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Literary analysis and pair of tickets

Jing-Mei Woo: A Pair of Tickets

Amy Tan's A Pair of Tickets: Summary & Analysis - Video & Lesson

"the joy luck club part 4, chapter 4: a pair of tickets. still, she wants her girls to know their heritage, even if she can’t be with them, and leaves photographic evidence of her daughters’ adopting family to one day connect them with their kin. although many might think that it is a waste of time and money, photography is a great hobby that people should try. tan rebelled while in europe and was arrested when only sixteen years old. these examples show that maggie also cherishes the quilts by knowing how to quilt them, she inherits the skill of quilting from her grandmother because she is proud of her family's roots and carries on the tradition of quilting. the obnoxious beeping and then slipping it into the pocket of her plaid pjs. of three war poems - charge of the light brigade, dulce and decorem est and a speech from. “i stand five-foot-six,” june observes, “and my head pokes above the crowd so that i am eye level only with other tourists. the first step in making her wholly american, and thus alienating. like many another american-born child of immigrants, jing-mei has little understanding of her mother's values or the world that shaped them, although recently, the general interest in ethnicity has prompted her to revive her chinese name, "jing-mei," in preference to the american "june may," and has made her more curious about her roots. clair) offer jing-mei a trip to china to meet her long-lost half sisters, whom suyuan was forced to abandon as infants while fleeing war-torn guilin, the "aunties" (now edging into their 70s) urge jing-mei to tell her half sisters the story of the..At the beginning of "a pair of tickets" by amy tan, in jing-mei's mind, "chinese" denotes something undesirable. then, june sees the same face again on someone else, and realizes they are her sisters, chwun yu and chwun hwa.” and yet she physically resembles her half-sisters, realizing at the end of the story: “and now i also see what part of me is chinese. although she knows that dee wants her to lose some weight, have lighter skin and hair, and a quicker tongue, she still loves her black heritage and her appearance..In amy tan's "a pair of tickets," how does the meaning of "chinese" evolve in the story? first thing that she realized after having walked into the bathroom and splashed some ice cold water on her face to wake herself up was that it was sunday.[in the following review, mesic praises tan's the hundred secret senses stating, "she provides what is most irresistible in popular fiction: a feeling of abundance, an account so circumstantial, powerful and ingenious that it seems the story could go on forever. assigns a color and icon to each theme in the joy luck club, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. the kitchen god's wife again tackles mother-daughter relationships, but this time tan limits herself to one family and the relationship between winnie louie and her daughter pearl.: "amy, angst, and the second novel," in san francisco review of books, vol. amy tan's "a pair of tickets," how does the meaning of "chinese" evolve in the story? june’s journey to china is one of both external and internal discovery.[in the following review, nurse asserts, "kwan's dreams comprise the most skillfully realized sections of [the hundred secret senses], mingling elements of gothic romance and folktale with historical chronicle. my students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.: "generational differences and the diaspora in the joy luck club," in critique, spring, 1993, pp.

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when night falls, she puts the last of her jewelry and money into her babies’ shirts. in the forty years since suyuan and canning emigrated, many of the cities changed spellings and full names. that is the situation of jing-mei in "a pair of tickets" by amy tan. mother of the western skies: “double face” & “a pair of tickets”. the babies smile sweetly next to her, and she realizes she “can’t bear to watch her babies die with her. her first novel, the joy luck club, was a knockout success, and her second is well on its way to equal, if not surpass, it.[in the following essay, wong analyzes the anthropological aspects of tan's novels the joy luck club and the kitchen god's wife and their place in literary tradition. assigned topic for this essay was to compare alice walker’s “everyday use” and john updike’s “a & p”.: "pangs of an abandoned child," in new york times book review, june 16, 1991, p. amy tan's earlier novels, the joy luck club and the kitchen god's wife, individual personal histories powerfully influence future family dynamics. the source of the stories was kennedy and gioia’s . and canning first go to guangzhou, formerly canton, to see canning’s aunt. tan’s classic short story, “a pair of tickets”, is a coming of age story as the protagonist wakes up to her heritage when she travels to her native land, but it is also a story of internal racial tension. is the external setting of amy tan's "a pair of tickets" essential to what happens internally. in 1974 she married lou dimattei and received her master's degree in english and linguistics. this essay reviews common themes connecting the two stories characters and plots. she had forgotten to turn off her alarm again and as a result she was now wide awake at seven in the morning on the one day she didn’t have class for absolutely no reason. her appearance shows a part of her genuine heritage of being a black person, and she works very hard in order to serve her children and family. dinner, june is left alone for the first time of the trip, and she starts missing her mother again." reviewers consistently laud tan's gift as a story teller and the compelling nature of her narratives. “a pair of tickets” is saturated in chinese history and culture, and its plot reflects a situation unlikely to be repeated in other contexts, it also explores nearly universal themes of self-discovery, cultural awareness, and family history. what ways does the narrator feel both at home and foreign in china, in amy tan's "a pair of. not in the sense of one class looking down on another but of the internal racial tension that rages on inside jing-mei as the battle between what she is by birth and what she is by nature tears her apart when she suddenly discovers her. tan's next two novels were also both popular and highly acclaimed.' and find homework help for other Amy Tan questions at eNotes"everyday use" and "a pair of tickets". the relationship between winnie louie and pearl is strained because of the secrets they keep from each other.

