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Extreme sports are dangerous and should be banned essay

IELTS Writing Task 2: 'extreme sports' topic -

please do not forget to visit my page and leave your comment.***what are your thoughts about this essay on international sporting events? companies invest a lot of money to sponsor teams and this creates an extra pressure on the players. conclusion, i believe that risks attributed to extreme sports have been exaggerated and there is no necessity for governments to forbid them. safety measures are most important because life is at stake. normally sport players above thirty five are consider old to keep playing professionally. my opinion, these dangers can be controlled with appropriate tools. embark with, there are various professions which highly attract human beings such as doctor, engineer, astronaut etc. a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. they start almost after 20s and continued to play efficiently up-to only 35years. it also alleviate hostility between people belonging from different countries. i do believe that all sports has its risk and all people must be given free will to choose whatever sports they want to engage in as long as they know the risk involved. so people and government should take necessary measures to control the impending danger. conclusion, i think participating in extreme sports events can only be dangerous if there is no appropriate training prior to the activities. this is a free country and just because you think they are dangerous, you can't stop them from taking the risk. even though it is true that they have been naturally gifted however they still need to train hard every day to perform their best and help the sponsors to boost their brand value hence increasing the selling. to me, sports must be encompass in our life style to keep fit and healthy. summary, as risks are associated with a price tag, strict precautions need to be in place to stay alive. doubt, everything in life has two sides, the good and bad. the other hand, it is necessary to take preventive measures when you indulge in these sports activities. the writing task 2 opinion essay, if the topic is "people think that the best way to address an issue is to do something" and i accept the idea in the first paragraph then mention alternative solutions in the second one, is this considered to be off-topic? furthermore, challenging sports enable many people to release life pressure. conclusion, i strongly believe that such sports as sky diving and skiing are safe to be involved in and there is no reason for banning them by higher authorities. autocare ltd is a family owned business, which has been operating since 1997 in walsall, west midlands. i disagree with this view and believe that such sports can easing international tensions and bring people together. parents should educate their children about the dangers of adventurous games and deviate to participate in activities that are helpful for their growth and mental development. the abundant amount of monetary income and an astonishing fame allowing them to become the global celebrities are some of the main reasons which in turn lead to adrenalin rush among the sports professionals to participate in unsafe sporting activities. these kind of arguments raises the question that extreme sport should banned or not? in addition, media also plays a role to attract young people to those types of dangerous games and sports. my opinion, so-called extreme sports are not as dangerous as many people think. however, i completely disagree with banning these sports as i believe it takes person independence from playing these games and learning such skills. this situation has sparked a heated debate with opinions on both sides, in favor and against.

