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Batman is better than superman essay

Batman vs Superman - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

the joker, two-face, the court of owls/talon, the ventriloquist, owlman, the penguin, catwoman, harley quinn, scarecrow, black mask, calculator, clayface, mister freeze, cluemaster, deadshot, the falcone crime family, hugo strange, the riddler, hush. i’m glad that you like batman more than the superman just as i do, i wish that you wouldn’t allow other people to start a flame war because that’s counterproductive, messy, and chaotic., if batman gas abandonment issues, why doesn’t superman, whos parents sent him away? was born kal-el on the planet krypton, but his father rocketed him to earth moments before the planet’s destruction. trouble is, customers aren’t looking for a superman, because superman is silly. the details of the batman costume change repeatedly through various stories and media, but the most distinctive elements remain consistent: a scallop-hem cape. batman is just a grown ass man with abandonment issues and takes it out by beating people up. all-star simply is superman, and smelts the insane silver age junk into a shining piece of precious storytelling, but only fully works if you already knew about that crap. being a superhero is absolutely no excuse for failing at the more unsuper aspects of life. was first played onscreen by lewis wilson in a 15-part serial in 1943. superman can stop crime almost anywhere in the world vs batman who camps out in gotham city. super-powerful characters in a shared universe is like freezing them in amber -- you need a specialized team of experts to let them do anything afterward, and it never works right. now you’re probably picking up on how this works, but let me explain it anyway. ventriloquism, logo-throwing, existential micro-self projection -- no one has been given more ridiculous powers in fewer lines of writing since mussolini. without them, he wouldn't have all his super-cool abilities/equipment, or his vehicles. both had same power then batman would hve killed superman. sam, well obviously the best voice to use is kevin conroy’s ;) but if you have to use your own, it comes down to that issue of authenticity again. movie batman vs superman, with ben affleck playing batman and henry cavill playing superman, was released in march 2016. batman is reaching out to touch the face of god. george lucas, the only man to ever create something as beloved as star wars only to hump the franchise to death a few decades later, is worth . what batman said: deep inside superman is a good man and he is not.Batman is better than superman essay

Batman Vs. Superman |

wayne's way:Steve jobs, the apple technology tycoon and anti-christ candidate, is worth about . for your comparison pleasures, here's a real-life stack up if that pesky "fictional" thing wasn't getting in mr. beside we already watch batman vs superman : dawn of justice. is a skilled practitioner of jujutsu and a seasoned veteran of ninjutsu. even peter freaking parker, a twenty-something, by and large a genetically predisposed irresponsible creature, finds time to attend college, be a photographer, and sling webs of saving grace. i grew up a huge huge batman fan, i still am i have hundreds of comics and figures and all his films and tv shows but a combination of batgod fans and the characters overexposure wore me down. both batman and superman are founding members of the justice society of america, although they only appear occasionally. the only difference a really strong enemy makes is how hard he grimaces in the process. here is a clip from the movie where the two superheroes fight:Batman was killed in batman r. it's one of his finest moments, but only if you're all nietzschean (and already care about the struggle of the superman)., its super mans only weakness… the only way it would be a fair fight is if batman had kryptonite think about is for more than 1 second, (if your brain can handle that) it makes it so superman isnt invincible, and batman had mercy i doubt superman would do the same. sucks haters but continuity is your god when it comes to this shit. was given by superman a kryptonite ring so that batman could beat him if superman ever turned evil. the high end of that average--meaning best case scenario in a thriving newspaper--is ,000. this is all extremely interesting, and you probably had a great rebuttal ready for that snarky comment about indolence (because, if nothing else, all star superman established beyond doubt that superman is a genius)—but what in the blue blazes does it have to do with increasing leads and sales? every time he meets another hero, the question is "how could he beat them? i think it’s clearly superman, one who is not human but dedicated on saving humans and protecting the planet, not just stopping crime in gotham city. not many, one possible is his allies turning against him. disarming the good guy instead of the murderer, just to keep things interesting. is batman’s victory decisive, or do you think superman still has a few things to teach us? but like many 80-year-old men, he repeats his stories too often.

