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as she returned to the chair she didn’t hear the creaking of the ancient boards, nor feel the cold on her bare feet. of 1962–63 in the united kingdom – the winter of 1962–63 was the coldest for 223 years in england, and the freeze was accompanied by strong easterly winds and the freezing of rivers and streams. presence was announced through the ages-old oak floorboards, as she paced in cold fear.. moscow) and was the last of a succession of abnormally cold winters there that affected the course of world war ii. cold outbreaks continued into february but the severity eased somewhat.[7][8] the cold wave continued into december 10, before the temperatures returned to a more stable range. this late cold wave was unexpected because february and march 2013 were both forecasted to be even milder and more springlike than february and march 2012, but instead turned out with a near-average february and an unusually cold march. in the case of the minnesota nature essay, we have decided to set up the body paragraphs in terms of season, starting with spring. the coldest average temperatures of the season are typically experienced in january or february in the northern hemisphere and in june, july or august in the southern hemisphere. descriptive essay allows writers to engage their reader through the use of specific language and imagery. reckoning is the method of measuring the winter season used by meteorologists based on "sensible weather patterns" for record keeping purposes,[5] so the start of meteorological winter varies with latitude. cold air from the basement blew goosebumps up her legs. 1989 united states cold wave – in late 1989, the central and eastern united states saw one of the coldest decembers on record.^ cold snap in argentina leads to energy crunch that idles factories, triggers blackouts, ap via international herald tribune, may 31, 2007[dead link]., arctic outbreak in us resulting from shift in polar vortex, with many cold temperature records broken. february was the coldest month since february 1947 in united kingdom and it became the 5th coldest february in the cet records dating back to 1986.–1780, scotland's coldest winter on record, and ice surrounded iceland in every direction (like in the 1690s). areas with subtropical climates may recognize unusual cold, perhaps barely freezing, temperatures, as a cold wave.–1814, severe cold, last freeze-over of thames, and last frost fair.

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some places, such as siberia, extreme cold requires that fuel-powered machinery to be used even part-time must be run continuously. cold wave affected much of the deep south in the united states and florida in january and february 2010. cold step brought another moan from the dust coated floorboard beneath her. the air during a cold wave is typically denser and thus contains more oxygen, so when air that a fire draws in becomes unusually cold it is likely to cause a more intense fire. this was one of the most severe cold-air outbreaks of the 1990s. december started of very mild with temperatures up to 15°c (59°f) however it quickly became very cold and snowy, the night of the 12–13th is particularly noted for its cold temperatures with many records broken.. based solely on the position of the earth in its orbit around the sun), regardless of weather conditions. ancient floorboards creaked beneath her cold, bare feet as she paced the room apprehensively. on the soles of her feet nagged at her as she paced the cold and dusty wooden floor. to be sure, such is more likely in places like siberia and much of canada that customarily get very cold weather. this same cold wave extended well into the month of april, as four named winter storms (walda, xerxes, yogi, and zeus) hammered through much of the northern united states, especially across minnesota and the dakotas. extreme warm records were broken in the western half of the united states and extreme cold records were broken in the eastern half. of 1981/82 in the united kingdom – this was a significantly colder than average winter. was one of the coldest on record in new zealand with sea level snow falling in wellington in july for the first time in 35 years and a much heavier snowstorm for 3 days in a row in august. the cold began on christmas eve and lasted until late march, with a few temporary warm-ups. the eastern united states and canada, the winter of 2013–2014 and the second half of february 2015 were abnormally cold. northwest north american cold wave – january 1950 saw unprecedented cold and snowfall in the pacific northwest, with normally mild seattle and portland, oregon both falling below 0 °f (−17. western united states cold wave – the winter of 1932–33 was the second- or third-coldest on record[18] in most of the west (the coldest on record in arizona[22]) and saw record cold temperatures in oregon, wyoming and texas between february 7 and 10,[20] when sixty deaths were blamed on extreme cold and ice storms.–2005 southern europe cold wave – all areas of southern europe saw an unusually hard winter.