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believe it is the most enjoyable thing to do in life. however, if you do, please remember to write "b" then "/b" in the brackets around the words you want in bold. conclusion,i strongly believe that it is hard time to stop partaker enjoied adventerous sports as a relaxtion,however,if,under authorities censor safe precessing. finally, scientists have been conducting many experiments in recent years so as to improve the quality of supporting tools and facilities {"supporting tools and facilities" sounds a little odd and unclear to me} that safeguard players. also, governments can define some safety norms for unsafe sports. any game is someone personal choice and every individual can choose what they want to play with. those are the main reasons people participate in dangerous games even after knowing the consequences. furthermore, challenging sports enable many people to release life pressure., i believe that it is wrong to prohibit as well as it is also feasible to introduce a ban to extreme sports., i believe the risk factors can always be minimised by allowing the play under the supervision of experts. however, one should be circumspect about the dangers of such activities and better follow safety guidelines and train well in advance before practicing them. people prefer these dangerous sports and keep practicing them regularly. but dangerous sports always increase the stress of contester because of the risky environment and it mostly enhances the fear instead of the happiness even not only that, due to the massive failure of the life threatening sports, contesters can permanently disable or it could be a chance to die, as a example, competitors who play boxing as a sport have more chance to affect in cancers in their face in the future, due to the massive impacts, which cause to distort the cell in their face, even motor sports contester have chance to be disable due to an accidents when they competehuman life is unique resource to the world, so it should not be lost or disable by themself by doing dangerous sports, even dangerous sports not only put contesters life in risk, it makes contester’s family miserable and sometime it cause to damage the non relevant lives also, so having those points in to account, i strongly agree to ban the dangerous sports to save valuable human lives. banning dangerous sports, such as motocross, bull run, hose riding is a controversial tropics from last few decades, but those dangerous sports failures are really horrible and critical, so that i will argue , life threatening sports have to be banded firstly i will explain, what are the major benefits of the basic sports such as cricket , table tennis or foot ball , that sport helps to enhance and maintain healthy lifestyle , even sports helps to ease the stress and bring happiness. these sports are expensive too, and people spend lots of money for few min of enjoyment., government should respect individual freedom if some extreme sports comply with regulations and safety role shouldn't be banned. i support regulations and safety measures, i believe that it would be wrong, and almost impossible, to ban extreme sports. and this type of sport events proved enormously beneficial in easing tension between two countries in last few decades. writing task 2/ ielts essay:You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. forums:writing task 1writing task 2 graph feedbackletter feedbackessay feedbacklisteningreadingspeakingwriting band 7 general trainingtest tipspracticalities immigrationstudying abroadfind teachersspeaking buddyielts buddy feedback. secondly, youth these days have an attitude to do something different and that is why they are participating in dangerous games. the evidence of the history, dangerous sports have been more preferred by people than other competitions. admin, could you please help me check this essay and rate it in ielts bandscore. extreme sports required lot of time for practice as well as discipline. a nutshell, i believe that athletes deserve a huge compensation for their work. once they earn this privilege, they are respected by society and organizations pay them to become brand ambassadors. although, they are truly entertaining but it is necessary to take precautions to prevent any hazards. firstly, sports person should train oneself under experienced coach, which will help to get overall idea about dangers associated with particular sport. conclusion, many people like to participate in life-threatening sports activities for various reasons like money, popularity etc. people think that dangerous sports should be banned while other disagree. conclusion, the said ultimate recreational activities should not be totally banned, but rather, the authorities, should regulate the proper rules and guidelines for the safety of the people. taking above mentioned points, i am inclined to believe that extreme sports are full of danger.

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conclusion, i believe that extreme sports are far from being dangerous and thus people's participation in them should not be prohibited. this is one of big major reasons why people like to be a part of risky sports. conclusion, some sports may be dangerous but we can establish some safety regulations and methods to regulate these games rather than ban it. conclusion, i strongly believe that certain sports should nob be banned, but on another hand, all sportsman and adventure seekers, who are enjoying those vivid kinds of events, must always remember that safety first. huganegi wrote: extreme sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned. In recent years, extreme sports have become increasingly popular, and some people argue that governments should prohibit them. moreover, they have a big responsibility as are requested to perform their best in every single game. for instance, some kids start trying some kind of stunts to feel cool, and they get injured because they never gone through any training. conclusion, i think that we should be bold as long as we are well-trained and qualified enough to do this adventure, as i believe that nothing ventured, nothing gained. conclusion , extreme sports may give rise to dangerous accidents like anyother sport, but that is not enough reason to prohibit people from taking part in it , as it is preferred by some people. • it is better that parents make decision for their children • a company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your commun • online education or traditional education, what would you like prefer? prep tests — increase your score with 120 free toefl vocabulary teststoefl study guide guaranteed to raise toefl scores without weeks and months of studying — view the free reporttoefl test package — learn the most difficult toefl vocabulary words you need to pass the toefl with these vocabulary tests and this unique flash card systemread these english anecdotes and maybe smile today? despite of having fact that sports are energetic and entertaining for the human being. conclusion, it is a fact that people are going to continue to attend dangerous sport events because of their desire to adrenaline and popularity. therefore, such activities should be open to the general public. conclusion, there is no reason from government to prohibit extreme sports due to the risk and dangerous. it is their job to strive until see their team win, there are millions of dollars involved in each game. from the ancient world, when greeks and romans would leave battlefields to participate in the gladiators games. in addition, if the authorities impose the prohibition against extreme sports, there are a number of sport organizations can be affected and a lot of athletics will have no competition to enroll. conclusion i can say that extreme sports never ban because many people likes the game and government should proper take care of the sports like solo,climbing,motor or car racing,base jumping,skydiving and so on. of all, the history has shown that extreme competitions could even interrupt battles and nations together to stadiums.'m new here and i like it ;-)joined: 15 aug 2013posts: 25. in conclusion, adrenalin stimulating games and activities are the newer trend.'s newabout the testielts lessonsall lessonsessay writingielts writingmodel essaysstudent essaysessay questionsessay forumwriting tipsgraph writingmodel graphsstudent graphsgraph forumletter writingsample lettersreadingielts readingacademic sample testsreading forumacademic reading ebookreading tipsspeakingielts speakingsample questionssample testssample answershear a testspeaking forumspeaking tipslisteningielts listeningsample testslistening forumlistening tipsvocabularyielts vocabularyacademic word listtopic vocabularyphrasal verbscollocationsidiomsvocab buildergrammarielts grammarielts forumdiscuss the testother resourcesfree downloadsielts scoresielts booksuseful linkslife skillsielts life skills testcontactcontact usielts writing ebooktask 1 & 2 ebook. are more influenced by their teachers than by they friend. the rest of your essay is very clear with an easy to understand structure, but i could nto really figure out what you were saying with that sentence. why i am saying it confidently because i tried skydiving myself once, and it was a “bone-chilling” experience, and trust me i truly enjoyed it although it was scary initially, but it was truly mesmerising. people who take part in extreme sports are usually required to undergo appropriate training so that the dangers are minimised. conclusion, prohibiting of extreme sports is not an equitable way because extreme sports are not as dangerous as some people consider. however, i believe these sports are not too dangerous as long as someone understands the possible danger it make cause and therefore, there is no reason to stop someone doing it. or lower case letters for ielts listening and reading apr 03, 17 01:10 pmhi ielts buddy, i am really nervous regarding choosing what to write in listening and reading sections. however individuals still enjoy this activities, due to their high adrenaline level and their popularity.

