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  • The GE Work-Out: How to Implement GE's Revolutionary Method for

    if this ambitious initiative works, ge’s current leaders could return the company to its roots, as a major force in the creation of new technological infrastructures like the electric power grid and the radio broadcast systems it pioneered. we participated as work-out faculty members and have participated in follow-up sessions that will run beyond 1989. the ge work-out: how to implement ge’s revolutionary method for busting bureaucracy and attacking organizational problems —fast!” then in the 1980s, ge ceo jack welch launched work-out, the company’s infamous bureaucracy-busting productivity initiative, an attack on scientific management demanding that executives shun rote rules and become candid, fast on their feet, and flexible. an open, fair place where people have a sense that what they do matters, and where that sense of accomplishment is rewarded in both the pocketbook and the soul. today, when ge businesses hit any kind of bureaucratic snag or market uncertainty, it’s second nature for the senior manager in charge to say, “let’s do a work-out on that. i simply can’t do the quality of work that i want to do and know how to do.
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GE's Next Workout

welch laid out his three key principles:First, all work-out sessions would involve large cross-functional and cross-level groups, of 45 to 100 people each, to provide the kind of combustive diversity that you don’t get from intact teams. these work-out sessions—and i’ve already done several of them—create all kinds of personal dynamics. five-day work-out session was an intense effort to unravel, evaluate, and reconsider the complex web of personal relationships, cross-functional interactions, and formal work procedures through which the business of gems gets done. don’t forget, we built much of this company in the 1950s around the blue books and poim: plan, organize, integrate, measure. after those initial reviews, which we update regularly, we could assume that everyone at the top knew the plays and had the same playbook. a work-out steering committee has held cross-functional information meetings for field employees around the world. the second thing we want to achieve, the intellectual part, begins by putting the leaders of each business in front of 100 or so of their people, 8 to 10 times a year, to let them hear what their people think about the company, what they like and don’t like about their work, about how they’re evaluated, about how they spend their time. Thesis on hand gesture recognition,

Jack Welch's Approach to Breaking Down Silos Still Works

executive thinking about a digital transformation strategy would be well advised to take a page out of the ge book., just before the first work-out session, jack welch traveled to gems headquarters for a half-day roundtable with the work-out participants. the guys at my level understand what you’re talking about: we’ll be free to enjoy our work more, not just do more work, and to do more work on our own. even without those strengths, if you bring smart people together regularly to step back from the day-to-day urgencies and improve their work, with a clear line of accountability for results afterward, it’s amazing what can happen. despite positive financial results, gems is working to transform its human organization. learned this from working with senior executives at one of the world’s largest high-tech engineering companies recently, who were concerned that many of their big customer programs were over budget and behind schedule. during the work-out, they explored a number of alternative ways to solve the problem as a team, and eventually reached a consensus that was ratified, on the spot, by the head of engineering. True grit research paper

The GE Work-Out How to Implement GE's Revolutionary Method for

ceo ralph cordiner (with the help of peter drucker) established a new wave of scientific management after world war ii, in which every detail of management work, down to the placement of pens on desks, was spelled out in elaborate “blue books. it’s not going to be easy to get the spirit and intent of work-out clear throughout the company. you put in your time, worked hard, and the company took care of you for life. there were other indicators of work-out’s positive effects, such as the number of midlevel managers and even union workers who spoke up at work-out sessions, took charge of implementing changes they suggested, and rode that success to a more vibrant career. consolation prizepeople inside and outside ge consider the work-out program to be perhaps the single most vital part of the welch “revolution” — the component that made mr. now, ge is actively looking to manage the cleanup (in part as a way to build its own capabilities for other such work).. welch, who wanted to avoid any semblance of formality, discouraged the work-out designers from keeping elaborate records.

