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IELTS Cue Card Sample 163 - Describe a street that you know

he wonders whether he could discreetly sidle into the bookies to place the bet he’d promised himself he wouldn’t, the street-lamp above his head fades down as its sensors indicate the level of ambient daylight on the street is now quite sufficient, switching into a mode where the solar panel above collects energy for the evening and delivers any potential excess back into the grid, briefly triggering a message indicating this change of state back to the public-private partnership that runs the lighting services in this borough, in turn commencing a transaction to price up the surplus electricity delivered to the grid. how much of this activity is obviously perceptible on our streets when viewed through conventional means? somewhat banal sketch of an average high street is very deliberately based on the here and now; none of the technology lurking in the background behind this passage is r&d. the street’s data is contributed by various parties, but what does google own? employee of the local water company knocks on a door up the street, calling in order to take a reading from the house’s meter. this parasitic wireless activity is only curtailed months later, when the previously benevolent neighbour uses some free sniffer software she downloaded to detect the presence of the wifi router that’s responsible for the majority of the data usage in the street. and i'd suggest that this data beginning to profoundly affect the way the street feels.'m trying to say like this:I'm going to describe a street market which i with my three close friends enjoyed visiting about four years back. i visit only onetime and i was shocked it's very big and very beautiful beag street market people are respectively talk to you and they ask you may i help you sir i am very interested to visit brag street market because there are lot of people enjoy and purchase what kind of thing.

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Describe an open-air or street market which you enjoyed visiting.. open source street many of the examples in the sketch above have been left deliberately ambiguous as to their openness. it made me happy to see that i was not the only pilgrim that day at the busy intersection in louisville. most of it is in use in our streets, one way or another, and the technology that isn’t could be deployed tomorrow. designing the contemporary street means attempting to understand and shape the most complex set of relationships between humans and the built environment yet imagined., this is all everyday technology - embedded in, propped up against, or moving through the street, carried by people and vehicles, and installed by private companies and public bodies. in the locked down street, systems may record behavioural data invisibly. google) may well continue to be popular - note how google maps conveys the street - but is dependent on the kindness, and quality, of strangers. i go to my hometown 3-4 times in a year and visit this street each time i visit my hometown.

Cityofsound: Essay: The street as platform

the patterns of data in the streets, the systems that enable and carry them, the quality of those connections, their various levels of openness or privacy, will all affect the way the street feels rather more than street furniture or road signs.- descriptive essay - the swimming pool the tiles were still dirty from the residue of chlorine and pittle combined into one thick layer of impossible gunk.. looking at the way the street sounds, feels or smells. some quick analysis follows the narrative, raising a series of questions for governance, legislation and the public-private partnerships that also constitute the contemporary street. this commercial development is a given, and often not related to those whose job it is to shape streets. shortly afterwards, she receives an sms from the service twitter, indicating that two of her friends are heading for a café up the street, and she decides to intercept them to discuss her find, sending back the url of her post and the time of her imminent arrival. her phone’s google maps application triangulates her position to within a few hundred metres using the mobile cell that encompasses the street, conveying a quicker route to the café. as the street begins to produce data on a vast scale, locking all of it down seems both impossible and counter-productive, as a suspicion of using such data inappropriately, well-founded or not, will lead to resistance. viewed within the framework of present day social constructionist theory or simply post- theory, the current essay close but not deep: literary ethics and the descriptive turn show how both critical hermeneutics and descriptive sociology disavow traditional humanist categories.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: 'street market' topic -

) aspects of the street not perceptible in such information systems - like the other cafés the hungry hungarians didn’t know about - may become invisible, in a sense. an open approach to descriptive data can enable a far richer local dataset to emerge, more accurately conveying the sense of what the street is. will the wisdom of crowds conjure a street rich enough to, as baudelaire had it, enjoy taking a bath of such multitude? am going to the describe a street market called manchester city christmas market. the location and timing of work and leisure becomes ever more entwined and slippery, how should the infrastructure and shape of the street respond to this? the market name is "baeg street market" you can find every thing. the market, popularly known as 'shosta bazar', is located beside a busy street in chittagong and very near to chittagong new market. rising early in new york city allows you to hear the birds on the street. as good street planning might leave a space open to possibility, and not over-prescribe its program, so informational systems can leave themselves open to possibility.

