo to his staff after a broadcast in which someone or other was described as “the famous lawyer”. negative thoughts about these entities will probably be well-known to some of the public, and opinions one way or the other will be well-formulated in many people long before such an article is written, but once that article is written, many more people will know.@integrity thank you for the votes and generous comments :)@always exploring, i know right. camera and all its horrors are by no means confined to the literary events which one can (as i now do) decide to leave well alone. even if you or someone else manages to get the article about you deleted, it may turn up there. somehow they worked it out to where you can only see the back of her. while the goal of wikipedia is to document all significant knowledge, facts, events, people, history, opinions, etc. brown 11 days ago life is not one sided if u wanna become richer and more famous u deal with the risksbtw nice article bro. it hurts when a rumor about you as a celebrity isn't at all true yet many people persist on it and still spreading it. if the information is added within guidelines, you cannot tell "your side" of the story or otherwise provide a response other than what has already been reported in reliable sources. as for myself, well, i mean next to nothing in italy, but seem to strike a chord in russia. behind the scenes, working in indie films, we have to have a full time job, just to make dreams come true. i worked at a hooters 3 times when i was younger some weirdo stole my photo off the wall and told people i was his girlfriend oh well. You can agree or disagree, this is based on pure opinion. reading one's own press -- and believing it -- always leads to sorrow. besides, isn’t it the best way to read anything? civilians – reasonable, but a bit john goodman in the big lebowski. as the scene was being lit i couldn’t look in any direction without meeting the gaze of an extra, so i spent all the time staring at my boots or into a corner, like a naughty boy at kindergarten. my face is everywhere on the internet and will be for ever now. i’ve seen enough of the very famous close up, film stars, sportsmen and musicians, to know it’s a pretty miserable fate.[1] if your faults are minor and relatively innocent, then you have little to fear, but coveting "your" own article isn't something to seek, because it won't be your "own" at all. which is why no one usually talks about the experience of fame at all.
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i get stopped on the street, i get (occasionally) hounded by photographers, i get letters from strangers asking for money, sex, advice, approval, time and so on. this would combine a resurrection of the greek notion of pheme, the spirit or embodiment of fame, (roman equivalent fama) with the meme proposed by richard dawkins (do visit his site – fine place, intellectually stimulating but non-combative and you can buy a cool atheist a t-shirt). also tend to think, anybody that trains in a martial arts their whole life and is an actor, seem to be well balanced and those are the people i look up to and the path i follow. lesson for the sleb is be who you are, not what you think others want you to be. so, student journalists, tyro profilers and rooky reporters out there, seriously, quite seriously never ask a ‘what’s it like’ question, it instantly reveals your crapness. no agreeable exchanges and chats with the readers, nothing but the unspeakable horror of having to put up with 200 hundred versions of the awkward and excruciating performance described above. and their poor daughter, who is young and doesn’t understand why the whole world is talking about her mommy and daddy separating. month i'm turing 42 and i know i'm going to have to train more, because to be able to work with jackie, it is going to be a lot of work. irish eyes 4 years ago from upstate, new yorkthe darker side of fame. i could sit it out and hide for 20 years and as soon as i go out side after that 20 years of hiding my face. however, i'm committed to staying in new orleans for my whole career and i'll eventually be able to make public appearances after i retire maybe. 10 sexiest women of cbs's survivor (with pictures)by anaya m. or print it out and save it for a rainy day or a recalcitrant motion. but the pork pies, chicken leg and white wine still make the whole fete champetre entirely worth while.. famous people are human just like normal people so why can't they make mistakes . they may think it's a good thing, but many end up regretting it. (examples: vaccine controversy, global warming controversy, chiropractic controversy and criticism, dental amalgam controversy) such forking keeps your main article from becoming unbalanced and is an application of the "undue weight" policy mentioned below. i’m afraid there are plenty of words used by slebs to describe non-slebs. it is our curiosity, admiration, idolatry, envy, rage, resentment or obsession that privileges the famous with their fame and the only way we can take it away from them is by forgetting. vandalism is generally reverted quickly, but unless oversighted, will remain permanently in the edit history. but then there are about 15 people over the internet that talk trash about me and make up lies about me which then just brings in more fans every time that i have to deal with.’ people like to believe their derivations and origins, no matter how wrong they are.. it’s an embarrassing thing to talk about, for all that it is a national/global obsession. on other days i could lope about in fluorescent clothing meeting everyone’s gaze and nobody would take any notice. you: my girlfriend’s mum had a friend who worked there. robbie williams can walk around los angeles without being recognised and they say johnny carson was so surprised/irked/mortified at going unremarked in london whenever he showed up, as he did regularly for wimbledon fortnight, that