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Approaching a Gallery: The Initial Email (an Example of What to

doe, “commissioned artwork arrives in charlotte,” wsoc-tv, charlotte, nc, march 12, 1995. for less experienced artists, such as artists just out of graduate school, it is probably more useful to list all exhibitions under one heading, and indicate (in bold) any that are solo exhibitions, by stating “solo exhibition” or “two-person exhibition” at the beginning of the entry, just after the date. sending a gallery your portfolio package, i recommend sending them a prospecting package, which includes a cover, a rack card (9 x 4 postcard) and a business card. believe in my work greatly, but don't ever like feeling like i'm imposing on a gallery. sometimes the visiting artist will be asked to conduct a critique as well.[…] often the front line of communication between an artist and the public. the entire podcast was good, but the last 20 minutes of the hour addressed his point of view about artists and galleries. was hired as a gallery director for our local community college within the past two years without gallery experience, but with a background in the studio arts and administrative experience. photos of recent work: obviously the most important part, this could either be a physical portfolio of work, a disc of images, or a link to a website or online portfolio.: for artists in certain time-based media, an exhibition might be referred to as a screening.) visual artist, i find this advice is applicable to many art fields, and professions for that matter. to the caa professional practices committee, jim hopfensperger (chair), by the ad hoc committee to review artist résumé and cv recommended conventions: robert tynes, university of north carolina, asheville (chair); karen atkinson, california institute of the arts; heather bhandari, mixed greens, nyc; jenna frye, maryland institute college of art; ralph gilbert, georgia state university; dennis ichiyama, purdue university; and clarence morgan, university of minnesota. professional resume: while this document should be similar in style to a traditional resume, it needs to focus primarily on artistic accomplishments. fellowship (sculpture), new york foundation for the arts, new york, ny. (dekalb, il: northern illinois university press,“what does it mean to kill an animal in the name of art?: if you are in need of a style guide for listing articles and reviews about you, consider using. if the quality of your image photos is fuzzy or out of focus, or the lighting is poor, this will make your art look bad and will also make you appear unprofessional.

Approaching a Gallery: The Initial Email (an Example of What to

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. each gallery will be different, but once you are in a dialogue with them, you can ask them for the information you need it they haven’t already provided it. art galleries and organizations prefer to receive portfolios online while others insist on a physical portfolio. unless a gallery requests something different, you should send 10-20 of your most recent works. figure now, international juried exhibition, fontbonne university fine arts gallery,st.[…] often the front line of communication between an artist and the public.’d really love to be a part of online community where i can get. portfolio represents your best opportunity and often your only chance to make a lasting impression on gallery owners and potential investors in your art."to tell you the truth, even if the work had been right for the gallery, there’s no way i would have wanted to work with such an obtuse personality. this can be in the form of working on a committee, serving on a board, consulting for a public art project, assisting with a local art event, etc. this will convey to the gallery representative that your work is timely and that you are active in the art world and continually producing. publications (for images or text published on various websites about you and your artwork).–2011woodshop and sculpture technician, school of art, ohio university, athens, oh. and it reminded me of something i did over 30 years ago as an artist. depending upon the nature of the work, an artist may use any one or any combination of headings, such as exhibitions, screenings, performances, curatorial projects, or collaborative projects. different galleries, schools, and art organizations have different expectations of portfolio content, so make sure you submit within their specified parameters.: the visual artist’s exhibition or creative activity record is the equivalent of a publication record in other academic disciplines. be sure to list all your degrees, not just the ones related to studio art.

