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according to my tachers, the weekend is just extra time to get extra homework done. honestly the only place i used my knowledge gained from school is school itself during tests and that’s it. i have homework to do this thanksgiving weekend, while i deal with family matters and such; also, my close uncle is in the hospital, but i haven’t seen him yet and i probably won’t until friday or saturday – late thursday is everything goes perfectly. consistently ask my mom “is this what school was like when you were a kid? if i spend one moment doing something i love, i can’t even enjoy it because i know in the back of my mind that i’m procrastinating on my homework. a couple more years, (taking college into consideration)…and then you’re learning will be in your hands for the rest of your life…i don’t know how my 17 year old does it. feel like i cannot take another day of school or i will kill myself. my father spent the last seven months running for a local political office, so i’ve barely seen him. sure, it wasn’t too bad at the beginning of the school year, but as we inch closer to ap tests and such the homework gets more intense. i spend 7 hours and 20 min doing my hw each day and studying . my parents have begun to acknowledge that i am overburdened by a. to sum it all up, i believe that the most significant factor to my struggle is the excessive amount of homework assigned. so, my question for all of you is, should we send our kids into the fiercest competition for employment in history without some knowledge as to the extent of which their endurance will be tested? i am fighting for no homework (or seriously less homework) now to try to influence the system and assuage the amount he will get in middle or high school. do you people truly stay up past midnight, and then wakeup throughout the night to do homework? my teachers are always pretending that they’re conscious of the homework problems but they have the nerve to blame it on time management skills. thats why i’m making a petition with my friend, and using hw as my topic for writing. i am in my sophomore year as well, and all of my classes are killing me. our school begins at 8 and ends at 3, i come home at 3:30 and you have homework only upto 7th grade! i wanted desperately to go, to see my family and to support my dad, yet i had too much homework.. you just described the life of my 17 year old…(a senior in public school). i was in a 1-year advanced math class, but i fell like the dumbest student in my algebra class. all of the most talented, most intelligent people i’ve met in my life [who are under 30]. hope she tells us how she is now as well, i am an actress, rehearsals kill me i get home from school i go to get my brother i change out of my uniform then i go to rehearsal which lasts from 6-9:30 most nights sometimes they start at 5. you would think my parents would understand because my mom went to georgetown and became an attorney right away. and sorry if my english isn’t very fluid i am quite far from any english speaking country. onto the subject of teachers, there’s definitely the teachers no one likes who give a ton of homework– if we’re talking specifics, an ela teacher. year, the homework was nothing compared to this year, this year is brutal.) and i’m too lazy to capitalize my “i’s” all the time…hmm…maybe my writing is too “i” centric! top of all of that, i still have to fix my lunch, lay my clothes out for tomorrow, and take a shower! it seems like the smarter the child is, they get punished with more homework. when summers came, i didn’t know what to do with myself. annoys me that assigned homework wasn’t even made, tested, or reviewed by the teacher before it was assigned. i also realize that there are students out there who are perfectionists, or lack time management skills, or otherwise do spend too much time on their homework (i was one of these students). well… i burnt out right quick and just accepted ds in my ap or honors. literature teacher always would get off track in class and never explain the homework. every period of my school day, aside from lunch and pe, are honors or ap, and i get plenty of homework from them. every one of my classes by itself is not extraordinarily difficult based on its tests, but by the homework given by each, and total volume of effort needed for every class together impedes me, which lowers my averages in them all. however, i timed myself for 3 weeks, and came up with an average: an astounding 6 hours of homework a day! i cannot go have fun with my friends because i have too much school work. i have had to give up all of my free time and it is driving me crazy. and my mom is constantly telling us about other parents and their 4. i do try to get in bed by the latest 9:30 because i have to wake up at 5:30 the next morning, and catch my bus. in the handbook, it clearly states that students should have no more than 2 hrs of homework in total every night. i am sometimes up until midnight trying to turn in homework before it’s stupid due date. my mom keeps saying that it was my choice to attend this school and she’s right, i decided i wanted to go to this school, but i never expected that this school could ruin my health so much (not just physically, but mentally and socially). my only consolation is that summer has to come, and by taking it one day at a time i manage but what happens next year when i hit high school? i try my best and talk with the teachers and principal but that is all i can do for now and i am hoping things will get better. because of the huge load of homework, i am gradually losing my childhood and what i wish i could be experiencing- going out with friends, sports, getting a boyfriend (okay, i’m lame, but i can’t have one because i don’t have the time to go out and do stuff or even text them since i have to use that time doing homework), and even relaxing once in a while. every student spends hours and hours doing homework,but obviously in order to be an straight a student a price needs to be paid. i’m a straight a student and i pride myself in that, but the kids who don’t do homework always talk about what they did after school. most of the homework teachers give us is completely pointless and sometimes even unreasonable. in my carpool once i had the opportunity to hear the other kid receive half and hour’s worth of a comprehensive, vituperative dressing-down from his mother for receiving a b on his quarter grade in history. when my son was in 8th grade, he also circulated a petition among his classmates and, as a result, the school met with the students and they had a chance to talk about the impact homework had on their lives. am not sure, if anyone is still posting and reading about this, but i could not help to give my opinion about this. homework isn’t a problem for her at the moment as she is only getting homework from math, english and once in a while from science and history. i have a gt project to work on as well as tons more homework every night. everyone was there: my uncle from maine, my aunt from south carolina, my cousins from boston, relatives from pennsylvania.’m a middle school student and i have about 3-4 hours of homework a night. at my old school it was more advanced than this one im at now.