Speed, Simplicity, Self-Confidence: An Interview with Jack Welch

we’re not going to succeed if people end up doing the same work they’ve always done, if they don’t feel any psychic or financial impact from the way the organization is changing.’ve seen other firms adopt similar work-out-style initiatives in the past year. immelt emphasized in the last ge annual report has clear social or environmental dimensions: wind power, water processing, and security technology. “we don’t spend as much time in prep work or team building as we used to, but that’s a function of the fact that people with five or 10 years’ experience here already know the drill. it is neither realistic nor useful, welch argues, to expect employees of a decidedly leaner corporation to complete all the reports, reviews, forecasts, and budgets that were standard operating procedure in more forgiving times. thus, no one knows today how many people have gone through work-out sessions. why couldn’t we use work-out to fix their problems with product development or customer service?

The GE Work-Out : How to Implement GE's Revolutionary Method for

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the corporate change cognoscenti whom i know agree with jim baughman, the work-out architect who was a harvard business school professor before becoming the first head of crotonville under mr. but we want to know what the details are so we can see which programs are working and immediately alert the other businesses to the successful ones. but they also valued the lower cost and flexibility of having functional experts reside in different centers of excellence so that they could be assigned to programs as needed when workloads shifted —a culture that had evolved over many years. we’ll have too much discussion on the work-out “process” and not enough on the “objective” to instill speed, simplicity, and self-confidence in every person in the organization. thomson had the same clear view of where it wanted to go—so it worked perfectly for both sides. all the participants focused on ways to reorganize work and maximize return on organization time, on team time, and on individual time. in 1989, the ceo is going to every business in this company to sit in on a work-out session. Virtual assistant sservices business plan

GE WorkOut | GE WorkOut Process

his latest book is simply effective: how to cut through complexity in your organization and get things done. to accomplish that shift, ge is drawing on its own extensive history with management innovation, particularly with work-out, which began 15 years ago as a vehicle for improving productivity and developed into a widely felt mechanism for cultural change. so when larry bossidy is with a potential partner in europe, or i’m with a company in the far east, we’re always there with a competitive understanding based on our playbooks., the business leaders aren’t particularly thrilled that we’re so passionate about work-out. two ge businesses approach work-out in the same way; a process this intensive can’t be cloned successfully among vastly different businesses. furthermore, it may well turn out that strategic thinkers are born, not made; perhaps not even ge can make them, perhaps not even at crotonville, not even with the techniques that made work-out so successful. it’s one thing to insist that the people who report directly to you, or who work one or two layers below you, become forceful advocates and criticize the status quo.

The GE Work-Out: How to Implement GE's Revolutionary Method for ,

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so instead of the program manager chasing after the engineers through a never-ending series of meetings, the work-out forum brought them together and led them to reach a solution quickly. 1989, a team at nbc proudly unveiled a video satirizing their own efforts to reduce expense reports — a parody of those old 1950s “how a bill becomes a law” short documentaries — to the work-out design team. work-out will expose the leaders to the vibrations of their business—opinions, feelings, emotions, resentments, not abstract theories of organization and management. this is a mind-set change; staff essentially reports to the field rather than the other way around. but work-out at gems offers a glimpse of the change process taking place throughout general electric. frightened, nervous managers use thick, convoluted planning books and busy slides filled with everything they’ve known since childhood.’ve dismantled ge’s groups and sectors, the top levels of the corporate organization to which individual strategic business units once reported.

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so instead of changing this structure, they asked their teams to initiate the work-out process to improve collaboration and speed up decision-making across the various organizational boundaries., chairman and CEO of General Electric, leads one of the world’s largest corporations. ge work-out how to implement ge's revolutionary method for busting bureaucracy and attacking organizational problems — fast12 pagesthe ge work-out how to implement ge's revolutionary method for busting bureaucracy and attacking organizational problems — fastuploaded byteng kim ming  connect to downloadget pdfthe ge work-out how to implement ge's revolutionary method for busting bureaucracy and attacking organizational problems — fastdownloadthe ge work-out how to implement ge's revolutionary method for busting bureaucracy and attacking organizational problems — fastuploaded byteng kim mingloading previewsorry, preview is currently unavailable. at our 1986 officers’ meeting, which involves the top 100 or so executives at ge, we asked the 14 business leaders to present reports on the competitive dynamics in their businesses. we have to apply the same relentless passion to work-out that we did in selling the vision of number one and number two globally. with work-out, ge took that principle and rolled it out across a dozen separate large businesses; it was impressive how quickly and effectively work-out permeated the management culture. work-out is the next generation of what we’re trying to do.

