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Cover letter for gallery representation

Approaching a Gallery: The Initial Email (an Example of What to

i'm both an artist and an art dealer who runs a small gallery, and i tell you that your approach can make our break an accepted submission, sometimes even more than the artwork. but the gallery director sets aside this one week out of the year to do nothing but review, and i have to respect their process. some artists walk into the gallery with their nose in the air and proclaim "i'm an artist" like i should fall to my knees and drop everything. then again, occasionally the response letter may show more interest – then life gets interesting! it shows me that you've taken some time and given some thought as to why you are coming specifically to my gallery., on the gallery subject, i've noticed that you are represented by several galleries across the us.

7 Creative Ways to Approach an Art Gallery for Representation

if not, you'll be spinning your wheels, as well as taking valuable time from the gallery. believe in my work greatly, but don't ever like feeling like i'm imposing on a gallery.: advice for artists | art business | art gallery tips | art marketing | exposure tips | guest posts | sell art.“‘but if you took a quick look, you could tell me whether or not the work was right for the gallery. in my opinion, it is rude for someone to walk into my gallery and assume i have the time to spend looking at your artwork or photographs of it. is a sample of a fairly standard letter to a gallery director inviting them to review your work.

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A Sample Intro Letter to a Gallery Director - Art Marketing Secrets

 if you want your blog posts listed in the fineartviews newsletter with the possibility of being republished to our 18,000+ subscribers, consider blogging with faso artist websites. it really bothers me when an artist approaches me for representation via email and does not have current work to show me. the purpose of this post is to try and help those of you who seek representation of your work in a fine art gallery. here's a novel idea - call a gallery or walk into one* and be up front. i do not proclaim to know it all or even most of how to be heard when you contact a gallery, but i will share with you how i like to be approached. posts:fineartviews interview: edward winkleman -- gallery owner, curator, author and art bloggersome legal perspectives on gallery contractscommunication breakdown: art dealers and cold callsart galleries: the good, the bad and the uglyworking with galleries: equitable agreementsworking with galleries: how often is your work displayed?


Marketing Mondays: How NOT to Approach a Gallery

the last couple of posts i mentioned the importance of sending out (snail mail) letters of introduction to galleries. was hired as a gallery director for our local community college within the past two years without gallery experience, but with a background in the studio arts and administrative experience.  these are not in any particular order but are some tips to consider: 1) look at the gallery's web site. – and amazingly enough – i’ve found that gallery directors mostly take the time to reply. for artistsanalyticsart and cultureart and psychologyart and societyart appreciationart blogging adviceart businessart collectorsart criticismart educationart fairsart forumart gallery tipsart historyart lawart marketingart museumsart receptionart studioart websitesartist resume adviceartist statementboldbrush winnersbrian sherwincarolyn hendersoncarrie turnerclint watsoncopyrightcory huffcreativitycurator's pickdaily art showdave geadadave nevueemail newslettersexhibitsexposure tipsfacebookfasofaso featured artistsfine art showsfineartviewsframing artgayle faucette wisbongoogleguest postsholidayinformedcollectorinspirationinstagraminstructioninternet scamsjack whitejane huntjohn weissjuried showskathleen dunphykeith bondkelley sanfordkim vanderhoeklandscape paintinglori woodwardluann udellmark edward adamsmixed mediamoshe mikanovskynewsoil paintingonline art competitionsonline art groupsoriginalitypaintingpastelphotographypinterestplein air paintingportraitspricing artworkprintmakingrealismsculpturesell artselling art onlineselling fine art onlineseo for artist websitessocial networkingsolo showssl steve atkinsonstill life artsupport local artthink tanktwitterwatercolorwebsites for artistsworkshopszac elletson. business sense coupled with elementary interpersonal communication skills may not get you into a gallery, but the lack of them will surely lock you out.