he arranged for british tv to carry his tonight show at a reduced rate. it’s too much to bear that they have all the money, adulation and opportunity in the world, so let’s console ourselves with the thought that they’re deranged imbeciles so far up themselves it hurts. in addition to being summarized within the article, footnoted sources are often external links, and readers of the article can then click on them and read in full something they would otherwise not know. gypsyy 4 years ago from nyc babysounds good to me cclitgirl! celebrities like halle berry and jennifer garner have gone to court to protect their kids' privacy, but you accept all that come with being a celebrity, your privacy is confiscated and you put all, your life and entire immediate family out there in public for viewing. if your name was never previously found via a google search, and suddenly there is an article about you, it may lead to dozens of google hits that are all some variation of either the current or a previous version of the article. terms, when entered into a google search, will reveal 1–2 wikipedia articles with an identical or closely matching title within the top 10, and often the first two hits. paparazzi are welcome, but imagine taking your kids for a little walk and having them chase after you: not cool. can anyone not see that being a celebrity is the best thing in the world. no, he or she knows perfectly well how to deal with this, has accustomed themselves to these encounters and is, after all, usually the beneficiary, is made to feel important.

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the article about james joyce (the novelist) contains a hatnote that reads this article is about the 20th-century writer with a link that leads to articles on other people called james joyce, for example a baseball umpire and a 19th century politician. questions will be addressed in the following blessay:· is fame really something that “all hunt after in their lives”? in fact, i would suggest that a negative attitude to x actually transmits the pheme more powerfully. i wouldn't swap this life for a life of fame! only the world famous are famous everywhere, and there are precious few of them. the ‘phenomenon’ has dried up and already feels as embarrassingly dated as bri nylon shirts or backwards baseball caps, but without the kitsch retro appeal. the bottom line is yea you get a lot of respect from 100's of people around the world but you have know life of your own because you end up with a team of people telling you where to be and what to do.’ or something equally drivelling, that’s how this dreadful book opens. i know that some people value all these things above rubies and that they yearn for fame and its accoutrements more than they yearn for the talent or achievement that might bring them in the first place. they may be good or bad, depending on your expectations. the old lady who told me that my language was a disgrace, the man who thought i was a local newsreader, that kind of thing. the reason these stars get bad mouthed is because they let it happen, if you became famous and were respectful of yourself, you would probably still get bad mouthed but not as bad. only i was don armado, a fantastical mexican because … oh, it’s another story altogether. on the one hand i am not slapped on the back or punched in the arm much, on the other i am not an object of sexual thrill or a youthful role-model in the way a footballer, musician or soap star might be. you do not push to have an article about you on wikipedia, but one was created without your involvement, you are probably notable for something to begin with.’ (which most of the time performers do think of themselves, of course. as well as justin biebers, king you tube, home video pro and master of impeccable timing for everything. they are famous and therefore we can impute all kinds of motives and attitudes. quotation i opened with is so firmly branded on my memory that i have no need to check it: it’s from the beginning of love’s labour’s lost. thanks for your comment and for passing by my hubs ! ‘what’s it like working with natalie portman, what’s it like doing qi, what’s it like being famous? they will say something like ‘i expect you get really annoyed by people coming up to you…’ as if they are not doing exactly that. i'm 29 i've come to the realization that i'll never be moving to new york and getting famous, those dreams are gone, but if i had the chance i'd be there in a second. started work on a comedy series for cbs television in the us this week and i will certainly keep the @stephenfry feed up to date with information and pictures about this…. i say we "small" people gang up against the rich and famous and fight for our rights to make more money,maybe by lessening the money famous people make. it goes without saying that fame has nothing to do with the quality of your achievement.’ (actually the link i’ve embedded just there also shows how these ‘stories’ can be skewed for the purposes of some raving agenda, in this case a right-wing one). as for me, i don't obsess over anything or anyone that doesn't even know my first name. when i was playing wilde i had the same problem getting ready for the scene where oscar comes out of the courtroom in handcuffs and is jeered and spat at. money and fame will keep flowing to me like a splattering fountain of youth just for being a celebrity. and knowing you have your self worth, it wouldn't matter to you anyway!!Lindacee 4 years ago from southern arizonathis hub reminds me of the saying, "be careful what you ask for. i actually do feel bad for famous people, they go through so much to get to where they are and then have to give up some of the things they enjoyed the most. they are at best ignored and at worst resented for taking up the time and conversation of the famous person in the first place. as for rumors who gives, say whatever, i am on top of the world and living it up.


