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marguerite rigaud clench-aas (1980)   hematocrit and hemoglobin, atp and dpg concentrations in andean man: variability by sex, age, village, altitude, weight, smoking habits and genetic constitution. m watts hines (2007)   african american female adolescents and antecedents of pregnancy. b barber (1991)   an analysis of the shortage of registered nurses (rns) in acute care hospitals in el paso, texas. scott krumenacker (2003)   cloning, characterization and regulation of the soluble guanylyl cyclase alpha1 and beta1 genes.-ming chen (2016)   statistical methods for genetic phenotype prediction and dna sequence sample contamination detection. e mckee (2005)   the spanish translation, cultural adaptation and validation of the powe fatalism inventory. graur (1985)   studies on the patterns of nucleotide and amino acid substitution (electrophoresis, mutation rate, selection, base, composition). elizabeth dains (1987)   social network size and perceived network sufficiency as predictors of perceived health status. b monsivais (2008)   understanding cultural constructions of chronic pain in mexican -american women. stanch (2007)   use of light intensity, temperature, and humidity to verify exposure location. j hollmann (2005)   the function of the murine complement *c3a and *c5a anaphylatoxin receptors in endotoxemia, bacteremia and septic shock. j rounbehler (2003)   using k5 myc transgenic mice to delineate *myc's apoptotic and tumorigenic pathways. jan jakubowski (2005)   analysis of agrobacterium tumefaciens virb6 and virb9 of the virb /d4 type iv secretion system. l schleifer (2010)   charity care and community benefits by hospital type in texas. gaites wellington (1974)   a measure of survival experience in the presence of truncation and censoring in clinical trials. juma (2015)   addressing healthcare system barriers to timely initiation of tuberculosis treatment: a case review of the uganda national tb program. thi nguyen (2012)   risk factors for diabetic retinopathy in mexican americans in starr county, texas. f meshack (1993)   for health's sake: cervical and breast cancer screening. wei-chung yang (1999)   interactions and structural analysis of the zinc -binding motif in decorin, a small leucine rich proteoglycan in extracellular matrix. drewinko (1970)   biological properties and radiation response of a human immunoglobulin producing cell line grown in vitro. ricardo salas (2001)   a study in the molecular and cellular functions of gsk3beta in prostate adenocarcinoma. test in the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection in hiv-infected children in uganda. elizabeth davis (1987)   a functional variant of hla-dr1 delineated by t-lymphocyte clone reactivity, protein conformation, and genomic restriction sites. l hechanova (2012)   attitudes toward end-of-life decision making in south texas. e barton (2005)   population-based cross -sectional survey on intestinal helminth infections with a focus on taeniasis among residents of el paso, texas and ciudad juarez, mexico. ann batiste roberts (1999)   a comparison of health behaviors of african -american male and female illicit drug users: implications for community health practice. mohammed (2016)   delayed gastric emptying following pancreatic resection: incidence, risk factors, and impact on healthcare utilization.-ping day (2005)   breast cancer -specific activation of topoisomerase iialpha and its application in the tumor -targeting gene therapy. burt scales (1993)   isolation, characterization and transcriptional regulation of {\it xenopus myod\/}. ayele lemessa (2011)   a feasibility study for assessing building occupants' indoor air quality expectations compared to nationally recognized standards. beard badgwell (2004)   the role of the conserved n -terminal domain of stat3 in stat3 dephosphorylation and nuclear export. l dembinski (2007)   examination of the engraftment of exogenous mesenchymal stem cells in ovarian tumors and their potential use as delivery vehicles for therapeutic genes. flint dulin (1994)   long-term injury induced plasticity in {\it aplysia\/} neurons: behavioral, electrophysiological, and morphological studies. foster (2007)   the association of hsv 1 and 2 with atherosclerosis defined by crp level. kourosh (2007)   hepatitis b vaccination of high risk pregnant women: a clinical trial at parkland memorial hospital. frazier (2000)   resting and reactive blood pressure as predictors of ambulatory blood pressure in older hypertensive adults. lou haile (1994)   perceived risk and outcome expectancy on the practice of home infusion technique in a hemophilia population. van lee (2008)   analysis of the e1-ubiquitin activating enzyme, uba1, in cell death and tissue growth in drosophila. marie nunez daw (2008)   trends in insurance coverage and out -of -pocket payments for mental health and substance abuse services: an examination of medical expenditure panel survey data, 1996--2004. huang (1997)   role and regulation of c-kit gene expression in tumor growth and metastasis of human melanoma. ferdinand schatzki (1968)   bile canaliculus and space of disse: electron microscopic relationships as delineated by lanthanum. nikhat hasham (2003)   the genetic basis of thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections: genetic heterogeneity and mapping of taad1 and taad2 loci. gary nadler (1988)   studies on the interaction of nadph cytochrome p-450 reductase and cytochromes p-450. lozano-pineda (2009)   findings of the university of texas health science center at san antonio's dental school pilot mobile van program in laredo, texas.-chieh yang (2009)   polycomb repressive complex 2 and induced basal-like breast cancer phenotype mediated by cyclin e/cdk2. k vora (2012)   social and economically influenced factors associated with breast cancer treatment among blacks and whites. xavier villarreal (2014)   frontier medicine: the epidemiology of new mexico wilderness search and rescue operations, 2008-2011. kunigunde meyer (1994)   a cellular cleavage pathway for the moloney murine leukemia virus precursor protein, pr65$\rm\sp{gag}$: identification of a new viral protein containing cap30 and ncp10 sequences. augusta truax slover (2005)   texas department of health organizational structure changes: a reflection of public health policy and agency expansion, september 1, 1946--june 30, 1994. m bluethmann (2014)   widening the path to prevention: health promotion, behavior change and intervention opportunities in cancer survivorship. hong le (2009)   an empirical model to estimate the demand for primary care in urban settings. singh sandhu (1992)   thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction: a cohort study to evaluate a selective approach to invasive diagnosis and therapy. zhou (2013)   association between land use and temperatures during the 2011 heat wave in houston: a quantile regression analysis. lee (2004)   functional studies of *ras and bcl-2 oncoproteins in keratinocyte homeostasis and multistep skin carcinogenesis. kharat (2013)   phenotypic and genotypic characterization of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli isolates obtained from international travelers to india and latin america and pediatric population from usa. price (2008)   the imaging and dosimetric capabilities of a ct/mr-suitable, anatomically adaptive, shielded intracavitary brachytherapy applicator for the treatment of cervical cancer. michael casserly (1979)   production, degradation and accumulation of organics by waste stabilization pond microorganisms. urrutia-rojas (1995)   hispanic incorporation and access to health care in houston and harris county, texas: adopting an hispanic perspective to the aday and andersen model. l halterman (2010)   the open door mission: measuring and predicting outcomes of one community-based substance abuse treatment program. taylor (2009)   the impact of host immunity on oscillating rates of syphilis when gender and race are considered. aspi surveyor (1996)   expression and hormonal regulation of muc-1 at the apical surface of mouse uterine epithelial cells and its role in modulating embryo implantation. elizabeth stuff (1996)   a study of the relationship between physical activity and cardiovascular fitness and coronary heart disease risk factors in female adolescents. allen wright (2009)   risk factors for encephalitis and death from west nile virus infection: an analysis of hospitalized cases in houston, texas from 2002--2008. g simons-morton (1991)   penetrating injuries of the thorax and abdomen: type of medical-care institution and case fatality. janak (2011)   returning texas senate bill 530 back to 1100 congress avenue: the need for effective surveillance reporting of student fitness levels to texas house representatives. rose bock standlee (2010)   an evaluation of a lake houston tributary, cypress creek, for contamination and water quality. e urigwe (2010)   understanding mental illness in nigeria: bringing culture and traditional medicine into mental health policy. marshall deliere (1974)   field study and assessment of the constraints impacting the development of a prepaid health care delivery system in brooklyn, new york. abuhamad pratt (1992)   expression and function of $\beta$-1,4-galactosyltransferase during wild-type and t/{\it t\/} -mutant spermatogenesis. d ward (2006)   racial and ethnic disparities in diabetes mellitus and hypertension: influence of income and insurance status in a cross-sectional study of the united states. ahn cho (1986)   blood pressure changes in relation to demographic, anthropometric, and sexual maturation variables in u. rong (1985)   diagnostic antigens for schistosomiasis mansoni: production, characterization and purification of monoclonal antibodies, and affinity purification of antigens. yu (2003)   antitumor activity of an ets protein, pea3, in breast cancer cell lines mda-mb-361dyt2 and bt474m1. anne trudeau (1991)   bayesian inference and its application to meta-analysis of epidemiologic data. eugene scheurer (2004)   molecular markers of human papillomavirus (hpv) infection and epidemiologic risk factors for squamous intraepithelial lesions (sil) of the cervix. gaytan (2000)   is sensitization to stimulants time dependent and mediated via nmda receptors? mcgahren murray (2007)   the differential staurosporine mediated g1 arrest in normal versus tumor cells is dependent on the retinoblastoma and chk1 proteins. lee biddinger (1997)   genes to blood pressure: the effects of variation in genes of the renin-angiotensin system on the hormonal and renal control of blood pressure. joseph carlson (2001)   temporal analysis of pi-3kinase and mapk signal transduction during skeletal muscle overload. raymond gum (1980)   nadph-cytochrome p-450 reductase: evidence for two separate structural domains and isolation and characterization of the membrane associated segment. brockriede rhetorical criticism as argumentative essay basw code of ethics for social work research paper essay theoretical perspectives sociology essay on facing challenges liaquat ali khan short essay on pollution essay on the last supper settled communities essays on the great, president barack obama essay paper gandhiji the ceaseless crusader essays shawshank redemption review essay assignment my super dad essay harvard college essays 2016. davidson casselberry (2016)   using the theory of self-regulation to assess the correlation between self-monitoring adherence, lifestyle behaviors, and health outcomes among type two diabetic patients. lee nelson (2007)   reduction of setup uncertainties and tumor motion in the radiation therapy of lung tumors. thi thu phan (2009)   hepatitis c and human immunodeficiency virus infections in injecting drug users in drug treatment centers in vietnam. marie adams (2008)   emerging roles for the double strand break repair protein 53bp1 in transcriptional regulation. siu ing ho (1993)   nonpurging binge eaters versus nonbinge eaters and treatment retention for adult obesity. antonio barboza (2006)   mdm2 and mdm4 control distinct p53 functions that cooperate in suppression of tumorigenesis. fernando (2007)   pre-employment drug testing among job applicants at a texas tertiary level pediatric hospital: 1992--2006. elizabeth martin (2005)   pou domain transcription factor brn3b is critical for the normal development and survival of retinal ganglion cells. aulds martin (1987)   a study of nurses' perceptions of and participation in the resolution of treatment dilemmas for critically ill newborns. ramdas (1987)   stability and folding of mutant forms of iso-1 cytochrome-c from saccharomyces cerevisiae. linda anabor (2011)   assessing the relationship between obesity and type ii diabetes among south asian indians in houston a population based study. c williams (2004)   family stress, coping, communication, and adaptation in unintended adolescent pregnancy. ayala (1997)   evaluation of androgenicity, abdominal adiposity, blood pressure and types of ovulatory patterns in a sample of women with menstrual irregularities. d hayashi (2016)   the gendered intersection of violence and drug use among people who use methamphetamine in san diego county, california. fu (2007)   blys/baff-r signaling pathway in human aggressive non hodgkin's lymphoma b cell and normal peripheral blood b lymphocytes. liu (2013)   menu labeling and food choice: a systematic review of the literature concerning the effects of menu labeling on consumer food choices. alfred (2007)   influenza vaccination and peoples' knowledge and attitudes towards it: factors that influenced influenza vaccination during the 2004--2005 influenza vaccine shortage. jacob jabbour (1994)   differential stress response and susceptibility to oxidative injury in alveolar macrophages from c57bl/6j and c3h/hej mice following oxidant exposure. chandler (2008)   defining barriers in caring for seriously-ill children in a resource-limited setting: an observational study of 2 children's hospitals in haiti. ren (2005)   stat3 activation by the erbb2 receptor and development of peptide-based stat3 inhibitors. ashutosh rao (2003)   mechanism of damage sensing and cell killing following the inhibition of nucleotide excision repair by fludarabine in quiescent cells. andres contreras cuellar (2012)   evaluation of memory b cells among perinatally hiv infected children from houston texas. f muller (1987)   gabaergic and glycinergic pathways to goldfish retinal ganglion cells: an ultrastructural double label study. fred sands (1979)   primate memory: probe recognition performance by a rhesus monkey. garcia (1995)   analysis of pp60$\sp{{\rm c}{-}src}$ and pp62$\sp{{\rm c}{-}yes}$ intracellular protein tyrosine kinase function in colon tumor cell growth regulation using herbimycin a, a tyrosine kinase specific inhibitor. koos kleerekoper (1999)   nmr structural analysis of cardiac troponin c: monitoring conformational changes induced by binding calcium, troponin i, and calcium -sensitizing drugs.-chung suen (1990)   transcriptional regulation of the {\it neu\/} oncogene and its negative regulation by the c-{\it myc\/} oncogene. genevieve clary (2008)   household health assessment and associated water sample analysis in the miches watershed of the dominican republic. pasuelo melancon (2007)   near infra-red-activatable nanocarriers for selective cancer diagnosis and treatment. carter (2008)   west nile virus in the rio grande valley: a seroprevalence study of juvenile dogs. louise cannon preston (1993)   the characterization of an epithelial chloride channel and purification of a channel component. danawala (2013)   analysis of the motivating factors for initiation and continuation of smokeless tobacco use in two indian states: gujarat and andhra pradesh. carter hixson (1975)   comparison of lectin binding site topography and cytoagglutination of normal and rna tumor virus infected cells. ortega-madani (2010)   prevalence of gastro esophageal reflux disease following the montreal consensus and its association with helicobacter pylori infection and obesity in a random sample of adults of ciudad juarez, mexico, 2004. balentine (2011)   the role and impact of transitional care utilization in colorectal cancer. santa maria (2013)   exploring parental factors and their influence on early adolescent sexual health. lynn rolig (1997)   role of {\it ercc1\/} in dna repair and genetic recombination. j kirkendoll (2009)   hiv disclosure decisions and social support among african-american women in houston, texas. onyeaghala emeharole (1981)   house-to-house survey of access to and use of public health facilities in metropolitan lagos, nigeria. yang (2000)   biochemical and genetic analysis of two protein kinases jnkk2 and mekk3. leo graham (2010)   influence of trust on hiv diagnosis and care practices. s provencher (2007)   barriers to adolescent and young men's access of reproductive health care. mei zheng olefsky (2016)   investigating type i error rate of clinical trials after using stratified permuted block randomization and the permutation test. joseph byrne (2009)   sleep quality and quantity and associated factors among high school students from south texas. de heer (2009)   a path analysis of an after-school health and exercise program for elementary school children in el paso, texas. russell wade (1966)   polyribosome formation and translation of the virus genetic message in cells infected with amber mutants of the rna bacteriophage-ms2. jo steinhausen (2008)   a space-time analysis of reported shigellosis and salmonellosis cases in texas from 2000 to 2004. sue lloyd lange (2008)   involvement of hmgb1 in the repair of dna adducts and the responses to dna damage in mammalian cells. paul kurzban (1985)   preparation and characterization of fad dependent nadph cytochrome p-450 reductase (flavoproteins, apoflavoprotein). craig vallejo (1991)   confidential inquiry into perinatal mortality in the lower rio grande valley, 1988. morales (2009)   relationship between dietary patterns and body mass index in hispanic children ages 4--19 years of age. m little (2008)   analysis of a disaster medical track for the certificate in emergency management and preparedness program at the university of texas at dallas. marie eberth (2011)   hpv vaccine coverage in texas counties: an application of multilevel, small area estimation.-hui tang (2003)   endogenous nitric oxide regulates p53 signaling and dna damage-induced apoptosis in melanoma cells. carissa dodge (2009)   physical activity, body composition, exogenous estrogen use and their association with insulin-like growth factors. yi (2011)   bayesian and survival model for tumor relapse status and disease-specific survival, with applications to breast cancer. russo (2012)   disparities in foodborne illness in harris county, texas, 2005--2010. moon park (1994)   the determinants of physician and pharmacist utilization and equity of access under korean universal health insurance. lee perkins (1981)   a study of diversity and community comparison indices by bioassay of copper using colonized benthic macroinvertebrates. hu (1997)   a study of the impact of cigarette advertising on adolescent susceptibility to smoking among 5th-, 8th-, and 12th-grade students in hempstead and hitchcock independent school districts. matin (1993)   regulation of {\it neu\/} gene expression by the simian virus 40 large t antigen and tumor suppressors rb and p53. kay reagan (2010)   the movement toward patient safety: state action related to reporting and disclosure of healthcare-associated infections. xie (1995)   the role of nitric oxide in apoptosis and cancer metastasis. ahateso e ilegbodu (1983)   socio-environmental factors associated with the distribution of dracunculus medinensis (guinea worm disease) and suggested methods for control, ibarapa, nigeria, 1982 (africa).