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if possible, go back and add more after the ones you already used in the essay. 1985 became the fourth-coldest calendar year on record in the western usa. of 1941–42 in eastern europe – the winter of 1941–42 was the coldest of the twentieth century in most of eastern europe (e. charles dickens continues with the theme of weather by finishing the paragraph with roughly, “the heaviest rain and snow often ‘came down’ handsomely and scrooge never did”. us cold wave – a severe cold wave that passed through the pacific northwest. white earthquake in southern chile – on august 1995 southern chile was struck by a cold wave consisting in two successive cold fronts. although minnesota may seem drab and cold to outsiders, natives of the state find it a wonderful place to live. in early february another cold front brought heavy snowfall to much of western europe with the heaviest snow falling in france, northern italy, the low countries and the united kingdom, where parts of southern england had seen the worst snowfall in over eighteen years causing widespread travel disruption particularly around london. he had been pacing the rooming, causing his legs to ache and his toes go numb from the cold of the wooden floor. the uk had its coldest december ever, since records began in 1910, with a mean temperature of −1 °c (30. winter cold often causes poorly insulated water pipelines and mains to freeze.–2011, persistent bitter cold in the entire eastern half of the us from december onward, with few or no mid-winter warm-ups, and with cool conditions continuing into spring. the essay should help break down stereotypes for those outsiders about minnesota's cold weather and apparent drabness. a similar effect, although with less extreme differentials, is found in europe where in spite of the northerly latitude of the islands, the british isles has not a single non-mountain weather station with a below-freezing mean temperature. one of the largest chicago snowstorms in history at the time, with 21 inches of snowfall in the two-day period, the 1979 chicago blizzard occurred during the cold wave in january. squeak was soft, just barely audible, meant to be heard only by cold soles of the feet, and felt in the stealthy vibration. north american cold wave – the cold wave of 1936 was the only cold wave of the 1930s to severely impact the united states east of the hundredth meridian. damn, this old log cabin was as cold as a mausoleum. alaska cold wave – in early february, alaska experienced the coldest temperatures for eight years, with fairbanks nearing −50 °f (−45.

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hirschi, joël and sinha, bablu; ‘negative nao and cold eurasian winters: how exceptional was the winter of 1962/1963?–1888, there were record cold temperatures in the upper midwest, heavy snowfalls worldwide, and amazing storms, including the schoolhouse blizzard of 1888 (in the midwest in january), and the great blizzard of 1888 (in the eastern us and canada in march). her toes were icy, her ears cold, and a shiver rolled up her back. "global association of cold spells and adverse health effects: a systematic review and meta-analysis". europe, the winters of early 1947,[26] february 1956, 1962–1963, 1981–1982 and 2009–2010 were abnormally cold. audience: in this particular essay, the writer wants to show an outsider to the state why minnesota natives are so happy to live there. 2014 north american cold wave – on january 2–11, cold arctic air initially associated with a nor'easter invaded the central and eastern united states and canada, east of the rockies. one extreme was the so-called year without a summer of 1816, one of several years during the 1810s in which numerous crops failed during freakish summer cold snaps after volcanic eruptions that reduced incoming sunlight.–1977, one of the coldest winters in the us in decades. it was the coldest winter and longest cold spell for thirty years in the united kingdom, whilst temperatures in the italian alpine peaks reached low to an extreme of −47 °c (−52. °c) in some places, wind caused bitterly cold wind chills sometimes nearing −80 °f (−62. of 1968–69 in central asia – central asia and western siberia saw by far their coldest winter on record in 1968–69,[16][17] and in central asia also their wettest, producing record low temperature, severe blizzards and avalanches, numerous plant deaths and record spring flooding. cold wave can cause death and injury to livestock and wildlife. evolved in tropical climates, and met cold weather as they migrated into eurasia, although earlier populations certainly encountered southern hemisphere winters in southern africa. cold waves that aren’t considered cold in some areas, but cause temperatures significantly below average for an area, are also destructive. in addition to the extreme cold wave at its most brutal in the great lakes, mid-atlantic, and new england, even as far south as the deep south could not escape the wintry nightmare. knowing your audience will also help you distinguish which details to include throughout your essay. argentine cold wave – an interaction with an area of low pressure systems across argentina during the july 6, 7 and 8 of 2007, and the entry of a massive polar cold snap resulted in severe snowfalls and blizzards, and recorded temperatures below −32 °c (−26 °f). temperatures reached as cold as −37 °f (−38 °c), and did not even get out of the negative double-digit temps in many places, including chicago.

