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Fever pitch nick hornby essay

Nick Hornby: 'People say my book sold football to the middle classes

the publication of fever pitch in 1992, nick hornby's work has attained both critical acclaim and great popularity with the reading public, captivating both male and female readers. the passage describing the extraordinary goal with which michael thomas won arsenal the 1989 championship, in the 92nd minute of the last game of the season, is a piece of writing veined through with the headiest jubilation - and, for a bonus, it sparks another of hornby's sublime meditations. without the interplay between football and the tricky, sometimes morbid process of hornby's growing up, the drama of the game would have remained more opaque altogether.

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' so when his own time comes, hornby's best hope is that he'll linger on in some form around highbury, a spectral presence watching the first team one saturday, and the reserves the next., had his father taken him to white hart lane or stamford bridge, hornby's whole life might have been different - and evidently, his father came to regret the choice he made.@nickhornby judd apatow to produce film adaptation of juliet, naked https://t.

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.When he was 15 years old, nick hornby saw his first dead body.@nickhornby rt @mini_stories: watch out for our street teams seeking #nlawards votes for fun, imagination and the power of stories! publishing a collection of essays, contemporary american fiction (1992), hornby first made an impact with fever pitch (1992), a non-fiction work which recounts a lifetime's devotion to arsenal football club.

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juliet, naked therefore demonstrates both the continuities and the developments in hornby's fiction: his perennial theme of bumbling men consumed by obsessive passions is ever-present, yet he manages not to bore his readers with repetitiveness, for each novel has its own freshness and originality, and his later work as a whole displays an increasing emotional depth and a willingness to address more serious issues. his first book, a series of critical essays on american novelists, was published in 1992. when we are unhappy, hornby says, we settle for the richest medicine available.

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pitch is the anatomy of that obsession, a knowing, bittersweet, and very funny autobiography in which the writer's life is measured not in years, but in seasons - not by the gregorian calendar, but by the gunners' fixture list. fever pitch, his memoir of a life devoted to arsenal football club, was published in 1992. all his work, hornby's style is deceptively simple and cheerful: poignant and often heart-rending emotional issues, including the inability to form relationships, single parenthood, strange obsessions and even suicide, are depicted with colloquial, down-to-earth language, dry understated humour and a light upbeat tone that enables hornby to combine emotional seriousness and insight with a highly entertaining and comical read.

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' the success of fever pitch among both football fans and those who have never been near a pitch attests to the fact that it is far more than a book about sport, indicating the creative flair and capacity for self-awareness, psychological insight and humour that hornby went on to utilise in his novels. hornby, a freelance journalist, finds myriad reasons to believe that his fortunes are linked with those of his team.@nickhornby rt @riverheadbooks: our own @nickhornby writing the screenplay for a new james and the giant peach movie?

Fever Pitch

"fever pitch" is a heartfelt and occasionally too self-deprecating attempt to explain how someone becomes a rabid fan of the english soccer club arsenal. high fidelity, like some of the novels that follow, not only explores the contemporary male psyche and its tendency to develop obsessions, it also examines the blurred boundaries between fantasy and reality: just as hornby's own life, recounted in fever pitch, is entangled with football worship, rob sees everything through the lens of his favourite music and endless 'top 5 lists'. (2007) features hornby's youngest male protagonist: 16-year-old sam, who is facing unplanned parenthood, displays both the inadequacies and the endearing qualities that are typical of hornby's older male characters.

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fever pitch also introduces the themes that we would later see in his fiction: the nature of obsession and the search for emotional maturity and a sense of identity, with a particular emphasis on exploring male identity in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. again, just as fever pitch is not really a book about football, high fidelity uses the protagonist's obsession with music as a 'peg' on which to hang the issues it explores. with football, hornby's second passion is music, which forms the basis of his first novel, the highly successful high fidelity (1995).

Nick Hornby: 'People say my book sold football to the middle classes

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@nickhornby did you know that high fidelity is on @netflix (2 years ago). to be good (2001) features hornby's first female protagonist, doctor katie carr. for hornby, an obsessive fan, memories of adolescence and early adulthood are inextricably linked with football: 'i have measured out my life in arsenal fixtures, and any event of any significance has a footballing shadow.

a long way down (2005) also demonstrates hornby's remarkable ability to address the most serious of issues while still creating a humorous and entertaining read. these portraits of british males hovering uncertainly between youth and middle age are offered without judgement or condemnation: on the contrary, hornby presents his characters, who are often semi-autobiographical, with wry amusement and a gentle, affectionate chiding. "fever pitch" sheds considerable light on the human condition and soccer's hold on the masses (including hooligans), it will not bring you up to speed on the world cup.

it's hardly the most cheering of scenes - but it sparks one of hornby's gloriously loopy little meditative digressions. americans will find his sections on terminology (why opt for the pretentious "pitch" when "field" will suffice? is particularly true of nick hornby, an englishman whose autobiographical "fever pitch" is the most entertaining and moving of these generally worthy efforts.

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