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i’ve been getting sick very often lately, and even my doctor has told me to get more sleep and stop with the stress. makes me feel like my life is falling apart i find my self crying almost every night over homework and i get bad grades, which causes my parents to yell at me. i used to spend hours upon hours on homework and not get that many assignments done. took all my feelings about school and everything else—all things that make up the the salad of life—and you beautifully mirrored them in your post. am endowed with a boyfriend who’s also trying out this whole academia thing that i’m sort of into as well. *sigh* i’m losing myself to homework, i’ve becoming a depressed and emotionally unstable person lol. that makes it so i’m done with my school day at 4 pm. i’ve only got 1 teacher who doesn’t really give a damn about homework or not, just as long as i have the information in my book that i can use when i take my tests next year. *sigh* i’m losing myself to homework, i’ve becoming a depressed and emotionally unstable person lol. french is one of my favorite subjects and i assumed the work would pass quickly. look, my opinion might be biased, but the fact of the matter is that as long as you graduate with a diploma, you’ll still get into college! my immune system is already falling apart and i find myself drinking emergen-c every morning just to keep me alive through the week. it’s not like i’m just a good test taker; i have very little trouble writing well or supporting my own opinions. i’m blame school for my life has gone to hell. keehan says:This is a painful reminder of my sophomore year! then a sharp rise in homework amount is justified by telling us, it will help your children adjust to high school. but, considering the way that my teachers grade, i have no other option. monday our teacher made us fill out a sheet (match the herbs to the medical problem it fixes) which was difficult because we were not allowed to look at our self-made notes and my notes didn’t match up with this assignment. – i still have trouble even finishing my homework on time and passing. i find myself more often not completing my homework because i’m too physically stressed out to concentrate on it. i barely see my best friends, my friends and i miss out activities that i loved to do so much like swimming, working out at the gym and going to concerts. in my opinion, i think that i would definitely join in that school, where you can learn anything you wish, which gives many opportunities, and that you can have a choice between practicing your skills, or not to practice it. also homeschooled, for one year, and my biggest regret is that i didn’t start sooner. maybe schools could give out 1 -3 pieces of homework a week, then encourage more revision on any subject that needs going over? i only act this way around my close friends, though, while everybody else either thinks that i’m extremely quiet. within seconds, i found a room to lock myself in -- breathless, tears streaming down my face -- while a friend tried to talk me down from my hysteria. i think when i do my 3hours of history homework a night is does god care? in the past have been able to make it without peoples help and no one cares about your education eccept for you so you should just step up and do your freaking homework. i just really see myself going no where in life, i tell myself oh i will be a wildlife biologist or a vet but then i think about how there are some things i would not be able to do in those jobs and i am just kind of… no i have given up on life, and it also has to deal with things out side of school but that doesn’t mean i’m just going to jump of a bridge, slit me wrists, or anything like that,s even if the thoughts have come to mind. i used to get homework maybe 1-2 times a week at worst from a teacher. i have almost no true friends because i don’t have enough time or energy to give them- and i wouldn’t to be my friend either. i spend every minute i have on homework aside from chores and the necessities. it was 12 midnight and she still was doing her homework. she is also add so homework has had its share of challenges for her, not cognitive, but juggling that immense homework load. i want to submerge myself in its culture and learn from that and instead i spend everyday sitting in my room, slaving away. o levels we proceed to new schools and let me just say – it was a hellhole, and my school was already not that great., and she wonders why i can’t pull a+ on my ap bio exams, where a 20 page answer could be worth zero points if you don’t say exactly what they want you to say. the present, i spend over six hours on homework a night." that was the only way i could explain the paralyzing, suffocating fear that washed over me on the day there was a snake in my office. i have accepted already that this year i will have little fun, see my family rarely, never spend time with them, not see my friends as much as i would like, and not have nearly enough time to do the things i like. i also have ccd on wednesday, this year i am making my confermation which means essays wich i have no time for. i have hours of homework per night, multiple tests per week, and multiple projects and reading assignments per month. my mom found me staring at my computer at 6:30 in the morning on thursday, literally hallucinating from severe sleep deprivation, and she decided that i couldn’t go to school. i airbrush t-shirts as a way to make money and allow my art to flourish, but i haven’t been able to airbrush a single shirt since the beginning of the school year.’m sorry if my comment was a waste of anyone’s time or didn’t really belong here…. two hours of homework a night, one hour of reading a dry text book and another hour of more homework. i, for one, will try my absolute hardest to achieve my dreams, even if it means selling my soul. i kept myself from vomiting somehow, and eventually got confirmation that my scaled enemy had left the building. my phobia made living in new york city all the more appealing -- reptiles don't exactly hang out on my cemented front lawn. don’t have any time to spend with my family, have horror movie marathons with my friends (which is something i used to love to do), skype my long-distance boyfriend, write, draw, or even freaking sleep. i hope that i can just explain to my teachers. it’s not my fault, i didn’t make these. believe homework should be a minimum of 20 minutes per class, considering there are 6-7 classes on a regular middle school or high school. i remember many many many nights where midnight came and went and homework completion did not. my english teacher just gave us a list of two hundred and fifty vocabulary words. i had to go run some errons with mom come back at like 7:00 and ive got homework and chores to do. i wish my very best of luck to you throughout the rest of your high school career. she analogized my behavior to a person who is depressed because of loneliness. i couldn’t get to study so i flipped out and got a knife and tried to kill myself.., yet i find that the real reason is that kids are too afraid to commit their time because of homework and projects which take up so much of their time.

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i just signed up for too many pap classes & i just can’t handle it, but right now homework is getting to be such a burden for me!. i nearly had to quit creative writing, art and horses, all of the hobbies i had, to do my homework. older kids i know just say it gets worse i don’t know how i can handle this much homework.! that’s my average, and i’ve never heard of spending hours and hours on homework before in my life. i live, homework in primary school alone kept me up until 11 and i had to wake up at 6 every day. i spoke in several occasions with her teacher and her principal and they both only agreed that my daughter should managed her time wisely. i had to keep my grades up to keep the scolarship, so i was up until early in the morning (2 or 3 am) every night doing my schoolwork. they accuse us of wasting hours of the night on facebook or watching television, yet they fail to realize that it is often the stress and pressure that so much homework exerts on us that compels us to take breaks. i think that’s why i have not grown at all in 3 years, at the point in my life when i should be having spurts – no sleep from school. my averages are deflated, however, in classes that give large amounts of homework. i got awards for being such a good student, and that pushed me to be even harder on myself. my social life used to burst but is now nonexistent due to the fact i have no time. i would advise that the fight for less homework or no homework be limited only to the most prudent extent. i absolutely adore my biology class and i work even harder to understand concepts because i know that it is something i would like to major in. then after reading about 4 books chosen by myself i actually found out i enjoy reading. i also participate in the red cross club, where i have volunteering hours to complete, and another club where i have to prepare for regional, state, and national competitions for my architectural class. i actually wish i got more homework in ap biology, so i wouldn’t have failed the exam with a 2. i am the vice president of my class, almost always make honor roll, and an avid skiier.-in-all, school has an impact on my life, but i still have time to enjoy breaks along the day. it’s not fair that i don’t have time to read, draw, play the cello, see my friends, have dinner with my little brother, or go to the movies with my mom.” no one cares, if you hate marking work so much then don’t set any homework! my week starts with homework on the weekends then school on tuesday-thursday i have three days to get my homework done plus i have other things besides school to do. you could blame the excessive amount of time spent doing homework on my compulsion to over achieve, but i’ve been taught to do things to the best of my ability and if i don’t give it my all, then it isn’t my best. i have stopped trying to fit into what colleges want, but rather be myself and explore the colleges that fit me. teachers assign too much homework and it is not interesting whatsoever. it puts him in a bad mood and the next thing you know, everyone is angry at one another all because of frustration about homework. on top of all that she hasn’t learned from that and gave us hours of homework and ended up being completely unfair to us. my dad was valedictorian and he told me that when he was younger, he was still able to ride his bike in the afternoons and sleep at a considerable time, but i get 5 hours of sleep a night and most times less and it makes me really sad. i often find myself abandoning my family at meal times, instead scarfing down my food quickly, standing alone in the kitchen. i’m trying to be more positive about all this… i need to be unless i want to lose my sanity completely lol. my advice, a 90 is the same as a 100 for gpa (at least in my school). my teacher blamed it on my time management skills and that i should start my homework earlier. i do this because i want to, and not because i think it will look good on my college transcripts. and time and yea, these critical thinking questions benefit us, but having 15-20 question every night takes up a lot of time and we still have other homework to do(like 3hr notes and 40 algebra equations and let’s not forget about daily tests that classes just tend to assign in order).“…my current english teacher, as well as the other teachers in my school, assigns such an enormous amount of homework that i don’t have any time now to pleasure read or to write. when i was 12, i was overwhelmed by the homework and got very depressed. it took over my thoughts at illogical times, and there was no way i could shake it. i could say the word "snake" without tensing my muscles, i could look at a photo without gagging. it took away all my friends and the healthy aura within my household. wish to that homework was oultawed but it is there to help us do better in school. i get atleast 6 hours of homework a day, along with netball practice and scuba diving for nearly 2 hours each. not many of my teachers give me too much homework. and the moments when you say ruefully, ‘you don’t like my ideas as much as you used to! i have rarely socialised with my friends out side the schools where i go to. was curious to see if there were any new comments, and both the 8th grade anon and the actress anon replies made my jaw hit the floor. homework wasn’t even possible to finish, and if anyone says “why do your parents allow this why don’t people complain? and i know that we’re priveleged to get this high level education and i shouldn’t be complaining, but i am really struggling right now with stress and my “time management issues” that were discussed before. how sad our youth stay up way too late to finish homework, only to be tired and ineffective the following day. some teachers even assign homework to be completed over holidays, when students are meant to be with their families. few weeks later, i was sitting on a couch on the upper west side, arms crossed, and my new psychologist was explaining how the process works. excessive homework changed that; by the end of 9th grade, school was just something to be endured. i put on my schedule that i cannot go to that and that i will not go to rehearsal on fridays. im chase no ones probably gonna see this but im the stupid one of my school i can study for hours but i get no where but when im in a class thats hands on i get it right away but my teachers dont get that in me so i get called stupid always fight with parents telling them i dont understand and they tell me to study i tell them i do but its just been pissing me off to the point i wanna beat people up but i hold it back because i love everyone in my school. not only did i complete my homework, i managed to have plenty of fun reading, writing, hanging out with friends or whatever i felt like doing. because it’s not the same when your supervisor, or the anonymous peer-reviewer of children’s literature association quarterly, or your mother declares that your latest textual analysis is ridiculously overgeneralising, and when it’s your boyfriend who says so. national junior honor society, model un, mock trial, future problem solvers, lots of homework, essays, math, science, music department, etc. i’m sure that if you were satisfied with b’s and occasional c’s, your homework load would be much less. i did do my best on everything, but i also did the most minimal amount of work i could get away with too.” because i cannot bring myself believe anything could be this bad. when i get home, i feel really exhausted but i know i just have to do my homework.

