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on the contrary, in the field of language studies, it is commonly mentioned by chinese linguistics. there were only two other students in the entire school who spoke her language and neither one of them were proficient enough to assist her in an emergency situation., than on any monolithic model of second language acquisition or all-embracing theory of learning . since english is my second language, i always have a hard time writing and reading in english.- three last sessions of the course advanced teaching methodology mainly deal with techniques and methods of language teaching.- "while i had thought initially to matriculate into the english department, it seems to be more heavily weighted toward theory than application, whereas the pedagogical training that i consider necessary for teaching is available through etap. if, in addition to these things, there is an abrupt change in the language of interaction, then the situation can get quite complicated. i could be the same odd, quirky self in my chosen field and might actually give others the grand experience i had in that ap english classroom. but when teaching starts in the teachers’ and learners’ home language, the experience is more natural and less stressful for all. many students, it is observed, watch english movies and use electronic media to develop communication skills. using the language depends on our competences (knowledge, skills and characteristics) that allow us to engage in communicative activities.- topic literature review: english language teaching strategies for learning-disabled secondary school students introduction one of the aims of the singapore ministry of education is to ensure that all school-going children receive a minimum ten years of general education. many african american students speak a variation of standard english (black vernacular speech) whose linguistic patterns sometimes conflict with those of standard english. among them, grammar studying plays an increasingly vital role in english language learning in secondary school. research has shown that in learning situations where both the teacher and the learner are non-native users of the language of instruction, the teacher struggles as much as the learners, particularly at the start of education. essentially, the skills of reading and writing come down to the ability to associate the sounds of a language with the letters or symbols used in the written form.- the subject of this essay will be the audio-lingual method which is a teaching method that was first used in the 1950's until the 1970's, although it could be safely stated that the method is regularly used in modern day language teaching. in this scenario the stakeholders are the learners (japanese teachers of english), the boards of education paying for their education abroad, and the learners future students. i also know that speaking non standard english can affect a student's acceptance and advancement in society. the four language skills to be explored are listening, reading, writing and speaking. i worked my way through each scene, preparing prompts and discussions that seemed relevant to the content of the play, to its connections to private and public social issues (both elizabethan and modern), and to why the play was written in poetic form, or what the poet was trying to do with language. of the learners’ home language at the start of school also lessens the burden on teachers, especially where the teacher speaks the local language well (which is the case in the majority of the rural schools in multilingual settings). countries where english is not the first language, many parents and communities believe their children will get a head-start in education by going 'straight for english' and bypassing the home language. spanish would be taught as a foreign language for second and third grade students in an elementary school in the united states.- the history of teaching english as a second language is filled with many different ideas that have been proven effective over time. Introduction English language study requires learners mastering several parts in. my group members, yazid, izati, adibah and i were the third pair to present our macro teaching. kioko is a professor of english and linguistics at united states international university, nairobi, kenya. in teaching/learning english as a second language in india. however, it is important to point out that there is diversity of cultural backgrounds, (some students are from india, china, and korea, etc…) but all of them speak english. in this essay i would like to present my personal opinions and reflections about the approaches i encountered, the ways they were presented and exploited by my english teachers. however, the use of intuition in language teaching is seldom discussed among western scholars., discourse and genre analysis when teaching english for specific purposes. secondly, the language aims will be analysed and some potential problems will be examined. the long learning period of conditional sentence can reflect the great importance and difficulty of teaching this grammar.

