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Creating the Public Service Cover Letter

we maintain a list of alumni across the country who are willing to provide mentoring to public interest students on a one-on-one basis, typically in the form of phone calls but sometimes in-person meetings when students are visiting or interning in a city. are some disadvantages in working in international public interest positions? before crafting your cover letter, students are encouraged to read chapter 4 of the introduction to cdo guide for a more detailed discussion on the elements of a strong cover letter, and review the sample cover letters. of employers: new york city law department, california attorney general, u.., civil or criminal work, direct client service, “impact” cases, antitrust litigation);. ideally you should attach only one pdf file that includes both your resume and cover letter in one document.·        and, right before you send your letter have a detail-oriented friend review it for typos. example, with a district attorney’s office, you might demonstrate that you understand that their lawyers have to sort through a great deal of important factual information from police records, witnesses, investigators and victims. are six primary practice settings where lawyers can work in the public service and are discussed generally below. there are many ways to write a cover letter, the following format has worked well for students in the past.

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of interestdegree programsclinical and experiential learningcoursesacademic calendar & resourcesalumni & student profileslaw library. in the field, relatively inexperienced lawyers are often able to take on more responsibility and enjoy more autonomy and access to decision makers than would be the case at a more established and stable working environment in the us.• litigation, advocacy and capacity-building work at a non-governmental organization that works in transitional societies advancing rule of law and human rights. lifecareer developmentfor studentstoolkit for student job seekerscover letter advice & samples. we also urge you to review our public interest job search resources before meeting with a levin center advisor. examples of international public interest legal practice include:• international legal work for the us government. understand what the lawyers and/or interns at that organization do. this can be accomplished through class action lawsuits as well as through individual cases that challenge a government policy or administrative process that, if successful, could result in broad-based change.” if you are applying to public interest employers and are eligible for spif funding, you can mention that here. list includes the names of some of the public interest employers where stanford law school alumni have begun their public service careers in recent years.

Sample Public Interest/Government Resumes & Cover Letters

lawyers are often expected to take on a great deal of responsibility for their work and to represent their organization’s mission and interest, sometimes before they feel fully prepared to do so. particular, focus on research and writing experience pertaining to criminal law matters. this is especially true with public interest employers who are often understaffed and will appreciate your extra effort.• helping engage in public outreach regarding changes in immigration law.  what motivates you to work for this type of public-sector employer? olin center for law, economics and public policythe justice collaboratoryabdallah s. is a growing segment of law practice that takes place within a private firm practice but pursues what are traditionally considered public interest issues. also rely on faculty, alumni, and upper-class students to provide guidance and help mentor incoming students through our public interest mentoring program.  (see a general discussion of cover letters on the career office website. yet students should be aware that there are many lawyers working in public service but in less traditional roles that capitalize on their legal training, analytical skills, and writing ability.

Sample Cover Letters | Harvard Law School

PSJD | Drafting a Public Interest Cover Letter

general, a good cover letter:Tells the employer who you are (e., your cover letter must demonstrate:You understand the mission of the employer;. of employers:Us state department, us treasury department, senate standing committee on foreign relations, chilean ministry of finance, the supreme court of rwanda, the united nations, the world bank, the international finance corporation, human rights watch, center for justice and accountability, pilnet, american bar association rule of law initiative. the absence of specific instructions to the contrary, a cover letter and resume are all you need to send in an initial application packet. any of the resources below to read tips and advice on drafting a stand-out public interest cover letter:Harvard law's guide to drafting a public interest cover letter.  review the following two examples to see how good planning can make writing the letter both easier and more effective.• the environmental protection agency filing suit against manufacturers of toxic chemicals for dumping waste products into public waters. internships, interns may not do the same work as that of seasoned attorneys; think about what the senior lawyers do and consider what an intern might do to help them. many stanford law school alumni have begun their careers at nonprofits focused on direct legal services thanks to the support of a funder like the skadden foundation, equal justice works, and stanford law school., you would guess that prosecutors, like all lawyers, must spend some of their time researching the law and writing briefs.