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and this very street where i used to spend some of my golden periods reminds me my old time there. should the street be enabled by fibre optic, copper wire, wimax, 3g, 802. cue card sample 163 - describe a street that you know. while both descriptive and narrative essays are similar in many ways, the descriptive essays use of language fully immerses the reader into the story and allows the reader to feel the intended emotion. i round the corner of main and vine streets, looking directly at the familiar dark marble building. is responsible for the representation of the street on the various informational systems underpinning the above sketch? used to visit this street and spent time with my friends in my teenage time mostly., better gis data (across multiple independent systems) will become fundamental to the way the street is articulated. to spend his money - that he unwittingly has less of than he did a few moments ago - on a book instead, he steps into the only local bookstore on the street, using the now more expensive data plan of his mobile phone service to retrieve aggregated reviews for the latest andy mcnab, which he half-reads whilst perusing the back cover of the book. Resistant materials coursework ocr

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the commercial environment most of this technology is developed in, it’s likely that multiple, fragmented and disconnected systems will embed themselves in the increasingly responsive and interactive façades and fabric of the near-future street. omissions in data already lead to issues for british streets - note how some articulated lorry drivers end up careering through small country towns, their gps systems had leading them there to avoid traffic, only to discover that the roads are too small for their trucks. is not a very wide street and since it is on the back side, people often avoid this road and take the main street. the traffic lights also house the city’s congestion charging system’s cameras, logging the number-plates of cars passing through its network of inner-city streets. might public, or public-private, bodies be a contender for managing the overall data around environmental behaviour at the street, neighbourhood and city levels? if they can add further detail to this environment, using the street as a platform, all the better. as such, given the time from lab to street, it represents the research thinking of over a decade ago., the locked down street, based around centralised proprietary systems, can be surmised to struggle with localisation. it might well mean a new multidisciplinary and holistic approach to the street. Tesla motors business plan

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kids are playing an online game on their mobile phones, in which the physical street pattern around them is overlaid with renderings of the 19th century city. like this street because i have so many memories related to this street. i didn’t have enough time to write something short, so i dashed off the following, and i’m really posting here as a note to self, rather than an attempt to deeply discuss the everyday informational street circa 2008. this infrastructure, the street only half-exists, becoming a residual dead-zone in the city. by exposing this data in an open fashion, they again engender trust, stimulate innovation, and have some say in the informational civic relationships emerging from the street, a civic relationship as important as any other. i often find myself spending many nights on fifth avenue, walking along the tree-lined streets or sitting in one of the numerous cafés or restaurants. when we emerged from the tight doorway leading out of the apartment, i saw that the color of the sidewalk and street matched the tone of the sky. i didn’t have enough time to write something short, so i dashed off the following, and i’m really posting here as a note to self, rather than an attempt to deeply discuss the everyday informational street circa 2008. was recently asked to comment on ‘the street of the future’; a response for a quango responsible for the built environment and a government department responsible for transport, roads and so forth.

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ability to talk about this cue card topic would also enable you to talk about the following cue card topics as well:Describe a street or place in your hometown. what would happen to the flow on the street if the street furniture attracted clusters of people within its halo of connectivity? by dan hill on february 11, 2008 in cities & places, essays, experience design, information design, interaction design | permalink. four other drivers are slightly distracted by the glow of a giant tv screen, installed and operated by the council but paid for through corporate sponsorship, which glowers over the end of a pedestrianised-shopping mall at the end of the street over the lights. for example, the now infamous and faintly ludicrous scene in minority report where the protagonist is assailed by highly targeted ads as he walks through a shopping street. film of a normal street right now, a relatively busy crossroads at 9am taken from a vantage point high above the street, looking down at an angle as if from a cctv camera. before flicking back to the youtube x isbn installation, the display then conveys some information from the local council about a forthcoming street upgrade, blissfully unaware of the possible connection to be made between that and the pothole. way the street feels may soon be defined by what cannot be seen with the naked eye. same increase in daylight causes a minor adjustment in four of the seven cctv cameras dotted along the street, as they re-calibrate their exposure levels accordingly, the digital video accruing on the array of remote disk drives at a faraway control centre is rendered slightly differently in response.