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communication has changed the way that we speak but is this change beneficial and positive or is it negative and as a consequence destructive to the english language negative? america has long since been a multicultural nation and has been an english speaking nation since it was founded. then, no child left behind law was approved, and it required every public school should have an english secondary language (esl) program that will provide the “academic support” for english language learners (ells). therefore, it is necessary for all students to learn to write and speak standard english effectively. in english, it is high time that the government takes a strong decision to formulate and implement appropriate policies that promote students’ learning of english. i chose this question because i plan to teach in an urban school district, and i know urban students often have a difficult time learning to speak standard english. obviously, choosing teaching as a career must have some rewards if so many people are considering entering the education field. september 2014my experience in english languagei am not a professional reader, nor am i a professional writer. he may be a better teacher then his were, many chs students would agree, but also found out that why it was so hard to teach english. needs analysis and use of specific language in target contexts are the absolute characteristics of an esp programme.- in 1992, the ministry of education, science and technology of south korea prioritised teaching english for the purpose of communication. since then, productive language skills: speaking and writing have become increasing more important in south korea. the programme started in march 2014 and continues to involve governments, experts, academics and others in tackling issues concerning multilingual education and the role of english in sub-saharan africa. one of the areas that have changed the most is english education.- introduction: recently a big debate has been aroused on the issue of teaching methods and their usefulness to the actual practice in classroom., competitive, and self-confident; related to classroom learning that involves analysis, attention to details, and mastering of exercises, drills, and other focused activities- fd persons tend to be more socialized, emphatic and perceptive of the feelings and thoughts of others; fd learners are successful in learning the communicative aspects of second language- both styles are importantleft and . there are many factors that need to focus on and it can be the fundamental when trying to build powerful resolutions, such as parents and community resources, social influences, native language, etc. this page you will find links to pdf versions of essays, project reports and dissertations that have been donated by past and present english language students. examination of the dogme method of language acquisition in english language teaching.- advantages of teaching before choosing to pursue any profession the pros and cons of entering that particular field of work need to be weighed. since language functions on communicating, new teaching method should consider this purpose more than in the old days. concepts related to learning will help me as a future english teacher. english is the medium of instruction in many higher educational institutions in saudi arabia, like medical and technical education colleges. literature in esl and the principles of communicative language teaching. this concept disassociated itself from the premise that english of a specific subject is different from others in terms of its lexicogrammar. has also been shown that skills and concepts taught in the learners’ home language do not have to be re-taught when they transfer to a second language. as a result, the teacher can be more creative and innovative in designing teaching/learning materials and approaches, leading to improved learning outcomes.- how does an educator teach standard english in urban schools, and is it necessary. however, for many students of urban school districts, especially african americans, writing and speaking effective standard english can occasionally pose a problem.- teaching philosophy statement every teacher has their own philosophy and their style.- concepts and references the purpose for the development of an english language learner intervention was that many students who had tested out of the ell program were not finding success in most of their classes. enter the title keyword:Free teaching english papers, essays, and research papers.- observe a sixth grade english class at bain middle school i observe at roosevelt middle school, which is in river forest, in mrs. a learner who knows how to read and write in one language will develop reading and writing skills in a new language faster.- research review over the semester i worked with a young girl who is an english language learner (ell).

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language study requires learners mastering several parts including phonology, grammar, vocabulary etc. among them, grammar studying plays an increasingly vital role in english language learning in secondary school. alongside this move, we are seeing a trend, particularly across sub-saharan africa, to introduce english as a medium of instruction in basic education. the majority of states already have english as their official language, for english has always provided a much needed cohesion to our diverse citizens since it was founded. 42), "is one of the buzz words in tefl at present, in part due to the realization that for the foreseeable future good language teaching is likely to continue to be based more on common sense, insights drawn from classroom experience, informed discussion among teachers, etc.- being part of the english department in my school, i have been assigned to represent the department to work with some researchers from the learning science laboratory from national institute of education for the last two years on the use of mobile technology to enhance teaching and learning.- i chose to write my teaching-learning paper on how to take a radial pulse. the proficiency level of the target language will be a beginner, though the students have been already exposed to the target language since they have had spanish instruction since kinder.- feminist and critical pedagogies in english studies this is going to be one of those classes that i look back upon and say, ìwow, that course really changed the way i think about things. braun’s sixth grade english class on tuesdays in the morning. proser quickly learned that teaching english would be as easy as he thought it may have been.- the face of english education is changing not always for the better.., i co-matriculated the next semester into the english department's m. using learners’ home language is also more likely to get the support of the general community in the teaching/learning process and creates an emotional stability which translates to cognitive stability. and british pop culture and media, as well as the economic aspect of the world, english has become the global language of communication today. some studies,for example, the investment done by macaro (1997), pointed out that in bilingual classrooms, students will feel the seriousness when teacher use the l1 to maintain discipline rather than to use english.'findings consistently show that learners benefit from using their home language in education in early grade years.- teaching standard english in urban schools in our society, there are many cultures with language and dialect variations, but standard english is the language of the dominant culture. for more on the british council's stance on language in africa, please see the juba conference statement from 2012 (pp.- teaching students ecological literacy in the secondary english classroom in today's world, we are bombarded with industry, economic advancement, and progressivism with new technology. in another aspect, they could get access to student’s feedback and personal feelings towards the traditional teaching approach on english grammar. when they have developed adequate vocabulary in english, they will translate the information. as a part of my responsibilities, i designed part of a training program to teach and assess the essay writing skills among a group of english teachers.- in the past and present day in libya, learning english has been free to all students at all levels. in addition, an education research on students’ feedback could hardly be found which means nearly all the studies emphasize on the teachers’ angle to conduct the theory instead of the other important role in english language teaching, the students.- rationale the purpose of this study is to consider the current materials adult esl students’ use and incorporate authentic material (through the use of fairy tales) as a way of helping adult learners achieve proficiency in second language through a mock prospectus. introduction english language study requires learners mastering several parts including phonology, grammar, vocabulary etc. introduction it is clear nowadays that language learning means learning how to use the language and not learning to know about the language. as i am a newcomer to the realm of second language education, i know that my ideology will change.- appropriate english language learners assessment language acquisition has been a topic of great controversy for several decades.- according to the glossary of education reform ("english language learner," 2013), english language learners (ell) are students who are unable to communicate fluently or learn effective in english; who often come from non english speaking homes and backgrounds. the learner already knows that letters represent sounds, the only new learning he or she needs is how the new language ‘sounds’ its letters. china is a typical example showing the popularity of english around the world.- teaching philosophy education, as well as children, has always been very important to me. the subject of lhe 3212, english language teaching method, students were needed to partake in macro teaching as its one of the course’s requirements.