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if we didn’t have any homework, it would make everyone lazy and no one would learn anything. this frees up inordinate amounts of time to fit in homework and other activities into your schedule. but, all my classes are honors-i get at least 45-1 hour of homework a night for almost every class. now a days we cannot even give homework for religious holidays (specially jewish holidays) and the funny thing is that this occurs in schools were there is only a handful of jewish students. posted twice because my comment appeared not to appear the first time. feel you, i’ts my freshman year and i was unwillingly forced to take a. i thought we had allot of homework but after reading this i notice that i have it easy. i am very religious, so i cannot do my homework on friday nights or saturdays. i think i understand all the partying that goes on at college now [i myself dislike them, but most students here spend more time partying than studying]. nudge towards homeschooling my 8 year old came through her getting homework in kindergarten! loved middle school; i was so involved, so sure of myself. of the stuff i’ve learnt i learned was from home or elsewhere and i rarely do any of my homework or assignments so really, to me, school has no significance apart from the fact that i go there everyday. most of it doesn’t increase my learning at all, it just makes me more frustrated., lots and lots of teens actually do get that much homework. my teacher wants me to work on the project over the break but i hate it all. we have a huge economy and a huge spectrum of economic classes. after the day, i was afraid to go to work, always wondering if i'd meet a slithering guest while walking to my next meeting. i used to love to read for hours in bed- now i sneak a flashlight under the covers and finish my physics homework. the work keeps me locked up in my room all day. the following morning, the local newspaper showed a picture of my dad, my mom, and my two sisters together as the results came in. i’m in high-school right now and the next year will be my last. she pretty much makes us summarize the twenty pages of reading we had for homework and then assigns more. my mom met her (there was a school concert) and she agreed to everything she said. my daughter needs to practice at home what she is learning in all of her subjects.’m so glad to hear that you and your friend are making a petition and also writing about homework. it’s not over yet, might very well end up costing me my life. i’m also in grade 10 and i can truly say that homework is seriously affecting my health. that sounded terrible and i have a buddy that is the exact same way, stressing over his homework and classes, taking all ap course. have always wanted to be a writer, but that assignment killed my love of writing for over a year. even my mom agreed that it was too much homework, so she sent a note regarding all the homework and she friggin yelled at me. just go to one of those schools where homework is such a widespread idea. sometimes i find myself unwilling to do assignments or simply doing them poorly. it was just way too much homework and reading for a child her age. i’ve been forced to cut corners, and even then, homework is my downfall. in english, my essay average is about 8-10% higher than my homework average. we have a lot of pressure to do well both academically and in the competition where apparently “silver isn’t enough”, and even in choir (which i was in during my secondary school years) we had to push ups, run, had tons of scoldings and punishment – it was as though we were in a sport cca rather than performing arts. if you try this, it might end up cutting your homework time down significantly. there was one week where me and my class had 8 tests. (i know my grammar is terrible but this rant just made me alot more sad). i don’t believe that’s humanly possible, at least in my case, or any case for anyone in a school that is top 50 in the nation. guess i am glad i skipped high school…i am now in my final semester at usc, which, i guess isn’t that prestigious, but it’s not that bad of a school i’m told [i don’t really follow these things, usc just happened to be close to home]. was awake doing homework until at least one (usually later) every night last week, then awake at 5:00 a.! i did everything i could to help us and my teacher was absent for almost the whole time! throughout my life i have always been competitive in my school work, like other hard-working students. i tried to kill myself, so if that doesn’t show that there is something wrong with the educational system, i do not know what else will. it really is sad, though, because now whenever i’m at softball and i remember all of the homework i should be doing i get really stressed out. tried reading 40 pages from a book and it turned out that i understood the story completely different (i needed to write the story on my notebook to get evidence that i did in fact read). post describes exactly what my life was like as an honors student at my public high school, nearly 10 years ago. my friends would have parties on the weekends and i was not able to go, they would plan trips here and there and i was at home reading 5 chapters and writing a 30 page analysis paper. almost everyday now i find myself crying over my homework. in a horrid attempt to procrastinate (and for what reason), i have taken the liberty to see if anyone is sharing my pain. over snake phobia how i got over my snake phobia love & sex my story snake phobia. i always came home to my mom crying because of this. beginning of the year and i have already realized that my social life will have to wait until the summer.. i can’t believe the homework they have…and everyone gets crabby and yelling and it’s just horrible sometimes. if i spend one moment doing something i love, i can’t even enjoy it because i know in the back of my mind that i’m procrastinating on my homework. that night, my entire family gathered at a restaurant to watch the polls.: i find having inquisitive conversations about topics relating to the subject with my teachers helps to understand something more thoroughly and also have a connection with your teacher. if i needed to meet with my daughter (bring her something, talk to her about something time sensitive), i dropped by at lunch. it’s making me miserable and i’m finding myself more impatient with everyone around me because of it.