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diane andrews (2011)   validity of using item response theory to analyze data from the work limitations questionnaire. l morris (1980)   the relationship between serum cholesterol and cancer incidence in the population of the hypertension detection and follow-up program. cransten ives (1984)   environmental exposures and lung cancer risk among women in harris county, texas, 1977-1980 (occupation, smoking, bystander). kim (2016)   integrating evidence on the genetic architecture of diabetic retinopathy among mexican americans with type 2 diabetes in starr county, texas. deng (1998)   mechanisms of adenovirus 5 e1a -mediated tumor suppression and e1a-mediated apoptosis. williams trickey (2012)   data quality in trauma transfusion studies and the impact of missing data on predicting massive transfusion. sawyer sullivan (1986)   a study of illness and reservoirs associated with giardia lamblia in rural egypt. sanjivrao beltangady (1985)   a simulation study of the size and power of some two-sample tests for unequally censored survival data (rank tests, logrank, proportional hazards, wilcoxon tests, exponential distribution). rinderknecht (2009)   perspectives on the public health implications of global climate change and the epidemiology of vector-borne disease. lee chunn (2006)   adenosine induced pulmonary fibrosis and the contribution of the adenosine a2b receptor to the induction of osteopontin in a mouse model of pulmonary fibrosis. m vu (2011)   pilot study assessment of indoor air quality in two dental settings: particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. rebecca morrow (1987)   the effects of streptozotocin diabetes and dietary iron intake on catalase, glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase and lipid peroxidation in cardiac and skeletal muscles of rats. zhang (1991)   type i hypersensitivity and its pharmacological modulation in {\it trichinella\/}-induced intestinal fluid secretion and rapid rejection of the parasite in immunized rats. mojisola adedeji (2012)   an evaluation of the centers for medicare & medicaid services' hospital acquired conditions and present on admission indicator reporting program. michelle hatley (2008)   an integrated molecular biology and computational approach to cyp1a1 expression in human brain. yvonne groff (1997)   behavioral decision making and the levels of change: an application of the transtheoretical model to prenatal smoking in low -income women. lan-chang censullo (2012)   relationships among epilepsy self-management, health outcomes, and socioeconomic status. bradley amos (1990)   modulation of carbohydrates and carbohydrate binding proteins (lectins) during retinoic acid -induced differentiation of murine embryonal carcinoma cells. hinojosa-lindsey (2010)   understanding treatment-related symptoms, symptom management techniques, and symptom management self-efficacy in a sample of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer patients. james goddard (1989)   relation between acid back -diffusion and luminal surface hydrophobicity in canine gastric mucosa: effects of salicylate and prostaglandin. kawti rana (1999)   population and molecular evolution studies on the melanocortin 1 receptor locus implicate its role in human pigmentation variation. ranh voong (2014)   cost minimization analysis of single institution randomized trial. kari ackerman (2014)   out-of-school interventions for engaging youth in healthy eating and physical activity: a systematic review. d reyes (2008)   depolarization-dependent synaptic potentiation and hyperexcitability induced by a ca2+-independent trigger. milo wildrick (1982)   xiphophorus enzyme gene expression: tissue specificity, genetic control, and stability in cultured cells. jin (1992)   the molecular cloning and characterization of human heparanase cdna and the immunochemical localization of heparanase in metastatic melanomas. marie valmond (2014)   water consumption, social support and weight status in 8th and 11th grade students participating in the school physical activity and nutrition (span) survey in texas, usa. ellen liss (1982)   life satisfaction: a comparison of retired and employed women. j salazar-vega (2013)   comparison of machine learning approaches and statistical methods for estimation of airborne chemical exposures. hin ooi (1975)   studies on the transmission of flanders and turlock viruses by culex quinquefasciatus and culex tarsalis.. and diabetes risk factors among chinese americans in houston, texas in 2004-2005. ines robles (1996)   cyclin d1 mediates epithelial proliferation and links {\it ras\/} activation to the cell cycle. neil baumgartner (1982)   the bacon chow study: the relationship between infectious illness and growth of infants. preventing reading difficulties: the role of instruction and experience before first grade. thapa (2015)   medical co-morbidities and developmental outcomes of children with autism and down syndrome. elaine fulton (1996)   does cigarette smoking modify the association between change in body mass index during young adulthood and risk of coronary mortality during middle-age in men?-yu tsai (2009)   the cellular and molecular responses to a novel nucleotide analogue, gs-9219. matthew corry (1968)   the effect of ionizing radiation on the molecular weight distribution of double stranded dna of mammalian metaphase chromosomes. jaini (2007)   variation of genotype and prevalence of noro virus in u. kathleen haston (1997)   mouse models and quantitative trait loci of susceptibility to bleomycin- and radiation-induced pulmonary fibrosis. j slashinski (2011)   the illness experiences of african americans residing in an inner city community, houston, texas. noor bindu (2012)   performance of hba1c for classifying diabetes and diagnostic threshold for diabetes among the mexican american border community. e nicksic (2013)   phthalate exposure and obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease: a systematic review.-lung cha (2005)   targeting dysregulated nuclear proteins androgen receptor and enhancer of zeste homolog 2: clinical implication and mechanism underline. woon-hsi chen (1993)   immune responses against major histocompatibility complex and interleukin-2 gene transfected k1735 murine melanoma: potential vaccines for the immunotherapy of cancer. john bergman (1999)   effects of butyrate on the colon cancer cell phenotype-chemosensitization and upregulation of proteins implicated in cancer progression. dale corbin (2006)   subcellular targeting of and protein -protein interaction within the bacterial cell division complex. muthumarthandarajan (2015)   antidiabetic medication utilization patterns and related levels of glucose control among mexican americans in starr county texas - a cross sectional secondary analysis. richards montealegre (2011)   prevalence of hiv risk-related behaviors among undocumented central american immigrant women in houston, texas, 2010. deng (1995)   defining the regions of homology between human chromosome 16p12--13 and mouse chromosomes. matthew bjork (1999)   behavioral effects of plasma tryptophan depletion in aggressive and nonaggressive men. briscoe novak (1972)   dna-polymerase activities in nuclear and non-nuclear fractions from synchronized chinese hamster fibroblasts. joan del junco (1988)   the relationship between rheumatoid arthritis and reproductive function. l canter (2010)   metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular mortality among participants of the hypertension detection and follow-up program. niemeyer (2011)   international comparison of wait times and quality of care: a pilot study. f sukin (2014)   physician satisfaction key drivers: understanding the significance for hospital leaders. jack shumate (2016)   individual and population-level factors associated with chlamydia trachomatis infection among men who have sex with men screened in washington state infertility prevention project clinics, 2003-2011. duncan cromwell (2013)   recommendations for lymphedema reduction in surgical melanoma patients at ut md anderson cancer center based on intervention mapping guidelines. anastasia kozinetz (1985)   female sexual maturation and blood pressure (secondary-sex characteristics, growth, development). c finnie (2009)   a multi-method assessment of factors associated with delay in care-seeking and diagnosis of tuberculosis and non -adherence to treatment in limpopo province, south africa. shah (2009)   hypertension and cognitive decline among patients of alzheimer's disease. craig stevenson (2011)   attitudes of dental students to hand hygiene practices at a dental school. kevin grayson (1994)   a nested case-control study of radiation exposure and brain cancer incidence in the united states air force. wolfson (1981)   the effects of cost-sharing on use of services and consumer characteristics in a state's crippled children's division. ray welch (1984)   tumor progression: analysis of the instability of the metastatic phenotype, sensitivity to radiation and chemotherapy (phenotypic drift, breast cancer). ruth murtaza (2008)   health beliefs and attitudes of hpv among hispanic parents as predictors of intention to use the hpv vaccine. gholkar (2011)   spatial distribution of orofacial cleft birth defects and uranium-radium concentrations in tap water in atascosa, bee, brooks, calhoun, duval, goliad, hidalgo, jim hogg, jim wells, karnes, kleberg, live oak, mcmullen, nueces, san patricio, refugio, starr, victoria, webb, and zavala counties, texas. to the following dissertations or citations at proquest is available only to tmc library and its academic affiliates’ users. scott (2008)   yoga off the mat: how far and to whom do the benefits extend? r khan (1997)   design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 5$\sp\prime$-mononucleotide prodrugs: strategies to introduce nucleotides into cells. mathew rall (2007)   identification and characterization of distinct classes of camp-pulse-induced genes in dictyostelium discoideum development. elizabeth bautista (2009)   self-reported participation and perceived barriers to exercise in south texas hispanic adults. development of the system for selected communicable and immunizable childhood diseases and application of the system in one metropolitan area in the united states. claude miller (1993)   joint effects of pulmonary function and aerobic power on survival in a cohort of healthy adults. earl d'eramo (1980)   the short- and long-term effects of a handbook on the antimicrobial prescribing patterns of hospital physicians. sue phillips (1983)   presence and functional significance of lhrh-immunoreactive peptide in the accessory olfactory system of the male golden hamster brain. parrish stalcup (1996)   phenotypic and genotypic analysis of mouse hepatitis virus (jhm) complementation group a temperature-sensitive mutants. olisa ojogwu (2010)   gender differences in life circumstances, monthly income, risky sexual and drug behaviors among injection drug users in dar es salaam, tanzania. r reyes (2004)   the role of the experience and expression of anger in future cardiovascular profiles in young adolescents. marie magnetti (1983)   associations and interrelationships of socioeconomic status, behavioral factors and biological factors with birth weight. theodor sakellarides (1975)   blood pressure and blood glucose in children: an epidemiologic study of school children in cameron county, texas. jo kaplowitz (1988)   the heart challenge: the effect of regular aerobic exercise on body fat distribution in third and fourth grade school children: a randomized clinical trial. carroll evans (1994)   molecular analysis of $\beta,4-galactosyl-transferase localization to the cell surface and participation in cell adhesion. willis kohl (1993)   maximal exercise hemodynamics and risk of mortality in apparently healthy men and women. silberberg (1974)   community behavior assessment: an approach with some applications in houston, texas. lynn novotny-smith (1992)   analyses of pp60$\sp{{\rm c}-src}$ and epidermal growth factor receptor protein tyrosine kinases in a human colon adenocarcinoma cell line following induction of goblet cell-like characteristics by tumor necrosis factor-alpha. d mbue (2013)   the role of depression, stress and self-management behaviors on metabolic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. lackey (2010)   occupation and glioma: the harris county brain tumor study, 2001--2010. albus (2014)   process evaluation of ace for health pilot study: a community-academic partnership promoting fruit and vegetable intake among low-income, minority populations. bernice jiles (1990)   cardiovascular disease risk factors in hispanic children identified through a diabetic proband. maria navarro (2007)   a qualitative assessment of multi-level nutrition strategies for reducing racial and ethnic disparities in diabetes. e ramos (2008)   crossing the border for dental care: factors related to dental health among the south texas border region. lozano (2010)   the effects of respiratory ailments and income on depression in a nationally representative sample. b watson (2009)   cross-cultural equivalence and associations among food insecurity and parental influences of children's fruit and vegetable consumption. morris gad-el karim (1986)   benzene myeloclastogenicity and metabolism in cd-1 mice: a correlation. marie sheffield (2004)   occupational beryllium exposure: reconciling federal policies, regulations and contractor implementation guides to protect worker health. augusta truax slover (1996)   implementation analysis of the texas vendor drug program. l mclemore (1977)   aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase induction in human lung tissue, pulmonary macrophages, and blood lymphocytes: effects of cigarette smoking and lung cancer. lopez (2008)   high-risk drug use and sexual behaviors among out-of-treatment drug users: an aging and life course perspective. m kimmins (2009)   understanding disparities in emergency department visits for asthma. jay long (1983)   a management information system and evaluation scheme for the university of texas employee assistance programs.-joo (ellen) cheon (2009)   role of ovarian cancer antigen ca125/muc16 in development and cancer. diane love-schimenti (1993)   mechanism of dendritic epidermal t cell-mediated tolerance induction and inhibition of proliferation. nat pope (1985)   studies on cholinergic function and memory in mice (cholinotoxins, working, reference memory, radial arm maze). kay hansel (1982)   a study of the attitudes of elderly consumers toward dental care and oral health. efiong ekanem (1982)   transmission dynamics of enteric bacteria in day-care centers, houston, texas. alan turpin (1988)   expression of tnf-$\alpha$ protein and c -fos and tnf mrna during human peripheral blood monocyte maturation and activation. diane nelson (2002)   the yeast stm1 protein binds g*g multiplex nucleic acids in vitro and associates with ribosomes in vivo. jo shackleford (2008)   the regulation of jab1 and its role in herceptin resistance. moniek felder (2010)   exploring the use of pharmaceutical patient assistance programs as an option to improve access to and affordability of prescription drugs. theresa gleinser (2010)   workers and respirators: what factors influence medical clearance? don anderson (2000)   tumor immunization strategies for enhancing the graft versus tumor activity of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. espinoza (2008)   prevalence and risk factors of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus in critically-ill hospitalized patients in a tertiary care center in houston, texas: an active surveillance pilot project. thomas watson (1974)   endocrine control of breeding coloration and reproduction in the lizard holbrookia propinqua. alan greenspan (1983)   biochemical characterization and genetic mapping of wild type and mutant glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase alleles in chinese hamster ovary cells. m de los reyes (2007)   adherence to medication regimen among children with persistent asthma in houston, texas. wang (2009)   characterization of cytochrome p450 4f subfamily: response in traumatic brain injury and gene regulation. cooper (2011)   changes in 911 call volume and type during hurricane ike and the implementation and usefulness of the telehealth nurse system for the houston fire department. li (2001)   molecular regulatory mechanisms and embryonic tissue specification in sea urchin development. nolan adams (1987)   a methodologic study of pain assessment in anglo and hispanic children with cancer. l pickens (2012)   assessment of executive function before and after vitamin d replacement in vulnerable adults who self-neglect. j wilgis (2007)   a systematic review of recent research on adolescent religiosity/spirituality and aggressive/violent behavior. e hardos (2015)   occupational exposure to organophosphate esters and depression in united states air force aircraft maintainers. kan (2008)   differences in small-for-gestational-age and preterm birth among asian subgroups in relation to nativity status. krishna agarwal (2000)   glucocorticoid alterations in the human type-1/type-2 cytokine balance and the role of cd28/b7 costimulation. cho lu (1979)   seasonal variation in immunoglobulin levels in atopic and non-atopic persons. chan (2009)   identifying and removing barriers to cycling as a viable means of transportation in houston, texas.-wei tsai (2009)   molecular mechanisms by which p53/lsd1 and eralpha/trim24 complexes mediate gene regulation. hei (2014)   poisson process and clinical trial recruitment in cctrn study. password if you are college of education faculty or staff and would like to edit your profile, please go to your profile and click on your name. items from 2008-present, you can also search within the texas scholarworks digital repository. lynette marshall (2003)   regulation and transcript analysis of the ceroperon responsible for quorum sensing in rhodobacter sphaeroides 2. patricia fernandez edwards (2006)   non b-dna structures and genomic instability associated with myotonic dystrophy type 2 (cctg). michael peddecord (1978)   clinical laboratory proficiency test performance: its relationship to environmental, structural and process variables. l goodman (2014)   impact assessment of a community-based orphan and vulnerable children empowerment program in semi-rural kenya. serry bahhage (1993)   growth and development of body fat distribution from skinfold measurements: longitudinal principal components. a goldstein (2007)   zoning and the built environment: a public health analysis of zoning in austin, texas. fu (2007)   mouse retinal development: role of cell adhesion and mechanism of gene regulation. barrows (2009)   evaluation of the relationship between nutrition and functional independence measures among stroke patients undergoing inpatient rehabilitation. wayne vincentz (2005)   molecular and genetic analyses of fgf signaling during cardiac outflow tract development. bryant boutwell (1989)   development and evaluation of a video-based modeling strategy for the dissemination phase of a school health tobacco -use prevention program. j reynolds (2013)   development of a location exposure matrix for ionizing radiation in extraterrestrial environments and its application in the study of mortality for u. irene maloff (1981)   a study of the relationship between self-assessment and clinical evaluation of hearing status. taychakhoonavudh (2013)   quality of care and its impact on clinical and economic outcome in patients hospitalized from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd). li (1998)   esx1 is an x-chromosome-imprinted regulator of placental formation and fetal growth.