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he has to prepare himself for whatever is required and then repeat the performance time after time for different camera angles. rolf harris has been regarded as a national treasure for many decades, but his arrest and prosecution for child abuse was widely reported in the mainstream and broadsheet media, and it would be against wikipedia's neutrality policy to not include it. whether or not i have the right to append the adjective “dreadful” to his work is however a matter for debate, ultimately a question of taste (ie, if you have taste you agree with me, if you haven’t you don’t – no but shush). i can’t impel you to forget adam sandler, for example, any more than i can instruct you to forget jack the ripper or the jolly green giant.^ for example, author robert clark young is now better known for his attempts to add fluff to his own wikipedia article than he was ever known for his books. ‘the fault, dear brutus, is not in our stars, but in our selves…’ cassius’s observation works with the modern meaning of ‘star’ too. indeed, as i’ve suggested, to urge someone to forget is worse than useless. all actors and such are born with a silver spoon, we just have to keep going to make things happen. it may be exciting if the company you started and are trying to grow gets a wikipedia article, but the purpose of the article is not to sell its goods or services, or to link to sites that do so (though a company's own site may be linked). nothing i can say about fame’s drawbacks (and we haven’t even started on what harm fame may or may not do to one’s soul) will sound anything other than curmudgeonly and ungrateful to many people reading this. directors, they would probably foresee the problem and make the announcement without consulting him even before cruise ever arrived: ‘no one to stare at mr cruise when he’s on set. i don’t begrudge him a cent of his money or a breath of his ‘renown’. i used to try getting surreal when asked the question and say things like ‘being famous is like wearing blue pyjamas at the opera. there are serious consequences of ignoring these, and the "law of unintended consequences" works on wikipedia. ‘ah,’ i said, ‘thing is, you play everyone’s favourite younger brother and so they treat you like a younger brother, while i play generals and lawyers and bishops and they treat me accordingly. 6 weeks ago hey i think you did really good on the story. i used to be the member of the family that would be treated like ever other family member but now that i am well known they kiss my but, go around say we are related, yea him, isn't it so cool that guy is my family member but then even though all of them do that now some of them will talk trash be hind my back buy posting things about me of my child hood that i don't want people to know about just so these family members can make a buck or two off of my name and legally there is nothing i can do about it. even though you will have a significant conflict of interest that limits your right to edit your biography, you will still have a right to use its talk page to make suggestions and to request the correction of inaccurate information.[1] michael phelps holds the record for the most gold medals in olympic history, but his drunk driving arrests in 2004 and 2014 and a bong photo published in 2009 are both mentioned on wikipedia, not violating wikipedia's blp guidelines. fornillos 4 years ago from the city of generalsmy votes for this euroninila. i am perceived (and whether this might be right or wrong, accurate or inaccurate, is for the purposes of our discussion neither here not there) as being authoritative, patrician, benign, knowledgeable etc etc, whatever, whatever. as a result of this ubiquity the signing queue has become such a living hell that i don’t do them any more. the only thing that really annoys me is people coming up to me and telling me that they expect i get really annoyed… fan: well, fuck you then! people around the world think that i make a lot of money but i really don't. nunchucks ninja 4 years ago from worldwidemaybe some people will use the advantage to help those less fortunate. there is nothing better than living a life so free and doing things without people watching your every move. for the duration of much of what follows it might be a good idea if you cast yourself as famous. much of success in life comes from being able to put yourself in the shoes of another: in the shoes of a prince or a pauper, a dictator or a dick-head, a burgomaster or a burger-flipper, regardless of degree, status or esteem, it’s what imagination means – the ability to penetrate the consciousness and experience of another. well those who think money is any more reliable than fame as an index of worth are already beyond help. i can’t reply to all the points raised, but i will say that (a) the nokia e series isync plugin just simply doesn’t work for me, nor do any third party offerings. it’s actually annoying, and frankly, i could give a rat’s ass if they stayed together or got divorced, but it seems like everyone in the world is infatuated with this news. also don't worry about having a whole entourage of men or fake people to stroke my ego. 3 years ago from united statesi feel bad for these famous people.. but one thing i hate the most is people make celebrities as gods because if they make one little mistake they talk about it forever making them feel bad and you go the media and fans that will believe anything they see . i thank you all for your suggestions, tips, links and comments.

