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Big Dog Makes Most Of His Tiny Bed Because He's A Very Good Boy

the character development is absurd and the ending is unsatisfactory." the fact that these dear friends have been thinking of me in this way, and have taken an effort to let me know, is in itself, without any need for a supernatural supplement, a wonderful tonic. to the dozen or so physician assistants, and to nurses and physical therapists and x-ray technicians and a small army of phlebotomists so deft that you hardly know they are drawing your blood, and the people who brought the meals, kept my room clean, did the mountains of laundry generated by such a messy case, wheel-chaired me to x-ray, and so forth. out of 5 starsvery interestingbyjonathan ryanon january 4, 2007format: paperbackhans hofmann's biography is very colorful. if you're a college student and forced to buy this book i recommend that you get the cheapest copy available. i'm looking for a native speaker who could help me correct this essay. even if you don't really understand it or agree with his ideas, the descriptions of plasticity and push/pull are very enlightening." i feel about this the same way i would feel if one of them said "i just paid a voodoo doctor to cast a spell for your health. his work is an inspiration and his influence continues for anyone interested in the deep possibilities of ae methodology for 'outing the unconscious' and working a canvas. subsequently, he was to have 33 one-man shows and to be in over 60 group exhibitions, including the 1960 venice biennale, in which he was one of the four artists chosen to represent america. he gave us an essay to write during the vacation. this is the essential collection of his lucid and illuminating remarks on art. in order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. some are highly extractive, for example, reducing economic growth in real goods and services and purchasing power for individuals, while increasing the wealth of a small number of individuals. i remember with gratitude my late friend and tufts colleague, physicist allan cormack, who shared the nobel prize for his invention of the c-t scanner. are no atheists in foxholes, according to an old but dubious saying, and there is at least a little anecdotal evidence in favor of it in the notorious cases of famous atheists who have emerged from near-death experiences to announce to the world that they have changed their minds.


if you stick around after class, i can help you with your essay. hofmann's writings (along with kandinsky's "concerning the spiritual in art" and other neglected texts) give the lie to the formal aesthetic analysis of art historians who have pigeon-holed abstract expressionism as the species of disruptive innovation that it was and nothing more, when in reality its practitioners had deeply personal philosophical and spiritual concerns.'re listening to a sample of the audible audio edition. this tradition puts its faith in the unlimited application of reason and empirical inquiry, checking and re-checking, and getting in the habit of asking "what if i'm wrong? i see them as like tenacious scientists who resist the evidence for theories they don't like long after a graceful concession would have been the  appropriate response. kanton february 27, 2016format: paperback|verified purchasei was looking forward to getting an idea of how hans hoffman taught and thought about painting, having seen many of his works several years ago. a doctor whose devout faith in his personal revelations about how to treat aortic aneurysm led him to engage in untested trials with human patients would be severely reprimanded if not driven out of medicine altogether." (we atheists don't believe that there is any god to thank. he took a hegelian approach - the artist's interior life, plus the medium, creates a "spiritual synthesis" that is a new thing in the world. to my next:economy newsletter for news, ideas, and insights on how technology is transforming the nature of work, life, and society. he had written them over a period of 40 years for periodicals journals, or his own teaching purposes; occasionally they overlapped; there was no sequence of development. addition to being creators of new wealth, sv companies are generally better at distributing it than other types of companies, since they have near-universal stock options. goodness comes in many forms, not just medicine and science. yet he was scarcely recognized in europe or america as an artist of significance and had never had a full-scale retrospective exhibition of his work.” it fills us with wonder, and it fills us with dismay. i don't know if this book was an edited reprint of the original, but the book i once owned was 8x10x1 inches.

