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Fred Thompson - Film Actor, Actor, Television Actor, U.S.

[46] during this campaign, mike long served as thompson's chief speechwriter.[99] thompson stated the government should not criminally prosecute women who undergo early term abortions.[21] according to historian stanley kutler, however, thompson and baker "carried water for the white house, but i have to give them credit — they were watching out for their interests, too. left to right: fred thompson (minority counsel), howard baker, and sam ervin of the senate watergate committee in 1973.[92] in a statement issued by his campaign, thompson said:Today i have withdrawn my candidacy for president of the united states. days after sanders's discovery, at a public, televised committee hearing, thompson asked former white house aide alexander butterfield the famous question, "mr. douglas urbanski took thompson's place in the westwood one syndication lineup.[23] "even though i had no authority to act for the committee, i decided to call fred buzhardt at home," thompson later wrote,[24] "i wanted to be sure that the white house was fully aware of what was to be disclosed so that it could take appropriate action.[8] thompson formed a presidential exploratory committee regarding his possible 2008 campaign for president on june 1, 2007,[80] but unlike most candidate exploratory groups, thompson's organized as a 527 group."old girlfriends cast their vote for thompson", times online (2007-06-24). the resulting film, marie, was thompson's first acting role and was released in 1985.

Fred Thompson - Wikipedia

leaving the senate in 2003, thompson's only lobbying work was for the london-based reinsurance company equitas ltd.[27] thompson's 1975 book at that point in time in turn accused armstrong of having been too close to the washington post's bob woodward and of leaking committee information to him.^ fred thompson hometown biography archived march 3, 2016, at the wayback machine.. thompson: new details emerge on personal life of newly announced candidate". thompson's daughter elizabeth "betsy" thompson panici died from a brain injury resulting from cardiac arrest after what was determined to be an accidental overdose of prescription drugs on january 30, 2002. scott armstrong, a democratic investigator for the senate watergate committee, is critical of thompson for having disclosed the committee's knowledge of the tapes to buzhardt during an ongoing investigation and says thompson was "a mole for the white house" and that thompson's actions gave the white house a chance to destroy the tapes. "additional views of chairman fred thompson, investigation of illegal or improper activities in connection with 1996 federal election campaigns, final report of the committee on governmental affairs, senate report 105-167 – 105th congress 2d session" (1998-03-10).'s appointment as minority counsel to the senate watergate committee reportedly upset nixon, who believed thompson was not skilled enough to interrogate unfriendly witnesses and would be outfoxed by the committee democrats. thompson campaigned in a red pickup truck, and cooper charged thompson "is a lobbyist and actor who talks about lower taxes, talks about change, while he drives a rented stage prop. the film rights were purchased by director roger donaldson, who, after traveling to nashville to speak with the people involved with the original case, asked thompson if he wanted to play himself. 2009 he returned to acting with a guest appearance on the abc television series life on mars[41] and as william jennings bryan in the tv movie alleged, based on the scopes monkey trial.

  • Fred Thompson, Former Senator, Actor and Presidential Candidate

    . attorney, the alabama-born thompson attended vanderbilt law school and went on to a long career in government, serving as minority counsel to the senate watergate committee. lobbyist disclosure records show thompson had six lobbying clients: westinghouse, two cable television companies, the tennessee savings and loan league, the teamsters union's central states pension fund, and a baltimore-based business coalition that lobbied for federal grants.^ a b kim chipman, "thompson says he's no churchgoer, won't tout religion on stump", bloomberg (2007-09-11). “an in-law-made man”, los angeles times (2007-09-06): “thompson stopped using the name freddie in his professional dealings and became fred.[19] thompson spokesman mark corrallo said that thompson was proud to have been a lobbyist and believed in equitas' cause. at the end of march, thompson asked to be released from his television contract, potentially in preparation for a presidential bid. an actor, thompson appeared in a number of movies and television shows as well as in commercials." in 1985, thompson played himself in the film "marie," which was based on a tennessee political scandal.. attorney, the alabama-born thompson attended vanderbilt law school and went on to a long career in government, serving as minority counsel to the senate watergate committee. — who often acted under the screen name fred dalton thompson — made the most of his slow-talking, aw-shucks southern demeanor, but in real life, as in politics, the good-old-boy image concealed a sharp legal mind. fred thompson speaks during the republican party of virginia's 2007 commonwealth gala in richmond, virginia.
  • Fred Thomson - Wikipedia

