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Pre made skins thesis

  • Community Roundup: Thesis Skins, Designers, and Developers

    Pre made skins thesis


    Thesis Theme Skins | 25 Thesis Skins for Killer WordPress Designs

    if google ever adds the neat seo features of thesis and genesis to blogger blogs, and added some better templates, the party will be over for many of you. so i own a copy of the old thesis i never intend to use. a point on pricing: speaking as a web designer building sites for clients, the price comparison is between 7 for thesis professional and 9. a thesis and genesis owner, i can attest that genesis has easier learning-curve and if purchased at the right time, their pro pack is of great value. seems to me, now in 2016, that thesis does have a lot of documentation on how to use it.’s been over a year now since i worked with thesis 2 and it’s mind blowing how much more i could do with it now then before, but with the advent of pearsonified skin, i don’t have to hack my template files to get that image header going with a caption on a website that will have a couple thousand pages relying on image swag. you’ve also spent more than you would have on thesis. given the innovative nature of the recent thesis updates, the future looks very bright for thesis as well. at this point in time thesis is still – especially with the addition of the loop api – more flexible from a developers standpoint, and offers significantly more design capabilities for a novice user who may not be familiar with css, html, etc. (and yes, rick anderson does great video training on thesis over at the byob web site — i’ve done a couple of his live freebies — but you have to be really committed to pay over 0 for 6 months of access to his premium materials. would be nice if we can turn off the vanilla style sheets in thesis as an option. i wouldn’t want a framework that did not have the options that thesis has there, since my css and php is very limited. trust me (and anyone else that’s reading) you will have far more control over customization with thesis if you’re a newb like me.’ve traditionally been a thesis guy, but i’ve been using genesis at work for the last couple months for a few different projects. not having access to thesis 2, i had to take people’s word for it. my perspective, thesis really helped pave the way for many of it’s other competitors within the “premium framework market. you really do want customization and an original site then nothing comes close to thesis 2+. we have an extensive collection of hand-crafted, state of the art skins that are ready when you are, with more being added every month. perhaps why i am more attracted towards genesis is coz it uses wordpress native functionality for powering its framework, call me paranoid but i like that setup ;-) i still think wp post thumbnail feature is the many debated topics when it comes to thesis vs genesis. thesis developer chris pearson has stated publicly that he plans to eventually cut down on the number of style sheets, and that would certainly help. i encourage you to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest thesis features, because i think you’ll discover more of the magic and detailed excellence that made you a fan in the first place! the end of the day i think thesis remains king of the hill by a slim margin. it currently stands thesis simply has better documentation and a more seasoned group of developers. however being such a huge framework though the documentation (or lack of it) has made this a slower learning curve than i thought. one major complaint here is that thesis is still sticking to this archaic post image system. i was almost going for thesis because of the showcase of sites built with thesis before i saw this post and some other forums with the same complaints. own thesis developer license and have developed several complex sites., and while it was cutting edge before the word framework really had meaning in the wp world, the killer feature of thesis was the diy themes forums.’s certainly not the no-developer utopia it’s made out to be. for a great and unbiased review of both themes, i’ve tended to go with yoast’s recommendation of using a plugin for my seo, and i like thesis way of handling custom content before the category. how clickbump bests thesis and genesis in our wordpress speed challenge. used to believe that genisis and thesis were both great. am a new blogger, i want to apply thesis framework and thesis theme on my blog, but searching a lot place, i am not able to understand the difference between thesis theme and thesis framework,I contacted a designer, but he referred me to some other person. interesting read, i think i will try thesis out a bit more ;). neither genesis nor thesis pioneered the idea of hooks and filters.

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  • Thesis Theme Skins | 25 Thesis Skins for Killer WordPress Designs