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meanwhile, the evaluation of use of language sense in grammar teaching is not concluded. education as a whole has made leaps and bounds in the last 50 years this has been assisted by many other factors including technology, new teaching techniques, better training of teachers among other things.- my philosophy and theory about english teaching teaching is a performance, a journey, and a battle. as a result, many of them rush to language teaching institutes to learn to cope with the new medium in tertiary education.- describing the context of teaching: this needs analysis will be for non native teachers of english from japan coming to australia to advance their english skills to teach english upon their return to japan.- english language learners (ell) require appropriate education in the english language. during this time several approaches to english language acquisition have been developed and implemented throughout the nation. after vietnam was approved as a world trade organization member since 2006, writing and speaking english are required skills to access higher education or to find a job. in this essay i will discuss with reference to literature on learning methodologies how english teachers can enhance student learning by engaging in active learning methodologies. september 2014my experience in english languagei am not a professional reader, nor am i a professional writer. every philosophy perspectives that teachers have chosen for the students it is important because it can depends on their teaching strengths and effectiveness. and who typically require specialized or modified instruction in both english language and in their academic courses. digital communication has adapted from spoken language and have similar linguistic features. impact2 further shows that teachers in schools where students used ict in english achieved higher mean gain scores.- in contemporary society, english, which is studied as the second language, has become an international language. our language is contained almost completely within speaking and the written word. kenya, the language of instruction is english, and some learners in urban and some cosmopolitan settings speak and understand some english by the time they join school. many other authors consider that using literature in the language classroom is beneficial and, ironically, that the very features for which literature in the efl classroom has been criticized, (its cultural load, structural complexity and non-normative use of language), a. in class we have discussed “structure” as grammar, and the “creative impulse” as the desire students have to break the rules of language in their own creative endeavors. i have been learning english for more than 10 years, but have never realized that there are so many different techniques and approaches to teach english as a second language.- the aim of this essay is to examine the reasoning behind selecting the language objectives and materials for one upper intermediate adult class of english as a foreign language.- philosophy of teaching as a future english teacher, my main priority is to share the wealth of opportunities and possibilities that an education in english can provide to a student..the language used affects the nature of interaction, which in turn affects the opportunities for learning that are made available. an esl instructor, to be successful in teaching chinese students, should understand these profound differences in terms of pronunciation, writing, and grammar. if you do not have the passion to teach your students what is right in the world and what makes them be the best they can be, then you are not really teaching your students or you have failed and failure is not an option. this method was based on analysing the grammar rules followed by translating of sentences and texts into the students’ target language and memorizing large amount of vocabulary, which was selected from the reading texts. the former is an indispensable grammar reference book first published in 1985, which has been widely consulted in researches in relation to english linguistic studies, while the later offers clear explanations of. for the active role in the class, teachers may adjust their teaching methods to improve teaching efficiency. the grammar reference books i intend to analyze and compare are “a comprehensive grammar of the english language” (acgel) and “cambridge grammar of english” (cge). and the theme of my investigation is how corpus affects the development of english teaching materials. li&ma&wang(2006) promoted that “the intuition of language is the direct capacity of sense. it explores various dimensions of fairy tales and demonstrates how they can be used as content to instruct and provide language practice to esl learners. given this task, i’ve begun to develop the guidelines by which my teaching will adhere. yet, many developing countries continue to use other languages for teaching in their schools.- in this essay i intend to investigate how differently one of the closed word classes, determiners, are approached in a series of pre and post corpus-based english grammar reference books, course books and practice books.

