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College players should be paid essay

Essay Example On Whether College Athletes Should Be Paid

- in today’s society, one of the big controversies with sports is, should student athletes be be paid a salary. these athletes need to be rewarded and credited for their achievements. a quick and uneducated response to a number this large prompts people to feel there should be enough to spread around; particularly to the athletes that people are paying to see.. “players would want to stay at college all 4 years if they get paid. athletics is a billion dollar industry and has been for a long time. over the past few months, college athletes have started to come forward claiming that they feel they should be rewarded for being one of the main sources of profit for their university.: essays research papers; Title: college athletesShould college athletes get paid? the point is, the players who are so good and entertain us in college will eventually get paid. the only type of way the athletes would be paid is through financial aid or if they have a job.- one of the most debated topics in the world of sports today is whether or not college athletes should be paid to play. debate as to whether or not college athletes should be paid has really heated up in recent years. having said this, the first thing you want to avoid with paying college athletes is student athletes squabbling how much money they earn or should earn, which happens frequently in the nfl.

Should College Athletes Be Paid? |

with this standard having to be met, the athletes are spending hours studying and attending class. 0-0 a month should give athletes enough money to get the required necessities. million viewers for the 2015 ncaa women’s division i national championship between notre dame and uconn. the whole idea behind a scholarship is to lure the athlete into coming to your school. yes, salaries need to be paid to athletic directors and coaches, not to mention travel and other costs for the student athletes, and it is great that major college football and basketball programs help fund non-revenue athletic programs. are not available on weekends because they are traveling with the team to play. this isn't to say that college athletes should get paid large amounts of money, but it would definitely be nice if their scholarships would pay them a little extra to go out for pizza every once and a while, or buy some nice clothes - just a little extra spending cash as a way of saying “thanks” for their efforts. million viewers watched the 2015 ncaa men’s division i national championship between wisconsin and duke. some people believe that a scholarship should be payment enough. however, it seems like fans support their college teams until they get asked one question: should college athletes get paid. college universities generate so much revenue during the year that it is only fair to the players that they get a cut. Argumentative Persuasive Athletics Sports Essays - College Athletes Should Be PaidAn argument for paying college athletes.

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College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive

besides from studying and attending class the athletes then have to go to practice. so, in my opinion yes college athletes should get paid, there is too much money that the universities have earned floating around going unanswered for the athletes not to get their cut. key in my statement is they shouldn’t be paid, i didn’t say they shouldn’t be compensated. the taking of this money is a problem because it is a violation of the ncaa rules. these athletes make insurmountable amounts of money and an unbelievable amount of recognition for the universities. college sports have been growing up every year and universities and athletes are more competitive every year. college athletes are not getting paid which is a problem to consider, and the general public as well as universities do have the funds to make that possible. being chosen to play on a college team is an honor and a privilege, not a job.- today there are over 450,000 college athletes and the national college athletics association (ncaa) faces a difficult decision on whether or not college athletes should be paid. obviously those numbers are vastly different, so should the men and women basketball players be paid differently? some people believe that they should be paid and others would completely disagree. no offense to the athlete who plays a sport that doesn’t air on national television but it doesn’t seem acceptable that they get paid the same amount as the college football player competing in the national championship with 33 million people watching them.

Why College Athletes Should be Paid | The Huffington Post

An Argument for Paying College Athletes

they play because they love it, not for the money. fans support their favorite college team no matter what the decision to be made is; whether it is a bad call made by a coach, the first loss of a season, there will always be some kind of encouragement and uplift behind the decision. the question is, should colleges athletes be exempt from the class attendance requirements. many people believe that they should and many believe they should not. with writing this paper with the cause and effect background, it will help the author discuss the results of athletes being poor and not being allowed to receive money from boosters, other associates, and the school itself. if players are that good and feel they deserve to be paid, they can make it to the professionals. if a student athlete knows he can earn more at usc than he will if he plays for his state university, then the playing field becomes more uneven than it already is. but shouldn’t they receive money from outside sources, and then the benefits from the school. college athletes should get paid based on the university’s revenue, apparel sales, and lack of spending money. another alternative would be to cut the salaries of every executive of the ncaa who has gotten rich off of ncaa athletics by 25%– and give the difference to the athletes…most of this article focused on college football programs. argument athletes should be paid emanates from the mammoth revenue the ncaa generates. It seems to arise every March when the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament arrives, and once again when the college football season begins.