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there certainly are many pitfalls to being famous or a celebrity. don't do drugs, not a smoker, and try to stay away from all negative things. essay contains comments and advice of one or more wikipedia contributors on the topic of notability. haragsim 4 years ago from southern nevadafame definitely wouldn't be my choice, without a private life. only resentful bores and bitter egoists see everything from their own point of view, surely? fame is a great bouncy castle that we have all blown up to its present state by breathing the names of the famous. it bears a hatnote that reads for other persons named michael jackson, see michael jackson (disambiguation). as much as i like money, giving up privacy doesn't seem worth the cost. film me in the bathroom while changing, go for gold i say. but since wikipedia joins multiple sources of information about you together, something that is not known to readers of one external source may suddenly be known just because wikipedia readers are given instant access to multiple sources. i can’t imagine wanting to go shopping or grab a coffee and having to worry about people running after me to take pictures. dream is to work with jackie chan, and i'm working on some films now and even getting together my own film, it is a short, but it is to thank jackie and this is not easy. how dare such valueless, vulgar, shallow little people with their adventitious so-called ‘celebrity’ develop a contemptuous slang for the decent, hard-working people who pay for these cheap weasels in the first place? to do if your article gets tagged for speedy deletion. of living persons (blp) ensures that negative information must be extremely well-sourced. 15 or so years ago i was filming a tv drama called stalag luft in harrogate with nicholas lyndhurst. they are typically very young and, by definition, they have not had four or five years to habituate themselves to the experience of being recognised. it may be ignored by most passers-by, but it will surely be noticed by someone. previous version of the article may contain possibly inaccurate derogatory statements which are not subject to editorial correction without a long, difficult and in some cases almost impossible process of locating, contacting, and persuading the person in control of the offending webpage to make the corrections you desire. there are hundreds of thousands of books a year published that are bad, it says nothing about the authors. simply in mentioning ‘adam sandler’ i have inflated his fame by a cubic millimetre. don't understand why anyone would want to be famous, well i suppose there are people out there willing to put up with all that incredible baggage for . what is different about fame, i was going to say, is that it is so contingent. the queue would shuffle along, each customer would plonk a book down in front of me, we’d shoot the breeze for a while, author and reader in merry harmony, then they’d biff off to be replaced by the next in line. all of it incredibly unfair and not something we would presume to read into the facial expressions of a non-famous person, but we can’t help it. as with all such social interactions therefore, a little from each is what’s required. ditto, more or less at random, the pre-raphaelites, oliver wendell holmes and bobby darin. it must be hard for your sister and even you when you are with her, but i guess everything comes with a good and bad! given his slate of disgustingly maudlin films over the last five years (with the exception of the wonderful punch drunk love), i can’t help feeling that wouldn’t be a bad idea, but this is an entirely separate argument. if your house is foreclosed and this gets reported, it may find its way onto wikipedia. we can make them infamous, unfashionable, notorious, despised or derided but the more we do so the more we actually increase their level of fame. weight ensures that information is placed in proper perspective and that balance is maintained. as soon as they found out we weren't going to be wealthy (or even comfortable) by any stretch of the imagination, they vanished again. 4 years ago i don't think being famous is that great anymore i want to go heaven instead. the pheme of x, ƒ(x) does not demand that you like x, respect them, admire them or even know much about them, only that you are conscious of them enough to pass on the pheme in some manner.

