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"an analysis of the benefits and drawbacks related to the accuracy of, and choices resulting from, the prostate-specific antigen (psa) test for prostate cancer.. what were the naval tactics and strategies of the war of 1812?"a great topic would be benefits and social impact of changing the legal drinking age to 25. our society is not well informed about all these issues and i believe that putting the pros and cons of things we could do to help restore our oceans on this website will bring more knowledge to people."what are the pros and cons of having an affair?. according to the web sources, why was the united states army and. iraq, the coalition led by the united states and the united kingdom was responding to an attack on the very effectiveness of the united nations security system, by seeking redress for repeated violations of security council resolutions. i'm looking for the pros and cons of adding american sign language as a foreign language course in all public schools."i am trying to understand the pros and cons of local and state government incentives offered to businesses to locate or expand operations without the local area or state."i'd love to see you guys put something together on whether or not bush and cheney should be impeached."we need something on pros and cons of late start for school."i'd like to know the pros and cons of radiation [as a breast cancer therapy] and, most importantly, tamoxifen."is euthanasia of healthy and adoptable pets in animal shelters with a lack of space the answer to overcrowding of pet shelters?. briefly analyze the confederate and union versions of the naval."could you please post some pros and cons concerning the 'morning after pill' for 14 year olds?"i would like to see information regarding the pros and cons of a constitutional right to education. many others feel strongly about both sides of this issue and it will get more and more contentious and important as climate change threatens many more species."the pros and cons of instating mandatory rape sensitivity training in health courses in public high schools."would appreciate pro and con sides related to dental care for all citizens. as america delves deeper into the 21st century with an array of social and technological advancements, one facet that continues to impress, revolutionize, and greatly impact american society as we know it comes from the evolution of communication, most notably the digital media."expanding on your 'zoo animals' suggestion: zoos and conservation: is it the best way to secure biodiversity?"i would like some information about pros and cons of organ selling and current legal status of such in united states. whatever you can do in a short time to put some pro and con facts out there would be a great service."i would like to find some kind of article on the pros and cons of our mental health institutions in the united states, and their inpatient treatment plans."could you list some pros and cons on the influence of hip-hop on a society?"i think it would be interesting to see the pro and con of banning the sale and distribution of alcoholic energy drinks."should states ban smoking in cars to protect children form the harmful effects of secondhand smoke?"i was just doing some research regarding joseph kony 2012 movement superficially the invisible children video and their plead for military intervention to work ugandan army to overthrow joseph kony. other nations have smaller populations and much larger national legislatures."what are the pros and cons of the insanity defense? controversy has sparked all over the country in regards to this issue and i believe its an issue worth exploration by your organization. i find myself needing a good objective 'pro and con between school (public + private) and homeschool'."i am doing a project on cheating and have to do pro cheating. it is literally psychological torture and thousands of us citizens are being assaulted by this hideous crime."harm-reduction theory and the use of narcan (naloxone) during this opioid epidemic. what roles do nature, nurture and epigenetics play in creating these differences? secondly, whether the media’s positive role as a source of public information outweigh the negative aspects, including control of public opinion and consequent governmental influence."i would like to see a comprehensive article about the pros and cons of medication for adhd and other attention/behavior challenges.. make a significant effort to fully cover and reiterate the."how about the controversy on whether or not the hiv vaccine should be continued or delayed due to informed consent, funding, and effectiveness?. in the wake of vietnam, what changes and new approaches in organization,Strategy and tactics were made in the u."in light of the recent supreme court decision allowing corporate money to interfere even more in our political system, please post something on campaign finance reform and the fair elections now act or similarly oriented legislation.. comment on the role of militia and volunteers in the u."i think a good topic would be the pros/cons of public school vs. steuben) feel about their allies, adversaries and the american revolutionary."what are the pros and cons regarding school strategies for preventing violence? paper discusses the effects of the mass media and public opinion on voter choice."should the federal government be limited by the 10th amendment to the constitution or should the amendment be removed from our constitution?"your site does not contain any concerning the spread of highly destructive plant species which are bought sold and distributed through out the usa, or world. i would like to know more pros and cons of having the government limit our food intake."i would like to see a discussion on the ethics of goodness-of-fit, in terms of informed consent for adults with a diminished decisional capacity."i would like to see information regarding human chimeras and genetic testing. even during class, students are on their laptops or smartphones and spend the majority of their time scrolling through their home page and somewhat engaging to the."should new zealand become an independent country yay or nah? the people of this nation too often accept the information provided by the media to be factual and true rather than as it really is – an entertaining 15 second clip of an issue or event through a reporter’s or news channel’s bias perspective, created to best capture and maintain the attention of its audience."i'd love to see a discussion on the merits of changing state and federal accounting and budgeting methodologies from accrual to a cash basis. the reasoning behind multiculturalism, integration and assimilation policies in the face of growing nationalism. there is a matter of law and health involved with it."should sex selection and genetic selection (of children) be legal?"turf fields and potential carcinogens in the fabric and fillers added to the fields?. continue to borrow money to finance our consumer economy or should the government redirect the economy for fiscal conservatism? there are many factors that go into that number, and gap differs for a lot of people, but this is still an issue. accordingly, if we exercise some precaution, and common sense, while using social media, the pros will outweigh the cons. should your format be expanded, would it be possible to have one of your topics be 'sports team names that are offensive'?"i want to know what drinking below the age 20 can do to your body and brain."could you do some research on how truly different male and females are genetically and mentally?"i would like to see sides and discussion about fluoride in tap water."would you be willing to add a topic on the pros/cons of the electoral college verses the popular vote (or proportional representation)?. arms inspectors and the rumors that iraq would use chemical weapons if coalition forces neared baghdad."should politicians really be forced to resign after a sex sandal?. comment on the career and character of general george s."i was wondering if you might do a procon piece on the benefits and consequences of both anarchy. to lederer, (2012), there are several pros and cons to the use of social media in the classrooms."i would like to ask if soft veggies and fruit are as good in a blender as in a juicer."i would like to see a topic on mandatory minimums which give judges no discretion unless the government issues a 5k letter to cooperate.

