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Massage Envy Front Desk Sales Associate Interview Questions

’ll see if i can dig up an example of my cover letters. this case, i tried to demonstrate that i’m good at customer service by referring to my ‘binder of compliments’ in my cover letter, and by stating in my resume that i have gotten many guest compliments, including on trip advisor, which the hiring manager could look up. i discovered aam just a week after i got it., many people are saying that the cover letter is “too informal”. this is definitely what i have learned about writing cover letters from aam. goal with this cover letter was to convey my personality, so that the hiring manager would have a sense of who i am. the impression i had from the cover letter was of someone much more experienced (albeit somewhat young) and that impression carried over as i initially scanned the resume. resume was even more interesting than the cover letter, actually. although really in either direction, formal or informal, as long as the person demonstrated competence i wasn’t going to reject anyone just on their letter’s tone. the cover letter examples below are meant for you to use in drafting your own front desk clerk cover letter. this is clearly not a form letter the writer found online and cut/pasted. cover letter builder gives you the tools to get noticed! bad sales is focused only on the needs of the seller, pushing the product that best fits their bottom line. when i read over the cover letter, i was a little bit surprised that you liked it so much.’ve been trying to explain to my husband how he should be writing his cover letters and resumes to get more interviews, and this is exactly the sort of thing he needs to see. think that’s the problem; people are still looking for some kind of magic bullet cover letter that will fit all situations. doesn’t alison say repeatedly that you shouldn’t be using the same cover letter for every job? so, so many cover letters barely accomplish one of those three things. this cover letter, what i was attempting to do was to find a solution that would fit both of our needs, both theirs and mine, and to do that, i needed to accurately assess their concrete needs, and demonstrate what product (me) i honestly thought could best fit their situation. i changed my cover letters from formal to conversational, i started getting interviews.

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am not trying to be a contrarian, but for me personally, i would never feel comfortable writing such a letter because it is so over-the-top salesy. think the letter is great, and i don’t think it was a mistake to post it. after reading the cover letter, the closest you get to something concrete about the writer’s background is that she had a leadership position in a restaurant. from my own perspective as a hiring manager, this application package works as resumes and cover letters are intended to act. reader recently shared with me the resume and cover letter she used to get a new job, and I liked them so much that I got her to agree to let me share thMedia & entertainment. but i cringed at the cover letter – it felt way too casual to me. amount of applications i received with a dull form cover letter with our name obviously copied and pasted in a different font than the rest of the letter…the “cover letters” that simply read “in response to your posting on x, please find my resume for the position of y”…the people who did not include a cover letter at all…and the person who wrote back when i followed-up looking for his cover letter to tell me he didn’t feel that he needed one…. for example, a salesman who finds the less expensive car that fits the customer’s needs instead of trying to push a more expensive one so he gets a higher commission. use the sample templates and text to get started, then adjust as necessary to personalize your cover letter.’d also be interested in seeing a cover letter written by a more formal personality, and/or for a more formal profession, if such a thing crops up in the future. my cover letter and resume be a copy+paste of this (with a find+replace of my name and previous jobs)? my guess is that many of them were taught that cover letters are supposed to be formal, and they’ve never given much thought as to why. i am going insane thinking about all the crappy cover letters i sent to the jobs i really wanted, but didn’t get. an it manager wouldn’t appreciate this as much as a sales manager, i’m sure. for example, a medium-sized hotel might have a general manager, an assistant general manager, a sales manager, one or more front office leads, one or more maintenance leads, one or more housekeeping leads. i’m not posting this to say “here is your cover letter. the cover letter and this entire thread has been really interesting. i think the cover letter still has merit for those of us who prefer or need to use a more formal tone though. thanks to your advice, i wrote a personable cover letter. really like the idea of a letter giving enough information to be a partial interview, illuminating the candidate.

