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creating a featured content slider is easy when you take advantage of a sub-loop, template tags, timthumb, and a little bit of jquery inside the thesis theme. not me… so now i’ll show you an easier way to update your content. like the feature box, the multimedia box is essentially a container for arbitrary content (text, images, videos, code, etc). we’ll get into that in the next example; for now let’s simply place the multimedia box inside the feature box using the default behavior of rotating images (these images are taken from your themes/thesis_18/custom/rotator folder). thesis and use it on many of my client’s sites (as well as my own). besides making me feel awesome, it shows that this kind of content is valuable to the thesis community! simply upload images or enter your custom text to have the gallery display exactly what you want. i’m a new thesis user and not at all a tech wiz.

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fulford crafted toujours (french for “always” — pronounced too-djoor) as a responsive remake of the popular forever theme. i’m new to thesis theme and i’m also trying to use the feature box. this is example isn’t especially complicated, it serves to remind us that the feature box can be home to images and other multimedia content as well as text or posts. thesis badly needs an update to allow greater design flexibility. file is located within your /wp-content/themes/thesis_18/custom folder in your wordpress installation on your ftp server). let’s have some fun by combining the feature box with another cool feature of thesis – the multimedia box! you power your website with the thesis theme framework, there is a powerful, but often under-used, feature called the thesis feature box. Do you want to greet your visitors […]An outstanding collection of resources for wordpress content sliders. Residential construction worker resume

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mike, i think these are default thesis styles for the feature box. click on the add new gallery button and click on the external tab to select featured content:We took the pain out of creating wordpress galleries and made it easy. we have kept it very simple here and are just using text, you could put anything you want into that page’s content — text, images, a video, etc. envira’s featured content allows you to create an image gallery based on your website’s content. you’ll need to adjust the css of the image layout to fit within the dimensions of your content area to prevent that wrapping. my surprise as i was doing a presentation on thesis to the atlanta wp meetup group and saying what a great post i just read on the elusive and much maligned featured box, when i find out that john sexton, author of said brilliant and well documented article, was sitting right there not ten feet away! if you were wondering what is required to have one within your wordpress installation this collection of resources dedicated to content sliders, with the option to develop and customise your own or download one already developed. style the gallery with options like size, color, and custom slide transitions through the options page. Resume bullet characters star

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to activate, go to the wordpress dashboard -> thesis -> design options ->. i hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on the thesis feature box and that it has given you some new ideas for use on your sites or those of your clients. available through jetpack, content options let users make small visual changes, like showing or hiding the author, date, featured images, and more. you’re using a testimonials plugin, then you can create a gallery of your testimonials. believe you can call the function thesis_multimedia_box(); as many times as you want on a given page, and the mm box will show up everywhere you do. course, you wrote wonderful tutorial and it is what thesis user love. this example, i’ll show you how to create a wordpress query that populates your feature box with content from a wordpress page (in this case, a page called “welcome demo page”). gallery’s featured content addon allows you to create a gallery based on your wordpress posts, pages, and/or other custom post types. Siegfried sassoon the general essay | Featured Content Gallery — WordPress Plugins do you want a large video that spans across your content and sidebar? benefit of adding content slider to helps you summarize your best featured content of the blog or website, in a sophisticated way. you will also need to select whether you’d like to have your featured content come from a blog post category or from individual post or page ids.…make sure you activate your feature box in the thesis options panel. most of them bought thesis theme because they don’t have coding knowledge and as you know that thesis gives you power for easy customization. he recently founded groupmind media, a web design and consulting company specializing in thesis customization. (pronounced ess-kuh-chun) is a bold, typography-driven theme for long-form writers to showcase their work. check out our trio:A modern blogging theme that shows off gorgeous photography, revelar is designed by filipe varela and developed by ola bodera;. The doll in the garden book report | The Ultimate Guide to the Thesis Theme Framework Feature Box forward to getting the whole of atl on board with thesis together 🙂. the author: john sexton has been working exclusively with thesis for several years. also i have more than one picture in many posts, and the teaser showed the first image (which i input as a thesis post image) plus the other images plus the text excerpt., for this tutorial, i set the box to display site-wide and full-width above the content and sidebars. i use the feature box a bit on my site but being able to add dynamic content through the hooks and conditional statements takes it to a whole new level 🙂. i note that several of the ‘referenced’ sites are actually purchased themes (i.: consistency across themes means that a user can switch themes and not have to reassign their widgets to the theme’s widget locations.  if you’ve struggled with wordpress gallery plugins that take video tutorials to learn, you’re going to love envira. Thesis on lowering the drinking age | An Outstanding Collection of Resources for WordPress Content : (required) used to determine the main image for the gallery.!Essentially i am trying to get a slider above the content and sidebar and i just can not seem to get the feature box to display!.Now available through jetpack, content options let users make small visual changes, like showing or hiding the author, date, featured images, and more. won’t be able to specify different contents for the different mm boxes on a given page, though, so i don’t know how valuable something like this would actually be. can leave a response, or trackback from your own site,11 responses to “an outstanding collection of resources for wordpress content sliders”. is more than just a wordpress theme—it’s a community of wonderful people who are dedicated to building better websites. theme sidespied puts a new spin on espied, a classic portfolio theme. content gallery is a wordpress plugin by ieplexus that creates an automated rotating image gallery of your posts or pages for use anywhere within your theme.

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