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keith severs (1971)   suspended particulate hazards to human health in houston, texas. s talole (2007)   breast cancer risk and heterocyclic amines and effect modification by nat gene polymorphisms. m allende-rivera (1981)   the decline of ischemic heart disease mortality in texas: health planning implications. sanchez (2009)   physician knowledge and beliefs toward hospice and the effect on hospice referral in el paso, texas. yang (2007)   functional differences of beta-tubulin isotypes: a study of microtubule assembly and antimitotic drug resistance. lin (1998)   relationships between the alterations of tumor suppressor genes, risk factors and clinical outcomes of gliomas. scott barden horan (1995)   {\it hox\/} genes and specification of regional identity in the axial skeleton: analysis of the individual and combined mutant phenotypes of the paralogous group 4 murine {\it hox\/} genes; {\it hoxa\/}-4, {\it hoxb\/}-4 and {\it hoxd\/}-4. e walsh (2003)   the relationship between leadership practices and a medication safety regime. russell (2013)   childhood cancer inpatient utilization: patterns, costs, associated factors, and time trends from 2003 to 2009. lu (1996)   defective pituitary function and gamete interactions in $\beta,4-galactosyltransferase null mice. k colucci-reuben (2007)   health, education and community: assets and needs of a small urban community in north east tamaulipas, mexico: a community based participatory research assessment. steffen-batey (1998)   physical activity and survival after a first myocardial infarction: the corpus christi heart project. marie anderson (2013)   high prevalence of stigma related abuse among a sample of men who have sex with men in tanzania: implications for hiv prevention. ada ikonne (2011)   seasonality of respiratory syncytial virus infection in texas. alavi naini (1989)   the relationship of anthropometric measures of hispanic children up to the age 5, to economic status and parental stature. sun (2016)   associations between social network, social support, and one-year health outcomes among older cancer patients. j camerlin (2010)   concomitant mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and type 2 diabetes: a descriptive model with global health implications. david richardson (1994)   receptor-mediated adenylylcyclase activation following ``homologous'' and ``heterologous'' desensitization. michael monsen (1985)   the chlorex treatability study: environmental fate in facultative anaerobic and aerobic waste stabilization ponds (biodegradation, volatilization, sorption, priority pollutants). williams deere (1998)   characterization of dermatan sulfate proteoglycan 3 (dspg3) and cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (comp). wayman pratt (2010)   a critical review: why isn't "cold pasteurization" being used widespread as a method to prevent food-related illnesses as a result of the consumption of ready-to-eat, fresh fruits, and vegetables. s armstrong (2005)   development and validation of the neuro symptom inventory in the primary brain tumor patient population. joseph schwarz (1988)   genetic and physical analysis of the bacteriophage p22 tail protein.. russell lokkeberg (1982)   severe head trauma, emergency transport, and patient outcome. m gunter (2016)   chagas disease in texas: from diagnosis to clinical epidemiology. anne prezio (2013)   health outcomes, quality improvement and cost-effectiveness of the community diabetes education (code) program: results of a randomized controlled trial. y kamdar (2010)   folate pathway polymorphisms and neuropsychological impairment after leukemia therapy. chan (2014)   barriers and facilitators for physical activity and exercise among adult indian american women in central texas. rose doyle (2001)   multiple imputation for missing continuous and dichotomous data: the effects of patterns of missingness and variable correlations on type i error with small samples. juneau (2010)   the assessment of standardized training programs in public health preparedness. zhou (2008)   osterix is required for skeletal growth and homeostasis after birth: implications in osteoporosis. o'connor (2007)   development and formative evaluation of an obesity prevention intervention for the pediatric primary care setting: helping hand (healthy activity and nutrition directions). b poonawalla (2015)   clinical outcomes of hematopoietic growth factors and the value of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in a large cohort of elderly patients with advanced ovarian cancer. elizabeth vendsel hester (2004)   determining acquisition and cessation antecedents to adolescent cigarette smoking for development of intervention strategies. harrison cannon (2016)   success of horizontal strategic alliances in healthcare: a combined resource dependence and competitive advantage theory perspective. nayak (2008)   an overview of china's one child policy and health consequences on society. michael akey (2002)   theoretical and experimental studies of linkage disequilibrium in human populations. pokluda (2010)   a comprehensive review of the environmental impacts and human health risks associated with the occurrence of waste pharmaceuticals in water sources of the united states, and policy implications. j roberts (2007)   an examination of the gonorrhea cases & places study: an analysis of the theory of gender and power, situational/environmental variables theory, and sexual script theory as it relates to risky sexual behavior in african american adults. audu oyarebu (1982)   an assessment of the current status of mental illness in bendel state of nigeria: implications for public mental health policy and education. goff (1992)   percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and coronary events in a biethnic texas community, 1985--1990. cheng (2006)   gmz27 is a new organic arsenic derivative with anti-leukemic activity, via the induction of reactive oxygen species through nadph oxidase and mitochondrial pathway that lead to leukemia cell apoptosis. yammine (2013)   the relationship between depressive symptom severity and circulating level of endothelin-1 in males ≤ 50 years of age and females ≤ 55 years of age with acs. shah (2013)   socio-economic status and behavioral difficulties in children: does ethnicity matter? parker evans (1990)   calmodulin -regulated processes and intracellular calcium in the heat stress response of mammalian cells. m crandall (2013)   how african american adolescent females construct sexuality: a qualitative ethnographic study. alvarez (2009)   the relationship between alcohol consumption and hdl cholesterol: a study of hispanic drinking patterns. lin (2014)   joint modeling of short-term and long-term outcomes for interim decision making in oncology phase ii clinical trials. lynn ruiz (2006)   the effects of proteasome inhibition in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and prostate cancer. pagaoa (2009)   associations between vaccination and childhood cancers in texas counties. shim (2014)   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fatigue and mental performance: the effects of fasting on cognition. yost gardner (1988)   a study of the relationship of support systems and adolescent pregnancy outcomes in an adolescent family life project. h herynk (2002)   activation of c -met contributes to growth and metastasis of human colorectal carcinoma. wang (2016)   dynamic prediction for multiple repeated measures and event time data. goldman (1994)   prevalence and trends of substance abuse in harris county, texas, 1989 to 1991. allen gibney (2009)   the eukaryotic cellular stress response: biochemical and genetic analyses in saccharomyces cerevisiae. c nnoli (2011)   the role of environmental tobacco smoke in the development and exacerbation of asthma among children in developing countries: a systematic review. creamer (2010)   is sexual violence associated with symptoms of depression and suicide attempts. li (2012)   socioeconomic disparities in thyroid cancer incidence within the surveillance, epidemiology, and end results (seer) registry, 1980--2008. wilkinson (2012)   a comparison of risky sexual behaviors between older and younger men who have sex with men in houston, tx. seidel (2016)   children living on the street in semi-rural kenya---a formative evaluation of community perceptions and children's health outcomes. m modak (2012)   cataract surgery in cancer patients and its impact on quality of life as measured by the national eye institute visual functioning questionnaire - 25 (nei-vfq-25).-yang guo (1997)   identification of the signal pathways modulated by expression of p210$\rm\sp{bcr-abl}$ and the inhibition of p210$\rm\sp{bcr-abl}$ transforming activity by polypeptides interacting with p210$\rm\sp{bcr-abl}$ in murine myeloid 32d cells. vesta buchanan (1983)   the logic of nominal record linkage with a case study from laredo, texas. xia (2007)   simulation study of joint transition and weibull survival model with shared parameters. soraya kusters (2012)   interpretation services for immigrants in federally qualified health centers: barriers, best practices, and suggestions for the future. j nunez de macia (1983)   social and biological determinants of short-term growth velocity among preschoolers of rural guatemala: a path analysis approach (weight-gain, iron deficiency, gastrointestinal symptoms). mcquinn (2011)   cross-sectional study examining the role of acculturation in self-reported hypertension among mexican americans in harris county, texas. shah (2010)   the economic cost of type 2 diabetes attributable to physical inactivity in the united states and texas in 2007. l russell (2004)   characterization of e2f1's oncogenic, apoptotic and tumor-suppressive activities utilizing the k5 mouse model. yoon (2004)   molecular mechanisms of signal transducer and activator of transcription (stat) protein function in hematopoiesis. milton prichard (1978)   population radiation doses attributable to radon-222 in groundwaters in greater houston, texas. dai (1997)   regulatory factors and control of anthrax toxin gene expression.. marie bloemer (2009)   aedes aegypti, aedes albopictus, and dengue virus in harris county: an estimate of risk. saavedra-embesi (2008)   barriers to breast and cervical cancer screening among migrant and seasonal farmworker women in the lower rio grande valley, texas. alvarado (2012)   patient-centered medical home technology effects on hypertension and diabetes control. michelle kottek (2015)   parent and child factors influencing attendance in a community-based obesity intervention. bruce lowe (1982)   an investigation of the possible relationship between certain physiological and psychological measures and smoking cessation in a self - selected population. elizabeth loch (2008)   houston police officer attitudes towards the mentally ill: cit trained and non-cit trained. jin (1994)   population genetics of vntr loci and their applications in evolutionary studies. liu (2009)   triplex -forming oligonucleotide directed psoralen interstrand crosslinks can induce targeted homologous recombination in mammalian cells. leah pressman (2001)   the role of lmx1b and pitx2 in anterior segment development and adult ocular function. troxell reynolds (2008)   the role of workplace absence as an organizational mechanism in predicting employee alcohol and drug disorders. vonville (2008)   a project to improve the information seeking skills and increase the use of evidence-based research in public health practice. d spears (1991)   a categorical data analysis approach to estimation of demographic characteristics for texas county populations. gonynor (2013)   development of intervention and evaluation materials for the pilot program living positively. seay (2015)   using a joint continuous time markov chain to represent the trauma patient's icu and ventilator experience. lacour (2007)   the prevalence of food insecurity and associated factors among households with children in head start programs in houston, texas and birmingham, alabama. fram sunavala (2000)   searching for the ideal dna recognition code of covalent ligands. antonio small (2012)   evaluation of chip perinatal program outcomes in harris county, texas. renee watts matthews (2003)   the characterization of mouse carboxypeptidase n small subunit gene structure and presence in developing embryos. ellsworth robinson (1975)   an investigation of health practices of patients in two harris county, texas hospital district comprehensive health clinics. joseph lupo (2009)   determining associations and assessing methodological issues in a case-control study of hazardous air pollutants and neural tube defects. wasim bin noor (2012)   hiv prevalence and contextual risk-factors among injection drug users in harris county, texas. daniel schindler (2001)   nature and community in western culture: wendell berry's alternative tradition. marie stott (2015)   a qualitative review of hispanic food choice: exploring factors for healthy and unhealthy eating among hispanic children and adolescents living in the u. marshall (2015)   exploring neighborhood problems and perceptions as influences on social cohesion, collective efficacy, and place attachment as a strategy to improve health. ahmed bugis (2012)   the impact of communication and cultural diversity in utilizing dental services among saudi arabian students in u. putney (2016)   outcomes associated with pharmacist participation in a heart failure transitional care clinic through medication reconciliation and education. hwang (2012)   analysis of life expectancy using linear and nonlinear models. millard krause (1995)   survey of shift and work tolerance of city of houston emergency medical service personnel. goshorn murray (1996)   design and evaluation of the parent education component of a comprehensive violence prevention project in middle schools. wu (1994)   genetic susceptibility, cigarette smoking, and wood dust exposure in lung cancer: case control analyses. jeu (1975)   a descriptive study to identify variables related to attrition and success of spanish surnamed versus non-spanish surnamed students in two baccalaureate programs of nursing in texas.-song alfred wun (1982)   direct effect of melatonin upon the release of gonadotropins from the superfused pituitary gland of the male golden hamster. missildine (2008)   role of sleep and sleep-related correlates in the development of delirium: a feasibility study. rachel seminara (2005)   nitric oxide contributes to lps/ifn-gamma-induced macrophage apoptosis via jnk and bcl-2 family regulation. william ferkany (1980)   the effect of gabamimetics on neurotransmitter receptor binding and function in rat brain. spencer (2014)   predictors of oncology nurse asking and referring behaviors about complementary and alternative medicine. travis briscoe (1973)   studies on a unique aspartyl transfer-ribonucleic acid appearing in sv40-induced and other tumors. h rose (1980)   an estimation of in utero drug exposure by determinants of frequency and distribution of maternal drug consumption. c woerner (2009)   birth prevalence of isolated congenital limb reduction defects in texas 1999--2001. tai-kam chan (1990)   comparison of medical care costs, utilization, and satisfaction of aids patients with and without home care. arsalan arif (2001)   prevalence and risk factors of asthma and work -related asthma among u. aafje donker (1994)   low birthweight and the risk of developing subsequent high blood pressure and/or dyslipidemia in childhood. rather sexton (2010)   lifetime changes in body mass index and risk of breast cancer in minority women. strachan (2012)   elimination of racial/ethnic hepatitis b vaccination disparities in the us in the 2007--2008 national health and nutrition examination survey. zong (2000)   changes in blood lipids and their associations with changes in measures of height, weight and body mass index from age 8 to 18 years: project heartbeat! cheng (1998)   study of retinoic acid signaling in cancer cells: cloning and characterization of retinoic acid responsive genes. t lewis (2008)   safety, pharmacokinetics, and antiretroviral activity of multiple doses of ibalizumab (formerly tnx-355), an anti-cd4 monoclonal antibody in hiv-1 infected adults. xu (2005)   subjective well -being as predictor of mortality, heart disease, and obesity: prospective evidence from the alameda county study. taylor (2016)   comparison of end of life care practices and resource utilization by ovarian cancer patients of varying racial, socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds in texas. kent lawrence (2016)   evaluation of the national alliance on mental illness peer-to-peer educational program: a pilot study to assess the potential to improve well-being and quality of life. chen (2009)   genetic variations in the pi3k-akt-mtor pathway and bladder cancer susceptibility and clinical outcomes. a ratliff (2011)   changes in sexual behaviors associated with crack cocaine cessation among african americans in houston, texas. g volpe (1989)   inherited and noninherited sources of variation in metastasis and the growth rate of tumors: implications for tumor evolution and therapy. zhao (2016)   self-reported depression among cancer survivors in medicare beneficiaries: a statistical method comparison between complex survey design and simple random sample design. fulda (1999)   source of health insurance and immunization rates: findings from the 1996 texas immunization survey. keith monteith (1985)   inactivation of mutagenic drugs and their metabolites in the urine of patients administered antineoplastic therapy. raj (2011)   influence of family meals on obesity and dietary behaviors among adolescents in india. kay libbus (1990)   the effects of adequacy and content of prenatal care on birth outcomes in a high -risk missouri population. kerri fanarof (2009)   an analysis of texas's school based hpv vaccine mandate: a public health risk communication failure: hpveto! zhang (2006)   an empirical evaluation of the random forests classifier models for variable selection in a large-scale lung cancer case-control study. allen mikus (1997)   estimating the mean and standard deviation of concentration distributions using censored samples.-yang lee (2015)   nonlinear functional regression model for sequencing-based association and gene-gene interaction analysis of physiological traits and their applications to sleep apnea. willard gerner (1974)   on the temporal relationship between non-histone protein synthesis and dna replication in normal and irradiated mammalian cells. crapanzano (2013)   patenting genes and gene sequences: analysis of public health implications and the law.