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so you are arguing in defense of a proposition that virtually no-one, except perhaps some teenage communists, disagrees with. the purpose of a conclusion is to sum up the main points of the essay. when i was in school, i really hated writing essays. i'll look over your essay as soon as i can find the time. first off, you disallow any thinking about statistical impact and various quantiles of wealth — which, is, by definition, where the problem shows up. when you look at the economy as a whole, you see disturbing trends that reflect a reality that does not match what you see in silicon valley. here’s the email i sent to paul on reading an early draft of his piece:“i really struggle with your thinking on this. was i going to follow in the footsteps of ayer (who recovered his aplomb and insisted a few days later "what i should have said is that my experiences have weakened, not my belief that there is no life after death, but my inflexible attitude towards that belief"), or was my atheism still intact and unchanged? to the surgeons, neurologists, anesthesiologists, and the perfusionist, who kept my systems going for many hours under daunting circumstances. if you insist on keeping the myth of the effectiveness of prayer alive, you owe the rest of us a justification in the face of the evidence. what could an omniscient, omnipotent being (the man who has everything? the book really shoots all over and is difficult to read i found. among the 32 painters and sculptors in this exhibition were students as varied in their developed personal idioms as helen frankenthaler, larry rivers, louise nevelson, richard stankiewicz, and alan kaprow. friends were anxious to learn if i had had a near-death experience, and if so, what effect it had had on my longstanding public atheism. thank goodness for fresh drinking water in the tap, and food on our table. i grant it, but then the idea that by thanking god you are actually doing some good has got to be understood to be just symbolic, too.

Big Dog Makes Most Of His Tiny Bed Because He's A Very Good Boy

In his essay on Income Inequality, Paul Graham credited me for pre

he was a dynamic teacher; the wide range of his influence is to be seen in the list of artists comprising an exhibition "hans hofmann and his students," circulated in america and abroad during the three years before his death in 1966. if you would even consider filing a malpractice suit against a doctor who made a mistake in treating you, or suing a pharmaceutical company that didn't conduct all the proper control tests before selling you a drug that harmed you, you must acknowledge your tacit appreciation of the high standards of rational inquiry to which the medical world holds itself, and yet you continue to indulge in a practice for which there is no known rational justification at all, and take yourself to be actually making a contribution. there is a lot of goodness in this world, and more goodness every day, and this fantastic human-made fabric of excellence  is genuinely responsible for the fact that i am alive today. "the search for the real in the visual arts," "sculpture," and "painting and culture" were all printed in full.., the paint) is part of the understanding of creation, as well as part of the process of creation." the last brief section, "terms," was gleaned from the other essays, lectures, diagrams, notes, and cryptic memoranda written to himself; headed by one of hoffman's diagrams. Here’s the email I sent to Paul…This page requires javascript. i recommend kandinsky's "concerning the spiritual in art" as a wonderful companion to this book." so the artist doesn't create a mirror image of nature, but rather the artist communicates an engagement with the essence of things through the creation of art (e. moreover, this open-ended rational criticism, imperfect as it is, is the secret of the astounding success of these human enterprises. thank goodness for fresh drinking water in the tap, and food on our table. out of 5 starscould passi had to read this book for a class. and documents of contemporary art: a sourcebook of artists’ writings (second edition, revised and expanded by kristine stiles). not at all; there is no aspect of modern medicine or science that i would exempt from the most rigorous scrutiny, and i can readily identify a host of serious problems that still need to be fixed. best thing about saying thank goodness in place of thank god is that there really are lots of ways of repaying your debt to goodness—by setting out to create more of it, for the benefit of those to come. i saw with greater clarity than ever before in my life that when i say "thank goodness!

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you make it sound as if it is all about individual wealth creation by startups. out of 5 starsa serious complaintthis book is totally unrealistic and not believable in the least. when you look at it from a macro-economic perspective, virtually everyone accepts that wealth created by startup innovation is a good thing. in / sign upin his essay on income inequality, paul graham credited me for pre-publication feedback. piketty does a good job of framing a lot of these issues. it took me nearly two hours to write the essay. i’m not saying he’s right about everything, but he lays out a great framework. he is the author of content and consciousness; brainstorms; elbow room; the intentional stance; consciousness explained; darwin's dangerous idea; kinds of minds; brainchildren; freedom evolves; sweet dreams; and breaking the spell. then there is the whole system of medicine, both the science and the technology, without which the best-intentioned efforts of individuals would be roughly useless. weeks ago, i was rushed by ambulance to a hospital where it was determined by c-t scan that i had a "dissection of the aorta"—the lining of the main output vessel carrying blood from my heart had been torn up, creating a two—channel pipe where there should only be one. between the two your mind can encompass art and thinking that is related to art in new (maybe even familiar) ways. one of the gentler, more supportive themes to be found in every religion (so far as i know) is the idea that what really matters is what is in your heart: if you have good intentions, and are trying to do what (god says) is right, that is all anyone can ask. if growth is low, it tends to favor inherited wealth. anybody whose practice shrugs off that research is subtly undermining respect for the very goodness i am thanking. larnce jron october 29, 2013format: paperback|verified purchasethis book is a rip off."killers of the flower moon" is a twisting, haunting true-life murder mystery about one of the most monstrous crimes in american history.