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if you can, read your essay out loud to a friend and have them tell you what images are vivid for them and what images are a little more cloudy. °c) cold, the sioux falls area had 60 mph (97 km/h) winds bringing wind chills down to −70 °f (−56. think of a descriptive essay as being similar to writing a movie. introduction: many who have not traveled to the state of minnesota only hear of its cold weather and boring reputation. other annual plants require winter cold to complete their life cycle, this is known as vernalization. the body paragraphs complete, it is time to bring the essay to a close with the conclusion. of 2010–11 in great britain and ireland – it was referred to as the big freeze by national media in both united kingdom and ireland and it was the coldest winter in britain for thirty-one years with an average temperature of 1. on monday july 9, the simultaneous presence of very cold air, gave place to the occurrence of snowfalls. of 1985/86 in the united kingdom – the cold weather started in november 1985 with the month being considerably below average, being the coldest since at least 1925. 1990 western united states – extreme cold dropped down from canada in the second half of december, causing record low temperatures up and down the west coast, including one of california’s most damaging freezes since 1949. into the old run down house, with broken and splintered floorboards cracking beneath her cold, calloused bare feet, she paced the room with a slight limp, inching carefully so not to fall. who is going to read the essay, and what effect would you like it to have upon them? tilt of the earth's axis relative to its orbital plane plays a large role in the formation of weather. 1912 cold wave – the severe 1912 united states cold wave caused the longest recorded period of below -0 °f or −17. some animals "sleep" during winter and only come out when the warm weather returns; e. at times as deadly to plants as drought, cold waves can leave a land in danger of later brush and forest fires that consume dead biomass. january 1982 was also a cold and snowy month with records being broken on the 10th in both england and scotland. in the united states, a record five-week cold spell bottomed out at −20 °f (−29 °c) at hartford, connecticut, and −16 °f (−27 °c) in new york city. western united states cold wave – january 1937 was the coldest month on record in the west and saw snowfall as far south as the hot desert city of yuma, arizona for one of only two occasions on record.

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adults must remain aware of the exposure that children and the elderly have to cold.–1888, colder temperatures worldwide, including an unbroken string of abnormally cold and brutal winters in the upper midwest, related to the explosion of krakatoa in august 1883., the winter solstice, being the day of the year which has fewest hours of daylight, ought to be the middle of the season,[14][15] but seasonal lag means that the coldest period normally follows the solstice by a few weeks. the persistently cold, wet weather caused great hardship, was primarily responsible for the great famine of 1315–1317, and strongly contributed to the weakened immunity and malnutrition leading up to the black death (1348–1350). the conclusion should restate the main points of the essay in order to give the reader a final sense of what the essay was meant to portray. of 1916–1917 – the “extended winter” (october to march) of 1916–17 was the coldest on record in the west and midwest.; ‘the 1976–77 winter in the contiguous united states in comparison with past records’; monthly weather review, 106 (1977), no. globally, more people die of cold weather than hot weather, due to the rise in diseases like cold, flu, and pneumonia.^ kyiv post: ukraine cold spell death toll rises 101 archived february 4, 2012, at the wayback machine. the cold snap advanced from the south towards the central zone of the country, continuing its displacement towards the north during saturday, july 7. about a month of severe cold affected a large part of the nation. temperatures were even colder than the north pole and the south pole in many regions in the upper midwest and canada.–1330, many severe winters and cold, wet summers in europe – the first clear manifestation of the unpredictable weather of the little ice age that lasted for several centuries (from about 1300 to 1900).[4] in developed countries, more deaths occur during a heat wave than in a cold snap, though the mortality rate is higher in undeveloped regions of the world. 2015 north american cold wave – during the second half of february 2015, outstanding temperature records were broken in both sides of the spectrum. western canada saw by far its coldest month on record, leading to severe damage to fruit crops in the okanagan valley, the freezing of okanagan lake for the only time since 1862, and calgary’s only month where temperatures remained below 32 °f (0 °c) throughout. the old creaking floorboards were cold under her bare feet. with a thud, it then rolled a quarter turn, like the second hand on a clock; away from her cold bare feet. northern hemisphere cold wave – all of canada and most of the united states underwent a freeze after a two-week warming that took place in late march and early april.