    [87] fred thompson was endorsed by the virginia society for human life and several other pro life organizations. of united states senator fred dalton thompson congressional website (from internet archive retrieved on 3 january 2007).[71] thompson hosted a fundraiser for the libby defense fund at his home in mclean, virginia.[30] according to the commercial appeal newspaper:Fred thompson earned about half a million dollars from washington lobbying from 1975 through 1993 .[69][70] thompson, who had never met libby before volunteering for the advisory board, said he was convinced libby was innocent.^ fred thompson receives the endorsement of virginia society for human life presidency project ucsb. may 2007 he took a break from acting in order to run for the republican nomination for president in the 2008 election, winning 11 delegates before dropping out of the race in january 2008. in response to renewed interest in this matter, in 2007 during his presidential campaign, thompson said, "i'm glad all of this has finally caused someone to read my watergate book, even though it's taken them over 30 years. this will allow a good american, who has done a lot for his country, to resume his life. honey and i and our entire family send our love and sympathy to jeri and the thompson family. dalton thompson[1][2][3] (born freddie dalton thompson; august 19, 1942 – november 1, 2015) was an american politician, attorney, lobbyist, columnist, film and television actor, and radio host.
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  • Fred Thompson, Actor and Former Senator, Dies At 73 : The Two

    interested in directing, he ended up acting in one of frances' films just around the corner (1921). march 11, 2007, thompson appeared on fox news sunday to discuss the possibility of a 2008 candidacy for president. march 2, 2009 he took over on westwood one's east coast noon time slot, hosting the talk radio program the fred thompson show, after bill o'reilly ended the radio factor. for other people with similar names, see frederick thompson (disambiguation). fred thompson, who straddled the worlds of hollywood and washington during a long career in the public eye, has died of lymphoma at 73.[117] when thompson was asked in a december 2007 associated press survey of the candidates to name his favorite possession, he replied, tongue-in-cheek "trophy wife". media reports in may and june 2007 said that thompson still has the truck, which is "parked behind thompson's mother's home outside nashville. haitian president jean-bertrand aristide was overthrown in 1991, thompson made a telephone call to white house chief of staff john h. bush appointed thompson to an informal position to help guide the nomination of john roberts through the united states senate confirmation process. joshua painter in the 1990 movie "the hunt for red october" — that thompson achieved notoriety. thompson says he was "largely stymied" during these investigations by witnesses declining to testify; claiming the right not to incriminate themselves or by simply leaving the country.
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Fred Dalton Thompson - IMDb

Folksy Ex-Senator and 'Law & Order' Actor Fred Thompson Dies at 73

"not all would put a heroic sheen on thompson's watergate role". the 1980s thompson worked as an attorney, with law offices in nashville and washington, d."[123] on occasion, thompson attended vienna presbyterian church in vienna, virginia. it was thompson who asked nixon's former deputy assistant, alexander butterfield, the question that led to butterfield's public revelation of the tapes on july 16, 1973.[72] after bush commuted libby's sentence,[73] thompson released a statement: "i am very happy for scooter libby. july 2007, thompson was chair of the international security advisory board, a bipartisan advisory panel that reports to the secretary of state and focuses on emerging strategic threats.., tenacious thompson defied prediction: reliable conservative had fierce independent streak", the tennessean (2007-07-08). march 2003, thompson was featured in a commercial by the conservative non-profit group citizens united that advocated the invasion of iraq, stating: "when people ask what has saddam done to us, i ask, what had the 9/11 hijackers done to us -- before 9/11." in 1985, thompson played himself in the film "marie," which was based on a tennessee political scandal. 1973, thompson was appointed minority counsel to assist the republican senators on the senate watergate committee, a special committee convened by the u. thompson would go on to appear in many films and television shows.

Doctor: Fred Thompson's lymphoma in remission -

january 22, 2008, after attracting little support in the early primaries, thompson confirmed he had withdrawn from the presidential race. 1996, thompson was a member of the committee on governmental affairs when the committee investigated the alleged chinese attempts to influence american politics. while thompson was attending law school, both his wife and he worked to pay for his education and support their three children. single, thompson had been romantically linked to country singer lorrie morgan, republican fundraiser georgette mosbacher, donald trump's counselor to the president kellyanne conway and columnist margaret carlson.[48] thompson explained, "our work was affected tremendously by the fact that congress is a much more partisan institution than it used to be. "it is with a heavy heart and a deep sense of grief that we share the passing of our brother, husband, father, and grandfather who died peacefully in nashville surrounded by his family," said a statement from thompson's family.^ "tnt won't pull reruns starring thompson", seattle times (2007-09-01). when alexander dropped out, thompson endorsed senator john mccain's bid and became his national co-chairman. 1994, thompson was elected to finish the remaining two years of al gore's unexpired u. "it is with a heavy heart and a deep sense of grief that we share the passing of our brother, husband, father, and grandfather who died peacefully in nashville surrounded by his family," said a statement from thompson's family. he also spoke to administration officials on its behalf three times for a total of about three hours, but it is unclear who in the administration thompson spoke with or when.

Fred Thompson - Film Actor, Actor, Television Actor, U.S.