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Superheroes: Who's better: Batman or Superman, and why? - Quora

this shows why he hasn’t rid the world of crime. some critics have suggested that batman is gay, and that he may have had a relationship with robin. i like batman, he’s my favorite, but he doesn’t deserve to be compared to superman. the following is an evaluative comparison of the reasons why. reason why i like bats better than supes is because some lying jerkass had posted that the dark knight’s a big baby and bitched about that caped crusader beating the crap out of villains, who he (the jerkass) likes. the word on the street that given enough time and advance preparation, batman could take out anyone–including superman. batman only gets a chance because superman refuses to kill him, and is doomed because the same handicap hurts him far more. that vein, allow me to explain why Batman is better than Superman, and how putting this knowledge to work could increase your leads and sales. so this should be no problem for clark kent, right? like batman more than superman, but that doesn’t mean i’m gonna deny what’s right. i’d add that another reason batman is better than superman is because he analyzes his opponents. if the government took him like they do in alternate dimensions he would be all for the aliens, and thay aren’t his race or family thay are aliens to him to (he is the last of his kind, unless you include super girl). the only reason all of this is an argument is because that’s what the fans want, not because he ever stand a chance against superman. fans aren’t to be confused with normal batman fans by the way, the difference between the two usually is that batman fans are reasonable and easy to talk to while batgod fans think batman always wins because of either “he’s batman” or “he’s always prepared. batman would never make the sacrifices that superman has made. best superman stories require that you care about him in the first place. (movie: batman vs superman/doomsday) ask yourself who is the real hero? superman might not be flawed in the batman sense but he struggles and struggles with far more relatable problems then batman, loneliness, having to find a job, pay rent, build social connections all things relatable to normal human beings. if he's not super, we could be following any idiot, and seeing him running away is even worse than watching him effortlessly punch his millionth giant robot.) but every crisis in dc has to explain how problems exist despite superman's existence, and likewise, superman has to stand around like a kryptonian statue so that everyone else doesn't feel useless. right about batman not being able to take down aliens with god like abilities, not alone but that’s what the justice league is for right? 3 Reasons Batman is Better Than Superman & How it Can Improve

7 Ways Batman Is Objectively Better Than Superman

is better because the movies aren’t super corny like superman’s. suffered just as much '50s lunacy as his superfriend, but they've been bonuses in some modern plots, not the entire point. was created by artist bob kane and writer bill finger. superman also appeared in several tv series in the 1980s and 1990s, including superman, lois and clark, and superman: the animated series. has many superpowers, including flight, super-strength, invulnerability to non-magical attacks, superspeed, telescopic vision, super-hearing, and freezing breath. dc promoted this as the story that would change everything, where superman and doomsday ineffectually punched each other for six issues until -- gasp! superman stories not based on his history or emotional struggles boil down to beginner street fighter: holding "forward" and "punch" and hoping it works. post – why batman is superior to superman is something my wife and i have often discussed (we agree with you). in man of steel, he could have choose to help his species take over planet earth, which would have earth theirs now. is why batman has brilliant video games and superman doesn't. monthly non-entity villains are the super-equivalent of rain on your way to work: it's never going to stop you, it just makes this regular chore slightly more annoying as you proceed in a straight line to the inevitable conclusion. kent, mild-mannered news reporter from smallville, kansas, living in the big city of metropolis and working for the newspaper the daily planet. powers are meant to define a hero, but superman suffers superpowers like rising damp: they start out manageable but keep climbing until you have to tear the whole thing down and start again..not a wealthy kid with a trust fund like bruce, he isn’t just trying get the joker and revenge for his folks…. While Batman has no superpowers, Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton who uses his powers to help save the earth. the author: d bnonn tennant is the author of the free email micro-course, “5 sales-spiking website tweaks gurus & designers don’t know”. white, jimmy olsen, lois lane, other members of justice league. first of all superman had his entire civilisation destroyed and then his father died before his very eyes if we are going for sob stories superman definitely wins that one just he didn’t turn into the biggest j hole in comics besides guy gardener. heat vision, super speed, super strength and the ability to fly come on a very unfair fight you gotta hand to batman. most people dislike batgod fans more then the actual character. they’re looking for a batman—someone who can achieve great things, not because he was born that way, but because he has paid his dues in the school of hard knocks.Batman vs Superman - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