    The Pearsonified Skin Will Rock Your Web Design World

    The Pearsonified Skin Will Rock Your Web Design World

    i bought into the “no coding” required, “easier, faster” website creation pitch from thesis when i was searching for a framework/theme to build a business website with. makes me laugh when people say “thesis is for developers because you need to know code”. on the other hand, if i am well versed in developing skins, or don’t mind paying for them at the drop of a hat whenever i feel like changing the looks of my blog, then may be i’d go for thesis. the site works with other themes, but thesis keeps misbehaving no matter what fix i try. accordingly – i have no knowledge of any direct correlation – thesis 1. i’m always nervous about the upgrades, and they have on occasion failed or caused serious issues with the site (not necessarily a fault of thesis). off, i’m a big fan of the thesis theme. instance of this was when i saw someone recommending thesis over genesis because of seo – and we were called out for not having specific controls on tag/category pages. have been wringing my hands over going with genesis or thesis. before we went the genesis route) clients were paying us over 00 per site and more, as there was so much more that needed to be built on top of the thesis framework. used thesis 2 since it came out, was a steepish learning curve for me. in the developer option there is no fee to use the themes on client sites, with thesis its . you step into the threaded discussions, you’ll note that a lot of questions surround the development of skins, boxes, and css customization – basically a ton of requests to get help trying to use the system as intended. are you going for genesis framework or thesis theme for your wordpress blog? the thesis team could easily chime in and say they developed xyz features before the genesis team. thesis wasn’t even close and scored a 76/100 “c” grade on the test.’s marketplace is much different and the progress made by chris pearson and the diythemes team is notable. the only smart thing genesis did was implement wordpress themes which made them the better choice, since not everyone is a web designer or web developer.’ll also notice i’ve linked to a couple thesis tutorials written by community members. they offer an excellent range of child themes whereas what thesis offer is confusing enough to lose them some big name users who are pretty smart in the wordpress department. skins have always been associated with the finest typography on the internet, and the pearsonified skin is taking this to a new level with the addition of some high-impact formatting styles. thesis does this as well as any theme i’ve ever seen., at this time, the pearsonified and social triggers skins are only available to customers who own a professional license.’m totally clueless why i should be using genesis after already running thesis for over an year. until recently as i couldn’t get my head around thesis 2. best place to find boxes for thesis 2 isn’t there. know the thesis team is hard at it to make them work better together, but the frustration is building as each day passes and i hear nothing about these wordpress native plugins. a newbie for about a year now on thesis, i have spent a lot of time on the forums and have always had my questions answered very quickly. in addition, dynamik and the genesis extender plugin have made genesis even easier to use. i am sad to leave thesis mainly because their forum is so helpful but i think that most thesis sites just don’t look as good as genesis sites do. thesis have changed their pricing plans for new buyers but they have stuck to their guarantee for those of us who have been with thesis since the old days. the skins are sleek but it’s actually relaly hard to customize. i agree thesis still has a slight edge, but as you stated, this may not be the case as genesis matures. as i said at the beginning of the article, i do that with thesis…i don’t with genesis. i recently buy a thesis theme and apply on my blog.

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  • Pre made skins thesis

    Genesis Framework vs Thesis Theme - Best WordPress Theme

    Genesis Framework vs Thesis Theme - Best WordPress Theme

    once i’m comfortable with the ins and outs of genesis i’ll check out thesis. course, the thesis documentation is absolutely rock solid, and has gotten a big boost recently with the addition of derek halpern to the thesis team as well as the talents of a certain girlie. if thesis doesn’t survive then i would put money on genesis launching something similar not long afterwards. is any custom skin from thesis which is more focussed for review sites? however, if you purchase either the plus or professional package, then you will get some free skins along the way. the vast majority of websites, both thesis and genesis will work just fine. i am a genesis guy, yet i’ve used and enjoyed thesis 1. with all the promotions on wordpress themes out there, i’ve been looking to jump onto thesis but will now be reconsidering genesis. you want a beautiful web design, you can choose one of our pre-made skins, and you’ll be able to add it on top of clickbump theme with a few simple clicks from your wordpress administration area. our users are happy with the decisions they’ve made and with our development of genesis, so that is where we’ll focus our efforts. that said, the default child theme that comes with genesis is more visually appealing to me than the default thesis theme. would i need to change the ownership record for domains i own to suit thesis’ definition of whether they are registered to me? of all, matt has written a box for thesis that is helpful for optimizing images—he probably knows as much about this as anyone else on earth right now.. because it doesn’t have build in media queries for different device widths like byob skins provide…. made the decision to go with genesis a couple of years back and loving it – it’s easy to use and offers so many extras (e. so i own a copy of the old thesis i never intend to use. can see this article is about thesis and genesis but how do these two top wp themes compare with headway and builder 3. would have liked to give headway a go but it seems they don’t offer a 30 days money back guarantee as thesis and studiopress does…..As i recall, part of his intellectual property argument was along the lines of thesis being entirely separate from, and not really needing, wordpress. i am wondering when if there are going to be any further changes made to the box api in the next release? upgrade your thesis license so you can get the pearsonified skin, visit your my account page (login required). easiest way to get bp and thesis working together is to install bp template pack, and edit the templates to conform to the thesis header and html structure. bottom line is that with thesis, you’ll always have total control over the minutiae of your site. a recent article compared the two, but compared it to the older version of thesis because they didn’t have enough data on 2.), i don’t think there’s any doubt that thesis will continue to be one of the driving forces pushing wordpress theme development forward. i’ve been planning to write one for a while now (actually have a draft post, “thesis and genesis, a developer’s perspective” ) but yours is so much better than i would’ve written so i’ll just link here :). tips, you can use our skins on any site where your thesis license is valid. only point of contention is that the thesis docs actually have usage examples for every hook and nearly every filter. that said, i actually came to a different conclusion: thesis is much faster for development of simpler websites (by simple, i mean 90% of the projects that come to me), but genesis is better/faster for building more complex ones. said “thesis also gives you the ability to control the layout of your homepage using any combination of featured posts and “teasers” to create a magazine style layout. never used genesis so wornder it will be better than thesis or not … still its good and i am satisfied :). theme and Genesis Framework have dominate the best WordPress theme. i will admit wp / thesis has been a big learning curve.’ve been developing client sites with thesis for several years. i still wouldn’t say it’s “simple” (remember, i’m just an occasional blogger), but i can get my mind around it a lot better than thesis.

