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How to make your music career profitable: 10 business rules for DIY

if you get nothing else from this, remember, one lawsuit will take down a small business or artist – so get everything in writing. russ is a graduate of leadership asheville and has served on the boards of the southern conference basketball championships, the mountain sports festival and the west asheville business association. grow logically, expand when there is room, and make sure your business is protected by being incorporated and insured. as an indie artist myself, i worked hard, had some luck, and my accomplishments led to me serving as a consultant to many successful entertainment artists and companies. artists follow the average value when selling a product, while some are delusional about the product’s value. preparing a cash-flow forecast for the first 12 months, as well as a longer three-to-five-year plan, will help you to stay on track.  jane renfroe  a seasoned business developer, consultant, and facilitator, jane has served more than 700 entrepreneurs since 2001 through her work with mountain bizworks. independent physical distributors such as pinnacle have built digital shops for artists like the the killers and feeder, as well as the perfecto record label — you can explore their digital shopping options at www. this goes back to the business plan and expectations of what and how you’ll grow, and with the right team in place, they will make the transition from indie to empire easier. if you are serious about advertising and marketing, make sure it is done in exact alignment with your business plan and mission statement. business, if someone works exclusively for you full-time, they are your employee. most of the time, artists need time to grow not only their style and art, but their business sense. your ultimate survival in the industry is dependent on you navigating both the physical and digital markets successfully, but if you have a strong desire to succeed, faith in your artists, and a little money in the bank, now may be the time to take that first step.“to book acts that are professional, that will help my business, nothing more, and nothing less. if your success comes from making a ,000 cd at your house, selling cds at , and driving to gigs, do not take your success and make a ,000 cd, fly to some gigs, and try to sell cds for ; that will be enough to break your business model. to make your music career profitable: 10 business rules for diy artists.

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a business plan will help you to not over-reach your financial limits, and will emotionally help you to prepare for any success as you can see things as an expected outcome. in this article, we’ll be looking at the business skills and legal knowledge you’ll need to set up your own label, before considering how developments in the digital space can assist you in promoting your artists, and clocking up those all-important on-line sales. an indie label contract should also entitle the label to an ‘override royalty’ in the event that a major label buys out one of your artists. business, angie and her husband “live tiny” in pisgah forest in order to have more time to explore their love of travel, writing, and photography. of focus: microenterprise, start-ups, operations, financials, marketing  john bonham  john is a business consultant in asheville with 15+ years of professional experience. it’s advisable to create your own publishing company so that you can take full advantage of any prs or mechanical royalties, cover fees and synchronisation income arising from the exploitation of your artists’ songs. a small discrepancy on who pays for travel can devastate an artist. a business developer at mountain bizworks and a facilitator, coach, and consultant at birds eye business planning and adventures, jodi specializes in social media and authentic marketing. here are ten tips to help you handle your business properly.  barry gupton  barry has 10+ years of experience in construction management with a family owned and operated business that has adapted and grown over multiple decades and generations.  franzi charen  specializing in social enterprises and mission driven businesses, franzi can help you dive deep into intentional growth. some labels may opt for a purely digital setup — which can mean no manufacturing costs and no premises to rent — but they will still need to take care of the business and legal formalities mentioned above. ask them to read your business plan and mission statement and tell you how they might be able to help with achieving your goals. they are a useful way of avoiding the development costs associated with nurturing your own artists, and at the same time allow you to earn royalties from sales and build catalogue. brief, sole proprietors have unlimited personal liability for the debts of their business, and will pay income tax on the profits of the label. our in-depth guide to starting, running and developing your own business will help you get up to speed.