Batman V Superman: a spoiler-filled dissection | Den of Geek

ego bruce wayne, billionaire orphan, playboy, chairman and 51% owner of wayne enterprises. both these things are of the utmost necessity to maintaining his role as batman; which is financially, physically, and emotionally stressful. if any kryptonian kindergarten teachers had survived, superman would spend most of his life in timeout. superman could solve most of his problems by flying toward the bad guy and then nothing else. his lesson is "life sucks, wear a helmet, then install bat-ears and sonar technology into the helmet so you can track life down and make it swallow its own sucking tongue. softwaremaking superman magically depowered and forced to fly through hoops to get to the end, superman 64 was mocked, but is actually based on 90 percent of all superman plots. this has been erased from the plot of modern batman comics and retellings. so saying he didn’t have anywhere else to go is stupid. and so, they make me wish that bats would beat the crap outta them, especially when they posted shit about him. superman, as everyone knows, is a bit of a goody two-shoes.. superman did things that i dislike more than batman does. he knows more about the obsessive minutiae of the comics universe than the people arguing that he'd win, and he knows better, and he still does it. DC Comics superheroes Batman and Superman were both created in the 1930s. yes, superman is over powerful so no one can beat him. luthor, brainiac, bizarro, toy man, metallo, doomsday, darkseid, atomic skull, general zod, mister mxyzptik, ultraman, livewire, parasite, intergang, whisper a'daire, ursa. if superman could get the city under control in one day, then there would be no story, and as powerful as he is, a lot of those villain is fighting are as powerful, he’s not fighting villains from gotham city. the movie franchise was rebooted again in 2005, when christian bale starred in batman begins, directed by christopher nolan.” which is rubbish considering all superman would have to do is bear hug batman and fly him into out of space of batman didn’t shoot him between the eyes with a kryptonite bullet before superman could react. earlier batman comics, bruce wayne has a fiancée named julie madison. also the bat-computer would be gone, which means all of his communications would be offline. all these reasons that batman is better than superman are stupid.

Batman Vs. Superman |

Superheroes: Who's better: Batman or Superman, and why? - Quora

Every single thing that is wrong with Batman v Superman: Dawn of

and although it seems counterintuitive to us as marketers, one of the ways customers become more loyal is by defending the flaws of the brands they love. but yea the joker keeps killing nonstop and batman doesnt kill him already for his own unknown reason lol. after witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, wayne swore to get revenge on all criminals, and trained himself hard, both physically and intellectually, to allow himself to fight crime in gotham city. jim gordon, robin (various), batgirl (various), nightwing, oracle, catwoman, superman, huntress, wonder woman, green arrow, zatanna, bluebird, the justice league. batman is just a sulking rich boy who can’t move on from the fact that his parents were taken from him. but having said that, i do appreciate the argument that batman, who is more vulnerable than superman, tries harder than superman. and he doesn’t have to rely on some little trust fund his daddy gave him. so, if new york city = metropolis, the new york times = the daily planet. and the marketing aspects of the comparison really hit home. you didn’t get me because i have an invisible shield, and can fly, and my dad can beat up your dad! let superman’s fanboy mourning, sulking and complain to the director of the movie. this guy is just using the cloak of being a good samaritan here trying sell us his bullshit about our superhero superman. even though they are both great superheros and they are both awesome, batman is better than superman because he is just a human and he still manages to keep the crime down.( no kryptonite of course) batman feels inferior and irrelevant to superman that’s why he wants to stop him. look, superman is an awesome superhero and i think he deserves some credit. have to say this post is a great one and shares an interesting angle towards improving conversions." which is a weird angle for someone meant to embody the american dream. red son, whatever happened to the man of tomorrow, all-star superman (you're simply not qualified to talk about comics if you haven't read that), for the man who has everything . saying that superman never had to overcome anything is wrong, his planet was destroyed before his eyes, had to adapt in a new planet. bruce knew the right people (his parents), is one of the hardest working men in comicbookland (you have to be when you're one of the few superheros without any real superpowers), and has talent to spare, running his father's legacy with deft business acumen and surprisingly adept corporate insight while moonlighting as the bane of gotham's unsavory types. doesn’t make him better just means he’s human….