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IELTS Writing Task 2: suggest your conclusion -

people are attracted because of the sensation and fame those activities offer. there are many types of sports, for example: fighting sports, water sports, single and team sports. nowadays athletes are paid with higher wages as compared to other weighty professions. i think it is better to make your word more easy., extreme sports will proved fatal, if it is not done under experts guidance. games are sometimes very alluring and have a large amount of prize. they must follow the instructions carefully and make sure the environment and tools are proper for the games. we should improve safety procedures and equipment so that extreme sports lovers and other people can enjoy these kind of sports and make them become less dangerous. despite of having fact that sports are energetic and entertaining for the human being. lots of people enjoy to do these kinds of sports. know that children are very much curious in nature and what they see, they try to do. in my opinion, it is still possible to handle with these dangers, by using proper equipment. sports cqr extreme sports are dangerous and should be banned essay about myself ward churchill little eichmanns essay some people think that extreme sports help martin hartley polar photographer alastair humphreys photography life extreme sports expository reading and writing course ppt download cnn com these reflective essay prompts for high school students invite teens to think about role models the conversation canoe amp kayak magazine pinterest yeardr sarah sarkis blog board blazers images about writing inspiration on pinterestthe saga of emiko station chapter karn evil page. cars have to be inspected very carefully for mechanical failures by a highly qualified teams prior and during the laps, a very close monitoring for the road to avoid any obstacles that may cause harm or damage, also the car itself from the design point of view, has to be safe to the driver against potential accidents that may contain front or side hits and in most cases extreme flips or fire. conclude, i completely disagree with those people who are saying that this kind of sports should be banned. anu,i think youve done your best to complete this long essay. conclusion, i do think extreme sports can be enjoyed by people who are repared and trained carefully as well as they are fully aware of their health conditions. conclusion , as it is a matter of personal choice to take part in adrenaline sports , we need to aware the protective measures to practice safely. addition,increasing advanced technology should be given more importance in order to ensure safety of our sports life. definitely, these sporting activities are exciting if all the safeguard features are in place. conclusion, i would argue that extreme sports are safe enough for people to enjoy by following instructions, and doing these sports should not be banned. profession are related to the well being of society and lead to many new discoveries for mankind. letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. it must that people should go through the safety instructions and understand it clearly before they can participate, and at the same time companies who organise these sporting activities adhere to the strict safety procedures and policies such as to use the quality safety equipment’s, instruction manuals and well-trained professionals. my opinion,such ports like skydiving and skiing are played under the provision of trainers. people think that extrem sports help to build character for and against essay. conclusion, i strongly believe that certain sports should not be banned since there are safety policies being implemented and the risks are disclosed to the adventure-seekers. also, some restrictions should be done for these sports and they should be related to age, as the small children and young ages should be avoided from practicing this kind of sports because they may still young to deal with their dangerous. conclude, i completely disagree with those people who are saying that this kind of should be banned. the government and society should respect the liberty of public actions and lead they do better. stones how to write a business plan when feminism goes too far evening sends zuzanny january extreme sports essay jpg capetivated my adventures living and studying in cape town slideplayer burrito bowl memories chipotle launches essay contest for high cq press library sunset surfer would you play weighing in opinions on extreme sports red bull illume surveying the text on the basis of the title a solemn warning to wingsuit flyers. they believe this is unfair for other professionals that spent several years studying hard and have to deal with really serious situations daily.