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Art Gallery Submissions: How to Prepare and What to Send | The

a brief letter of introduction: to really demonstrate your degree of professionalism, start off your portfolio with a brief note introducing yourself and your work, and thanking the reviewer for taking the time to look at your images and documents. of art and design, georgia state university, atlanta, ga, march 21. the artist résumé is used in conjunction with commercial and non-profit galleries, the search for exhibition opportunities, residency and grant applications, public art proposals, etc. a beautifully prepared cv will not earn you a position if your art or its documentation is weak; however, a poorly designed cv could cost you one, especially if you’re applying for employment or an opportunity in a design-related field. as with academic positions, applications for non-academic positions should include references who know you well, can attest to your strengths, and would be best able to articulate your qualifications for the position you seek., are often problematic in visual artists’ résumés and cvs. just kind of blows my mind that artists will still do this. in 1911, the College Art Association Promotes excellence in scholarship and teaching in the history and criticism of the visual arts and in creativity and technical skill in the teaching and practices of art.%d bloggers like this:So, you've decided that you want to submit your artwork to a gallery. i am careful and considerate with writing and sending information, and i do a lot of research on the gallery website to understand the gallery, the submission guidelines and who to address. when i send my art works by email to the gallery, am i allowed to try two galleries at same time? the drawback of this format is that cds are easy for gallery representatives to overlook, as they will need to stop what they are doing to load the cd onto the computer (unlike with a hard copy portfolio, which only needs to be opened and perused). a respectful artist will do their research on submission guidelines for a particular gallery (ours, like most, are listed very clearly on our website). for example, a degree in french could tell a dean or department chair that you might be able to assist with their study abroad program. begin each file name with a number, starting with your most recent work, so that the files will automatically arrange themselves in chronological order. so give the gallery something useful: a phrase about your work and some indication of your familiarity with the gallery and its program and a link to your website. louis, mo, second place (juror: michael grimaldi, artist, new york, ny). Script writing services uk 

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post is also available in:Agora gallery’s glossary of art portfolio terminology. it should address your artist background in a succinct way, including where you went to school, formal exhibitions, and other pertinent details. some artists have careers that involve a close working relationship with a commercial gallery. i was amazed at the lack of attention artists give to their submission materials. thoughts on “art gallery submissions: how to prepare and what to send”. these would usually be former teachers or other art professionals with whom you have worked. if it's obvious you've put no individual effort into each gallery, why should they bother spending time on you? biography of the artist(s) and if applicable, curator(s) involved. written proposal for an exhibition is only necessary if you are submitting your work to a gallery that explicitly requests exhibition proposals, not just artist portfolios. have shown in southampton and bridgehampton 3 summers in a row, but, i would definitely drive a thousand miles to show my work in your gallery. annual iowa sculpture festival, des moines area community college, newton, ia first place (juror: jeff fleming, director, des moines art center, des moines, ia). other artists may choose to remove their cell number and other personal address information from their cv—especially from a web version of the résumé or cv. | current exhibitions | annual exhibitions | gallery representation | show your art in nyc | art competition | call for artists | art for sale | calendar | agora newsletter | artisspectrum | agora gallery blog | agora's history | agents | careers at agora | privacy policy. you are preparing a physical portfolio, i suggest reading “the practically perfect portfolio“, an article by artist brennen mcelhaney. i wish only that the people who submit in the "how not to" category read art blogs., ca, and museum of photographic arts (mopa), san diego, ca (juror: arthur ollman, founding director, museum of photographic arts, san diego, ca). professional artist portfolio can really open doors for you and enable you to share your work effectively and attract the attention of galleries and collectors alike.

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i was recommended by an artist already in the gallery.       public art commission, diversity and hope, large-scale painting (8 x 16 ft. a gallery requests images on a disc, you should consider the following:Images should be in jpeg format. i'm both an artist and an art dealer who runs a small gallery, and i tell you that your approach can make our break an accepted submission, sometimes even more than the artwork.’ i replied that i couldn’t just drop everything each time an artist came in, but that if she sent me material i would look at it during a time i set aside for just that job. if we don’t think we can work well with an artist, there’s no point getting involved.: the example (immediately above) refers to a review or article written by diane terrel in sculpture magazine, volume 17, issue one, in january 1998, on page sixty-three. machinima, i've never found a gallery that knows what that is unless they are tied to a university. (remember to personalize the letter to address each individual gallery you reach out to. is not uncommon to have studied art at a university or college without completing the degree. for instead, if i have contract with a gallery then, my art works must be hung on the wall of galleries and i don’t have a right to get my art work back till contract is finished? portfolio represents not only your work, but also what kind of artist you are. low, "rochester contemporary art center features exhibit of alison saar art," rochester democrat.: a bibliography in a cv or résumé consists of entries published about you and your artwork. your portfolio is in the hands of a gallery, employer, or art school recruiter, you want it to be compelling enough to immediately catch their attention. business sense coupled with elementary interpersonal communication skills may not get you into a gallery, but the lack of them will surely lock you out. your job as an artist (beyond creating your work) is to make your art easily accessible to anyone interested.


