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Doctoral dissertations of Library and Information Science in China: A

, michele a (2015) from librarian to proficient manager: the journey of public library front-line managers. graduates of the doctoral program are working as library and information leaders in libraries, schools and academia:Laura manley, phd"building community in the academic library: exploring the commuter student experience". texts of iis phd program students' dissertations are available online through the proquest service (accessible through the unt libraries electronic resources menu).-issa, reham (2013) concepts of information literacy and information literacy standards among undergraduate students in public and private universities in the state of kuwait.  the role of the strength in the diffusion of complementary and alternative medicine information among yoga practitioners. price revisited: on the growth of dissertations in eight research fields. a decade of doctorates: an examination of dissertations written by african american women in library and information studies. (networked digital library of theses and dissertations) - free - the networked digital library of theses and dissertations (ndltd) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the adoption, creation, use, dissemination, and preservation of electronic theses and dissertations (etds). (illinois digital environment for access to learning and scholarship) - free -  ideals home - school of information sciences - student publications and research - library and information science - dissertations and theses - library and information science. information sessions at the ischool or online, whichever suits your schedule.

Doctoral dissertation library information science

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the cognitive structure of library and information science: analysis of article title words. duarte, phd“we’re listening: deafness and the public library – a phenomenological approach to understanding the public library experience of children who are deaf”. pre 1990 french doctoral dissertations in philosophy: a bibliometric profile of a canonical discipline (proceedings of issi 2007: 11th international conference of the international society for scientometrics and informetrics, vols i and ii).. and canada (crl) - in advance search select "dissertations" in "location" tab) - the center for research libraries, a consortial library in chicago holds about 750,000 foreign doctoral dissertations, but not all of them are cataloged. the research fields of lis doctoral dissertations in china are varied. molaro, phd"merging large and complex library organizations: a phenomenological approach to the lived experiences of those directly involved". for research libraries - free - dissertations from outside the u. the analysis of journal papers of information science doctors in china., alex: development and validation of an instrument to operationalize information system requirements capabilities. if you do not find the title you want, please contact the person dealing with publication requests at crl: they will order those dissertations that are not already held.

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survey on research methods of library and information science phd dissertation: a case study of national science library. library and information education in the peoples-republic-of-china—the impact of reform and opening-up. are herehome › doctor of philosophy in library and information science., wendy: the influence of engagement with graphic narrayive text formats on student attitudes towards the school library. completion of coursework, passing a qualifying field examination and approval of a dissertation proposal, phd students proceed to dissertation work. 2013, volume 94, issue 2,Pp 781–799doctoral dissertations of library and information science in china: a co-word analysisauthorsauthors and affiliationsqian-jin zongemail authorhong-zhou shenqin-jian yuanxiao-wei huzhi-ping houshun-guo dengarticlefirst online: 01 july 2012received: 29 february 2012doi:10. exploring the conceptualization of augmented reality and its implications for the user in the field of library and information science”., trissa: factors associated with behavioral intention to disclose personal information on geosocial networking applications. you can quickly and easily locate dissertations and theses relevant to your discipline, and view the complete text in pdf format. this database provides fast and convenient access to the dissertations and theses available in oclc member libraries.

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" kindly provide your valuable feedback to make this entry more useful for the researchers of library and information science.-word analysis strategic diagram lis doctoral dissertations in china library and information science mathematics subject classification68r10 jel classificationc38 referencesan, x. garcia, phd"information seeking behaviors of the school social worker: what is the librarian's role in the practice of bibliotherapy? reference sources for doctoral and master's dissertations and thesis in library and information science; lis ph. phd in library and information science is a highly regarded and desirable credential for those interested in pursuing research in lis, teaching at the post-secondary level and, increasingly, those seeking or working in leadership positions in libraries, information centers and a variety of other organizations. entry library and information science dissertations and theses in the librarian's reference directory is expected to be the most comprehensive listing of sources of information on lis dissertations and theses., xuequn: the role of tasks in internet health information searching of chinese graduate students., brenda: the effects of student-perceived instructor demotivating bahaviors on doctoral students' information seeking behaviors., elise: image representation and interactivity: an exploration of utility values, information-needs and image interactivity. library and information science research in developing countries and eastern european countries: a brief bibliometric perspective.

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, jason: poststructuralist critical rhetorical analysis as a problem analysis tool: a case study of information impact in denton's hydraulic fracturing debate., tisha: the situational small world of a post-disaster community : insights into information behaviors after the devastation of hurricane katrina in slidell, louisiana. the focuses of researches, including information resource, ontology, semantic web, semantic search, electronic government, information resource management, knowledge management, knowledge innovation, knowledge sharing, knowledge organization, network, information service, information need and digital library., serkan: effects of tasks on information-seeking behavior in a police work environment in the context of criminal intelligence., peemasak: factors related to the selection of information sources: a study of ramkhamhaeng university regional campuses graduate students. information© akadémiai kiadó, budapest, hungary 2012authors and affiliationsqian-jin zong1email authorhong-zhou shen1qin-jian yuan1xiao-wei hu1zhi-ping hou1shun-guo deng21., julie: information censorship : a comparative analysis of newspaper coverage of the iyllands-posten editorial caricatures in cross-cultural settings. phillips-haskett, phd“framing the public library: the public perception of the public library in the media".-lis (e-prints in library & information science) - free - in advance search under "item type" select "thesis" - established in 2003, e-lis is an international digital repository for library and information science (lis).*the program is a three-year program requiring continuous enrollment in fall, spring and summer semesters for two years of coursework, with a dissertation work in the third year.Thesis arial 11 doc

