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Michelle obama racist princeton thesis

  • Michelle Obama thesis was on racial divide - POLITICO

    Michelle obama racist princeton thesis


    Digging up dirt on Michelle Obama | PolitiFact

    . from harvard law school in 1988), wrote her senior undergraduate thesis on the subject of “princeton-educated blacks and the black community. studied the attitudes of black princeton alumni to determine what effect their time at princeton had on their identification with the black community."the third world center was our life," angela acree, her best friend at princeton, told the boston globe in june 2008. surveying 89 black graduates, obama concluded that attending the university as an undergraduate decreased the extent to which black alumni identified with the black community as a whole.'ll expose alinsky's background in future articles, but before we go too far, let us just start with michelle obama's college days, since to find her high school history seems to be quite difficult. she sat on the board of twc to force princeton to have separate meetings for minorities without any whites allowed!

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  • Digging up dirt on Michelle Obama | PolitiFact

    Michelle Obama thesis was on racial divide - Jeffrey Ressner

    Michelle Obama thesis was on racial divide - Jeffrey Ressner

    give me a frickin break, politico really is out to get the obama camp. robinson (obama) did more than make meetings and express her seemingly hate for whites, she went on with the twc and made demands for minority only meetings. (julie newton, "twc criticizes curl plan: minority strife would worsen," the daily princetonian, october 21, 1981). are plenty senior theses with famous authors lining the shelves of princeton university's library. as a 'legacy' candidate and a beneficiary of affirmative action, michelle obama was granted an opportunity that others more accomplished were denied."[delgado's] penchant for drawing campus issues along racial lines—a penchant shared by the twc and the daily princetonian—is the chief cause of racial strife on campus," he wrote.

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  • Michelle obama racist princeton thesis

    The Radical Racist Background of Michelle Obama

    The Radical Racist Background of Michelle Obama

    let us take a brief look to see just what she was doing at princeton while she was there and what types of people she had as her close friends."the administration, by denying us these [blacks-only] meetings, is saying that we don't have specific needs that have to be addressed this way," david jackson, '87, a fellow twc member, told the daily princetonian after the university officials finally rejected its proposal to hold racially limited meetings. is the first of a 2 part article on michelle robinson obama.” this phrase has repeatedly been quoted out of context and presented as if it reflected michelle obama’s own philosophy, but in its full context it is clearly her speculation about what she thought some of the respondents she surveyed for her thesis (i. did some background checking into michelle obama and her links with socialists, communists and other high ranking radicals that wish nothing more than to destroy the united states as it is, and create a brand new united states!., students who had attended princeton in earlier years) might have been feeling:As discussed earlier, most respondents were attending princeton during the 70’s, at a time when the black power movement was still influencing the attitudes of many blacks.

    Michelle Obama's Thesis

    obama correctly noticed that she was judged by the color of her skin rather than by the content of her character. johnson quotes an article michelle robinson (obama) wrote while at princeton university, following an introduction to the quotation. few senior theses have attracted as much attention as michelle obama's 1985 paper, "princeton-educated blacks and the black community. obama's success in attracting white voters has shown that since institutional racism is over, affirmative action is no longer needed.“as i enter my final year at princeton, i find myself striving for many of the same goals as my white classmates — acceptance to a prestigious graduate school or a high-paying position in a successful corporation,” she wrote, citing the university’s conservative values as a likely cause. from one of these options to get in touch with us:Claim:   access to michelle obama’s senior thesis was restricted until after the 2008 presidential election.

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  • Princeton Releases Michelle Obama's Senior Thesis - CBS News

    Michelle obama racist princeton thesis

Michelle obama racist princeton thesis-Analyzing Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis |

Here's Michelle's RACE OBSESSED Thesis From Princeton

“predominately white universities like princeton are socially and academically designed to cater to the needs of the white students comprising the bulk of their enrollments,” she said, noting the small size of the african-american studies department and that there were only five black tenured professors at the university across all departments. “my experiences at princeton have made me far more aware of my ‘blackness’ than ever before,” she wrote in her introduction. Obama's senior year thesis at Princeton University, obtained from the campaign by Politico, shows a document written by a young woman grappling with a society in which a black Princeton alumnus might only be allowed to remain "on the periphery. surveys show black graduates of princeton don't exclusively identify with race?" in a letter a few weeks later, the twc attacked princeton's administration for not replacing hector delgado, a minority dean of students. here we have to note that michelle robinson was an activist that had the intention to change the very ideology of the princeton school she got into through the use of her brother!