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the street then has an opportunity to announce itself to the user, via business listings, historical information etc.” the displaced energy consumption of the street, distributed on to servers and power sources all over the world, could be immense.(coincidentally, in a meeting being conducted several miles away, a project team working on council tax systems briefly considers whether a system of localised screens displaying which houses in the street had not paid their council tax yet, updated wirelessly, would be ethically sound.. locked down street the depiction of the highly-privatised data environments which constantly reach out to potential consumers is familiar from numerous hackneyed science fiction plot-lines. the two bars, two pubs and three cafés on the street, only one has recently checked that the location and description data overlaid on google maps is present and correct, and thus is fortunate to receive the custom of two hungry hungarian tourists for a full english breakfast with all the trimmings. traffic systems, signage and display systems, mass transit systems, municipal buildings, street furniture, landscaping, the quality and typology of infrastructure laid down, public databases and information systems, acquisition and communication of community information, and encouragement of commercial activities through levies, grants and public-private partnerships are all examples of wider civic concerns for those who do have to shape streets. it’s not even particularly contrived - there are no sketches of, say:‘an urban planning student measures the varying wifi signals up and down the street for her research into the informational city’ or,‘three documentary film-makers deployed by the council film slow-motion sequences of pedestrians’ feet crossing the road, later digitised as part of a multimedia portrait of the neighbourhood’ or,‘a dysfunctional teenager hacks into the bookie’s systems, after a morning of being ignored by his parents, and proceeds to swipe the credit card details of the four old men inside, later publishing them on the internet after placing a frivolous selection of bids at ebay in one of the old men’s names’ or,‘a writer denotes the ghostly presence of a 12th century market using psychogeographical markup language’ or,‘for fun, a bored intern at an urban planning consultancy drives simulated herds of cattle through a digital model of the crossroads designed for predicting the patterns of behaviour in crowds during a terrorist attack’ and so on. the frame, and scrub the film backwards and forwards a little, observing the physical activity on the street. all this events happens in on the street which extends almost 1 kilometer distance.Good introductions for persuasive essays for high school usually such markers commemorate a battle, political figure, or some natural or historical feature, but the one on the street corner in louisville marks a mystical experience — one that happened to the monk thomas merton on march 18, 1958:“in louisville, at the corner of fourth and walnut, in the center of the shopping district, i was suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that i loved all those people, that they were mine and i theirs, that we could not be alien to one another even though we were total strangers…. would like to describe a street from my hometown where i spent a lot of time in my childhood and adolescence time. however, i go to this street sometimes with my friends whenever i visit my hometown. or, conversely, the representation of those informational systems on the physical street? it settles back to a carousel of generic advertising messages and local information tailored to that street and its surrounds. some quick analysis follows the narrative, raising a series of questions for governance, legislation and the public-private partnerships that also constitute the contemporary street. so it’s clear that the street will be a platform for highly secure data transfer and proprietary systems. by the time he experienced his street corner revelation in 1958, he was a different kind of monk than the zealous convert who had entered the monastery 17 years before. turn, and using this feed, the city council’s monitoring systems note the aggregated energy usage for the commercial buildings on the street, constantly shuffling its league table of energy-efficient neighbourhoods. What to say about being a cashier on a resume