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for instance, a gallery dealer will be interested in the visual images, your pricing list, and your resume, while an art writer will want to see newsworthy accomplishments and a collector will primarily want to know if there’s anything to buy. doe, chair and professor of art, department of art, xxx college, city, st zip. self-addressed stamped envelope (sase) and matching stationery: this is a nice touch to include in the back of the portfolio, as it makes it easy and convenient for the gallery representative to get in touch with you and return your portfolio if that is something they offer to do. is a difference between a cv and an artist résumé. (it is advisable for emerging artists/professionals to include a list of references. if the gallery does not give you a time-line for reviewing your submission, wait at least two weeks. through a lens, an international juried photography exhibition, rancho mirage, ca and electronically at the museum of photographic arts (mopa), san diego, ca third place award (juror: arthur ollman, founding director, museum of photographic arts, san diego, ca) (catalogue). exceptions to this convention are entries without dates under categories such as collections or gallery affiliation. having a powerful portfolio can help you to ensure that your work gets noticed and gets the exposure you need to move your art career forward. if you are seeking representation by a gallery, you do not need to have a written exhibition proposal.: depending upon the nature of the presentation, an artist may use any one or a combination of headings, such as: visiting artist lectures, lectures, presentations, panels, workshops, critiques, and guest lectures. when you were seeking representation did you go and visit the galleries in person to assess them or did you rely on other information?. yes, but if you know that more than one gallery is considering your work, you should let the other galleries know as a courtesy. depending on what the gallery prefers, this could either be a physical portfolio of work, a disc of images, or a link to a website or online portfolio.), acrylic and oil on canvas on panel,                   charlotte convention center, charlotte-mecklenburg arts & science council, charlotte, nc.. rebel photography blog and commented:I want to post my artiste work frax by pencil coz they have the originality of drawing. so i took a quick a look and told her it wasn’t right for the gallery.

Do's and Don'ts On How to Approach a Gallery for Representation

an artist came in with a portfolio, stood there waiting for a break in the conversation. you want to convey to the gallery or organization that as an artist you are professional, thorough, and easy to work with. curriculum vitae or cv is essentially an artist’s resume outlining previous exhibitions, publications, press, and more.: it is often helpful to list the names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of references at the end of the cv, or they might best be included on a separate page, behind a cover letter. i can only imagine how difficult it must be on a gallery's end of these endless submissions, with all the different formatting possibilities. the walls of the house and playing with pens and brushes coloring, and then grow this behavior to determine my features as an artist, industrious and bold in making themes, i joined the university of the fine arts and which i graduated . you have decided which galleries you want to submit to, take this most important step for each: ask the gallery what they require for submission. i'll be the first to admit, i'm as new to approaching galleries as one gets, but i research - do i think there's a fit with the gallery's body of work, who do i send to, what are their submission requirements, are they even accepting submissions, and so on. exhibition, mfa thesis exhibition, katherine nash gallery, regis center for. (pending), maryland institute college of art, baltimore, md (expected may 2013). my only note to add to brennen’s article: depending on what kind of submission you are sending, you may or may not need a price list (for example, if you are submitting to a non-commercial venue, you should not submit a price list). to secure a spot in art school, seeking an art related job, or trying to get a show at a gallery? artist statement is an opportunity to explain the background and process of the work you are submitting to a gallery. place award, earth through a lens, an international juried exhibition, rancho. we have created this guide on how to create a successful portfolio that will be sure to get your artwork noticed. in the know with artist tips, gallery news, and more. and why would a gallery state that they are only interested in artists who maintain studios in the us.