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"i would really like to hear something on rewilding the north american landscape as well as what's going on with the buffalo in montana at the capture facilities, and then killing them off by the hundreds a year."should we spend another trillion dollars on the 'war on drugs' or should we consider changing our cops 'n robbers approach to a more legalized and regulated one?"does an adult with a disability who requires hands on care paid for by medicaid have the right to determine who touches their naked body?"how about us moving from state educational standards to national?"i would like to see the pros and cons on safe drug use sites."there is raging controversy on the nature of the sun's biology and the ramifications of the electric sun and electric universe theory."what are the pros and cons of the swinging lifestyle? it is a methodical method of harassment that can lead to death due to the physical manifestation of severe stress or by depression and subsequent suicide."should parenting be considered a privilege and require a mandatory license?"i would like the pros and cons on money bail systems."i would like to propose a topic discussing the pros and cons of brain enhancing pharmaceuticals."could you do the pros and cons of the right to be forgotten?"givent the rise of the 99% percent movement i think it would be good to do a topic on wealth distribution (income inequality) and basic options in tax policy that effect wealth distribution."do a pro con on the american civil war like the removing of the flag and the leaders of the confederates. for the people of iraq, the war put an end to three decades of terror and suffering."have government programs helped to cause the decline of the american family and if so how? and here, i think, reporting, the international consensus on this and a large measure of domestic commentary as well, i just don't think that case has been made. recently, my college campus has banned tobacco products and we are becoming a smoke-free school in january 2013."pro or con: the administration's proposed trillion national debt in 10 years will adversely impact quality of life for current and future generations. specifically personal financial skills could be considered 21st century survival skills."the pros and cons of integrating (or in some cases, forcing) diversity in media in terms of sexuality, race, and other like topics."what is the status in the us on mandatory organ donation?"should blasphemy be a crime, enforced and punishable by the (secular) state?"teens specifically should not be judged by age, but by maturity and character. i would really appreciate pros and cons help on an issue that looks to be the next bubble after the housing market and wall street bailouts for the american people."i would like to see the pros and cons about the safe haven law."mind-body dualism - does consciousness 'exist' as a product of the brain, or as an independent entity? points and/or subtopics should be clearly conceived,Presented and discussed."it would be great if you do a pro and con regarding the war in afghanistan."you should do the pros and cons of cutting military spending. all this fluffy, unscientific ideas about homework 'building character' and 'teaching the kids to be responsible' etc etc - i would really like to have procon dig in to that! Media Influence of Public Opinion during War: A Good or Bad Capab."i'm new to your site and i'm incredibly excited to be here!" coverage on pro con would be important, especially because it is so difficult to get victims of predatory lending to speak in mainstream news, thus difficult to get consistent / fair coverage.. according to the sources, how were the navy and marines deployed."i'd like to see a section on the constitutionality and social morality of banning books, especially in educational environments."daycares and nursing homes care for vulnerable populations (the very young and elderly), should they be allowed to function as 'for profit'?"i topic that i think would be worth investigation and debate is the role special interest groups play in our legislative process."what are the pros and cons of the 'three strikes law' in california?"should public high schools be allowed to pass out contraceptives to students without the consent of parents?"would you mind writing about the pros and cons on using organic foods vs conventional foods?"i would like to see a commentary about the geneva conventions, and any cons that could be found to following them."should it [the us postal service] be deleted and we select private companies to handle it or?"should syria learn from the bosnian war and its outcome?"considering the ever increasing influence that lobbyists have on politicians i believe they should be banned outright - this includes all pacs."why is the published, peer-reviewed discovery of nano-thermite by byu, the u of copenhagen and others within dust from the 9-11 catastrophe not listed on this site?"are you planning to work on the issue of tax code and policy reform?"honeybee production, how honeybees live their short, artificial lives, and the recent reduction in honeybees."i wanted to learn if you are working on anything related to the privatization of world water supplies and the prediction that water will be the next 'oil'. we have what we consider to be very reliable reporting of senior level contacts going back a decade, and of possible chemical and biological agent training."what are the pros and cons of offering government agencies?"is media objective and educational, is it opinion protected by free speech, or is it propaganda and if so for whom? what are the pros and cons to the minimum wage law? traditional on-site programs; how technology is rapidly changing the face of education faster than expected; can an online class truly replace the in-person, live and real feeling of a class filled with human connections, debates and relationships?"are there any character/behaviour differences between males and females?"it is very important that we bring more attention to threats like ocean acidification, ocean warming, and bleaching. we have what we consider to be credible evidence that al qaeda leaders have sought contacts in iraq who could help them acquire weapon of -- weapons of mass destruction capabilities."i would love to see a topic about the housing fairness act of 2017 and/or any related topics."tattoos and the effects they do or do not have on a teachers ability to teach? do boys perform better in the classroom with boys and girls better without boys?"do us and foreign corporations doing business in the us pay their fair share of us income taxes?. in what manner did the united states and its allies respond to the. the baptist church disrupting military funerals (the equivalent of a hate crime) and the pastor in florida who threatened to burn the koran (causing unrest in the muslim world) are two examples of the controversy surrounding all of the first amendment issues popping up these days."do instant replay and video challenge systems make sports better for fans and athletes?"with the major changes to global economy and daily life in our modern world compared to just recently in the past, should schools consider adding subjects such globalization or computer programming to core curriculum in order to ensure that students have skills applicable to modern life? i thought you may have had something of drug use since it's a controversy issue because it is legal and easy to obtain."should the commercial fishing industry be more tightly regulated to preserve and protect the various targeted species from becoming commercially extinct?"should the use of genetic information for risk selection and risk classification for health insurance or employment purposes be permitted? elections - santa monica, 2014 - santa monica city council, school board and college board elections (archived)."pro's and con's of the financial choice act and repeal of the dodd-frank act."corporate power: no corporation should be permitted more power overtly or covertly than the state entity charged with regulating it--pros and cons"."should the parents of a deadbeat mom or dad be required to pay to pay child support for their grandchild? by allowing and promoting bill clinton and his effort gives. peripherally related are questions of whether loud pipes harm the natural environment where off-road motorcycles are used and whether loud pipes constitute a safety measure for those possessing them. it is proven that physical education enhances students overall performance in the classroom and also enhances quality of life by instilling a culture of healthy habits and healthy lifestyle.

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"pros and cons of increased police accountability and oversight as a method for decreasing police brutality and racial discrimination."does construction limitation and government controls cause property values and rents to increase or decrease? sure that each paragraph leads logically into the other and that all. i am making an anthropological study and this information is pertinent. and con quotes related to the core question: Should the US have attacked Iraq? are being allowed to use your credit rating to determine your employment status, insurance rates, and so on. what are the costs and benefits to society of having or not having net neutrality? it gets more and more obtrusive and hard to avoid."what are the pros and cons of a tuition-free college? human rights watch indicates that children as young as 8 years old are charged with sex crimes and placed on the sor."should the ten commandments be displayed in a public building?"should the boy scouts continue to keep gays and non believers out of their organization? & bird professor of law and professor of political science at duke university."[add a website covering] the pros and cons of 'pros and cons' lists."should multiple worldviews, such as cultural and religious views and social mores, be taught to children in schools, as opposed to just the common american worldview and social mores? those with certain religious beliefs can elect judgement from a different court - and an inherently partisan judge."i would like to see the pros & cons of apple having to help the fbi by creating software that would give them access to iphones. have been reports that contacts between iraq and al qaeda also occurred after bin ladin had returned to afghanistan, but they do not appear to have resulted in a collaborative relationship. how does our ability to access huge quantities and varieties of food at all times of the year help or hurt?. how do the venetians measure state and military power in their memorandum."do you have any research on the pros and cons of monitoring devices (pro tec) which are ankle bracelets worn by parolees? should disclosing your hiv/aids status be mandated by law? there are not that many 'good' lesson plans looking at the positives and negatives."i would like to see a pro and con on gambling and casinos; and what effect it has on us economy."we definitely need a pro/con debate about the national common core standards."should jail inmates be permitted in unsupervised work-release programs that send them daily into the community to work and back to prison each night? in mobilizing and engaging its forces in the first world war compared. the un says it will not affect our constitutional right to bear arms, but the nra is spouting concern that it will."an ongoing issue that continues to widen the disparities between rich and poor is gentrification."have you considered analyzing the pros and cons of the federal reserve?"will transitional kindergarten programs be 'bootcamp for kindergarten' and ignore the specific developmental needs of the 4 year-old child?"if a well-behaved employee who otherwise excels in their work performance and obeys all work-related policy fails a randomized drug test, is firing them ethical or a non-sequitur?"would you please consider pro and con articles on corporate personage. should this be considered a medical matter, rather than a criminal matter?. really has freedom of religion/religious equality, why is it that some religions are consistently blamed for violence and war?"with the experience of vietnam, iraq, afghanistan behind us, with its huge human and monetary cost, do we have enough congressional safeguards before involvement? it seems to me that both of these in combination would be far better than the mess we now have with income taxes and various state sales taxes.. have your reaction paper carefully proofread for mechanics, organization,Continuity, and transition. election, 2016 - the candidates and where they stand on the issues (archived)."what are the pros and cons of the erosion control methods to protect barrier islands?"can you guys make a procon argument on the pros and cons on having decorating in education?"should churches be able to endorse or oppose political candidates? this issue dominates our national politics today and is hard to find balanced info on. as democracy gains in iraq and afghanistan, we are reminded that no democratic nation in the world threatens america. the amount of medical intervention during birth and the raise in autism."i would like to find out how we can fight pornography in all public places and eradicate it from the internet as well."must the federal budget deficit be addressed immediately with significant cuts in spending, or is the economic recovery weak enough that austerity would be premature, hurting the economy and thus making the deficit even worse? reconstruction waste in iraq says inspector general for iraq reconstruction. i have been searching for documented writings on the subject and have come short.: "nothing in international law authorizes a preemptive war to overthrow a government and disarm it. i wanted to see both opposing and pro viewpoints for this topic. but two issues i'd really like to see on here are race-based affirmative action and embryonic stem cell research. standard - should the united states return to a gold standard?"could you make a pro/con list on the use of artificial intelligence and if it has gone too far or not? we have no credible evidence that iraq and al qaeda cooperated on attacks against the united states."how has the rise of corporate agricultural businesses helped and hurt society, the environment, the health of people?. according to the text and web readings, how successful was the united."i'm in high school and writing a research paper on airport security. after the 9/11 event media is back to its old habits such as analysis, opinion and speculation, and that are largely based on anonymous sources."i would like to see the pro/cons on the treatment of inmates in state/federal prisons in america."if all the wonderfully brilliant scientific minds [and] at least one government on this earth became committed to the premise that we need to clean it up [nuclear waste], stop global warming, save our natural resources, and save our ozone; will they not have the capability to quickly [find] a 100% safe means of neutralizing and/or disposing of nuclear waste?"i would love to see a pro/con on trophy hunting, both in africa and 'western' countries."i would like to see a discussion of the united nations land management scheme, agenda 21."i would like to hear pro and cons on alcoholism; is it a disease, and if so can it be cured, is it a learned trait or is it hereditary?"there should be more information on ptsd considering the veterans don't get the support and help they need after they come home from war. if your reaction paper is a narrative essay,Events should be covered in a clear chronological outline."is there any harm in studying with music playing, and if not, which is the best kind of music to listen to? how far does the medical establishment go in encouraging/mandating exclusive breastfeeding for infants?"i think you should do the pros and cons of sat testing."what are the pros and cons of alcoholism and drug addiction classification as a disease? public opinion of the japanese american internment during world war two:The public ignorance toward, and opinion in favor of the japanese american internment from 1942 to 1946 is almost solely due to the influence of the united stated government."what is the difference between racism among children and racism among teenagers in school?"the pros and cons of film, television, and music piracy."i would like to see a topic which covers the issue of sex offenders, and the facts regarding registered sex offenders and recidivism, vigilantism, etc."i would like to know is the money and effort worth becoming an exchange student.