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enter the title keyword:Free Descriptive papers, essays, and research papers. arguably, this still underestimates significantly the size, shape and intensity of the data cloud immersing the street - it’s the tip of the iceberg. there are some 2-3 storied buildings there and one 7th storied building is situated beside this street. was recently asked to comment on ‘the street of the future’; a response for a quango responsible for the built environment and a government department responsible for transport, roads and so forth. imagine this street scene over the next few years of deployment of a more ubiquitous and pervasive computing, and the challenge to identify, understand, denote and plan for this environment is even more pressing. would like to talk about street market that i visited in may this year is brick lane which is situated in east london. on the street corner in louisville, i could hear echoes of that voice, calling to me as it had to thomas merton. since i now live in a different city i rarely visit this street. i missed the last bus, and now i'm jogging down the streets of the city in my favorite black suit, dodging pedestrians and street vendors. 2 days to write an essay | IELTS Cue Card Sample 163 - Describe a street that you know instance, meters and sensors can often be deployed on the street with little information about their purpose. systems are beginning to profoundly change the way our streets work, the way they are used, and the way they feel.: it’s also worth bearing in mind that complex software models can convey some of this data fairly exactly, yet still not tell us about the cultural memory of the street. a street that does not accurately convey its state to such systems is in danger of being ignored or inadvertently misused. we can see several buildings, a dozen cars, and quite a few people, pavements dotted with street furniture. a sense, the entire street itself can now be thought of as having an api, conveying its overall behaviour to the world, each aspect of it increasingly beginning to generate and recombine data. there are a huge variety of possible approaches here, as finely grained and multi-dimensional as there are approaches to planning the built fabric of the street. instance, simply triangulating location via mobile cell (as per google maps mobile) is currently not accurate to the building level but can often infer the street with some accuracy. the pavement on one side of the street, a buried sensor records the fact that some fibre-optic cables are now transmitting data with 10% less effectiveness than when they were installed. Aqa as english literature b coursework | On A Busy Street Corner With Thomas Merton | Spiritual Travels a governance perspective, all this real-time data should be invaluable to those whose job it is to maintain and develop the street - forming a kind of post-occupancy evaluation for the entire neighbourhood - but if the same data were made open, accessible and approachable (anonymised appropriately) the community that uses the street could end up feeling far more engaged in their environment. going to talk about an street market named as lulu market. tomtom satnav systems in five of the twelve cars on the street suddenly crash for reasons unknown, causing an instantaneous reboot and login sequence over the course of twenty seconds. who looks after the digital equivalents of ‘blue plaque’ heritage signs, in which the layered history of the street can be explored - do they need a form of planning permission? an on-street information kiosk stands beside the screen, offering a scrollable map of the local area and directory of local businesses.) the now-empty seat in the bus-stop registers that it is indeed now empty using simple sensors, and wirelessly logs this fact with a database monitoring the usage and state of street furniture in the neighbourhood. a large portion of the street-side is occupied by the high school and there is a pond, 2 lamp posts, one post office and 2 small tea stalls are situated beside this street. reality of course is that the near-future street will simultaneously encompass both scenarios - and many more - as in the sketch, due to the multiplicity of clients, services and products that make up a neighbourhood. another building on the street, a new four-storey commercial office block inhabited by five different companies, the building information modelling systems, left running after construction, convey real-time performance data on the building’s heating, plumbing, lighting and electrical systems back to the facilities management database operated by the company responsible for running and servicing the building. Argumentative synthesis research paper | cityofsound: Essay: The street as platform how much of this life of the street, this rapidly increasing torrent of human activity, is registered as a field of enquiry or activity in most planning activity? by their actions in terms of infrastructure, schemes and thought leadership, how will they shape the street? and yet should areas on the street deliberately be dead-zones, shielded from connectivity in order to provide respite, reflection, quietude?- a narrative essay uses a point of view to tell a story. the end of the line of trees, a new bench has been installed on the street.] I was recently asked to comment on ‘the street of the future’; a response for a quango responsible for the built environment. he then closes his network connection, switching instead to his neighbour’s wifi network - which has been left purposefully open in the interests of creating a cohesive civic layer of wireless coverage on their street - in order to watch the watch the highlights of his football team’s two-nil victory the night before. as buckminster fuller might have said, “how much does this street weigh? in the essay “nigger: the meaning of a word” gloria naylor discusses the essence of a word and how it can mean different things to different people in a myriad of situations.

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