    Why a Genesis and Thesis Comparison is Still No Comparison

    but i can’t imagine switching from genesis to thesis (or the other way around) would do any harm at all. was released, it came without any documentation – causing a lot of people a lot of anguish – especially users of earlier versions of thesis. that said, thesis is still extremely powerful if you have the patience to beat the learning curve, or the funds to hire a professional. developers will probably be able to handle hooks and filters, but i would venture to say that any developer who can work with genesis hooks and filters, but can’t figure out thesis hooks and filters is probably not worth working with. is a wordpress designer, thesis specialist, and blogger from indianapolis, indiana. thesis skin chris, thanks you for sharing such a wonderful theme. this has two key benefits: [1] you have everything in one place, and [2] by taking advantage of the lightning-fast thesis architecture (as explained in the this comparison article), you can serve any type of custom page faster than you can with any other theme. think the support work that girlie, godhammer and highly valued contributors like yourself are a fantastic for thesis, but due to a lack of active moderators, and only rare visits by chris himself, it never seemed to be one that felt efficient – too many repeat questions were being asked, threads resurrected with non-related problems etc. headway has made some nice strides and does offer a beginner-friendly interface, but its bulky and doesn’t match up to the efficiency or extensibility of thesis or genesis.’ve come to the conclusion that any site builder who isn’t using thesis, genesis, or similar, who isn’t deeply familiar and comfortable with one or more of those, is guilty of malfeasance. i have been able to build at least one site with all of them, except for thesis. i think it’s better to highlight the differences in the genesis and thesis comparison and let you decide for yourself. said if you had already got to grips with a bit of customization on thesis 1. i have built many sites for myself and others using thesis. i know it’s possible to compare genesis with thesis, when it comes to wordpress frameworks, but i don’t understand why you’d do it. – child themes allow you to completely write the css from scratch if need be, whereas the thesis css files basically need to be overridden. was a user of thesis back in the early-ish days – v1. with that said, i don’t think i need to because i get everything i want within thesis. after i check on seoptimer, my home page h1 tag is “description”, how tho change h1 tag to become home title/blog title on thesis 18? in fact, it comes with pre-made widgets that can be used anywhere on your site. so, when i recently did a thesis based site for a client i somehow enjoyed the lean theme structure. is pretty easy to configure (after you figure it out) and there are many developers who are willing to work with thesis framework. cost to the client is usually under a 00 whereas when we hand coded the design with thesis (up to to 1. you’d like, you can find out more about the way that thesis handles hooks and custom css. in all honesty i have limited use with the genesis framework… i do think thesis would be a challenge for the average user without working knowledge with css and a basic understanding of html., i’m not a security expert, but i haven’t had any issues with security in two years of working with thesis. found it when i m planing to move on from genesis to thesis. like genesis framework, thesis framework has boxes and packages which works like genesis’s hooks. i know i could accept a freelance job working on a thesis 1. when necessary, it’s nice to be able to use a simple template file, especially when building something using new wordpress features (custom post types, custom taxonomies…) that aren’t fully supported by thesis. site, i would think very carefully before trying one with thesis 2, and i doubt that i’m alone there.. and you def should switch to thesis as it sounds like you are like me and are not a developer in any shape of the word. we developed bespoke skins for clients for around 4 years and it was fairly simple for clients to maintain their sites once deployed. i checked into the skins that were comparable in design to the genesis widgetized post and page feature, they didn’t offer the flexibility that genesis does. you can also download ready made premium skins—and deploy them—at will.