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maybe if the teachers hadn’t been “dinking around” for the entire year our homework load would be a little more even so as it wouldn’t all have to be piled on at the end of the year! anyways, it does make me sad when i do homework, i’m have 2 years left at school and i’m currently serving my first term and i just want it to end! so then, i have to use an online calculator and i have yet to find a good one and complete my work…. my first language is russian which i know fine and ukrainian that i practice every summer vacation. i woke up at 6:30, went to school, got home at 3:00, did homework until 3:30am. i have not done anything with my friends since september. started hearing that line as soon as my daughter got accepted. i’m quite happy to have my degree in journalism. rarely do i ever get more than six hours of sleep a night (most of the time its five) and my social life has dwindled down to zilch. i got straight as and enough sleep, but i had lost my yearning to learn. my school was low on teachers so they were hiring anyone that they could, no matter who the character. (note that i haven’t yet completed the dreaded third year of medical school rotations, so my current perception could be skewed – but at the very least, the rest of your life will not be as ridiculous as high school. sincerely do apologize to anyone who thinks i am complaining about only 1-2 hours of homework. i signed up for band class and my middle school band club which is really fun, but you had to quit. screw teachers that give to much homework as it is unnecessary, i have not been finishing my math homework for a year and i’ve been getting an average of 70%. there’s only one ap class offered right now for sophomore year so i took it to see what ap is like, plus i took all the honors (chemistry, spanish iii, english ii, algebra ii), and of course, taking my program area classes.. i was skipping lunches to get some of my work done so i could have a single hour of free time. and the people that were not cooperating just went on snapchat all day while listening to music while my other group partner and i worked our butts off on the project! but its getting to the point have more then one f so far because i gave up i cant do this its to hard and the teachers dont care everyone doesn’t care but why i commented this is just to get some weight off my chest thanks for time if anyone read this. back to school work, i push myself so hard, as i hope to get to this very prestigious catholic high school. some nights i can have up to 10 hours of homework! a boy told me just today that his history homework alone took him almost three hours last night. i worked hard – i frequently spent late nights doing homework – but i never felt so overwhelmed that i wanted to give up entirely. i understand that in the past, past students didn’t have the technology that we have, had no wi-fi, and didn’t have the vast array of information we have at our fingertips, but because of the resources teachers have, it gives them ability to give so soo much homework and requiring a lot of thinking. they won’t be able to deny that homework is not the answer. over the years, i had formed strong relationships with my peers and my teachers. miles to my little brother’s school, pick him up and arrive home at 4:30. every time i do homework i end up using the computer to look for private tutors or people that can make this crap disappear, but of course they can’t, at this point my school books are just self written revision guides, what’s the point of me doing a piece of work at home? it’s about 9:50 now, meaning i have spent 12 hours today doing homework, plus about 10 hours yesterday and 6 hours on saturday and a few hours on friday. i have become very sensitive and depressed, and i often nearly cry in the middle of my algebra class when i see how much homework we have. haven’t even reached high school yet, and my issues are the exact same! i have to remind myself that there is no promise of success in my conquest. i cant study because he gives us horrible notes and i have no time because my mom makes me do so much at home and i have homework from my other 7 classes. i don’t get much sleep due to homework either and judging by the above i don’t see how i would be able to get into a 4 year college. this is my life and i want to have fun with it. although my grades weren’t as good as before, i was happy and healthy. however, i emailed some of my friends and they agree: 6 hours. my brother basically gave up on eighth grade because he got into a good highschool but for one assignment, my brother needed my help for this painting because i am an art student, but it took up my birthday. on my school website, it says the average hours for homework per night for 7th graders is 2. my history teacher does the same as yours except his class is all about group work. my best advice: don’t grimace and grin and bear it, espeically if your children are young. wanted to make sure that you did not perceive my comment as dismissive. live in the uk and i know that some of our school laws are different but the homework sure ain’t, i was told i have to do 22 hours of homework a week, of course i don’t do all of it, and any reason i throw at my teachers ends up back in my face, “that’s not acceptable. dropping out, i earned a high school diploma on my own — in only two years, and with a 90% grade point average. saturday, the first thing im going to do is sign my name on to that piece of paper. you and my child should not have to pay such a steep price in order to attend a school you like that challenges your abilities. when i mention how many hours of homework it takes, some on this blog blame the student. i honestly feel like i’m about to lose my mind because of all this homework and stress. came across this website looking for other opinions on why “homework should be banned” for my required school paper. i was working part time as well, as an adjunct teacher as well, so i needed to prepare my classes, attend meeting, correct tests, offer tutorials etc. she’s in all of the advanced classes which give more homework. i know this fight won’t do any good my me this year, but continue the fight for less homework for future generations! i don’t have time for my family, for friends, for reading (which i love), and for art, one of my most favorite things in the world. never would i have imagined getting a c on my report card. i don think so because i don’t have time to talk to boys, i barely have time to talk to my parents in highschol! right now i have an a but because of this next project, my grade will probably go down to a b. i mean they give a lot of homework and i feel it would be very hard for them to stop. am sick of homework i spend like 8 hrs at school and 4 hrs at home doing home and now i had to quit my favorite sport doing it. in reality, i am actually very hyper, and my friends tell me that i am extremely funny. i used to get homework maybe 1-2 times a week at worst from a teacher.

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most of it doesn’t increase my learning at all, it just makes me more frustrated.! on more than one occasion i’ve been up to six o’clock in the morning doing homework. world doesn’t care about the size of your heart or how much time you spent or whether or not you play the cello (unless you’re in a professional orchestra) how long you spend reading, what movies you’ve been watching, it cares what it can get from you, and for every one of you who throws their hands in the air “i can’t do this shit, it’s bad for my health, there’s too much” there are three other people to take your fucking place, there are people who would kill for the opportunity to be in your position – living in a country with the right to education. i graduated at the top of my class with the highest honors just this summer. my boyfriend and i went to the bronx zoo, and i walked out alive., in the last section of my comment, there the “not” is not suppose to be there. i'm told it was a learned behavior -- when i was 4, i saw my mom panic because of a snake in our yard. i remember many many many nights where midnight came and went, and homework completion did not. got so bad i thought about running away from home to escape the homework. in my opinion the real problem isn’t hw, but the fact that everyone’s taking advanced classes! the summer going into freshman year of high school, it dawned on me that if i keep my perfectionism up, i will end up going to an amazing college and being miserable. on wednesday, we told our science teacher that we have a homework timetable you have to follow. still can’t believe myself i had to cancel my date with my boyfriend cause of all the load of homework i have. compare homework with child labor abuse is insane to me, unrealistic and exaggerated. anyways one teacher sucked and ended up getting fired, so my grade 10 science was just given to me… i feel that i have so much more to learn, i just haven’t been give the chance and it sucks. put all of my energy into maintaining a grades, but this is taking it’s toll physically and emotionally. when i see students who get top grades, check off every to do box on the way to success, load up on extra curriculars, but i don’t see a spark, i don’t see them reading for pleasure, i see them tired and burned out, i have the answer to my question. but i’m used to waking up early and having a little sleep, but no one in my group even appreciated it! mom is a teacher, but she is on my side. the words were in my heart but not in my mind. the closest thing to a conversation i had with them was about homework, either fighting over it, or being interrogated of what was due. of people like you, schools are limiting the teachers in the amount of homework they give students and i don’t agree with that. sincerely do not apologize to anyone who thinks i am complaining about only 1-2 hours of homework..but if they can, i think that instead of taking homework so seriously, the kids should just focus on what will directly impact their futures. i’ve heard that some schools lengthen their school days by a few hours and in return the students never receive homework,i wish all schools did that especially since i go to high school next year and am definitely not anticipating the work. skipping high school is a an amazing option particularly for students who are very academically advanced but don’t want to put up with the crushing often useless homework of high school. it’s not just the homework i’m stuck with, but the tests as well. until very recently, the mere sight of a snake on tv would send chills down my spine, walking on grass wasn't an option and even saying the word "snake" made my throat close up. i just give my info that i did for everybody and give it to the one other person that’s working! it is sad that top students still receive so much homework. had asked him for help before -- the "will you take my air conditioner out of my window? now, i have gotten my first c’s on my report card and needless to say my mother was not impressed. nonetheless, i feel they need to at least re-adjust the homework load. there are no hours of useless homework or studying, simply the student doing the work they feel is necessary to learn and succeed with. she has no time to do fun things anymore because all her time is spent on doing homework. i have a lot of homework 2 i’m just in 8th grade. has sparked competitions and resentment between my friends, stress in my family, and exhaustion. my school does this to a degree by letting you choose what you want to do out of a standard list of everything ranging from cooking to computer technology, but the main problem is that not everyone needs or wants that. before i met this guy, i assured everyone, myself included, i'd never be a girl who "needed" someone. almost everyday now i find myself crying over my homework. i even had to put my art to the side. however we had tons of studying to do and my grades were falling behind because i couldn’t understand things and lessons were going way too fast. my history and science teacher do the same: review homework during class rather than teaching. she gave us homework and i would often have to stay up until 1:00 am (and that was just for math) to finally understand this utter crap that i would never actually use. the main change was setting priorities to what i actually wanted to do and then do my best in those areas. i even was there with my daughter helping her on each step so she could complete her homework. said: the people around you talk about the things they did after school because they did not do their homework. i worked my butt off to get it done in class but the one hour wasn’t enough. i am trying to do my homework now and i am flipping out and i want to die.. my grandma was dying and all they cared about at that school was that i had a d in history. best friend died a couple weeks ago, and my teacher won’t even give me an extension for my homework! all the students in my class decided to complain about the homework- especially science, but we were afraid. in secondary school i had crazy amounts of work but fortunately my school had this culture of not doing homework; people would just refuse to do and hand in homework unless we had a strict teacher. i was afraid i wasn’t going to graduate high school this year because i was only barely passing my college classes–one slip up and i would fail. we keep being told by educators that homework in the younger years prepares kids to do well in middle school. i thought my life was so hard: i have rowing training at 5am four mornings a week and one afternoon, i have 1 and a half hours of piano practice a night, and i have 2-3 hours of homework a night during the assessment time. i know that other school have substantially higher amount of home work in our city but i have heard of none that spurts out 6 hours of homework. and if it’s doing wonders for the evolution of my thoughts, and constantly pushing me further, it’s sometimes at the cost of a good chunk of self-esteem. i spend my entire sunday and at least 2-4 hours of my saturday doing homework. don’t come from a wealthy household, so i have to work to pay for my own car, my own college, and so on and so forth.