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• suggestions on grammar • drawbakcs of game • teenagers should take part in many different kinds of activities • toefl essay:tpo2, always telling the truth is the most important consideration • young people should take several different kinds of jobs • some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a wa • it is easier for parents to raise children than it was 50 years ago. conclusion, although adventurous sports are not out of risks, they can be pleasurable for many reasons. conclusion, i believe goverment should encourage people to learn the risky and safty measures before they start those extreme sports, rather than banning. conclusion,people have right to enjoy the sports they love so extreme games should not be prohibited completely. this essay delves the reason for increased participation in perilous sports and methods to avoid these dangers. i tend to believe that people should be allowed to play them with adequate safety precautions. conclusion, extreme sports are more enjoyable than any other games in spite of having more risks and it should be allowed to people with necessary protection. banning extreme sport on a government level would not be a good exercise, instead should provide training in order to protect players from accident. secondly, they need more salary to maintain their physique and to enhance their sport skills. conclusion, i think that it is impossible forbid people joined extreme sports,however, it is good time to highlight regulation not only government but organization. is true that some dangerous sports such as skiing and sky diving may cause severe injuries to the[ir] participants. anu, i have read your essay, i think it is really good. by following rules and regulations and learning the proper techniques, anything is possible because "impossible itself says i am possible" so,these sports should not be banned. for example, for deep sea diving swimmers must practice different techniques and carry first aid equipments for diving. conclusion, despite its dangers, extreme sports should still should be encouraged. on children working apr 03, 17 12:50 pm in many countries children are engaged in some kind of paid work. it helps to form a list of what and what not to do. all concerned thoughts are summarized in your essay, but in the introduction, there is the lack of thesis of two body paragraph in which one does mention own thoughts. conclusion, i believe that extreme sports are dangerous, but if we take safety precautions we can alleviate the risks. conclusion, extreme sports should not be banned because of the reasons hereinabove. to opine, it is necessary to discuss the importance of sports as well as other career options. writing task 2 sample 405 - why do people take part in dangerous sports. firstly, extreme sports, all physical activities can help to improve health. doctors, engineers, fire fighters among others, are clear examples of this unbalanced situation. all sports involve some element of risk, and there should always be clear regulations and safety procedures to reduce the possibility of accidents. is true that some dangerous sports such as skiing and sky diving may cause severe injuries to the participants. to illustrate, athletic persons need balanced diet, gymnastic facilities, sports equipments to practice regularly. is my essay about the same topic, any suggestions for improvement? because of the fame and the monetary reward that some unsafe sports provide, it has been common practice among many sports professionals to go to the extremes of the risk limits. by doing this state authorities are giving false impressions and somehow encouraging biasness. personally, i consider that restricting someone plays sensational sports should not be encouraged because the experience that the person gains from them is something that incomparable with any games. conclusion,it is not sensible that governments forbid citizens to take part in extreme sports.

