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is part 1 of a 2 part demo series describing how to control doors using various motors and limit switches.'ll need 2 led's of any color 2 resistors between 220 and 470 ohm a basic stamp 2 (i use a homework board) a computer with the programming software. your activitybot remotely using a joystick mounted on an activity board!

Basic stamp 2 homework board projects

Beginner Basic Stamp Project

a board of education shield for arduino, build a robotic arm unit and control it using a 2-axis joystick. 1: parts listyou'll need 2 led's of any color 2 resistors between 220 and 470 ohm a basic stamp 2 (i use a homework board) a computer with the programming . try this stamps in class mini-project and wow your family and friends with its eerie fortune-telling abilities!

HomeWork Board - USB | 555-28188 | Parallax Inc

The Magic BS2 Board |

serial servo motor robot controller module (23ch) for arduino, picaxe and basic stamp. your parallax hackable electronic badge into a physics measurement tool using the on-board accelerometer, a ping))) ultrasonic distance sensor, and a flexiforce pressure sensor. your ws2812b rgb led module to display different colors for different temperatures with this simple project by chris savage.

BASIC Stamp 2 Homework Board :: Solarbotics

3: program itthis is the program: ' {stamp bs2} ' {pbasic 2. commentsabout this instructable 10,573views5favoriteslicense:sci4mefollow4more by sci4me:  add instructable to: contest grouprelatedhand power electricity generation by yobotshow to pick a science fair projectby scienceprojectselectronic display for both blind and non blindby farhanf4featured channelswoodworkingpaperkitchen hackspuzzleslaser cuttingspacehomesteading3d printingsewingnewsletterlet your inbox help you discover our best projects, classes, and contests. little number is an interface board for any bs2-compatible or stamp stack ii controller, it is intended for use with products that were designed to accept solarbotics add-on brainboards such as the sumovore and scoutwalker iii.

BASIC Stamp Guide - U of M

your own mini functional r2d2 - parallax basic stamp 2. stromberg carlson minute impulse clock - driven with a parallax basic stamp. 3rd thing i did witht he parallax basic stamp board.Thesis mcmaster life science

BASIC Stamp Homework Board (LED + Servo) - YouTube

uswho we areadvertisecontactjobshelpfind usfacebookyoutubetwitterpinterestgoogle+resourcesfor teachersartists in residencegift premium accountforumsanswerssitemapterms of service|privacy statement|legal notices & trademarks|mobile site© 2016 autodesk, inc. basic stamp 2 is really the workhorse of hobbyist microcontrollers, and parallax has these new "homework" boards that use a surface-mount bs2 module on a 3" x 4" board that also features a 9v battery clip, serial port connector, 5v voltage regulator and a small breadboarding space! it features a "running" led that's connected to the bs2's eeprom clock, which only lights up if the bs2 is running.Thesis on hiv and the disabled

Electronics Projects: How to Flash Multiple LEDs with a BASIC Stamp

board of education (usb) is a handy basic stamp experimenter board. and light control using basic stamp 2 development board [eng captions]. getting startedif you are new to the basic stamp microcontroller or to programming, it would be a good idea to review the following before beginning:review the gosub and random commands in the pbasic language reference webhelpreview the 4-directional tilt sensor’s product documentationparts required(1) homework board with basic stamp 2 (#555-28188)····the basic stamp 2 board of education is also suitable for this activity.

Parallax BASIC Stamp® MCUs & Project Board | Mouser

parallax usb to rs-232 is a great little adapter that takes your mini-usb connector and converts it to a rs-232 interface!  if so, then the magic bs2 board is exactly what you need. this board also adds goof-proofing in adding 220 ohm resistors in series with all the i/o lines, protecting the module from mis-wiring.

Basic stamp 2 homework board projects

Electronics Components: BASIC Stamp Prototyping Boards - dummies

2nd thing i did with the parallax basic stamp board.- any -activitybotarduinobasic stamp boe-botshield-bot for arduinos2 scribblerstamps in class mini projectssumobotholidaysroboticssensorsbasic stamp 2propeller - spin languagepropeller - c languagemedicalwirelessmusicelev-8. to make your own magic 8-ball using your homework board or board of education? Thesis statement of the poe shado

board of education (serial)is a compact, solderless development board for basic stamps. bs2 homework board is a very handy development board for your basic stamp 2 experiments. a project to control dc motors using a simple joystick, xbees, polulu motor driver board, and two activity boards. Wood bats vs aluminum bats essay

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