7 Ways Batman Is Objectively Better Than Superman

Batman V Superman: a spoiler-filled dissection | Den of Geek


'Batman v Superman' Review: 'Dawn of Justice' | Variety

name / alter ego the batman is, in his everyday identity, bruce wayne, a wealthy businessman living in gotham city.. most real people prefer anti-heroes to true heroes in this days and age. u can see batman beat the crap out of superman until he whine and say martha. is supported by his sometimes-sidekick robin, his butler alfred pennyworth, the police commissioner jim gordon, and occasionally batgirl. tv journalists like diane sawyer, katie couric, and barbara walters don't count in this equation. most crippling factor in mainstream comics is the shared universe. customers don’t expect flawlessness—indeed, they are automatically suspicious of it, because no one is flawless. comics superheroes batman and superman were both created in the 1930s. wayne averts suspicion by acting the part of a superficial, dim-witted playboy idly living off his family's fortune. he fights crime using his intellect, his detective skills, science and technology, and his great wealth. but you have to face the truth: batman is better than superman. a kryptonian finally teaching those literal-dickhead xenomorphs that attacking strangers in space is a bad idea would have been awesome, but instead he's depowered and spends four issues running away so hard that an entire world dies. superman has the weight if the world on his shoulders.’s allies include girlfriend lois lane, coworker jimmy olsen, newspaper editor perry white and supergirl. most famous bat-victory of all time, the dark knight returns, was based on superman being weakened from half-saving america from an atomic bomb, agreeing not to cripple batman with laser vision, meeting at a time and place of bruce's choosing, agreeing not to cripple etc. he is now seen as a brave hero with a strong sense of justice. (from wikipedia) batman is a fictional superhero who appears in american comic books published by dc comics, as well as its associated media. superman is meant to represent everything humanity can strive to be, the pinnacle of selflessness, but he only reinforces the lesson "if you weren't born to the right parents, you are shit out of luck. but it’s better to be raw than some generic, bland everyman, since at least rawness is still authentic. i rly love that scene and the last scene the death of superman. interests catwoman, julie madison, vicki vale, talia al-ghul, sasha bordeaux and silver st.

Every single thing that is wrong with Batman v Superman: Dawn of

Batman Vs. Superman | Who Would Win A Fight

he then appeared in several cartoon versions, including the batman/superman hour, super friends, the new adventures of batman, and batman: the animated series, among others. about batman versus superman is like masturbation: a lot of people do it online, often instead of sex, and it's a lot of fun. batman hurting superman is always treated as a big scary deal, but batman being hurt is business as usual, and he fights on anyway. on the other hand, superman is a supernatural hero that defends metropolis because he sadly ha nowhere else to go. superman facing the prankster is about as interesting as superman facing the mirror, super-flossing his super-teeth. song from the famous animated tv series of batman & robin (1966):Outside of comics, superman first appeared in the radio series, the adventures of superman, which ran from 1940 to 1951. mate phil says batman isn't a real super hero because he can't fly. superman because he'd win is like supporting a nuclear warhead because it would beat your smartphone -- of course it would, but which is more interesting? superman is meant to make us appreciate his inner resolve and true heroism, but actually makes us endure the non-adventures of man-man. this: when you’re deciding how you want to position your brand—how you want your customers to perceive you—it’s very tempting to take on the role of superman. is meant to be super-intelligent, but his solution to every problem is either charging straight at it with his fists up or throwing things., if only i had a power that made me better at avoiding things! this was followed in 1949 with the movie batman and robin. true superman game would have an immortal main character racing against time to save innocent civilians with unavoidable consequences -- meaning it would be the worst game ever, based on time limits, escort missions and permanent failures. collection of batman’s badass moments here:How this could help your conversions: by studying your competitors, you can copy what works and discard what doesn’t. not someone who will fight for them just because he happens to be there and it’s really no trouble, but someone who will put everything he has into getting the job done, no matter the cost—because that is his cause. let’s say his planet hadn’t been destroyed and for some reason they were going against humans. whatever wonderfully ends his story, which means you had to have been reading it until then. in to edit comparisons or create new comparisons in your area of expertise! green lantern corps gives out gaudy rings like christmas crackers. superman was found and adopted by a kansas farmer, jonathan kent, and his wife martha.

