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Walk me through your resume

“the best ‘walk me through your resume’ answer is authentic to you, meaning that you have tangible and compelling examples unique to your true skills and experience, and also 100% relevant to the employer,” she said. about yourself is expected in an interview, and if you’re not displaying a good amount of confidence, then you run a risk of not getting a job, raiffa said. in fact, the same things you highlighted when creating an investment banking resume  – a focus on academic, professional, and extra-curricular experience that demonstrates leadership – should be highlighted in your resume walkthrough.

Walk Me Through Your Resume: The Top Mistakes to Avoid

your big buckets of responsibility were (don’t assume they already know). when discussing your college experience, be sure to highlight any summer internships (professional) even if they are non-finance related and any clubs where you have a leadership role on campus.“so if you’re going for jobs in finance and other industries or even jobs within different areas of banking, you should have different ‘walk me through your resume’ answers, because while it’s the same you, you tailor the answer to each type of employer.


” – it is not requesting a literal retelling of your resume, says caroline ceniza-levine, a career coach and co-founder of sixfigurestart. one of these options is a great way to set the stage for the rest of your professional story. in fact, it’s likely your only chance to make a strong first impression face-to-face.

How to nail the 'walk me through your resume' interview question

interviewers are curious as to why you’re leaving your current role and what attracted you to the role you applied for, so take this opportunity to share those things proactively. yes – they’ve probably already scanned your resume, but who knows when and what they actually remember.” this a good time to share your strengths and what makes you unique.

Answer this interview question: Walk me through your resume : The

of how you begin, your next (and probably most important) step will be to dive into your work history. “if you were tapped by a previous employer for a move, or part of a group that moved from one firm to another that’s important to mention, as it reinforces your performance or esteem within a group. you’ve already included this type of information while speaking about your different roles, you can omit this section.

Advanced Fit Interviews: Walk Me Through Your Resume (Video 1 of

’t just repeat what’s on your resume – share the “in between the lines” info to help your interviewer really get to know you and explain the “why” behind your career decisions. it between 1 and 3 minutes – and if you really have a lot to share, your absolute max time should be 5 minutes.“to make a potentially long answer more cohesive, it can be useful to establish a through-line such as ‘as you can see from my resume, i’ve had several jobs to date in finance, and they’ve all been connected in allowing me to further my passion for helping companies to x, and building my skills in y.

How to Answer Job Interview Questions About Your Resume

you find your answer is more than 2 minutes (give or take 30 seconds), trim down some of the “fat” in the response. while you want to walk the interviewer through your resume because your resume should highlight your accomplishments, you don’t only aim to summarize. the most effective way to answer the investment banking interview resume question "Walk me through your resume"Professional services.

Q: Walk me through your resume - YouTube

be sure to focus your response on professional internships (lifeguarding doesn’t count) and clubs where you serve as a leader – much more powerful than discussing clubs where you are simply a member. but not least, it’s time to wrap up your answer because this answer can easily fall off a cliff. i recommend starting with your earliest role you held and building up to the present.

This Is Exactly How Recruiters Go Through Your Resume In 6

1: start at the beginning and/or give a one line overview of your career story. in 90% of job interviews, the hiring manager or hr executive will say “why don’t you walk me through your resume” as an ice-breaker. you should briefly mention where you grew up, where you attended college (and better why you decided to pick the college), what your major is (and why your choose it).

“you need to highlight your specific skills, expertise and accomplishments that fit this job, ceniza levine said. be diplomatic when discussing why you’re leaving your current role but don’t be so vague that it seems like you’re covering something up. banking interview resume question lesson: “walk me through your resume”.

if you are giving your life history to the interviewer, you are surely failing the question. it’s your job to curate and not to just brain dump information on your interviewer. 4: share “what’s next” – connect your future goals to the role you’re interviewing for.

Go through your resume

’ve created a great investment banking resume and it has landed you an interview. your interviewer genuinely wants to know your story but they’re also getting a sense of your communication skills, enthusiasm, and confidence.  the next step is to be able to walk an interviewer through that resume effectively.

if you’re prepping for your next interview, don’t forget to grab the free worksheet too. question is one of the most important ones you’re going to answer in your next job interview so it’s important to take the time to map it out and to practice. we get into the rest, i’d suggest downloading the worksheet above that goes along with this post and then you can start to map out your own answer as you read through.

your answer to the job – highlight different things about your background and goals based on the job and company (always curate! far as structure, i suggest covering the below points for each role on your resume. this question is often the first thing you’ll be asked, your answer really sets the stage for the remainder of the conversation.
mentioned in this past blog post, if your interviewer is running straight from another meeting, they might even be using this time to catch themselves up on your background. most professional backgrounds, i also think it makes sense to share big areas of expertise or skills you’ve picked up throughout your career. here are a few high-level tips before we dive into how to structure your answer:Stay professional – personal details are typically not necessary unless they’re part of why you made certain career decisions (and even then sometimes not necessary).

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