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  • Thesis Theme vs Genesis Theme: A Wordpress Premium Theme

    Pre made skins thesis

Pre made skins thesis-ClickBump

DIYthemes Thesis 2 for WordPress – Less Than Impressed!

so it differs in that way from the older thesis (which provided a lot of options). hadn’t thought about thesis in ages until a potential client, who had been using nothing but, contacted me about getting some assistance with my fave combo, which is genesis, dynamik website builder, beaver builder (plugin, not theme) and genesis dambuster plugin. telling you how to upload a skin and/or upload a box is interesting only if you know where you can find said skins and boxes. know thesis is not as popular anymore because they didn’t go for the typical wordpress theme route like everyone else…but they are far more advance than genesis. genesis child themes get you something to start with, but thesis gives you unmatched typography and a blank canvas with unlimited flexibility and scope for your creative juices to flow. i am holding out for the thesis team to continue to deliver as they have to date, but i cannot handle the wait for much longer, let alone the prospect of massive future alterations like the ones with 2. buy thesis today to put your website on the cutting edge, and you’ll also be able to learn from the thesis pros in our members-only forums! you can do so much more with thesis without using any coding. documentation, and i’m not sure i can use the same codes on thesis 2. their new drag/drop system made it possible to do endless styles of website without touching any code. i’ve been looking for a solid framework…and thesis and genesis have been the two at the top of my list.! this is a must read article for those who are confused between genesis and thesis i have started using genesis framework on my blogs and i am quite satisfied with it. comparison adam…but nevertheless i still think genesis is the way to go, as nathan pointed out genesis auto upgrade feature is very much required and for seo we can always use wordpress seo by yoast, its rock solid and has tons of features than the standard in-built settings in genesis or thesis. post comparing genesis and thesis is based on the new thesis which had a huge overhaul. does not offer in-house child themes as of yet, but if you google “thesis skins” you’ll find quite a few thesis designs – some premium and some free.) i think the main differences for me are:Multi-site support – as mentioned above it is a bit of a hack still in thesis 1., people will have no choice but to stop “thesis bashing”. in fact, last winter, while in the middle of a new design, the client suddenly insisted on thesis. idea that every wp fan and developer can work with genesis but not thesis is just plain uneducated (a reflection on the community at large, not you personally). am not familiar with thesis but, genesis / studiopress has been a breath of fresh air! now my blog is on thesis 2, not sure what the heck was i thinking last night when i thought i could (somehow) learn all the ins and outs of their framework. i have read many arguments for both thesis and genesis and this comparison is tops and almost unbiased! with this mental seasoning, the fact that thesis is really just a set of tools is hard to understand. i’d seen a fair bit written about genesis around the web, but thesis’s reputation and recommendation stood out stronger, so i went with the thesis professional option – huge mistake..I agree with paul above who touts openhook as a great feature that thesis gives you access to . bet you all know that i am a huge fan of genesis framework and i even wrote a neutral article comparing thesis theme and genesis framework which you. all three blogs were using pearsonified — i just made the page backgrounds different colors so i knew which one i was working with. using thesis for over one year and having huge respect for guys like godhammer who provide excellent support, i think the genesis community forum support is even better. for seo post options, thesis offers you a ton of flexibility. past month i tried genesis with a child theme and my site was up in a couple hours with a lot of the features i had to code and/or tweak with thesis. me, thesis is the small block chevrolet of wp platforms. from my research thus far, i’m hearing a lot about how thesis has so much more flexibility than genesis, but there does seem to be a learning curve. they’ll say it doesn’t look good to pick on a framework like thesis and that we should all take the high road., as i had friend who owned the thesis first version., i completely concur with your conclusions: choosing studiopress genesis over diy themes thesis is a real no-brainer is terms of cost, productivity and alignment with wordpress.

