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Chaos encryption thesis 2009

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Team - Sensors Lab

abdlrudha, "high security nested pwlcm chaotic map bit-level permutation based image encryption," international journal of communications, network and system sciences, vol. 27-33using chaotic system in encryptionauthorsauthors and affiliationsoğuz findikşirzat kahramanliconference paperdoi:10. In this paper, a low complexity image encryption based on Nested Piece Wise Linear Chaotic Map (NPWLCM) is proposed. hosseini, “chaos-based medical image encryption using symmetric cryptography,” the 3rd international conference on information and communication technologies: from theory to applications, damascus, 7-11 april 2008, pp.

High Security Nested PWLCM Chaotic Map Bit-Level Permutation

. matthews, “on the derivation of a chaotic encryption algorithm,” cryptologia, vol. in this paper, a low complexity image encryption based on nested piece wise linear chaotic map (npwlcm) is proposed. bakhache, “comparative study of 1-d chaotic generators for digital data encryption,” international journal of computer science, vol.: cryptography in data communication for security, master thesis, selcuk university (2002)12.

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Research on the Digitial image based on Hyper-chaotic and DWT

in order to achieve up-to-date standards and use online and offline status, a new encryption technique that combines chaotic systems and rsa encryption algorithm has been developed. jay kuo,huaxiong wang,xinpeng zhang (张新鹏),yousra javed,borko furhttitle1–20cited byyearsome basic cryptographic requirements for chaos-based cryptosystemsg alvarez, s liinternational journal of bifurcation and chaos 16 (8), 2129-2151, 20067532006cryptanalysis of a chaotic image encryption methods li, x zheng2002 ieee international symposium on circuits and systems (iscas 2002), vol ., 2001223*2001on the dynamical degradation of digital piecewise linear chaotic mapss li, g chen, x mouinternational journal of bifurcation and chaos 15 (10), 3119-3151, 20052002005a general quantitative cryptanalysis of permutation-only multimedia ciphers against plaintext attackss li, c li, g chen, ng bourbakis, kt losignal processing: image communication 23 (3), 212-223, 2008191*2008on the security of a chaotic encryption scheme: problems with computerized chaos in finite computing precisions li, x mou, y cai, z ji, j zhangcomputer physics communications 153 (1), 52-58, 20031762003chaos-based encryption for digital images and videoss li, g chen, x zhengmultimedia security handbook, 133-167, 20041642004analyses and new designs of digital chaotic cipherss liph. abid, “an implementation of chaotic encryption in wireless voice transmission,” m.

Chaos based cryptogrphy (cryptography) and image encryption

nein, “multi chaotic systems based pixel shuffle for image encryption,” optics communication, vol. varshney, “digital image encryption based on chaotic map for secure transmission,” international multimedia signal processing and communication technologies, aligarh, 14-16 march 2009, pp. ii, 925-928, 2002882002cryptanalysis of an image encryption scheme based on a new total shuffling algorithmd arroyo, c li, s li, g alvarez, wa halangchaos, solitons & fractals 41 (5), 2613-2616, 2009862009cryptanalysis of two chaotic encryption schemes based on circular bit shift and xor operationsc li, s li, g alvarez, g chen, kt lophysics letters a 369 (1), 23-30, 2007852007short paper: enhanced 1-d chaotic key-based algorithm for image encryptiond socek, s li, ss magliveras, b furhtfirst international conference on security and privacy for emerging areas in . Bit planes of the grey or color levels are shuffled to increase the encryption complexity.

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