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to seek to misuse wikipedia to write a hagiography, and then seek to misuse the afd process to undo the unintended consequences of ignoring policies just won't do. gypsyy 3 years ago from nyc babywe are the creators of our own lives. those who try and come up with something completely original or who fish for some connection (‘my father knew your doctor’s accountant’s sister-in-law’) are more tiring and more of an intrusion into one’s day, certainly. comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. so bound up with not wanting to look smug and pleased with ourselves are we that we forget how mortifying it is to have compliments thrown back in one’s face. i feel bad for some of the ones who grew up in the spotlight and have never lived a normal life but that's it. accomplishment or event, good or bad, may give you notability enough to qualify for a wikipedia article. a battleground keeps wikipedia and your article from being used as a battleground for your real-world enemies who wish to use wikipedia, the article, or its talk page, to attack you. given that the one thing that actors, writers and performers most hate (and i’m an extreme example) is having their photograph taken, life has now become a kind of living hell. (older versions that remained around for some time are often robotically cloned to other sites. this of course is the most popular method and casts them therefore as utterly typical. 9 months ago i think being famous is great but after i read these reasons and thought about it i suddenly realised that it wasn't for me. you can't afford to twitch a fingernail on anything, fame is a godly status. if there are a few wasps at the fame picnic – paparazzi, mean people, those determined to misunderstand you, those who embarrass you, stalk you, plague you – it is still a picnic and it doesn’t do to moan. they have a dedicated digital machine or something built into their mobile phone. mealey 4 years ago from northeastern georgia, usacan i just be really rich without the fame? i shall wait till missing sync come up with their solution which is due soon and (b) no, i don’t want my iphone hacked or cracked, thanks very much for the offer. is a wikipedia article about yourself good for a resumé? if you are rich and feel uncomfortable with the money, you can give it away in one stroke. my daughter, who is a celebrity wardrobe stylist and dresses movie stars for red carpet award ceremonies and such will never allow her face to be seen. you’re the same person, no ruder, more off-hand or nonchalant than you were, but the scale alters how you can behave. therefore i am treated rather differently to those who are adjudged to have other qualities. with in a year i was rubbing shoulders with big name martial artist from around the world and people calling me at all of hours of the night and day just to have the chance to say they talked to me over the phone to their friends. when you become a celebrity in any shape or form it stays with you even after death. i can't buy anything with happiness, i can't pay for my fendi with my smile. lornemark 4 years ago from swedenso true, fame comes with a price and many famous people seem to have big troubles getting their lives together and make to it work. on second thought, i wouldn't mind some of the fortune! if they don’t have the imagination to know how much courage it takes for a member of the public to approach a famous person, then they let themselves down badly with their curt off-hand manner or their whining self-pity. by about 1986 i was starting to get used to being stopped in the street or supermarket a little. the girl who thought she had seen me somewhere before, was it at a history lecture? suppose you went up to a pianist after a recital and told him how much you had enjoyed his performance and he replied, “rubbish, i was awful! i’m not suggesting this because i think famous people need especial understanding or sympathy, it’s just that i suspect much of what’s written below will make more sense that way. gypsyy 4 years ago from nyc babyaw, thank you msdora, you are sweet :) and thank you for reading ! one could say that this is the just rewards of attempting to misuse wikipedia for promotion or advocacy." he's a very normal, approachable guy so my conclusion on fame is how one chooses to handle it.

but in his case i knew from the very first word that this was a writer of absolutely zero interest, insight, wit, understanding or ability. the fact that people say the same kinds of thing does not make them predictable, dull, foolish or uninteresting. it is no good everyone repeating that tiresome cliché about x, y and z ‘only being famous for being famous’ – their fame exists in our heads and it is therefore our fault, not theirs, if fault there is. they completely ignore you, indeed often literally elbow you out of the way, planting their back in your face. so it is better to led a life without fame.’ for everyone who looks down on a famous person for not shopping in the supermarket or using the bus, there are those outraged to see them doing just that. if the author now regrets that such details have been added and (mis)uses the "articles for deletion" (afd) process to plead for the article to be deleted, their pleadings will actually violate the principles written above. you share a name with one or more other people, there is a good chance the article will be found by someone either on a disambiguation page or hatnote who may otherwise have no interest in who you are but may read the article out of curiosity.: wikipedia essays on notabilitywikipedia essays on building the encyclopediahidden categories: wikipedia semi-protected project pages. seeking fame comes with a price, and part of that price may be an article here! but i think i would like my fortune earned without the fame. therefore, don't create promotional or other articles lightly, especially on subjects you care about. i would think it’s a lonely world for a celebrity. if you mess up, your fans may lose respect for you in a heartbeat, you may not get the roles you want anymore, and others can replace you. it would be dishonest of me to deny that and you wouldn’t trust me if i pretended that i thought all people were equally good company. i have