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marie campbell (2008)   an analysis of the effects of a peer mentor program and other factors on hiv patients' retention in care and clinical outcomes at thomas street health clinic, houston texas. ann lafleur (2003)   il -12 inhibits the metastatic potential of osteosarcoma cells and induces tumor regression via a mechanism involving fas /fas ligand pathway. longoria (2007)   the use of culturally related health practices and health care utilization among hispanic women in farmworker communities. trung tran (2013)   partial-mouth periodontal examination protocol for estimation of prevalence, severity and extent of periodontitis. sue carew (2005)   mitochondrial defects in primary leukemia cells: biological consequences and therapeutic implications.-jung kim (2004)   mechanism of n-(4-hydroxyphenyl)retinamide (4hpr)-induced apoptosis in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells. xie (2012)   the relationship between hospital financial performance and information technology integration strategy selection. frederic beckner (1983)   verification of dna predicted protein sequences by enzyme hydrolysis and mass spectrometric analysis. day van morkhoven (1997)   the prevalence of burnout among psychologists and psychological associates in the state of texas. monique shipp (2005)   back pain in migrant farmworker families and farmworker high school students from starr county, texas. tumbu (2013)   antibiotic prescription patterns among hiv-infected patients with respiratory infections in uganda. eugenia mendez de marles (1981)   comparison of measurements of absorbed dose to water using a water calorimeter and ionization chambers for clinical radiotherapy photon and electron beams. mcgee barlow (2015)   an integrated approach to evaluating erp in healthcare: conceptual and research model development. olayinka ola (2014)   determinants of emergency department use by patients with non-urgent conditions and with or without a usual source of care. walker whitworth (2009)   hazardous air pollutants and childhood lymphohematopoietic cancer in southeast texas, 1995--2004. m crandall (2008)   an evaluation of the texas "a woman's right to know" booklet: a state mandated patient education document for induced abortion.-ping fu (2009)   identification of diabetic retinopathy genes through a genome-wide association study among mexican-americans from starr county, texas. shen (1994)   the roles of electrostatic charge pairing in the interaction between cytochrome p-450 and nadph-cytochrome p-450 reductase. carolyn harris conway (2015)   long work hours and adverse health outcomes: defining a health risk-based threshold for work hour exposure. m marks (2010)   illicit drug use, alcohol use and nicotine dependence as predictors of antiretroviral adherence in a sample of hiv positive smokers. a islas (2007)   the preparticipation sports physical examination and wilderness athletes. xu (1998)   identification of antigen-encoding genes of enterococcus faecalis during human infections and characterization of a gene cluster for the biosynthesis of an antigenic polysaccharide.-kai chou (2009)   the role of akt-mediated phosphorylation in suppression of mad1 and the development of new approach in protein complex detection. renee nelson (2008)   food advertisements during children's television programming in 2007: comparison with ads in 1994 and the 2005 dietary recommendations. golabbakhsh (2008)   gender associated risk factors of aortic aneurysms and dissections. gayle boss-victoria (1992)   generalized resistance resources of informal caregivers: a study of demands for care, competing demands, perception of burden and cognitive stress. ottenbacher (2010)   physical activity among breast and prostate cancer survivors: barriers, facilitators and maintenance following the fresh start trial.-an mao (1996)   functional analysis of the sea urchin {\it orthodenticle\/} -related gene, {\it spotx\/}, in aboral ectoderm-specific gene activation and aboral ectoderm cell fate specification. duramad (2007)   characterization of tumor-associated foxp3+ regulatory t cells and de-novo induction by the tumor microenvironment. state university of new york, university at albany: child research and study center. longoria thoi (1999)   prediction of cardiovascular disease risk factors in mexican-american children from parental risk factors, and social and demographic characteristics in the hhanes. thi ngoc tran (2014)   internalized homonegativity: the psychometric structure of the short scale and hiv/sit associated behaviors. donery cooksley (1997)   hiv-related malignancies: a community-based study using a linkage of cancer registry and hiv registry data. suarez (1998)   neural tube defects in mexican-americans living on the us-mexico border: the effects of folic acid and dietary folate. b van slyke (2007)   assessing childhood difficulties: comparing the sdq and the basc-2. daram annambhotla (2010)   the relationship between surgical residents' perception of leadership and patient safety culture. michael skisak (1989)   the role of chronic irritation and inflammation in tumor promotion in cd-1 mice by petroleum middle distillates. wayne barnett (1978)   the effect of infection with herpes simplex viruses types 1 and 2 on cell dna synthesis and thymidine kinase activities in cultured human cells. o'brian smith (1977)   a two compartment regression model and survival analysis with covariates applied to follow-up study compliance. r bedi (2009)   foodborne illness, food inspection policy and restaurants in the u. palmer vonrosenberg (1996)   folklore, fad, and fashion: the concept of misconduct in science redefined. zoghbi (2010)   an exploratory study of screening practices and barriers for postpartum depression in texas. r sintes-yallen (2008)   validity and reliability of a measure of latina mother's nutritional self-efficacy. weber cullen (1995)   development and evaluation of a nutrition education program designed to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in girls, ages 9--12. bigman (2016)   acculturaiton, body image, and their interplay with breastfeeding behaviors among hispanic origin women. e wolf (2016)   comparing refugees' access to health care in the united states and germany: a systematic review of the literature. adu-oppong (2005)   social and behavioral determinants of consistent condom use among female commercial sex workers (fcsws) in ghana. m andrepont (2009)   point-of-sale machines in school cafeterias and parental influence on child food choices. williams (2008)   how health care delay and avoidance decisions are affected by finances and health insurance. m anchondo (2006)   an investigation of the association between obesity, acanthosis nigricans, and fasting serum insulin level in 6--9 year old children living on the el paso-juarez u. linda cummings (2009)   examination of the influence of behavioral, normative and control beliefs on the adherence to a prescribed renal diet among elderly populations with chronic to end-stage renal disease. michelle lashinger (2005)   bortezomib modulates trail sensitivity in human bladder and prostate cancer. richard gomes (1998)   expression of neuromuscular junction messenger rnas and protein in aged rats. li (2014)   dynamic model and its applications to molecular and physiological data analysis. lam king (1983)   induction of dna strand breaks and cross-links by the new anticancer agent 3,6-diaziridinyl-2,5-bis(carboethoxyamino) -1,4-benzoquinone. b powell (2014)   urban roots farm internship alumni study: a qualitative investigation of postparticipation highlights, lessons learned and recommendations on sustainable agriculture-focused development programming from the perspective of young people. h byars (2013)   a geographic information science (gis) approach to conducting comparative area-level community assessments in the texas cord study. elizabeth nemec (2013)   association of parent psychosocial variables and behaviors with child vegetable intake and weight status. edwards dallas (1984)   respiratory compensation mechanisms in the upper and lower respiratory tracts of an animal model after subchronic inhalation exposure to formaldehyde: implications for toxicology risk assessment (deposition, dose received, response). cho (2000)   retinoid -induced regression of human head and neck squamous cell carcinomas is associated with the induction of a pro -inflammatory response. abraham (2010)   a look at parent-adolescent processes and adolescent sexual intentions among urban, minority, middle school youth. alan miller (2004)   prostate cancer in texas: addressing racial and ethnic disparities. assassi (2008)   folic acid fortification, maternal obesity and neural tube defects: policy implications. andrew hebert (1999)   effect of nonnormal random components on level and power in group-randomized trials. lynn blevins (1999)   the two -state model of receptor activation: the agonist and the efficacy. ester martin (2001)   prenatal care content and utilization among pregnant women enrolled in managed care programs in harris county, texas. anjelica allport (2016)   association between parental age at onset of cvd and offspring age at onset of cvd: application to framingham study. dutt (1983)   subcellular localization, purification and properties of a cdp-diacylglycerol - dependent phosphatidylserine synthase in bacillus licheniformis. davidson (2010)   association between cardiorespiratory fitness and alzheimer's mortality: a prospective cohort study. kathryn martin (2008)   hospital and environmental variation in texas nonprofit hospital organizational policies regarding charity care. salim el-issa (1999)   reactions of african immigrants living in houston, texas, to the american media and legislation regarding female circumcision. acharya (2015)   autism spectrum disorder and particulate matter pollution: a systematic review of literature. j walker (2016)   an evaluation of the relationship between physical activity and presenteeism among employees from a public university system. espinosa da silva (2016)   investigating the association between depression and high-risk sexual behavior in gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in houston, texas. h phillips (1983)   immunomodulation of murine and human natural cell mediated cytotoxicity by the tetrapeptide tuftsin.. military health: the epidemiology of occupational risk factors and long-term health across the life-course. reed mcghee (1999)   forecasting cost based on a stochastic utilization plan and a fixed cost function. zanwar (2012)   effects of overweight and obesity on economic outcomes among u. v nelson danquah (2009)   frequency, severity and distress of dialysis-related symptoms reported by patients on hemodialysis. wang (2014)   variable selection, response adaptive randomization, and covariate-adjusted response-adaptive randomization for personalized medicine. carlos santiago (1982)   visual memory processing by primates and avians in a relational task. lorenza rodriguez (1990)   type a behavior and blood pressure during adolescence. alice gilbreth (1998)   cloning and genetic characterization of skb1: a novel regulator of shk1 and mitosis in schizosaccharomyces pombe. johnson (2007)   hypoxia-induced transcriptional regulation through chromatin modifications and nc2 function. merrill hewitt (1995)   transcriptional regulation and functional analysis of the wilms' tumor gene wt1. stallones (1982)   marital status and cardiovascular risk (serum, cholesterol, cigarette, smoking, blood, pressure, systolic). ha (2013)   social, sexual, and drug networks among drug using male sex workers in houston, texas. colacino (2009)   dietary intake patterns and relationships to polybrominated diphenyl ether (pbde) and phthalate body burden. mary moulds (1989)   quantitation of c4a and c4b in systemic lupus erythematosus patients. richard russell (1991)   citric acid cycle flux and pressure-volume work in the isolated working rat heart. dana miller (1973)   some responses of the human disparity processing system to dynamic random dot stereograms. yu (1991)   repression of {\it neu} oncogene by e1a: mechanisms and biological functions. suarez quackenbush (2009)   a qualitative analysis of leadership styles and the selection of quality improvement in primary care practice. paul scholz (1988)   intracellular chemical messengers and neuronal function: two examples. bradford spurgers (2006)   tp53-dependent repression of cell cycle target genes: global and mechanistic analysis. gill (2014)   the association between presence of school health personnel and youth participation in risky behaviors. imsomboon (1982)   cigarette smoking among high school students in rural areas of thailand. arnott rasco (1970)   isolation and characterization of cooh-terminal peptides of bovine luteinizing hormone. li (1990)   {\it cis\/} -acting elements and {\it trans\/} -acting factors that control serum amyloid a gene expression during inflammation. ervin karpathy (2006)   whole genome analysis of fusobacterium nucleatum, rickettsia typhi and francisella tularensis. dong (2010)   assessment of the effect on statistical power of regression model misspecification by using techniques of mathematical statistics and simulation study.-chang lin (1980)   benzene toxicity and the occurrence of benzene in the ambient air of the houston area. manandhar (2015)   investigating work place intervention and change in metabolic equivalence of task using multilevel data. altaf mian (1982)   an investigation of the modifying effects of vitamin a and hypoxic cell sensitizers in radiation carcinogenesis in mice. l mcneese (2013)   the association between parity and selected structural birth defects. elizabeth barney (2008)   dengue risk factor distribution in harris county, texas. cao (2012)   detecting genetic and nutritional lung cancer risk factors related to folate metabolism using bayesian generalized linear models. michael hallman (1994)   a cladistic analysis of apolipoprotein b gene variation and plasma lipid and apolipoprotein b levels, using familial data. francis ngande (2010)   association between ethnicity and treatment status in opioid dependence therapy using methadone and suboxone drugs..Jia sun (2015)   a hierarchical model of mutations with genotyping errors and maximum likelihood estimation of the male-to-female mutation rate ratio. ann candley (1991)   the burnout syndrome among nurses in an urban acute care hospital. scherberger mahoney (2000)   the illness experiences of patients and their family members living with congestive heart failure. isabella quillian (1982)   a blood pressure survey of native american navajo children and adolescents. anthony gonzalez (1984)   the relationship between attitude assessment/role perception and the financial performance of hospital department managers. garner stahl (1982)   runoff from coal piles: effects on the environment and the public's health. ann cornish (1992)   a study of xlcaax-1: patterns of localization, possible function and usefulness as a developmental marker. a rodriguez (1976)   lymphocyte migration and cell membrane receptors for concanavalin a. stephen bojanowski (1986)   the design and development of a survey instrument for the assessment of occupational stress. zhang (2003)   role of phosphatidylethanolamine in the function and assembly of phenylalanine-specific permease of escherichia coli. shahani (2009)   understanding causes of hospitalization and access to care among newly diagnosed hiv patients in houston, tx. jane benjamins (2007)   assessing residents' readiness to screen for domestic violence: utilizing the transtheoretical model - stages of change, decisional balance and self-efficacy. aguilar (1985)   a genetic marker study of non - insulin dependent diabetics in the mexican-american community from starr county, texas (plasma glucose, hemoglobin analysis). burnett (2012)   mistreatment and self-neglect in community dwelling older adults: studies of construct validity, measurement invariance and latent classes. mowery (1989)   intercellular adhesion and membrane polarity in rat hepatocytes: localization of cell -cam 105 and other domain-specific membrane proteins {\it in situ\/} and {\it in vitro\/} by electron microscopy. austin (2011)   relationship between nurse leader emotional intelligence and registered nurse job satisfaction. laune ross (1967)   conformational studies of immunoglobulins: immunoglobulin-g and antigen-antibody soluble complexes. william kunkel (1991)   camp-dependent protein kinase and heterologous desensitization of the adenylyl cyclase. e murray (2009)   validity and reliability of using mvp 4 function walk4life digital pedometers to assess physical activity levels among preschool-aged head start children. enhancing teacher knowledge and skills related to early literacy instruction. ahaneku (2015)   hiv/aids and depression among men who have sex with men (msm) in tanzania. grant taylor (2010)   the association between maternal use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors during pregnancy and adverse pregnancy outcomes. renn su (2000)   variables affecting the stability of multiple cloning sites and hairpin structures in retroviral vectors. leland steward (1968)   breakdown and assembly of polyribosomes in synchronized cells. zhang (1998)   development of combined micro -preparation, separation, and mass spectrometry methods and application in the microdialysis study of neuropeptide metabolism. wayne ashley (1989)   an examination of the cross-cultural reliability and construct validity of a measure of loneliness. huang (2012)   robust effect sizes and their confidence intervals for group difference between trajectories in hierarchical linear growth model. tirpak akey (2002)   delineating the molecular basis of human genetic diseases: epigenetic and functional studies. ranadive mahagaokar (1979)   studies on deoxyuridine triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dutpase) and the regulation of intracellular dutp levels during the hela cell cycle. dorina papageorgiou (2006)   blood-oxygen-level-dependent (bold) signal changes in total cortex and subcortex, pain, reward, and vigilance regions during mechanical pressure pain after morphine administration. vakil (2010)   a review of economic analysis in the vaccination program; decision making and governance: adivisory committee on immunization practices (acip). elizabeth minard (2005)   the biologic and signaling effects of tiam1 overexpression in colorectal carcinoma. van horne (2014)   child maltreatment among children with specific birth defects: a population-based study, texas 2002-2011. garrett (2016)   analysis of the staphylococcus aureus houshold colonization profile in starr county, texas. marie sproule hokanson (1978)   human breast tumor cell lines and their use of steroid hormones. beel (2012)   relationship of hospital volume to patient mortality, length of stay and total costs in patients receiving brain surgery for cancer: a nationwide analysis.