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The Pros And Cons Of Media Influence Of Public Opinion During War

"i would like to suggest a site discussing the pros and cons of extending tier 5 unemployment benefits to '99ers'."i'd like to see a discussion on paranormal phenomena and whether there is a scientific explanation for everything or if there are truly things that cqannot be explained."we'd like to add a vote for a payday loan "pro and con."do you have a pros / cons about whole life insurance? although un security council resolution 687, which demands iraqi disarmament, was the most detailed in the world body’s history, no military enforcement mechanisms were included."mistreatment of veterans, our senior citizens living in poverty not receiving an increase in benefits, while the elected representatives vote themselves pay increases every chance they get and reparations for slavery."should republicans and their tea party supporters be declared anti-american for their actions in holding the us/russia start treaty hostage and for accepting money from anonymous sources?. with the exceptions of gender dysphoria, are some gendered ideas a natural result of brain structure and biology?"should slickwater hydrofracking and horizontal drilling be allowed for natural gas extraction? the sudanese, to protect their own ties with iraq, reportedly persuaded bin ladin to cease this support and arranged for contacts between iraq and al qaeda. labeling in america, the effect of super weeds (and other factors of gmos) to the environment, the effect on human health, and whether or not we should forget all of that because these genetically modified organisms can help save starving people due to their higher, less expensive yield."what are the pros and cons of a constitutional convention called by the states? specificallly occupational safety and health, environmental health and safety, behaviour based safety systems, updating & enforcement of regulations or similar topics?"i would like to see the pros and cons of the women issue: body image and the media. is it correct for one man to disclose the secretly conducted work of thousands?"pros and cons of companies helping students pay off their student loans, similar to matching funds for a 401k."are human rights and justice served better in our legal system or in england/france?. writing and mechanics: the writing style of your reaction paper. however, do the benefits cheap, efficient, and precise work that robots can provide outweigh the unemployment issue?"i would like to see a topic examining the reasons for eliminating the 0 and/or the 500 euro note. question: will living on a slab foundation or concrete and wood floors increase severe back and feet problems?"pros and cons of people joining the military to get all or most of their college paid for? hence it is easy for teachers to utilize this medium in the classroom which will foster collaboration, discussion and create meaningful."i teach ap us politics and government, and would love to see more issues, such as. more specifically, are federal hate crimes laws necessary and constitutional?"what are the pros and cons of our current animal conservation laws?"various religions, such as islam [and others], require that members say a prayer three times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and evening. this will conceivably enlighten and further the knowledge base of the american citizens on the strategies that are used to create the governmental foundation of democracy."should espionage be allowed on the grounds of distrust between nations and violation of national sovereignty?"what are the pros and cons of the foster care system?"what are the effects of the anti-whistle blower legislation (known as ag gag laws) on animal welfare, human health, and the environment? stats on whether they reduce accidents and deaths, and gross and net profits to agencies using them. i cannot find any other solid information from legitimate websites, i just get sites of people blogging about why canada is great and the u."the pros & cons of inflicting a worldwide population restriction law. this war in iraq is a grotesque mistake; it is not making america safer, and the american people know it. / health care laws - is the patient protection and affordable care act (obamacare) good for america?. government be open to dialogue/ideas on how to support the enactment of an independent ‘citizens oversight’ body and the establishment of ‘direct democracy’ mechanisms, such as an ‘electorate legislative consortium’ and ‘national electorate referendum’ ballot measures to allow all americans a hand in shaping future legislation?"pros and cons for terrorism as a force for change?"is industrial development sustainable within the context of the environmental constraints?"how about some pros and cons as to whether to get the h1n1 vaccine? handguns - should adults have the right to carry a concealed handgun?"what are the pros and cons of developed countries being responsible for solving the aids problem for the world?: "the point is that this document [united nations monitoring, verification and inspection commission report: 'unresolved disarmament issues: iraq's proscribed weapons programs'] conclusively shows that iraq had and still has the capability to manufacture these kinds of weapons, that iraq had and still has the capability to manufacture not only chemical but biological weapons, and that iraq had and still has literally tens of thousands of delivery systems, including increasingly capable and dangerous unmanned aerial vehicles."the pros and cons of promotion politics need to be addressed in order to create a more level playing field. behind the scenes, alec (american legislative exchange council) funds all sorts of bills to return federal lands to the state. also with socialization issues and how does that play a factor."i would like to see the pros and cons of starting 6th-12th graders so early in the morning. tamoxifen is a hormone-blocker (therapy that can cost k a year for 5 years) and can have nasty side effects. there is are a lot of adults who believe this type of music is negative, and can effect teens."i am teaching a sports marketing class and would appreciate a pro/con discussion on the use of public financing for private sport stadiums."what are the pros & cons of listing your home for sale versus renting it out when you need to relocate? is important to understand that an individual's actions and decisions whether positive or negative will not only have a great impact over their lives but they will also have a tremendous impact over the lives of their families, their societies, and future generations."is today's parenting effecting the teen depression of today or is it our already set social standards?"what are the pros and cons of employers (businesses) using social networking sites as a way to learn about employees' habits."are the 'rights' of animals currently at an appropriate level for fair and humane treatment?"trying to determine, what are the pros and cons of sagging pants, and where did it originate from. proponents say the technology is safe and necessary to prevent terrorist attacks on airplanes. elections - santa monica, 2014 - santa monica city council, school board and college board elections (archived). present the known facts about the consequences of the world not reaching zero population growth to the world and to the american public, and let the people decide the future for their children?"should corporations continue to have the rights of an individual when they have 'no soul to save and no body to incarcerate? i have two of three ways, profiling and better technology, but am looking for a third."so i would greatly appreciate it if you could some pros and cons on gun ownership, not control."religious hypocrisy in america, how our laws and controversial topics are influenced by religion."i would very much like to obtain the pros and cons of uv curing of sprayable clear coat as it pertains to the refinishing/refacing of cabinetry and countertops"."i was wondering what you have collected on cyber-bullying and the criminal acts that have been going on."recently their have been number of calls for action for and against the taking down of monuments that honor historical figures in the founding of our society who held separatist and often racist values."should there be mandatory prosecution of the clergy in all child sexual abuse cases?"there should be a pros and 'cons' for cartoons that appeal to people of all ages (i."does the environment with which a child is brought up have a direct effect on their prospects, i."what are the pros and cons of juvenile co-correctional institutions? i tried to find the pros and cons about it, but i was not able to. (i know it's hard to find date to support this, but still, it would be interesting to see how you guys handle it."our government and it's role in our food consumption is an important topic and often gets overlooked."i want to know the advantages and disadvantages of skipping a grade if a student between kindergarten and grade 12 is one of the top-intellectual students."would you please write information on the pros and cons of subsidies for big oil companies, and their relationship to the price of gas and to the us need to reduce dependence on foreign oil?