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A Sample Intro Letter to a Gallery Director - Art Marketing Secrets

for a full explanation, examples, and a guide to writing your cv, please read my post how to write an artists cv in 10 steps. back in the day artists did go around with portfolios in hand., session chair and panelist,Sponsored by the mid-america college art association, college art association. strong cover letter: your cover letter will introduce both you and your artwork to the gallery representative, so it needs to be written in such a way as to catch the reader’s attention and help your portfolio to stand out. if it's more than a one-show situation (and even sometimes then), i make a point of visiting the gallery and meeting the dealer. i visited many galleries and felt that particular ones would be right for me and vice versa.: if your work is part of a collection (private, public, institutional, corporate, museum, etc. and if the package in general is messy, it suggests that the artists may be similarly sloppy in his or her practice. chicago manual of style is a good resource if you are in need of a style guide for listing articles and reviews, etc..John doe, faculty, xxxx college of art, printmaking department, city, st zip. the gallery asks for an email submission, you have two options. (some artists list friends and family members in this section when they should be omitted.: if you work in digital art, new media, video, performance art, or other collaborative projects (such as co-curating exhibitions), be sure to note whether or not the work is collaborative. as an artist based in the uk i approached a gallery in switzerland recently with, what i had thought was a relevant, well researched and put together proposal - however my mistake was to include the gallerist's first name (along with ms and her surname) in my cover letter.: call for 3d artists, allied arts council of spruce grove,deadline: june 30 - art rubiconart rubicon | visual arts magazine. are the main components your professional portfolio should include:A professional-looking binder: choose a binder that keeps all of your portfolio’s contents tidy and makes it easy for a gallery representative to peruse the contents.: artists well into their careers may want to divide the exhibitions category into separate headings such as solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.

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diaries: photographic viewpoints, rockford art museum, rockford, il (curated by karen irvine, curator, museum of contemporary photography, chicago, il). exhibition, gallery a, richmond, va2008 worlds away: new suburban landscapes, walker art center, minneapolis, mn. better world by design, pop-up shipping container gallery, rhode island school of.”don’t waste the dealer’s timeolympia, who works in a gallery in chelsea, left this story in the comments section of a recent post (i’ve shortened it slightly):“we had an artist come in to the gallery wanting to show us his portfolio. please see my post suggestions for writing your artist statement for a discussion of artist statements, as well as links to examples of statements. do you describe a digital art form that composes of surrealism, expressionism, and optical illusion to a curator and how all of the art forms even though they do not look a like and look like various different artists made them are a cohesive collection, because they revolve around the same principal and that same idea of symbolism interconnects with the other pieces that shouldn't really go together to create one story that interconnects with another piece forming a line of pieces that revolve around the same story line but intermingle with each other in different styles of art but yet all expressionistic and symbolic at the same time with the choice of words that create these pieces and link them to each other despite how very un-cohesive each picture might be to the other. Although it can seem like a daunting task, creating a professional and complete submission to send to galleries is a huge step in getting your artwork "out there" and progressing your artistic career. biography: in contrast, the biography should be more formal than the artist statement and written in the third person.: if you served as a consultant to an art center, gallery, corporation, institution, etc. who are unfamiliar with the visual arts may want to know if any of your exhibitions have been adjudicated or refereed.”sounds like me two summers ago in provicetown, doing my gallery tour. non-academic references might include art professionals such as: gallery directors, museum curators, or other artists. on the other hand, i'm thinking of a philadelphia gallerist who said to me, "i can tell the minute i see the first piece if the artist is right for my gallery or not.’t be a boor a boston dealer recounted this story to a group of students i brought to the gallery:“an artist came in the other day with a portfolio and asked if she could show it to me. much time on average does it take for the museum to actually get your art piece into the museum? lichty, “on virtual fluxus,” international journal of art, culture and design technologies, 2(1),(january–june 2012). i am in the process of researching galleries and have been submitting out of state, but do not have the luxury of going to each gallery personally.

