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Become a Tour Manager | Job Description & Salary

but here are a few of the basic aspects of the job, which encompass most of the behind the scenes business of a tour. band tour managers plan the tour routes carefully because each tour locations must be confirmed and directions to venue should be accurate. i see a tour manager cv with only four or five artists on it, but that shows a long time spent with each artist, it means they are very good at their job.: occupations in musicconcert toursroad crewhidden categories: articles needing additional references from december 2011all articles needing additional referencesarticles needing cleanup from december 2011all pages needing cleanupwikipedia list cleanup from december 2011wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest from december 2011. but tour managers for large, highly profitable tours are paid a generous base salary.. tour managers that work for us and a great network there, although our main office is in london. if the artist is not doing their own video, i would send the stage manager the video files and ask for the veejay contact so i can find out who would be controlling it. it snowballed into a situation where people were coming to me, asking me to advance their shows and provide tour management. to be a good tour manager, you have to be able to calmly and coolly juggle the demands of a large group of people, as well as being able to fulfill requests that may sometimes seem unreasonable.

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for instance, there may be a tour accountant to manage the finances and someone else managing the road crew. tour manager (or concert tour manager) is the person who helps to organize the administration for a schedule of appearances of a musical group (band) or artist at a sequence of venues (a concert tour). an accurate tour budget for the manager and business manager to approve. the tour is announced and tickets put on sale when agreement is reached on the tour dates. posts:music manager rich schaeferunderstanding the sxsw music festivalmötley crüe’s last tour ensuring a graceful exit…building an indie band. learn more about mattie evans and the work he does with artists, visit the nocturnal touring website. and training requirements a band tour manager is preferred to have a degree in management. but there will always be one person with the ultimate responsibility/decision-making power to whom these additional managers report. he also discussed the qualities that successful musicians and touring acts share.

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he eventually turned his focus to band management and began working as a tour assistant on big shows in the uk. But the job can vary widely depending on the size of the tour and the fame of the band. production advance would involve me asking the stage manager for stage plots, lighting plots and patch lists for lighting as well as video plots. band tour manager may also deal with the some personal issues of the people on tour and generally making sure that everyone is happy while on tour. all touring equipment is re-packed and loaded back onto tour transport. to find tour manager jobsmany tour managers build a client base through word of mouth. we did six-week tours in asia and tours all around the uk. talked about how artists – both main and supporting acts – can efficiently organize tours, book shows and find high-quality tour managers. the tour book (itinerary) which contains information such as venue details, hotel details, promoter details, show schedule and daily travel details.

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larger tours, the job of tour manager might be split between a few people. conditionsa band tour manager has the opportunity to travel in major cities of the world. normally when i start planning a tour, i get a promoter contact and have a conversation about the logistics of the show. the real skinny on music managers could be a career booster. your own professional looking resume for free using our resume builder! i started talking to these acts about who does their advance and tour support, making friends for the first couple years i was working with knife party. ordering of tour supplies (guitar strings, drum sticks, batteries, etc) when needed. in general, road managers handle small to medium-sized tours, and tour managers are used on large-scale tours. working from this itinerary, the tour manager handles the following activities.

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[2] weekly reports are submitted to the business manager,Advancing is the process of contacting each promoter and venue to ensure the entire artist's technical and hospitality demands (the rider) are met and to resolve any problems the promoter or venue can foresee. A band tour manager is responsible for ensures smooth run of the concert tour. during the advancing process the tour manager checks contact names and addresses, arrival times, equipment load-in times, sound check and performance times, any supporting/opening acts, and live music curfews. that helped me meet some influential people at shows who got me involved in being a tour assistant on some big shows. the profitability of the tour is a major factor in determining how much exactly a tour manager gets paid. i tell people who are trying to get into tour support that it’s ok if your cv has lots of people’s names on it that you worked with for short periods of time. you are organized and think you can handle the demands of the road, however, working as a tour manager can be a fun and rewarding job. big budget your managerslike many jobs in the music industry, there is a big divide between the work done by tour managers on smaller tours and tour managers on big budget tours. tour manager is given the itinerary for the tour by the booking agent.