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i gave a speech on the matter a few years ago in a public speaking [honors level] course, and convinced my professor to have her daughter skip high school. i, too, was hoping to teach english someday, yet my current english teacher, as well as the other teachers in my school, assign such an enormous amount of homework that i don’t have any time now to pleasure read or to write. my social life, my sleep, my freedom, the remainder of my childhood, my relationships, my happiness–hell! i’m actually physically uncomfortable right now, my coloring is off, and i’ve already gotten the cold that i will have for the rest of the year. i always feel like, no matter if i finish the homework for that day, there is more and more i can do, like an endless supply. i was told that i would be writing a novel, working at least a half an hour on it every night plus completing my other homework. there was a reptile segment being filmed on huffpost live, the company's streaming network that shoots one floor below my desk. i am not saying my teachers were mean– which, besides the point, they were– but they were just bad teachers. am a mother of a 7-yr-old who gets 45 minutes of homework a night. i’m a star student, and pour my life into school, but recently the homework load has been simply overwhelming (this is coming from a person who adores learning, school, and being busy). later that year, we went to a field trip to a tolerance center teaching about wwii (please excuse my spelling) to see a movie. for the first time in my life, i knew that was ok. i wish my mom would homeschool me, but not all parents have time for that or are qualified to do that. i won’t lie, i take many breaks while working, and if my dad comes into my room and sees me talking with friends online, he will get angry. my daughter loves school, she is always on top of ever assignment and or homework, now she enjoys school again but starting middle school. here i was, letting someone -- a boyfriend someone -- comfort me while i cried., we should absolutely be grateful for the opportunities we have–i have watched my friend who changed schools when her mom went back to law school slowly lose her love and excitement for learning and become cynical and hardened, and it kills me by inches because i know how much joy she used to get from school. while i know my opinion differs from that of the majority who have commented, i believe these points to be valid and it stands to reason that if prior to modern education that the limits of human comfort had to be pushed in order to achieve what we have that to lessen the work load now would put society in a stagnant state. it is extremely typical of a day in the life of my daughter’s high school. almost every night i’m stuck with hours upon hours of homework. the work has become harder and it seems as if the teachers are competing for who can give the most homework. i would have considered myself a casualty of both the system and my own indifference. almost every night i’m stuck with hours upon hours of homework. my question to you is what constitutes the good life? he said that if we wanted our science teacher to follow the homework timetable, we had to sign it. in my twenties, these books didn’t resonate with me because i lacked the maturity and life experience to understand their grand themes. i’m not happy, my freedom is gone the teachers control that (not even my own parents! and we had to study them on top of the homework we get plus i do the pre – algebra class since i want to maintain my good grades. i’m going to force myself to learn at-least something next year. homeschool mom told me just the other day, my daughter has come out of her k-12 academic journey with an unbridled love of learning. i’m trying to pull myself out of this hole, but it’s hard when i don’t have a choice if i want to graduate. the record, no, my daughter is not shooting for all a’s, that would be impossible, she’d be up all night she tries to get as much done as possible, she is deliberate, thorough and creative so it takes a while and we have taught her to blow off lesser assignments. i’ve never really written anything until i came to pensacola junior academy (pja) and now i’m expected to write a story (30,000 words for an a) in less than a month with a few days notice to plan it out. i’m not saying i hate school, just the homework part. of course i hated homework, everyone does, but i, like everyone else for decades got through it and managed to be a happy kid. i have thought about how all i can really do is do my best to keep good grades but besides that i dont’t really have a life, and maybe even a future. agree with the last comment you right even i am a owner of a company too and my family are really proud for me. i’m also in grade 10 and i can truly say that homework is seriously affecting my health. at that point i immediately start on homework and the cycle repeats. at first i was in love with the idea, happy to be exempt from spelling, but it soon took a turn and i found myself miserable and with writer’s block. we even have double lessons, and thats when we get double the homework, and its usually due the next day. in high school, i was a straight-a student like you, but if i had opted for a b per semester (or even per year), perhaps i wouldn’t have driven myself to burnout, self-harm, or illness. i attend a public religious school in europe and the amount of homework we have every night is phenomenal. all i do is work my ass off get c’s and they dont apperciate how hard i work and tell me i do bad. i do some homework at school if any is even given. i dropped out of my second year of high school, and actually home schooled myself due to the intense stress. don’t do all your homework everyday, do the subjects you have a 90 on, not the one you have a 96 on. recently i went on holiday and i came back yesterday and now im doing an essay ive also tried to kill myself many times due to homework and related stuff. my mom always says “i had to deal with it just like you”, but i find that very hard to believe. if i could work on my homework without procrastination, it would take me an hour, maybe two. i can’t start my homework and i have so much. grow up in a strict indian household and the only important aspect of life to my parents is my education, im not saying its bad or anything, i make straight a’s too. i find myself more often not completing my homework because i’m too physically stressed out to concentrate on it. then, on sunday, i have religious school, so i have to be up until ten to finish my homework for the next day. may seem bad, but it was heaven compared to my week the week before midyear exams. i get up at six, go to school for six hours and then end up with seven hours or more of homework. in my opinion, i am sick and tired of us kids having to study for tests, do truckloads of homework, study for these large tests, and then parents have the audacity to yell and get mad at us just because we don’t meet their standards or we don’t get in the the top honor roll.’m wondering homeworkblues, if you could go back in your daughter’s life, do you think there was any way to have changed how she reacts to school work? and the class just go to slow, so i find myself getting yelled at for staring into space when we’re doing work when i’m done 15 minutes before everyone else. perfect example of the toll homework is taking on my life (and it’s only the second week of school!