Search for the Real and Other Essays: Hans Hofmann, Sara T

it was a further distillation of his own definitions in the nature of a vocabulary. i’m only partway through his book, but it’s a goldmine of information for helping to think about these issues. goodness comes in many forms, not just medicine and science. you look at the statistical share of wealth held by a vast swaths of humanity, and you see meaningful changes in the allocation between different groups, it is worth understanding what is driving those changes. his essay on Income Inequality, Paul Graham credited me for pre-publication feedback. this book is a good read for any artist, as well as for people who do not make art (to get a better understanding of the mind of the artist). and, to return to my main point, it is the goodness of this tradition of reason and open inquiry that i thank for my being alive today. judy spent hours on end writing and rewriting her essay. of the key points he makes is that wealth concentration is partly tied to the rate of economic growth. question is precisely how wealth diffuses through society, and whether it is concentrated or not, and how concentrated. the last 18 years of his life recognition was his ;nationally and internationally ;in proportion to the originality and depth of his thinking, his versatility and comprehensiveness, his productivity and vigor. in addition to taking the tests, we have to hand in an essay. and his essay "search for the real" was a good read for any artist. to the cardiologist who has kept me alive and ticking for years, and who swiftly and confidently rejected the original diagnosis of nothing worse than pneumonia. his was a prophetic visual expression of action in a three-dimensional world on a vibrating two-dimensional surface. fortunately for me, the fact that i'd had a coronary artery bypass graft seven years ago probably saved my life, since the tangle of scar tissue that had grown like ivy around my heart in the intervening years reinforced the aorta, preventing catastrophic leakage from the tear in the aorta itself.


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in 1948 when the retrospective exhibition was held at the addison gallery of american art, hofmann was 68; he had been in the united states for 18 years, a citizen for seven years. this book is a key text for any student wishing to broaden their horizons in this field. paperback sellers on amazon:"the creative process lies not in imitating, but in paralleling nature ;translating the impulse received from nature into the medium of expression, thus vitalizing this medium. tom rewrote his essay and turned it in a day late. imagine the reception a scientist would get if he tried to suggest that others couldn't replicate his results because they just didn't share the faith of the people in his lab! i thought our essays were due next week, not today. after a nine-hour surgery, in which my heart was stopped entirely and my body and brain were chilled down to about 45 degrees to prevent brain damage from lack of oxygen until they could get the heart-lung machine pumping, i am now the proud possessor of a new aorta and aortic arch, made of strong dacron fabric tubing sewn into shape on the spot by the surgeon, attached to my heart by a carbon-fiber valve that makes a reassuring little click every time my heart beats. out of 5 starsan artist's metaphysics of artbya readeron april 18, 2010format: paperbackhofmann has received more and more attention from scholars and writers on art as time has gone by. at any rate, i did not come away from the book understanding the how and why of his painting. (and besides, according to the christian tradition god has already redeemed the debt for all time, by sacrificing his own son. you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? the section "excerpts from the teaching of hans hofmann" was composed of selections from his essays "on the aims of art," and "plastic creation. catalogue of the 1948 retrospective at the addison gallery incorporated hofmann's writings, all originally written in german, some pieces translated fluently, others awkwardly paraphrasing the original. running simultaneously and also shown in south america and europe as well as in the united states, a one-man show of 40 major works initiated by the museum of modern art, new york, is a testimony to the words of the "dean of the new york school of abstract-expressionist painting. (try to imagine your outrage if a pharmaceutical company responded to your suit by blithely replying "but we prayed good and hard for the success of the drug!”i also just wrote a much longer response, what paul graham is missing about inequality, in which i expand on these points, and also spend considerable time exploring the way that stock options, originally a tool for encouraging risk-taking, became a tool for executive compensation.