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    superman can knock the moon out of orbit, but he can't so much as punch out captain cold without first checking if the flash wants to spend another four issues failing to realize that thermodynamics clearly don't apply to him. in august 2003, dc comics started a monthly comic book series superman/batman that explores the camaraderie, antagonism, and friendship between its titular characters, who are quite different in personality but regularly join forces. batman, by contrast, tends to brood a lot, and is known for being dangerously obsessive about fighting crime. without being a kryptonian, superman, as a normal human would be no match for his opponents. i trust him to save us because of his ethics and because he actually physically can save us. sure, bruce inherited infinite dollars, but that's only because a janitor of vengeance working overtime to afford moparangs isn't as cool. is sleeping on this head will be the undoing of all that is holy. brossuperman returns added variety by choosing "lifting," but it was a mistake. he is the last of his kind, he was raised being very different and had to hide it, he was raised a farm boy in america…. also explains how the dark knight's dumbest moments come from his best bat-qualities. also isnt it important to address the fact that superman has to deal with more op villains while batman has to protect people from a clown. this is something that a lot of organizations struggle with – we can’t appeal to all prospects all of the time, because then there’s nothing distinctive to get excited about. struggles with his inability to save everyone while an irish-american murderer explains what he truly stands for. in batman vs super man the facedown only happens because super man destroys gotham (correct me if i’m wrong) and it’s just there opinion so ne need to call them a idiot, and above all that batman does take better care of his city. is especially important if you’re a one-man band, or you use a single person (or personality) for presenting your brand in your email marketing. in modern versions, batman was raised by his butler, alfred." batman worked and learned to be everything he is, while clark kent has to pretend he wasn't just born better than everyone else. the united states, the average news journalist rakes in about ,000 a year. maybe you meant you like him better, but not that he is better. the brave and the bold is all about an unpowered human keeping up with (and often outright embarrassing) heroes who can unmake mountains. everything he loves about human heroes is why batman is his second favorite, and why he has 6 objective reasons iron man is better than batman.
  • Ted hughes view of a pig essay – superman only uses this occasionally and normally lives in his apartment in metropolis as clark kent., you explained how superman is better by picking on superman and stating batman’s weaknesses. and you just can't sport "hair" like that long-dead adolescent emu fetus he wears on his scalp without having more money than ms. certainly the dual life of a professional crime fighter is huge amounts of difficult; no one is contesting that fact. is the icon, the original comic book superhero as we now understand the term, and 80 years later he's still kicking ass.’s most famous enemies include the joker, the penguin, the riddler, two-face, poison ivy and catwoman. one last point, saying that superman never had to try anything is wrong, the guy has been trying since he came on the planet, don’t y’all think he could have destroyed the planet already if he didn’t try to control his anger from all those bullies. of the most annoying things about superman is how overpowered he is. might sound like a strange reason to think supes is inferior, but bear with me. he won't kill, so the instant the sun lamps fail, the kryptonite laser is out of alignment, the power-damping chains are cut, they're out of the gas-filled pipe under the city of innocents, the serum wears off, or anything at all is one micron less than perfect, he's toast. or is it just special pleading for your overpowered comic book hero who, by the way, was written by people who remind me of that kid who you never played with because he always tried to pull stupid crap like “nuh-uh! nobody ever compare green arrow to superman but, he almost had to overcome the same has batman. his father, the scientist jor-el, rocketed him to earth just before the planet’s destruction. he was traumatized by the murder of his parents, and is suspicious and untrusting of everyone except his butler alfred, robin and batgirl. you’d think with all that money he would invest in better security at arkham lol.’s love interests include childhood sweetheart lana lang, college love lori lemaris, and his love interest and later wife lois lane. and super man saves earth because his adopted parents cared for him. batman is like any human man in the way of fearing something that is better than him, fearing god. in the movie superman wasn’t even trying to fight batman, if he wanted he could’ve took out batman before the fight even began. will win, it's true he has beaten superman before, but he knows his weaknesses and knows exactly what to do if superman goes rogue, of course batman might not have any of the same superpowers, but he's a master tactician and has taken on a whole array of super-villains, first, he's taken on the freaking justice league by accident. upshot is that batman puts everything into a cause he has vowed to uphold since childhood, while superman just seems to be coasting along, putting a bit of time in because he knows he should.