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if you want to be a working artist, you need to be as smart as any business person in a meeting, or at least smart enough to hire the smartest person in the room. fans can interact with artists directly, stay on top of new releases and tour dates, and by selling downloads or merchandise you can help drive traffic and enhance the artist-fan relationship. there are your business overheads, including utilities, rates, rent, vat and mcps licences. this is overlaid with a private practice psychotherapy specializing in mid-life issues including career planning. jodi relishes working with independent artists, small-scale food producers, healing arts practitioners, non-profits, and other entrepreneurs to discover meaning through developing their mission and vision. this is where knowing the limits from your business plan, which was well-researched, will help you to live under normal business conditions, and hence be able to sustain your art as a living.  ravi gaikwad  ravi has over 42 years of corporate experience in strategic planning, business and financial planning, market and marketing planning, product marketing, management, and development, and customer operations with global multinational companies like siemens ag india, philips nv, at&t, and bellsouth international. To be successful in business, any business, you need to be business savvy. helaine brings expertise in cash management, projections and planning, product development and pricing, production and scheduling, marketing, sales, human resources, and retail. he also brings 20 years of small business consulting experience, mostly in the area of strategic planning and training/teaching. unlike myspace, bebo bands allows unsigned and established artists to showcase their music. as founder and director of the asheville grown business alliance and the love asheville, go local campaign, she assembled a team that promotes the independent spirit of asheville through design, community networking and public events. small independent labels and artists can also upload podcasts to the itunes music store, thus reaching a potential audience of millions. an attorney and an accountant are two professional services that can not only save you money in the end, but save your business. never let your debt exceed the total value of your business, and you will be okay. you’re going to sign and invest money in new artists, you’re going to need a recording contract to deal with the respective obligations of each party in the deal.

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small businesses have to hire people and have to follow the rules; this is no different for artists. going from a solo gig, with only you getting paid, to a real business model with payroll, accounts receivable, 1099s and things of that nature will often freak out the average solo artist. while maintaining a small private client base, annie’s core responsibilities include building the capacity of the birds eye team, generating and piloting content for birds eye courses and collaborations, and leading birds eye customized retreats. small businesses that don’t stay competitive in their markets go under. factor in your day-to-day living expenses and savings so you know how much it will cost to be profitable from your business. having a business plan in place will also help you to focus on your day-to-day operations and what you need to do to make money living that passion, and sustaining it. it helps limit the businesses’ liability, and insures if one venture is not profitable, it will not take down their business as a whole. labels, also called independent record labels, do not operate under the awnings of larger corporate brands, as a number of smaller labels do. a lot of artists are eccentric and forget about being professional. it seems to me that this is the point where an artist realizes it is a business, and it freaks them out. john’s areas of specialty include new business start up assessment and execution, strategic planning, marketing planning, and sales planning/training. best way to ensure your aspirations are aligned with your budget is to create a business plan. other artists that have had to get loans in the past are a great resource as well. many great artists have lost it all on bad business decisions. the best policy is to devise a digital strategy to run in tandem with your physical business. a plan lets you know what to expect, plain and simple.

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artists, especially my fellow filmmakers, like to go out and make a million dollar film, not knowing who their market is and which distributor will pay what for which markets (even that phrasing sounds complicated, but that is why you need a business person to do your business plan, and keep yourself protected). digital distributors often provide their own in-house sales and marketing support, and they use their considerable bargaining power to secure placements for artists on major retail portals. major and indie labels use myspace as part of a broader marketing mix for their repertoire and as an a&r source, but the site can also assist smaller labels and artists, allowing them to offer downloads, announce tour dates, and communicate directly with fans. many indie artists i meet stay creative, but don’t stay in the loop on the business side. you need, get the best that you can get; taking your time to do so will insure business success. unfortunately, most starting or “indie” artists try to make a push with only their art, and the business part can be a crushing blow, causing them to feel burned out. the artists on top got where they are by doing the same. people hear the term “the Music business,” and only focus on the first part. income from songs you or your artists have written or co-written can be substantial, especially if you have a hit.  annie milroy price  founder of birds eye business planning and consulting, annie is an entrepreneurial learning facilitator, trainer, coach, and consultant. has been an independent business owner in asheville, north carolina for 14 years and co-owns hip replacements clothing store. new business is a risk, as is every new venture. having a professional team or service manage your business correctly can save you a headache in the long run, and keep you focused on your art. to be successful in business, any business, you need to be business savvy. a friend of ours, shannon curtis, is making a lot more money playing house concerts instead of traditional venues in los angeles; the business shifted, and she sharply had her eye on how to capitalize on the trend, with her fan base and style of music in mind. you can now use an accounting service for paying bills and payroll instead of having a full-time business manager.Thesis in tourism management