work-out is designed to identify sources of frustration and bureaucratic inefficiency, eliminate unnecessary and unproductive work, and overhaul how managers are evaluated and rewarded. baughman convened a group of about 20 outside consultants who had all worked with ge before. since each reported to different departments, tom would constantly go back and forth with the engineers’ managers regarding disputes over overscheduling and conflicting priorities. in the end, if general electric can find a way to teach “everymanager” to be an effective strategist, investing in new ideas with that freewheeling but rigorous work-out spirit, it might change the game for “everycompany. neutral facilitator was brought in from an internal “lean consulting” group to lead each work-out. the next 10 years, ge expanded work-out’s scope and scale, embracing varied types of improvements. his intent was to send a signal to the entire work force that management learning was now not just a frill, but a coveted prerequisite and central corporate value.

GE's Next Workout and welch continues to receive regular briefings on work-out’s progress. these sessions physically brought together all the people who were working on different aspects of a single customer program, including the program manager, the 20-30 key engineers and experts involved, and managers from functions like procurement, sales, and finance. our interviews uncovered many objections to and criticisms of existing procedures, including measurement systems (too many, not focused enough on customers, cross-functional conflicts); pay and reward systems (lack of work goals, inconsistent signals); career development systems (ambiguous career paths, inadequate performance feedback); and an atmosphere in which blame, fear, and lack of trust overshadowed team commitments to solving problems. brings us to work-out, which you’ve been championing inside ge since early this year. “but when you watched managers browbeating their people in these public sessions, you could see how dreadful they were to work for. ge business had its own work-out flavor; but they all took on first the “low-hanging fruit” of unnecessary reports, approvals, and meetings. we didn’t need to go back to headquarters for a strategic analysis and a bunch of reports.

that certainly makes the organization chart more simple—you now have 14 separate businesses reporting directly to you or your two vice chairmen. other managers, who hadn’t really been noticed, suddenly shone when a work-out session put them on the spot. by the mid-1990s, work-out was a perk routinely offered to customers and a unique source of competitive advantage for ge. first, he is championing a company-wide drive to identify and eliminate unproductive work in order to energize ge’s employees. tools like video-conferencing, virtual workspaces, and instant messaging helped people communicate, they didn’t help with getting everyone aligned on the same priorities, nor did they foster rapid decision-making. senior members of the gems staff worked to build trust and more effective communication with the functional managers. work-out initiative began as a natural outgrowth of ge’s newly revitalized conference center at crotonville.

they’d call it work-out, as a pun on the toughening and slimming process that would (they imagined) drive the nonessential work out of the system. many of the external consultants who helped design and deliver work-out — including such well-known academics as noel tichy and david ulrich at the university of michigan and harvard’s todd jick, as well as management authors such as steven kerr, currently the chief learning officer at the goldman sachs group inc. he said ge wasn’t just paying us to fix their expense reports. welch left in 2002, the work-out process was woven into day-to-day practice.×closelog inlog in with facebooklog in with googleoremail:password:remember me on this computeror reset passwordenter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. conceptually, it took us about 30 minutes to decide that the deal made sense and then a meeting of maybe two hours with the thomson people to work out the basic terms. “we never intended work-out to be an assessment technique,” notes mr.

we had to put in a process to focus on and change how work gets done in this company. managers from different product lines have participated in workshops to review and implement the attitudes, values, and new work procedures discussed at lake lawn. remember the theory that a manager should have no more than 6 or 7 direct reports? the concept is to drop a lot of ‘less important’ work. he is a co-author of the ge work-out and the boundaryless organization. gradually, work-out touched customers, suppliers, and subsidiaries overseas, in, for example, china. i was at crotonville recently, talking about work-out, and someone said, “i don’t feel it yet.

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