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soraya kusters (2015)   health insurance coverage & compliance with breast and cervical cancer screening guidelines among immigrant women in harris county, texas and orange county, california. ruth zearfoss (2002)   identification and characterization of the vegetally localized hermes mrna. andrew friedrich (1986)   cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase is the aromatic alpha-keto acid reductase in man (phenylketonuria, pku, tyrosine). hu (1996)   identification, purification, sequencing and characterization of human lung fibroblast motility -stimulating factor for human soft tissue sarcoma cells. huo (2013)   comparison of clinical and economic outcomes between high-intensity care and hospice care for the end-of-life melanoma patients. l kingah (2008)   maternal factors, fetal parameters and the risk of shoulder dystocia. j vidrine (2002)   quality of life and functional status in a low -income, multiethnic hiv -positive population. dexter mullins (1986)   immunological and cytological investigation of gamma interferon production in human t-lymphocytes induced by pma and pha (immunogold, cell cycle analysis). martucci (2012)   exploring the association of children's engagement in nature and outdoor activity with physical activity: a systematic review. sue darnell (1987)   the relationship between supermarket nutrient movements and the mortality rates from fat-associated and non-fat-associated cardiovascular disease: development of an ecologic method for determining community food patterns. jin (2014)   fas/fasl genetic variants and risk for second primary maliganancy in patients with index oropharyngeal cancers versus index nonoropharyngeal head and neck cancers: a retrospective cohort study. william ohannesian (1994)   analysis of galectin expression and identification of endogenous ligands in a human colon carcinoma cell line. elizabeth perkin (1981)   an analysis of the relative influence of race, income, education, and food stamp program participation/nonparticipation on the food and nutrient consumption of a north florida urban clinic population in conjunction with a survey of nutrition related habits and attitudes. k peterson (2001)   predictors of participation in genetic testing for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. olalekan ishola alli (1976)   occupational health survey of lagos and bendel states in the federal republic of nigeria. robert bucci (1983)   characterization of high mobility group and histone h1 protein levels and synthesis during spermatogenesis in the rat. banker wingerter (1982)   the discharged psychiatric patient: post-hospital adjustment and factors affecting rehospitalization. ying lisa chu-weininger (2005)   consumer satisfaction with primary care provider choice and associated trust. padidar-nia (1977)   population dynamics in iran: new estimates of mortality and fertility. h mey (2009)   the identification and prevalence of veterinary clinical events in u. krahe (1995)   the unstable (ctg)$\sb{\rm n}$ trinucleotide repeat associated with myotonic dystrophy: what it does and where it came from. elizabeth hamilton (2013)   utilizing a validated screening instrument to identify and reduce mental health disparities among school age children and youth.-ju hsu (1984)   the effect of relaxin on biochemical and morphological parameters of rat myometrial cells in culture (cyclic-amp, cell shape change). hayden redelfs (2013)   the influence of autonomous motivation and regulation on physical activity among hispanic women. h iyer (2012)   exposure to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and weight loss and hospitalization in non-small cell lung cancer patients. holmes (2006)   impact of hormonal therapy on survival and racial disparities in a large community-based cohort of older men with local/regional prostate cancer. janine chapa (2011)   a case-control study of the association between corneal arcus and death by cardiovascular disease among cornea donors. zhang (2012)   trastuzumab use and risk of congestive heart failure in older breast cancer patients. adele jaime (2009)   attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and antidepressants and prescription medications: a pilot study. elizabeth riser bordelon (1973)   malignant characteristics of somatic hybrids of normal human and malignant mouse cells. sewda (2016)   analysis of rare and common variants to identify inherited and maternal genes associated with conotruncal heart defects. jimenez (2014)   evaluating the effects of treatment switching with randomization as an instrumental variable in a randomized controlled trial. ichiko brummitt (2009)   evaluation of the association between cryptosporidiosis outbreaks and two interactive water fountain parks: epidemiologic analysis and implications for public health. ziervogel (2010)   dietary patterns and risk of pancreatic cancer in a hospital-based case-control study. yu-ling tung (2015)   differences in the association of social support for healthy eating and for physical activity with adolescent obesity by school-level socioeconomic status in central texas middle schools. kurtin (1999)   risk, outcomes, and cost of emergency center visits in cancer patients. jean lamb (1980)   an investigation into the molecular mechanisms of androgen action in the sertoli cell. maria salinas (1993)   perinatal mortality and quality of care at the national institute of perinatology: a 3-year analysis. ucheamaka irikannu (2013)   oil and gas companies' corporate social responsibility: policies and hiv initiatives in nigeria. scott williams (1991)   aminoacyl-trna synthetases: probing the molecular basis of catalysis and discrimination. krishen fotedar (1996)   neuromuscular disuse and atrophy: {\it in vivo\/} magnetic resonance studies of intramuscular lipid metabolism and fluid shift changes. darwin love (1978)   the relationship between the type i endodeoxyribonucleases of human serum and human pancreas. siddiqui (2013)   physical activity in a culturally and linguistically diverse population of south asian women. t essigmann (2015)   the effects of a novel clostridium difficile quorum sensing molecule on growth and virulence factor production in staphylococcus aureus. fernandez medarde (1994)   molecular analysis of tnf sensitivity in normal and ha-{\it ras\/} transformed murine fibroblasts. ellen cates timpson (1999)   behavioral and psychosocial factors associated with sexual risk in a population of crack cocaine users. marie johnson (1996)   cell surface $\beta$-1,4-galactosyltransferase function during invasion and metastasis. irene padgett (1996)   cigarette smoking and ecuadorian adolescents: a cross-sectional survey and policy review.-hsueh lan (2005)   tackling erbb2: erbb2-targeting peptide therapy and combination therapy with trastuzumab plus pi3k inhibitors. jean camp (2008)   a qualitative assessment of the impact of texas policy changes on nutrition in child care centers in travis county, texas. sekabira nakalema (2015)   antiretroviral drugs logistics management and hiv/aids service delivery in baylor-uganda supported health facilities in eastern uganda. c farenthold (2010)   the effect on juvenile re -offending of confining and treating juveniles with substance use disorders in harris county. gebre (1987)   factors affecting prenatal care use and pregnancy outcome in texas: a comparative study among and within black, anglo, and hispanic populations. dennis rutsohn (1976)   an investigation of the attitudes of registered nurses in harris county texas relative to the process of collective negotiations. william whitehead (1976)   some microclimate and air quality implications of urbanization in a southern coastal forest. mae fennell (1981)   drug metabolism in liver tumors: purification and characterization of nadph-cytochrome-p450 reductase and the resolution of multiple forms of cytochrome p-450. disabatino smith (2010)   taxonomy of nursing clinical credibility as described by nurses and physicians. k gruschkus (2009)   clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness of white blood cell growth factors in elderly patients with non -hodgkin's lymphoma: findings from a large population-based cohort. jyothi (2012)   baseline evaluation of environmental physical activity and nutrition support of texas medical center hospital worksites. lin (2006)   requirement of gcn5 histone acetyltransferase in mouse neural tube closure and skeletal patterning. m timboe (2015)   a1c fit test: cross-sectional analysis correlating hemoglobin a1c and fasting lipid panel with the results of the u.-i hou (2000)   development and evaluation of a cervical cancer screening program for chinese women. hua (2016)   a qualitative analysis on parent-youth perspectives of "the secret of seven stones": an online, intergenerational hiv, sti, and pregnancy prevention computer game.-pao paul yang (1974)   the in vitro binding of ovine luteinizing hormone and derivatives thereof to the rat testis and ovary. chawathe (2009)   the association of peer victimization and/or bullying perpetration and body dissatisfaction in elementary students from the healthy passages baseline study. grace chen (2009)   the influence of socioeconomic status on the relationship between diabetes and amputations: a systematic review of the literature. michel saliba (1997)   incidence, etiology and risk factors of neonatal seizures harris county, texas, 1992--1994. corey koch (2006)   monte carlo and analytical dose calculations for ocular proton therapy. yang (2012)   sociocultural context of knowledge and beliefs about cardiovascular disease among latino women. k garcia (1993)   energy expenditure, body-part discomfort and mental work load among nurses. cornejo cuasay (2000)   prevalence and determinants of type 2 diabetes among filipino americans in houston metropolitan statistical area, texas. talla fote (2008)   the association between smoking marijuana and the occurrence of lung cancer. corbusier heesch (2001)   adherence to a lifestyle physical activity program: trends over time and associations with processes of change and physical activity. a national survey of family physicians' beliefs, clinical competence, and experience regarding hiv disease. parental perception of child weight status and its implications for changes in the home environment. james kolb (1998)   structural determinants of subunit -subunit interactions and subcellular localization of the calcium /calmodulin -dependent protein kinase ii. kalsotra (2005)   characterization of cytochrome p450 4f subfamily: functional role and response in inflammation. brown (2014)   weight loss advice, diet, physical activity and obesity among firefighters. hawrysz (2009)   the relationship between food preparation time, time spent grocery shopping, and bmi. etta daily cunningham (2007)   maternal nutrition and oral health factors in early childhood caries. d lee (2005)   comprehensive environmental study in high risk areas for cancer patients comparing air and water aspergillus species samples. byun (2012)   a hybrid method in combining treatment effects from matched and unmatched studies. rebecca herrington (2009)   suspected outbreak of dengue fever in houston: clinical characteristics and determination of autochthonous transmission between 2003 and 2005. j rianon (2008)   quantitative computerized tomography of bone in relation to fracture status and lifelong physical activity: the ages -reykjavik study. pixley mitchell (2007)   effects of early and late lesion of orbital frontal cortex on visual processing of faces in rhesus macaques (macaca mulatta). raye holmes (1997)   an evaluation of a community-based program for homeless adults with mental disorders and comorbid alcohol drug and mental disorders. margaret lodine (2015)   exploring facilitating factors and barriers to participation in a community-based physical activity and nutrition program among parents in austin, texas. montalvo-liendo (2009)   qualitative study: understanding mexican american women's experience in intimate partner violence. dean perkins (1993)   the physical map of {\it escherichia coli\/} k-12 strain mg1655: construction, comparison with other strains and implications for mechanisms controlling oligonucleotide frequency. frederick bonewitz (1980)   zinc-metallothionein synthesis in cultured normal human skin fibroblasts and in menkes' disease and acrodermatitis enteropathica. lubega (2014)   association of population mixing and incidence of acute lymphocytic leukemia in children and young adults in the state of texas. he (2014)   assessment of adherence to the standard treatment guidelines among elderly patients with early stage pancreatic cancer. h wesorick (2007)   the medical malpractice insurance "crises" and federal medical malpractice tort reform: collection and analysis of bills passed by the united states house of representatives from 1995--2005. washington (2010)   a descriptive study on hurricanes katrina and rita evacuees participating in the harris county housing authority disaster housing assistance program. starnes-ott (2011)   anesthetic choices and breast cancer recurrence: a retrospective cohort study of risk factors. m silver (2009)   effectiveness of texas children's hospital's saturday wellness program for children with special health care needs. elizabeth smith (1986)   costs and effects of arkansas' long-term care demonstration project (medicaid, chanelling, community assessment). duarte (2010)   a stakeholder analysis of the texas youth commission issue for the texas 80th legislative session. l williams (2008)   intensive care noise and mean arterial blood pressure in elbw neonates. houston casada (1992)   the role of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in stress: a behavioral, neurophysiological and neuropharmacological study. mcgill (1974)   visualization of mitochondrial dna in vivo and analysis of chromosome andcellular organelle ultrastructure with ethidium-bromide. a taylor (2009)   identification of maltreatment type in children with disabilities using the national child abuse and neglect data system (ncands). gu (2009)   an assessment of the relationship between board composition and healthcare organization financial performance. minh phan (2002)   cell survival in early embryogenesis requires proper dosage of gcn5 and p300. l okeke (2014)   sexual abuse and the life course: an analysis of factors linking child sexual abuse to adult sexual revictimization and perpetration. r meador (2015)   a review and analysis of early congenital heart surgery and anesthesia and associated neurodevelopmental outcomes. dyson mcclimans (1977)   a study of the relationship between respiratory morbidity, air pollution, and occupational exposure in southeast texas. e chen (2013)   demographic, psychosocial, and behavioral correlates of the home food environment of families of texas preschool children. fonner (1979)   estimation of selected population attributes for health planning in texas, 1980. fidelina montano (2013)   a retrospective cohort study investigating the association between treated psychiatric disorders andoccupational injury among a us occupational cohort. john botkin (2009)   identification and characterization of virulence determinants in the lyme disease spirochete borrelia burgdorferi. t evans (2008)   relevant drug to drug interactions between itraconazole and non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors in hiv-infected patients on maintenance therapy for disseminated histoplasmosis. anne caruso (2001)   integrin mediated growth and apoptosis in human gastric adenocarcinoma. kite (2013)   reporting transparency: a comparison of data from the state and federal sources of hospital charges for texas in 2011. eugene davis (2011)   assessing the impact of leadership on nurse job satisfaction and the desire for unionization in health care settings. state university of new york, university at albany: child research and study center. stanton duman (1985)   regulation of brain noradrenergic-receptor function by adrenocorticotrophin and antidepressant drugs (adrenergic receptor, cyclic-amp, adenylate cyclase, imipramine, stress). v flores (2009)   latino perceptions of and barriers to preventive healthcare maintenance in the southwest united states. hao (1995)   functional analysis of p53 phosphorylation and a p53 hot spot mutation. a khalfan (1985)   lung cancer among texas male oil refinery workers, 1976 - 1980 (case-control study). r greene (2007)   nras and braf mutations in primary cutaneous melanoma: a comparison of mutation rates between radial and vertical growth phases in individual tumors. v rubio (2011)   prevalence and risk factors for helicobacter pylori in the ysleta del sur pueblo population. nathaniel ogunwale (2013)   attitudes and other barriers to the utilization of clinical research findings by american physicians: a systematic review. m venuto (2016)   health and economic burdens of norovirus disease and cost-effectiveness analysis of norovirus vaccination among school age children in the united states. ethel hebert (2005)   role of entorhinal cortical plasticity in spatial and contextual memory. randolph glenney (1979)   plasma membrane glycoproteins of rat hepatocellular carcinoma cells. j wozniak (2013)   the biology of triatomine bugs native to south central texas and assessment of the risk they pose for autochthonous chagas' disease exposure. dolgoff kamen (1977)   a survey of medical student priorities and personal attributes associated with location of medical practice. mohite (2015)   association between resting state functional connectivity and major depressive disorder. hackenberg (2015)   the story of raw milk in the 84th texas legislature: a policy analysis. king (2006)   maternal ingestion of radon-222 in drinking water and the absorbed radiation dose to the embryo. elaine mendez (2011)   african american and hispanic adolescent sti and pregnancy prevention: whose responsibility is it, anyway?-li lin (2010)   single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) associated with tgf-beta pathway and their significance in systemic sclerosis - a multilevel analysis. niswander pavlik (1994)   ethnicity as a risk factor for diabetes incidence in a population of diagnosed hypertensives. ramzi jabbur (2001)   regulation of p53 antiproliferative function by transactivation domain phosphorylation at threonine 18 and serine 20. a lopez (2010)   the cost of publicly financed dental care in relation to community water fluoridation in texas. earl devoll (1997)   osteopontin (opn) and neoplastic disease: circulating levels and tissue distribution. l garcia (2009)   characterization of diabetes risk factors of elementary school children in low income areas of san antonio, texas. charles kaye (1991)   a study of factors influencing high school students' attitudes and opinions about violence.-uyen t vo (2015)   time trends in prevalence of gastroschisis in texas, 1999-2011: subgroup analyses by maternal and infant characteristics. barber wise (2008)   analysis of community health worker utilization in el paso county, texas. alexander williams (2003)   preclinical evaluation of proteasome inhibition for the treatment of prostate cancer. christopher parker (2004)   verification of intensity modulated stereotactic radiotherapy using monte carlo calculations and epid dosimetry. elizabeth keith-messersmith (1991)   the type-a horizontal cell: gabaergic characteristics and role in development of the outer plexiform layer. ma (2005)   function of gcip (ccndbp1), a helix -loop -helix leucine -zip protein, in cell differentiation and tumorigenesis.