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bar graphielts line graphielts table chartielts flow chartielts pie chartielts letter writingielts essayacademic readinggt reading. conclusion, the potential hazards of extreme sports can be largely avoided by following proper safety rules. you suggest an appropriate conclusion to finish my essay below? people should have the free choice to decide which kinds of activities they would like, government should only remind those involves to take appropriate safe measures and required training. simon let me know if it is good, will be waiting for my corrections , if there would be any. conclusion, i would argue that preventing someone from involving in exciting sports would certainly put restrictions on their freedom of personal choice, however, they can be played carefully in a safe place to avoid any potential threats. besides that, some people may have problems in dealing with others as they might be treated in an impolite and crude ways, so they need learn and practice fighting sports to be able to defend themselves. i'll read them and make a lesson about them over the next week.#2 (permalink) sun oct 30, 2016 2:00 am   re: ielts task 2 - extreme sports. i am a gymnast myself and i understand the risks but if you train well and be confident with yourself you can do anything. although he get  hurted badly, he believes he can not quit boxing  due to high adrenaline level. many individuals think that the thrilling sports such as skydiving and skiing should not be banned. conclusion,although extreme sports are really dangorouse,government should not prohibit them. in conclusion, banning dangerous sports can bring more disadvantages than benefits. sum up whether extream sports are dangerous and should be banned is a mix blessing issue with various aspects but i however support the iddia that the government should improve regulations and technology development to assure the safety. {"participate" seems better here} to recapitulate, extreme sports may cause fatal accidents, however, it is untrue to prevent people from doing these sports for different reasonstoefl listening discussions: what problem does the student have? they support their favorite players and team irrespective of their nationality. however, an even stronger argument against such a ban would be the difficulty of enforcing it.} people have [the] right to enjoy the sports they are into whether they are risky or not[,] as they have free[dom] of choice. sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. for example, anyone who wants to try skydiving will need to sign up for lessons with a registered club, and beginners are not allowed to dive solo; they must be accompanied by an experienced professional. the more limiting humans’ passion of sports, the more causing against by players. conclusion, i strongly believe that performing extreme sports it’s a personal choice, and they are surely aware of all safety measures to safe themselves so no one from government or higher authority can do anything about it or put a ban on it with their own will. concludsion, under the protection of advanced equipment and sufficient training, i disagree the idea that the extrem sports should be banned. they will try to do these thing at there own which is very dangerous for their lives. conclusion, it is safe to practice any sport you like with enough planning and adequate training, no matter how dangerous it is, you just have to measure the risks and get over it with gradual skilling. this essay will discuss about extreme sports are dangerous for one's life and should be banned. despite this fact, some people hold the opinion that these deadly sports should be banned as they may hurt athlete’s health and even ruin their lives. sports are just another example, in some cases it can be life threatening, but still a lot of people find it very enjoyable. and if you are motorcycling just wear a helmet and take precautions and you'll be fine and will have the time if your life. i completely disagree with the idea that these sports are too dangerous, and i therefore believe that they should not be banned. for instance, after 8 hours working at the office, a lot of staff are exhausted , therefore joining in a high speed car race or mountain hiking will partly mitigate their psychological problems.

IELTS Task 2 - Extreme sports

sports are extremely dangerous but many people still like them very much. we also need to count the rules and regulations respective of dangerous sports. guys it is my first time to share my writing. however, people have to prepare their safety to prevent injured and assure that noone will get trouble with your sport. conclusion, sports are being dangerous depend on the way of implementation and i believe that government should not banned these for freedom of choice. conclusion, though i believe that there are some extra risks in playing extreme sports than the other sports, but it also true that protective systems are utmost here. extensive training should take place in a simulated environment like a swimming pool before actual diving into deep water, equipment has to be tested, a dive location readiness to be briefed prior to the dive, and a common language to use under water to communicate different  basic sentences., it is not necessary to prevent extreme sports because these sports are not significantly dangerous influence for the human. in modern era people's participation in adventurous sports has dramatically increased. below paragraphs shall discuss reasons why people dare to choose these sports, following recommendations to safe-guard against such dangers. but don't ban it just because of your own opinions. in future these issue can sparkle numerous debates and adversely affect to economy of a country. in my opinion, 'however' should connect with an opposite view compared the prior one, but in this case, both of two views are about disagreeing with the ban. to begin, the modern era is more advanced with technologies. moreover, these sports usually attract the world’s attention that could force leaders to stop their disputes and review options to make partnerships with the opponents. finally, these kinds of activities should be performed after the careful inspection of a sporting venue and the sports equipments by safety experts. control such threats, standardization must take place to put some guiding rules to decide whether a person is fit or not to practice a sport of danger nature, also to highlight environmental conditions needed to practice it safely to both practitioner and spectators, a good example would be the rally racing. conclusion, though this extreme sports may be somewhat dangerous for some, i believe that with enough knowledge and proper regulation of safety practices, it is not an indispensable reason to disallowed someone for engaging in this kind of recreation. it is clear that these competitions greatly benefit our community teaching the citizens tolerance. however, it is the government, individual and parents’ responsibility to reduce the dangers associated with these games and aware people about the dangers of such games. secondly, uncontrolled and fatal games should be banned by law. simon,it would be great if you let me know how to make two paragraphs structure from the question as you said. everyone should have the right and fun doing sports they love. people think that dangerous sports should be banned, while others disagree. conclusion, for the reasons mentioned above, i completely disagree that extreme sports are too dangerous and should be prohibited. sport has a certain degree of danger when there are no precautions measures in place. concise conclusion paraphrased from simon's introduction, deducted from various task 2 essays by him. for instance, racing drives should always wear the fire-proof jackets to better protect from the fire accidents. clear example would be diving, a very enjoyable experience but dangerous and needs well preparation. conclusion, i would argue that measures should be taken to ensure adequate safety during playing extreme challenging sports rather than a complete restriction on these kinds of games. they are testing these products under laboratary conditions, moreover they use extremly hard materials like fiber - plastic as contributor. Essays: IELTS Task 2 writing from candidates practicing for the test.

