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Careers | Top 10 Soft Skills in Demand | LiveCareer

there is an increasing need to bring staff up to speed in this skill area, rosenthal said. technology jobs are growing as more companies rely on technology for daily business and find that they need employees to help manage, develop, and implement software, hardware, and web designs.

12 Skills Your Resume Should Already Have (and 5 it Needs Now!)

you will need a strong background in programming languages as well as html and xml. become an information security analyst you will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming.

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The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 2015 Graduates

demand for crude oil and oil product tankers is currently strong and both segments are enjoying an extended winter season with high earnings, according to bimco. having security skills can help you move up from a position to information technology to cyber security if you tailor your resume the right way.

IATA - Strong Passenger Demand Resumes in September

BIMCO: Strong Tanker Demand to Resume | World Maritime News

you will need a strong knowledge of database theory, database design, structured query language (sql), storage technologies, memory management, operating systems, and more. lr1 ships are holding on to the stronger market, and bimco expects earnings around usd 15,000-25,000 per day.

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The Best Tech Skills to List on Your Resume

your job won’t end there, however, as you will need to ensure that programs continue to run smoothly and perform any maintenance on software down the line. is a highly sought-after technical skill due to its ability to work with nearly all databases, said ibro palic, ceo of resume templates for mac.

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during your education, you will want to focus on software development skills to build your resume. companies that gather a lot of data need somebody who can use sql to quickly pull out key data components and generate reports that aid the decision-making process.

Writing a Dynamic Personal Profile - MyResume

as a software developer, you will need to work closely with people (especially programmers) throughout the entire process as your software vision comes to life. order to become a software developer you will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or mathematics.

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you can better your chances of getting a job in cyber security by getting experience in information technology and tailoring your resume to have skills in security. companies need someone with a gift for written communication who also understands the technology, he said.

Careers | Top 10 Soft Skills in Demand | LiveCareer

5 Skills Hiring Managers Look for in Engineering Grads

they have also enjoyed increased demand from the drop in oil prices as more arbitrage opportunities developed in combination with a strong season uptick. as an information security analyst, you will need to keep on top of all the latest in security, and always be one step ahead of hackers.

become a database administrator you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or engineering. you will need to find the best software to protect the business’ data, ensure that the company has strong data encryption in place, keep people up to date on the status of security measures, and test the systems you implement.

as a software developer, you will need oversee the creation of software and then test the software before implementing it to ensure it will run smoothly for the end user. average rates are seen somewhat down to usd 12,000-24,000 per day, with handysize average rates equally strong in the interval of usd 15,000-25,000 per day.

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