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This is a resume and cover letter that work — Ask a Manager

the examples in that letter are good, the research is good, the level of interest is good. i also thought the usual recommendation was against this kind of a pushy letter. i think that’s a bit different than some of the letters you tend to see that simply try to create vague needs based on the candidate’s traits. guess my question is — as the person states at the top of her cover letter, hiring managers get hyperbole like this all the time. i think you are right on point on the strengths and weakness of the original letter, especially on what commenters are responding negatively to (which i think is missing the forest for the trees). cover letter should always accompany a resume or application (unless the employer/job description notes otherwise). if people found my cover letter too salesy and pushy, they probably would have found me too salesy and pushy to work with. think the reactions to the letter are, to me anyway, further confirmation of how incredibly different personality styles view things. i don’t deny that there is a salesy aspect to it, and yet for myself, it works. i think the resume is well done, but i would not interview this person based on the cover letter.. if i got a cover letter like this when i was hiring a law clerk, i would have been turned off by how casual it is. admittedly, i’ve never been a hiring manager and don’t have a ton of experience yet, but the whole tone of the letter was a huge turn-off for me, and i didn’t care for the resume either. with this cover letter, op makes clear what *she* expects the position to be, and clearly, it was in line with the hm’s expectations, as well, not to mention showing a ridiculous amount of research on the company and (apparently correctly) interpreting the greater ramifications. i have been receiving more letters similar in tone to the one that you linked to. i think if you haven’t had much hiring experience, you tend to compare cover letters to hypothetical cover letters in your head rather than to the real gamut that you get when hiring; it may also be that some people with seriously executive hiring experience never see anything but brilliant application packages. my initial negative reaction, there are things in there that aren’t just hyped verbiage, and which could be applied to any cover letter. i rely a lot on cover letters in hiring, and this one isn’t too long for me; what you’re describing would probably be too short, because i would have no idea of your communications style from that. in this case it effectively served both the informal tone and natural, conversational flow of the letter. i’d like to hear aam’s opinion of my cover letter too. the naysayers may wish to examine their own cover letters and resumes to see where they can polish things up.

Front Desk Associate Samples | Cover Letters |

good cover letters will only work in some industries, though, because they’re tuned to the tone and needs of their specific situation. the cover letter reads too salesy to me, and it’s not even particularly well-written (too many contractions, incomplete sentences, etc. the whole “let me tell you what you need” thing really put me off – probably because aam has taught me not to do that – and the rest of her letter just seemed too salesy. for the trees is exactly it: the people who totally get op’s letter process easier at the forest level and can see it as such; those that are reacting negatively i would bet are very detailed focus people and are getting hung up on minutiae (though they’re gonna get pissed i said minutiae, because they don’t see it that way at all. guess what i’m saying is that it might help to think about salesmanship in a cover letter as neither a positive or negative thing per se. think the magic question has tempted people into hoping that there’s a similarly magic cover letter. you need to show her what you have, and i would say that only about 1/3 of the sentences in the cover letter are showing that. just in case anyone lands on this page wanting a resume/cover letter format to apply at a university, i would proceed with caution. think it demonstrates what alison has been trying to say: there is no one dream cover letter and resume that will work for everyone.’ve got to admit, i was pretty surprised when i started reading the letter that you loved it so much. of this is job-dependent, it’s true, but i’d say it’s pretty common that places asking for cover letters do so because they get something from them, and they’re not going to see that in, say, a two-paragraph cover letter that just redeploys information already in the resume. wrote she will probably not post another cover letter/resume in the future bc of some of the comments. cover letter doesn’t have the kind of voice that i would favor, but it’s not written for my field or for me; the things that are strong about it and that would impress me even with its not being tonally right for my field are its vividness and its clear understanding of the industry, the company, and the company’s current challenges. there’s the kind of sales that we tend to think of when we think of used car salesmen and the like, what we might call ‘bad sales’. going to front desk is the most common transition in from retail, but there are quite a few possible areas. can’t write cover letters like that because it feels to me like self-aggrandizement and i’m nigh-constitutionally incapable of such pushiness. wanted to come back to this post and say that i’m really thankful for this cover letter example. less formal cover letters would also be nicer to write. someone upthread mentioned that they realized they have been taking your suggestions literally, which is why they reacted negtively to the letter–because op didn’t follow the “rules” you’ve been purporting. these types of letters do work very well in more industries than you might expect.