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: summer public interest job search - cover letters, resumes, interviewing & networking. stanford law graduates have been very successful in obtaining prestigious skadden, equal justice works and other fellowships to being their careers in nonprofits, as well as being offered entry-level attorney positions with various governmental agencies like the u. most instances a cover letter will accompany your resume in your initial application package. may also contact the office of career services for access to on-line job announcements, assistance in seeking reciprocity from another law school’s career services office, and general job search assistance for private sector job searches.• law firms that will only represent plaintiffs in discrimination cases. are the hiring practices for a private public interest law firm? tsai china centercollaboration for research integrity and transparency (crit)cultural cognition projectdebating law and religion seriesglobal health justice partnershipgruber program for global justice and women’s rightshuman rights workshop: current issues & eventsinformation society projectjohn m. of this kind of practice include:• union-side labor law firms. a minority of criminal law governmental agencies hire entry-level attorneys before graduation and/or bar passage. the first paragraph of your cover letter, explain why you are sending your resume to the employer: “i am a first-year student at yale law school and am seeking a position with your organization for the summer 2010.

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Public Sector Cover Letters

are some advantages in working for a nonprofit focused on direct legal services? of employers: lawyers’ committee for civil rights, brennan center for justice, natural resources defense council, legal momentum, legal assistance centre (namibia). letter structure:Write a one-page document with no more than four paragraphs. in addition, focused comparative law analysis of foreign legal systems can be an important dimension of the field and practice. are some disadvantages in working for a nonprofit focused on direct legal services? can help identify prospective employers, connect you with alumni practicing in the same field, review resumes and cover letters, and help you prepare for interviews. are some advantages in working in international public interest positions? we also administer public interest scholarships, summer internship funds, and postgraduate fellowships. we also publish a weekly e-bulletin of public interest job announcements which you can sign up for on the linkedin stanford law school group page. frequently, the policymakers and citizens of that country are in the process of making very fundamental decisions about the structure and function of the legal system and there is an opportunity to have a significant impact on those decisions as a practitioner of rule of law and human rights.

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Public Service Law Cover Letter 101

examples might be:• serving as the chief executive officer (or other roles that are not limited to candidates with law degrees) for a nonprofit organization or philanthropic foundation.  it contains useful descriptions of the daily work of prosecutors, the kinds of cases they work on, the skills they find most important, and the types of classes and law-school activities which would best prepare you for this kind of practice. john and terry levin center for public service and public interest law at stanford law school serves as the hub of all public interest programs at the law school. there are also some state and local government hiring programs, too, but they tend to focus on "post-bar law clerk" programs where graduates are expected to volunteer (or work for very low pay) until they pass the bar. different kind of public interest practice focuses on using litigation—-the outcome of which will have a broader impact than on just the individual client in an individual case. the second paragraph to explain your interest in the employer, including your interest in the employer’s geographic location, reputation, specialty area, or public service. is not uncommon for a graduate committed to achieving a career in the non-profit or government sectors to spend some time at a private law firm at the beginning of their career. kamel center for the study of islamic law and civilizationlaw, economics & organization workshoplegal history forumlegal theory workshopthe arthur liman public interest programmiddle east legal studies seminarthe oscar m. levin center staff work with students and alumni to develop summer and long-term job searches at public interest organizations, government agencies, as well as at private public interest law firms.  for example, if you are discussing your writing skills, emphasizing that you wrote on a criminal law topic in your first year legal research and writing class would be an excellent choice for a criminal law employer.