Thesis questioniar on performance appraisal, the presentation format that will best serve your work: this will vary depending on the particular medium or media you work with. i then came with an "imprimature" as did the gallery. although it can seem like a daunting task, creating a professional and complete submission to send to galleries is a huge step in getting your artwork “out there” and progressing your artistic career. gallery accept the apology from me that i am canceling the submission? i've never had a gallery requests links, but you might find that as well. an art history degree might indicate an ability to teach a course in art appreciation. you have just completed graduate school and do not have significant teaching experience, you may have art-related experiences and/or other positions outside of the field that are worth listing (e. any advice for an american artist who lives abroad and can't visit galleries in person? for additional information on this subject, i have written all about the do’s and don’t’s of submitting artwork to a gallery.?)- materials packed so tight that they are difficult to get out of the envelope and back in- handwriting that is not legible- submitting slides when images on cd/dvd was requested- proposals that included a "notebook" of information in addition to the requested submission materialsliked:- presentation materials where the artist has taken the time to treat and market themself as a business- artists that follow the submission guidelines- presentations that are to the point.“‘but if you took a quick look, you could tell me whether or not the work was right for the gallery. and if i want in that gallery enough, i'm going to do what they ask. whatever you choose to include, make sure it’s personal and that it markets you as an artist and generates interest in your work. “i’m all for recycling, but sending a package in a used envelope tells me that i’m an artist’s second or third choice. i politely tell artists that portfolios take a few weeks to review, and they still insist on harassing me constantly. this section may be of particular important if prominent jurors were involved. iam new to this art work later on i want to submit my work to one gallery for exhibition,plz help me how many oil paintings i have to make and can i take pictures of my paintings by myself and upload it to their website. Thesis statement for obesity - cum laude, studio art and art history, university of chicago, chicago, il. this includes awards, publications, major exhibits (both individual and group shows), and past gallery representation. fyi, we were able to show works in second life at the dallas museum of art because they work closely with ut dallas, who has a great arts & technology program., i know very little about digital art, nothing about machinima. list any art related publications you have written here, including reviews, catalogue essays, blogs, etc. an art fair in new york a few years ago, a photographer stopped by a booth and proceeded to pull out a fairly large notebook of prints. exhibition entries should begin with the italicized title of the exhibition, name of gallery or venue, city, state, and country (if needed). story about the cold call to the gallery while you were "chatting" kind of makes me laugh though..Joanne: i'm recommending this excellent post to the hundreds of artists i work with in virtual worlds. these are some of the automatic deal breaker tactics i've received from submitting artists. always keep your cv up to date, just as you would letters of reference. exhibition, dream life of babies, fay gold gallery, atlanta, ga (catalogue).: how to submit ur work 2 an art gallery | dalia anime. in the artist statement, you should explain the meaning behind your work, your artistic process, and why it is that you create what you do. kindness is the root of all good manners and keeping kindness as your guiding principle will keep you on track with gallerists, other artists, and the press. the mating academic study with work in a number of iraqi newspapers and magazines as graphic designer ,and this give me the ability to establish my identity of an independent that belonging to the school of abstraction while providing works received critical attention in iraq, critics have noted that where it is boldly and spontaneously translated into all the implications of the human soul from ideas and dreams and suffering, particularly what is happening in iraqi affairs, which still embodies the suffering as if i never left my home ten years ago. the ones i'm with now came about in various ways, but for the most part either:..