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then, she removes photos of her family from her pocket and writes the babies’ names, and her family’s address, onto the back of each picture. another example of the mother's pride in her heritage occurs at the beginning of the story, where the narrator describes her yard as a comfortable and beautiful place, even though the yard may be just a small and clean one. all of the joy luck club members were so devastated by suyuan’s passing, and the missed opportunity at reunion, that they decided to pose as suyuan in the return letter. her trip to china to meet her half-sisters, and she finishes. their deep love for suyuan exists beyond language and cultural barriers, and all they really need to share in common is her name and her expressions—their legacies of their shared mother. tan's theme is related to the re-identification with the motherland (china, her mother and half-sisters), but ironically the story's theme is weakened by tan's focus on china's modernization. tan's first novel, the joy luck club, is a touching, funny, sad, insightful, and artfully constructed group portrait of four mother-daughter relationships that endure not only a generation gap, but the more unbridgeable gap between two cultures. although maggie is always shy and lacks confidence, she deeply understands and values her family's lifestyle. at the opening of the story "a pair of tickets" jandale woo and her father are on a train, the are destined for china. is the theme of the story "a pair of tickets"? as soon as she enters china, she immediately feels different, and senses her true connection to her heritage. and integrity are taken for granted, it is necessary for people to stand up for what is right.: "patriarchy, imperialism, and knowledge in the kitchen god's wife," in north dakota quarterly, vol. explores this quintessentially american experience with humor, compassion, and imagination."everyday use" and "a pair of tickets"in "everyday use," alice walker writes about a black mother and her two daughters, maggie and dee. suyuan misunderstands him, thinking it’s too late to ever find her daughters, and canning believes the thought grew inside her mind until it burst. she wrote about what she had seen herself and what she hadn't—her own experience and her mother's. clarity of voice and lucidity of vision, amy tan's delightful first novel, the joy luck club, reveals to us that for all life's contradictions and tragedies, the true path of existence is convergence. one might say that “a pair of tickets” is the story of americanized june may woo (born, as her passport says, in california in 1951) becoming jing-mei woo by discovering her ethnic and cultural roots in her ancestral homeland. and criticism on Amy Tan - Tan, Amy (Contemporary Literary Criticism)Introduction + context. “hesitations and expectations forgotten,” they run together and embrace, whispering suyuan’s name in unison. just as going to china helps her understand how she is chinese, it also reminds her how much she has been shaped by america. is chinese american, which means that she experiences the two cultures from both the inside and the outside. the ding of the elevator snapped him out of his thoughts and by the time he replied, brogue once again raspy, ‘you’re very welcome ms. that rages on inside jing-mei as the battle between what she is by birth and what she is by nature tears her apart when she suddenly discovers her long lost sisters just a month after her mother dies. of them [her half-sisters] holding a corner of the [polaroid] picture, watching as their images begin to form"; "she [lili] immediately jumps forward, places one hand on her hip in the manner of a fashion model, juts out her chest, and flashes me a toothy smile.