made this public by talking about my mood issues, my bipolar disorder, but even if i weren’t so especially afflicted, i would, like any human, have cheerful days and less cheerful days. a sort of ‘tsk, don’t mind me, i don’t know, golly isn’t life potty, still mustn’t grumble, ho, goodness, i say, don’t you think, hm? i’ve been in this position for the best part of a quarter of a century., you might get rich and might not have to worry about paying your bills anymore, but like p diddy used to say in the puff daddy days, “mo’ money, mo’ problems. they may be able to use their own, but that’s of no importance because the crucial prize (which has all the point, purpose and value of twitching or train-spotting) is for the camera owner to be in the picture with the poor sap of an author. it would be awesome to be able to do things we can't afford as a military family. dan thingy who wrote the leonardo code or whatever it was called, is fairly well known now but will be as unheard of as rafael sabatini or james hilton in fifty years time (though they deserve more fame than he ever did). been working every single day for over the past 7 years, and haven't had a real day off. is obvious and wholly understandable that when people approach you they want to present themselves as separate from the herd: they are not aware that the more they attempt to be different the more they are in fact identical. celebrities have an affluent lifestyle, designer clothes, luxury car, jewelry, private jets, get to travel a lot, have personal trainers, beautician, party invites, fans and a mansion, what more could you want? i wouldn't mind the money part so there would never be any worries about bills, etc. unless you are very well-known, that person probably has no prior knowledge of you, and is unlikely to care much one way or the other who you are or what you have done. in other words i drip-fed into the public consciousness by a sort of osmotic absorption. from working in and around the entertainment business, working in indie films and i only worked on a two of those so called big sets. the blackheads and dirty pores are there for all to see. bertrand 4 years ago from northern california, usafor all the reasons you mention, fame is not worth a penny for the invasion you must suffer. it’s hardly surprising they switch it off every time they mean to shoot, or that the screen goes black or it’s in video mode or some other problem. fame happen i have grown well-known in my own land, and slightly known in other lands, and i have watched others grow very well known indeed. it’s perhaps a very english thing to find it hard to accept kind words about oneself. the word is not to be used within the bbc.

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i like the recognition i am getting for the decades of hard work i have put into martial arts but if i was to try to walk away from it, it would just follow me for the rest of my life. any editor may add material to or remove material from the article within the terms of our content policies. over the next few years as more television was done, blackadders, fry and lauries and jeeves and woosters, the being-recognised-thing became something i had adjusted to. gypsyy 3 years ago from nyc babythanks for reading peach purple! by the way, just as one can have bad hair days, so one can have bad fame days. this is true of all fame: it’s not about the famous, it’s about those who make them famous and why. if only i had a euro for everyone who has said to me in tones of wild, almost joyful disapproval, ‘apparently no one is allowed to look at him on the film set! people around the world were asking me to teach them so i had to start an on line training program and create a staff to help me with every little aspect of it. nunchucks ninja 4 years ago from worldwidei just would like to step in and say something.'t overuse shortcuts to policy and guidelines to win your argument. hoeft 2 years ago i don't care what this says but i will always have a liking to the spottlight and i really don't care about lack of privisy or the rumours,i would do what i love to do and if people start rumours then who caresnot me it's really just someone who wants to be mean and i wouldn't careand i love popperotzzi i think it would be cool it's like having a photo shoot wherever you go..c 9 months ago i think being famous is great but after i read these reasons and thought about it i suddenly realised that it wasn't for me.!’ in fact, a little imagination of the kind i asked you to summon up earlier and you might be able to picture this scenario: tom cruise (but you actually, because you’ve put yourself in his shoes) is about to do an important scene which involves hundreds of extras. the fact is everybody has a camera whatever the time of day or night. while the rest of us work a hell of a lot harder to earn wages that are tiny in comparison. interestingly, the collective unconscious of the greeks (characteristically as wise, poetic and insightful as their conscious philosophy) personifies pheme as a many-tongued gossip, rather like rumour in 16th and 17th century english allegories. so think about it before you really go out of your way to try to get one. don't make the mistake of believing your fame is the result of some unique quality only you possess: you are always replaceable. i am asked to be patron of this charity and to be on the board of that good cause and so on. i don't really need no more stress on my plate. there can be serious consequences if you ignore this guideline because the law of unintended consequences always applies:If you write in wikipedia about yourself, your group, your company, or your pet idea, once the article is created, you have no right to control its content, and no right to delete it outside our normal channels. if there is anything publicly available on a topic that you would not want included in an article, it will probably find its way there eventually. you: i’m not like some mad fan, you know, but i used to watch that a bit of hugh and laurie… and that iq thing you do. once it's in wikipedia, it is viewed by the world and cannot be recalled. over the internet there are hundreds of people that i have to communicate with all day so i now have a staff that talks for me most of the time just