Michelle Obama Princeton Thesis | Just another

this seems to show without a doubt that others on campus were looking at this action by the twc of which michelle robinson,(obama), was a part of. (julie newton, "twc criticizes curl plan: minority strife would worsen," the daily princetonian, october 21, 1981). (john hurley, "black students, university debate closed meeting policy," the daily princetonian, november 29, 1984)."princeton itself, however, was concerned about the self-segregation by black students and proposed reforms to counter it, including no longer permitting black students to all room together in one dorm and integrating black freshmen into the general student body. Radical Racist Background of Michelle ObamaKnow of a rumor you want investigated? to frontpagemagazine reporter jacob laksin, "in a [february 2008] interview with newsweek, [michelle] obama reveals that she got into princeton … not on the strength of her grades, which she admits were unexceptional, but thanks to her brother craig, a star athlete and gifted student who preceded her to the school.

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Here's Michelle's RACE OBSESSED Thesis From Princeton
Michelle Obama Princeton Thesis | Just another

Michelle obama racist princeton thesis

Dinesh D'Souza - Michelle Obama's racial obsession is | Facebook

yet it was michelle robinson (obama) that had stated that race relations at princeton were deficient. the former michelle lavaughn robinson, who graduated from princeton university in 1985 with a b. “i have found that at princeton no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my white professors and classmates try to be toward me, i sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if i really don’t belong. johnson wrote on october 30, 2012, "michelle obama attends and promotes a 'black solidarity' event for guest lecturer manning marable, who was, according to cornel west, probably 'the best known black marxist in the country., you see this and the other story today about obama meeting bill ayres and bernadine dohrn are intended to have a cumulative effect. it was an important shift in racial identity in this country and her thesis illustrates a young woman of color who is attempting to find her voice and place in this changing society.
for the content of the thesis, the daily princetonian summarized it thusly:Obama, who concentrated in sociology and received a certificate in african-american studies, examined how the attitudes of black alumni have changed over the course of their time at the university. some of michelle obama's contacts in college were of the marxist/socialist types. michelle obama was an individual that found fault with anything that dealt with ethnicity. the thesis offers several fascinating insights into the mind of michelle obama, who has been a passionate advocate of her husband's presidential aspirations and who has made several controvesial statements, including this week's remark, "for the first time in my adult lifetime, i am really proud of my country. michelle obama four of michelle obama's thesis papers from princeton university here. obama's maiden name was michelle lavaughn robinson, and she was born on january 17, 1964.

this senior paper dooms any hope of the obama couple being elected to the white house. the author of this article has taken small excerpts from an academic thesis for the sake of sensationalism. the next article will show her use of saul alinsky's works, a man she admired along with her husband barack obama. obama as racially insensitive practices in a university system populated with mostly caucasian educators and students: "predominately white universities like princeton are socially and academically designed to cater to the needs of the white students comprising the bulk of their enrollments. you've got to be impressed with how ruthless senator obama is -- he'll humiliate his poor wife by releasing her semi-literate college graduation maunderings just so he can say, "let's move on. this documented article, we see that michelle obama, much like her husband is closely associated with the teachings of marxism and had attended meetings with marxist-type people.

"not a day went by that i did not see michelle at the center," czerni brasuelle, twc's director at the time, told the daily princetonian in its november 5, 2008 issue. one can see this in her ideas that the white population at princeton were a bunch of "racist" individuals."in defining the concept of identification or the ability to identify with the black community," the princeton student wrote, "i based my definition on the premise that there is a distinctive black culture very different from white culture. "i hoped that these findings would help me conclude that despite the high degree of identification with whites as a result of the educational and occupational path that black princeton alumni follow, the alumni would still maintain a certain level of identification with the black community. all of this means that the senior thesis of michelle obama, wife of illinois senator (and leading democratic presidential contender) barack obama would naturally be a subject of considerable interest, especially since the subject of that thesis is itself a significant political topic. the idea is to recast the obamas as latter-day black panthers (you know, an eldridge and kathleen cleaver for the new milennium) in the public mind, and also suggest by inference that they're willing to countenance terrorism against the united states.
don't know why we care about her undergrad thesis -- anyone would be embarrassed by undergrad papers once over the age of 30. illustrate the latter statement, she pointed out that princeton (at the time) had only five black tenured professors on its faculty, and its "afro-american studies" program "is one of the smallest and most understaffed departments in the university. email has been circulating that access to michelle obama’s senior thesis at princeton university is. radical racist background of obama & we’re not talking about barack. the members took great offense to an op-ed titled "rebuilding race relations," calling the article "racist, offensive, and inaccurate" for daring to question the group's true commitment and to present a thesis on race relations counter to its own. obama sent an 18-question survey to a sampling of 400 black princeton graduates, requesting the respondents define the amount of time and "comfort" level spent interacting with blacks and whites before they attended the school, as well as during and after their university years.

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