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by their nature a cover letter’s purpose is to get you hired for the job you are applying for., i was thinking, that it should have been “lannister investments” in the letter…. in my opinion, 2 pages is ok, but the letter felt a bit pushy. i sort of get how a cover letter isn’t supposed to be reiteration of your resume, but how much explanation about your experiences is necessary?. the letter writer is cocky and doesn’t really have the experience to back it up.’s a real-life example of a great cover letter (with before and after versions! your foot in the door with a stand-out cover letter. would like to see an example of a more formal cover letter.’m annoyed with people tearing this cv and cover letter down because i’d love to see more examples of cvs and cover letters that were successful. cover letter is your first change to impress potential employers. it’s sort of like the only other real-life cover letter i ever published here, where that writer also broke some of the normal rules (she actually talked about her kids!…this letter stands up because the writer, whatever her tone, has convinced me that she understands the job, can perform its duties, and would have a positive attitude towards the work., i’d just like to say that i thought both the cover letter and the following discussion were very useful and i hope you’ll consider doing this again (though perhaps with more ground rules for polite criticism).’d love to read how to add some personality into the cover letter for those of us hoping to land jobs in a field where more formality is expected. have been working a month at a mediocre job i got with a mediocre cover letter. parts are over-the-top for the legal industry, imo (i probably would never use an exclamation mark in a cover letter, i start with a much more standard introduction without the sales-y language, and i aim for about 2/3 page instead of a full page). i think the key is to incorporate those elements into cover letter that accurately reflects your industry or personality. chriama, i would not list every competition and question in the cover letter. for example, address your letter to the “sales manager” when applying for a sales position. an employee to cover the cost of a missed flight, tops with shoulder cut-outs at work, and more.

Massage Envy Front Desk Sales Associate Interview Questions

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thought the cover letter was a bit over the top, and also a bit on the long side. you, resume/cover letter writer, for allowing alison to post this. it’s so helpful to see real examples of a resume/cover letter combo that actually work – opposed to what an internet search believes resumes and cover letters should be. so there are the detail-oriented, ‘rule’ followers of the readership reacting to this letter that is written by an informal, personable, big picture sort of person (at least that’s how it strikes me). i’ll be reformatting my own letter a bit if i don’t get this position i’ve been gunning for! the tone of the letter felt immature and that the applicant did not have the experience necessary for a management position. for posting such a detailed reply – i was just on verge of banging my head on the desk at the endless negative comments (and i am *extremely* nitpicky when it comes to cover letters and resumes. this letter demonstrates the personality to do that (at least, indicates enough of it to merit an interview). the meantime i’ve been practice-writing cover letters, beefing up my resume, and educating friends going on interviews on the gospel of aam., there is a lot of conversation about making sure the cover letter is not too casual, but isn’t the point to get the interview? employers might interpret a generic cover letter as lack of interest or passion for the job position. but i think if it *is* your natural and normal voice, you’ll wear it comfortably in a letter in a way that somebody more accustomed to writing informally won’t; when they write in a way they’re not used to, it’s stiff and stilted, not simply polysyllabic. in my experience, it is extremely rare to receive a cover letter at all. this blog in europe i must admit to finding the covering letter of a style i would not expect to receive or like. (although i’ve always shied away from using this device in a cover letter as my industry is on the stuffier side. guidelines for resumes and cover letters are basically shortcuts to this: let the hiring manager know you, know what you’ve done, and know what’s special about you, and do so in a way that makes it as easy as possible for her to know what you could do for her organization. having been a reader for several years, i write cover letters similar to this (but in my tone, which is more formal, and for my level of seniority/scope of work/etc. may also like:something your cover letter does not need to dowhat is a cover letter, anyway? i started writing in a conversational tone, for cover letters, i’ve definitely seen my response rate increase. when i write cover letters, i have three main goals:1.