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"an article exploring the pros and cons of our current tax and spending policies is sorely needed. sure that you copy and paste your essay onto the e-mail message, as.: "there is only one truth and therefore i tell you as i have said on many occasions before that iraq has no weapons of mass destruction whatsoever. voting - should felons who have completed their sentence (incarceration, probation, and parole) be allowed to vote? and/or abstinence only vs comprehensive sex ed in schools? are weapons of mass destruction and it is easy to work out if iraq has them or not."does giving some fish meat that contains mercury to a child constitute child endangerment?"the pros and cons of the mpaa [motion picture association of america] rating system and the concerns surrounding its possible corruption."i am a firm believer in singing and songwriting relieving stress and being, in a sense, a type of therapy. a specific category on personal finance with a current topic in debate now in washington and wall street--'implementing a universal fiduciary standard of care by financial services companies. in answering this question,Cite the american military history and the primary sources. given in the text and readings to support your position."i am completing a social justice project and the topic i chose is increasing awareness on organ and tissue donation."are there any pros and cons to after school programs?"i would like to suggest covering the issue of human trafficking and sex trafficking."cellular uses and the impact that it can cause to our children behaviors (pro & com)?"please look into issues affecting the youths of developing countries more so in africa and specifically in kenya."i would like to see an argument about the benefits and disadvantages of removing or making optional 12th grade in high school.. maps of iraq, the middle east, and the arab league."animal rights: is it our responsibility to care for animals and treat them as humanely as possible, even banning lab testing and implementing strict laws on slaughtering methods? pros and cons of media influence of public opinion during war."i'd like to see a discussion on the plastic bag bans that have been implemented in several us cities - pros & cons."what are the pros and cons of private accounts for social security reform?"should mom have to stay at home for her young children and to do house chores?"federal regulation of life and health insurers to assure national standards."what are the pros and cons of the current laws protecting children on the internet?"what are the pro's and con's on the dropping of the atomic bomb on japan?. based upon the primary sources, compare and contrast the conditions."i would like an analysis on the pros and cons of the use of a professional jury in our u., or what i like to call “controlled media”, is the control of ideas and content in our world."why is female circumcision considered barbaric while male circumcision is routinely performed? studies say that is good for the treatment of alzheimer, bipolar disorder, and some others listed. saddam's removal has advanced peace and democracy throughout the broader middle east."suggestion: a category of topic, drug legalization, containing 2 prime topics: 'marijuana legalization' and 'legalization of hard drugs."i want to thank you for all your hard work and would like to ask you to consider adding pro & con information about whether or not we should continue to teach students cursive handwriting (also known as joint writing, joined-up writing, script, running handwriting, or simply handwriting)."pros and cons on cutting down trees for trees and pros and cons on cutting down trees for humans."i feel there must be a debate on the benefits and drawbacks of the federal government's limiting of our oil reserves."please have some more topics concerning pop artists and their effect (good/bad) on america. bush a good president just like you did for bill clinton and ronald reagan. will it be banned, prosecuted and categorize as a type 1 drug?' i have read articles that indicate it is very addictive and others that indicate it is a normal interest."the issue of concussions, and the risks of contact sports in general."isn't it about time to add native americans to the 'melting pot' that is america, and eliminate the separate nation system?"i would like a discussion to be posted about mandatory nurse/patient ratios.) be considered human (or partially human or human-like) and, if yes, what do we owe them ethically in terms of how we treat them and integrate them into our society?"should presidential debates include third party candidates based on certain criteria (e."i suggest the following topic be added to the education pro/con controversial issues list: resolved: students in elementary and middle school should be retained and receive remediation at grade level until they pass (with a c- or better) each required course. this is a very hot topic right now and i have mixed feelings about it, so i would like to see you guys post this as a topic. while a productive tool in certain areas and when used right, it is not always the case."i would like to know the pros and cons to geotagging."i see that there isn't any results if i type in 'shark fin soup,' and believe that the possible extinction of one of the greatest predators on earth should get a result. this full essay on The Pros and Cons of Media Influence of Public Opinion during War. america and the world are clearly safer with this tyrant in the jail cell he has earned."does society have the right to ban consensual sex between adult siblings or cousins? reliable and unbiased info on the trans pacific trade agreement is almost non-existent."please consider putting up an article or list of pros and cons relating to the conflict between india and pakistan, regarding possible resolutions to the withholding of nuclear weaponry that they have ready to use on each other."i would be interested in reading the pro's and con's of circumcision."should college athletes be paid and/or allowed to seek endorsements? drug ads - should prescription drugs be advertised directly to consumers?"is there a business case behind diversity and inclusion policies in the workplace?"if an employee union disadvantages a business, the business fails and the employees lose their jobs as well."i am trying to find out the pros and cons on a temtrol airhandler that's going to be used with a trane chiller."did the oil companies really kill off the popular electric cars built, leased and sold in the 1990s?"please consider overpopulation of the earth (will it kill the human race or will something else do it first)."i think you should include digital privacy -- online behavioral tracking, cell phone and tablet computers letting app developers sell your phone number and other data to third parties, etc."what are the pros and cons of a two child max rule in america?"should we loosen up border security between the united states and canada?"should john mccain be the individual to resolve gitmo and its occupants?"banning books such as harry potter, the hunger games, and classics like how to kill a mockingbird in schools. correlation is found and was determined that there was a direct relationship between the amount of media coverage on the issues and responses seen with the gallup poll’s questionnaires."is the fluoride put in tap water and toothpaste safe?"i would like it if you would do a pros and cons for the compact of free association (cofa) between the fsm and the us. there are over 50 suicides per day among our armed forces active duty and us veteran personnel daily contributed to ptsd.[i]n articles 41 and 42 of the un charter, the nations of the world agreed that no member state has the right to enforce any resolution militarily unless the security council determines that there has been a material breach of its resolution, decides that all non-military means of enforcement have been exhausted, and specifically authorizes the use of military force. i have a combination of whole life and term life insurance but friends tell me i should take the money i put into my whole life insurance policy and invest it as it would provide a greater return over the same period.