  • Turn of the screw ambiguity essay – "he always outwits me, so if i pull out his wits he'll be helpless! kirk alyn was the first man to portray superman onscreen, in the movie serial superman., by contrast, spends his off hours either running his company, or finding ways to relax (you know what i’m talking about). they make more than the highest paid run-of-the-mill journalist in america because you, the people, trust them. batman kind of failed but picked himself up because superman shown him he can. killing people is an important part of superman's character, but there's a huge gap between "a moral code against murder" and "letting any idiot who can afford fancy dress waste four months of everyone's lives. that isn’t to say his belief in truth, justice and the american way is wrong…just that it rings kinda hollow when, as we’ve already established, he is really doing the bare minimum. is a fictional superhero appearing in american comic books published by dc comics, as well as its associated media. implies that he is not merely dimwitted and incompetent, but also incredibly lazy. whole point is being better than superheroes despite not having superpowers. superman is only barely short of flying out of the page and punching the author for daring to inconvenience him. in the arkham titles, batman is far superior to his enemies, but will still be shot to death the second he screws up. watching krypton be destroyed when superman was hardly capable of comprehending it (he was a baby) is equivalent to a 9-11 year old kid watching both his parents shot to death how? when he's fighting kgbeast, the only villain to beat batman in the "costume is clearly a sex thing" contest.. labs or the justice league satellite or his super-vision suddenly tells him where to go punch things next. lost his original family when his home planet, krypton, was destroyed. kryptonite is extremely toxic, red kryptonite affects his mental state or in some stories temporarily removes his powers, must protect life, typically will not kill, sonic attacks, psychic attacks, and magic attacks. also superman usually goes in guns a blazing when he fight with no plan b whil batman has a contingency plan for almost anything possible, even the things that seem impossible. the adventures of superman ran on tv between 1952 and 1958, and christopher reeve starred as superman in the 1978 movie version superman, which spawned three sequels. of all, superman may be a demi-god but when it comes down to a battle of wits batman would literally make superman blow up just like krypton. you can't base your regular stories on how hard it is for you without being an emo whiner or a male porn star.
  • Use of etc in academic writing – if you don't think so, you're a retard, a rapist, or martha kent." batman's insistence on the same code is much more impressive because he's actually risking himself for it. with superman, you just flip a coin as to whether he'll end the movie by punching or lifting. best case scenario for a typical news journalist is ,000 a year at the new york times. hamlet never had to explain why sherlock holmes couldn't just solve the royal murder, and his play didn't end early because someone wanted to restart the universe to make superman and batman interesting again. sometimes though, i feel bad for superman that his planet was destroyed and he still supports humans. it is about who is stronger at heart to stand for what is right no matter what. batman really seems to stand for justice and freedom; superman just pays lip service to them. bruce wayne was also raised by good, honest parents—until a tender age, when they were brutally gunned down before his very eyes by joe chill, a petty criminal. i mean, it’s bad enough that he’s indestructible, can fly to alternate dimensions at will, and that his sneeze will destroy an entire solar system. so when you’re formulating your brand story, where believability is crucial, keep that in mind. gotham is the most violent city in dc jaja youre lost my man. your voice needs to reflect who you really are (the good news is, this is much easier for tiny companies). that vein, allow me to explain why batman is better than superman, and how putting this knowledge to work could increase your leads and sales. even oprah couldn't amount to wayne's fiscal success with her silly little net worth of . it's army of branches and subsidiaries provide a constant stream of revenue for wayne to parlay into bigger, better, and more importantly, never-ending batgadgets. gives us a certain sense that batman has real skin in the game when it comes to crime fighting, while superman is just doing it to please his parents. dawn of justice batman kicked superman’s ass inspite of superman’s great power. is the alter ego of bruce wayne, an american billionaire playboy, industrialist and philanthropist. that's why his most famous villain is mastermind lex luthor: someone has to do interesting things to keep the story moving.. you just listed every reason superman is better than batman.
  • Writing services charges fees – ) you can say you like him better, but you never can say he is better! it is the inbuilt morality that fuels them and keeps their abilities in check. but batman's core message is that anyone can reach for the stars if they're kicked in the ass at escape velocity. personally i like batman because has has super gadgets and he uses them to get his mission completed so same thing is considered with internet marketing that we should keep on working hard using different methods and it will work one day ! which is why superman has been affected by more chemicals and forces than hydrogen., wayne inherited this business from his parents, and granted bruce didn't build this corporate monster himself from the ground up, but as our beloved david wong recently said, that doesn't much matter. young, did you forget that both of batman’s parents were killed in front of his own eyes when he was still a kid? of the