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in addition to taking the regular tests, we have to hand in a long essay. it is a worthy recipient of the gratitude i feel today, and i want to celebrate that fact here and now. because he didn’t do much with my comments, i thought i’d publish them here. if you are wrong—especially if you should have known better—your good intentions count for almost nothing. this “hack” to the system seems to me to have become a major driver of inequality. hofmann believed that the artist must translate his feelings for nature into a creative interpretation of the medium. in the original volume of search for the real, published in 1948, it was felt desirable to edit his writing as little as possible, nevertheless to present the essays in the most lucid english true to his meaning, printed only with his approval. i do appreciate the affection and generosity of spirit that motivated you, but wish you had found a more reasonable way of expressing it. a few swashbuckling, risk-taking pioneers are tolerated and (if they prove to be right) eventually honored, but they can exist only as rare exceptions to the ideal of the methodical investigator who scrupulously rules out alternative theories before putting his own into practice. — tim o’reillyshare580never miss a story from what’s the future? but for all their teamwork, this local gang could not have done their jobs without the huge background of contributions from others. best thing about saying thank goodness in place of thank god is that there really are lots of ways of repaying your debt to goodness—by setting out to create more of it, for the benefit of those to come. i translate my religious friends' remarks readily enough into one version or another of what my fellow brights have been telling me: "i've been thinking about you, and wishing with all my heart [another ineffective but irresistible self-indulgence] that you come through this ok. arthur-sneadon november 29, 2012format: paperback|verified purchasethe philosophy of art is fascinating. and whereas taking a leap of faith and acting without further scrutiny of one's options is often celebrated by religions, it is considered a grave sin in medicine. stuff, and not for the faint of brain, but if you're not a stranger to philosophy or otherwise willing to explore the nuances of what happens when an artist approaches the canvas (what hofmann calls "the blending of experience gained in life with the natural qualities of the art medium") then you just found the artist's bible for the post-representational world of expression.

Bastiat: Selected Essays, Chapter 1, What Is Seen and What Is Not

his painting helps anchor 'abstract' or 'non-representational' art as a permanent aspect of the human need to make and view, inculcate, art. thank goodness for the music of, say, randy newman, which could not exist without all those wonderful pianos and recording studios, to say nothing of the musical contributions of every great composer from bach through wagner to scott joplin and the beatles. the picture should be alive, the statue should be alive and every work of art should be alive. thank goodness for the music of, say, randy newman, which could not exist without all those wonderful pianos and recording studios, to say nothing of the musical contributions of every great composer from bach through wagner to scott joplin and the beatles. you were supposed to write a 300-word essay by today. Because he didn’t do much with my comments, I thought I’d publish them here. your essay has some mistakes, but as a whole it is very good. and i'm not just talking about the standards 'at the top'—among the surgeons and doctors who make life or death decisions every day. general, i think you far over-estimate the amount of the total stock of wealth that belongs to startup founders (i’d imagine that it is in the 3% range, and that’s being generous — the entire internet economy, which does not all belong to startups, is 3. if you want to express your gratitude to goodness, you can plant a tree, feed an orphan, buy books for schoolgirls in the islamic world, or contribute in thousands of other ways to the manifest improvement of life on this planet now and in the near future. learn morenever miss a story from what’s the future? but i want you to recognize that what you are doing is morally problematic at best. i applaud you for your loyalty to your own position—but remember: loyalty to tradition is not enough. i have resisted the temptation to respond "thanks, i appreciate it, but did you also sacrifice a goat? it's hardly routine today, but the odds of my survival were actually not so bad (these days, roughly 33 percent of aortic dissection patients die in the first twenty-four hours after onset without treatment, and the odds get worse by the hour thereafter). will you read my essay and correct the mistakes, if any?

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