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love the tone, and i love conversational cover letters in general. this letter, however (like the other sample cover letter she posted) reads a bit too informally and presumptively to me (i really don’t care for the “you need someone who” wording. i totally understood that there are very basic guidelines, but no hard and fast rules for writing a great cover letter. actually feel like this post contradicts what i understood to be your advice in many scenarios, which is that you shouldn’t tell the hiring manager what they need, or assume you are the best person for the job (you are very, very strong on that, and the letter – or at least my reading of it – goes against that advice). person who wrote this cover letter and resume is not an academic, and isn’t applying for a job as a professor in a university. that cover letter felt like something i would write to an old friend, which may work in some industries but i don’t think it would work in mine. if this company has a history of doing exactly that, or even commenting that this particular acquisition is heading this way, the op’s cover letter seems excellent to me. all you’re trying to do when writing a resume & cover is follow some general principles that work and match your style. think the discussion here just further proves aam’s point – that cover letters and resumes should be tailored to a specific job opening and highlight what stands out about you individually. so it makes me wonder: why do many people seem dedicated to the idea that a stiff, formal cover letter is better, even though alison (who is an experienced hiring manager and knows her stuff! game of thrones references had me chuckling like a crazy person at my desk. this isn’t a zero-sum game for me, and the strengths of the letter are such that whatever weaknesses it has are negligible to me. this is probably covered in what you would tweak but i have a couple of questions:1) would you keep the resume to one page? i’ve lost my writing ‘voice’ and i see that loss in writing cover letters also. on the new position, dany, and thank you for agreeing to share your resume and cover letter with us. you also often counsel against being very ‘salesy’, and this is about the most ‘salesy’ letter i’ve ever read, next to posting a bottle of wine and a personalised calendar. you might say what’s good here is also what some people are seeing as its weakness–this letter is so vivid that it gets the writer as much dimension as a partial interview, because it gives such a clear sense of the writer and her approach to the work. not because the letter writer sounds like a bad person, but the voice sounds far more sales-y than i would ever feel comfortable being, and also presumptive that she knows the company’s exact needs. i’d change about this letter is some of the superfluous language. fwiw, i think the resume is very strong, and the cover letter is bold but appropriate for someone seeking this type of position.

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in my field, i tend to use the cover letters as an example of how well a person can write. have a q: one of the oft repeated points in bother cover letter/resumes is “show not tell”. “i’ll be looking forward to hearing from you soon” isn’t my favorite sentence, and if i were editing the letter i’d take it out, but in the context of a fantastic cover letter it’s not a problem at all. your cover letter on the same type of paper as your resume. what does a conversational cover letter for academia look like? mean, the passion and interest is great, but having read your blog regularly for a year, i would have thought the whole tone of the letter, in telling the hiring manager what they need, goes very much against your ethos. i fail to see why this cover letter and resume is outstanding. the fact that she would have been a bad culture fit for you and perfect for others means that the letter is doing exactly what it should — screening for the right fit for her and the employer she’s sending it to. your case competition example: i don’t know what you mean by “telling the story of you,” but generally i think that telling a (short) story in your cover letter is a stronger use of that space than listing awards/etc. really think this cover letter would only work in some industries. crafting a front desk associate cover letter that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and livecareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. resume and cover would not be so good for, say, someone applying to work directly with patients in hospice care. good sales is focused on finding the product that both fits the needs of the seller and the needs of the buyer. it’s part of what makes it a great letter. admit the letter turned me off and even made me feel depressed. a sample cover letter from a traditionally “stuffy” and “formal” industry that shows a candidate’s personality. understand some of the duress that this post has caused to some of alison’s readers because of the ways in which this letter “breaks some of the rules” but i have to parrot victoria’s thoughts.  a good, well-planned cover letter is just as important as an impressive resume or cv; and together they form an important resource in your job search. lot of people (including me) are responding with skepticism to the tone of the letter. and if you do like it, you have much more clarity about this candidate than you usually do at the cover letter stage–it thoroughly illuminates the candidate.