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    if i’m going to be successful in any academic field, in any language, there are certain conventions that i must follow, but what i say and how i think is inexorably linked to the available resources of any particular convention.- in history, it is displayed that language and globalization can come hand in hand in the means of spreading throughout the world. for the first section of my inquiry article, i posed the question: "how does an educator teach standard english in urban schools, and is it necessary.- during the last hundred years, english has become the most important language in the world. when learners start school in a language that is still new to them, it leads to a teacher-centred approach and reinforces passiveness and silence in classrooms. also to increase the english language arts proficiency scores that have decreased from 48% in 2012 to 23% in 2013.” they also indicated that the intuition could help language studying and preforming more efficiently. the years the assessment requirements and questions for our ma programmes in english language have changed, so do not be surprised if you find essays which are longer / shorter / on different topics to those you are required to submit.- assessment: student prompts/teacher directions english language learners (ell) preschool students and regular english speaking students fit into krashen theory of second language acquisition in several ways. thus, knowledge and skills are transferable from one language to another. thought, the original source of all language, is restricted within the individual which cannot be seen by others. however, research has shown that many esl students struggle to read and analyze academic texts not only due to cultural or linguistic differences between their native language (l1) and english (bang and zhao, 2007; bell, 2007; cheng, 2006), but also because they are either unaware of o. the program included a high-stake (important) test which i designed based on independent research as well as feedback from co-workers, korean english teachers, supervisors of the institute and a teacher trainer working with the university of cambridge. these subjects can be found all over the world, and beyond, while english remains contained to those who know it. for any human to relate or communicate with another, language is often employed. according to meddings and thornbury (2009) a teacher, using the dogme english language teaching method, should benefit from any teaching facilities have been acquired.” english has taken many forms, american english, the queen’s english, australian, canadian english, and several others. introducing reading and writing to learners in a language they speak and understand leads to great excitement when they discover that they can make sense of written texts and can write the names of people and things in their environment. > schools and departments > school of english, drama and american & canadian studies > departments > english language and applied linguistics > research > resources > essays. as for students, they may be aware of another whole new method for language studying which to some extent contributes to their studies. as an english teacher needs to incorporate many facets in her or his curriculum, it is important to have an engaging plan and to reflect on the lessons. summary, the use of learners’ home language in the classroom promotes a smooth transition between home and school. as a result, the ability to successfully utilise significant language skills can make a speaker either successful or fail in communicating their message and achieving their predetermined aim. more specifically, chinese students have even been studying english in their primary school. teaching of conditional sentences is a difficult point in secondary school english education. in the same way, learners automatically transfer knowledge acquired in one language to another language as soon as they have learned sufficient vocabulary in the new language. some writers start to claim that methods are dead and are no longer considered in the teaching/learning process such as brown(2002) .- teaching philosophy statement “teaching is not a profession; it’s a passion. all of these items factor into why everything a successful teacher does must have the firm backing of his or her own teaching philosophy and theory.- the teaching context i have chosen for my work in this class is spanish. if you are an english language student or graduate and have work you are willing to submit please send it by email attachment. this article was published in the english journal by the national council of teachers of english. coming from mexico and going to a school where no other children would speak the same language that i would or even play the way i did made me believe that i was some sort of thing that didn't belong. whereas some others like bell (2007) think that method still play a vital role in the teaching learning process. register register refers to "a variety of language distinguished according to use" (halliday, mcintosh, and strevens, 1964:89).