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the musicians' manager, label or agent may hire the tour manager. these tour managers act more as supervisors to the teamworking for the band. a tour manager, you are ultimately the one responsible for seeing that the tour moves from show to show without a problem, so you can't engage in most of the partying that typically happens on the road. this business of concert promotion and touring: a practical guide to creating, selling, organizing, and staging concerts. their jobs involve looking after the tour finances, making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there and generally making sure that everyone on tour is on task.[1] as modern concert touring involves complex financial, legal and technical arrangements, the booking agent or artist manager hire a concert tour manager to organize the logistics.^ one for the road: how to be a music tour manager by mark workman. you have any advice for artists looking to hire a high-quality tour manager? with foreign artist tax deductions (when applicable) with business manager and promoter.

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throughout his career, mattie has managed international tours for major acts including westlife, rudimental, gorgon city, sigma, dj fresh and knife party. lot of the folks reading this may not be at the point where they are doing bus tours or worldwide tours. a tour manager's day-to-day workload can include:Overseeing hotel departures on time. manager as tour mom (or dad)in addition to a tour manager's specific duties, there are less easy to define but very important aspects of the job. a tour manager is the one who needs to help manage all of the emotional ups and downs and demands of life on the road. what do you feel aspiring artists should know about advancing shows and setting up other tour-related details? and skills requirementsa band tour manager acquires many skills to be able to become successful. concert tour managers are usually freelancers working on a tour-by-tour basis. touring is very taxing, so providing the people traveling with some of the creature comforts so they don’t have to stand around waiting can help a lot.

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when tour managers are just starting out and trying to build a reputation, they may take work on small tours for expenses only. tour managers are responsible for making sure a concert tour runs smoothly. however, majority of band tour managers make a clientele list through word of mouth. can include confirming reservations, managing tour finances, getting everyone to where they need to be on time, dealing with promoters, venue managers, ticket agents, and the like, and confirming show times. for tour managers varythe pay for a tour manager depends very much on the size of the tour. on big budget tours, however, the role of band manager is a lot more formal. first thing i would do is ask for the tour manager’s resume to see the caliber of the person’s work, background, etc. his experience with this band led to work with the well-known dance act knife party and prompted him to officially launch his own touring management company, nocturnal touring. a good band tour manager takes care of everything that is needed in the tour.

Become a Tour Manager | Job Description & Salary

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performances on a concert tour are booked by the act’s booking agent, who works with concert promoters to place the act in suitable venues and festivals in a time frame and territory agreed with the act’s management. they oversee tour finances, makes sure that everybody knows their duties and generally makes sure that everyone on tour is on task., we have full-time staff members and seven tour managers working for us worldwide. are a lot of perks to being a tour manager. information is collated into a "tour book" which is issued to the band and crew. for instance, if there is a full road crew in place, the tour manager simply makes sure they are doing theirjob and are where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there ­ but they don't actuallyhave to look after the gear themselves. got my big break doing tour management for a band called westlife – the uk’s version of nsync. band tour manager is responsible for ensures smooth run of the concert tour. i had done a few big shows and had been on tour with bands like the stereophonics, but i had never really done anything that big before.

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, tour managements companies - and sometimes crew companies - have a staff of tour managers ready for hire. tour manager jobs often also involve dealing with the personal issues of the other people on tour and generally making sure that everyone on tour is happy. the amount of salary of a band tour manager may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. some may start by managing bands then ultimately attain the position of a tour manager. and being a tour manager now means being with an artist 24 hours per day. there may be a team of people in place running the tour, and the tour manager's job and responsibilities become more defined. touring is extremely difficult work, physically and emotionally, and the tour manager needs to keep everyone on track and ready to do their jobs. Evans, founder of Nocturnal Touring, talks about how both main and supporting acts can efficiently organize tours, book shows and find high-quality tourCredit: jeff fusco / contributor / getty images entertainment / getty images. when i’m on tour with bands that are really successful, i notice that they never leave their laptops – they never sleep on planes or buses because they never stop writing, recording, mixing.

they may start working for friends' bands on small tours and then find new jobs on the basis of recommendations. band tour manager makes important background work before even booking of the how. the fact that i jumped off world tours with one of the biggest bands of that time to work with a dance act that was brand new was like going to the opposite end of the spectrum. tour manager is a person who runs the show when a band is on tour. They oversee tour finances, makes sure that everybody knows their duFrom wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. a small indie tour, the tour manager may be the same person as the band manager, may double as the driver and the road crew, or may simply be the most responsible member of the band. sometimes a band have six to seven shows a week, which eventually starts to take its toll on the band tour manager both mentally and physically. they should be aware of the location, modes of transportation, accommodations, duties of staff and the over cost of the tour. mattie was hired as the international tour manager for the superstar pop band westlife, with whom he worked for two years.

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