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College athletes :: essays research papers

that being said, is that the athlete’s fault who plays a “non-revenue producing” sport. why should they receive even more benefits than their scholarship and numerous perks. the world of college sports has been changed greatly the past decade due to college athletes. the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. big-time schools are running a national entertainment business that controls the compensation rate of the players like a monopoly (byers 1). all of the athletes on a football team with 125 players work very hard in practice, but only 11can start on offense and defense - do you only pay the starters? the ncaa doesn’t want friends or boosters to offer athletes jobs because they . for some students' college might be their last opportunity to play sports.- college athletics are becoming more and more like the professional leagues except for one big issue, money. maybe, but being fair is far more important than upholding an ideal” (geoghehan 1). that money from shirts is for the athletic department at colleges, not for the players. get caught up that all this money is being made and the college athletes are completely getting exploited.

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Should College Athletes Get Paid? essays

while i respect the time, work, and excitement college athletics brings to the world of sports, they should not be paid. these athletes make insurmountable amounts of money and an unbelievable amount of recognition for the universities. your child has been coached out of being a great footballer.. then you think well why shouldn’t he receive that money. because the athletes are living off of no money they are very vulnerable to taking money from boosters and others that are willing to help them out. student athletes need to start being rewarded monetarily for their hard work and dedication. even with all of these limitations, if an athlete is still able to find a job he or she would have to give up time that should be set aside for studying (bascuas 2). they may work just as hard, so shouldn’t they be rewarded equally? an athlete can be "disciplined" for selling their tickets to a fan on game day, yet how much money do the directors of the ncaa earn as a result of the efforts of the student athletes? these coaches and other people in charge of athletes do not have the student’s best interest at heart. although some people believe that they should be paid, it would not be a good idea at all. the world of college sports has been changed greatly the past decade due to college athletes.

College athletes shouldn't be paid

. then you think well why shouldn’t he receive that money. athletes would want more money than they are receiving and they would be many of these types of problems. the opportunity to enter the draft early to help their families financially is one that will hardly be passed by. college athletes have been granted permission to work, from the ncaa. so college athletes should not be paid at all because they are basically being paid to study and play a sport. additionally, student athletes receive all kinds of perks while they are in college, like staying at fancy hotels, being seen on national tv, and all of the notoriety that goes with being a stare athlete. even though they technically are being paid, they really are not. some believe that providing a payment would further complicate the issue, but others say that it would end all of the problems. quite some time now, there has been a big debate about whether or not college athletes should be paid. however it is not a place for athletes to get paid to play sports, that’s why the professional level exists. because money is scarce they are tempted to take money from agents and other boosters. why shouldn’t those athletes be paid the same if they put in the same amount of time to practice, travel, and play games?

Point/Counterpoint: Paying College Athletes | The Sport Journal

- college athletics are becoming more and more like the professional leagues except for one big issue, money. the ncaa tournament wouldn't be as exciting as it is, and there would be fewer viewers. but shouldn’t they receive money from outside sources, and then the benefits from the school. “paying the players would keep them in college longer” (tod detwiler (q)). when student athletes receive money, they are susceptible to being suspended from the team. also a large number of jobs request their employees to be available on the weekends. it seems to arise every march when the ncaa men’s basketball tournament arrives, and once again when the college football season begins. even if this amount was a small amount like ,000 per year, per player (which totals (5,000 per year for a college football team with 125 players), paid every month during the school year, it would be a lot more fair to the student athletes.- a question that has been rising to the surface lately is “should college athletes be paid a salary? to say that the student athlete isn't being exploited in this situation is an understatement. but, because these athletes are college students and do not receive any money for their commitments they are supposed to squeeze time in for work in. couldn’t it be said that they are being rewarded for a strong business model?