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virginia beach had an unusually long period of below freezing weather. the introduction complete, it is time to start constructing the body paragraphs of your essay. the cold that leeched up into her bare feet caused her to shiver. suitable stocks of forage can be secured before cold waves for livestock, and livestock in vulnerable areas might be shipped from affected areas or even slaughtered. the sunday of the following week (january 17, 1982) is also known as cold sunday.–1602, extremely cold winters in switzerland and baltic region after eruption of huaynaputina in peru in 1600. ancient floorboards creaked beneath her cold, bare feet as she paced the room apprehensively.–10 european cold wave – at least ninety were confirmed dead after record low temperatures and heavy snowfall across europe causes travel disruption to much of the continent including the british isles, france, the low countries, germany, austria, italy, poland, the baltic states, the balkans, ukraine and russia. 2014 north american cold wave – between november 8 and november 23, a polar vortex similar to earlier in 2014 has a temporary comeback, delivering the 2014–15 winter season's first three named winter storms (astro, bozeman, and cato). 2012 european cold wave – as of february 11, 2012 at least 590 people died during a cold snap with temperatures falling below −35 °c (−31 °f) in some regions. 1970s (1977, 1978, 1979) – in the last three years of the 1970s, almost all of the conterminous united states had at least one winter with a memorable cold wave, and the winter of 1978–79 was the coldest on record in the lower 48, with everywhere, except normally frigid upstate maine, experiencing well below average temperatures. 1995 great britain cold wave – on the 30th of december the united kingdom recorded a record low of −27. 2016 north american cold wave – marked a temporary return of the polar vortex for the second week of february.: basic meteorological concepts and phenomenacold wavescoldweather eventshidden categories: cs1 finnish-language sources (fi)cs1 russian-language sources (ru)webarchive template wayback linksall articles with dead external linksarticles with dead external links from september 2016articles with limited geographic scope from january 2011pages in non-existent country centric categoriesall articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from august 2007. because the essay is designed for those who do not live in minnesota, and maybe have never been there, it is important to include details about the state that may seem obvious to a native. writer in this case could choose to present the positive aspects of minnesota in terms of the seasons and weather changes. ancient floorboards creaked beneath her cold, bare feet as she paced the room apprehensively. the ground outside and the floor inside were the same today – wet and cold. severely cold winds blew in from canada and about 70% of the month was colder than average.

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ancient floorboards creaked beneath her cold, bare feet as she paced the room apprehensively. 1899 cold wave – still ranked as number one cold wave outbreak in u. can stock up on food, water, and other necessities before a cold wave. exposure to cold mandates greater caloric intake for all animals, including humans, and if a cold wave is accompanied by heavy and persistent snow, grazing animals may be unable to reach needed food and die of hypothermia or starvation. in the uk, meteorologists consider winter to be the three coldest months of december, january and february. the cold seeped through the cracks and enveloped her feet like slippers of ice. northern plains cold air outbreak – mid-january across the northern u. ancient floorboards creaked beneath her cold, bare feet as she paced the room apprehensively. wave of early 1978 – produced one of the coldest winters on record in all states east of the rockies, except maine. then charles dickens attempts to compare scrooge to the weather making him a very cold hearted character, and explains that even the worse weather can not match to how cold scrooge is and how he cares not for anyone but himself. the preparatory work complete, it is time now to begin writing your essay. "susceptibility to mortality related to temperature and heat and cold wave duration in the population of stockholm county, sweden".[9] according to the smhi, winter in scandinavia is more pronounced when atlantic low–pressure systems take more southerly and northerly routes, leaving the path open for high–pressure systems to come in and cold temperatures to occur. the process by which plants become acclimated to cold weather is called hardening. 2009 european cold wave – early january gave most of europe, especially in central and south very cold temperatures.. national weather service, a cold wave is a rapid fall in temperature within a 24-hour period requiring substantially increased protection to agriculture, industry, commerce, and social activities. the united states, a cold spell is defined as the national average high temperature dropping below 20 °f (−7 °c). the precise criterion for a cold wave is determined by the rate at which the temperature falls, and the minimum to which it falls. short, ragged breath drew gasps of the faintly cold, crisp air.

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great western cold air outbreak – february 1985 saw the contiguous u.–06 european cold wave – eastern europe and russia saw a very cold winter.–1795, severe winter, with the coldest january in the uk and lowest temperature ever recorded in london: −21 °c (−6 °f) on 25 january. thesis statement: although minnesota may seem drab and cold to outsiders, natives of the state find it a wonderful place to live. 1934 cold wave in new england – longest period of cold weather ever experienced to this point. the essay complete, it is time to reread and revise your essay (also see revision sections of this textbook). northern us/southern canada cold outbreak – january 1994 was the coldest month ever recorded or since january 1977 or february 1934 over many parts of the northeast and north-central united states, plus adjacent southeastern canada.[3] both cold waves and heat waves cause deaths, though different groups of people may be susceptible to different weather events. ancient floorboards creaked beneath her cold, bare feet as she paced the room apprehensively. when writing the first draft of your descriptive essay, include as many details as is reasonably possible. is the coldest season of the year in polar and temperate climates, between autumn and spring. vulnerable crops may be sprayed with water that will paradoxically protect the plants by freezing and absorbing the cold from surrounding air. three-month period associated with the coldest average temperatures typically begins somewhere in late november or early december in the northern hemisphere and lasts through late february or early march. 1985 – january 1985 was the coldest january since 1979 in the united kingdom with significanlty below average temperatures. many locations east of the rockies broke december cold records on christmas eve. dried, time-worn floorboards groaned under her frail weight as she edged, shaking, towards the window and then back, her toes stabbed by the icy cold. diamond dust, also known as ice needles or ice crystals, forms at temperatures approaching −40 °f (−40 °c) due to air with slightly higher moisture from aloft mixing with colder, surface based air. likewise, abnormal cold waves that penetrate into tropical countries in which people do not customarily insulate houses or have either suitable clothing or reliable heating may cause hypothermia and even frostbite. 1949 cold wave – the winter of 1948–49 was the coldest since 1891 over the western united states and saw record snowfall, ice storms as far south as texas, and constant disruptions to surface transport, along with large losses in livestock and crops.