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Do's and Don'ts On How to Approach a Gallery for Representation

if i have interest in the work, i will reach back out to them and give them a helping hand for their next approach to a gallery if i'm not interested. this is just one example of the letters i receive on a daily basis from artists seeking representation. machinima, i've never found a gallery that knows what that is unless they are tied to a university.'s and don'ts on how to approach a gallery for representation. why on earth did you contact me to seek representation if you don't have anything to show me? i'll be the first to admit, i'm as new to approaching galleries as one gets, but i research - do i think there's a fit with the gallery's body of work, who do i send to, what are their submission requirements, are they even accepting submissions, and so on.

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How to Write a Cover Letter, According to Great Artists - The Atlantic

i was recommended by an artist already in the gallery. don’t interrupt i was chatting with a dealer in a small gallery outside of manhattan. story about the cold call to the gallery while you were "chatting" kind of makes me laugh though. i am in the process of researching galleries and have been submitting out of state, but do not have the luxury of going to each gallery personally.'t be afraid to ask questions about the gallery, its owners and how they operate. on the other hand, i'm thinking of a philadelphia gallerist who said to me, "i can tell the minute i see the first piece if the artist is right for my gallery or not.

ARTIST SUBMISSIONS — Gallery 31 Fine Art

if not, they might not be the right gallery to represent you. when you were seeking representation did you go and visit the galleries in person to assess them or did you rely on other information? as an artist based in the uk i approached a gallery in switzerland recently with, what i had thought was a relevant, well researched and put together proposal - however my mistake was to include the gallerist's first name (along with ms and her surname) in my cover letter.”don’t waste the dealer’s timeolympia, who works in a gallery in chelsea, left this story in the comments section of a recent post (i’ve shortened it slightly):“we had an artist come in to the gallery wanting to show us his portfolio. and, i know this might sound like a silly question, but are folded letters okay? and why would a gallery state that they are only interested in artists who maintain studios in the us.

How to Create a Professional Portfolio - Agora Advice Blog

i then came with an "imprimature" as did the gallery. how long do you think you should wait before calling the gallery. i can only imagine how difficult it must be on a gallery's end of these endless submissions, with all the different formatting possibilities. i am careful and considerate with writing and sending information, and i do a lot of research on the gallery website to understand the gallery, the submission guidelines and who to address. a respectful artist will do their research on submission guidelines for a particular gallery (ours, like most, are listed very clearly on our website). You will note that it is low-key and respectful in its approachMarketing mondays: how not to approach a gallery.

Approaching a Gallery: The Initial Email (an Example of What to

Advice for Artists Seeking Gallery Representation | edward_

i've never had a gallery requests links, but you might find that as well. ask them for some tips about how they got representation. is never inappropriate in the salutation, but i’m not offended when someone addresses me as joanne, and i assume a dealer won’t be either, assuming the letter is respectful and to the point. so i took a quick a look and told her it wasn’t right for the gallery. i, myself, offer a service to artists seeking help in the area of how to find representation, pricing of your work, and offering suggestions based on your individual needs and my decades of being in the business and having dealt with hundreds of artists. laughed, but in that moment i understood the reason for the often high desk that separates the dealer from the public in a gallery.

a curator from an academic gallery north of new york city held up a tattered manila envelope.”sounds like me two summers ago in provicetown, doing my gallery tour. on the note of having a "quick look," something else that gallery owner said that really stuck out to me was, "did that person really only want me to give their work a quick look? if it's obvious you've put no individual effort into each gallery, why should they bother spending time on you? if it's more than a one-show situation (and even sometimes then), i make a point of visiting the gallery and meeting the dealer. and if i want in that gallery enough, i'm going to do what they ask.

when you've finally gotten the nerve to show your work to a potential gallery owner/director here is a simple checklist that may help you. so give the gallery something useful: a phrase about your work and some indication of your familiarity with the gallery and its program and a link to your website. -assuming you've found out if the gallery shows video, find out if they prefer a playable dvd (something that auto plays on either a computer or a dvd player) or a data dvd (just the file that opens with quicktime, windows media player, etc on a computer). this is a fairly standard letter to a gallery director inviting them to review your work."to tell you the truth, even if the work had been right for the gallery, there’s no way i would have wanted to work with such an obtuse personality. all the advice floating around about how to approach a gallery, let’s talk today about what not to do.

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