Essay Example On Whether College Athletes Should Be Paid

Should College Athletes Be Paid? |

if college players receive money then they wouldn't play as good. college athletes are allowed to being mediocre in their academics which unfortunately can hurt the student in the long run whether he or she makes it pro or not. the information gathered gave him new statistical information that was not used in this paper but will be useful in the final paper. the major colleges earn enormous sums of money on this kind of merchandise alone, yet the student athlete who's number is being used to sell merchandise will not see one dime of the profits.- a question that has been rising to the surface lately is “should college athletes be paid a salary?- college athletes should be paid because of the huge amount of money being made off of the use of their athletic ability. when i mean getting paid i only mean a stipend or weekly check, not thousands or millions. for those who “have nothing because their sport didn’t make them rich and famous” that’s their own fault. it is and should be an honor for someone to admire a college athlete because they enjoy their sport so much. you are going to start paying athletes, all of the athletes need to be paid the same amount of money, and all of the colleges would need to have the same amount of money to pay their athletes with, which could be pre-determined by the ncaa. if the average football scholarship is worth ,000 per year, yet the university gains ,000 per year in revenue per scholarship player (please note that this figure is just an estimate - the actual number may actually be higher), the university will profit ,000 per year, per scholarship player, or 0,000 over a four year period. college athletes should receive some form of compensation for participation in collegiate sports due to the hardships they endure, a failure of scholarships to cover all expenses , the exploitation of college athletes by the colleges and universities they play for, a disparity between coaches’ and players’ compensation, and the hypocrisy of national collegiate athletic association’s rules.

people say that college athletes get paid by having a scholarship, but if you look at it a different way, scholarships might change your mind. aren’t they already receiving benefits from a full-ride scholarship. here is the point: if the ncaa, coaches, and athletic directors can earn huge sums of money from the student athletes, shouldn’t student athletes have a piece of the pie too? college sports are very important to society and college players should not get paid. there are several benefits that college’s athletes receive for being a student athlete. coaches try to get players who they think have the talent to make them win and to persuade them to come to their school by offering them scholarships. for better or worse even if an athlete does not pan out in the professionals, they at least made a name for themselves. i wouldn’t label earning a free college education exploitation. this is important to the final paper because it allows the author to touch on how the school benefits indirectly from their athletic department. debate as to whether or not college athletes should be paid has really heated up in recent years. after all, a scholarship can be easily worth ,000 - ,000 or more per year, plus a career after college that can be worth a million dollars over a lifetime. not only are these athletes not being rewarded but they are also living with no money.

College Sports are very important to society and college players should not get paid. students are competing because they love the sport and are in college for an education. if college players were to get paid wouldn't the athletes do things like go on strike? you look at it that way, plenty of college students would be happy to play a sport for four years if it meant they did not have to take on that financial hardship. these special benefits include, (but are not limited to), athletes being paid while not at work and higher salaries then other workers doing the same job (anstine 4). colleges started playing the players, they would forget that they are there to learn in class and on the team. athletes should not be exempt from regular class attendance policies. the revenues that are generated from basketball programs are even more staggering, considering that the teams, are smaller, the travel expenses are less expensive, and that fewer scholarships need to be handed out, making the profits that the ncaa earns from college basketball programs even more staggering.- many college athletes miss classes because of practice, competition and from exhaustion. no one is more responsible for bringing in that money more than the coach and his/her players. the ncca won't allow the universities to sell a college football jersey with a player's name on it, but they will sell the jersey with the player's number on it, which is easily recognizable in local, and sometimes national markets. in my first year of college, i found out that a couple of star basketball players that i have known since high school could not read.

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