Amy Tan's A Pair of Tickets: Summary & Analysis - Video & Lesson

SparkNotes: The Joy Luck Club: Queen Mother of the Western Skies

she comes closer to meeting her sisters, june finally grieves over all the information that passed away with suyuan, and the cultural practices that june didn’t pay attention to while growing up. schell's review of the joy luck club for the new york times emphasizes that those millions of chinese who were part of the diaspora of world war ii and the fighting that resulted in the triumph of the communists were subsequently cut off from the mainland and after 1949 left to fend for themselves culturally. criticism leveled against tan includes the implausibility of the hundred secret senses, particularly the physical evidence of kwan's previous life; and reviewers question the authenticity of tan's descriptions of chinese life in her novels, even though others cite her particularization of chinese culture as one of her greatest talents. fleeing kweilin in 1944, suyuan starts walking a long, heavily-trafficked road to chungking, where her husband might be stationed. she has conjured the tortuous lives of an older generation of women whose fate brought them from china to this country, as well as the frustration and fascination of their american-born daughters. & analysisfeathers from a thousand li away: introduction & “the joy luck club”feathers from a thousand li away: “scar,” “the red candle,” & “the moon lady”the twenty-six malignant gates: introduction, “rules of the game,” & “the voice from the wall”the twenty-six malignant gates: “half and half” & “two kinds”american translation: introduction, “rice husband,” & “four directions”american translation: “without wood” & “best quality”queen mother of the western skies: introduction, “magpies,” & “waiting between the trees”queen mother of the western skies: “double face” & “a pair of tickets”expand. tried to make her daughter half chinese and half american,When such a combination is impossible. visiting with her for a day they plan to take a plane to shanghai, china where jandale will meet. after about fifteen minutes i am out of the shower and am well on my way to getting dressed, doing makeup, and putting on my jewelry. was born, lindo saw how closely she resembled her and suddenly. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Joy Luck Club and what it means. she slings the twins around her shoulders and pushes a few possessions in a wheelbarrow. the first time in her life, june asks about her chinese name, and gets a better understanding about why suyuan raised june so forcefully, following the sacrifice of her daughters. when amy tan wrote amusingly and tellingly about "angst and the second novel" in a recent publishers weekly, she was so sympatico about the frightening game of fiction that it seemed unfair to those who usually call the shots around here: the reviewers. suyuan finds three other chinese immigrant women to play mah jongg, cook and consume special foods, tell stories, gossip, invest in stocks, and plan for joy and luck.[in the following review, rubin asserts, "in tan's hands, these linked stories [of the joy luck club]—diverse as they are—fit almost magically into a powerfully coherent novel. is the external setting of amy tan's "a pair of tickets" essential to what happens internally. your 2-day free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. is the main idea for the story a pair of tickets by amy tan? this example shows that mama enjoys her life and is satisfied with her lifestyle and heritage. unfortunately, living in a remote area safe from wartime violence also meant the girls were impossible to find, and suyuan’s wish to see her daughters again could not be fulfilled while she was alive. the short story “a & p”, written by john updike, tells the story of sammy and how he takes a stand for what he believes is right, only he is not given the gratitude he deserved. tragic ending of a pair of star crossed lovers in shakespeare's romeo and juliet. this full essay on "Everyday Use" and "A Pair of Tickets". amy tan is an author who uses the theme of chinese-american life, converging primarily on mother-daughter relationships, where the mother is an emigrant from china and the daughter is fully americanized --yellow on the. the readers who loved the first will surely love the second, since both tell the same story—and this time around tan has executed the work better in conception, in design, in detail and in sheer pleasure for the reader.