Why I Switched to the Thesis Theme and What Happened When I Did

have been debating thesis versus genesis for a large multi-site network of real estate neighborhood blogs. the author: chris pearson, thesis creator and diythemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. when you combine clickbump skins with the clickbump theme framework…. thesis also has a huge advantage in the way of 3rd party tutorials. in fact, last winter, while in the middle of a new design, the client suddenly insisted on thesis. the only hesitation i am having is that i do not want to shell out another + to discover that, yet again, i have to spend time doing web design instead of content-creation (the fear i earned while spending the last few weeks wrestling to make my thesis 2. you are interested to buy thesis framework, you can visit diythemes official website.’m relieved to know i’m not the only thesis user (since march 2008) that was so disillusioned with 2. went with genesis but did try thesis on another site. thesis child theme, i’ve plan to buy great child theme for my project. the last comment is more of a compliment for thesis. was by far the best comparison i have came across for thesis/genesis. but i was considering to buy genesis as there are ready made child themes available, so i thought it would be easy to setup. if anyone could comment on how they compare to thesis in that regard i’d appreciate it very much. theme frameworks cannot compete with the speed at which clickbump skins can be created. but i suppose if you’re already invested in thesis in time and money, it’s tempting not to change. upon a time, sugarrae posted a detailed tutorial for how to add unique content to category pages; now, this task can be accomplished from within the wordpress interface using the new term options that debuted in thesis 1. it is true, that you can find a really helpful community to make your thesis powered site as custom as you want. looking through all the premium skins and child templates available for both that’s my conclusion., i went back to thesis to build a site for someone and it reminded me how much i love studiopress. genesis framework plus a child theme is cheaper than thesis. have waited a year for thesis to get child themes but it just hasn’t happened yet., and while it was cutting edge before the word framework really had meaning in the wp world, the killer feature of thesis was the diy themes forums. it was *very* well marketed — “buy now and save before thesis 2., here’s my thoughts of what i’ve read, biased an an existing thesis user. on my blog just because i had a free upgrade from my thesis 1. hence the research time dedicated to thesis and studio press., what you just mentioned is a big reason why thesis exists. you visit the thesis site, you’re invited to buy the framework, and it mentions skins, boxes, and packages. of the best tutorial sites i’ve come across for thesis (all versions & he covers genesis too) is rick anderson. i find thesis is a bit faster to develop because of it’s great design options (can jump in and set 2 column, specify order and width, font styles for headings and sidebars…). skin is like an orchestra conductor, and it tells the parts of thesis how to assemble to provide a particular design and particular functionality.’s why clickbump widgets are like thesis “boxes” on steroids:Let’s say you want an email signup form in your sidebar., let’s talk about thesis theme pricing and how to buy thesis theme? the amount of work it took to undo/override the default thesis styles for instance, is equal to the time it takes to customise the genesis sample child theme to the same level.

The lively art of writing from opinion to thesis

DIYthemes Thesis 2 for WordPress – Less Than Impressed!
Why I Switched to the Thesis Theme and What Happened When I Did

