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Troops of China, Saudi, Turkey Join Pakistan Day Military Parade

'FALSE FLAG' — Ron Paul Says Syrian Chemical Attack 'Makes No

will start to address the issues of the longer-term deficit, longer-term debt in that larger budget. trumps campaign promises & plans are essentially our version of “brexit” which, along with our brother brexiters, is saying “enough with this goddamned empire and its deadly, bloody, geopolitical games already.  our two nations have a long history, common values, and important economic ties. it is enough for me that he is going along with the whole years long plot to take apart syria, then iran, then russia, then china.

'FALSE FLAG' — Ron Paul Says Syrian Chemical Attack 'Makes No

Dan Quinn (American football) - Wikipedia

i’m referring to bannon’s mo and his resume. look at the map perhaps a thousand miles longer throug iraq and when was the last time iraq was stable enough for a new pipeline.  i'm curious to what you say to those americans in the community where they tell me today that 800 individuals will no longer -- children, who need it most -- will no longer be provided, in those most-needed communities, that educational care they need. president is glad to have these extremely qualified men and women on board to assist secretary mattis as he undertakes the great rebuilding of our nation’s military.

Adam Schiff: No US 'intention' to launch another Syria strike

i’m told by missionaries and military people that this is not uncommon, and that where there is an evil dictatorship you will often find the average guy and gal on the street to be saintly souls. adam schiff said he received a call from dan coats, the director of national intelligence, about the attack not long after it began. even if obama accepted all the recommendations that parallel leahy-sensenbrenner (that would affect the phone dragnet, other bulk collection, national security letters, back door searches, and other use of incidentally collected us person data), it would still preserve executive prerogative to resume such practices. the political puppets do as they are told by the military industrial complex and the conditioned masses obey orders to go fight in the planned wars of the criminal elites.

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 in austin, texas today, one organization there that delivers those meals to thousands of elderly says that those citizens will no longer be able to be provided those meals. all fairness to pompeo, his predecessors have told so many lies for so long, could you really blame the president if he just didn’t believe a word pompeo said? washington post reports that the nsa review group has recommended that the nsa "no longer keep" a phone database "estimated by some former officials to contain more than 1 trillion records"the post story, written by ellen nakashima and ashkan soltani and citing unnamed government officials, says the nsa report presents "a set of sweeping technical reforms. it will remain assad’s as long as the us deep state exists.

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, 3/16/2017, #25

“russia has long threatened to complicate israel’s freedom of action. us has been violating international law for a long time, the power structure, run by corporate military control, does whatever it wants regardless of what the rest of the world thinks. has built itself a widely acknowledged reputation as a neocon propagandist whose name does not belong in the same paragraph with the word “credible”. guarding the door is air force major wesley spurlock iii, a white house military aide.

NSA review panel recommends dozens of new restrictions on

reality or seeking the inconvenient truth is no longer a concern or an impediment to the pursuit of wealth and power consolidation by our capitalist stooge politicians. said it's long been the "view" that the report would be released eventually. the agency has been knee-deep in the effort to help the thugs who are trying to oust assad and the cia has a long and sordid history of being involved in illegal and brutal coups around the world. "first, i think obama released this today to try to stave off the klayman and other lawsuits on the bulk collection," wheeler writes:So long as the president deliberates on whether to accept these recommendations (which make changes but have obvious loopholes), he'll also buy time for doj to decide how to respond to these suits.

Daniel long resume military-Dan Quinn (American football) - Wikipedia

Where Was CIA's Pompeo on Syria? – Consortiumnews

during a february 2017 appearance on c-span, pompeo said edward snowden, the former national security agency (nsa) contractor who leaked secret information and now lives in russia, should be put to death: “he should be brought back from russia and given due process and i think the proper outcome would be that he would be given a death sentence for having put friends of mine, friends of yours who serve in the military today at enormous risk because of the information he stole and then released to foreign powers. that while there is nothing complicated about despotism of the deep state that is in charge completely after trump was slapped in his face and sent to propaganda corner where he belongs as a political puppet an entertainer with no real power to even change drapes color in wh. hillary wanted to give the military whatever they wanted, while obama demanded proof that a troop increase (“surge”) in afghanistan would produce results. personally, i would have taken staff sergeant snuffy’s or hm1 shmuckatelli’s advice long before pompeo’s.

Everything that we have done since 9/11 is wrong -- the world of

a long time ago i was in haiti when papa doc was in power.[12] the questions involved his military service, a golf trip to florida with paula parkinson, and whether he had enough experience to be president. they want to love there partner there kids there grandkids and just get along. military advisors must be reduced to a few persons in a much broader crisis team, a small part of an executive policy team advised by a much larger college of policy analysis.

US Military Should Get Out of the Middle East | By Jeffrey D. Sachs

 but the wall will take longer than two years to build.  to go back to your long list of sort of news reports you mentioned -- one that you reached that perhaps the gchq was involved.’s credibility expired for me long before he was elected. should had that canada also went along with this lie.

Adam Schiff: No US 'intention' to launch another Syria strike

sounds as if trump decided on “military response” very early on and was just waiting for the pentagon to finalize a plan …. its role in handing weapons, funding, and support to militants along the turkish-syrian border has been admittedly augmented by us cia officers […]. this evening, the president, along with taoiseach kenny, will attend the st. long time ago a psychiatrist named smiley blanton wrote a book with the title love or perish.

Dan Quayle - Wikipedia

making indiana political history again, quayle was re-elected to the senate in 1986 with the largest margin ever achieved to that date by a candidate in a statewide indiana race, taking 61% of the vote and defeating his democratic opponent, jill long.  separately, the obama administration amended a longstanding executive order, allowing information intercepted through fisa warrants or by the national security agency to be shared by a wider audience and 16 government agencies as obama was leave office, intelligence normally reserved for just a handful of intelligence leaders was spread throughout briefings to scores of workers, and soon leaks began appearing in news media office organizations, often in stories lacking context of how national security investigations are actually concluded. participated in the vice presidential debate of october 1988, alongside democratic candidate lloyd bentsen. the lawmaker said he has no reservations about saying bashar assad and his government needs to go, he "strongly" cautioned president trump against turning this strike into a military effort to change the regime without congressional approval.

long after the outcry had ended, the comment continued to have an effect on u. assad was on the ropes four years ago and obama refused to act against sound military advice to help the syrians…”. cautioned President Trump against turning this strike into a military effort to change the regime without congressional approval. is even more shocking thjat all european governments went along with trump, although they discribed trump initially as a dangerous populist.

the us ruled out military cooperation with russia in syria. was targeted by neocons along with six other nations at least nine years ago.[12] delegates to the convention generally blamed television and newspapers for the focus on quayle's problems, but bush's staff said they thought quayle had mishandled the questions about his military record, leaving questions dangling. concerned that white house panel did not adequately address how long telecoms ought to hold the nsa’s desired call data.

’s complex geopolitics and whoever becomes president moves right into the power structure to be played and shaped by forces of the deep state or military industrial complex, as well as being part of the playing.  the new rules significantly relax longstanding limits on what the nsa may do with the information gathered by its most powerful surveillance operation, which are largely unregulated by wiretapping laws.!the russians have the bigger balls,and the better military equipment.. or its vassal states, are no longer of any real concern to the oligarchs who rule the western pseudo democracies (now revealed as nothing other than capitalist vehicles for oligarchy enrichment and consolidation of power, thus citizens, ney consumers, get only poll numbers on hashtags and bullshit deception masking as political action.

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