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" even the title, "a pair of tickets," emphasizes the purchased objects of a journey. since suyuan never found a way to express her story, canning could not empathize and support her through her continued search efforts. share, and wonders which is american and which is chinese.: "mother/daughter dialog(ic)s in, around and about amy tan's the joy luck club," in private voices, public lives: women speak on the literary life, edited by nancy owen nelson, university of north texas press, 1995, pp. for immigrants, there is no clear home country, because neither the country of origin, nor the country of immigration, quite fit their personal histories and values; they have hybrid experiences. typical five paragraph essay style, short and to the point. sixteen interconnected stories told by four immigrants from china and their four american-born daughters, the joy luck club illuminates the nature of mother-daughter relationships in both cultures. in the hundred secret senses (1995), tan focuses on the relationship between two sisters: olivia, an american-born daughter of a chinese father, and kwan; her older chinese-born sister from her father's previous marriage. tan's first work, the joy luck club, is a challenge to the novel as a "narrative paradigm" in several ways: form, narrative structure, and narrative techniques.” china becomes a spiritual mirror for the narrator, just as her glimpse of her half-sisters’ faces provides a living mirror of her own and her late mother’s face. throughout the novel, language and communication have been misconstrued between speakers, but here, suyuan’s message in chinese is clear to june: june was not born to be a replacement, but an heir to her first daughters’ legacy. she edited a medical journal and worked as a technical writer during the 1980s. she does not know the  cantonese of her relatives or her father’s mandarin dialect. a modern society where good deeds and integrity are taken for granted, it is necessary for people to stand up for what is right. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. it would be understandable if she used images of materialism to juxtapose the old world chinese values with the new world "american dream," but with statements like "i feel as if i were getting on a number 30 stockton bus in san francisco" but "i am in china" (272), tan (or jing-mei) is not so much discovering her ancestral roots, but realizing that her communist homeland is not so communal--it is as modern and capitalistic as california. herself and her own mother back in china, comparing their. tan's “a pair of tickets” is a story of self-discovery—born in pain but eventually resolved in joy. the journey makes june think about her half-sisters and their impending meeting. i mean, we sometimes get books in our lives that sparknotes doesn't always offer to summarize and give us straightforward answers to. tan's theme is related to the re-identification with the motherland (china, her mother and half-sisters), but ironically the story's theme is weakened by tan's focus on china's modernization.'s father, john tan, an engineer and baptist minister, immigrated to the united states from china in 1947.-mei, the narrator of amy tan's short story, "a pair of tickets," from her collection entitled, the joy luck club, travels to china where she feels at home and, at the same time, alien to her. when canning’s aunt brings up suyuan’s twins, june enters the conversation to ask their names; canning says their names are chwun yu and chwun hwa.[in the following review, pavey considers tan's unifying device in the hundred secret senses unconvincing, but asserts that, "this does not detract from the great appeal of her character, kwan (who combines saintly good humour with wit, practicality and guile), or the enjoyable liveliness of her style. kissing their cheeks and telling them not to cry, suyuan leaves them on the road, thinking a family would be more willing to rescue them as orphans.

"Everyday Use" And "A Pair Of Tickets" - Essay - 1311 Words

canning takes a quick-develop polaroid picture of them together, and when june sees their similar smiles developing on the film, she finally sees what part of her is truly chinese – her family and her mother’s legacy.'ve broken down the chapters, themes, and characters so you can understand them on your first read-through. being chinese is a complex, internalized feeling that connects june to a beautiful lineage and history. more importantly, her collection of first-person monologues participates in and contributes to a tradition of. connection between mother and daughter transcends life, as june inherits all of suyuan’s hopes and beliefs in order to keep them alive."a pair of tickets" was among the first chapters submitted by tan in order to get a ,000 advance from g. when her aunt says, "once you are born chinese, you cannot help but feel and think chinese," jing-mei responds with, "i saw myself transforming like a werewolf, a mutant tag of dna suddenly triggered" (267). first of all, how the mother, the narrator of "everyday use," and maggie behave are not only genuine heritages, but also the opposite of dee's false idea of heritage. tan lost both her older brother peter and her father to brain cancer in the late 1960s. is responsible for his own death and his beloved wife juliet. to deceive or disappoint her sisters chwun yu and chwun. tan's theme is related to the re-identification with the motherland (china, her mother and half-sisters), but ironically the story's theme is weakened by tan's focus on china's modernization. the narrator’s still-fresh sorrow at her mother’s death, the mother’s abiding despair at losing her twin daughters on the war-torn road to chungking, and the daughters’ ache at losing their mother not once, but twice (first as babies in 1944 and then again as adults after they learn their mother is dead) are all caused by the same tragic historical circumstance and its far-reaching consequences. however, even if someone has different opinions, they must consider that photography is steadily on its way to becoming a worldwide everyday use, and is already part of the american. she produced a long, complex and seductive narrative, the joy luck club, which was one of the best-sellers of 1989. "the joy luck club part 4, chapter 4: a pair of tickets. suyuan always claimed that being born chinese meant having undeniable chinese thoughts and emotions. in china, where the joy luck club members should feel most comfortable, time has passed and places have become unrecognizable. this literary movement frequently depicted everyday life; it follows the rule of a phenomenal world and that nothing is added to your life.[in the following review, gillespie discusses the problem of a second novel and asserts that tan's the kitchen god's wife is both different from her first novel and successful in its own right. her first novel, the joy luck club, brought her instant acclaim and rose quickly on the new york times best-seller list. the peculiar construction of amy tan's second novel is a harrowing, compelling and at times bitterly humorous tale in which an entire world unfolds in a tolstoyan tide of event and detail. lindo visited china, she wore chinese clothing and used local. "Everyday Use" and "A Pair of Tickets"In "Everyday Use," Alice Walker writes about a black mo. and, because of the love suyuan put into so obviously caring for them, the twins seemed more precious to the elderly couple. by conveying the rich history and legacy to children through parents, but it seems not the effective way compared with their concerment.

