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Cover letter for manuscript revision

Journal revision letter sample

Tips for authors submitting a revised manuscript | Editage Insights

  to repay you, we would be happy to review some manuscripts for you; please send us the next manuscript that any of these reviewers submits to your journal.  if the decision letter doesn't make this clear, go ahead and ask the editor via e-mail.   we have again rewritten the entire manuscript from start to finish.

Sample Response to Revision Request

you accept this paper, we would also like to add a footnote acknowledging your help with this manuscript and to point out that we liked the paper much better the way we originally wrote it, but you held the editorial shotgun to our heads and forced us chop, reshuffle, restate, hedge expand, shorten, and in general covert a meaty paper into stir-fried vegetables. as you may recall (that is, if you even bother reading the reviews before doing your decision letter), that reviewer listed 16 works that he/she felt we should cite in this paper. after each comment state succinctly how you addressed the issue in the revision-what was changed and where.

Re-submit a revised manuscript

the manuscript may still contain mistakes, but you've shown that you've done what you can to minimize them. This article contains useful tips for authors submitting a revised manuscript and cover letter to a journal. to write a great rebuttal letter how to write a response to reviewer comments in case of minor revisionswhat is the prisma checklist?

Tips for authors submitting a revised manuscript | Editage Insights

1 With this cover letter, we will submit the revised manuscript (acp

a remark like "we look forward to hearing from you in due time regarding our submission and to respond to any further questions and comments you may have" is a better way to wind up your letter. your work published in a peer-reviewed journal almost always involves revising your manuscript at least once., if the decision letter doesn't spell this out, find out if revisions in your submission should be highlighted and, if so, whether change-tracking, yellow highlighting or colored text is preferred.

Please consider our revised manuscript

you want to show them that you've given careful consideration to each comment even if you've chosen not to modify the manuscript in response to a particular point.   indeed, we have mailed letter bombs to four or five people we suspected of being reviewer c, so if you send the manuscript back to them the review process could be unduly delayed. hope that you will be pleased with this revision and will finally recognize how urgently deserving of publication this work is.

Dan Ariely | Sample Cover Letter for Journal Manuscript

, compose a good response letter to accompany your revised manuscript.   we do understand that, in view of the misanthropic psychopaths you have on your editorial board, you need to keep sending them papers, for if they weren't reviewing manuscripts they'd probably be out mugging old ladies or clubbing baby seals to death.   thus, you suggested that we shorten the manuscript by 5 pages, and we were able to accomplish this very effectively by altering the margins and printing the paper in a different font with a smaller typeface.

Sample Response to Revision Request

Dear Editor,

then copy each of the reviewers' comments into your response letter. it's not a bad idea to start the letter by acknowledging the time and effort that the reviewers (and possibly the editor) have put into assessing the previous version of the manuscript. still, from this batch of reviewers, c was clearly the most hostile, and we request that you not ask him or her to review this revision.

Cover letter – revised msc

if you have elected not to change the manuscript in response to a particular criticism or suggestion from the reviewers, explain why.: peer reviewmanuscript submissionrevised manuscriptcover letter for revised manuscriptcover letter revised manuscriptcover letter revisionrevision cover letterresubmission cover letterrevision submitted to journalrevise and resubmit cover lettercover letter resubmissionrevised manuscript cover lettermanuscript revisioncover letter for manuscript submissioncover letter article submissioncover letter for article submissionmanuscript cover letter. can learn more about writing a cover letter and handling peer review comments in these posts:dos and don’ts for a great cover letter how to respond to comments by peer reviewers do's and don'ts for responding to peer reviewers' comments.

Manuscript Revision Service after Rejection by Journal

as you formulate these responses, bear in mind that the reviewers will probably read this letter. final word of advice: don't conclude the letter you write to accompany your revised manuscript by saying something presumptuous like "we have now made all the corrections requested by the reviewers and we expect that our manuscript will be accepted without further ado! a journal's editor may even want you to submit two versions of the revised manuscript: one with your changes highlighted along with a "clean" version.

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