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>> Mission Mortuary has announced the winners of its first youth essay contest “What Does Memorial Day Mean to Me? consider just a few examples:The peaceful reunification of germany and peaceful dissolution of the iron curtain as american diplomacy backed by military strength helped to end the cold war without a shot being fired;. yet this is not to disregard the manifest other dividends that a strong military can pay. of president ronald reagan’s favored mantras, still often cited today, was “peace through strength. rather, it is only to observe that economic development efforts are most successful and most enduring when undertaken in a context of peace and stability, which is most often provided by a guarantor of security underwritten by military power.

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it encompassed the full flourishing of american interests and ideals and in turn was predicated on an equally expansive concept of national “strength” that included diplomatic, ideological, and economic as well as military quotients. strategic doctrine is one of theodore roosevelt’s enduring legacies in american history, and it is one which bears remembering and recovering today. there are multiple pathways by which investments in military hard power produce economic benefits. pentagon’s relationship with the egyptian military during the recent egyptian revolutions, which was made possible by america’s decades-long military assistance program and exchanges and which preserved the only viable channel for diplomatic communications in the midst of chaos and changing egyptian governments.’s pointed and pithy insinuation to the german ruler belied a more sophisticated appreciation of the relationship between military power, diplomatic success, and the preservation of peace.

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accordingly, the core mission of the american military is to protect and defend our nation. along the way, there developed an american strategic tradition that integrated military strength with diplomatic acumen, economic growth, and international influence. several of truman’s advisers argued for limiting the packages to economic aid, but truman sided with then-under secretary of state dean acheson’s arguments for including military hardware and advisers. the diplomatic successes in building and maintaining a stable and peaceful international order achieved by the united states over the past century have been enabled by america’s military dominance. udani have graduated from basic military training at joint base san antonio-lackland in san antonio, texas.

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a well-equipped military creates an enabling environment for improved development policy. conversely, a renewed commitment to adequate resourcing of the american military would not come at the cost of american diplomacy and economic policy, but rather would be to their benefit. as described by united states military academy professor gail yoshitani, in reagan’s formulation of the “peace through strength” strategy:[p]eace was not simply the absence of war. >> mission mortuary has announced the winners of its first youth essay contest “what does memorial day mean to me? success of containment depended largely, though by no means exclusively, on the non-kinetic use of military power.

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they constitute some of the essential building blocks of the american strategic tradition of armed diplomacy—of using military power in non-kinetic ways to improve our negotiating outcomes, reassure allies, dissuade adversaries, and enhance our global credibility and influence. in finishing the war as the most dominant military power on the planet, even in the midst of rapid demobilization, the u. the incorporation of military assistance into the program of aid to greece and turkey sent a strong signal of american resolve to the soviet union and its satellites while also shoring up important american allies during their periods of acute vulnerability. setbacks for american foreign policy during the past several years provide a vivid empirical illustration both of the non-kinetic utility of military power and of the costs when it is diminished..Roosevelt’s insights of over a century ago have much to offer today.

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truman fused military hardware, economic aid, and vigorous diplomacy into a new tool to implement his cold war strategy. roosevelt and truman also shared much in common, including a belief in american exceptionalism, a commitment to the universality of liberty and preserving and extending free societies, and especially an appreciation for the role a strong military plays in projecting power and influence, even without the use of lethal force. as the quote from theodore roosevelt at the beginning of this essay illustrates, american leaders have long appreciated that a formidable military can produce abundant diplomatic and economic dividends, even—especially—when not wielded in wartime. roosevelt knew that a formidable military and a commander in chief with a deft diplomatic touch would be a potent force in dissuading aggressors and preserving peace. bush administration, based in part on the appeal of america’s military power projection in the region and nuclear technology partnership; and.

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”5 embedded in this slogan are a complex set of strategic assumptions: for example, that a strong military can be effective without being deployed in hostile action, that the acquisition of arms can be inversely proportionate to their use, that military strength pays diplomatic dividends, and that preparedness for war enables the preservation of peace. reagan believed that such a peace was dependent upon us strength, which would come from rebuilding the nation’s economic and military might.”2 upon commissioning, every american military officer swears an oath to “support and defend” this constitution. without a shot being fired, the american military achieved a significant diplomatic success and made a formidable display of american power. the precipitous defense budget cuts of recent years do not just erode american military strength; they also undermine our diplomatic capabilities and our global influence and credibility.

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for example, the aid to turkey included establishment of the joint american military mission to aid turkey (jammat), an ambitious defense department initiative that transformed the turkish military and established a template for eventual american military assistance programs with other allies..The robust american military aid to greece and turkey would not have been possible without the expertise and military technology that the united states developed during world war ii. developing this capability is predicated on funding and maintaining a military that is without peer. a strong military can bolster national power and influence without ever using force. for example, the military’s role in protecting a stable international environment also creates predictable and secure conditions in which economic growth can flourish.

Military essays and recollections: papers read before the

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. saturday at the embassy suites hotel monterey bay, 1441 canyon del rey blvd. as described by then-secretary of state hillary clinton in her january 22, 2009, inaugural remarks on her first day at the state department, “there are three legs to the stool of american foreign policy: defense, diplomacy, and development., this non-kinetic use of military power had the intended effect of signaling american resolve to stalin while simultaneously reassuring and strengthening the allied city of west berlin. such a demonstrable record of success and proven formula for how a well-resourced military strengthens our overall national security policy, the united states now stands at a crossroads. it is such a combination of military power and diplomatic acumen that creates national strength.

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truman deployed american military resources in a formidable display of resolve, at considerable risk, to dissuade the soviets from their attempted seizure of west berlin. united states military’s leading role in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief after the 2004 asian tsunami, which also did much to improve america’s reputation in muslim-majority nations like indonesia;. as with roosevelt, most of truman’s enduring national security accomplishments came through the adept employment of military power as a diplomatic and economic instrument of statecraft. broader sweep of american history and international politics reinforces the perception that military power enables diplomatic and economic progress. american military cargo planes operated these resupply flights around the clock for the next 11 months until an embarrassed stalin backed down and lifted the blockade.

if the need for a strong military begins with the mission to fight and win wars, it does not end there. as noted, he understood that a weakened military could provoke aggression and invite adventurism from hostile powers who would otherwise be deterred. from the marshall plan, to the creation of nato, to the passage of the national security act creating the central intelligence agency and national security council, to the issuance of seminal strategy blueprints such as nsc-68,23 the truman administration created a national and international set of institutions that leveraged military power into diplomatic and economic influence. the united states’ military capability supported our nation’s rise to global greatness over the past century, but this was often because of the increased influence and credibility produced by this capability rather than the overt use of force. it is an historic tradition with an impressive heritage and continuing salience today.

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