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 how college students master an information-rich academic environment: an investigation into the correlation between information literacy and critical thinking., hannah: patient family and hospital staff information needs at a pediatric hospital: an analysis of information requests received by the family resource libraries., mel: information seeking behaviors in a population of assistive mobility device users., krystyn: impetus for first, second and third year law student information seeking behavior, and perception of common knowledge and citation. journal of the american society for information science and technology,62(1), 185–204. fraser, phd"conceptualization and organization of knowledge in farabi's enumeration of the sciences (ihsa al-ulm): a modern interpretation"., gerald (2014) the information literacy competencies of evangelical pastors: a study of sermon preparation. it will enable lis researchers with wider dissemination of information leading to improved referral and citation.: an analysis of gendered reporting and the information behavior patterns of journalists covering a health outbreak. open (proquest) - free - pqdt open provides the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge.Thesis on network intrusion detection system

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, william: an empirical study of quality and satisfaction with a focus on creating a parsimonious measurement instrument in an information space. 968 advanced seminar: global perspectives on the library and information science profession. statistical analysis of chinese doctoral dissertation of library science from 1994 to 2010., jisu: graduate students' collaborative information seeking in a group-based learning setting. and dissertations are known to be the rich and unique source of information, often the only source of research work that does not find its way into various publication channels. by use of co-word analysis, including cluster analysis, strategic diagram and social network analysis, we studied the internal and external structure and relationship of research fields in doctoral dissertations of library and information science in china. bibliometric cartography of information retrieval research by using co-word analysis., nabil: the information behavior of individual investors in saudi arabia., i-ling (2015) factors affecting the usability of educational portals and their influence on the information practices of pre-collegiate educators. canada portal - free - guide to the 300,000 or so theses held in the library and archives canada collection.

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in addition, starting 2005, unt dissertations, including those of iis phd program students, are placed in the unt etd repository and available via the online unt libraries catalog. phd doctoral candidates have recently defended the following dissertation proposals and are currently working on the following dissertation research projects:Ammarukleart, sujira. you can order the dissertations and other materials they own through interlibrary loan and keep them for a relatively long period of time., paul: information structures in notated music: statistical explorations of composers' performance marks in solo piano scores. journal of the american society for information science and technology,62(10), 1933–1953. if a student needs to extend beyond the 3 years, he/she may repeat the dissertation course for a period not to exceed an additional two years. it provides a free, single-entry access point to view the manuscript of research executed, and distribute this information as widely as possible. transition of library and information science education in china: problems and perspective., christine: building an understanding of library culture through international service learning. proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of america,101, 5228–5235.

Doctoral dissertation library information science

Master of Library & Information Science (MLIS) | School of

it also provides information on the online availability of electronic theses through centrally-maintained digital repositories which not only ensure easy access and archiving of doctoral theses but will also help in raising the standard and quality of research. the shifting sands of disciplinary development: analyzing north american library and information science dissertations using latent dirichlet allocation. dissertations & theses - subscription required - the largest single repository of graduate dissertations and theses.-hubbard, diana: rated m for monkey: an ethnographic study of parental information behavior when assessing video game content for their children., samuel: the adoption of open source software in uganda: a pragmatist approach to the formation of a national information policy for a new technology . library of information science & technology (dlist) - free - dissertations - the university of arizona campus repository - there is a drop-down menu in front of "search", select "ua theses and dissertation" - the ua dissertations collection provides open access to dissertations produced at the university of arizona, including dissertations submitted online from 2005-present, and dissertations from 1924-2006 that were digitized from paper and microfilm holdings., chi-jung (2012) accidental discovery of information on the user-defined social web: a mixed-method study. phd theses in turkish sports sciences: a study covering the years 1988–2002. theses and dissertations remain an untapped and under-utilized asset, leading to unnecessary duplication and repetition. frazer, phd"an exploration of quality and gender representation in children's informational books on human origins from 1922 to the present". Trees in our life essay

, tiffany: journalist as information provider: examining the one-voice model of a corporate sports account. in a few years, e-lis has been established as the largest international open repository in the field of library and information science., tyson: web information behaviors of users interacting with a metadata navigator., sarah: understanding the information seeking of pre-kindergarten students: an ethnographic exploration of their seeking behaviors in a preschool setting., jodi: a study of the competencies needed of entry-level academic health sciences librarians. aim of this paper is to map the intellectual structure of research in doctoral dissertations of library and information science in china. lis dissertation titles and abstracts (1930–2009): where have all the librar* gone?, jacob: information use environment of religious professionals: a case study of the everyday life information seeking behavior of catholic clergy in northern nigeria. data was collected, during the period of 1994–2011, from six public dissertation databases and ten degree databases provided by the universities/institutes which have been authorized to grant doctoral degrees of library and information science in china. incorporating the results of co-word analyses to increase search variety for information retrieval. What professionalism means to me essay

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