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you can open for business, you’ll need to choose a legal structure for your label. by joining the alliance of artists and recording companies (aarc), sound recording owners receive home taping and rental royalties, and also have access to the latest soundscan market data, all through one centralised body. small business, a lot of problems come from rapid over-expansion, or a company reaching too far. | See more about Small business plan, Social media networks and Buy local. most artists already have the basic equipment for our art. from small manufacturing, retail, festival and non-profit work, she is well versed in the diversity of businesses needed for a community to thrive. remember, business has rules and laws, and the right team will know them..Find and save ideas about Independent business on Pinterest, the world's catalogue of ideas. for a label that wants to concentrate on discovering, signing, and marketing new artists, managing retail relationships with all these sites individually could prove time-consuming and more trouble than it’s worth. john’s diverse experience reflects his appreciation for a triple bottom line—people, planet, profit. i had a booker once tell me,“i heard you always bring a small house and show up early. short, a businesses’ reputation will make it or break it, so make sure your business pays its bills on time, shows up on time, and does what it needs to maintain a good reputation. you might get lucky with a free music video or film trailer from time to time, but a lot of small businesses do worse by having bad commercials and advertising. business planbusiness structurebusiness in the usalegal issuescollection societiescollection in the usatrade associationsdistributionexporting overseason-line distributionmerlin & on-line licensingsocial networksselling mp3s from a digital shopyour own web sitebuilt-to-order digital shopsother digital retailersdigital distributors & aggregatorsmobile optionspodcastingkeep your headcash machinecodes & numbering systemschart eligibility. don’t hire a lawyer that handles car wrecks, but a legitimate entertainment attorney who understands the business and the contracts you will need. both an academic and experiential standpoint, carol lynn has a wealth of knowledge in business planning, networking, and marketing and has an extensive background in mass communications, including radio and tv production, fundraising events and public relations.Transmission line design engineer resume

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i once asked an mba student to help me with a business plan; he had to make a business plan for school, so it was work he had to do anyway, and we both gained from it. she has a special interest in microenterprise and start-ups, along with arts, wellness, and agriculture businesses. you’ve calculated your costs, you’ll need to work out what you require in total to cover personal living expenses, as well as business costs for the first year. needn’t cost a fortune to press up a few hundred copies of your self-produced release, but if you’re looking to sign a number of artists and make an impact on the charts, then it’s going to be a lot more costly. on tunetribe, artists and independent labels get to keep 80 percent of the royalties and set their own download price. just because your company is profitable does not mean it can support you; if you want to be supported by your art, make sure your salary and life is figured into the business plan. people hear terms like “the film business” or “the music business,” and they only focus on the first part. you don’t want to get in trouble with the irs by claiming your business has no employees, when you have people working full-time hours exclusively for you and at your direction. building in the river arts district leasing studios to artists and entrepreneurs. main advantage of using a company like pinnacle for your digital business is that they also supply digital content to some of the world’s biggest retail sites, including itunes, napster, hmv, virgin, woolworths, tesco and yahoo. a business point of view, the main concern is the low prices emusic charge. angie has a ba in organizational communications from queens university of charlotte and has written four business-focused books. whatever circle you are in is small, and people will talk. treat your new album, film, or art exhibit like a new business expansion. the small business administration is a free resource of retired business owners that are funded by the government to advise small businesses at no cost, and are in all big cities. out a loan is a normal way to start a business, but paying back loans with interest can overload a small business, and is one of the top reasons small businesses fail.

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she is also the founder and chief strategist of jonas digital, a firm that provides web development and digital marketing strategy services to small businesses. your business plan should detail all costs associated with your label start-up. a lot of artists take what they can get; this is not the way a business is run, and it will lead to your business failing. artists are blessed to have fresh creative ideas flow, and most businesses would kill for this talent. mom and pop businesses have a personal feel, and it is the same with artists. Our in-depth guide to starting, running and developing your own business will help you get up to speed. passion project will be contagious for everyone that is exposed to that passion, but at some point, if you want to make a living doing your art, you must work it like a business., don’t forget when you make your expense sheets, it needs to be for everything, not just your business costs, but your life. if your label’s pressing fewer than 2500 units of a record, you should consider the harry fox songfile service, a quick and easy system for getting a mechanical licence on a small run. when you go to a business, you expect a level of professionalism. difficulty for small labels is that many of the bigger retailers require music to be supplied already digitised, in their preferred format. she has worked simultaneously in both non-profit organizations and small businesses for the past 2 decades, with particular focus in the areas of local and international arts and craft, health and wellness, and food systems. your business plan will also need to explain how and where your records will be sold, and provide some background on those involved in running the label, listing previous work experience and positions held at other labels, for example. varied backgrounds, the birds eye team is able to offer a comprehensive array of tangible business skills. the most successful artists have their most successful ventures after they have worked out the business of their art, and put everything in place before their next opportunity. her deep interest lies in working with the business owner to tell the truth about what isn’t working in order to then create a workflow that feels satisfying, productive, and focused on the “right” work.