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people like to watch thrilling sports and those short of games are often taken as challenges. for example, prior to taking part in motor rally, all the athletics must put on helmets and go over the safety rules thoroughly. for instance india and pakistan have tremendous diplomatic differences and also fought three wars but despite of this when international cricket series held each year it brings both nations close to each others. since it has become common, some individulas like to be on stage. for me, i find the second body paragraph is much more easy to read and follow. to recapitulate, extreme sports may cause fatal accidents, however, it is untrue to prevent people from doing these sports for different reasonstoefl listening discussions: what problem does the student have? next, they win various championship to make their nation proud and make their country respectable among other nations. conclusion, there is no need to ban extreme sports as clear regulations and satefy measure being applied and the following argument and inefficient implement of the law could also be forecasted.,this essay has the same theme as i have faced in my last ielts exam. tend to see that, those people should be trained well by professional coaches before they start playing these sports to minimize any danger that may occur during this practice. conclusion, extreme sports should not be prohibited by their dangerous appearances, that is the sportsman's choice to participate in and adventure seekers should follow the safety regulations while joining these sports. conclusion,i surely consider that the extreme sports should definitely not be banned and which are both beneficial all of us on physical and on psychological. out the history it can be seen that they bring together people belonging from different cultures and regions. conclusion, people should take part in sports which are highly risky only after undergoing a certain amount of training and such sports should not be banned completely. first of all people should practice comprehensively before participating any kind of sports and game that might be dangerous. secondly, person ought to take proper precautions according to standard guidelines outlined. as surveyed in 2000 and 2011, more than 4 millions injuries are attributed due to extreme sports. despite many risks associated with these sports, many people love them because of their adventure and risk loving attitude, to feel the sense of achievement and to attain celebrity status thereby earning money through sponsorships. they have a very short career, as can only play at highest performance during very limited amount of years. however, i totally disagree with the idea that people should impose a ban on these sports. measures and standard instructions are always there in place for majority of the mincing sports when it comes to practicing them. adrenaline-rising sports are good, several precautions need to be taken while participating in them. moreover some are participating in adventurous games for attracting the public attention and to become popular. in my opinion, we should focus on improving facilities, standards and rules for these sports to minimize the risk. sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned. for example, the number of people today trying to climb mount everest is on rise. i believe self-protection can be provided by choosing correct equipment. In my opinion, so-called extreme sports are not as dangerous as many people think. people gain confidence and get feeling of well being after doing extreme sports. sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned. for example, my country is a multicultural one, but, people are still divided into ethnical groups. for instance, after 8 hours working at the office, a lot of staff are exhausted , therefore joining in a high speed car race or mountain hiking will partly mitigate their psychological problems.