Pre made skins thesis

A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

i was actually close to buying thesis until i started to read the pricing options and started scratching my head. i am going to run over and get thesis right now. ( i’ve even help develop them) i spent over 2 hours trying in thesis 2. luckily a designer has made a niche child theme for food bloggers so it helps us get up to speed quickly; i’m retiring from development work and blogging fulltime and have no desire to stress out over these changes. – i’m not experienced with thesis – but it looks like i’m not going to ever worry about it… it seems that genesis has taken the lead. that’ might be a pretty big “it”, but, once people stop complaining about thesis 2. appreciate presets, but in thesis it seemed too complicated to make some of the minor changes to my site that i wanted to try.” i see now that it was a complete waste of money:I soon discovered that while thesis might help me create a wp site (someday), initially all it did was add a second learning curve on top of the learning curve that is wordpress.’ve used the most recent versions of both (and at the moment use neither), and i can say honestly that the only drawback to thesis is the lack of child themes/skins. granted the typography choices are not as flexible and easy as thesis, but if you want a site that has footer widgets and ready to go second nav bar for categories without any coding, genesis with child theme is the way to go for me. i was using thesis for a while, then changed to headway for my current set-up (on my personal blog). i believe thesis was designed for consultants and tutorial subscription sites to make a living explaining it to fools that bought into the hype. thesis skin chris, thanks you for sharing such a wonderful theme. so much for this new skin and all the hard work on thesis! others have said, this was a really fair and in my opinion, accurate assessment of thesis vs genesis. the past, you said that you were not out to compare thesis and genesis, yet that is exactly what you and nathan are doing here. in mind, this test is a small sample, and not completely controlled, but thesis was just slightly faster., i think the release of thesis 2 was a huge, “what the f**k were they thinking?, by default, the promo skin includes some jquery and also a google fonts integration, and although the skin still loads quickly, it’s slightly slower than our other skins. – more than anything i wanted to drop by and say great job on the post – it’s been well thought out, well written and i appreciate (as a hardcore thesis user) your approach and professionalism with this responsibility. i said, the thesis system involves a custom folder contained within the main thesis folder…not a separate theme. when i talked about thesis not attracting world class designers, i was talking about skins/templates, not bespoke work. i decided to go ahead and build it with genesis, and with help from brian over a skype call on one sticky point that i’d not yet dealt with in genesis (the type of support i would never expect chris to offer btw), i got the project complete in only about an hour longer than it usually would have taken me in thesis. i have been using genesis for a while now, i have never used thesis though. that’s where thesis is ages behind and doesn’t seem to have a solution anywhere in the close future or any intent thereof.’ve used thesis for sometime and i’m new with genesis, but i think this is a great comparison. idea of one css sheet also appeals to me, though i’ve not had any of the problems you’re referring to using the thesis custom. thesis has caught my eyes but it has too many downsides which i have realised from your posting and others on other blogs. still like genesis but when it comes to tinkering under the hood, thesis is so much easier to use and gives greater flexibility to coders and non-coders alike., thesis stagnated way too long and i jump ship to genesis to find cleaner easier to customize code with equally great forum support. could easily buy one the framework and have 50 years of support while thesis 2. furthermore, this additionally raised another issue with looking at thesis and genesis: there are different subjects, for example, headway, which i changed to, that are way more easy to use and still extremely customisable that get eclipsed by the thesis v genesis discuss. what makes genesis different from the rest (even thesis framework) is because it plays with many ‘hooks’. thesis support and girlie suggested a few fixes, but unfortunately they didn’t work. and for the record, thesis theme works completely different from genesis!
now, that doesn’t affect me so much as i always build from nothing and like starting with the blank slate that thesis provides, but to someone who maybe just wants to change a few colors and slap up a logo, genesis will leave you with something a bit more presentable imo. why would someone even want or need to choose thesis or genesis? used to use thesis when it first came out until i found studiopress and started working with their themes. it’s sad because the community was amazing, but thesis lost its way. i understand that’s an added cost, but for that cost, it “seems” to catapult genesis+dynamik way over thesis. that thesis is a different whole thing should you upgrade or write another review comparing thesis 2. time-sensitive, 12 month limit on upgrades, framework without skins, but with a community to help you get started for . still, we build our skins to conform to performance and optimization standards, so you’ll have a lot less to worry about relative to other themes. the right corner, give a warm welcome to thesis theme and framework created by famous, chris pearson and his diythemes team. thesis looked powerful and complete but in the end, had some serious challenges in letting me do simple things. made a big leap in the right direction and is actually a very powerful tool but appreciate lack of docs at the time made it a flipping nightmare to work with! i have 8 blogs/sites and currently use brian gardner’s on 4 and chris pearson’s thesis on 4 – so i’m completely familiar with each. biggest complaint about thesis is it’s lack of support for native features (post thumbnails, taxonomies…) and the recommended parent/child theme format. i still have an unanswered question in the forum for thesis 1. and even made a lot of money as an affiliate, but i had to remove all my affiliate links when 2. the main concern for me is that on a heavily customized site, thesis is loading a ton of dead css.. the thesis skins are awesome, i own a couple by matt hodder, but they are a bit more expensive than the child themes by genesis. i was able to play with thesis (bought the professional package), i was pretty impressed with it but not at first. reality, despite the fact that thesis doesn’t use child themes, the way that the two frameworks are customized is actually very similar. recently we’ve been wondering if it was time to consider other alternatives but this article makes me more sure that i’ll be sticking with thesis until there is a real reason to switch. i love the look of this blog, especially the signup boxes on the top and bottom – is this thesis too? i have been using thesis for 5 years and i was very happy with it until they released thesis 2 which is very confusing and difficult to work with. you haven’t upgraded your thesis license yet, now is the perfect time to do so because you’ll get two additional skins—social triggers and pearsonified—as well as lifetime updates to the thesis 2 core. the little bit of code that made it’s way into genesis 1. oleg, here’s what we’re working on right now:With skins, boxes, and the thesis core, our platform is now running at full strength, but we still have a lot of work to do on the communication side of things. the genesis hooks and filters system is more inline with doing it the wordpress way than the stupid thesis custom loop api. you need help installing and/or activating the skin, please see this helpful video on how to install and activate a thesis skin. please thesis, can you get this part moving for us who are not experienced developers. i decided to use genesis framework and not thesis theme? i choose genesis over thesis theme simply because the time configuring genesis is way faster than thesis in my opinion and experience.’ll also agree that the lack of multi-site support in thesis is inexcusable given that 1. found it when i m planing to move on from genesis to thesis. for a couple of years, and wondering about using thesis 2 for a new site. not to forget, thesis professional is a package which offers lifetime support and upgrades. for developers, thesis if you don’t have the patience.