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Amy Tan Tan, Amy (Contemporary Literary Criticism) - Essay

. jing-mei and her sisters are the only known living relatives. her initial fears of miscommunication and misunderstanding, june sheds all the worry when she reunites with her sisters in person. → sparknotes → literature study guides → the joy luck club → queen mother of the western skies: “double face” & “a pair of tickets”. amy tan's short story, "a pair of tickets," a part of her the joy luck club collection, the setting of china for a good portion of the story has an enormous impact on what occurs internally to. she first wishes suyuan could answer all the questions that june never got around to asking, such as recipes and old relatives’ names, then wonders if her mother ever wished her long-lost daughters could replace june. the 1970s i became, almost simultaneously, a feminist teacher/critic and the mother of a daughter. they all go to a fancy western-style hotel (which only costs thirty-five american dollars) and order hamburgers, french fries, and apple pie for everyone, even though june wants to try authentic chinese food.: "voice, mind, self: mother-daughter relationships in amy tan's the joy luck club and the kitchen god's wife," in women of color: mother-daughter relationships in 20th-century literature, edited by elizabeth brown-guillory, university of texas press, 1996, pp. when suyuan finally reaches chungking, officers tell her that her husband died two weeks previously.” lindo accepts june’s genuine remorse and writes the letter. june asks if he knew why suyuan abandoned the twins in 1944, and canning admits that he found out through conversations with the joy luck women rather than from suyuan herself, but that there was no shame in her decision. "a pair of tickets" the protagonist, jing-mei, receives a letter from her long lost twin sisters. in "a pair of tickets," the author, amy tan, describes jing mei's change in her view of her chinese heritage during her travel to china.[in the following review, cheng praises tan's the joy luck club for its accessibility and vision. the short story "a & p", written by john updike, tells the story of sammy and how he takes a stand for what he believes is right, only he is not given the gratitude he deserved. were better suited for it, but he just couldn't deny himself the pleasant torture of seeing those bewitching eyes everyday and knowing he could never say that they were only for him. aware of the disappearing connection to her chinese heritage, june wants canning to tell her everything about her mother, and in chinese so that she can begin to access her mother on her mother’s terms."my students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof. that night, after most of the relatives have fallen asleep, june wakes up and hears canning tell his aunt about his life in the past forty years, including how he met suyuan in chungking and their immigration to america. before the shrewd eye of agent sandra dijkstra spotted a potential winner, tan was entirely unknown to the literary world. tan's short story, "mother tongue," is a wonderful tale that addresses the substance of languages and how language is not only a tool of communication, but a sociological tool of measuring. now that suyuan is gone, june is unable to atone for her mistreatment, and is racked by guilt. also, at the end of the story, mama and maggie sit in the yard just enjoying life. tan's storytelling abilities, commentators note that the chapters of the joy luck club could stand on their own as short stories.: "born of a stranger: mother-daughter relationships and storytelling in amy tan's the joy luck club," in international women's writing: new landscapes of identity, edited by anne e.: page 2 of queen mother of the western skies: “double face” & “a pair of tickets”.