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b davids (2014)   moderate and severe brain injury among combat casualties: secondary insult analysis. majintha silva weragoda (2007)   long-term hyperexcitability of sensory and motor axons in aplysia californica: induction by axotomy, serotonin, and transient depolarization. philomena kline (1989)   subclavian vein catheter -related infection and hospital costs associated with exchange via a guidewire. marie ruggiero (2001)   comparison of a traditional and a multilevel cox proportional hazards model. joan low (2001)   the association between academic achievement and health status among eighth -grade hispanic students in houston. yvonne armitige (2002)   role of fbpa and fbpb in the pathogenesis and mycolyltransferase activity of mycobacterium tuberculosis. stone hawthorne (2006)   transcriptional upregulation of the p21cip1 promoter by stat3 and nuclear erbb2. mary brannan (2008)   epha2 expression is regulated by egfr and kras and promotes non-small cell lung cancer progression. xian (2002)   th and xfkbp12 interact and regulate proliferation and differentiation in neural ectoderm through the tor signaling pathway. madden (2012)   hearing aid use and adherence: a systematic review of the literature concerning the socioeconomic and psychological influences on hearing aid use and barriers to use. dhavan (2009)   tobacco use and related psychosocial risk factors among youth in urban india: assessment of project mytri follow-up surveys. margaret ford (2011)   spatial analysis of cardiovascular disease mortality and air pollution in harris county, texas. philpott (2014)   the association between chronic kidney disease and a history of west nile virus infection. k mama (2009)   the relationship between body image and physical activity in african american women. yan ling (2013)   using structural equation modeling to examine socioeconomic variations with clinical features, treatment received and mortality in patients with colorectal cancer. zou (2015)   a comparative study of theil regression and t-test: a case of cctrn time study. rebecca moore (2012)   sudden infant death disparities: a systematic review on health education and policy recommendations for decreasing sudden infant death in the african-american community. petrova vatcheva (2015)   multicollinearity, effect modification, and missing data in regression analyses conducted in epidemiologic studies. (dj) moberly (2008)   knowledge of exercise recommendations and energy intake from foods and beverages in relation to exercise behaviors within two hispanic border communities. rodriguez (2004)   the effect of thyroxine and triiodothyronine on fatigue, depression, and memory in a hypothyroid population. sun (2009)   systematic review of genetic risk score in coronary heart disease and other diseases. martin macdowell (1982)   factors influencing choice of contraceptive method among married fecund women who intend no additional births: health belief model and economic perspectives. darmon kern (1993)   expression of p53, {\it * ras\/} and pcna in human colonic neoplasms: possible biomarkers of malignant potential. sue weiss (1991)   the epidemiology of uterine cervical cancer among anglo and hispanic women in texas. pannu (2000)   identification and characterization of cellular genes differentially expressed in a subset of tumors with non -functional wt1. michael sorrentino (1977)   in vivo and in vitro studies on the control of growth of the gh3/c14 rat pituitary tumor cell line. dhungana (2009)   association between severity of clostridium difficile disease and different types of toxins---a systematic review. william gorgas and his style of management against yellow fever during the construction of the panama canal: a historical case study. konig orpinas (1993)   skills training and social influences for violence prevention in middle schools: a curriculum evaluation. lynn hulboy (1995)   the structural and functional relationship of the p53 tumor suppressor protein. thomas wilson (1992)   the influence of staff and organizational characteristics on social environment in substance abuse treatment facilities. anand lagoo-deenadayalan (1990)   dissection of antitumor activity by lymphokine -activated killer cells: role of fcr+ precursors and obligatory role of tumor necrosis factor-$\alpha$ in antibody -dependent cellular cytotoxicity. abeje zewdie (2014)   dynamic approach for electrocardiogram (ecg) signal and rna-seq data analysis.-zhong gu (1996)   specificity of somatostatin receptor and g -protein interactions as characterized by somatostatin receptor subtype specific antibodies. levy schwartz (2014)   effects of physician engagement and physician alignment on patient satisfaction, hospital mortality, and hospital readmission rates. f carvalho (2013)   cancer screening behaviors among asian americans in houston, texas. w schroeder (2009)   the association between mental health and cigarette smoking in active duty military members. louise wallock (1985)   meeting the needs of handicapped children: a study of educational and health care services provided to pre-kindergarten children in the houston independent school district early childhood program for the handicapped (parent satisfaction, functional status, psychosocial development). awata (2016)   evaluation of racial and ethnic disparities in exposure to toxic metals in the united states. v melhado (2009)   treatment discontinuation among breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer patients in alabama. melissa watkins-nance (2015)   posttraumatic stress syndrome in remotely piloted aircraft (rpa) pilots and the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (isr) community: policy analysis and recommendations for action. d chandwani (2010)   quality of life, symptom experience, and use of complementary and alternative medicine among women with ovarian cancer. young brandt (1998)   the cellular and molecular involvement of glutathione in cisplatin-induced apoptosis. markam levenson (1980)   disease-related information needs of cancer patients ages 11-20: a comparison of patient-parent and patient-physician perceptions. alejandro oliphant (2008)   the experience and meaning of injury among migrant farmworkers from starr county, texas. xuan ha (2008)   club drug use and unprotected anal intercourse among hiv-seronegative men who have sex with men seeking hiv/std testing at a local std clinic in houston. lee jackson (1982)   alterations in hypothalamic content of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and pituitary responsiveness associated with testicular regression induced by pineal related treatments in the golden hamster. marie mulcahey stellrecht (1991)   expression and regulation of a hematopoietic proteoglycan core protein gene during hematopoiesis.-jung michael wang (1997)   rescue from apoptosis in early (cd34 selected) versus late (cd34 unselected) human hematopoietic cells by vla-4 and vcam-1 dependent adhesion to bone marrow stromal cells. alouise delwood (2011)   assessing the environmental protection agency's guidelines for cumulative risk assessment: are they suitable for state agencies and epa regional offices? john (2013)   psychosocial determinants of promotores and selected outcomes for a cancer education intervention implemented in south texas colonias. lamar james (1991)   fatty acylated proteins and the protein kinase c signaling 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Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) 2013

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coping with advanced cancer: caregivers and their patients. boggess (2015)   a descriptive analysis of work-related hospitalizations among hispanic and non-hispanic workers in texas. razniak baumler (1998)   design and analysis for three level hierarchical structures with count response. nanyong yuan (1995)   molecular mechanisms of protein kinase-mediated desensitization and internalization of the $\beta$-adrenergic receptor. feasibility of a telephone adaptation of motivational interviewing aimed at parents to reduce television time among 2nd and 4th grade children. pellerito (2013)   self-reported and accelerometer-derived physical activity levels and depression in older women: results from the healthy women study (hws). hayes langlois (1988)   studies of biological rhythms in responses to influenza infection and vaccination. ann brosnan (1996)   a study of the cost and effect of newborn screening for congenital adrenal hyperplasia in texas. c avritscher (2010)   clinical and 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implementation of a tobacco prevention program: a replication study. intervention teacher on a five year grant (05/01/97 to 04/30/02) from the national institute of child health and human development for over ,250,000 to support a research program designed to investigate models for preventing long term reading difficulties among children who were at risk for such difficulties. thomas moore (1978)   biological and chemical characterization of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin: consideration of the origin of the two activities. sing wong (1990)   mechanisms of protein regulation in rat skeletal muscle during resistance exercise and training. christina szabo (1994)   structural and functional studies of the human integrin $\alpha 4\beta 1$ (cd49d/cd29). ann thompson howard (1973)   investigations during the 1971 epizootic of venezuelan equine encephalitis in texas and subsequent experimental infection and intracagetransmission studies with two strains of the virus in cotton rats, sigmodon 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roesel (1987)   isolation and {\it in vitro}-immunosuppressive characterization of a novel cyclosporine metabolite. ramesh (2014)   theoretical investigation of the feasibility and accuracy of snp discovery in extremely low-coverage ngs-based cohort studies. chathurani fernando (2008)   does parental monitoring influence the use of alcohol and drugs among inner city 7th grade students? johnson (1996)   cost -effectiveness of services and treatments for ambulatory dually diagnosed cmhc clients: implications for managed care. j lee (2015)   maternal workplace emotional stressors and physical activity and adverse birth outcomes. deshpande (2016)   allelic imbalance analysis of uterine carcinosarcoma: a comparison of two components of the neoplasm. alexis beresford (2001)   cleavage and activation of calpain and its substrate caspase-7 in prostate cancer cells: evidence for a role in apoptotic sensitization. clay waring (1994)   amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and parkinsonism-dementia 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Dissertations & MA Theses | Department of Anthropology | University

chappell orth (2015)   comparative effectiveness of ct and mr imaging for surveillance of pediatric thoracoabdominal neoplasms. r medrano (2006)   abnormal expression of e2f1 and e2f4 results in hyperproliferation of the ependyma and lethal hydrocephalus. soli engineer (1986)   cisplatin nephrotoxicity and its effects on gentamicin pharmacokinetics.-dong jiang (1998)   relationship between enterotoxigenic escherichia coli and travelers' diarrhea in mexico, from 1992 to 1997. henderson legler (1999)   the location of majority and minority populations with respect to commercial treatment, storage, and disposal facilities in texas. jean webb (1975)   an evaluation of process and outcome in an out-patient mental health clinic. snowball reeves (1995)   food intake in nonpurging obese women who binge eat before and after a behavioral weight loss program. raber (2014)   developing a conceptual model to define and measure healthy cooking behavior for cancer prevention. most comprehensive list of ut austin dissertations, theses, and reports is available in the library catalog. frank haberecht (1996)   glutamate and nitric oxide as regulatory transmitters in developing rabbit retina. ramos gomez -rejon (2015)   the importance of public coverage in determining access to medical care of low-income adults in harris county, texas. m godwin (2011)   longitudinal dyadic data analysis of stroke survivors and their spousal caregivers. truong (2014)   acculturation, smoking and physical activity among vietnamese americans from the health of houston survey 2010. j cvitanovich (2013)   patient-provider racial/ethnic concordance and adherence to cancer screening recommendations. a deshmukh (2014)   examination of clinical and economic outcomes of anal cancer treatment. chung-jer ying (1996)   content of prenatal care and spontaneous preterm birth: findings from the 1988 national maternal and infant health survey. hadjifrangiskou (2007)   cis-acting elements and developmental regulators govern toxin gene expression in bacillus anthracis. j smither-williams (2008)   the effect of african americans' ethnographic paradigms and cultural explanatory model of breast cancer in framing the male partner's attitudes and behaviors about the woman's breast cancer diagnosis. edward mcclure (1970)   temporal studies of chromatin biosynthesis and activity in synchronized mammalian cell cultures. e cress (2014)   engineering value in healthcare: applying failure modes and effects analysis to value based purchasing. jahangeer haider (1989)   study of rural leadership and implications for community participation and development in the health and family planning programs in bangladesh. case (2016)   sensation seeking and e-cigarette use in texas adolescents and young adults. loren walker (2001)   association between temperament and physical activity in a population of minority women. c friedel (2011)   longitudinal and logistic analysis of endocrine hormone profiles, physical maturation, and candidate genes related to pubertal events in children. tauber hecht (1988)   familial component of epilepsy in cleft lip and palate. henry walker (1990)   human placental lactogen enhancer: tissue specificity and binding with specific proteins. marini (1995)   gene therapy of cancer: mechanisms of ``bystander effect'' killing in cells expressing the herpes simplex virus-thymidine kinase gene and its potential clinical applications. l stafford (2013)   an examination of high-risk sexual behaviors among participants obtaining community-based hiv testing and related sexual health services provided at the community level. rachel ainsworth (2011)   prevalence of symptoms of neurotoxicity and potential occupational pesticide and solvent exposures among high school students in starr county, texas: a pilot study. zhu (2007)   the effects of proteasome inhibition on angiogenesis and autophagy in human prostate cancer cells. teng (2001)   identification and characterization of antigens and potential virulence factors in enterococcus. gu (2005)   chronic lymphocytic leukemia: a study of the changing patterns of the natural history, clinical factors associated with prognosis, and risk of second cancers. phillip (2009)   the survival role and the potential therapeutic targeting of met in multiple myeloma. buchanan reed (1985)   the relationship between obesity and psychological general well-being in united states women. liang (2016)   image classification using segmentation, functional principal component analysis and sparse sufficient dimension reduction. blum (2005)   cellular and molecular mechanisms of hippocampus-dependent long -term memory. m bigbee (2011)   a screening for anti-west nile immunoglobulin-g and immunoglobulin-m in the cameron county hispanic cohort. y morales-campos (2009)   parenting practices, acculturation and hispanic youth's sexual health. king (2015)   public heatlh practice issue: assessment of existing environmental controls and occupational exposure risks during high-level chemical disinfection in the outpatient clinic setting. a saqr (2010)   the impact of medicare, medicaid and schip extension act of 2007 (mmsea) on the long term acute care hospitals. cai (2011)   a comparison of two statistical methods for analysis of day of the week effect on births from 2005-2007 in harris county of texas. kai-lei wang (2008)   a geographic analysis of liver cancer mortality and alcohol dependence or abuse in texas and the u. chow (2013)   computer use and food consumption pattern among economically disadvantaged children in texas. trachootham (2008)   selective elimination of cancer cells by peitc: biological basis and therapeutic implications. elena martinez (1993)   a case comparison study of dietary factors and risk of colorectal polyps.-ping lee (2000)   axl -gas6 signaling counteracts adenovirus type 5 e1a-mediated cell growth suppression and proapoptotic activity. p heard (2009)   identification and characterization of an optimal three -dimensional dosimetry system for remote auditing by the rpc. m ishimoto (2003)   pharmacogenetics of the human glutathione s-transferase p1 gene in the metabolism and therapeutic efficacy of cis-diamminedichloroplatinum.-hsuan tsai (2009)   the association of internet use and depression among spinal cord injury population. barge (2008)   prenatal care programs in a clinic based center in el paso, texas: evaluating outcomes among hispanic women. raval (2011)   standardization of data collection for the lifetime surveillance of astronaut health (lsah). soleman (2009)   texas dentists' attitudes and activity level since the change in medicaid reimbursement rates. ann volcik (2001)   evaluation of candidate genes for susceptibility to spina bifida. ashenfelter (2007)   a program manual to assist with implementation of a volunteer health and wellness program. prager held (1979)   self-esteem and social network of the pregnant teenager. ma (2000)   genetic and functional analyses of cell division proteins ftsz and ftsa in escherichia coli. o oluyomi (2011)   objective assessment of the built environment and its relationship to physical activity and obesity. francis dietrich (1975)   the planning, development and evaluation of the donwood day clinic for alcoholism treatment. feng (1997)   regulation of the expression of {\it muts, mutl}, and {\it muth\/} mismatch repair genes in {\it escherichia coli\/} k-12. lynn pinaire (2009)   alterations in cell adhesion and migration are transcriptionally regulated by the tumor suppressor, tp53. k kinison (2013)   clinical and behavioral effects of interventions that feature promotoras to treat type 2 diabetes in latino adults. agarwal (2016)   pre-analytical and analytical variability associated with the interferon gamma release assays. d sheth (2009)   a retrospective cohort study of the duration of hepatitis b vaccine immunity and associated factors in pediatric dialysis patients. davila (2013)   occurrence and distribution of dog bites in el paso county, texas, 2009-2011. robert harper (1981)   preparation and characterization of covalently linked enzyme-antibody conjugates and their use in measuring minute quantities of protein antigens. sutherland (2012)   assessing high-priority mixtures: a review of methanol as influenced by ethanol. p whitfield (2013)   population-level risks of physical activity: saving bones and screening hearts. xiao (1999)   modular organization of the cortical connections linking visual areas v1, v2 and v4 in macaque monkeys. chen (1997)   the angiotensin-converting enzyme insertion/deletion polymorphism and its associations with carotid artery wall thickness and coronary heart disease: the atherosclerosis risk in communities study. hull (1975)   social preconditions and precipitators of physical illness: a survey of research content and method for the decade 1965-1974. zheng (2013)   metabolomics, dietary habits and cardiovascular disease among african americans in the atherosclerosis risk in communities (aric) study. bhagat (2009)   molecular consequences of the loss of 3'→5' exonuclease activity of dna polymerases delta and epsilon. rohrabacher tortolero (1994)   the association of allergies and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. m wuelling (2007)   systematic review of interventions designed to reduce screen time in children and adolescents. laberge (2014)   impact and significance of a multidisciplinary approach to type ii diabetes in a primary care setting. s macalpine (2009)   a review of effective weight loss and/or weight gain prevention for disadvantaged populations. neslihan karabulut (2009)   a cross-sectional study of disparities in suicide ideation between hispanic and non-hispanic white female adolescents. ozen (1999)   delineation of a novel genetic region at 5q11 harboring tumor suppressor gene(s) and identification of the telomeric dna as a marker for human prostate cancer. davila (2013)   risk and protective factors associated with depression among racial and ethnic mothers of adolescents. kyle wathen (2005)   bayesian doubly optimal group sequential designs for randomized clinical trials. dugger (2008)   health care policy analysis of medicaid's early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment (epsdt) benefit in colorado. s hanmod (2009)   the burden of parainfluenza virus infection in patients with hematological malignancy and hematopoietic stem cell transplant (hsct) recipients in the absence of active immunization and approved therapy: the role of infection control. rodriguez (2016)   the association of worksite ergonomic and safety risk factors with work-related musculoskeletal health outcomes among logging machine operators in the texas, louisiana and arkansas region. moore hail (1998)   examination of synthetic retinoid -induced apoptosis in cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas: mechanisms and implications for chemoprevention and chemotherapy with retinoids. paige winston (2012)   a study of nutrition promotion in and consumer nutrition environments of hospitals. gregory vaught (2005)   identification and characterization of xenopus kazrin, a nucleocytoplasmic shuttling protein that interacts with arvcf catenin. jarald caudell (2000)   expression cloning of a candidate prostate cancer oncogene. marie leblanc (1983)   quality of maternity care in rural texas (mexican-american). p michalewicz (1973)   catechization of food service sanitation personnel in region vi of the public health service in relationship to individual characteristics and innovation. malesich (2008)   policy analysis of the americans with disabilities act of 1990 and federal funding concerning barrier-free playgrounds. a quackenbush (2005)   physiologic and psychosocial stage-based differences for dietary fat consumption in women with type 2 diabetes.