Fred Thompson | Infoplease

thompson, a republican, served in the united states senate representing tennessee from 1994 to 2003, and was a gop presidential candidate in 2008. records show that thompson was paid for about 20 hours of work in 1991 and 1992 on behalf of the national family planning and reproductive health association, a family planning group trying to ease a george h. september 1959, at the age of 17, thompson married sarah elizabeth lindsey. seven months later, in april 1960, 17-year-old thompson had a son. according to kevin drum of the washington monthly, "thompson didn't even deign to drive the thing himself. "thompson tells why lobbyist pay rose with gop-led senate", commercial appeal (1994-11-05). during the 1994 campaign, thompson's opponent was longtime nashville congressman jim cooper. according to thompson, his values come from "sitting around the kitchen table" with his parents, and from the church of christ.[20] thompson was sometimes credited for supplying republican senator howard baker's famous question, "what did the president know, and when did he know it?" at 6-foot-6, thompson had an air of lawyerly gravitas and an easy drawl that made him a familiar, likeable presence in numerous television roles.[50] thompson served on the finance committee (dealing with health care, trade, social security, and taxation), the intelligence committee, and the national security working group.

Fred Thompson - Wikipedia

Fred Thompson, former U.S. senator and actor, dies -

on june 12, thompson told jay leno on the tonight show that while he did not crave the presidency itself, there were things he would like to do that he could only do by holding that office. in 2007, thompson stated: "i have had no illness from it, or even any symptoms. "national tv star, former republican senator fred thompson mulls '08 presidential bid". thompson's final show for westwood one was aired on january 21, 2011. september 5, 2007, thompson made his candidacy official, announcing on the tonight show that "i'm running for president of the united states" and running an ad during a republican presidential candidates debate on fox news."thompson's daughter's death informs right-to-die stance", abc news (2007-10-22). 1996, thompson was re-elected (for the term ending january 3, 2003) with 61 percent of the vote, defeating democratic attorney houston gordon of covington, tennessee, even as bill clinton and running mate al gore narrowly carried the state by less than three percentage points on their way to re-election. "thompson will take on outsider role after playing access man", washington post, june 12, 2007. fred thompson, the watergate investigator-turned-actor-turned national political figure, died sunday at 73 from lymphoma, with which he had struggled for more than a decade, his family said. "brian dennehy, fred thompson to star in film shooting at crossroads village". thompson's character may loosely be based on general brehon b.

Fred Thompson, Former Senator, Actor and Presidential Candidate

roger donaldson then cast thompson in the part of cia director in the 1987 film no way out. in 2009, he returned to acting with a guest appearance on the abc television series life on mars[41] and in the movie alleged, about the scopes trial. fred thompson speaks during the republican party of virginia's 2007 commonwealth gala in richmond, virginia. july 1996, thompson began dating jeri kehn (born 1966) and the two married almost six years later on june 29, 2002. although he announced in the wake of the september 11, 2001 attacks his intention to seek re-election ("now is not the time for me to leave," said thompson at the time), upon further reflection he decided against it. during the trial, thompson helped expose the cash-for-clemency scheme that eventually led to blanton's removal from office.. senator lamar alexander said "very few people can light up the room the way fred thompson did."[43] in a good year for republican candidates,[44] thompson defeated cooper in a landslide, overcoming cooper's early 20 percent lead in the polls to defeat him by an even greater margin.: fred thompson1942 births2015 deaths20th-century american male actorsamerican actor-politiciansamerican enterprise instituteamerican male actorsamerican male film actorsamerican male television actorsamerican male voice actorsamerican members of the churches of christamerican people of dutch descentamerican people of english descentamerican prosecutorsamerican talk radio hostsdeaths from cancer in tennesseedeaths from lymphomapeople from mclean, virginiapeople from nashville, tennesseepeople from sheffield, alabamamale actors from tennesseemale actors from alabamarepublican party united states senatorstennessee lawyerstennessee republicansunited states department of justice lawyersunited states presidential candidates, 200821st-century american politiciansunited states senate lawyersunited states senators from tennesseeuniversity of memphis alumniuniversity of north alabama peoplevanderbilt university law school alumnivirginia republicanswatergate scandal investigatorshidden categories: webarchive template wayback linkspages using citations with accessdate and no urlall articles with dead external linksarticles with dead external links from september 2010use mdy dates from february 2015all articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from january 2016pages using template:conglinks with unknown parametersarticles with dmoz linkswikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with bnf identifiers. the twin victories by thompson and frist gave republicans control of both of tennessee's senate seats for the first time since sasser ousted incumbent bill brock in 1976. a july 3, 2007 update to thompson's abc news radio home page referred to him as a "former abc news radio contributor", indicating that thompson had been released from his contract with the broadcaster.