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(also, an in-demand position meant that i got interviews without even writing a cover letter.) i agree the cover letter shows passion and a particular interest in this position but do you get turned off by the writer telling the hiring manager what they need and “i’ll be looking forward to hearing from you soon. seems like most of the sample cover letters that have been posted here have a fairly informal tone, which is probably fine for some fields. in my world, this letter would not get you past the first round of consideration. in a business formal profession, i feel like one might need a more ‘business formal’ cover letter. she’s saying, “this cover letter and resume really worked for me and i want to show you. letter stands out because her voice comes through, she’s genuinely excited, she’s done research and knows what she’d be getting into, she’s thought about what the job will take and is excited to do it. what works on wall street isn’t right for a small non-profit, and what works for an effusive salesperson doesn’t work for an engineer. alison–will you be offering that 0 rez/cover letter review again in the near future? maybe it is my industry or maybe it is due to our online application system, but i only see about 10% of our applicants submitting cover letters. i’ve said elsewhere in this thread, i’m all for discussion of the letter and resume. most of them can’t seem to be bothered enough to properly fill out the application so forget a cover letter. letter writer, thank you so much for sharing, and a big congrats on your new job! someone who absolutely hates to write cover letters, i appreciate the example. this letter set off so many warning bells for me. i read the letter, and thought it was a little too cheesy/young sounding and it would definitely be inappropriate for my industry (i realize that doesn’t make it a fact, and applicable to all, it’s just my opinion). people think of the cover letter personally, it clearly worked for the person who wrote it. i don’t hire often, but i once got a cover letter (for a writing position) that included lots of language from a cover letter alison highlighted here… i was not impressed. again for giving those of us searching another example of a successful letter. that’s helpful because it gives people more information as to what others think is good/bad in a cover letter (not just what you personally think is good).

i have to echo what others stated, the cover letter comes off way too much like someone who is over confident. seeing hiring managers with different jobs and personalities disagree about how well a cover letter works is a really important lesson about how the magic bullet doesn’t exist. you for posting this, that was very interesting for me to read, as cover letters and resumes look quite different in my country. stand out from the crowd with a professionally written cover letter to match your resume. get a lot of enthusiasm out of the cover letter. (and even more so when i know that people moving more in this direction will help them get interviews, particularly when i receive nearly a letter a day from someone telling me it worked for them. found the cover letter a bit “let me tell you what you need” myself (agreeing with those above) but it is still leaps and bounds stronger then the typical ” i am hard-working , motivated self starter” types that i used to write when i was just out of school. even if the candidate’s qualifications are excellent, i think the tone of the letter would land the application in the reject pile. now, in the phone interview i’d hope to see the same level of excitement and industry knowledge without it becoming a sales pitch. i should say that the drive and determination are wonderful, and i’m glad the cover letter worked for her. that is not tearing the letter or the author apart. if that came across my desk i would get a good laugh and move on. (are you looking for a motivated self-starter with over five years of sales experience? resume was better, with at least some specific examples, but the cover letter was just awful. cover letter illustrates forethought and care by the applicant – however she might actually feel, i read it as a candidate who has taken time to try and understand my organization, and who has concluded that she is excited about it. at my organization, we tend to read cover letters first, so this letter would land the applicant in the discard pile. the letter is too direct and too foward for me. a sales cover letter that worked, a engineering cover letter that worked, a freelance artist’s cv and how they laid it out etc. the letter highlights many of the qualities that are important in hotel/restaurant/bar jobs: friendliness, passion, excitement, focus on customer service, and previous experience in the industry. write in response to your ad seeking an experienced front desk clerk at mountain view hotel.