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"wondering if there was any information in regards to herbal diet supplements, pros-cons? a complete review might include information on the compensation model of urologists who may have financial incentives to recommend the test and subsequent treatments. the added revenue would come from simply enforcing existing laws and eliminating unintended loopholes. certified professional midwives are licensed in 27 states and are trained specifically in home births.: "more than a hundred democrats in the house and the senate -- who had access to the same intelligence -- voted to support removing saddam hussein from power."pros and cons regarding an unconditional basic income as a possible solution to overall automation-related job loss."can you give me the pros and cons of sending humans into space?"should isis be allowed to organize and recruit openly in the us?"should public schools be allowed to discuss and read about religious holidays? they seem to be the rage, and with all the commercials on tv, they seem to be piquing the interest of our students. tests - is the use of standardized tests improving education in america?"could you have a debate on the pros and cons of melatonin."i think you should do the pros and cons of high school students working (all year/ summer). after all, with the recent acts of several race teams lately, this would be considered a hot topic today. what is more important in the classroom: reading and writing or using internet? in answering this question,Cite american military history, as well as the greene and madison sources."is there a (liberal or conservative) bias in the media?"should a wall be constructed on the usa/mexico border to combat illegal immigration to the u."i would really like to see an analysis of medical tourism, and how it affects economies, insurance practices, and most importantly, health."what are the cons and pros on the execution of minors?"can you give the pros and cons on the un arms trade treaty? the entire modern world has embarked on a campaign to eradicate bullying in society - particularly in schools, and secondarily in the workplace - yet the problem of bullying has been said to be escalating during the very same period that society has been combating it the hardest."should voters be allowed to choose any candidate regardless of the candidate's or voter's political party in primary elections? if the democratic future of iraq can be achieved, that will have beneficial consequences not only in iraq, but it will also be a wonderful demonstration in the middle east and around the world that democracy is not something which is confined to countries that have historically enjoyed it."i would like to hear the pros and cons about health surveys from insurance companies.) are gmo products that flooded the world, and specially in the u."what are the pros and cons of the preemptive war doctrine? work as you do it, and retain a magnetic and/or hard copy. described in his own words in the web readings of this and previous.; what happens to the venues and infrastructure left behind by an olympics?. why did it take so long to develop a regular officer corps and army."is a lack of competition and government regulation causing the u."should the earth liberation front (elf) and animal liberation front (alf) be considered terrorist organizations? i'd love to see something about ad-blocking software, age restrictions and social media, and screen time."why not do the pros and cons of the dual sovereignty doctrine -- does it interfere with the double jeopardy clause of the fifth amendment?"i'd like to see pros and cons of using red light cameras."please research the pros and cons of the federal reserve. more specifically, how pollution, such as plastic, has an effect on humans and the environment."i'd like to hear about the pros and cons of bioethics!"should animals be held in zoos and aquariums for human entertainment? (rangers, seabees, and paratroops) of the army and navy in the european. another essay on the pros and cons of media influence of public opinion during war. brutal as saddam hussein’s reign had been, the scope of the iraqi government’s killing in march 2003 was not of the exceptional and dire magnitude that would justify humanitarian intervention."should deaf people have their own culture and use asl or is it more important for them to be 'assimilated' into hearing society? others feel this enables the students and brings in a feel of 'entitlement' and does not really help them so much in the long run. we have what we believe to be credible information that iraq and al qaeda have discussed safe haven opportunities in iraq, reciprocal nonaggression discussions. it is clear that the public can be, and was strongly impacted by media and propaganda use."i would like to find information on legal and ethical issues on united states oil drilling in south america."the debate about the over-incarceration of the mentally ill in jails and prison. it gives so much valuable information and insights into critical issues that don't have simple answers."'jihad' - a discussion of the pros and cons of the influence of islam and muslims including:The proliferation of islamic and 'radical' islamic beliefs throughout the world - the demographics of this influence,The sway of islamic sharia (law) on legal and social issues in various countries and cultures (europe, north america, africa, the middle east, etc),What political issues are developing as a result of this growing islamic influence,How this islamic influence is effecting other religions and individuals' religious practices and beliefs (such as christianity, catholicism, judaism, hinduism, buddhism, etc), and."is there any scientific evidence to support the perceived dangers of brief exposures to second hand smoke? it can be done from a free market (neoclassical) economic view and a keynesian economic view."i would love a pro/con list for how parents and teachers encourage rape culture."should the united states and its allies withdraw from iraq as soon as logistically feasible or should their presence be continued until the resistance to their presence subsides?"is it ethical to tolerate extremist, repressive, and violent religions in today's volatile world?"forced cultural assimilation of native americans, first nations, and other aboriginal peoples around the world due to colonization."the dangers of silica sand mining for the hydraulic fracturing industry?"can you present the pros and cons of spanking children? does this benefit our military and our society, or does this make our military less effective putting our nation at risk. at the same time, we believe that sometimes ethical and moral considerations supersede the law."who has the power to decide what is good and evil? [another] topic i'd like to see is the inclusion of other religions and cultures into the school calendar. activities and functions that were once performed, or services that were once provided, by public employees are now being performed by private sector employees (lyons)."pros & cons about having bruce rauner for governer of illinois."[should] children under 16 should be allowed to work in stores and restaurants? opponents say they might be dangerous, they erode civil liberties, and it is unnecessary to see passengers naked to establish safety."hi, your website is great and all but i think it's missing a big topic: genetic engineering - both in ethics and in food."would canada and the us equally benefit from a union much like the european union?"what about the re-writing and teaching of american history in all public schools including native american views?"the ethical, moral, and possibly social effects of genetic testing (either diagnostic or prenatal). currently spring breaks are usually timed to coincide with christian celebrations particularly easter and christmas."is the un international communication policy going to allow countries to regulate and monitor companies or allow them to suspend or take down sites or companies due to possible copyrights infractions? even today, nine months later, iraq is producing - and i don't have firsthand knowledge - less than two-thirds of what it was producing before the war."i'd like to see the pros and cons of the stem cell debate included.

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"please present the pros and cons of civil committment for sex offenders."i would enjoy if you guys could possibly add a pro and con for should college athletes be paid to play? two senior bin ladin associates have adamantly denied that any ties existed between al qaeda and iraq. rather than prove its harmlessness, iraq instead did everything it could to suggest that it possessed wmd and would be willing to use them.. why was the concept of a militia, instead of a regular standing. would a national-based network of rescue groups, organizations, volunteers, pet stores, that connect nationwide on a constant basis, be a good alternative to euthanasia of animals?. what are george mcclelland's views regarding the reform and reorganization. this paper will attempt to explain the impact that the media has attained over the years in significantly affecting public opinion, especially in times of terrorism and war."please develop pros and cons of nsa or government surveillance. the main funding mechanism was changed to be income tax, it can be and should be changed to something else."i would like to see more topics on children and adults with special needs."i am currently doing an assignment for school and would've liked to see some pros and cons about the live export trade."would you work on the pluses and negatives of the dodd/frank [wall street reform] bill?"the topic of distracted attention spans and the internet or distracted attention and any number of electronic devices. we have to use incandescent bulbs, yet those are being phased out by congress in 2012. fewer and fewer schools are teaching it, and it seems to be on the way out."with americas high crimes levels and the fact that almost everyone owns a smartphone, could an iphone app help combat serious crime with evidence for the courts or would privacy laws prevent this from being admissible? what are the pros and cons of this proposed savings plan for individual and society? i'd like to hear the pros and cons on this issue."has the use of standardized tests improved education in america?"what are the pros and cons of the proposed 0 billion wall street bailout and what does it mean to folks who hope they still have jobs next week? many people are for this as a way to counteract abortion or save lives, while others believe this law has led to more irresponsibility and moral corruption."should the government increase funding for mental health research and treatment? sixty-five percent of story research from media reporters and editors come from social networking sites like facebook, twitter, and linkdein (marrouat 3)."i would like to see the pros and cons of the united states officially switching over to the metric system of weights and measures. in light of the horrific recent events--not only in connecticut, but in colorado and wisconsin as well--i think an exploration of the claims and backings of experts associated with gun control is exigent."should health subjects be taught k-12 and in a much better curriculum?"federal licensing of crime labs and national standards and regulations for certification of 'expert' forensic technicians."should our government employees and legislators have to live with the same benefits as the taxpayers (i."i'd like some history and pro/con on the issue of 'eminent domain'.. how were the armed forces and the national defense system of the."pros and cons in us involvement in international conflicts that do not threaten the homeland directly. and taxes - should churches (defined as churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, etc."bicycle helmets: is the staunch promotion of or compulsion by law or by-law to wear a (certified) helmet when using a bicycle (or tricycle etc) something that contributes to the common good, all things considered?"what are the pros and cons of using wind power?"what are the pros and cons of violent and non-violent resistance to government oppression? so why aren't taxpayers forced to consider the opportunity costs of their taxes?"how microorganisms will help to clean up oil spills now and in the future?"competitiveness and the effect of participation awards given ages 0-18 and the effect on entering the job market when childhood is over."what are the pros and cons of cutting the fine arts in public education?"financing transportation infrastructure, from roads and bridges to transmission and water lines: what's the most efficient and equitable way to so? there really don't seem to be many reliable, nonpartisan sources of information that would provide me an unbiased match-up of their policies and beliefs."a pro/con investigation on the international proliferation of small arms and light weapons would be an excellent read."should 13 and 14 year-olds be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole?"i would like to see the pros and cons of the stand your ground and castle doctrine."perhaps you should consider adding 'bioethics,' which is a study that applies moral ethics to medical intervention, treatments, and their techniques, etc."columbian exchange--in the long run, was it a good thing or a bad thing for the "new world" and the "old world"?"for the non-usa target audience, relevant topics can include: wto/globalization; ecological crises and economic development models creativity training in school, as preparation for the new globalized world. between a privateer and a submarine in modern naval history?"should the united states, mexico, and canada become one country?"perhaps you should debate the pro's and con's of the 10 commandments. a photograph in you resume can both increase or reduce our opportunities of getting an interview with the employer and also to get hired."would the legalization of long term illegal immigrants and the creation of a guest worker program help or hurt the american economy?"separation of church and state, prayer in schools, 'under god' in the pledge, teaching of evolution in schools, etc."what are the pro/cons of controlling the facts regarding what child porn is or is not and how does the level of control affect what is being done to address/resolve the issue?"i would like to see the pros/cons of sex education being taught in schools (specifically elementary schools, as early as 5th grade). i did get a job or two by leaving out my felon status but i would like to be honest and employed."are bitcoin or other crypto currency systems viable alternatives to our standard monetary system? i live in america and got a few examples such as pollution, health care and homelessness rates."should hypertension and hypotension (the latter is low blood pressure) be considered diseases?"i wonder if you would consider opening up a forum devoted to discussing women's rights versus men's rights? this is another hot button issue with the [seaworld] trainer in orlando being killed and the [federal job safety] trial that is happening."did agent orange cause cancer in thousands of american gi's and vietnamese civilians?"should colleges be allowed to recruitathletes as young as 13 and 14?"energy independence - what do we need, where do we get it and at what cost?  both the dapl and key xl appear to have little or nothing in the public realm about what steps they have/will take to modernize the security of their plc components controlling the pipelines."are we doing enough to stop the sexual abuse of children and minors? i believe that a lot of people are miss-informed about these amazing pets and i would love for people to accept these animals and consider giving them a home."is our government doing anything to protect our innocent and precious children?"would an emphasis on 'buy american' improve our balance of trade and decrease our law enforcement and punishment costs?"please provide pros and cons regarding the psychological technique of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (emdr)."the right for everyone in this world to have shelter, where they can sleep, and that they can call it their home."i need some info for my college paper on the pros and cons of life long learning."immigration - open or closed borders and the issues surrounding each? if not addressed directly, these violations would have done irreparable harm to the minimum world order system represented by article 2(4) and chapter vii of the united nations charter, to the peace and security of the region, and to the well-being of the iraqi people.