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    the widespread of internet, e-mail and others, is beneficial for english educators as the accessibility to teaching sources, media, techniques, methods, and assessments are abundant and can be easily gathered from anywhere at anytime. i am sure i was able to learn language quicker because of the constant presence of many other individuals who were utilizing the language. this macro teaching session was tasked in a group of four students instead of individually as we had a lot of time constraints in this particular semester.- critically discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of active learning methodologies for enhancing student learning in the english classroom. other education professionals at our linkedin group on language-learning in africa. (see appendix i for ministry of education’s 2001 english language syllabus for primary and secondary schools).- methodological eclecticism in teaching english as a foreign language "eclectic", remarks atkinson (1988, p., by using the learners’ home language, learners are more likely to engage in the learning process. teachers, should be corrected, that the dogme teaching method is totally against using teaching materials. in this context, english is presented as the global language or lingua franca necessary for global intercommunication.’s concentric circles model: implications for english language teaching in expanding-circle countries. students start learning english as one of the main subjects from the age of 12 until the university stage. because of different cultures, histories, and religious, the chinese and english languages have a multitude of dissimilarities. wu (2012) mentioned, there's no agreed-upon method of teaching english conditionals so far.- when i first encountered paulo freire’s work, i was struck with the hypocrisy of my own teaching. the appropriate english language use, both spoken and written, for students in school. my teaching i plan to incorporate a good amount of discussions, such as a socratic seminar and plan to help the students find their voice and to share their opinion. introduction the unprecedented global spread english has experienced in the last years has paved the way for changes in the sociolinguistic profile of the language.- introduction this paper aims to explore the most basic, though most important language skills. third, ell preschool students must be comfortable and motivated for language acquisition to occur. the interactive learner-centred approach – recommended by all educationalists – thrives in an environment where learners are sufficiently proficient in the language of instruction. even american english has taken several types of english, jersey english, east coast english, west coast english, southern english, slang english, and ebonics. since the procedure of teaching always involves the interactions between teacher and students. however, firstly, we shall look at the definition of “language skills”. thankfully, after choosing east asia as the general area for my studies in this assignment, i was able to narrow my focus down to english education in korea because my sister mikaela has been teaching english in korea for over two years, so she is a good casual research guide and primary source. the common european framework of reference (cefr) begins its treatment of language use through the context of communication, which it divides into four domains: personal, public, occupational and educational.- introduction arabic is the national language and lingua franca of saudi arabia. research will be focus on describing the use of code switching in teaching english as a foreign language of eleventh grade students of sma n 1 ponorogo in the academic year of 20113/2014./teaching_english_as_a_foreign_language" title="teaching english as a foreign language">teaching english as a foreign language (cf. since english is my second language, i always have a hard time writing and reading in english. since i am only fluent in my first language (l1) i learned how to communicate in that language as a child and i do not remember much of how i learned the language. for my part, i just can’t escape the confines of the english language. how to use the l1 is vital in keeping a balance between the use of mother tongue and the targeted language in classrooms. should the teacher be in terms of preparation, academic background and personality in order to be in charge of an english course? i quickly learned that teaching isn’t as easy as i thought it would be.
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      you can also read more by professor angelina kioko and other writers on this and related topics in our conference publication, which was released as part of a programme called language rich africa. the constitutional and federal documents are all in english, which furthers the american people, believing english should be our official language. this essay will describe the functionality and history of the audio-lingual method as well as evaluate its usage compared to other mainstream teaching approaches. first, it is necessary to consider some general rules when planning a language lesson.- college english - a holistic dialogue with myself the air was crisp and filled with the promise of snow. need for love when teaching english as a foreign language. english lessons seem to be their solely exposure to this target language. by having so much value and importance, the english language is considered significant in terms of forming ways of globalization and communication. they do not get adequate opportunities either to listen to or speak in english. the need for adequate language capabilities is paramount in life and education, without it one may not receive information or actively participate in the environment. but is there a perfect method which can be applied to achieve the appropriate level of english. but learners in the rural areas enter school with only their home language.- schools in the united states of america (usa) are facing many challenges, because of the increasing numbers of the english language learner (ell) students. using pc tablet in teaching and learning of english has found to bring other benefits too.- teaching english in south korea korea is a country where people speak one ethic language the korean.- the difficulty of teaching english      “i decided to become a teacher because i thought that i could do it better then my teachers did. many countries chose english as a second language; and vietnam is one of them. currently, english is not only a tool serving national purposes, but also a language institutionalised in several former british and american colonies, and a lingua franca used worldwide. as a matter of fact, i do not like writing at all especially in english, but then writing is a part of life.- the importance of teaching english      “in the world were over seven thousand languages have exisisted, one language had become dominate.- english as a second language (esl) graduate students studying in english are typically required to not only read extensively, but also to critique the information contained in various academic works in order to join the discourse community of their respective field through conducting research. however, by using the learners’ home language, schools can help children navigate the new environment and bridge their learning at school with the experience they bring from home. examination of the dogme method of language acquisition in english language teaching. coincidentally, as i was planning an english lesson for a primary two class this year, as part of the seamless learning initiative, i embarked on this journey in ake 201, where i was supposed to plan a grammar lesson that had an inductive element in the it. an english language learner is someone who is not yet fully competent with the english language and his or her native language is not english (lerner and johns, 2012). my favorite teacher was an english teacher at my junior college in japan. believe their children will get a head start in education by going straight for English and bypassing the home language. it comes from the long term of language studying and practicing. genc & bada, 2005) - with some patterns from some middle eastern countries that teach english as a foreign language in their schools. in a survey by the national education association that appeared on the organization’s website during a two week period, 79% of the respondents said they would consider going into teaching compared to the 21% that said they would not (national education association website, 2002). for teaching english as a second language to students in hong kong: analyzing my own classroom interaction. introduction english for specific purposes (esp) is an umbrella term to refer to teaching of language in academic and occupational contexts. generally, the traditional way of teaching involves a teacher-commanding class which teacher spent half class on the certain grammar points and using exercises to evaluate whether students fully master them. generally, the traditional way of teaching involves a teacher-commanding class which teacher spent half class on the certain grammar points and using exercises to evaluate whether students fully master them. the first part of this essay summarizes major points about those teaching techniques, and the second part focuses on how to develop both students’ active and passive vocabulary as to me, this is a field in teaching which i have not paid enough attention to.