seems to me that there are two kinds of sales. wrote a conversational-toned cover letter applying for my first post-college accounting job (discussing my familiarity with the company, etc) and the hiring manager raved about it in our interview and to my subsequent interviewers. the point is that this is an excellent illustration of a cover letter resume that will excite a hiring manager — the cover letter because it’s personable, explains why the candidate is interested in this particular job, and makes a compelling case for why she’d excel at it beyond what’s on the resume, and the resume because it shows that she has a track record of getting things done. of course there are hiring managers who prefer a more formal cover letter.. the letter writer assumes she knows what the hiring manager needs and it’s off-putting. and a cover letter that does its job will help screen you from environments in which you wouldn’t work well. make sure that you have 2-3 people review your cover letter before you send it to an employer., criticism can be harsh, but why post the letter/resume if you don’t want an open and honest discussion that people can learn from and apply to their own circumstances? think a lot of comments are coming from the perspective that this just doesn’t seem to fit with our understanding of your recommended approach to writing cover letters. is always my struggle with my resume and cover letter. some employers in my field tend to be more formal and the bubbly tone of the cover letter would be a turn-off to some hiring managers. got a job at a wonderful u using aam advice…and specifically i remember reading the original post about this cover letter when i was applying. that person, that resume and cover letter, aren’t real. you’re cold applying (like a lot of my freelancing friends do), you should be explaining in the cover letter what you kind of work you are looking for from the employer. then i read it again and hit my head against my desk. your foot in the door with a stand-out cover letter. reader recently shared with me the resume and cover letter she used to get a new job, and i liked them so much that i got her to agree to let me share them here.’ve always tended to “tell the story of me” through cover letters. parts of that letter were so enthusiastic that, to me, they came across as hard to believe. i agree that cover letters do not include the amount of detail in the resume, and that they need to hit on other intangibles, but the language, tone and content would not induce me to even look at the resume because it all felt juvenile and unprofessional.

as a highly competent front desk clerk, i would bring a service-focused and hard-working attitude to this role. also would like to say i think that’s very good feedback regarding the cover letter. with these cover letter examples, creating a job-winning cover letter is a snap.“just awful” was and is my opinion of the letter. i always thought the letter should quickly state why you’re interested in the company/position and why you are the best fit or your skills/experience match. especially in a tough economy, there are a lot of job seekers looking for a magic bullet approach to writing cover letters that will land them any job. but a lot of the resume / cover letter advice on this blog wouldn’t, as would quite some of the other advice. one is saying you have to write a cover letter exactly like this or you will never move on from your soul sucking job.. this letter is a little too hokey for my taste. i always struggle with this because i feel like i should write in a different way with things like cover letters and grant writing. i offered this resume and cover letter because some of the cover letter examples posted here in the past helped me.  send a cover letter anytime you submit your resume or cv for a position. is industry-specific, but the letter-writer knows her industry and it worked. the tone of this is salesy, but it’s not relying on salesy-ness to convince me, so i wouldn’t be especially bothered by the tone, certainly not enough to screen her out.” most people seem to be saying that this letter wouldn’t be applicable in their industry and a lot of them seem to want an example of one that you like that would fit their circumstances. i would not have hired this person based on the cover letter (way too pushy), i do have to say the fact that it has a cover letter at all and even more so, one that it customized to the employer, is impressive. cover letters, when well written and customized for the job, tend to help applicants. you’re not writing your cover letters and resume like this, you must, must start. maybe that works in a sales job but try it in a professional environment and see how fast you are shown the door. but it would be great to see a sample cover letter from a stuffy industry, just to see how to let your personality shine through while adhering to industry expectations.