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now there exists many alternative theories of evolution (still materialist) and the theory of intelligent design (not creationism, these are two separate ideas).  this is not necessary for each and every web assignment,But you ought to keep the option open."i would like a procon on "should animal testing be legal" and on "using human test subjects on dangerous drugs.  and, does that same adult have the right of freedom of movement violated if, because of 'rules', that same staff is not allowed to travel with that adult?"is the nsa's prism program a violation of the constitution? understandably, americans tune in to be shocked, entertained, and informed of the on going crisis."how about a topic about why it is considered for a mac to be superior to a pc and vice versa."pros and cons about schools having a better variety of food? we have said many times before and we say it again today that iraq is free of such weapons. the balkan in order to develop its own strategy and tactics? does it reduce the pain of recession and inflation on us citizens?"are the constitution and the bill of rights 'living documents'?"i'd love to see a procon article on having dress codes in public schools and how this affect students' learning, finances, freedom of expression, etc. does rape awareness and sexual harassment sensitivity training lower rape statistics?"should bpa be used in the making of plastic products, and is it safe for consumer use?"i would like to see the pros and cons of men dominating women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (stem)."i'd like to know what other educators think of the one room learning center format, and what reasons they'd have for their opinion."what are the pros and cons of our current homeless policies?"is the program between lenders of student loans and student borrowers fair?"is it time for a new constitutional convention to address issues that may need reform in our current constitution?"what are pros and cons of being a feminist, and being involved with feminism?"i believe that there should be a pro and con section about espionage."i would like to see a comparison and viewpoints on various education models: public schools, private schools, community schools, charter schools, magnet schools, homeschool."should internet tax be reinforced and new e-taxes levied, or will it stymie online growth and lead to indirect loss of revenue? of the twenty-six demands made by the security council since 1990, iraq had complied with only three."i would like to see these two topics on the list eco-terrorism and terrorist hostage negotiations.. qualification for federal matching funds or a candidate who is on enough ballots to win the white house? the manner and speed in which news reaches its audiences is even more remarkable than the saturation of the media on the american public.: "in considering the criteria that would justify humanitarian intervention, the most important, as noted, is the level of killing: was genocide or comparable mass slaughter underway or imminent?"i am hoping you will have the pros and cons of ranked choice voting."i would like to see an analysis of the pros/cons of eating wheat."pros and cons about drug testing for assistance, medicaid, welfare, etc.. take one of the following engagements and analyze how it was covered."what are the pros and cons of mandatory hiv testing for correctional inmates?"whether pro sports are manipulated by the leagues themselves for higher profits and greater fan enjoyment?"does the trend towards protecting consumers through product warning labels contribute to the common good, or does it create a culture of apathy towards responsibility for one's own safety? critics insist mere oppression was not sufficient reason for war, and in any case that it was not bush's reason. pros and cons of contracting out in the public sector."i would like to see a pro and cons on reproductive technology in australia. there are many pros and cons in this subject and it's a hot topic for teens and adults."i think that topics about globalization would be helpful - looking at both the global citizen issue and the business aspect with outsourcing and such."could you do the pros and cons of child labor?; are we comprising education for convenience and how will this affect the future? finding some cons on this topic has been rather difficult."is it possible if you guys could research the pros and cons of celebrating columbus day."would you please consider looking into the cruel and unusual restrictions of the sex offender registry?"recently, the us government settled a landmark 15-year case brought by the dept. war compare to those of european powers, such as prussia and france? in this 2003 “see it as it happens” experience, buildings are being bombed, innocent civilians are running for their lives, and soldiers are engaged in gun battles. these seem to be growing industries and potentially huge topics."what are the consequences to allowing refugees in a country, good and bad? and is it possible to have meaningful gun control without impacting law-abiding citizens who enjoy hunting and target shooting? government spending and what is the right mix to stimulate a stagnant economy? i feel it is a topic that will soon be a hot button issue as technology progresses and we get closer to these types of medications."are you going to cover the deficit and the country's economy?"i would love to see a simple comparison of republicans and democrats. my dogs got really sick after being given a cocktail of vaccines this year and i wonder if we are over vaccinating our pets instead of testing for immunity to certain diseases? the idea that the us can suddenly create examples of the kind of new political, economic, and social systems it wants in ways that will transform regions or cultures has always been little more than intellectual infantilism, and iraq provides all the proof the us can ever afford to acquire."i propose that the benefits and detriments of television in today's modern society are analysed to better understand whether correlation or causation is applicable to the case of the spread of television and supposedly declining familial values."), and we generally include those suggestions to retain a record of the broader suggested topic."should the penny and maybe also the nickels, dimes, and quarters be kept or be eliminated and use debit or credit cards only instead?" and "what is it with the accusations of bribery for the 2022 world cup?"i would like to suggest human cloning for a topic under science and technology."can you please discuss the pros and cons about outsourcing? i think a lot of times its bad parenting, sugar, and caffeine making kids act out not a disease."should the genetic engineering of humans, plants, and animals be pursued?"does faith encompass hope nurtured in the mind and anchored in trusting a higher power?"[f]or the sake of one's own economic survival (also for their dependents) is it necessary to depreciate one's own ethics against appreciating one's professional value, given that the executives they serve are only human (and, therefore, flawed)?"the tpp (trans pacific partnership) is cloaked in overwhelming secrecy; we need to have this nafta on steroids brought out into the sunlight - examine the pros and cons for all citizens of the 11 countries involved. not to answer may be used as essay topic on an examination. war and the media, authored by miles hudson and john stanier enlighten the reader with an example of the antiquated system of communication during wartime, revealing that often times news would take days if not weeks. do we know what consequences exist for someone who is highly allergic, that must breathe the peanut fume infused air?"should all convicted sex offenders be required to provide their home addresses to local, state and/or federal officials after they have served their full sentences?"i was wondering if you could please do a pro-con on the potential benefits and dangers of high frequency trading (hft)."pros/cons of new mega home development in suburban communities.