IELTS Writing Task 2: 'extreme sports' topic -

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the flip side, people who think that sports-persons should paid highly, they must support the fact that sports persons career is of short duration. since these risks comes with a price tag, they need to take several precautions while playing these sports like, following strict safety measures, learning from experience of others and joining a group rather than attempting them individually. compendium and in my opinion it is undoubtedly fair to give huge pay to sport persons in order to meet their basic needs or to maintain their lifestyle. another easiest and suggested approach is to read blogs or books of people who succeeded and failed while trying them. people have right to enjoy the sports they are into whether they are risky or not as they have free of choice. some of these sports are dangerous like mixed martial arts and mountain climbing. conclusion, although the extreme sports have always potential accidents, their safe has been improving since people are well prepared in advance and protective equipment is frequently improved, and people have a freedom of choice on which sport they love so there is no reason to stop them from participating these sports. conclusion, because of level of risk the extreme sports has it bring to the people nowadays, it becomes a big issue of the government that resulted its prohibition. people think that extrem sports help to build character for and against essay gandhi civil disobedience essayCourageous; brave; fearless. conclusion, i strongly believe that it is an individual own responsibility to ensure the type of sports which can endanger their life should be carry out accordingly to the safety instructions, and with the support and advise from a professional. moreover, a wide range of protections can reduce the risk of being hurt to a very large extent. as a result, safety factors improve the players’ confidence and will have real fun and make their experiences special for them. however, mmi fights is a national sport and people with different culture and believes would support together our sportsmen and sportswomen during the season. conclusion,i strongly disagree on banning extreme sports like sky diving and skiing as well as categorizing it to be very dangerous. i cannot imagine the police being called to stop people from parachuting off a mountain face or surfing on an isolated beach.----------------------------------------------successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. in the first place, we should all be free to decide how we spend our leisure time; as long as we understand the risks, i do not believe that politicians should stop us from enjoying ourselves. finally, the protective equipment and technology used in sports from motor racing to mountain climbing is constantly improving safety.(you can use html tags like and
    to style your text. Extreme sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned. for instance, bungee jumping, diving, wrestling, mount climbing and ice scatting have attained the popularity by the media. due to the influence of the media, young generation is being attracted to these sports. undoubtedly these sports competitions bring close together inhabitants of these countries. conclusion, i do not believe that extreme sports are dangerous and therefore i do not agree with restricting people from enjoying such games for such a flimsy reason . the most striking feature in my opinion, is the stress in addition to the negative energy that many people have, they need to release their stress by practicing dangerous sports as windsurf for instance. conclusion, a ban from government is not necessary and even not feasible. certainly, these sports are really exciting if they are played in a safe environment instead of prohibiting them. feel that we should keep dangerous sports, even though they are very risky. some people do these sports just do upload their pictures on social media like face, twitter, or whatsapp and many more. in every geographical regions there are few nations that have disputes and they don't enjoy good diplomatic relations. are many extreme sports today such as high-speed car or bike racing, mountain climbing and water sports. firstly, when people take up a dangerous sport like car racing or board skating[skateboarding], there is a wide variety of protect[ive] equipment such as helmets [and] gloves which can prevent them from being hurt.

    finally, scientists have been conducting many experiments in recent years so as to improve the quality of supporting tools and facilities that safeguard players. i certainly agree that these sports events such as football world cup and cricket tournaments not only helps in improving international relationships between different countries but also help people in expressing devotion to their country and promote nationalism. need to score a 7 so any help or comment to improve my writing will be really appreciated. conclusion, instead of making so much hue and cry about banning extreme sports, measures should be taken to make it more safe and enjoyable experience. secondly, [in officially sanctioned events,] {this seems to make it more clear, because there are no regulations if say a person goes skateboarding on their street} a lot of safety procedures and regulations will be applied and players are likely to comply with them. events like the football world cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tension and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. it makes them stronger mentally and physically by handling life-threatening risks such as avalache. they get know positive aspects of each others that are mostly concealed by their government and media. agree they should ban extreme sports right away and it will make them risk their lives and it could cause death or distorts in their face and distorts in their face and future to the cell. is irrefutable fact that games are the symbol of prosperity and wealth of a nation. however rather than banning , teaching safety guides should be implemented and enforced to limit the hazards related to extreme sports. it is obvious that there is a huge risk for athletes, but the event organizers could improve rules and safety equipment to reduce this risk and to make such sports less dangerous. for example, prior to taking part in [a ]motor rally, all the [drivers] {it would be "athletes", but drivers are not really considered athletes i think} must put on helmets and go over the safety rules thoroughly. furthermore, we are setting a bad example for the youngsters as they grow up witnessing how our society do not reward the hard work. sum up, international sport events such as olympics and fifa world cups are not only very beneficial for boosting international relations but also liberate patriotic feelings. post of some people think that extrem sports help to build character for and against essaydissertation credits. recent years, extreme sports have become increasingly popular, and some people argue that governments should prohibit them. conclusion when people participate in extreme sport they know the risk that follow and since there is regulation and rules the government would not banned it. simon, i noticed in your second paragraph "all sports involve some element of risk". think that people should not prohibit the extreme sports , as many players who perform them are trained , using protective equipment and following regulation and safety guidelines . conclusion, the extreme sports is type of sports that need extra safety measures, and very good training before enrollment, in parallel no one have the right to ban extreme sports athletes. as a result, people enjoy the delight from diverse sports,and the social would be full of harmony., perilous games are harmful and fatal not only to the practitioner but also to the observer. secondly, a lot of safety procedures and regulations will be applied and players are likely to comply with them. many of the most risky sports, like base jumping or big wave surfing, are practised far away from the reach of any authorities. conclusion, i definitely disagree the idea to ban those extreme sports like skydiving or skiing by authorities. to me, sports must be encompass in our life style to keep fit and healthy. apart from these reasons, some like this type of sports to earn celebrity status., i believe that it is wrong to prohibit as well as it is also feasible to introduce a ban to extreme sports. you suggest an appropriate conclusion to finish my essay below? conclusion, instead of banning people to attend risky sports, government should have methods to train attendants how to play appropriately and how to release in case of dangers happened. so, the best way to minimize accidents is enhancing safety equipment and procedure to play those games.

