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Dissertation advisor horror stories

What are some PhD horror stories? - Quora

’m having a very tough time with my advisor, and found that the department head will ultimately support his staff and faculty over the student. am fond of telling the farcical stories of my first supervisor, who forgot that i was his student two years running. don’t let your advisor’s bad actions stay hidden safely in the dark. horror stories of “toxic supervisors” or “students from hell” are fairly rare in academia, most academics have heard tales of when the mentor-student relationship has failed spectacularly, leading to mutual loathing coupled with a change of supervisor. eventually filed a comp claim at the urging of the state board, and my advisor was very unhappy about having to appear before a judge. started a phd program with a poor advisor (sexist, tyrant, and money driven).

Anatomy of a Disastrous PhD Experience | College Ready Writing

your phd advisor mistreats you, make sure to graduate and get a job in industry making more money than him. at this point, my friend was relieved, because she realized she wasn't actually a useless grad student, her advisor was just having a shitty day and decided to take it out on the lab as usual~~~. gold[–]sevenseveredtendons 17 points18 points19 points 1 year ago* (2 children)hi adam, i had a rough time with my advisor. i will contact another advisor or leave for my country. your advisor is treating you like dirt, your first instinct might be to isolate yourself and sulk. usually another professor is the chair of your committee so that the graduate student doesn’t get screwed if his advisor doesn’t like him.

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I was a terrible PhD supervisor. Don't make the same mistakes I did

you get bad stories and good stories, and the bad ones mostly end up here. :-) in any case you didn't reproduce the stories with a lot of detail in your column, so i doubt anyone would be bothered by the way you did it. your academic advisor is treating you like dirt, the worst thing you can do is to tell him or her all about your career aspirations. my advisor said that it didn't make sense to pay someone who was physically unable to work, referring to my recovery and handicap on separate occasions. there was another student in the room being advised by another advisor and she told me very loudly “no, you be a psychiatrist. but later i realized that my advisor has a problem that every student feels mistreated by her.

Thesis adviser horror stories | Science | AAAS

Bad Advisor Horror Stories : GradSchool

soon as i told my advisor that i wanted to move into industry, he was done with me.’m a junior undergrad and i’ll be in college for two extra years because my previous advisor my freshmen year screwed me way over. gold[–]geekygretchphd, science education 5 points6 points7 points 1 year ago (0 children)horror stories. my friend asks her what's wrong and her labmate says "[our advisor] just tore apart all of my experimental data from the past year and told me it's my fault for coming up with such a terrible protocol and wasting the past year! if your advisor starts treating you like dirt, don’t just work harder and harder in the false hope that he will be nice to you or respect for it. worst part of having to deal with a negative advisor or mentor is that you feel completely powerless.

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PhDs: 'toxic' supervisors and 'students from hell' | THE News

gold[–]panniculusphd, neuroscience 6 points7 points8 points 1 year ago (0 children)luckily my advisor is awesome, just wanted to say that your book has a spot of honor in our department's student lounge., stand up for yourselves and show them that you are not a toddler, so they need to respect you and help you navigate the trenches of your experimentations or you will seek out another important advisor. the hard truth is that some advisors will treat you like dirt simply because they think it will make you work harder. 107 advantages phds have over other job candidates 10 things smart phds do not put on their industry résumés if you’re a phd and do this, you’ll never get a job top 10 list of alternative careers for phd science graduates why you need to leave academia what to do when your academic advisor mistreats you 7 career killing mistakes phds make that keep them poor and unhappy phd jobs: how to transition from academia into business the top 6 most difficult r&d interview questions every phd should know 7 ways phd students and academics can deal with stress, anxiety and depression. gold[–]defenestratiophd* biomedical engineering 4 points5 points6 points 1 year ago (3 children)i dunno, there was that guy who murdered his advisor with a hammer 19 years into his phd. especially if those aspirations involve anything other than being exactly like your advisor.

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What To Do When Your Academic Advisor Mistreats You | Cheeky

gold[–][deleted] 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (0 children)hi adam,I don't have any stories for you but i just wanted to say i love your column and absolutely love, love your book! since being out i’ve talked to over seventy other medical students, law students, graduate students and postdocs who have either been through or who are going through something similar with their advisors. this advisor seemed more concerned about his reputation than actually helping students (he was tenured). and my advisor would use these “weaknesses” against me whenever he could. i was beginning to hear horror stories from other phd students about this particular set-up in that personal and professional politics were being taken out on the students through conflicting advice, endless rewrites, and general dysfunction and lack of communication. isolating yourself just gives your advisor more power over you.

Graduate admissions - What is the "power" a PhD advisor has over

i ended up using the stories in a much more vague way than i had originally envisioned, but thank you all so much for providing them., too, to the people who didn't have stories but said nice things about my column and my book. my thesis committee meetings, i’d present my work, answer questions, and then watch my advisor stare at me blankly when i asked him how close i was to graduating. this is especially true if you’re in the middle of a negative situation with your advisor." for this month's column, i'm planning to share stories about horrible things that have happened between grad students and their advisors--arguments, stolen credit, advisor bullying, grad student flakiness, etc. very first thing you should do when your advisor starts treating you like dirt is document it.

44. Advisers can be tyrants. - 100 Reasons NOT to Go to Graduate

[–]grad_throwaway15 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children)i did a master's in one program where that advisor would take 8 weeks to get me edits on papers and was just generally really disconnected. i was just pointing out to other commenters why you might not have wanted to use stories from other, past threads. everyone posting here did so with the knowledge you were going to use the stories in a column..The first day that my graduate school advisor yelled at me in front of the entire lab i went into the handicap bathroom and cried. none of the other committee members were able to help much because my advisor was the chair. so, you don’t have to put up with a bad advisor.

What are some PhD horror stories? - Quora

The Worst Advice Grad Students Get | Vitae

going into details, but our last group meeting came with the highlights of our head student being criticized for his posture by our advisor screaming (not yelling, screaming) at him: "you, stand like a fucking man! the department head sided with my advisor, and all but refused to help me secure funding for my stipend and medical expenses. and, in the overall manual, i found an entire list of requirements that every advisor had to follow. the problem is that this desire to have an impact – this overachiever mindset – can work against you when you have a bad advisor.;dr my masters advisor was a penny pinching, sexist jerk and i've got one less problem without him. and since it's science careers, i'm looking for stories in science labs only (sorry).

besides, i was sure that my advisor would feel bad about it later, apologize, and start treating me better.’m sure it didn’t make my advisor like me any more but i started looking for jobs during my third year of graduate school. gold[–]diazonaphd particle physics 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (2 children)perfect example, though it seems sketchy at best to just take stories posted on reddit and appropriate them for a column in a major magazine without getting at least the author's consent. email between you and your advisor is kept on a server at your university. some people are just hostile to some people like these advisors. my advisor later tanked a job prospect or two for me too.

you should also know that your advisor is likely saving all the emails that you send him, especially if he doesn’t like you. chasing the approval of an advisor who treats you unfairly. are probably a ton of horror stories out there that go unnoticed. an advisor is treating you badly, don’t just tow the line and stick to the chain of command. so one day she goes into her weekly lab meeting and her advisor practically tears her to shreds. i transferred to a different program, same university, for my phd and that advisor ended up sleeping with an undergrad in our lab, giving her credit for others' work, making sure she had the best application for student awards at our annual conference, and paying her (not common for our undergrads).

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