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we told him that we can read it for him and it clearly says that your not supposed to give us homework today. most of my understanding of how to be a strong, happy, smart teenager goes to a book i highly recommend, “the 6 most important decisions you’ll make. teachers have to seriously rethink the amount of homework they’re giving us. i’m blame school for my life has gone to hell. if the limit of my ability was a c+, i would accept it. because i missed school that day, i had to stay after on friday for an hour, and i was assigned an extraordinary amount of weekend homework. if and when she assigns homework, it isn’t a lot, and she makes sure that her students understand that after they have worked solidly on it for 30 minutes, they can stop, no matter how much they have done, without a huge detriment to their grade, so long as their parents have confirmed it. but if a class poll reveals that all of the top students in class are taking at least 6 hours to complete their homework, then a real problem exists, and it should be duly addressed. only juniors and seniors can be in the ib program, sophomores and under get put into the myp program and must complete that before moving onto ib. then, i hope to get into west point, lead a us army unit, then transfer into the special forces. i am depressed, anxious, and extremely stressed, and i feel that the excessive amounts of homework i am assigned every day can take the blame. being said, homework inflation is a real problem for many top-level students. am in an excellerated school program called leap even though i have no clue what it stands for, anyways i am doing homework right now and i have to do 20 questions about chile 4-5 sentences each, an essay abou the weather in helsinki, finland, three book reports 7-8 sentences each. but until i read this post, i thought i was very unlucky compared to downward indian and american school, but after reading, i consider myself the most lucky person! i cant say i have as much homework as you, or anyone else writing in the comments. you stupid, ugly creature, you're ruining my life," and "does he think i'm crazy now? it used to be fun and it would be my outlet for my competitiveness- now it’s just another source of stress because i’m expected to get into a good college with high level academics and sports. neither of them seem to understand the weight load of my homework nowadays, and my relationship with them is sickening due to my anger and irritation. i would get home at around seven-thirty every evening and then sit down to do all of my homework. almost all of my friends are outside of my school and having six hours of homework a night gives me absolutely no time to see them whatsoever. our school has provided us with a homework timetable, but it seems that the teachers arent paying much attention to it. amd even upto that we get no more than 30 minutes of homework! i live 30 min away from my theatre getting home at 10 taking a shower and doing homework from around 10:15-4:30 if i am lucky, this is ridiculious i find myself depressed i can not take the stress. i was going to take my daughters case further up to the district because the stress she was going through and the lack of sleep cause her to have seizures. i don’t know who’s socrates and who’s alcibiades, or who’s sartre and who’s beauvoir (i’d rather do away with the extran bisexual affairs, though, if you don’t mind), or who’s arendt and who’s heidegger (erm, hopefully neither), but i know there’s always more seductive potential in my monograph-writing than in my shopping at ann summers, and that i don’t care about the early white hairs as long as i can see his serious concentrated face listening to bernstein’s lectures on the phenomenology of spirit. when i asked one of my classmates how much it took her to complete a project, she told me that it was about 40 minutes for her. has absolutely drained my life of all the things that make it worthwhile. then, getting 5hours of sleep if i was lucky, i would have to zombie myself through another day of hell. i am a senior, and it takes 8 hrs to do my homework. while the workload isn’t anywhere as bad as the usa or many other places around the world and i consider myself lucky, i still see many people here stressing out just as much over homework, assignments, due dates and other things. it has obliterated all my friendships and relationships–and forget my dreams of writing a book. teachers have to seriously rethink the amount of homework they’re giving us. write: “obviously if we didn’t have any homework, it would make everyone lazy and no one would learn anything. i would have learned just as effectively if my teacher had presented the summary in class, and then given us a shorter follow-up assignment to help us synthesize the material or expand upon what was presented in lecture. but when i or my sister get one grade below a 91 my parents yell at me and the whole family starts fighting. my math teacher spends entire periods review the previous night’s homework and then quizzing us on it. i really wish they did because i find myself counting down the days until winter break already. only challenging class, if it can be called that, is german 2 and i do the half hour of homework in class while the teacher’s talking. this is, in my opinion, the best that i can offer you. the number of absences that i allow should offer a glimpse into my irreverence for “the system”. she started telling me, “mommy, i don’t feel well. this has been helpful in my research, and i completely agree. this is my life and i want to have fun with it. amazingly you read my mind that all this homework and trying to earn a name on earth is so short and futile and pointless. most teachers understand this as each one of them gets to assign 2hrs of homework every night. i get up at six, go to school for six hours and then end up with seven hours or more of homework. in my senior year of high school, i opted to take regular english composition instead of the ap version, and my life became immeasurably better. my child started having problems with homework when she turned 8 years old. i don’t know if my handmade notes will get me through a test because i’m not sure if my research is correct. my actions were training my brain to be afraid the way the depressed person caused herself to become lonelier. when i went and talk to her teachers and mentioned this, they cannot give more than 20 minutes of homework, so they decide to give homework only for math and sometimes spelling. it is not so much that i have my parents or teachers expecting me to get perfect grades- i pressure myself. i have students who are absent every friday playing golf and in my class tests are friday. science is the most terrifying topic when it comes to homework. there are close to 450 schools in chennai, my city itself. the only time i have to play with my friends is at these recesses (and some of them i have to sacrifice to study for tests). i was afraid to let myself go and be happy because i felt that that would somehow make me not serious about school. homework counts for 10% at my school, so i can easily skip half of my homework in most of my classes and still get an a. quadratic formula), and to get all of the homework done on time. i found ways to survive my last two years by simply doing my assignments.

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i am afraid of my future however as i don’t see myself anywhere in this society of ours. my parents got me a scolarship because we were middle class and that was the only way we could afford it. i believe that the reason i was a bit stressed some times during jr high was because of procrastination, but as i go into my freshman year, i’m taking all honors classes, so i expect a metric ton of homework every night. you’ll excuse me, i have to do homework until 6:00am now. originally, up through about freshman year, i maintained myself and had good study habits; i worked through all the homework, rigorous as it was. the people complaining about sleeping little due to homework are the ones that start late or, sadly, put too much work into it. well neither is 22 hours of homework a week you stupid biatch! am a straight a student and a fast worker: why, when i feel so miserable after my surgery, do i have to do this much work? used to go to an inter-city school, before my town built it’s own (though i sometimes find this true even now), that some teachers, especially math teachers hardly taught at all; they would use homework to force students to teach themselves, spending class time going over the homework, maby giving some notes, and then giving more homework for the following day. just a few weeks ago one of my teachers said that since we still have a lot of work to do and only a few left, us students don’t have time to “dink around” anymore. we end up getting homework from every subject when we are supposed to get homework for 3 subjects maximum a day. i did all of my work in advance once it really hit me that i’d fail if i ever fell behind too much lol. so i brought it home for homework, it took me an extra hour and a half uninterupted to complete it. i do allocate my time correctly- and i dont slack off. i quietly told my teacher the problem (so she could fix it) and she told me “is it? school has stripped me of my childhood, and the worst thing is that teachers don’t give a damn, because it’s just a job to them and the way they earn their money. is it the kid’s fault because he didn’t ‘settle for a b or a c’ if he has a homework crunch next quarter? agree that the length of the homework, should be age appropriate even for a gifted kid. it’s making me miserable and i’m finding myself more impatient with everyone around me because of it. think the real issue is the every teacher feels obligated to assign a hefty chunk of homework every night. they forget that students are also receiving homework from several other instructors — and if you happen to have two or three instructors who think this way, you end up with a mountain of homework every night. it’s just the homework that gets me every time. however, if these grades are based upon incompletion of homework and not mastery of the subject, we need to rethink our grading policies in high school. i still have a schedule of other classes which i love to pieces; knowledge has become my obsession. especially for me and my brother because he thinks the highest of me than anybody. i knew he'd be supportive, but i was scared of appearing weak, and therefore, in my mind, defective. i signed up for band class and my middle school band club which is really fun, but you had to quit.’m only in 9th grade and i just got my appendix out last monday. i’ll be honest, if it were not for the sat my workload would be like 2 hrs. i’m a perfectionist with homework and i like to make it all neat and tidy. my mom had no idea what to do with me. so, now i can’t even enjoy the sport i love because of the crazy amount of homework given out. i was just nine years old and i came home everyday, sat down, stared at my paper, and spent the next hour crying out of frustration. gpa kids, while i am working my butt off so that i can impress my teachers (even though there nice teachers). completely agree im a sophomore in hs and i am constantly stressed over homework even when i am not assigned any i frequently get scared that i do and have a panic attack that i dont know what it is or i left it in my locker. i’m a freshman in high school, and it’s a relief to read that my school isn’t the only homework-crazed institution in america. every other saturday, for the past several months, my dad has taken my siblings to the movies while i stay home, too afraid that if i go i won’t finish my homework. as for the maximum homework i’ve had in one class for one night, we once got assigned 30 pages of worksheets for ap chem, just 8 packets that the teacher had managed to find online and decided to distribute to us because a kid was talking while she was playing