-assuming you've found out if the gallery shows video, find out if they prefer a playable dvd (something that auto plays on either a computer or a dvd player) or a data dvd (just the file that opens with quicktime, windows media player, etc on a computer). refereed academic activities often carry more weight, especially if they are juried exhibitions that do not charge artists entry fees. your best work to showcase: choose pieces targeted specifically to the gallery or institution you are sending your work to, and make sure they demonstrate the quality of your work, your mastery of technical elements, your creative vision, and the range of your abilities. college art association: advancing the history, interpretation, and practice of the visual arts for over a century. question is, when you have sent in the info about your art. i think the more we start seeing things like that, the easier it will be to find willing venues. some artists walk into the gallery with their nose in the air and proclaim "i'm an artist" like i should fall to my knees and drop everything. don’t interrupt i was chatting with a dealer in a small gallery outside of manhattan.) the url may be listed at the end of the entry, at the artist’s discretion; however, links can break, and maintaining links requires upkeep. there is no definitive right or wrong in writing your artist’s statement, but it should be concise., you’ve decided that you want to submit your artwork to a gallery. the artist kept pushing, saying ‘i want a show here next year. compelling artist’s statement: the trend is to write this statement in the first person and to keep it more personal. (but situations change: the gallery could get a new director, for instance, or your work evolves in a way the gallery likes. there's nothing more off-putting than being addressed as "dear sir" if you're not a sir and, frankly, the only "madams" in business are not selling art. are increasingly assigning a doi (digital object identifier) to articles and reviews published online. many institutions value this kind of activity because it adds to the visibility of a department and institution, helps the faculty member network, etc.

“please look at these jpegs and get back to me,” wrote an artist in an e-mail to a dealer in a large city somewhere south of new york. and, i know this might sound like a silly question, but are folded letters okay? degrees outside the studio fields do not diminish your standing as an artist. it should not be confused with the heading “visiting artist lectures. i have written a post to help you with just that– please read which gallery should i submit to? many artists spend their entire career without representation, so this heading may not be necessary. however, depending on the specific purpose of the cv and the targeted audience, established artists/professionals often do not feel the need to include references. but the gallery director sets aside this one week out of the year to do nothing but review, and i have to respect their process. while the letter doesn’t need to be unduly long, it should serve as a strong introduction of who you are, what you do, and why you are contacting the gallery., ann arbor public art commission regarding large-scale sculpture installation,2007consultant, asheville regional airport authority regarding new gallery design and. © 2011-2014 written material on the website the practical art world is copyright by the author. ’12, rio gallery, rio grande depot, salt lake city, ut (juror: david revere mcfadden, chief curator, museum of arts & design, new york, ny). for positions in academia should be aware that individuals outside the department to which they are applying are frequently involved in the search process, and there are many administrators in academia who are unfamiliar with the specifics of art-related fields. (at the artist’s discretion, such skills may be listed here or above under category 3, professional experience or related work experience. how long do you think you should wait before calling the gallery. following the personal information at the top of your cv, list dates (years) in reverse chronology, on the far left for all categories (if relevant) with the exception of collections, gallery affiliation, bibliography, and publications as author which follow their own particular format. if you are mailing or dropping off a physical portfolio,  include sufficient postage for the gallery to return your materials to you.  University business librarian resume- the artist résumé is an abbreviated document, typically one to four pages in length, and is often tailored to reflect a specific expertise. i wonder if you could add a few thoughts on digital art and especially machinima and other video-based or video-presented art? have painted enough to start a new journey in my art career. these include reviews or articles (in print or online), books, catalogues, radio and television interviews, and photographic reproductions of your artwork. was born in baghdad and grew up in the family taste for fine arts, as i was influenced by this atmosphere, doodle. some artists prefer to list their cell number as a studio number. things we do together, momenta art, brooklyn, ny (performance in collaboration. laughed, but in that moment i understood the reason for the often high desk that separates the dealer from the public in a gallery." pay attention to body languageone of the great things about the art fairs is that dealers are typically out from behind a desk, so conversation can take place more easily between artist and gallerist.: on occasion you may serve as a juror or judge for an exhibition (university, grant, residency program, art association, etc. a curator from an academic gallery north of new york city held up a tattered manila envelope.: it is highly desirable to list your technical skills somewhere in your cover letter, cv, or both. artists who are also writers should use this category heading or something similar to distinguish it from the bibliography to list books, articles, etc. like a job interview, it is professional to follow-up on your gallery submission if you have not heard back., on the gallery subject, i've noticed that you are represented by several galleries across the us.“a day in the life: editing and writing for the new art examiner,” the essential new art examiner, terri griffith, kathryn born, and janet koplos, eds. difference between an artist statement and a written proposal is that your artist statement focuses on your artwork and practice in general, and a written proposal is a specific plan for an exhibition.

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