greatest superman stories ever written is garth ennis' hitman/superman., the new york times might pay it's highest most cornery of offices ,000 annually, which is fantastic for all us poor, publicly unknown people, but we're not a household name superhero in a red cape being compared to another household name superhero in a less red cape. it’s even more annoying that, despite his ability to hear every conversation on the planet, multitask at speeds where common mortals appear motionless, assimilate complex books in seconds, freeze or melt most materials, see through anything except lead, move well in excess of 5,000 feet per second, and let’s not forget fly…not only has he been completely unsuccessful at eliminating crime worldwide, but he can’t even get it under control in a single city. magic, hypnosis, an entire anti-rainbow of kryptonite that made him suck ("anti" because regular rainbows are linked to strong men sucking in a good way), and whenever things get too troublesome they just block out the sun. so why are saying how batman is better when you said superman is unbeatable(of course except for the kryptonite stuff? superman games are all annoying because he has to be ridiculously weakened, because challenge is impossible when you're a walking god mode. many arguments online, one side is backed up by intelligence and careful preparation while the other only keeps going because arguments just bounce off its stupid invulnerable skin. was created by artist joe shuster and writer jerry siegel in 1932. but superman only protects humans because he has no where else to go. many normal humans know every combat discipline in the world? while superman breezes through any challenge (or would, if he remembered to use all his powers), batman has to face adversity and overcome it. collyer, who voiced superman in this series, also provided his voice for a series of superman animated cartoons between 1951 and 1953. that's providing the greasy-haired flying panzy doesn't spend a single dime of his earnings and also taxes are not taken from his checks for some reason. if your only requirement for loving someone is that they always win, you might as well go the whole hog and be a yankees fan.
  • Animal farm literary analysis – to hit the smug superman even once, that's batman's victory. bludhaven is the most violent and scummy city in dc comics and yet nightwing doesn’t turn into a compete dbag! but because evil plans end the instant superman finds the planner, they're based on distraction and deception, so we get to follow a confused man who mindlessly punches everything for four issues until he stumbles into someone who knows what he's doing. this comparison:If you read this far, you should follow us:Comments: batman vs superman. the more your customers feel like you’re speaking directly to their needs, the better your business will be. superman cleaned up the world in one episode, there would be no more episodes! freeze, and maybe carve out some time to attend the wayne enterprises board of directors meeting where they'll be deciding which japanese computing firm to partner with, but hasn't the batmobile been making an awful rattling sound when you hit the jet booster, and isn't it alfred's birthday, and my god, you've forgotten to pick up another batch of depends since god knows alfred can't drive himself anymore and he's probably deuced himself all over the manor by now. you’re truly an idiot you stated that batman has gotham all under control that statement is so damn false it fucking pisses me off to no end, you unintelligent dim witted fuck fave even with batman keeping a close eye on the welfare of gotham it’s still the most dangerous and violent cities in all of the dc universe while in metropolis is a dozen times safer than gotham and superman is always there to stop a criminal or villain from getting away with a crime if you’d pay attention more maybe you’d notice that superman prevents more people from dying in metropolis in comparison to batman in gotham still having innocent civilians that die on a daily basis so screw you’re bias as fuck opinion that i for the most part just shot down. while batman has no superpowers, superman is an alien from the planet krypton who uses his powers to help save the earth., the same is true of iron man, who garners a great deal more interest (and movies) than captain america. superman was trying, he got sick of the guns and technology that he went ham batman , but fthe better man and batman didn’t win because of his money so don’t say that it was equal, well not really. genius-level intellect, peak physical and mental conditioning, master martial artist, acrobat, detective, escapologist, strategist, swordsman, tactician, and marksman, use of high-tech equipment, weapons, armors, & gadgets, master of stealth, master. is typically a dark, brooding hero with a vendetta against injustice. remember, that's in new york frickin city where rent for an apartment you share with a family of pissed opossums, six schnauer-sized cockroaches, and a wondering nomad named king whiskeypants is about ,200 clams, give or take." and this ultimate showdown proves that batman is the better character. his plans are the only case of a rich white man hunting an alien that humanity can be proud of. but against all odds he didn’t and kill the last of his species left. kent was raised by good, honest parents to be a good, honest, rose-tinted farm boy. batman is here most of the time and is occasionally sighted in wayne manor. have it all wrong daisy watch the movie the new one batman gives superman mercy spoiler alert 3……2……. they are both good men fighting against evil, but batman is just a little better than superman.

'Batman v Superman' Review: 'Dawn of Justice' | Variety

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