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an independent record label is a pretty risky business, so it’s vital that you approach your new venture with your business head firmly screwed on. co-founder and founding president of slow food foothills in 2011, carol lynn went on to become a mountain bizworks business developer in 2012 and became the fare teams marketing coordinator while teaching business and marketing courses. a small business does not take a commercial because a fan offers to do it for free. this bizarre congressional oversight has in some way been mitigated by the creation of sound exchange, the first us organisation to collect and distribute performance royalties to labels and featured artists from the digital and satellite transmission of recorded music. small things can make the biggest difference; for example, filmmaking technologies now allow for much smaller crews than 15 years ago. she has served as a business developer with mountain bizworks since 2007. on tunetribe, labels and artists are given their own area to manage and update as they choose, and have access to real-time on-line accounting, a label management service, and editorial support to maximise media exposure. purpose of an aggregator is to get signed and unsigned music onto digital services that won’t normally deal direct with individual artists.  russ towers  russ has over 25 years of commercial and investment real estate experience, including assisting dozens of asheville clients to secure locations for their businesses. artists who have their business solid and play well with others get more gigs. they’ll want to know how many artists you’ve signed to your label, whether they’re gigging, if there’s any marketing to support the release, and whether the artist has had favourable press reviews. as your business grows, so will the need to grow into a more traditional business model. you need to get additional money for studio time or a film, do it like a good business person. set yourself up so you love your business, and pay yourself a fair wage so you won’t want to quit. web site should aim to include photos, contact details, a biog, a message board, gig details and mp3s of your artists’ songs. he has been counseling, mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs since 2011 in various aspects of business. Writing service writing service

of focus: business development & transitioning, marketing, strategic design, financials, open book management, social enterprises, event planning  angie stegall  since 2003, angie has worked with a large variety of small business owners and their teams, guiding them out of overwhelm through more efficient and effective organization, business systems, and honest communication. as you’d imagine, emusic’s subscriber base has soared, but it is questionable whether such knockdown prices are really in the long-term interest of musicians and small labels.” my wife is one of the best entertainment attorneys out there, and it is unfortunately a daily occurrence for her to hear about a small misunderstanding that led to an expensive lawsuit. keep yourself and your business protected; remember a musician cannot play if their instruments are repossessed. first step in setting up any business is to create a viable business plan. she engages the dual forces of grounding and launching, depending on the needs of her clients and is proud of the broad capacity of the birds eye team to comprehensively assess the needs of their clients and assist them in moving forward with solid plans of action. although songwriters and music publishers receive performance royalties for airplay on radio and tv, labels and recording artists receive nothing from radio stations, unless they happen to simulcast their programmes over the internet or via satellite. you started any other type of business without an accountant or an attorney to guide you, you would be looked at as crazy; however, in the world of art, you are looked at as crazy if you start with them., a local manufacturing and retail business that employed 50 people and currently co-owns and manages riverview station, a 110,000 sq. as the founder and former owner of short street cakes, an all-natural, southern-style specialty cake business in asheville, jodi spent ten years engaged in the full entrepreneurial cycle- from startup phase as a home-based business, through scaling up to brick and mortar, and finally to growth through the successful sale of her business to an employee in early 2016. his objective is to help business owners make informed decisions. look at your role as an employee of your own business. addition to social networking, small labels can take advantage of services like tunetribe, which claims to be “a digital music download shop with a difference”. i see this as one of the main stumbling blocks for an artist’s business growth. we areour team of business coaches and facilitators is made up of lifelong learners with solid business skills. most indie artists look at what it will take to make their business work (or to just make a living as an artist), but in a normal job situation, you look at the paycheck. And contrast expository essay

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