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particular, focus on research and writing experience pertaining to employment law matters. whether you’re seeking a public interest position after a judicial clerkship, hoping to move from the private sector into a public sector position, or transitioning to a different public interest job, please contact one of the levin center advisors directly to schedule an appointment. some inexperienced lawyers are concerned, depending on the organization and role, that they do not receive the best training and mentoring opportunities. with the job:Show the employer that you understand what lawyers do at the eeoc and that you have the skills to help them do it.: summer public interest job search - cover letters, resumes, interviewing & networking.  many cornell students have interned for district attorneys over the years and many cornell alumni practice in the public sector. can help you clarify your professional goals, identify a timeline that makes the most sense for your particular job search, review resumes and cover letters, offer mock interviews, and consult with you as you evaluate offers. law school also funds several postgraduate public interest fellowships for recent stanford law school jd graduates.  there, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the agency’s mission, the particular laws it enforces, and how its lawyers do that. educated, privileged lawyers have a professional and moral duty to represent the underrepresented in our society, to ensure that justice exists for all, both legal and economic justice.

Creating the Public Service Cover Letter

Cover Letters - Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

are likely most familiar with this type of law practice.  this program from our annual spring public interest awards reception highlights the postgraduate fellowships and governmental honors program slots that our graduates have secured for the current year.-graduate fellowship and government honors programs frequently provide the best avenue to enter public interest law practice immediately upon graduating. many of our first-year law students will be exposed to one or more types of direct service practice through participation in our pro bono program. a cover letter to a government agency or non-profit employer is different, in some ways, from drafting a cover letter to other types of employers.• working to implement programs at a nonprofit organization that does not provide legal services to clients.. attorney’s office for the southern district of new york, manhattan district attorney’s office, public defender service of the district of columbia, un office on drugs and crime, international criminal court.   on the left navigation bar of the main page, you will see “career central,” which provides advice links on many public-sector employers, including prosecutors. cover letter is the first writing sample an employer will view so it should be brief (preferably one page), persuasive, well reasoned, and grammatically perfect., if you are not already serving as a public interest alumni mentor, please consider joining.

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  it should be tailored to each employer and opportunity – a boiler-plate letter won’t cut it. school & locationstudent servicesacademic resources & servicespoliciescareer developmenthealth & wellnesswelcome class of 2020programs and opportunitiesstudent journals & organizationsstudent news & opinioncommencementdiversity & inclusiontitle ix. only sls jd alumni are eligible to apply for these two programs:Stanford law school fellowships (multiple positions). likely have a generalized sense that their lawyers engage in a great deal of fact gathering, pre-trial practice, negotiation, trial work and appellate litigation. in many instances there are public international law regimes that govern certain aspects of the field. are the hiring practices for a nonprofit focused on direct legal services? these fellowships help our jd alumni launch their public interest careers through a paid one-year fellowship in a law-related endeavor designed to further the public interest. are some advantages in working for a private public interest law firm? scroll to the next section to read more about public interest law practice. examples of this kind of practice are:• litigation that seeks to stop implementation of an initiative that would prohibit undocumented immigrant children from attending public schools.

write about your substantive knowledge in a relevant area of law. any of the resources below to read tips and advice on drafting a stand-out public interest cover letter:Harvard law's guide to drafting a public interest cover letter. are some disadvantages in working for a nonprofit focused on direct legal services? once your request to join the sls page has been approved, please subscribe to the subgroup, postgraduate public interest job announcements. is no single or guaranteed pathway to a career in international public interest practice because of the great diversity of this work and because many of the employers in this field have fewer resources than private firms to offer formal training for new attorneys. you sit down to write, developing a plan for your cover letter is essential. every legal topic–from commercial law to intellectual property law, from public health law to national security law–has international aspects. center for international human rightsrobina foundation human rights fellowship initiativethe solomon center for health law and policyyale center for law and philosophyyale center for environmental law and policyyale law school center for global legal challengesyale law school center for the study of corporate lawyale law school center for private lawyale law school latin american legal studiesquinnipiac-yale dispute resolution workshopbert wasserman workshop in law and financeworkshop on chinese legal reform.• law firms that will only represent defendants in criminal cases. many stanford law school alumni have begun their careers at nonprofits focused on impact litigation thanks to the support of a funder like the skadden foundation, equal justice works, and stanford law school.

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