bought thesis yesterday and for the first 30 minutes i was like…omg this blows genesis out of the water. to me, it is much more restrictive with thesis while genesis is convenient. can find the pearsonified skin documentation in the thesis user’s guide. terms of actual development time, i recently did a project which had been designed for thesis (as the designer had done for 10+ other projects). the thing about thesis that bothers me the most is all the hoops you have to jump through to do any customization from a development standpoint. it seems i’m late to the ship-jumping, as many of the blogs that were using thesis in early days (from copyblogger to simplemom) are now on genesis. feature i didn’t see mentioned is the ability to import settings with thesis. for those clients who don’t want to mess with design, rather pay a pro and want the lightest, seo-friendliest theme, i do recommend thesis. themes/skins – i love the flexibility of using child themes/skins as a starting point for a new design over just the vanilla versions., in the interest of full disclosure, i am a full-time web designer/developer who works exclusively with wordpress and almost exclusively with thesis. but i will say that the orig thesis forums back in the day taught me tons that i was able to then apply to genesis and now any theme.. thesis is a very clean framework and easy design around. spent more than a few minutes looking to see how i put a logo on a thesis 2., both genesis framework and thesis theme fairly easy to configure. you’ll find detailed documentation for every thesis hook and filter along with a growing list of specific how-to’s based around commonly used design elements. your blog post helped me to select genesis over thesis or any other framework or premium theme. it might honestly be the only system i’ve ever seen that is simpler than the thesis model of a custom folder containing a custom stylesheet, images folder, and custom_functions. clearly this is different when you activate thesis – which does take over your world when you open the skin editor. skins for thesis are mostly developed privately and spread about online. adopted thesis as our wordpress framework of choice back in 2007, hell it was the only framework in 2007. made the decision to go with genesis a couple of years back and loving it – it’s easy to use and offers so many extras.’ve only just become aware of thesis, genesis & the buzz surrounding them. imagine how many rainy day naps you could take, or how many more tutorials you could write if the thesis boards were more self-governed, or if you had 5 moderators to do the admin work :-). thesis isn’t really a theme/framework for those who don’t know css either – not if you really want to do something interesting with your sites. to anybody reading this, unless you have some coding skills, go with thesis. thesis was briefly compatible with older version of bp due to the efforts of a community member, who now does not have the time to keep support up of his “child-theme. i’ll agree that the child theme system makes it much easier to create custom templates than did thesis_hook_custom_template, but the loop api is pretty sweet, and is at least on par in my opinion. used to be a big, big fan of thesis until they rolled out the new 2. its certainly easier than wrangling thesis and bp, but its not exactly “buddypress ready. on my blog just because i had a free upgrade from my thesis 1. is it the wp featured image, the thesis post image, or it’s own thing? for example, a recent review of thesis and genesis showed that they both offer many of the same features, and that the best […]. thesis and genesis, as i’m about to explain, are great pieces of software backed by solid developers that i have a great deal of respect for. i still have an unanswered question in the forum for thesis 1. being able to comment on thesis, i just wanted to say about the studiopress team, i have posted a few requests for help in their forums (user : maximusb) over the past 6 months and i have always got fast, helpful responses.