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40 years after the first meeting, as the novel opens, suyuan woo has died and her place at the mah jongg table is assumed by her 36-year-old daughter, jing-mei.’s aunt falls asleep, leaving just june and her father awake. seen over and over again in the novel, a mother’s fortitude and will can overcome incredible adversity if her child’s wellbeing is at stake. story of an hour and a pair of silk stockings. rather than keep her valuables and attempt to save herself, suyuan gives it to the babies to make them more enticing to passers-by. the first chapter, june has worried that suyuan died from a lack of appreciation, and more specifically from her own lack of appreciation for her mother. another essay on "everyday use" and "a pair of tickets". once one is born chinese, one cannot help but feel and think. tan was born in oakland, california, in 1952, and given the chinese name en-mai (blessing of america). they found the cheerful babies and brought them in from the dangerous road, but couldn’t read the address on the photos. she will put quilts to everyday use, as dee says, to remember her grandparents. the girls seemed so precious and loved that the old couple decided to raise them as their own, and saved the expensive jewelry as the girls’ inheritance.“a pair of tickets” is a story that grows naturally out of its setting. suyuan, as suyuan’s entire family died when a japanese bomb landed. i was assigned to analyze it like a "professor" and i am not sure if there is any symbolism. elgy gillespie stated, "once again i found myself reading amy tan all night, unable to put the story down until i knew what happened in the end, sniffling when i got to the sad bits … and finally going to sleep at dawn with the conviction that tan had provided an education for the heart. after having depicted the first-generation cousins as spoiled, tan uses positive imagery of consumerism to drive home her themes of cultural and female identity, giving as much homage to the garden hotel and number one department store as buddha and the great wall. traces the importance of multiple languages in tan's the joy luck club and maxine hong kingston's the woman warrior.[in the following essay, caesar states, "by making us question the validity of american knowledge and the 'otherness' of what americans consider foreign [in the kitchen god's wife], amy tan has helped to enlarge the american narrative., it's true: amy tan has done it again—with searing clarity of vision she has spun a tale that lyrically weaves past and present, myth and memory. her joy luck "aunties" (lindo jong, an-mei hsu, and ying-ying st. just as she never learns to play mah-jong or chess using chinese strategy, jing-mei never feels or thinks chinese by the novel's end; in fact, she continues to narrate as a post-modern american: linear-thinking and quick to point out things. but she did plan on having the stories cohere around a central theme, and she did plan the prefaces from the start, although they were written last. experiencing what it’s like to be a foreigner in a different country, june senses the bewilderment, intimidation, and inability to communicate that her parents felt when they came to america. the conflict in this novel arises from kwan's mystical belief in ghosts and previous lives and olivia's pragmatic attachment to the concrete and the real. is something very abstract and hard to understand which is similar to family root.

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notes that lindo and waverly resemble one another, lindo smiles. however, dee is the opposite of her mother and sister.” june thinks about suyuan’s decision to name her as a tribute to her lost twins, and gets teary..In what ways does the narrator feel both at home and foreign in china, in amy tan's "a pair of. throughout her childhood, tan's mother told her stories about her chinese heritage, and she uses these stories in her fiction to emphasize the importance of the act of storytelling. he also believes suyuan’s ghost led one of suyuan’s old friend to bump into two twin women at a department store in china, and to recognize their resemblance to suyuan even after forty years of separation. organizational pattern does tan use in "mother tongue," and how does she control her tone? at that point, suyuan and canning had already immigrated to san francisco, after spending seven years in china looking for the twins."a pair of tickets" was among the first chapters submitted by tan in order to get a ,000 advance from g. walker's short story, "everyday use," shows the significance of genuinely understanding our own family traditions and culture through our present lives. the joy luck club and the kitchen god's wife, amy tan uses stories from her own history and myth to explore the voices of mothers and daughters of chinese ancestry. tan gained immediate popularity and garnered high praise from critics with her first novel, the joy luck club (1989). clearly, ollie, whoever he was, realized that no third thing could ever be as good and quit while. even though traditional chinese superstitions about luck and fate shape both stories, neither work strays far from the realistic mode.: "'sugar sisterhood': situating the amy tan phenomenon," in the ethnic canon: histories, institutions, and interventions, edited by david palumbo-liu, university of minnesota press, 1995, pp. the mother is a large and big-boned woman, who can do the jobs that men do, such as milking cows. in birmingham, alabama, under a sign that says ollie's, there's a circular stainless-steel structure like a just-landed flying saucer. in the years that follow, the club links the four families, enabling them to pool resources and keeping them in touch with their past as they take on the challenges of adjusting to a new country. suyuan becomes so sick and exhausted that she can barely move, but keeps pressing forward a few more miles, thinking about her daughters’ futures. although both of the authors write about the differences between genuine heritage and false ideas of heritage, alice walker conveys the differences characters by mainly describing what the three main characters do, say and think, while amy tan handles this material by mostly portraying what jing mei sees, hears and thinks. she also feels a bit of that same cultural misunderstanding, as her relatives assume that she is american and isn’t interested in the food of her heritage. pair of tickets”, by amy tan, is a brief narrative about the conscience and reminiscence of a young chinese american woman, jing-mei, who is on a trip to china to meet her two half-sisters for the first time in her life. both the mother and maggie are traditional characters, who are proud of their black heritage. and she has written a true novel this time, one sustained story that lasts all of some four hundred pages. in the end, the grief of mishandling her daughters’ lives is too much for suyuan, not knowing that her daughters are happy and healthy in eastern china. tremendous success of amy tan's two previous novels, the joy luck club and the kitchen god's wife, lay in her capacity to evoke, vividly and with subtle humor, the cultural dislocation of america's chinese community.

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