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Business plan for penny auctions

Swoopo - Wikipedia

and if you feel as strongly as i do about this, please write your congressmen/women and urge them to regulate these exploitative penny auctions. auction websites, such as the type we plan to offer, typically collect. order to participate in our online penny auctions, each potential customer.


are an online penny auction company that plans to capitalize on consumer. but in many ways, a penny auction is more like a lottery than a traditional online auction. last year, i encountered what may be nearly perfect evil in business plan form: swoopo.

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Penny Auctions: They're Gambling

be required to register as a member of one of our penny auction web. friend-referral and buy-it-now are two commonly used plug-ins commonly used with penny auction sites. i said in my original post, the only winning strategy at swoopo, or any other penny auction site, is not to play.

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amount we may need to fully implement our business plan will be. an sms gateway also allows you to send mass sms messages to your customer base about your penny auction. check out any penny auction site by entering its name in a search engine online.

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Online Penny Auctions | Consumer Information

establishing an online penny auction requires an occupational license from the municipality of the auction’s owner, a registered domain name and software to execute the auctions. penny-auction sites advertise high-end products that sell at prices much lower than the retail price. read each penny auction site's terms of use before you sign in or register.

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price of auction items usually starts at zero, and each bid bumps the price of the item up a penny. unlike a traditional auction, where only the winner pays, penny auctions require you to pay before – and as – you bid, win or lose. believe that we have several competitive advantages in the online penny.

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each bid raises the price of the item by a penny to 15 cents, depending on the site. for instance, a standard software package meets the needs of small-scale auctions, such as those with 100 to 150 simultaneous bidders. addition to the competition we face from other online penny auction.

Penny Auction Strategy Guide

many complaints about penny auctions involve late shipments, no shipments, or shipments of products that aren't the same quality as advertised. the companies backing swoopo and other penny auction sites are hoping unsophisticated regulatory agencies will buy the "it's not a game of chance" argument if it's wrapped in a lot of technical intarweb mumbo-jumbo they can't fully comprehend. auctions might be a fun way to try to get big ticket items at reduced prices.

Swoopo - Wikipedia

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and strategies in the penny auction marketplace which we believe. in a penny auction, you have to pay to bid. auctions may offer deals, but they also can present problems.

it's a class of penny auction, where bidders pay for the privilege of bidding:[penny auctions] offer new televisions, computers, game consoles, appliances, handbags, gold bars and more for starting prices of a penny to 15 cents, depending on the site. a penny auction, the site owner posts items and you pay to bid for them. anticipate that our penny auction websites will operate as fast-paced.

pixland/pixland/getty images related articles 1 how to start my own online auction business 2 key success factors of online auction businesses 3 how to start an ebay business with paypal 4 examples of auction item marketing penny auctions allow customers to bid on items in small monetary increments, with the final selling price determined by the total number of bids. swoopo and all these other penny auction sites should be regulated and classified as the online gambling sites in sheep's clothing they really are. some penny auction sites have a "buy-it-now" feature that lets losing bidders buy the item at retail price and apply the amount they spent on bids as a discount.

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