the morning of november 1, 2015, thompson died at the age of 73 from a recurrence of lymphoma. former tennessee senator fred thompson on possible white house bid", fox news interview (2007-06-05)."[125] reportedly indolent, thompson's nhl was the lowest of three grades of nhl,[125] and was the rare nodal marginal zone lymphoma.^ a b "former senator fred thompson in remission for lymphoma". "fred thompson, gop potential candidate, had rare nhl," medpage today (2007-04-11). thompson in an interview on nbc's 'meet the press' in 2007.[8] due to concerns about the equal-time rule, reruns featuring the branch character were not shown on nbc while thompson was a potential or actual presidential candidate, but tnt episodes were unaffected."[58] thompson was "on the short end of a couple of 99-1 votes," voting against those who wanted to federalize matters that he believed were properly left to state and local officials. there is some question about whether thompson actually did the driving. "thompson pac benefits son more than republicans," wall street journal (2007-04-21). may 2010, thompson became an advertising spokesman for american advisors group, a reverse mortgage lender.

Fred Thomson - Wikipedia

1977, thompson represented marie ragghianti, a former tennessee parole board chair, who had been fired for refusing to release felons after they had bribed aides to democratic governor ray blanton in order to obtain clemency. the obstruction of justice charge was defeated with 50, including thompson, for conviction, and 50 against.[45] on the same night thompson was elected to fill gore's unexpired term, political newcomer bill frist, a nashville heart surgeon, defeated three-term incumbent democrat jim sasser, the chairman of the senate budget committee, for tennessee's other senate seat, which was up for a full six-year term. 2014, thompson appeared in a film, persecuted, on religious freedom, government surveillance and censorship.[64] while narrating a video for that convention, thompson observed: "history throws you what it throws you, and you never know what’s coming. fred thompson speaks during the republican party of virginia's 2007 commonwealth gala in richmond, virginia. honey and i and our entire family send our love and sympathy to jeri and the thompson family. the senate appointed a special committee to investigate alleged crimes by the nixon administration in the 1973 break-in at democratic national committee headquarters at washington's watergate hotel, baker was ranking minority member, and thompson was hired as republican counsel. was born in sheffield, alabama on august 19, 1942, the son of ruth inez (née bradley) and fletcher session thompson (born lauderdale county, alabama, august 26, 1919, died lawrenceburg, tennessee, may 27, 1990), who was an automobile salesman. thompson's decision to campaign for the 2008 republican presidential nomination, his senate record received some criticism from people who say he was "lazy" compared to other senators. "on screen, thompson projects power, wisdom", the tennessean (2007-05-08).

Fred Thompson, Actor and Former Senator, Dies At 73 : The Two

"fred thompson quits 'law & order,' moves closer to 2008 white house bid", fox news (2007-05-31). fred thompson speaks during the republican party of virginia's 2007 commonwealth gala in richmond, virginia. book was turned into a movie, and thompson was asked to play himself.[28] with thompson's assistance, ragghianti filed a wrongful termination suit against blanton's office. thompson was informed of the existence of the tapes, and he in turn informed nixon's attorney, j. contracting tetanus, which his doctors initially misdiagnosed, he died in los angeles on christmas day 1928.[31] thompson received ,600 for communicating with some congressional staffers on this issue. a 1994 new york times profile wrote "when hollywood directors need someone who can personify governmental power, they often turn to [thompson]. when the work became controversial in 2007 in light of thompson's pro-life stance and 2008 presidential campaign, a thompson spokesperson said, "the [lobbying] firm consulted with fred thompson. bush won the primaries, both mccain and thompson were considered as potential running mates. while talking to reporters in south carolina, thompson said, "i attend church when i'm in tennessee.

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[42] thompson portrays frank michael thomas in the cbs series the good wife; besides having a similar name, thomas also shares thompson's love for acting and the law. thompson was elected to the senate, two of his sons followed him into the lobbying business,[36] but generally avoided clients where a possible conflict-of-interest might appear.. senate term in 2002, thompson joined the cast of the long-running nbc television series law & order, playing manhattan district attorney arthur branch. the perjury charge was defeated with 45 votes for conviction, and 55, including thompson, against. 2002 to 2005, thompson was head of the federal city council, a group of business, civic, education, and other leaders interested in economic development in washington, d. "thompson's backers check his `fire in the belly' for 2008 race", bloomberg (2007-06-28).^ "cnn political ticker: thompson drops out of gop presidential race". nationwide polling toward the end of 2007, thompson's support in the republican primary election was sliding, with thompson placing either third or fourth in polls. the 2000 republican presidential primaries, thompson backed former tennessee governor lamar alexander, who eventually succeeded thompson in the senate two years later.[82] a new york times article cited thompson's aides as saying on july 18 that he planned to enter the race just after labor day (the first monday in september), followed by a national announcement tour. fred thompson, who straddled the worlds of hollywood and washington during a long career in the public eye, has died of lymphoma at 73.

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