-fai chris lau (1979)   the structure and organization of replicating interphase chromosomes. amini (2005)   respiratory rhythm generation: a modeling study of the respiratory central pattern generator and the phrenic motor neuron. chukwuma nwanyanwu (1982)   the clinical and parasitologic courses of plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax infections in humans: an analysis of 432 episodes of induced malaria in the jessup volunteer studies, 1966-1975. nicole nembhard (2000)   first -year mortality and survival among infants with selected congenital anomalies in texas, 1995 to 1997. mae messerli meyer (1984)   distribution of neonatal hypothyroidism in texas (screening). zhang (1998)   functional analysis of histones h3 and h4 in tup1 repression and in gcn5 activation. james elyanu (2016)   outcomes of hiv exposed infants before and after implementing option b+ prevention of mother to child hiv transmission guidelines in mulago hospital, uganda: a retrospective cohort study. lane tinker (1994)   planning and implementation efficacy as a determinant of health risk communication outcomes: case studies of the u. milayna robertson (2009)   anti-glomerular basement membrane glomerulonephritis: characterization of an epitope, antibody response, and the potential role of il-4ralpha in disease progression. m voegtle (2008)   a systematic review of community-based participatory research interventions in pediatric and adolescent populations. a zottarelli (2012)   an analysis of secondary school meningococcal vaccination mandates in the united states using nis-teen 2010. zhang (2012)   impact of donor-recipient gender and race mismatching on patient survival in patients with end-stage liver diseases undergoing liver transplantation. r emani (2007)   correlation between dental care utilization and oral cavity cancer in a large sample of community-based united states residents. ann boggs (1990)   analysis of mutations in $\beta$-tubulin genes affecting tubulin stability and assembly. kristin so tjoa (1976)   a study of the influence of food and travel on the development of diarrhea in mexico. allen kiefer (2001)   collagen i modulates growth and gene expression in prostate cancer cells. mahboob ali shah (2001)   tracking of plasma lipids and lipoproteins, within-person and year-to-year variability in plasma cholesterol levels among participants from age 8 to 18 in project heartbeat! campos-fumero (2014)   predictors of musculoskeletal symptoms among office workers in costa rica based on the cupid (cultural and psychosocial influences in disability) study and comparison with other spanish-speaking countries. f pavlov (2009)   plasma homocysteine levels and alzheimer's disease: a systematic review. a boumber (2005)   an sp1/sp3 site polymorphism associated with hypermethylation of the candidate tumor suppressor gene ril in cancer. xiang (1991)   aboral ectoderm-specific expression and regulation of the lps1 genes of {\it lytechinus pictus\/}. garcia-londono (1991)   blood pressure and dietary factors in mexican-americans of starr county, texas. salahuddin (2013)   obesity and cardio-metabolic risk factors in children aged 2--18 years attending a childhood obesity program in central texas. zenette davis (1979)   the effect of person-environment interaction on anxiety, depression, and subjective distress of optometry students. kumar kasi loknath kumar (2009)   proliferation index in ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast: relation to estrogen, progesterone and her2/neu receptors. lynn raymond (1993)   convergent and divergent modulatory pathways in {\it aplysia\/}: cellular and network studies. d crews (2014)   community-associated clostridium difficile infection in children: characteristics and risk factors. allen mains (1990)   variation in hospital inpatient charges by payer in houston, texas. r bakht (2009)   seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis and current thinking regarding screening in pregnancy: a review of the literature and case study discussion. george danes (2007)   14-3-3 zeta overexpression in early stage breast disease and tumor progression. hadley thompson (1969)   proliferation kinetics and cell survival of x-irradiated mammalian cells in vitro. n pundole (2016)   fractures following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: risk prediction and evaluation of prevention and treatment stratergies. sharon hardy (2008)   association between glycemic index and glycemic load and the risk of incident coronary heart disease among whites and african americans with and without type 2 diabetes: the atherosclerosis risk in communities study. cosman (2014)   yoga and diabetes: a systematic review of recent literature concerning the impact of yoga practice on diabetic symptoms. elaine hickman peek (1988)   characterization of the interaction between local cerebral metabolic rate for glucose and acid -base index in ischemic rat brain employing a double-isotope methodology. h ku (1985)   role of glutathione in formaldehyde metabolism and toxicity. paul klein (1975)   the medina project: relationships between demographic intake variables and alcoholism rehabilitation outcomes. cahill (2013)   personal health records, symptoms, uncertainty and mood in brain tumor patients. uppal (2015)   environmental influences on fecal bacterial concentrations in texas marinas. miller (2013)   associations of perceived body image and subjective social status with levels of physical activity in mexican american adolescents. von sternberg (2005)   comparing the factorial structure, invariance, and predictive validity of transtheoretical model constructs for alcohol use across restricted and unrestricted settings. marie santee (1996)   human tnf receptor p75/80 gene structure and promoter characterization. ann gatus (2015)   parental and environmental influences on hispanic children's nutrition and physical activity.-yi wei (2011)   motivational interviewing and feedback for college drinkers: handling missing values with complete case analysis and multiple imputation. yang (2009)   hiv incidence estimates and hiv/aids concurrent diagnosis in houston/harris county. edward duarte perales (2015)   community health workers: change agents for improved anxiety and depression in mental health professional shortage areas. easling (1976)   a search for outcomes: a study of comprehensive health planning activities in dallas county, texas. j yagnik (2009)   evaluation of association between childhood obesity and depression: a systematic literature review. chenenda prabhu (2008)   evaluation of therapist and client language in motivational interviewing (mi) sessions: a secondary analysis of data from the southern methodist alcohol research trial (smart) study. mcduffie (2011)   a woman's right to know: a policy review of abortion legislation in texas. pepper van dusen (2009)   whence a healthy mind: correlation of physical fitness and academic performance among schoolchildren. sangani (2015)   genes associated with temporomandibular joint disorders (tmds): a systematic review. rosario molina (2009)   nherf1 recruits the tumor suppressors pten and phlpp to synergistically inhibit the pi-3k pathway. k voss (2016)   adherence to stage-specific treatment guidelines and its effect on survival in stage iia & iib/iiia extremity and trunk soft tissue sarcoma patients.

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versus a combination of ion-exchange and biodegradation technologies.-carlos campos (2010)   the contribution of change in ethnic composition to prevalence of obesity and overweight. paper for hepatitis b essay about friendship 100 words of praise paroles chanson essayez johnny hallyday je beauty is only skin deep essays change over time essay islam religion empty vessel sounds much essay perfect college essays indenting paragraphs in essays are poems striving for success essay writing myths and heroes essay advertising 15 appeals essay komplexe zahlen wurzel ziehen beispiel essay sacrifice in death of a salesman essay ap world history comparison essay ppt background the black album hanif kureishi characterization essay timeliness essay water is life short essay about friendship gattaca essay quotes essay about love and basketball quotes george orwell essays summary of to kill. zhang (2005)   studies of mekk2 activation mechanisms and its biological role in lps/tlr4 signaling.

Dissertation and kimberly anderson and texas

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(ttgeg) garden and physical activity school-based interventions and connectedness on attendance in texas schools. viet luong (2011)   venous thromboembolism in patients with acute leukemia: prevalence, incidence, recurrence of thrombosis, risk factors, and impact on survival. wayne wray (1970)   the biochemistry and architecture of the mammalian metaphase chromosome. martin sanderson (1981)   an epidemiologic description and analysis of lost workday occupational burn injuries. w bounds (2016)   assembling data for use of the ithim (integrated transport and health impact modeling) tool for houston, texas. shin kim (1985)   a quantitative investigation of source and elemental composition of indoor and outdoor fine particulate air pollution in houston (texas). reisz (2006)   the construction of aging and health in older african american women. zhang (2003)   towards the identification of a tumor suppressor gene on chromosome 3p12: physical mapping and candidate gene screening. charles sternlicht (1974)   the process of soft keratinization and desquamation in the rat: an ultrastructural and ultracytochemical study. allen sternberg (1989)   regulation of myogenesis and suppression of {\it mck\/} 5$\sp\prime$ enhancer elements by tgf$\beta$ and ras. l white (2009)   racial/ethnic disparities in colorectal cancer screening and survival in a large nationwide population-based cohort. siang-juh tseng (1998)   myogenin: human candidate gene and knockout mouse effect. bukayo balogun (2016)   detained youth, health outcomes, and knowledge of where to access care: a cross sectional study of residents at a large juvenile detention center. philip armour (1980)   nonthermal effects of ultrasound on melanized and nonmelanized cells in vitro. ann murphree (1972)   temporal variation of enzyme activity and adenosine nucleotide pools during the cell cycle of mammalian cells in culture. marie weisemann (1988)   isolation and analysis of regulatory and structural mutations in the {\it reca\/} gene of {\it escherichia coli}. zakos-feliberti (2005)   an examination of the relationship between maternal and neighborhood-level characteristics and intrauterine growth retardation in harris county, texas, 1999--2001. zhang (2005)   roles of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in the regulation of sox9 activity and chondrogenesis. lester dodson (1970)   the nature of ultraviolet light-induced strand breakage in bromouracil-containing dna. wright (2014)   comparing programs/services initiated to reduce heart failure 30- day readmission rates through national and regional data. sim chandler (1997)   risk factors associated with first symptomatic infection of {\it cryptosporidium parvum\/} in an infant population in bilbeis, egypt. david zaleski (2009)   the association between mental health and hypertension in the 2005 department of defense population survey. katrine naivar (2008)   factors associated with mammography utilization in sao paulo and mexico city elderly females. jean mcclure (2007)   texas laboratory healthcare workforce: meeting the needs in 2015.” (principal investigator: donna scanlon; 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ball (2008)   continuous safety screens for randomized controlled clinical trials with blinded treatment information. elena penaranda (1983)   characterization of the colonization factor antigen ii plasmid (cfa/ii) from enterotoxigenic escherichia coli. flores hernandez (2012)   risk and resiliency: the untold story of youth in military families. van der kuip (1995)   the use of invasive myocardial revascularization procedures following myocardial infarction and the effectiveness of these procedures in the biethnic community of nueces county, texas, 1988--1991. r wilhelmus (2002)   the influence of antibacterial susceptibility and pharmacodynamics on the therapeutic response of infection. alton hodges (1973)   comparison of spinal cord injury rehabilitation in veterans administration and community hospitals. washburn pieplow (2009)   epidemiology of isolated obstructive genitourinary defect in texas: 1999--2003. s clark (2008)   behavioral cognitions and factors related to hepatitis b vaccine acceptance and compliance in a cohort of drug users in houston, texas. sin chen (1999)   transcriptional regulation of cell lineage-specific expression of the murine type i collagen genes and of osteoblast differentiation. vadimovich golod (2008)   a standard operation procedure and a pilot water testing for herbicides in northwest harris county, texas. chen (2008)   a novel mechanism of 3-bromopyruvate-induced cell death through targeting hexokinase and ubiquitination. sawada (1989)   expression and function of $\beta$-tubulin isotypes in chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells.-yu chen (2013)   the effect of exposure to air toxics on age of diagnosis and subtype of childhood leukemia in texas. a chando (2010)   parental acculturation and adolescent hpv uptake among hispanics: results from the california health interview survey. yu (2016)   spatial statistical analysis of childhood blood lead exposure in texas. marie denkins (1991)   the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the pathogenesis of {\it candida albicans} in mice. zamisch brunstein (2005)   ontogeny and regulation of interleukin-7 expressing thymic epithelial cells. anderson (2012)   ozone and fine particulate matter association with cvd and copd emergency room visits in harris county, texas: spatiotemporal analysis. o'day (2011)   seroprevalence of chagas' disease in texas among shelter dogs in houston and the rio grande valley region and its implication for human infection. marie maypole (2012)   associations between ambient levels of combustion pollutants and small for gestational age infants in texas. pande (2011)   the incidence of necrotizing changes in adults with pneumococcal pneumonia. quoc tran (2008)   comparison of compliance and immune response of drug users on the standard and accelerated hepatitis b vaccine schedules - houston, texas. on a five year grant funded under the auspices of the interagency education research initiative (the national science foundation, the united states department of education, and the national institute of child health and human development) for approximately . liu (2012)   using spatial linear models with sar and car structure to examine texas lung cancer incidence rates. harvey taube (2009)   regulation of chromatin structure, smad binding and afp expression by the forkhead box transcription factor: foxa1. lucia miliani de marval (2003)   role of the cyclin dependent kinase-4 in normal and neoplastic proliferation. dinker halligan (1993)   atp- and carbachol -stimulated 1,2-diacylglycerol production during sensitization of adenylyl cyclase. d wiltshire (2006)   cultural competence in an hiv dedicated dental clinic: application of the national standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services in health care (clas). tao (2007)   identification and characterization of new genes involved in drosophila heart development. r mccandless (2000)   attributing inpatient care to diabetes: the case of medicare for the elderly in 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adolescent children about sex. magee wente (1996)   certified nurse midwives effects on catecholamine levels and maternal anxiety during labor. n vu (2015)   hemostatic factors and their causal role in coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke. tong (2014)   impact of advances in diagnosis and treatment on the leading causes of death and increasing survival in patients with colorectal cancer, 1975-2009. smith (2006)   revising the national ambient air quality standards: the integration of science and policy. cheung (1985)   functional and biochemical characterization of adhesion defective chinese hamster ovary cells. l piskac (2007)   evaluation of oxidative damage and renal distal tubule cell stress response following exposure to lindane. gautam (2014)   impact of opioid analgesic use on diabetes quality of care and outcomes: a longitudinal population-based study. david dignam (1977)   purification and characterization of nadph cytochrome p-450 reductase: a component of the cytochrome p-450 hydroxylase system of hepatic microsomes. elaine miller (1983)   an economic analysis of the demand for care in a free-standing emergency center. d luce (2010)   health information exchange: using metrics to address quality of care and return on investment. anne mankiewicz (2008)   spectroscopic and functional investigations of the ampa subtype of ionotropic glutamate receptors. elizabeth foley wright (1970)   the kinetics of catalase activity in solution and in a lipoprotein complex and the relative response to ionizing radiation. michael lee (1979)   health maintenance organization environment: an empirical study of the relationship of external context and performance. outsourcing: issues in strategic planning, organizational culture, and organizational ethics. francis bergh (1994)   cytochrome p450 in mammalian brain: purification, anatomical distribution and regulation of the cytochrome p450 monooxygenase system in rat brain. leo clifford (1992)   analysis of endogenous retinoic acid receptor expression and function in murine melanoma cells. e rusk (2015)   a qualitative and geospatial analysis of medicine retailer behaviors in western kenya: implications for malaria treatment and control policy. prasad nepal (2008)   issues related to hiv stigma: an embedded case study of plhas and community in nepal. r cooper (2015)   understanding patterns of use and perceptions of harm and addictiveness for the e-cigarette with a focus on youth and young adults in texas. m vo (2006)   parental demographic risk factors and occupational exposure to ionizing radiation for achondroplasia, thanatophoric and autosomal deletions in texas, 1996--2002. pal (2012)   retrospective assesment of the levonorgestrel intrauterine device to treat complex atypical hyperplasia and early endometrioid endometrial cancer. makimoto parrish (1989)   epidemiology of perinatal mortality: birthweight, crown -heel length, gestational age, and weight -for -height. allen pershouse (1993)   biologic and molecular analysis of tumor suppressor loci in human glioblastoma multiforme. yu (2013)   human metabolome and common complex diseases: a genetic and epidemiological study among african-americans in the atherosclerosis risk in communities study.