this is a resume and cover letter that work — Ask a Manager

” they are examples of _one_ way to do a cover letter and resume that will work well for many people. you can also contact the front desk receptionist or the human resources office within that particular company if you still cannot find the appropriate contact person. agree–i thought the resume was great but the cover letter made me cringe a little. to me, well the person showed enthusiasm for the position, and obviously tailored the letter to fit the position’s requirements, the tone of the letter seemed very conversational. dany has done her research, she lets her bubbly and enthusiastic personality shine through which seems totally appropriate for a career in hospitality, and her letter was interesting enough to keep me reading through to the very end. purpose of a cover letter is to tell a prospective employer what you can do, why you are interested in them, and why you feel you are qualified. cover letter is your first change to impress potential employers. that’s something that would impress me even across a voice that wasn’t the custom in my field, and if it’s right for the field–which i suspect it is–it’s a seriously impressive cover letter. however, she got the job, and the letter and resume *do* make her sound competent (if a bit pushy and sales-y for my tastes), so it obviously worked for this company and position. the same thing is true here — she didn’t come across (to me) as inappropriately pushy or salesy; the letter was great enough that sentences that maybe would have come across differently in a different letter came across fine here.. and the letter is good enough that it doesn’t matter. soft sales are a key way to increase revenue, but many customer service employees, especially young ones, are too timid to sell things. this cover letterthere are plenty of opportunities to land a front desk associate position, but it won't just be handed to you. front desk clerk is responsible for helping hotel guests check in, check out, and have a satisfactory experience. this is hard for me to write because i agree with aam that 98% of cover letters are way too formal, but this one swings the pendulum too far in the other direction for my tastes. the word “enclosure” at the bottom of your cover letter, to indicate that you will attach a resume or application to your cover letter. addresses some of your questions right in the post:The point is that this is an excellent illustration of a cover letter resume that will excite a hiring manager — the cover letter because it’s personable, explains why the candidate is interested in this particular job, and makes a compelling case for why she’d excel at it beyond what’s on the resume, and the resume because it shows that she has a track record of getting things done. stand out from the crowd with a professionally written cover letter to match your resume. looking at her experience on her resume she definitely got the interview because of her cover letter. an engaging, well-written, enthusiastic cover letter full of personality, tailored to the company and industry and that got someone the job they wanted?

i don’t know where we all got the idea that a stilted, formal letter is better. it’s pretty weird to be inspired by a cover letter / resume, but i am totally inspired and going to re-work my cl & resume now. for many industries, this letter is not appropriate; but as someone who previously worked in the service industry, i can see why this letter got her an interview. cover letter clearly would not have gotten me hired at many places where some commenters here work. not that this isn’t a good cover letter for hospitality, but i would button-up the tone to write one for academia.’s no single cover letter out there that will be the right fit for every employer and every industry; by definition, no such letter could exist. appeared to me as if the letter writer was trying to cover up for a lack of experience/qualifications with the cover letter and 2-page resume. there’s a real person behind this resume, but there’s one behind every letter, too. this case, i can see why some people find the cover letter a bit off or perhaps unprofessional. have hired for several positions in marketing and sales, and there is no way this person would even get a phone screen. i’m really glad that your letter and resume impressed the only hiring manager(s) whose opinions mattered–even though your letter would never get you a callback with the rockettes. based on her cover letter i had already formed an image of someone with more substantial experience. that was part of the reason i chose to discuss my research process in the cover letter–to demonstrate how i tackle problems. that’s part of why i decided to write a gutsy letter, one that pretty much spelled out that if they hired me, i was going to want to fix things. for posting this – great to see actual examples of “good” cover letters/resumes. i went back and reread everything when i got to the line about not having hotel management experience because the impression i had of the letter writer prior to that was of an experienced, high level hospitality manager. with others i can agree the tone of your letter wouldn’t work for the things he applies to, but the content certainly would. cover letter has transformed since starting to read aam though. there’s no letter in the world that all hiring managers would love, nor should there be since part of the point is to screen for fit (on both sides). point of alison posting this example was to show a well written cover letter and resume for the type of industry she was applying for.

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