a video and reading a magazine. i heard people only have a few hours or maybe just half an hour of their day on homework. a christian i see people wanting to become something important in life ( i am a high school junior) but all i think in my head is “okay, ten years after high school and your legs start cramping up and the beauty you so aggressively tried to keep up by making others feel bad by always trying to look better and cooler in high school will slowly fade and you start dying. take three online college classes in addition to my high school courses. i used to be a really happy person, always writing or drawing or singing randomly, now i am quiet, tired, and i don’t have time for my own homework, not to mention things that make me happy (drawing/writing/singing/reading/playing piano). of course keeping in topic of this post, all this homework is so ludicrous but thinking that life will become a sea of roses if you get to do anything you want is a lie as well. the worst thing is my mom doesn’t appreciate my hard work. most of the homework teachers give us is completely pointless and sometimes even unreasonable. as i stared at the photo (i wasn't allowed to look away), rapid dialogue ran side by side in my head. we have lots of holiday homework, and we still have to go back to school for our co-curricular activity (cca) which can be every single day during competition season. do you mean, balance between social life and homework, or time management skills? my daughter would tell me that her teacher started to hate her because i kept on going back to speak to the principal in regards to my concerns of her teacher giving her a hard time in class and giving her way too much homework at home. a lot of my friends don’t sleep until 1 or 2 and we all wake up around 5/6am. some nights i can have up to 10 hours of homework! you have my complete support in any effort to minimize your homework load, to the extent that it is possible. teachers don’t understand that the students who have the upper level classes have so much homework we dont have time for anything else. i introduced my daughter to three john steinbeck books and some other classics this summer she’d never covered in class.. classes and homework, but there’s little they can do. her teacher would not let my daughter have recess time and kept her in class so she could finish her assignments from the class as well. so not only am i wasting my time with homework, but i am also slaving away toward an effort that is essentially useless for me anyway. subjects in school should become selective earlier on, as many things, math teachers for example, say are going to be used many times in my later life, i have never once seen anyone in my family use. i spend 4-8 hours a night on homework and am taking all of the honors and ap classes i can. she finally spoke to my teacher and said that although i had not been writing anything, i had in fact been thinking about the story.

if you are getting perfect scores on every homework assignment, i suggest trying to put a little less effort in., you asked about my parents and their stance on the matter. it started in middle school, it’s true — we would have, no exaggeration, an easy 8 hours of homework every night. so, if i get home at 4, im done with my homework at nine (this does not include dinner, social activities, chores, etc. cooper’s studies showed that, after 2 1/2 hours of homework a night for high school students, returns diminished (ie scores got worse, not better). so while the people taking bs classes and not trying are graduating, i’m over here watching my life drain into school and still not graduating because homework has consumed my life. i am a junior in high school and usually have 5 to 8 hours of homework everyday after school. it’s been less than a month, and i’m suffocating under a mountain of honors homework. i was able to get straight a’s in college as a biomedical engineering major, and i still had more time to myself than i did in high school! except for the 20 minutes of reading which teachers recommend every day and math homework. have had my galbladder out and have constant stomach pains and ulcers now because of how sick i made myself stressing about grades it ruined me please i wouldnt wish this on anyone. i’m in highschool where i live, almost into my last year. i’ve completely given up on homework and get yelled at for not turning that in.” i believe instructors should first sit down and see how long it will take them to complete an assignment and not just assign homework or tasks in class knowing that the students won’t have enough time to complete them and then blame the student for not managing their time wisely affecting the students grades. my family members think very highly of me and that’s sometimes a really bad thing.! when i handed it in to my teacher she said, “you could of done better” done better on what? my daughter’s homework life mirrors this young woman’s. i know that sounds insane to some people, but many students in my school know exactly what i am talking about. i’m a kid, and i want to have my childhood back. my brother is a little better, but he despises the ap courses with a passion. right now, it’s close to the end of the year, and i have 2 projects, an exam review packet, and pages of algebra i homework all at once. well the school has t to where you can drop only drop classes from sept 22-november 1 and i thought i understood all my classes but of course after the dead line everything in my algebra class got hard, i used to have a b in there and after one bad grade it is now down to an f and i dont know what to do i cant get tutored because they dont offer an activity bus after school and my parents are working so of course i cant do anything and he doesnt offer extra credit because he offers it on his tests whic is one problem that nobody knows how to do unless you like read everything about algebra 2 before hand. my parents pressure me to be the best, and though my rank is #3 out of 1000, i can’t help but cry about not being #1., i’m a freshman in high school and i guess i’m lucky enough to not do home work and still get a-b’s and put no effort into my classes,and my teachers get angry at me for it here’s an example my math teachers refuse to take work from me unless i show the work and i spent 10 minutes on a worksheet with 20 or so questions and showing works add like 10 minutes alone and i sit right next to the teacher and they even say that i dont cheat so that makes no sense to me why they dont take it. i was in advanced classes from 6th grade on and i have homework every night, weekends and holidays. now, i have an a/b/c day schedule, so i get up to seven hours of homework on a friday, and up to five on any other day. homework takes me the whole entire night and i don’t even have the time to read 2 chapters in a book! i also lost my motivation to go to college, cause i know it would also be hard. teachers in my high school (it’s a public school) take pride in giving as much homework as possible. i like science so much i find myself watching science documentaries on tv and could listen to science theories for hours. my mom always says you tried your best and that’s okay but i rarely get to see my dad and what if i told him, sorry dad i couldn’t make it to the highest honor roll because of a stupid group project i did all the work in, he would probably say it’s okay but i will know that he will be disappointed. homework is ok but to much homework is a crime.! on more than one occasion i’ve been up to six o’clock in the morning doing homework. i’m an a student but homework has taken its toll on me. i heard people only have a few hours or maybe just half an hour of their day on homework. most people that even read this are most likely thinking how does homework, school, and a sucky social life make you feel this way, well that’s because these feelings are due to other things as well ajd this all just makes life look like its only going to get worse and worse and worse until every day is nothing but a blur of meaningless breaths, after all i do already fake the smiles, hold back the tears, hold back my real thoughts, all so no one ever know the truth behind my mask…. my parents are making me retake it, though i have a b in that class (currently). for example, my pre-calculus teacher assigned us 25 questions for homework., therapy appointments, homework sessions went by and it all started to get. i remember, breaking down and crying once, but it had been my decision to complete my master in that time, because i needed to get a job asap and could not afford life anymore. days i feel like school is a piece of cake but other times i become so depressed in my studies; it all depends on my perspective. to neglect to assign homework is like slacking off, so, teachers dish out assignments whether or not they are necessary. the tension in our house increases by 100% (very calm during the day, just my homeschooled 8 year old and i) when my 15 and 17 year old come home. now, to be direct, i have to go back to homework at this late hour, and then get up at 6:30. i had to wake up at 4:30 every morning trying to finish all the research for the project that my group mates were supposed to do.’m doing a petition assignment for my social studies class on the bad effects of homework. a vast majority of the adults i know, have jobs and still have the stress of paying bills and taking care of kids, but they get the sleep they need and they have the money to buy what they want (let me repeat, this is just the vast majority and i know there are adults that have it worse than this) but as high schoolers, we don’t have this as all we can do is study and be sad and do nothing but study and it’s unfair and i’m tired and teachers aren’t letting me sleep without me getting a b or c on my report card which i don’t like and if i was okay with getting b and c s i guess that i would be okay but im not, i like getting all a’s and i’m not a loser, i have friends, but i’m studying so much that idk what everyone’s talking about any more and idk the songs that they will be playing at the dances that i may or may not go to and it makes me and a lot of other children sad and its not fair and i really want to start a revolution in the future but idk if its just me being lazy or if there’s an actual flaw in the system and im sad and i wanna go out and see the world but i cant, i wanna walk my dog and cuddle my cat, but i cant, soo much work to get all a’s and the 4. i want to spend time with my family, to practice violin, to read classic novels of my choice, and to simultaneously succeed in school. my school is one of the more lucky ones- school ends at 2:30, i have one hour of clubs, and i have extra help. i have always wanted to be a scientist, but because of my grades, i probaly never will. my teachers expect that we have all the time in the world and just sit around in my opinion, but i don’t most of my time is spent doing homework. removing homework isn’t the secret cure that makes everything feel right. i am in my first year of collage now, we still have a lot of homework, but i am learning about what i want to learn about so it really is not that bad, apart from the homework which is so much still. not only was i literally facing my phobia, i was leaning on a guy for support. i do homework in my classes whenever the teacher isn’t looking, at lunch while i eat, on the bus ride to school, etc. my hobbies like reading have been neglected so i can try to keep up with my homework. i fell asleep last night and woke up at 3am to find my daughter still up. this week, he even gave us homework when we were supposed to study for the science exam=s nearly all of my classmates ended up finishing the homework, rather than studying- they didnt feel so good after the exam =s. yet everyone was mad at me for not turning in my homework on time and not thoroughly enough. i’m juggling 6 ap classes, debate team, and beta club in junior year, so my regular bedtime is 1 am, and i’ve learned to accept it.