-kun shyue (1994)   molecular and evolutionary genetics of the x -linked visual pigment genes in humans and new world monkeys. hunt graham (1982)   the relationship between the rheoencephalogram and cerebral blood flow. brown hamm (1990)   a case-comparison study of weight fluctuations during young adulthood and coronary artery disease during middle age. e eason (2000)   measurement and correlates of physical activity behavior among older minority women. magnus romsdahl (1968)   establishment, characterization, and biological properties of human malignant melanoma cell lines grown in vitro.-wen liang (2012)   mixture modeling for joint analysis of survival, discrete, and continuous data. espinoza aviles (2012)   the prevalence of periodontal disease in mexican american vs european american elderly in three distinct socio-economic communities in san antonio, texas. kamen lau (2012)   frequencies and risk factors for bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw in cancer patients: a matched case-control study. joyce donovan (2014)   improving the food retail environment around schools and other places children convene: development of a healthy food zone policy recommendation for austin/travis county. yin (2007)   the relationship of mutations in alpha- and beta-tubulin to microtubule assembly and anti-mitotic drug resistance. japhet minja (2008)   racial disparities in cd4 counts at initial hiv-1 diagnosis: analysis of the adult spectrum of hiv disease dataset and public health implications. jay frederick (1995)   evidence that lymphokine -activated killer (lak) cell function is regulated by both serine and tyrosine kinase pathways. frank duncan (1977)   life stress, suicidality and drug overdoses: a retrospective study. hudmon (1997)   inactivation and self -association of cam kinase: effects of atp, substrate binding domains, and isozymic forms.-wen lo (2002)   signaling pathways in the transcriptional and post-translational regulation of the human glutathione s -transferase p1 gene. eva wong (2001)   physical and functional mapping of a novel tumor suppressor locus for prostate cancer within chromosome 10p12. xia (2007)   roles of ikappab kinase alpha in centrosome duplication and skin carcinogenesis. warren smalling (1977)   digital boundary detection, volumetric and wall motion analysis of left ventricular cine angiograms. victoria tigno johnson (2009)   the association between stress and physical fitness testing in the 2005 department of defense population survey. tortolero-luna (1992)   cigarette smoking and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia among colposcopy patients. ganesh divakaran (2007)   the role of transforming growth factor beta signaling in cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in heart failure. reilly (2010)   the emergency department: rising wait times, costs, and possible remedies. herman rohde (1995)   involvement of heparin-like glycosaminoglycans and expression of a novel heparan sulfate binding protein (p24) during human placentation and in a model for human implantation. eduardo velosa de almeida (1979)   energy and spectrum measurements of high energy electron beams using a cerenkov detector. gomez (2011)   tuberculosis in persons with concomittant diseases in houston, texas, 2004 to 2008. nkem (2014)   population and community predictors of preventable hospitalizations in texas. anna elisabeth lechner (1999)   behavioral and cellular analysis of classical conditioning of feeding behavior in aplysia. marie pugh (2016)   an examination of internal and external factors upon financial performance of participating acos in the medicare shared savings program (mssp) for the year 2013. e myhre (2015)   association between anemia and physical fitness performance: a study of military basic trainees. marie waclawczyk (2013)   an investigation of pertussis cases in a texas county from 2008 through 2012. rossi (2011)   policy analysis of iron micronutrient programs at usaid: the fanta program in east africa and the micronutrient initiative in bihar region of india, using comparative cost effective and cost benefit analysis. h tektiridis (2014)   exploring leadership as a factor influencing implementation of evidence-based cancer prevention and screening services in community health centers. min swe (2009)   refugees from myanmar and their health care needs in the us: a qualitative study at a refugee-resettlement agency. diane reeve (2001)   health promotion attitudes and practices of texas nurse practitioners. cheng (2007)   identification and functional characterization of novel phosphotyrosine and phosphoserine residues in the interleukin-2 receptor complex. winters massie (2016)   parental influences on dietary intake and weight status of children age 2 to 12 through household food rules and mealtime practices. franklin seagle (1974)   occupational safety and health programs for small businesses. h statzer (2005)   environmental, health and safety cost benefit analysis in the united states chemical industry.-yih lin (1999)   two prognostic factors in breast cancer: novel functions of egfr and beta-catenin. s ballard (2010)   get ur 60: a social marketing campaign to promote and facilitate physical activity among central texas middle school students.-chuan tseng (1986)   the role of adrenal and thyroid hormones in gastric development (thyroxine, parietal cell, corticosterone). everett springer (2000)   social capital and adolescent health risk behavior in el salvador. ching-yi chang swartz (2014)   building blocks to promote healthy eating and physical activity among childhood central nervous system tumor survivors. john carter (1988)   organizational perspectives on the management and evaluation of large -scale multicenter controlled clinical trials: an exploratory study of participation in the beta -blocker heart attack trial. l cordeira (2012)   effects of a health advocacy program to promote physical activity and nutrition behaviors among adolescents: an evaluation of the young leaders for healthy change program. ralph emmett (1995)   development of micro-electrospray mass spectrometry for ultra high sensitivity and application in the study of drugs of abuse on endogenous \lbrack met\rbrack $\sp5$-enkephalin release. lee guerra (2010)   early stage breast cancer and comorbidities: their impact on breast cancer disease-free survival differences by ethnicity. m west (2001)   an evaluation of the impact of inner city development's cooperative home school: an educational alternative program to increase the quality and level of education in san antonio's west side community. joseph tukei (2010)   hiv-associated malignancies among children attending the baylor clinic in kampala, uganda. marie staudt (2016)   effects of exposure to organic solvents and occupational noise on hearing loss and tinnitus in us adults from 1999 to 2004. ceglio (2015)   the secret of seven stones: applying intervention mapping for the development of an intergenerational, online game to prevent hiv/sti and pregnancy in middle-school youth. gopinath shenoy (2016)   the impact of the texas dsrip program on preventable hospitalizations in southeast texas. parobii (2015)   facilitating factors and barriers to physical activity in secondary school students in montevideo, uruguay: a qualitative study. louise ayars (2000)   body fat distribution and serum lipids in children and adolescents.-nong zhang (1998)   phototaxis signaling by the membrane complex of archaeal sensory rhodopsins and their transducers. nguyen (2012)   application of the general linear model to assess the effect of missing data on bone marrow mononuclear cell therapy with infusion timing and follow-up mri. taylor swan (2016)   vancomycin and acute kidney injury following hip and knee surgery: a retrospective cohort study at five hospitals. n pack (2007)   evaluation of the effectiveness of the fresh and healthy program. john emery (1997)   evaluating the relative status of health and safety programs for minority academic and research institutions. nathan mellard (1986)   systemic toxicity in rodents following acute and subchronic inhalation of formaldehyde (flow cytometry, cell cycle kinetics, alkaline elution). lopez (1997)   patterns of alcohol and illicit substance use in the united states and mexico. sofia barroso (2005)   adiposity and the perilipin gene: the role of single locus and multilocus variation, obesity-related quantitative traits, and disease-related phenotypes in the atherosclerosis risk in communities (aric) study. popoola owolabi (1976)   environmental and cultural determinants of the problems of human nutrition and disease in east and west africa. lu (2009)   macromolecular interaction studies on ff1-3 of human ca150 and stat1-importin alpha5 using biophysical and biochemical methods. marie vincent (2006)   dysregulation of alternative splicing of coagulation factor v results in bleeding disorder, east texas type and other disorders of hemostasis. watts buzek (1989)   an examination of the characteristics, concentration and distribution of androgen receptor in rat testis during sexual maturation.

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  • noelle clague dehart (2010)   hormone therapy and physical activity as predictors of lung cancer risk and survival: the california teachers study. lavanda byrd (1994)   correlates of prenatal care initiation among low -income hispanic women. juanita bowne (2001)   positional candidate cloning of the rp10 form of retinitis pigmentosa. a calderon-mora (2016)   group versus individual culturally tailored and theory based education to promote cervical cancer screening among the underserved: a randomized controlled trial. monika garrison (2013)   impact of physician appointment on haart adherence among hiv/aids population in a public clinic for hiv/aids, in houston, texas; a cross-sectional design using logistic regression modeling. henyee li (2016)   an exploration of digital media use, community connectedness, and sexual orientation identity development among young men who have sex with men. denny clark (2007)   evaluation of a pilot diabetes educational intervention using the american diabetes association's risk assessment form with the patrons of the health museum, houston texas. ross (2010)   improving the transitional experience of previously incarcerated women a nutritional needs assessment at a transitional home in houston, texas. the nguyen (2005)   molecular mechanism of the relaxin signaling pathways: activation of camp, pi3k, and pkczeta. g coker (2007)   trends in health information seeking among cancer and non-cancer adults between 2003 and 2005: a descriptive analysis of health information national trends survey (hints) data. shayne gallaway (2008)   the association between maternal use of spermicides, condoms, intra-uterine devices or progesterone and major structural birth defects. nowshad (2011)   gender disparities in utilization, unmet need and expenditure for mental health care. ford kurland (2003)   pathways leading to apoptosis resistance in a murine b -cell lymphoma cell system. b domingo (2010)   doctor-patient communication in the medical interaction: context, implications, and practice. frank bogdan (1982)   an assessment of the relation of cancer mortality rates and sources of drinking water in texas. kay long colby (2009)   establishment of a complex inflammatory and protumorigenic microenvironment in mouse pancreas through cyclooxygenase-2 overexpression. bruce (2010)   news media coverage of policies surrounding the hpv vaccine before and after texas governor rick perry's executive order, february 2006-february 2008. vincent buonomano (1991)   neural analogs of associative learning in {\it aplysia\/}: experimental and theoretical approaches. p cappelli (2002)   clinical, microbiological, and immunological markers of gingival and periodontal disease induction and progression. r kamath (2012)   immune response to hepatitis b vaccination in drug using populations: a systematic review and meta-regression analysis. rouse mckeller (2008)   vital function for preli and essential requirement for its lea motif. s dickerson (2014)   ecological study of autism spectrum disorder prevalence and proximity to industrial facilities. kelvin stafford (1996)   an examination of the rate of high school completion experienced by handicapped and nonhandicapped students in the state of texas. k mama (2013)   predicting physical activity adoption among minority women using structural equation modeling and participatory research. ayham khleif (2010)   pregnancy intention, intimate partner violence, and the use of prenatal care in jordan. ashok habbu (2009)   prospective gated 64 slice computed tomography in assessment of coronary artery disease: a single center experience and relationship of body mass index to outcomes. multiple tiers, similar instruction: coordination and collaboration across instructional settings. ann ellerhorst (1998)   effects of galectin-1 and galectin-3 expression on prostate cancer cell adhesion, differentiation, proliferation, and tumorigenicity. simmons (2015)   a systematic review of quality of primay care: a comparison of physicians and advance practice nurses. johannah rainville (1996)   an investigation of the pica practices of pregnant women in houston and prairie view, texas. shu (2012)   role of obesity, weight gain, physical activity, and polymorphisms in the mtor pathway and the risk of renal cell carcinoma. agopian (2010)   genome -wide association study of conotruncal and related cardiac malformations. thanh phan (2002)   alteration of ceacam1 gene transcription in prostate cancer cells: the role of ar, sp2, and hdac. ann miller (2003)   beta-catenin interacts with and inhibits nf-kappab in colon cancer. p fernandez (2007)   latino patients' desire to participate in informed decisions regarding colorectal cancer screening. (mo) jones (1993)   fate and effects of drilling wastes in a shallow estuarine mesocosm. m beasley (2008)   evidence of secondary dengue infection and potential for association with clinical depression in a subset of a randomly selected cohort in south texas. associate, child research and study center, school of education, university at albany, state university of new york.-chune lee (1989)   social support, health status and health services utilization among the noninstitutionalized elderly: an analysis of the supplement on aging to the 1984 national health interview survey. p schlumbrecht (2010)   estrogen-induced gene expression and patient survival in high-grade serous carcinoma of the ovary. michel malaty (1990)   total cholesterol and anthropometric measurements distributions in a cross-sectional study of school children. chen (2013)   instrumental variable method for the causal relationship between soluble receptor for advanced glycation end-products (srage) and risk of pancreatic cancer. h gamble (2010)   environmental sustainability and the human element: decision making in national cancer institute-designated cancer centers and practice greenhealth subscribing institutions. e sanner (2011)   the role of serotonin in depression and clotting in the coronary artery disease population. then use the login on the right side to log in with your pirate id and password. susann bryson fischer (2014)   prevalence and antibiotic resistance profiles of staphylococcus aureus colonizing hiv-infected adults in botswana and risk factors for colonization.-chun chang (1998)   identification and characterization of genes encoding phospholipid biosynthetic enzymes of {\it saccharomyces cerevisiae\/}. r sianez (2015)   undiagnosed asthma in el paso, texas: an assessment of acculturation indicators, burden of illness and healthcare service use on children's respiratory distress. brooks morrow (2009)   a systematic review of community-based colorectal cancer screening 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(1984)   the occurrence of group g streptococcus in the domestic cat: comparison of the physiological properties of group g streptococcus isolated from humans and cats. vijayan (2012)   predictive validity of the personal background and preparation survey and effectiveness of targeted interventions among health science community college students. joan dcruz (2014)   keeping it real: executive function and sexual health self management of houston middle school students. yu (2002)   the heparan sulfate-fibroblast growth factor signaling system in liver growth and function. carolyn engebretson (1992)   cultural models of healing and health: an ethnography of professional nurses and healers. riis dahlstrom (2012)   factors associated with hpv16 status and survival among patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx. srinivasan (2008)   contribution of transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains to membrane protein association. chun-tsang ton (1991)   positional cloning and 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leisure-time physical activity and screen-time sedentary behavior differences in the general population and in cancer survivors. valadez-plascencia (1989)   a cohort study of body fatness and coronary mortality in middle -aged men. wang (2003)   the roles of smads and pitx2 in cardiac development. bangia (2011)   a cross-sectional analysis of the association between polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and diesel particulate matter exposures and hypertension among individuals of mexican origin residing in houston, tx. a formulative evaluation of a negative eating attitudes and behaviors primary prevention curriculum targeted at 5 th grade elementary school girls. read (2009)   marketing physical activity and healthy eating: a literature review of recent social marketing campaigns and development of a social marketing plan for the catch program. w jones (2009)   physician's adherence to cdc standards for physical activity counseling of older women in a cardiology practice in texas---an 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individuals. taffou fangtang (1996)   vancomycin: predictive risk factors for nephrotoxicity and implication for monitoring. rubio cano (1996)   race and discourse analysis: building a dialogue in health service research and health care settings. l pruitt (2008)   the association of area socioeconomic status and cancer screening: a systematic review and multilevel study. cong bui (2010)   perceived gender relations and sexual relations among undergraduate female students in the mekong delta of vietnam.-sian cheng (2008)   analysis of prognostic factors for the development of metastases and survival in renal cell carcinoma patients.

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