    sports has become leisure activity in many countries in the developed or developing world, but it has hidden risks too. the racing drives are the people who daily undergo such a high risk conditions, for instance, however, they are willing to do it repeatedly due to the rewards that they receive through this. therefore, banning extreme sports may be overreact and impossible, let alone enacting laws in response to each kind of them. but not least, governments and the concerned regulatory authorities should set roles to guide and control practicing of these dangerous sports, as one their responsibilities is to keep their citizens safe. for example in ice hockey, manufacturers are creating strong helmets against hard hits. are becoming more and more care-free and can go way out of ordinary when it comes to the risky sports. everest climber has been selected as icon of famous trekking equipment maker. to the modern politics disputes, when athletes from israel and palestine would forget their differences and compete fair and peacefully in martial games. when these games are tried in a group, they can help each other during accidents and whenever an obstacle struck. it would be unwise and impossible to ban those activities. with that one fixed, i think this would score a band 7, but as it stands, i would score it somewhat lower. I completely disagree with the idea that these sports are too dangerous, and I therefore believe that they should not be banned. i guess the pleasure overcomes the danger, especially if it is assessed and controlled. reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. forum | preparation for and help with the toefl test and essay samples collection. firstly, when people take up a dangerous sport like car racing or board skating, there is a wide variety of protecting equipment such as helmets, gloves which can prevent them from being hurt. it is easy to read and you met all the task achievement. albeit, these are highly respectable professions yet government does not pay them according to their working hours. conclusion, i suppose that extreme sports don't have to be banned if participants are trained necessary skills to ensure that they are completely safe in any bad situations., some people like to be under risk by their nature. "one man was die during bungee jumping" these kinds of news are common nowadays in newspapers. however, rather than banning, the government should improve regulations and technology development to assure the safety. when people support their teams it rises their patriotic emotions and bring them together as a nation. conclusion,people should take part in extreme sports who have abundant knowledge and information regarding particular sport and also extreme sports should not be banned completely. conclusion, i believe that people have a right to choose what they want to do in their leisure time. i think they love to do so because they may fell a sort of lack of confidence, so they try to maintain this point through doing these dangerous sports. conclusion, extreme sports are just like driving a car, which has certain levels of risk but more to be enjoyed. forum | preparation for and help with the toefl test and essay samples collection. conclusion, goverment should not concider extream sport being as a dangerous and restrict them to practice because i believe that the safety measures are provided to reduce the dangerouse risks. in all, it seems to be irrational and also impractical to ban extreme sports, while nobody can doubt the necessity of following safety rules to reduce the intensity and frequency of incidents. in addition, if the authorities impose the prohibition against extreme sports, there are a number of sport organizations [that] can be affected and a lot of athlet[es] will have no competition [in which] to enroll. conclusion,it seems to me that banning of dangerous sporting activities is both unfair and impractical for the reasons mentioned above.

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