he said that if u have time to complain, you have time to do your homework. if my daughter, after a long day at school, chooses to read wuthering heights in 5th grade and write a novel, let her. my snake phobia, however, severely disrupted much of my life. my days almost always end in tears, and this in turn creates a lot of tension elsewhere. i asked her principal to change my daughter to another classroom and she said it would take time. for one, colleges are already competitive enough and while i would be healthier in every sense of the word if i stopped with the homework, my grades would plummet and i would not be able to get into my ideal schools. since i’ve started to go to pja, my grades have gone downhill. my school is in a smaller town(2 hours to the nearest small city) and we get stuck with a lot of crummy teachers, like those that use mottos like “teaching yourself is what learning is”.” or a “not my problem” as im wiriting this comment ive got 4 more assignments. parents have screamed at me until i was sobbing with my hands over my ears because i still fail the quizzes and tests-i still do horribly in school because i cant think, im so tired all the time i just cant handle this. i am a freshman, and currently get three to six hours of homework. i have a sister in high school and at several points all her homework and lack of sleep led to some fights that would be worthy of the title “world war 3”. now, homework doesn’t always feel so abstract from my life because i’ve incorporated it into how i live. am in an excellerated school program called leap even though i have no clue what it stands for, anyways i am doing homework right noe and i have to do 20 questions about chile 4-5 sentences each, an essay abou the weather in helsinki, finland, three book reports 7-8 sentences each. i was already fed up with homework by the time i entered school in september. math, my fellow classmate ripped out a paper from his maths book , and passed it around the class. forgot to mentioned earlier that in an occasion when i met with the instructor to go over my daughter’s grades, as she was showing me that my daughter wasn’t completing her class assignments–i saw that half of the class wasn’t able to complete their assignments. after an average of 4-7 hours of homework every night, i am expected to help around the house, make my own meal (because i am a vegetarian and the rest of my family is not), and get into bed by 9:00. i need to sleep at some point, so i can’t possibly survive if all of my classes really do become even more tedious. i’m in 6th grade and i had a project that we had to do sometimes for homework and it was a group project. many of my friends have sat scores in the range of 2300-2400 and they are so addicted to pills like adderall, ritalin, and focalin that they have developed physical and psychological dependencies. some teachers assign homework as if their class is the only thing that exists in a student’s life. the first time i told him about my phobia, he encouraged me to get help, and asked why i'd want to continue my life with this fear. am a sophomore too and have a social life for a whole 3 minutes inbetween classes and get sick from not sleeping and i study 24/7 its rediculous and my grades still are not a’s because during the tests we get suprised!” or a “not my problem” as im wiriting this comment ive got 4 more assignments. in my district 8th grade has more hw then 9th.. if i sacrificed my life completely, i’d still only get 7-8 of my recommended 9-10 hours of sleep a night. so, yeah, i’m in a roadblock and needed to vent my frustration somewhere resourceful. i have no ability to play sports, am shy and am nervous to do choir, and if i wanted to even do track i am pretty sure my lungs would collapse. that is true, but teachers cramming us with so much homework just feels like torture, cause in the end you feel like you’re ready to die or to shoot yourself. i just wanted to give a short note i will say take your education and do your homework you will benefit atlast listen to your parents or elders when their are speaking don’t stew your teeth or turn up your nose listen to them because if you do not you will reget it later in life you will have to depen on people don’t you want to drive a car or even work to earn money and support your family as for me , my self an i i have study in universe of guyana and now moved to new york i am even the owner of a big company take my advise ok i will stop here now hope you guys out there agree. i know that there are many people out there including me who envy the very few people who get their homework done at a reasonable hour, hang out with friends, watch some tv, and get 10 hours of sleep. guess my situation isn’t as bad as yours… i’m in year 8. at my old school it was more advanced than this one im at now. i had to go run some errons with mom come back at like 7:00 and ive got homework and chores to do. having someone beside me didn't deplete my personal strength or knock down my independence. my whole life, i was the person that would raise their hand constantly, and would respond to a teacher’s question with huge words. my mom comes upstairs and we’re yelling and she starts yelling and my dad comes home from work and everyone’s upset. when, i was in college, i decided to complete my masters degree in one year instead of two. i go upstairs, open up my laptop, and start the homework. so i’ve learned to say “what its my fault for being smarter and quicker then others”. understand that, to some extent, the “homework complaint” is the complaint of the privileged few. and there is virtually no homework for weekends and holidays for anybody and the faculty are happy if you could score good grades!, while they agree that homework does more harm they good, they also see it as a necessary evil, and i am made to do it. entire schooling career has been a long line of not having to do too much and still getting into the top 15% of my class, but this year has absolutely killed me. on the weekends i have about 12 hours of homework altogether. he said that my think was not work and that i would not be allowed to go outside the next day during recess and that i would have to work while everyone else had “free time” in the classroom. feel you, my teachers give out homework for us to do during break. it’s even worse on the weekends, when i have about 8 to 12 hours of homework (no exaggeration, i promise). i am only in 8th grade, but as all of my classes are ap, it doesn’t feel like i am only 13. no one except one other person in my group was cooperating so i had to do the work of 3 people. and finishes at six, afterwards, i could have up to six hours homework (including study). the people that are saying we should be happy with b’s and c’s-i am happy with those grades if i tried my best and learned something, but colleges aren’t. sure, sometimes you will have 6 hours of work and 6 hours of sleep once you get a job, but it is so irrational that you go to school for at least 6 (that’s just a minimal assumption with lunch taken away) hours and get 6 hours of homework!’s mysterious, that anguish you get when you give your latest chapter to read to someone who will be enthralled only by hegel, and the crushing disappointment when you realise that your own writing still doesn’t have the same effect on him.): last night i sat down to do my french homework. i only think to myself that all these hours i put into my education will pay of later after these last 3 years of high school and 4years of college. i hate that things i enjoyed doing in the summer need to be shoved to the back of my closet until a year from now., when young children are given lots of homework in elementary and middle school, they burn out under the stress; i could see it happening to myself. phobia aside, i have spent my life replacing emotions with logic.

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