into the old run down house, with broken and splintered floorboards cracking beneath her cold, calloused bare feet, she paced the room with a slight limp, inching carefully so not to fall. different cultures define different dates as the start of winter, and some use a definition based on weather. western canadian cold wave – january 1966 was the coldest january on record in the yukon and the coldest since 1950 or 1875 in the prairie provinces, and the severe cold continued into march, when winnipeg recorded its most severe winter snowstorm on record. ancient floorboards creaked beneath her cold, bare feet as she paced the room apprehensively. the cold wave became widespread and all the remaining mild conditions from the west were pushed into northern mexico. large cities like paris, madrid, berlin and even marseille saw very cold temperatures with lots of snow and ice in northern italy, most of germany, in northern portugal and even along the coasts of the mediterranean. some parts of europe also experienced unusual cold winter-like temperatures, during that time. minnesota is much more than the cold and drab state that many people give it credit for.^ the guardian: european cold snap threatens energy crisis as death toll rises". the cold wave even extended well into early march, with every u. the first half of january also brought unusual cold weather and heavy snow to widespread regions of china and the middle east. you can always eliminate the ones that do not serve the essay as well when you are revising your draft.[citation needed] this cold front caused snow in algeria, which is extremely unusual. skin, pale and cold on the ball of her foot, touched down with agony as the floorboards pressed back against her hollow weight. 1983 great plains cold wave – the contiguous us had its coldest ever christmas in 1983. in such places, plant and animal life is less tolerant of such cold as may appear rarely. when you have begun to think in this fashion, then you are ready to start your essay. it mentions “the cold within him froze his facial features”, so it portrays that its not the weather affecting scrooge its how cold he is inside. 2013 north american cold wave – on december 1, the weakening of the polar vortex resulted in the jet stream shifting southward, which allowed abnormally cold temperatures to intrude the central united states.

energy conservation, difficult as it is in a cold wave, may require such measures as collecting people (especially the poor and elderly) in communal shelters. great midwest cold outbreak – late january and early february was northern minnesota’s coldest short term period on record. the introduction should set up the basis for your essay, and the thesis statement should state its purpose.–2003 was an unusually cold winter in the northern and eastern us. some of them saw their coldest on record or since the 1970s. the cold wave extended for a few more months, bringing a continuous pattern of record-low temperatures to most of the central and upper eastern united states, before the pattern finally ended in early april. european cold wave – february 1956 was the coldest month of the twentieth century over large areas of western europe,[16] with mean temperatures below 0 °c (32 °f) as far south as marseilles being utterly unprecedented in records dating back into the eighteenth century. 2017 european cold wave – a cold wave hit central and east europe at january 5. january cold outbreak, northeast united states – new england was close to a record month when frequent arctic fronts caused unusually cold weather. cold wave (known in some regions as a cold snap) is a weather phenomenon that is distinguished by a cooling of the air. 2016 east asia cold wave – caused over 100 known deaths across east asia, south asia and southeast asia. as a result, the coldest january on record in 1987 was also the sunniest in stockholm.[9] ukraine is the worst hit, with over 100 deaths related to the cold. 2013 north american cold wave – although the core winter of 2012–13 was fairly mild, both march and april were unusually cold across the midwest, resulting in sharp temperature contrasts from march 2012 to march 2013 all over the united states and canada. the conclusion should return back to the thesis and provide coherence to the essay. some places like germany, france, italy, romania and spain had record cold temperatures well below 0 °c (32 °f). to starting the essay, give some thought as to whom the audience of your piece will be. 1987 southeast england snowfall – this was a notably cold winter month for the united kingdom and snowy too, especially so for the southeast with a very heavy lake-effect type snow event that affected the areas of east anglia, south-east england and london between 11 and 14 january. snowblindness, norovirus, seasonal depression, slipping on black ice and falling icicles are other health concerns associated with cold and snowy weather.

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