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      however, after having done my student teaching last semester, i have learned that modeling my own writing for the students not only helps them to see more clearly how i write, but helps me understand how i write as well.- 1 background technological improvement has gone hand-in-hand with the growth of english and change the way we communicate and learn. from elementary to graduate schools, english is stressed above mathematics, history, and the sciences. however, once i began researching, i soon found that even the relatively narrow-seeming topic of english education in korea is more complex and contentious than i thought because the emphasis on the english language has different meanings and implications, depending on. a closer look at these two extremes is imperative as we consider teaching writing and the impact of that teaching on the students. use of code-switching in teaching english as a second language. it is in this light that they have embraced the idea of learning other languages to be in a better position to fully take advantage of the global trends and business ideas. because of that fact teaching english is a business which is booming in the country. 42), "is one of the buzz words in tefl at present, in part due to the realization that for the foreseeable future good language teaching is likely to continue to be based more on common sense, insights drawn from classroom experience, informed discussion among teachers, etc.- introduction classroom interaction has been widely recognized as one of the most crucial factors in a second language classroom that allows second language learning to take place. immigrants make up 13% of the united states population, and within the 13% many people have children who speak their native language. following literature review will examine look at the research and literature on language teaching for learning-disable students, particularly at secondary school level. educators should use individualized lesson plans that will cater to each student’s abilities and knowledge of the secondary language. now that i’m all grown up and taking the necessary steps to become an educator, i’m still as excited and enthusiastic about teaching as i was when i was a little girl. an ell classroom is formed with students who do not have the capability to speak or read english fluently. personally i think that many teachers use this technique while teaching a foreign. when learners speak or understand the language used to instruct them, they develop reading and writing skills faster and in a more meaningful way., research findings consistently show that learners benefit from using their home language in education in early grade years (ahead of a late primary transition stage).” “in the majority of countries throughout the world speak english as their second or first language, no longer just america or england. it could be too early to say that cultural incompatibilities can impede the process of teaching.- english as the official language of the united states could benefit the u.- preparation matters ¿how should the teacher be in terms of preparation, academic background and personality to be in charge of an english course. therefore, english plays a very important role in our society and is an important subject as a mandatory course in vietnamese education system. eventually this technique was obtained as a teaching method since sometimes teachers may face a lack of materials which can be a loss of electricity source that could affect a lesson based on listening or at least affect photocopying materials for students. lowered english competency leads individuals to encounter difficulties comprehending and using the english language (learner and johns, 2012). governments, like burundi recently, are now making english an official national language. moreover, the way of teaching english has also been modified from time to time as information are easily gathered and shared from all over the world." this statement is exceptionally true in hong kong context because english are seldom used by students in their daily lives. first it focuses on essential interaction rather than being educated through rules and error revision to inherited language. as a matter of fact, i do not like writing at all especially in english, but then writing is a part of life. however those facilities should not be the main source of teaching dominating the lessons, the teacher has to be in charge of directing the lessons. also known as sense of language, the definition comes from according to terrence(1998),he indicates the definiton of intuition refers (rather vaguely) to the presence of feelings and affective states in their non-quantitative dimension by the theory of shanahan. introduction today english is the most popular international language in the world. of active learning methodologies for enhancing student learning in the english classroom. in addition to the fact that new varieties have emerged, the number of functional domains in which english plays a role has increased significantly (sharma, 2008).
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