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(mandatory in that a deposit must be paid up front."as artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation continues to get more advanced and common in modern society, i believe that there is a very high risk of mass unemployment in the near future. for example, i have never seen a high-powered politician face to face in my life however, through television, radio, and the internet i can access information on any candidate and their political stances on issues that are important to me."would you consider adding the pros and cons of narrowing the focus of adult education funded by the state? for example the media’s favorable treatment of bill clinton and his efforts to re-write the history of his administration has pushed confidence levels to a low."i think there needs to be a discussion about the supreme court and potential conflicts of interest in their rulings."can you create a forum on why young college age students need to organize - like the aarp- in order to use their volume/mass in order influence our legislators who support the high profits made off of student loans and the ever increasing costs of higher education? i believe the media is the most influential influence in terms of voter choice and public opinion."do you agree with california governor in having compacts for expanding casino slots with indian tribes for improving the revenues of the state or his lt."please consider as a topic under education single sex schools or single sex classrooms, wherein only male or female students are there. that promise to help people with whatever problems they might have: do they really work and most of all why do people have such a need for these books now more than ever? i believe the maturity and sense of responsibility that comes with age dictates that these laws should be different for these 3 age ranges of schools."what are the pros and cons of a 4 day school week?"i would like to see the pros and cons of hospital births."pro and con on the [us congressman paul] ryan budget proposal."what are the pros and cons of the new hpv vaccine?"do american politicians unfairly make decisions that favor their political party to the detriment of society, and if so, are citizens' complaints of this practice ignored?"i would personally be interested in an article about a child's exposure to firearms (actual guns, and those in entertainment) and its correlation to violent behavior."in view of our technical developments are battleships and super-high flying planes, at their huge costs, justified? beyond watergate and the controlled substances act, what did he do? as a high school government teacher i find it difficult to locate a clear discussion of the pro's and con's of our progressive income tax, high defense spending, high spending on seniors, annual deficits, and high national debt."is space-based solar power a worthy endeavor to reduce fossil fuel dependence and/or to hasten the development of space? legacy of the french revolution and the napoleonic wars in america."the pros and cons of equal gender rights in video games and the gaming industry and community"."should people be forced to believe in god and afterlife?"could you do something about the treaty of mutual cooperation and security between the united states and japan?"the overdiagnosis of add and adhd in children and its effects on learning ability."are models today too skinny and are they setting a bad example for teenagers?"i would like to see the pros and cons of excludingsoftball from the olympics."achievement and efficacy in charter schools versus the same in public schools. there will be winners and losers if the tpp is approved."should people be able to do hateful things and hide behind the first amendment?"it would be great to see the pros and cons for the debate on commercialization of transplants."should electronic tracking devices be placed in driver's licenses and school identification cards? corporate control of the world's dwindling fresh water supply makes it a commodity (not a right) and it is the next resource that people will fight over. threat requires capability, and i think that's pretty well established, at least on the chemical and biological front."a topic for suggestion: pros and cons of skinny guys marrying a bbw (big beautiful women)."i am searching for the pros and cons of being a 'sovereign citizen'". some are described as "bath salts" and they are legal."what happened in great britain when the country went to the flat tax rate and why? i would like to know the pros and cons of each fetish. what about breastfeeding a child over 1 while you are pregnant and continuing to breastfeed 1st child over 1 after 2nd child is born."the pros-cons for the widespread issuance of permits to carry concealed weapons. i'm not sure where i stand on these tough issues and i'd love to see what kinds of insights you guys could provide."the topic of baby changing stations in men's restrooms is an up and coming debate that i think would be interesting to see the pros and cons of."with obesity rates rising in our young people (and old!"you should do the pros and cons of government surveillance."how does religion affect sexuality in the world and how do politics effect sexuality in the world."would it ever be possible to have more than 2 relevant political parties, or eliminate them all and run individuals rather than parties? pro and con statements below give a five minute introduction to the debate on the us-iraq war. problems of strategy, tactics, delegation of command, the officer corps,Discipline, and political considerations in the conduct of the conflict. combat on either land, sea or air in the first world war."i was wondering if you guys would do a pro and con of arming the teachers do to the mass school shootings."is the grand-jury system in the us used for political persecution?"should educating students about human rights and principles put forth by the united nations be part of a student's required education in school?"what are the pros and cons of bilingual or dual language education?"can you please research and educate readers in regards to the vaping industry and its new [fda] regulations."pros and cons of teaching vocational classes in high schools?"will changing the net neutrality principle undermine internet users' free and open internet access?"i would like to know some of the pros and cons of financial aid."should religious groups receive special permission to use illegal drugs such as marijuana and peyote in their religious rituals? having devoted extensive time and effort to documenting his atrocities, we estimate that in the last twenty-five years of ba'th party rule the iraqi government murdered or 'disappeared' some quarter of a million iraqis, if not more."is the draft (conscription) unconstitutional because it's a form of involuntary servitude?/cons of mandatory use of bicycle helmets: "a lot of passion on both sides, a lot of evidence to support both sides."is population control (birth control methods, and probably abortion and euthanasia) a desirable solution for the green / ecological movement? we do have -- i believe it's one report indicating that iraq provided unspecified training relating to chemical and/or biological matters for al qaeda members.. compare and contrast the fall of wake and bataan and the fate of. incandescents, the old standard, use more energy, produce more heat in operation, don't (in theory) last as long as cfs, but don't contain harmful mercury like compact fluorescents supposedly do. prior to the decision by the united states and its coalition partners to intervene in iraq with military force, saddam hussein had done everything possible to avoid complying with the will of the international community."pros and cons of ttip [transatlantic trade and investment partnership]. for as long as people have discovered that human beings have free will, there has been a way to regulate, govern and block the expression of its uses. election, 2016 - the candidates and where they stand on the issues (archived). much more recent developments in the nuclear power issue have been made, and deserve to be published on your website."much of the news nowadays concerns our food supply and what impact the use of gmo's (genetically modified organisms) will have on the safety of our food. the purpose was to make sure that iraq is free of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons then they can do that.

"forced sterilization and different reasons one might be forced to be sterilized."what are the pros and cons of a pacemaker/defibrillator?"consumers are forced to consider the opportunity costs of their spending, donors are forced to consider the opportunity costs of the donations."what are the pros and cons of our programs for alcoholics?"it has been widely reported the cia may be using predator drones to target al qaida and other terrorists outside of iraq and afghanistan.. comment briefly on the new technological developments in land, sea."is faith effective in your relationship with god and people?"you should make a controversy on the development in military and space technology. this site has been very helpful in a cumulative information and breaking it down. what is the current president's stance on mandatory hiv testing for correctional inmates?: "this is a war that each passing day confirms what i have said before and i will say again."pros and cons of antibiotic use in animal feed and the pamta bill before congress (i."does the idea and mainstreaming deaf and hard of hearing kids do more harm than good in terms of their education, their identity and their potential for success?. how and why were decisions made to conduct operations in north africa."do spanish speaking individuals, in particular, not understand or is it that they just don't care, that it is impolite to speak a foreign language in the workplace, and in public?"should we have campaign finance reform to limit the lengthy time and enormous expense of campaigns?"my students and i are going to hold a discussion about havingpets. i believe it is a very hot issue especially with the cam newton and reggie bush scandals."should the united states submit to the jurisdiction of an international court designed to prosecute crimes against humanity?"what is the pro and con on these two political groups:  muslim american society and islamic circle of north america?: "whereas iraq both poses a continuing threat to the national security of the united states and international peace and security in the persian gulf region and remains in material and unacceptable breach of its international obligations by, among other things, continuing to possess and develop a significant chemical and biological weapons capability, actively seeking a nuclear weapons capability, and supporting and harboring terrorist organizations."i suggest a discussion about gender identity; rights of transgenders, education in schools about nonbinary and genderfluid individuals."an interesting and valuable topic to research is the self-help industry."should the government be spending more money preserving and protecting our oceans, since they do cover three-fourths of our planet and provide us with innumerable resources, rather than putting so much time, effort and money into space exploration?"is the constant progression of technology benefiting our society or is it actually harming us?"i'd really like to see an article on whether or not the role of women in the american society, economy, and government (especially), should be increased."does the standing president have the power to step in and stop [what happens] in state politics, ie. - is the patient protection and affordable care act (obamacare) good for america? this would appear to be a very timely subject given the recent budgetary disasters encountered by several states and likely worse to come. online companies implement gt where it is needed and where it is not, just because they can, without much thinking."can you give me the pros and cons of high schools offering ap classes?"i would love to see some historical topics included like 'what were the pros and cons of the industrial revolution."can you possibly do the pros and cons of the new airport security body scanners?"should there be a constitutional amendment to permit prayer and religious symbols in public settings?"i would like to see pros and cons of having tattoos and piercings in the work place. cons could include people using it and don't need it."can u pro and con the topic of if muslims should be able to wear their religious clothing while competing. i'm doing a school research project and can hardly find any pro arguments of child labor."