, from reading all this, one would think there are only 2 wp themes worthy of consideration, thesis and genesis. designed several sites on genesis, i’ve taken a good long look at thesis several times. > blog > genesis framework vs thesis theme – best wordpress theme954 shares share220 tweet331 buffer403 whatsapp emailwhen i first started up this website, my first thought wasn’t about creating a good website. diythemes do not offer free or skins for sale which means, they are selling the framework by itself only. the guy who is moving my website to a wp blog has a thesis developers deal, so i am getting thesis. coders and builders – i’m a regular gal jumping in, assiduously reading these posts, trying to decide whether i’m going to hire someone to build me a site with the latest thesis or genesis. changes along these lines will be mentioned in an announcement post for a new version and also documented in the box api section of the thesis user’s guide. or does thesis have an add-on as well that puts it on par with that combo? i’m sure, for many, the child themes are the perfect solution, but thesis makes it so much easier to customize your design. so, if you are trying to figure out whether you should opt for genesis or thesis, how about you try headway, or builder instead! far as seo, hard to measure because you don’t know what a person is doing for on / off site seo but one of my studiopress sites is kicking similar sites who run on thesis’ butt. how many thesis tutorials are out there (including on my own code snippet site) which were originally are targeted at thesis 1. genesis has been the winner until i discovered marketers delight from thesis. having only been around 6 months they don’t quite have the community of 28,000+ users that thesis does, but they’re gaining steam and the support forums are quite active. thesis is absolutely amazing, and, now that i’ve used genesis on a couple more sites, i’m starting to realize i really didn’t do either theme justice here.’ve been using thesis 2 for our clients websites for a while now., i personally am working on skeleton skins—that is, a basis from which developers/designers can start if they want to focus on their own unique creation., thesis is so dead they didn’t even bother replying here…. is, though, the price of genesis and prose together isn’t that much more than thesis, headway or catalyst (amongst others). – upgrading thesis while not too bad, is still a bit of a chore. i’ve been using the genesis theme for a couple of months now, and will continue to use it in combination with a few child themes i’ve purchased, but overall i wish i would’ve went with thesis and will purchase it soon. course, you guys have to do what you believe is best for your customers, and none of this is to say that the thesis design options are perfect or give people everything they want (though it will be interesting to see what 2. the inbuilt seo features baked into the theme layer are just so wrong, i think it is thesis that does this. on my blog just because i had a free upgrade from my thesis 1. isn’t the whole point of using thesis that you don’t need to become a developer – writing box and skin code? i ask if by purchasing and using the thesis theme, i’ll be able to customize it to something similar to what i have now on my blog? having said that i am not saying thesis is the way to go. the way they go about it is slightly different (okay, almost completely different), if you can learn to use hooks in thesis, you can definitely learn to use them in genesis. my studio, we only develop in thesis, and i’ve been a loyal thesis user since i discovered it. i think thesis needs to have more pre-designed themes to compete with other popular theme frameworks that have tons of them and a marketplace to boot. i am going to run over and get thesis right now. having spent a fair bit of time on the thesis boards (1550+ posts there) and more recently on the genesis boards (270+ posts so far), i’d have to conclude that i personally think the genesis boards are run better. now, the biggest win for me is the community of people that grew up coding up thesis. which are no longer valid / needed or are considerably broken in thesis 1. bottom line is that people still have a lot of questions about thesis, and moving forward, my focus is on answering these questions so people can be confident they are running the ultimate cutting-edge website with thesis.
as far as the development aspect of thesis/diy themes, he’s a one man show, but his development consistency over the past two years speaks for itself. in this point of view genesis has way more 3rd party support sites, than thesis. thesis also loads 1 random inline image that is between 10kb and 20kb by default, and, like genesis, thesis has a total of 7 http requests.. a wp framework like genesis and/or thesis), in theory it could crawl deeper, easier. haven’t made a decision yet but genesis’ simple pricing and the fact that the website gives you more upfront answers are major pluses. i knew about thesis few years back but since i am already with genesis, i wasn’t bothered much. as a newbie to working with frameworks and very little coding experience, i think i’ve made the right decision.’m looking to buy something like thesis or genesis in the future. reason it’s not a part of genesis itself is because building design options into genesis would have made our 40+ turn-key child theme designs difficult, if not impossible. do want to talk about the difference in the way thesis and genesis are customized though as its a huge difference and i do think its relevant. thus, on the off chance that you are attempting to make sense of whether you ought to choose genesis or thesis, you should attempt headway, or buil. i’d seen a reasonable bit expounded on genesis around the web, yet thesis’ notoriety and proposal emerged more grounded, so i ran with the thesis professional choice – huge mistake..If you go for the food, you won’t complain about thesis. i think thesis was ahead of the game for years but with this change? new pearsonified skin for thesis is not only responsive and insanely detailed, but it also includes styles for 4 custom templates, email signup forms, widgets, incredible font and color options, and more.’m a big fan of genesis but have also used thesis 1. as a front-end dev who didn’t know wordpress that well, i bought thesis’ developer package (7? so far, thesis is looking like my choice of a platform, because it looks the simplest to use. now, i am looking at some premium skins for thesis. however, the diythemes skins that were available didn’t quite do what i wanted for the new site i’m migrating some pages and posts to, so i bought a set of premium skins that had one that looked like it would fit what i wanted — and it did, but…. i know that probably wasn’t easy, given your history with thesis, so i truly commend you. there’s evidence of this in thesis and xsitepro sites i see. after this original post – is thesis worth the investment to build sound, seo-friendly, responsive websites? i’ve seen on numerous occasions (one here) folks pointing out features/benefits with thesis that genesis doesn’t have – when in fact, if you look underneath the hood they do – and in many cases had them first. you have a thesis basic or thesis basic plus license, you can use our skins on the one site where your license is valid. years old, and i’m seeing a lot of people disgruntled over the thesis 2. i don’t have the time to bother with thesis. point this out because i’d love for posts like this to be deemed completely unbiased – but where there’s a pattern (whether it be unintentional or not) of thesis is better than genesis because’s going on out there when they really aren’t true, it’s a bit worrisome. many people have no idea what thesis really is, and that’s my fault, as i’ve not put forth the effort necessary to get everyone on the same page. came here because i was just confused whether to go for thesis or genesis. now my blog is on thesis 2, not sure what the heck was i thinking last night when i thought i could (somehow) learn all the ins and outs of their framework. of my disappointments with my old love – thesis, and the thesis crew not apologizing for its dysfunction, i am hunting for a new love.[…] out of interest, here is a reasonably good comparison of current thesis with its nearest competitor genesis 1. use to be a huge fan of thesis before they launched their 2. adam, let me the first to say thanks for great review about thesis and genesis.

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