so i can have some me time. the photo software is so diabolically crap on most phones anyway (i have to say the apple iphone is astoundingly good in this respect, even a literary woman could operate it, and it is better quality than cameras with twice the pixel count) that you can hardly blame people for not being able to use it. he is working, mind you, earning his fantastic salary (or if not earning it in your opinion, complying at least with its contractual imperatives), this is what he does, it takes concentration and skill, you may not value it, but take it from me, it isn’t easy. before you proceed, please take some time to thoroughly understand the principles and policies of wikipedia, especially one of its most important policies, the neutral point of view (npov) policy. officials (such as heads of state), entertainers with commercialized productions, authors of published materials, and professional athletes can reasonably expect various details of their personal lives to receive coverage. gypsyy 4 years ago from nyc babythanks for the read and comment richard. advantage i have over some is that my fame came pretty slowly.’ you must think me the completest kind of arse to have needed to be told how to take a compliment, but it was an important lesson that i (clearly) never forgot. in fact b would give the impression of never having taken a picture before in his or her life. if anyone praised me in my early days as a comedy performer i would say, “oh, nonsense.. traveling all the timecelebrities tend to have to be away from friends and family for long periods of time.

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better that than cudgel their brains for some unique opening line. bilyeu 3 years ago from orlando, fli totally agree with your reasons! if you are seen at the side of the road being issued a speeding ticket, and that gets reported, it may end up in an article about you. you can give a little time to the one who stopped you, be delighted by their knowing who you are and the whole thing can be a most pleasant and mutually satisfying interchange. i’ll leave the mathematical modelling and notation to cleverer heads than mine, but i don’t doubt that some sort of descriptive formula can be produced which will allow us to see how phemes work over time and across populations. b would be given the camera, while a would go behind the signing table to put an arm round me or a hand on my shoulder as i signed the book with a flourish while looking up into the lens with grinning soupily. yes that is very true, i once read something on kirsten dunst saying that she can never trust anyone because she doesn't know who really wants to be her friend or who wants to use her. he's stayed close to family (there's only the two of us left now) and has always lived by one standard: "don't let fame take you where character can't keep you. beware, because the "mirror" will reflect both your virtues and aspects of your private life that you would prefer to keep to yourself.-fi10 reasons why the phantom menace is the worst star wars filmby ron a. all information added to wikipedia must be verifiable, this may make it difficult or impossible to defend yourself against sourced negative information added to an article about you. the scale enforces a kind of distance that may be alien to your natural bonhomie. do get exhausted and you have to keep going, cause nothing is being handed to you. we don't write hagiographies or sales brochures here, and we don't allow whitewashing. like a magnifying glass fame can distort, it can invert and it can (with the glare of publicity behind it) focus the light into a terrible heat that burns the subject until they shrivel into nothing. hours are very long, and you actually have to work. most edit histories are likely ignored unless they bear some significance. davis 2 months ago playing for the new orleans pelicans in new orleans, i haven't even been able to go to bourbon street very much because i am going to be the center of attention and i'm not that kind of guy. became ex-fan and my friend spent the rest of the decade kicking himself, for he is not usually rude or mean. this is publisher-speak for appearances in bookshops, talks, readings, lectures, literary festival on-stage interviews, plenary sessions, symposia and other such author-related public appearances. celebrities should stop whinging, i mean come on personal space is for babies, your famous tough it out. even if you have an article here that contains negative information, comfort yourself with the thought that things could be much worse, just like it probably is outside of wikipedia. sorry about that, i don’t seem to be able to keep things brief. for example, the article titled michael jackson is about the pop singer. ‘i bumped into that stephen fry in waitrose and he never even knew the name of the dog who found the stolen world cup’ or whatever… if not a factoid a muddle-headed origin. gypsyy 4 years ago from nyc babythanks for your votes tonipet, and a life of freedom is definitely better than fame! or, as student journalists always ask, what’s it like? we could wrangle over whether or not dan howdoyoudo can write, but we can’t argue about whether or not he’s famous. then constantly getting phone calls from my staff asking me who would you like us to respond to this person or that person. hubpages and hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including amazon, google, and others.” no amount of money in the world would make me want to give up my privacy. will try to produce more traditional ‘dear diary’ style down-and-dirty blogs if that’s what you would prefer, but i advise you to be prepared to expect a mixture of the long and the short. the fame of someone despised or caught with their hand in the till, a straw up their nose or their knob up an inappropriate fleshly passage transmits more rapidly than the fame of one who has invented something useful or created something beautiful. it’s a chemical thing, like a kind of (mostly) benign allergy, impossible to explain or predict. i get that is just one time and these people have to deal it with constantly but hey people actually care enough about what's going on in your life to follow you anywhere; and it's obvious that there are ways to keep things private.