[p]atenting of specific genetically modified strands and how it's practically impossible to prevent crossover between a gmo farm and a neighboring non-gmo farm. voting - should felons who have completed their sentence (incarceration, probation, and parole) be allowed to vote?"should nutrition in elementary, middle school, and high school lunches be regulated and to what extent?"how does offshoring effect the economies and standards of living in the countries that house the factories?"what are the pros and cons with organ procurement after cardiac death?"sex offender registration and notification act should be a topic on here."why is democracy best served by strict separation of church and state? future of this islamic influence in political, legal, social, cultural and religious arenas across the world."what happens if a teacher or school worker sees bullying and does nothing to stop it? why were they posted on the frontier and what reputation. current students are generation z and hence they are technological savvy and truly depend on the use of technology which includes social networking sites."pro's and con's of children under the age of 10 playing video games. bush administration to enter iraq and remove the regime of saddam hussein from power in early 2003 followed twelve years of iraqi violations of united nations security council resolutions."i was wondering if you could cover pros and cons for mental health classes in public and, or private schools? vehicle towing, health services, police protection, and solid waste collection are among."obama has vetoed a bill that has been unanimously passed by both house and senate to allow families of 9/11 victims (personal entities) to sue saudi arabia (foreign governments). and finally, at what point should action be taken to censor or limit the ability of the media industry to cover an issue of great national importance."i would love to see an article on legalizing drugs in america and the effectiveness or lack there of on the war on drugs."i would like to see a layout of pros/cons for taking fish oil as an added dietary supplement."i think it would be interesting if you would list the pros and cons about this job, forensic anthropologist."animal rights -- should the pain and suffering of animals matter to us as it pertains to animal testing, factory farming, speciesism? that is, does restricting the ability to purchase and/or own certain types of firearms reduce rates of murder and other violent crimes?"political science education: what it is and how will it make a difference?"would you please consider researching the issue of voter fraud?"the us debate on organic / non-organic foods, across different foods and issues, is getting difficult to follow or understand."should the united states prosecute individuals working for and within us government agencies, who violated us and international laws against torture?"do some people on california governor jerry brown's staff collect a salary and retirement pension? games and violence - do violent video games contribute to youth violence?"is technology training us to demand instant gratification and making the world too fast?"can you do a pro/con on california's prop 46 [the medical malpractice lawsuits cap and drug testing of doctors initiative]?"i would like to weigh the pros and cons of reduction of physical education hours in our current school system. purpose of this research is to examine the pros and cons of electronic media used for political press agentry, which may help expose more politicians to the public about the political candidates, themselves and their campaign approaches."i think you will agree that the appropriateness and 'winability' of the conflict in afghanistan is of vital importance, and should be covered by your other-wise excellent service."should some machines (some robots with 'thought' and 'emotion'; inanimate voices (advanced siri like in the movie her, and android (like those fictionally offered in do androids dream.) militia and volunteers; and native americans in the colonial wars of."is it the responsibility of colleges and other 4-year institutions to prepare prospective employees for every job that employers say they need to fill? what period would you consider as crucial in it growth of.

"i was curious as to whether you could investigate and express the pro's and con's of the natural gas method of extraction called "fracking" or hydraulic fracturing."can congress and the senate be effective if term limits were added to the constition; and if so how would the american voter be able to make this happen?"i would like to see a discussion of the pros and cons of treating organizations and companies as entities that can contribute to election campaigns. geotagging is the ability to put coordinates of location to pictures and post them online. (raiders and code-talkers) of the marine corps in the pacific theatre."i've been teaching your site, and i absolutely love it."what are the pros and cons of expired meds and vitamins? Read sourced pros and cons from top experts, government officials, scholars, pundits, and more."is food irradiation a good method to extend shelf life and eliminate the need for harmful additives and salt used for preservation purposes? many new homes are now built on slabs, and alot of the elders are moving on them."topic suggestion: texas public school textbooks and their altering of history."is there an intelligent force of any kind which can impact our lives other than nature and luck? its initial promulgation and its application to forces in korea and. the 2012 presidential election an illegal election since the us constitution has become null and void as a result of 61 senators who have committed high treason by passing the national defense authorization bill?"would love to see more articles involving intelligence testing, personality testing and educational testing as well as ethical and legal implications of said testing."should parents be held morally and legally responsible for the actions of their children?"i would like to see the pros and cons of high school drug testing, as it deals with health and privacy of minors. and when i say contacts, i mean between iraq and al qaeda. smaller class size/student loads and its affect on students' overall learning. students are continually associating themselves to it and are deliberately signing in to checkup on their status. in most cases, economic and physical security; dealing with the educational and job problems created by demographic change, and creating basic human rights will be far more important than trying to rush towards 'democracy' in nations with no history of pluralism, no or weak moderate political parties, and deep religious and ethnic divisions. i looked and didn't see anything that relates my topic can you make it a new topic.. compare and contrast the role of the rough riders and the 10th cavalry."i would like to see a topic concerning whether high school, college and professional sports teams should be banned from using native american mascots as their nicknames."[p]ros and cons of having exotic animals as home pets?, the conflict regarding access for un inspectors and possible iraqi procurement of 'weapons of mass destruction' (wmds) had always been between iraq and the united nations, not between iraq and the united states."i think you guys need to cover school choice, vouchers, charter schools, and teachers unions."almost all economic ills today can be traced back to one single and incredible concept."i would like to suggest that the site do an article analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of having a daily physical education class in school, or physical education in general. does their ratings and statistics compare to what your text, american."i would like to know the pros and cons of a nightclub/lounge/bar and what roll it plays on the local businesses and the people..  when you have completed the standard summary and the web-based."the pros and cons of developing genome editing technology, specifically crispr (clustered regularly interspaced palindromic repeats).. according to sherman and sheridan what was european opinion as to. should the criminal justice system be scrapped and a system established where a 'violation' is understood to be a symptom of a medical program, a problem of brain circuitry or whatever?"whether or not women in the military should have the same physical standards as men? in fact, of course, it was one of bush's reasons, and the moral and humanitarian purpose provided a compelling reason for a war to remove saddam.: "the us is not the political, economic, and social model for every culture and every political system."i am a high school debater and we are debating environmental policy but i was wondering if you have an article on raising or lowering speed limits? the napoleonic wars affect united states military, naval and foreign. of large scale gambling on the social, educational and economic profile of nevada citizens, which are substantially attributable to pervasive influence of gambling."wages and benefits comprise well over half of the overhead expense of a business or government entity."are women capable of serving in combat, and if so, should conscripted women be compelled to serve in combat?"another topic might be the pros and cons of single gender classrooms. you should really include it in your site as poverty rises in america and this is one factor that contributes to it."pros/cons of universal preschool and its affect on the academic achievement gap."should standardized tests be required in order to graduate from a public high school? in addition, the decisions made in court and the withholding of information from the general public were great influences on a favorable view, all due to the u. sources and take into account the same factors that were mentioned."pros and cons of artificial nutrition and hydration provided during end-of-life hospice care."i would really love to see pros and cons on the effects of drinking coffee.'s go to source for expert writing advice, citation tips, SAT and college prep, adult education guides and much more."i have been researching ways to help pay back student loan debt that now tops 0 billion and growing! why have we not identified it as a possible fuel for harvesting and burning?"i would like to see a discussion on americans' perception of race and the science behind why race is merely perception. compact fluorescents cost more per bulb but supposedly use less energy and also supposedly last longer, thus, filling up our landfills slower."is there anything that exists that's beyond our capacities to perceive and/or comprehend? should it be considered an opt-in system or an opt-out system? history, the media has had a huge impact in influencing the public, whether it is positive like anti-cigarette commercials or negative such as certain propaganda ads."pros and cons for the topic: 'only ca residents with legal status should be eligible for in-state tuition at ca community colleges and universities. drug ads - should prescription drugs be advertised directly to consumers?"what are the pros and cons of having an elementary school child repeat a grade?"is our inheritance tax necessary for monetary and social reasons?"i would like to see if people consider esports a sport. i think that such a change would have many aspects to it and make a very interesting debate."how about a forum of property rights and regulatory takings? if you look at the consequences - iraq is now producing less oil, it's more unstable, it has led to disruptions in the market. small business owners who make more than 0k actually create jobs, and would taxing them hinder job creation? what are the pros and cons of public policy based on distortions of the findings of scientific studies, i."i would like to see a pro and cons on caffeine."i would like the pros and cons of baby sign language.' it represents the conflict between real estate brokers and the current state of the condo buildings, including hoa politics, inadequate funding, the high percentage of delinquent owners, the high assessments, poor maintenance, etc. they want to control our oil and control price and production levels."zeitgeist movement - how realistic is resource based economy and money-less system?"i believe the eu is a fascist conglomerate that threatens the sovereignty and democracy of the united kingdom.

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