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two or more times a year i am traveling to up to 15 locations all for work and doing it with in one or two months just so i can be back to teach the students waiting on me in my own home state. i know this wasn't my focus of this article but this is just my attitude towards the rich and the famous, we are all stupid for obsessing over them when they have no idea who we are. that person, however, may examine the notability of the article, or look out for other issues it may have. have a friend who works in manhattan at a high-end fashion retail store where famous people go all the time. it wasn’t too disastrous, at most one or two people in the whole signing queue would be armed a camera. put yourself in his position: you’re going to have to do something wild and daring in front of the camera and as you try to put yourself in the correct frame of mind there is nowhere to rest your eyes. famous people are not allowed to be in a bad mood in the way that everyone else is. articles on companies and organizations have their own criticism sections. some reporters use wikipedia as a source for their articles, so the mistakes you have made which are in the wikipedia article about you will be repeated., by the time you are ready for a wikipedia article that would meet all inclusion guidelines to exist, you already know what fame feels like, are already aware of what is being said about you, and what to expect." self-promotion is often not a good thing, because "pride goes before a fall. i lived that life for a short while when i realized i was putting my whole family in jeopardy. having a wikipedia article may make you a celebrity of some sort, be ready to have your personal life exposed. if there is nothing bad to say about you, vandalism on wikipedia is quite common, and most articles are vandalized by someone at one time or another. they hailed nicholas in a strange blend of north yorkshire and attempted south london, punching him playfully but quite forcefully on the arm and saying ‘come on rodney, you fucking plonker, give us your autograph, you daft cunt. i mean you can make the best of any situation, the sad thing is, is that a lot of these young starts got a hold of all this money through their work before they even knew who they were. i don't think for many years she'll ever recover her career or her former self. course there are many other perks to being a celebrity, but are any of them really worth it? i don't want people knowing my business, but i still want to leave my mark on the world." not sure the fame and fortune are worth all the associated hassles. in the meantime the frozen smile fades, the queue behind gets restive and all the good vibes turn to bad. i was not like a soap star, teen idol or reality tv participant who, in the (famous) words of lord byron, wake up to find themselves famous. rihanna went recently, and she was wearing a skirt and a short shirt.. a big thank you to all of you for putting up with the server problems that accompanied the arrival of my first blog essay, or blessay as i quite horribly prefer to call it. every cab driver, everyone i pass in the street, every shop assistant stops me and asks for an autograph or photo (of which more later).’ ‘does he expect us all to bow down and worship him? fame, that all hunt after in their lives, live registered upon our brazen tombs…. the nature of a wiki is such that information can change at any time.. you're always playing a parti don’t think i have to name names here, but i will: kim kardashian = retarded, kanye west = moron, tara reid = trashy, lyndsay lohan = screw up. sometimes it is not a big deal, but sometimes people can say some really nasty things about you and it can have a negative affect on your life, your future, and your family. when your affluent opinions of others don't matter, even bad opinions from other celebrity. fame brings different situations to all, you never know how its gonna end up! stanley 4 years ago from arizonai had my fifteen minutes of fame on a small basis. this type of situation could easily happen to anyone, if you're wearing a skirt and the wind blows or whatever. i said in one of my articles, this world belongs to the extroverts and it seems that if you got the 'extrovert gene' you stand to be worshipped and placed high up on a pedestal among gods!

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